First time with mature couple - sex story

First time with mature couple

I am now 65 and would like to tell you my initiation to sex life that happen many years ago.
I come from Greece and at that time I was just 18 and a virgin I came to London a student at a university.
I was there for two years my lodgings were at a house of this middle age couple Janet was 46 and Peter about 57 their k**s have grown up and move to their own place. It was a 3storey house my room was at the 3rd floor
After about 6 months staying with them we became very friendly with them, Jean was very attractive always in the house she dress casual but sexy, I think she enjoy making me blash when she saw me looking at her, always smiled back.
Some times we had Diner, watch TV or a video together,
Then one night Peter put an erotic tape, Jean said that's not right, Yiannis is here, Peter said is ok let him enjoy, the tape was on and it was mmf threesome an older couple and a young man. Peter and Jane were on the couch and I was sitting in the arm chair, I was watching, the tv and from the corner of my eye I could see that Peter had his hand up the nightrope of Jean she had her eyes half close enjoying his touch, and could see her hand on his cock. Then Peter turn and ask me who is the best, I replied to him they all are, the men are enjoying a beautiful and sexy woman and she has the full attention of two men, then Peter ask me to come and sit mext to them, Jean turn to him and said I think we shouldn't, seen this made Jeam uncomfortable, tried to excuse myself and go to my room, then Jean smiles at me and said don't be silly and invited me to sit next to her, turn and gave me a kiss, Peter said, she wanted to do that for a long time, and they said that would be their first time doing this, they fantacised and talked about inviting another man to share their bed and spice up their sex life, and Jean feels very conformable around you, I smile and said am I the spice?
The rule was that if anyone did not like something, done to or ask to do, to say it, and any one wanted to stop, we stop.
Peter said that due to some problems he could not satisfy Jean, the way he wanted and needed some to fill the gap, then Jean said to him he is good, but it can be better she smiled and gave me a kiss. She then stood up and remove her rope standing there completely nude smiling, she sat in the middle of us and gave us a kiss, I was a bit confused, thinks we're happening to fast for me, Peter took my hand placed it on her lovely tits and then moved it between her legs, telling me, see how wet she is for you, enjoy her, and then he sat on the armchair opposite us, Jean starts slowly kissing me and said, I will teach you, what a woman really likes, and what Peter likes to see,
We kissed sucked each other lips tongue, I move to her ears, neck, then to her breasts sucking one niple then the other, she then tock my hand and guided it to her pussy said to me I want you kiss it like you kiss my mouth drill it with ny tongue, lick it like you licked my nibbles, suck like you sucked my lips and tongue, I did as instructed and her hands were moving my head as a joystick to her pussy she said to her hasband, enjoying this, I turnened and saw that he was now naked, now playing with his cock, I return and carry on what I was doing it sucking licking kissing her sweet pussyi was enjoying for the first time the taste her sweet wetness, soon she came holding my head between her legs, I could hardly breath.
Then she relaxed ask me ti stand up and undress imidiatly I stood up and remove all of my clothes standing there she tick my cock kissed, licked, played with my ball and finally took it deep in her mouth, it was fantastic, I looked at Peter, he smiled and said "she is good! enjoy, I am enjoying looking at you two, you have a beatifull cock" l tall Jean that I can not hold it any longer, she told me to sit on the couch and she sat on me taking my cock deep in her pussy, soon I came, but she did not stop, continued to ride me until she came fot the second or third time, she got off me gave my cock a good lick cleaning the cocktail of our love juices, she came up gave me a big kiss, I could taste on her lips tongue, my come for the first time I liked it
When we finish she sat next to me open her legs and ask Peter to come over, and instructed him to lick clean her dripping pussy which he gladly did,
This was a start on my sex initiation, I was their lodger for almost two years, we had a sex session almost every Friday, and experience with then I will never forget, a big thanks to Jean and Peter

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