Girls and Boys - sex story

Girls and Boys

Jimmy, was 17 years old and his sister Susie, who was
a year younger, had just been watching a porno DVD on
the big screen TV in the living room late one night.
Jimmy had found the secret hiding place his father had
for these discs and this was the perfect night because
their parents were out for the evening.

This particular disc had a lot cock-sucking and pussy-
eating and the scenes of the people fucking were just
so wild, things that neither child had ever thought
about before. They sat in front of the screen watching
intently, getting more and more excited themselves as
they watched.

After it was over, he quickly put the tape back where
he had found it so his father couldn't tell it had
been moved, and they quickly headed upstairs to
Jimmy's room after turning off the TV.

"It sure gave me a hard-on, Susie," Jimmy said, a
catch in his voice.

"I saw it," Susie confessed. "You're still hard, too
Jimmy." Her eyes glanced down, staring at where his
cock was pushing up at his pajama bottoms.

"You wanna see it up close, Susie?"

"Maybe we shouldn't, we're too little," Susie
protested, but her eyes were hot on the rounded head
of his cock as it pushed at his pajamas.

"Does my cock look too little?" Jimmy asked. "if I can
get a hard-on, I guess we should be able to do it."

"Does it hurt?" Susie asked.

"I don't know, Susie. I've never done it before

"Well... we don't have to really do it, do we?" Susie
asked. "I guess we can just sort of play a little."

"Can I see you pussy, too?" Jimmy asked hopefully.

Susie lifted her sweet face and looked into her
brother's eyes for a breathless moment. Then she
nodded, licking her lips, her eyes going back down to
her brother's lap.

"Take it out, Susie," Jimmy urged, his young voice
husky. "Take it out and look."

Susie's small hand moved toward her brother's cock.
Her eyes were big and hot, half-glazed, lips parted.
She touched Jimmy's cock through his pajamas with the
tips of her fingers, and jerked her hand back.

"Ohhhh, Jimmy, it's hot!"

"That's because it's so hard, Susie," her explained.
"Go on... just wrap your fingers around it and

I thought you wanted me to take it out of your
pajamas?" Susie said, her voice throaty. "Don't you
want me to take it out and look at it?"

"Yeah!" Jimmy moaned, leaning back on his hands,
spreading his knees and offering his crotch to his
sister. "Take it out and look at it."

Susie's small hand moved slowly to Jimmy's cock again.
This time, as she touched his cock through his
pajamas, she didn't jerk away. Her eyes became larger
as she ran her fingertips along the concealed shaft,
from the head to his balls. Jimmy moved his hips,
grinning at his sister.

"Ooooh, it feels so hard and hot!" Susie giggled. "I'm
gonna take it out now. I wanna see it."

Her small hand sneaked into the fly of his pajamas,
and she pulled his cock out, making a purring sound of
pleasure as she looked at it. He had a lovely swollen
head on it. His piss-hole was glistening wetly. His
heavy balls were hairless and loaded with cum. She
closed her small fist about his cock, flexing her
fingers, gasping as she saw the head bulge, juices
seeping from his piss-hole. She flexed her fingers
time after time watching the head of his cock.

"Move your fist up and down, Susie," Jimmy urged,
lifting his hips up. "Pump it with your fist."

"Like this?" Susie asked in a soft voice, jerking her
fist up and down, sliding her hand from the base to
the head.

Jimmy couldn't believe it. This was better than the
time he and his best friend Bobby were in the woods
and decided to jerk each other off. They had been in
the showers after gym class, the last period of
school, and Jimmy noticed his friend Bobby's hard-on.
Bobby was soaping his balls and playing with himself
and wasn't at all bashful when he saw Jimmy staring.
It was almost like he wanted Jimmy to look.

Jimmy couldn't help noticing how plump and round
Bobby's ass was and how Bobby's dick got longer and
stiffer the more he stroked it. He also noticed how
Bobby was looking at his, Jimmy's, dick and how it was
rising into one of the best boners he had ever had.

His mind wandered back to the two of them walking home
after school and into the woods, finding a secluded
spot and both of them dropping their pants and
underpants and each one grabbing the other boy's dick.
He was a little embarrassed at first, but the feeling
of someone else's hand on his boner and his hand on
another boy's dick made him quickly get over it.

He almost hoped that Bobby would offer to suck him
off, rather than just jerking him off. Bobby began
feeling Jimmy's ass and Jimmy did likewise to him.
Before long, they had kicked off their shoes, pants
and underpants. All that remained was their tee-shirts
and their socks.

Suddenly, Jimmy's silent wish came true and Bobby
removed his hand from Jimmy's dick only long enough to
turn around and sink his mouth onto it!

Jimmy was in ecstasy!

Bobby started to suck for all he was worth and began
to fondle Jimmy's ass-cheeks. "WOW!" he thought. They
were going to '69'! With Bobby turned around working
on his dick, he decided to do the same for Bobby.

It was the first time in his life he had ever seen
another boy's prick close up and he thought it was
great. Oh sure, he had watched himself many times when
he jerked off, but it wasn't the same as seeing
another boy's boner like this. Bobby's cock was very
hard, yet the skin was so smooth. Bobby had just a
little bit of hair at the base of his prick, and his
balls, which hung low in their smooth sack, had no
hair, just like Jimmy's. He ran his hands up and down
Bobby's smooth legs and plump ass-cheeks and began to
suck away at his dick.

The electric feeling was almost too much as Bobby
began to fondle his legs and ass in the same way.
"Man, this feels great!" he thought, having someone
feel up his ass, as Bobby spread his ass-cheeks and
probed his asshole with his finger. He thought he
would go out of his mind with delight!

Pretty soon both boys were rocking back and forth on
the grass, each boy reaching the point of no return.
They kept fondling each other's ass, occasionally
reaching around with a free hand to tug at and lick
each other's balls.

Suddenly, Jimmy felt Bobby's load of cum start to
empty into his mouth. It tasted so good! With Bobby's
throbbing dick in his mouth, his own explosion started
to rise in his prick and he let loose with the best
load of cum he had ever had! Each boy kept sucking and
sucking until they were both drained, and Jimmy was
sorry to see it end.

But it wasn't the end. Bobby kept sucking on Jimmy's
wilting cock and massaging Jimmy's balls with his free
hand. His cock started to stiffen all over again! He
had never been able to get a second hard-on so quick,
but with Bobby's expert tongue working on his shaft it
was about to happen! Bobby sucked and licked on his
boner like there was gonna be no tomorrow and it shot
up into full erection.

The massage his balls were getting was driving him
crazy, and a fresh load of sperm was beginning to rise
in his dick. Bobby kept licking and sucking his boy-
meat lollipop and had his middle finger wedged between
the cheeks of Jimmy's ass.

When his finger reached its target of Jimmy's asshole,
he couldn't hold back any longer, and he let loose
with a load of sperm as thick and creamy as his last
one and filled Bobby's mouth to the brim.

Bobby kissed Jimmy's dick and looked up to him with a
smile as he licked some of Jimmy's cum dribbling from
his mouth. Returning his head to Jimmy's crotch, he
kissed and licked Jimmy's well-drained balls and dick
and licked any dribbled cum off of his thighs and
stomach. He continued to kiss, higher and higher,
working up to Jimmy's bellybutton and stomach,
reaching his chest and still hard nipples, and then
his neck.

When he reached Jimmy's mouth, they both French-kissed
for what seemed to be hours, but in reality lasted
only a few minutes. Bobby made Jimmy promise not to
tell anyone of their little sex outing and said that
he would love to do it again anytime Jimmy wanted.
Jimmy promised, and secretly hoped that Bobby and he
could do it again real soon.

Both boys started to get dressed and Bobby came up
behind Jimmy for one last feel. He reached around and
under Jimmy's arms to feel his soft stomach and higher
to rub his soft nipples, then slowly he worked down
past his bellybutton to have one last feel of his ass
and softened dick and balls before Jimmy put on his

Jimmy reached around and pulled Bobby closer so he
could rub Bobby's ass, all the while Bobby had a hold
on his crotch. Even after having been drained twice,
it still felt great to have Bobby's arms around him
playing with his dick and balls. And the feeling of
Bobby's dick up against the crack of his ass was just
too much. Maybe next time he would ask Bobby to spread
his cheeks and stick his big boner in him!

Jimmy's mind was brought back to the present by his
sister's hand pounding on his dick and the cum
beginning to swell in his balls.

"My pussy is so wet that my panties are soaked," Susie
giggled softly, shyly at her confession. "I've been
wet before, but this time I'm drenched down there."

"Let me see," Jimmy said.

"You really wanna see?" Susie replied, pulling her
hand off his cock reluctantly. "Have you ever seen a
girl's pussy before, Jimmy?"

"Sure," he admitted. "I peeked one time when you were
in the shower."

"Jimmy! You didn't!" Susie squealed. "Well, you didn't
see much anyway."

"No, not too much," he said. "I saw your tits, but it
was so fast, I wasn't sure, and your ass."

"Really? You peeked at me?"

He nodded.

"You're naughty." Susie giggled.

"Yeah, I know. Her brother grinned. "Isn't that nice?"

"Well... sure," Susie agreed.

"Come on, show it to me now, Susie."

"Okay, I will." She giggled softly.

Susie pulled her feet up onto her brother's bed,
lifting her little ass to jerk her gown away. Susie
spread her slim legs and bent them at her knees
slightly. She pulled her gown to her waist, showing
the crotch of her tight little panties. Instead of
pulling the crotch away, Susie shoved the elastic
waist downward, opening her legs wider. She leaned
back on one hand, holding her panties down with the
other. Jimmy made a gulping sound as he stared.

Susie's young cunt was pink and sweet-looking. The
slit was fine, with puffy little lips. It was
hairless: nothing to hide the succulent slit of her
cunt at all. She watched her brother's face with
glassy eyes, a slight flush on her face that could
have been shyness or desire.

"You are wet, Susie," Jimmy said in a husky voice. "I
can see you're really wet."

"Sometimes I play with it," Susie confessed. "It makes
me feel good when I rub on it, and you know what? I
can put my finger inside too!"

"Show me! Jimmy groaned, turning on the bed so he
faced his sister, his legs crossed, his cock standing
up with jerking hardness. "Show me how you put your
finger in it, Susie!"

"I'm embarrassed," Susie giggled, but sat up and
rubbed at the slit of her cunt a few times, then
slowly eased her middle finger into it.

"Yeah!" Jimmy moaned, leaning forward and watching
closely. "Can I do it, Susie?" Jimmy asked, sliding
his hand up his sister's inner thigh. "Let me stick my
finger in you!"

"You gotta do it slow," Susie said. "I like it slow,
then go real fast when it starts feeling good."

Susie pulled her finger out of her cunt, staring down
between her thighs and watching her brother's finger
slip into it. She gurgled softly.

"Ohhhhhhhh, it feels better when you do it, Jimmy."

Jimmy probed his sister's cunt with his fingers,
pushing and pulling it. His eyes burned as he watched.
Susie twisted her little ass on the mattress,
spreading her bent knees wider, her heels almost
together. "Now do it faster, Jimmy! It's starting to
feel good!"

Jimmy stabbed into his sister's cunt fast, making wet
sounds as his knuckles smashed the sugary lips. Susie
leaned back on her hands, lifting her cunt to him, her
eyes closed as she cried out with growing ecstasy. Her
cunt was very slippery and wet, with the juices
seeping out and over the creamy curves of her cute
little ass. She lifted her hips, pushing her cunt to
her brother's finger.

"Oooooh, Jimmy!" she sobbed. "Faster please! It's
gonna happen!"

Jimmy rammed as fast as he could, leaning down close,
his eyes blazing on her pussy.

"Now, Jimmy! Ohhh, yes, now!" Susie's hips jerked
upward, her body stiffening. Susie tried to muffle the
sounds of her rapture, but they came gurgling out

Jimmy was panting, feeling his sister's cunt grabbing
at his finger. He was awed by the action seeing those
pretty pink lips of her cunt squeeze and flex. He
could see the tip of her small clit throbbing. He
thrust his finger into her cunt, holding it there, and
feeling the waving ripples of the soft, satiny flesh
of her cunt grip him.

Susie's small body shuddered, then with a long sigh,
she relaxed, her ass lowering back to the bed. Her
face was flushed and her eyes shone as she smiled at
her brother.

"You can take your finger out now, Jimmy," she said,
breathing heavily. You made me do it."

Jimmy pulled his finger out of his sister's pussy,
looking at her face. "I made you cum, didn't I,

"Ooooh, yes," Susie sighed. "You made me cum better
than I do it for myself."

"You wanna make me cum now?"

"You're really hard, aren't you?" Susie said, seeing
his cock jerking from the fly of his pajama bottoms.
"I bet you'd cum real fast."

"I'm almost afraid for you to touch my cock," he said.
"I might cum right then."

His cock rose inside his pajama pants, the head
looking as if it were trying to find a way past the

"Touch yourself, Susie," he whispered. "I want to see
you play with your little cunt while you take my

"Susie didn't hesitate. Her hand moved up her thigh
and she ran a finger up and down the slit of her cunt.
Her other hand sneaked to her brother's lap, where she
squeezed his cock through his pajamas.

Suddenly, with a soft cry, Susie twisted her body
around until she could push her face onto her
brother's lap. She pulled Jimmy's dick from the fly of
his pajamas and Jimmy let out a gasp of pleasure when
she began to run her wet tongue about the swollen head
of his cock.

Susie closed her eyes as she licked, running her
tongue up and down the hard shaft, then swirling it
eagerly about the smooth head, tapping the tip into
his piss-hole. As she licked her brother's hot rod,
Susie shoved her hand into her cunt, smashing at her
knotted clit, stabbing a finger into her slit. She
held one leg high, knee bent, exposed lewdly.

"Suck it!" Jimmy hissed. "Oh Susie suck my cock! I
want you to wrap those pretty lips around my cock and
suck! Ohhh, baby, take it in your hot little mouth!"

Squealing eagerly, Susie opened her mouth and closed
her soft lips about Jimmy's cock, sinking her face
down. Her fingers plunged even faster into her pussy
as she tasted the hard heat of his meat. Her lips
spread and stretched as her mouth filled.

"Oh god, yes!" Jimmy whimpered. "Eat it, Susie! Ohhh,
baby, eat my hard dick!"

Susie bobbled her sweet face up and down, sucking on
Jimmy's throbbing prick with hunger. Her wet tongue
swished and twisted. She alternated her speed, sucking
fast a number of times, then slowly as she purred with

"Take my fucking pants off!" Jimmy groaned. "Pull
these fucking pants off my ass and suck that dick,

Susie lifted her mouth and tugged at her brother's
pajama bottoms. Jimmy lay back, his face expressing
his ecstasy. His cock stood up stiffly as his sister
removed his pajamas. She loved the smooth feeling of
his plump ass as she rubbed up and down his dimpled
buns, and the way her fingers could run up and down
the crack of his ass.

Jimmy moaned and she could tell he liked it as much as
she liked doing it to him. Then, lying at his side,
Susie leaned over and began to suck his cock again,
cupping his young, hot hairless balls in her hand.
Susie pushed her mouth down on his cock as far as she
could, cooing in ecstasy.

Sensing he was about to explode with a load of cum,
and wanting to keep his hard-on up as long as
possible, she moved her hands down and spread her
brother's feet, and began to lick up the inner
surfaces of her brother's thighs, tantalizing him and
giving him a slight chance to cool off a bit.

Then, without warning, she pushed her face into
Jimmy's crotch, nuzzling at his hot balls, kissing
them, licking them, gazing at his beautiful, stiff

"Ohhh, sweet, sweet little cocksucker!" Jimmy moaned
as Susie pulled her brother's hot balls into her
mouth, sucking and licking hungrily.

"Ohhh, Susie!" Jimmy grunted as he felt her sucking
his balls. "Oooooh, that's sooooo good! My balls...
Oh, suck my balls! Eat my prick, Susie! Lick my balls
and suck my dick!"

Jimmy decided he couldn't keep his hands off his
sister any longer. He moved his arm across the velvety
flesh of her slender thigh and caressed Susie's tight
little ass as she sucked him.

Susie wiggled her ass to her brother's hand, purring
softly about his cock. Turning her body, she opened
her legs wide. She lay on her side, her mouth stuffed
with her brother's hard cock, while he cupped her
sugary pussy. The he began to rub at the steamy slit
as she sucked his hairless balls.

"Fuck me Jimmy!" she cried out. "Fuck me with your
finger! Oh, please fuck me!"

Jimmy shoved two of his fingers into her cunt and
began to plunge them in and out. Now that her cunt was
being stimulated, Susie began to suck wildly on her
brother's cock.

"Ohhh, go to it, Susie!" Jimmy gasped. "Suck it hard!
Oh, baby, eat my balls... eat my balls and eat my

Susie alternated sucking hard on his balls and bobbing
up and down on his dick. Jimmy drove his fingers
faster and deeper into the gripping cunt of his sister
and she churned her hips with the motion.

"Ohhh, that's fantastic!" Jimmy gurgled. "Stick a
finger up my ass, Susie!"

Jimmy had his ass lifted from the bed, urging his
sister to swallow his cock. Susie darted a stiff
finger into the crack of his ass and rubbed the
crinkle of his asshole. She exerted pressure, and her
finger slipped deep into the tight ring of his
asshole. Jimmy yelped, but otherwise made no protest.
On the contrary it started to feel fantastic and it
almost made him cum.

Once again Susie greedily spread her lips about
Jimmy's cock. She didn't find it difficult at all to
pump her finger in his asshole and lick at his cock
and balls and then take him deep into her throat.

Jimmy twisted his ass about, gasping as his balls
hardened and throbbed. He was dripping pre-cum juices
from his piss-hole, and when his sister lifted her
mouth, it ran down the shaft of his cock. But his
sister, with soft murmurs, began to lick up and down,
on both his cock and his balls. Susie was squeezing
and twisting his balls while fingering his asshole. He
was about to go out of his mind with ecstasy.

"I'm about to cum!" he shouted. "Suck meeeee! Oh,
please, suck me! Ohhh, my balls are on fire and my
cock is gonna really spurt!"

Susie gave a little gasp as her tongue moved faster on
his dick. When Jimmy exploded, she had her tongue
right over the head of his dick. She squealed as Jimmy
came, spewing creamy boy-juice over her tongue and
into her mouth. Then, as he spewed hotly, rapidly,
Susie flicked and licked at his piss-hole and up and
down his now drained balls as he came.

"Ohhhhhhhh, that was so fucking good!" Jimmy moaned
softly as his cock deflated. "I sure came!!"

Susie giggled again, licking at the juices clinging to
his softening dick. With a little cry, she pushed her
cunt onto Jimmy's fingers, and came. Jimmy felt the
tight little pussy clutch his fingers, and pumped them
in and out until the spasm ended.

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