Had It All ASSTR - sex story

Had It All ASSTR

I'm Martin. I had it all. Doing what I loved
with the people I most loved. Everything had
fallen into place. I worked hard, cared for
people and had an inner desire to contribute to
society. I was blessed with a six foot, six inch
body that could perform gracefully on the
basketball court. I earned my Masters degree in
History and Education from a prestigious
northeastern university paid for with a basketball
scholarship and coaching assistantships. Before
even graduating I got a job as a high school
History teacher in a small upscale community.
Nancy, my girlfriend of 2 years, was graduating
with a bachelors in marketing at the same time.
I proposed to her the night of our graduation and
we both moved in together as she sought a job.

Nancy is beautiful and intelligent. We met one
night after a basketball game. She entered the
house we were having a party at, and as soon as I
saw her, I fell in love. It was a bit surprising
at first since I seemed to always be drawn to
petite, Italian or Spanish girls. Dark hair, dark
skin, mysterious eyes and always filled with
passion. Nancy was totally different, except for
the passion. She was tall, slender and graceful
at just over six feet in her stocking feet. She
wore her thick brown hair long to the middle of
her back. It was fall and her golden tan had
begun to fade. She had sparkling blue eyes and an
easy, confident smile. Nancy had beautiful legs
that would frequently show off in 2-inch heels and
a short skirt. Most tall girls will only wear
flats. Well I dumped whomever I was talking to
and made my way over to Nancy.

Nancy saw me from across the room (it's damn hard
to miss a 6'6" guy no matter how crowded a room
is), we made eye contact and we both smiled. I
got up to her and introduced myself, "Hi, I'm

"I know," she responded, "is there anybody in
this school who doesn't know you?"

I said modestly, "Not everybody's life revolves
around basketball you know."

"Thank goodness," she laughed, "you played
great again tonight."

"Thanks. They were a weak team and our guys were
really in the grove tonight. Can I get you a

"Sure," she said with her great smile.

We really hit it off on a very personal level. I
was totally comfortable with her as if we knew
each other our entire lives. I had no steady girl
and Nancy became my sole focus. We kissed that
night as we departed but didn't have sex until our
seventh date. Since high school this had been
unheard of for me. I dated three girls fairly
seriously during high school (having sex with each
of them). In college and on the basketball team,
I would get laid on the first night. Mostly one-
night stands. I think girls just don't want to be
in a long-term relationship with such a tall guy.

I imagine they just want to have some fun and
experiment. I have a very long cock, like most of
the guys on the team, and girls just want to try
it out. Sometimes they come back for more,
sometimes not. But one thing for sure, there has
never been a problem finding a girl. They hunt me
down. Nancy was different. She actually cared
about me and I cared about her. Soul mates. Even
better, sex with her was great. Her tall lean
body fit perfectly with mine and we responded well
to each other. Our sexual appetites were in sync
and we loved to experiment and be adventurous. I
had sex with over 30 girls in my first 3 years of
college, and Nancy had steady boyfriends and had
sex with one boy in high school and one boy at the
college she transferred from. Even though I may
have had many more sexual partners, I had nothing
on Nancy. She was terrific. She would love to
tease me in public, then get me in the car and see
how fast she could get me to orgasm into her
mouth. She sucked my cock with total abandon and
I would try and return the passion with my tongue.

One of the hottest nights that I will never forget
happened after an away game. The girlfriends of
the players would usually get together and drive
to the away games if they were close enough and
share the cost of a room. Well, it was a great
game. A real tough team, playing on their court,
with the hometown crowd against us. The lead went
back and forth all night. With great coaching and
a little luck, we came out on top. The whole team
and the fans that had made the trip were on a
terrific high. After the game a few of us decided
to go out to a club. The girl's must have planned
this, because they were dressed to kill. Nancy
was wearing this black see-through blouse with a
black push up bra clearly visible underneath, a
short black suede skirt, black stockings (not
pantyhose, but stockings, I could occasionally see
the skin of her upper thighs above the stockings)
and high heels. The hair and the makeup was all
done up. The other two girls were hot too.

Karilyn, a petite blonde, also wore a short light-
blue skirt and a matching tight blouse, obviously
without a bra since the nipples on her small
breasts were trying to poke holes in the fabric.

Samantha, a beautiful black girl, had a long
flowing dress that had a slit up both sides all
the way to her hip. All you saw was leg, so
either she was wearing a g-string or nothing at
all. Rich, Jim and I didn't come prepared, so we
were dress in our jeans.

The music was great and the girls were incredibly
giddy. We had a couple of pitchers of beer and we
were dancing a lot. Since all six of us were
dancing, we would occasionally change dance
partners and sometimes even the guys would dance
together. Everybody in the club knew who we were.

It's hard to hide 3 guys who are well over 6 feet
tall accompanied by 3 beautiful women. We were
back at the table having a little more to drink
and somebody mentioned that Karilyn wasn't wearing
a bra. It was all being done in jest, but the
girls were going at each other.

Karilyn said the other girls are too scared to go
without a bra. They responded that her breasts
aren't that big, so she doesn't need one. Karilyn
retorted that at least she doesn't get black eyes
when she jogs and that they won't be hanging down
at her waist in a few years, etc. Samantha, who
has the largest breasts, responded that Karilyn
had to go braless just to get guys to look at
them. Karilyn then dared Samantha and Nancy to
remove their bras. They of course, refused.
Karilyn started with "chicken, chicken." Jim,
Samantha's boyfriend, interjected, "Take it off,
take it off." Rich looked totally uncomfortable
since it was his girlfriend getting all the abuse.
I just sat back and watched. There was no way
Nancy could take off her bra. All she was wearing
was a see-through blouse and she would probably
get arrested.

The jesting and name calling continued for about a
minute or so until Nancy said "Fine, Samantha and
I will do it, but Karilyn, we all need to remove
our underwear as well." My jaw just dropped and
I looked at Nancy. Nancy just smiled back at me,
shrugged, and then the three girls got up from the
table and walked toward the bathroom. I was
wondering if this whole thing was planned.

Jim, Rich and I just sat there looking at each

Jim laughed, "Do you think they are serious?"

"I don't know," I stammered.

Rich said, "I hope they are. But I can't believe
Nancy is going to do it."

I just sat there wondering what was going on.
Nancy has nice size breasts, 38C, and with the
push up bra they were looking absolutely great.
She has basically fair skin, so she was showing
nicely through the blouse. When I first saw her
all dressed up I was nervous about her exposure.
I didn't know how I was going to react if she came
out without a bra.

It was probably only five minutes, but it seemed
like an eternity to me. Then finally we saw the
girls walking towards us. Karilyn was in front,
Samantha, then Nancy. I could see Samantha
walking behind Karilyn and her large breasts were
swaying inside her dress, she had done it. While
I couldn't see Nancy's body behind Samantha, I
could see everybody else in the bar turning to
look at her as she walked by. I don't even think
I was breathing. Then Samantha moved out of my
line of sight and there was Nancy. Her breasts
and hard nipples showed clear as day through the
fabric. The girls walked up to us and discretely
handed each of us respectively a piece of
clothing. Nancy had handed me her bra and
panties. Jim said, "What am I suppose to do with

Samantha responded, "That's for you to figure

Jim smiled and asked Rich and me for our holdings.
We gave them to him. He got up to leave the
table. Nancy said, "That stuff's not cheap,
don't throw it out." He just chuckled and walked
off toward the front door. He stopped and handed
the items to the coat check girl, who just looked
back in total amazement. She then took the items
into the closet and then gave Jim a ticket. As he
came back he said, "Who wants to dance."

We all got up and hit the dance floor. It seems
everybody was looking at the six foot girl in the
see-through blouse and short skirt. I had an
incredible hard-on and Nancy was really getting
into it. Grinding her hips into my constrained
bulge. Occasionally she would turn her back to me
and press her ass against my cock.

I got my teasing in too. I would brush up against
her breasts and erect nipples at every opportunity.
She was on fire. She had no inhibitions. We would
kiss and squeeze each other on the dance floor.
I know her panties were so thin that they were
probably undetectable when she was wearing them,
but now when I would hold her ass in my hands, it
was electric just knowing that she wasn't wearing
anything under her thin suede skirt. Near the end
of a song, Nancy leaned into me pressing her firm
swollen breasts against me and whispered in my ear
how incredibly wet she was.

Nancy and I went back to the corner booth leaving
the others on the dance floor. After a couple of
minutes I slipped under the table. I'm sure
people saw me go under the table because I had a
little trouble jamming myself under there. But
once I got comfortable, Nancy spread her legs as I
slowly ran my fingers over her dripping pussy. I
only had to push her skirt up a couple of inches
and I was able to start licking her pussy. Only
minutes later, the two girls slipped in on either
side of Nancy and the guys next to them. They
asked where I was and Nancy said I had gone to the
bathroom. Rich said that was a good idea and

After Rich had gone, Karilyn hit me with her foot.
My face was still between Nancy's legs when
Karilyn push the tablecloth to one side to see
what she had accidentally bumped. As the
tablecloth moved I looked up and with my tongue on
Nancy's clit Karilyn and I locked glances. She
quickly dropped the cloth. Samantha and Jim
didn't notice anything. It seems they were too
busy themselves. I backed off of Nancy and
continued to finger her with one finger while
brushing her clit with another. Samantha had
taken Jim's long thin cock out and was stroking
under the table while he had his hand between the
slit in her dress and was rubbing her pussy. I
wished she didn't have such a long dress on
because it hung between her legs covering her
pussy. All I could see was Jim's hand rubbing

I felt a bare foot searching and finding the bulge
in my pants. I wished I hadn't worn these tight
jeans. I just figured it was Nancy, but when I
looked down the foot belonged to Karilyn. I
became even more aroused just because it was her.

I looked over at her and she had spread her legs a
bit and I think she hiked up her already very
short skirt, because I could easily see her
hairless pussy. In my increased aroused state I
plunged another finger into Nancy and felt her
tighten around my fingers. Karilyn kept rubbing
my crotch and I wondered if she wanted or expected
me to start servicing her. I could feel Nancy
coming to the brink and knew she would cum any
second. I turned up the attack on her clit. Out
of the corner of my eye, I saw Jim bring a napkin
under the table and give it to Samantha. Samantha
picked up the pace and pumped Jim's long cock with
her fist, concentrating on the fat head of his
swollen black penis. Fifteen seconds later Nancy
was cumming all over my hand and Jim was shooting
his load into a napkin.

My mission was completed but I was really horny.
Karilyn's foot was a total turn on and her pussy
was so inviting. I told myself no, and tried to
figure out how I was going to get out of there. I
licked my fingers clean of Nancy's juices and then
took Karilyn's tiny foot into my hands. I gently
kissed her foot then found myself sucking gently
on her large toe for a few seconds as I massaged
her foot and calve. I then pulled myself away and
let go of her foot. Suddenly I heard Rich say
that he hadn't seen me but had gotten another
pitcher of beer from the bar. Jim then said,
"Yeah, were is Martin?" I then pushed between
Nancy and Karilyn, and since they both knew
exactly where I was, they moved apart and I as I
pulled up into the seat I said, "Here I am."

Samantha was in total shock. She knew I had seen
everything. Jim laughed and Rich just complained
that he was looking all over for me. We danced a
little more and had a great night of sex after
that. It was one of the hotter experiences Nancy
and I had together.

But that was a few years ago. After college I
became a History teacher and Nancy ended up
working in the marketing department of a local
bank. We rented a nice little house and started
planning our wedding.

One of the reasons I was selected as a History
teacher was my basketball experience, and more
importantly my assistant coaching experience. I
was made assistant coach to the Girl's basketball
team. This was the last year for the current
coach; she was retiring in the summer. I would be
the head coach next year. I had a lot of fun
coaching. I love basketball and while it
certainly isn't the same as men's, girl's
basketball has the same competitive spirit and

The team was very good and the coach was
excellent. Coaching guys and girls is very
different. You need to spend more time on
discipline with guys, while the girls you could
focus more on fundamentals. Nancy came to most of
the games and would occasionally drop by the
practices before she got her job. All the girls
knew her and they would even tease me once in a

The second year was different. I was the head
coach now. There wasn't an adult assistant coach.
I had some other female students that helped out
with the paperwork, ball handling and that sort of
thing. Nancy was now working and didn't come
around much.

Lisa was our star player. She also was a real
looker and reminded me of Nancy. She was tall,
about 6'1". Blonde hair, green eyes and large
breasts. Later I learned that she actually had
some back problems as she grew and had explored
breast reduction surgery to take some of the
pressure off her back. She was fun and intel-
ligent. She was an only child and while her
family didn't have a lot of money, she was
pampered as much as they could afford.

As coach, the girls would always be sharing their
problems with you. Ninety-nine percent of the
time it's just teenage stuff and the girls just
need to talk. I just listen and let them figure
it out for themselves. It was about 30 minutes
after our practice and I was out exercising and
doing my own dribbling and practice drills. I
usually do it 2 or 3 times a week just to stay in
shape and keep my skills sharp (I enjoyed crushing
the cocky high school team in the teacher-student
game last year). I had worked up quite a sweat
and was just getting ready to go into the locker
room. Lisa came out of the girls' locker room and
asked if we could talk. I said sure, and we sat
on the bleachers.

She told me how depressed she was, no boyfriend,
the dance was tomorrow night and nobody had asked
her, etc., etc. I asked her about Ryan, the
superstar of our high school basketball team, that
I thought she was dating. She said that had ended
over the summer and it only made it worst. She
began crying and said that all he wanted was sex,
and once she finally slept with him; he broke up
with her. She continued crying that she was too
tall, boys didn't like her and how terrible life
was. She stood up in obvious frustration. I
stood next to her and tried to comfort her as I
put my arm over her shoulder. She molded right
into me, sniffling and tucking her head into my
shoulder while wrapping her arms around my

Her hair and body had that fresh-showered smell
and I could feel her large firm young breasts
against my chest. I was telling her how beautiful
she was and that she just had to have a little
patience; that there was a terrific guy out there
just for her. Before I even knew what was hap-
pening, my cock had started swelling. Lisa
obviously noticed because she actually leaned into
my cock even more while gently rocking her hips.
I wasn't wearing a jock today and only had on some
boxers under my gym shorts so my cock had very
little trying to hold it back. I was shocked and
embarrassed, but on a subconscious level, my body
was obviously turned on. I just had to get away.
I finally shrugged my shoulders a bit and took a
small step back sending the message that Lisa
should loosen her hug.

She loosened her grip around me and we moved
slightly apart. I held her by the shoulders and
looked into her eyes and again told her how
intelligent, talented and beautiful she was and
that she shouldn't take little things too ser-
iously. Embarrassed, she broke eye contact and
looked down at the floor. I looked down as well
and while I knew my cock had begun to swell, I
hadn't yet looked at how visible my fully engorged
tool was as it poked at my baggy shorts. Lisa was
just looking at my large bulge. I brought my hand
to her chin and raised it. Lisa, still with tears
in her eyes, had a smile on. Before I could say
anything, Lisa said, "Did I do that to you?"

"I'm sorry Lisa. I am concerned for you. I
guess it was just how you were holding me and how
you smelled. I don't want you to get the wrong
idea," I pleaded.

"No, no," she said, "I'm flattered. You know
half the girls in this school have the hots for

I just laughed and said thanks. "Are you going
to be okay?" I asked.

"I guess so. Thanks for listening," Lisa said
as she went to the gym door.

I made my way into the locker room. The JV and
Varsity girls' basketball teams use the elementary
school gymnasium for practices and games while the
boys' teams get the High School. I have my own
locker there and get the whole locker room to
myself. I quickly shed my sweaty clothes and went
into the shower room. While the girls have
individual shower stalls, the boys just get one
big tiled room with eight showerheads. I like to
turn on three showerheads and turn two of them
toward me while I stand underneath one. I caught
my naked reflection in the mirror as I walked
toward the shower. My long cock had relaxed a bit
but was still hanging between my legs. My mind
jumped to Lisa and what a great body she had and
what a terrific fuck she would be.

The shower was nice and hot. I shampooed my hair
and put some conditioner in. Then I began to
lather my body up. My hands moved down to my
cock, which was now nearly hard again. I gave it
a few long strokes between my soapy hands and felt
it harden even more. It felt good and I continued
to squeeze and pump my swollen sensitive flesh. I
stood with the hot water hitting my back and
running down my ass. I had my head back rinsing
the conditioner out of my hair, when suddenly I
felt another hand wrap around my cock. I opened
my eyes and saw Lisa standing there in front of me
totally naked holding my long cock in her hand,
rinsing it off with each stroke.

"What do you think you are doing?" I stammered.

"You are beautiful," was all she said as she
went down on her knees and took the head of me
into her mouth.

What should have I done?

Her warm wet mouth took several inches of me into
her as she gripped the base of my cock in her hand
and she kneaded my ass with her other hand. I
began to rock with her sucking rhythm pumping my
pole into her mouth. I looked down at her and
watched as she sucked. She was beautiful. I put
my hand into her long thick hair and after a
couple of minutes pulled her up. She had an
incredible firm body. Her large breasts stood out
firmly, her nipples were small and hard and her
body was long and slender. I pulled her into the
stream of water and we kissed passionately. My
hands roamed her entire body. Down her long neck,
over her shoulders, cupping her breasts and
squeezing her nipples. I traced my hand down her
back and I held her small firm ass in my hands and
squeezed the soft muscles as I kissed and sucked
on her neck. We both lowered ourselves to the
cooler tiled floor and I continued to kiss down
her body. Sucking on her nipples while my hand
moved between her thighs. She immediately opened
them to me and I slowly massaged her pussy.
Kissing down her flat stomach I arrived at her
brown curls. I nuzzled her sex with my nose and
began licking her already wet pulsing pussy. She
would raise her bottom off the floor with her long
legs as I licked away at her slit and push my
tongue into her hot pussy. Only a couple of
minutes later she began to cum loudly which echoed
in the large tiled room. I kept the tongue attack
on her pussy until she was finished then move up
her body and kissed her. Our tongues entwined and
Lisa's hand found my erect cock and began to
position the swollen head at her entrance.

Instinctively my hips pushed forward, my large
head squeezing into her entrance. I felt her warm
pussy wrap itself around the mushroom head
gripping the ridge of it. I pushed a few inches
into her as her pussy coated my wet cock with its
slippery juices. Lisa responded beautifully as
she gasped and pulled her legs higher up and apart
granting me better access. As I slowly pumped my
fat cock into her it pulled more slippery juices
from her pussy to coat itself. I pushed another
couple of inches into her very tight pussy and
began pumping a little faster. We continued to
alternate between kissing and looking into each
other's eyes. I was holding myself up in a pushup
position as I push the rest of my fat 8 3/4-inch
cock into her. Lisa's head went back as she
gasped that she was cumming again. I could feel
her pussy get even tighter. Then I pulled my cock
out a bit and fucked her slowly with only 2 or 3
inches. I watched my long cock piercing her sex
and how her pussy wrapped around the hard flesh.

She thought I was just teasing her but I really
loved the tight feeling her opening had on the tip
of my cock. She told me to fuck her so I slammed
the entire length of me into her and began pumping
hard taking nearly all of my cock out, then slam
right back in. Lisa started with her hands on my
shoulders, then she was using them to hold her
legs back, now she had them wrapped around my
waist and was grabbing my clenching buttocks. I
felt my orgasm begin to rise and told her I was
getting ready to cum.

She breathlessly said, "Cum in me, cum in me.
I'm on the pill. It's okay."

She brought her hand between us and began to rub
her clit. I continued to plow into her hard and
fast but wanted to wait for her to climax again.
I looked into her eyes and she said she was ready.
I finally let go of myself and we both came
together for 15 to 30 seconds. I relaxed on top
of her, and we began kissing. I began to feel the
water again that had been showering down on us the
whole time.

We stood up and began to shower, helping each
other and feeling each other up again.

Lisa wrapped her hand around my softened but
hanging penis, looked into my eyes and said, "Boy
you are big. Ryan was only about 6 inches."

I laughed at her and said, "It's not nice to kiss
and tell."

She responded, "Especially now, huh?"

"Yes," I said firmly.

We finished up. Dressed and left the building.

I had felt pretty guilty and stopped my biweekly
workouts and Lisa seemed to be doing okay. She
would give me knowing glances but didn't pursue me
and I certainly wasn't going to chase her.

Things were okay for about 2 weeks. It was during
a practice and I had been showing the girls a few
plays and running some new drills. I was dressed
in shorts that have a sewn in jock. It was near
the end of practice and I was demonstrating
something when all the sudden my shorts were down
around my ankles. Lisa had pulled my shorts down.

My long cock was just hanging there for nearly 20
JV and Varsity girls to see. I quickly dropped
the ball and pulled my shorts up. The gymnasium
echoed with female laughter. I turned to Lisa and
told her to leave the premises and we would talk
tomorrow. She pleaded, begging forgiveness. She
said that how could she know that I wasn't wearing
underwear. I just told her to leave at once.

The next day I scolded Lisa, "What were you
thinking? One more stunt like that and I'm going
to throw you off the team." Lisa apologized and
said she felt bad. She didn't know that I wasn't
wearing underwear; and I hadn't been paying any
attention to her recently.

I told her that I care about her but we couldn't
have that type of relationship.

Then it got ugly. Lisa started crying and saying
I was just like all the other guys. As soon as
she has sex with a guy they walk away. I assured
her that wasn't the case and that it was just
inappropriate for a teacher and a student to be
doing this. Lisa retorted that she had already
turned 18 and that it wasn't against the law,
after all I was only engaged, not married. I told
her it may not be against the law but it is
certainly against school policy and the moral
views of the community and that I would be fired
immediately if any of this got out. "You must
keep this to yourself. You can't tell anyone." I
said. Lisa had this look in her eyes as she
looked away from me.

I said, "What? What did you do? Did you tell

She continued to look down at the floor.

"Why? How could you? Who? Who did you tell?"
I stammered, my body breaking out in a sweat, and
beginning to quiver.

"Tina and Melissa. But they won't say anything"
she declared.

Tina and Melissa are also players on the team.
Tina is a senior and Melissa is a junior. My head
was spinning. What could I do?

"Why?" was all I could whisper.

"It was wonderful. You made me so happy. I had
to share it with someone. Plus, your body is so
big and beautiful. They didn't believe it. But
now they do," she said almost triumphantly.

"I can't believe you did this. You really aren't
thinking very clearly. Lisa, just go. Go." I
said in disgust.

Lisa stood and said, "Don't treat me like this.
You can't treat me like this. I won't let you.
See you at practice coach." Then Lisa left my

I pulled myself together as best I could and
concentrated on the rest of the day. The classes
went by well, distracting me. I saw Melissa in
the hallway and a shutter went through me. I
didn't know what I felt. Ashamed, embarrassed,
dirty or what.

The bus takes most of the team over to the gym,
some of the senior girls drive, and I usually
drive over. As I drove over I told myself to make
this a short hard practice. Keep the girls
working hard so they don't stand idle much and
therefore can't think much. The practice went
very well. The girls knew I was serious and
practiced accordingly. I cut the practice short
30 minutes and told them it was a good practice
and that I will see them on Monday.

I needed to blow off some of this stress so I
changed into my sweats and started working out
hard by running some of my old college drills.
Forty-five minutes later I was exhausted. I went
in and took a shower. As I stood under the hot
water I couldn't believe the situation I had
gotten myself into. Lisa was certainly a hot-
blooded young girl. I couldn't believe that now
two other girls knew. And who knows who they will
tell. This could really get bad.

Then I felt a hand on my back.

I turned around and saw Lisa standing there naked
again. I told her that she better leave and that
this could only lead to more trouble. Lisa said,
"No. I want you right now." She looked down at
my cock, which had totally betrayed me and had
started growing hard in seconds. She leaned into
me grabbing my cock in her hand and began nibbling
on my chest. She then lowered herself to her
knees and took my organ into her mouth. I was
totally confused. A part of me wanted to throw
her out and make her disappear; and the other just
wanted to escape into her beauty and the sexual
heat between us. The sexual heat won.

Underneath the sexual passions there was
resentment and almost hate of what Lisa had done
to me and I fucked her that way. I was driving my
shaft in hard, pulling it out and shoving it in
again. Lisa enjoyed it even more. This young
eighteen year-old just encouraged me telling me to
fuck her even harder. I grabbed her legs and put
her heels over my shoulders. As I leaned on her,
she was practically flattened in half and I drove
into her for all I was worth; slamming into the
back of her on each thrust. She screamed that she
was cumming, which was deafening in the tile room.

I was sure a custodian or someone would hear.
With her scream I looked up at the opening to the
shower room and saw two people jump to either side
of the opening. Still pumping like hell, I yell,
"Who's there? Show yourself."

First Melissa, then Tina stepped into view. I
just stopped. Right there I stopped. Half of my
hard cock sticking out of the folded up Lisa with
the shower shooting down us. I pulled out of Lisa
and stood up. My cock was still standing at
attention glistening with the water of the shower
and Lisa's juices. I told Tina to hand me my
towel that was hanging near her. I glanced at
Melissa who was just staring at my cock. Lisa
said nothing as she got up from the hard tile
floor but I saw her smile as she started walking
toward the exit.

I now had my towel around me and I had turned off
the showers. I must have lost my mind because I
said, "Where do you think you are going?"

Lisa turned and stood there.

"Get back here," I said. She walked back to me.

"Obviously this is your little show for the
girls, so finish the job. Show them what a good
cocksucker you are. Get down there." I ordered.

Lisa dropped to her knees as I threw my towel to
the side.

As Lisa started sucking my cock I ordered Tina and
Melissa over to each side of me. "You wanted to
see this so get over here."

They stood on each side of me and looked down at
Lisa sucking my cock. Lisa looked up at me and
then she looked at each of them as she sucked the
head of my cock. Tina and Melissa were trembling.

I watched as Lisa sucked me. She wasn't really
into it so I told her to forget about her friends
and start sucking like she means it. Then I told
the girls to get a closer look. "Down on your
knees too."

The girls knelt down and were now at eye level
with Lisa and only a foot away from my pulsing

I told Lisa, "Yes Lisa, that's the way. Suck it
good. Squeeze it with your hand. Show your
girlfriends how you can suck cock. Show them how
you are going to swallow my cum."

I don't know if Lisa got more into it, or if I
did, or both; but I felt my orgasm begin to build.
I told Lisa that I was going to cum soon and she
should get ready to swallow it for her
girlfriends. My hands were on my ass as I
thrusted my pole into her sexy young mouth. I
suddenly felt my orgasm and rush of sperm shoot
from my body and onto her warm tongue. Lisa
sucked me well and sucked on the head and licked
the shaft almost making a display of it for her
friends. Melissa and Tina just knelt there
watching the whole act with their mouths open. I
was sure their pussies were dripping wet.

I told them, "That's it girls. That was the
first and last show. No more! And that goes for
you too Lisa! Now get out! I don't want to hear
anything about this ever again!"

The girls said nothing and left. But things
wouldn't stay quite for long. Three months later
the superintendent of schools called me. It was a
Friday afternoon and as I walked into his office,
the school counsel and another joined him outside
attorney. I was put on suspension until further
notice concerning the actions of sexual misconduct
that have been charged me. The supervisor
provided me with the document and advised me to
get a lawyer.

I got home, began to read the document while
having a few drinks and made some phone calls to a
few lawyers. My fianc�e, Nancy, arrived home
around 6:00 p.m. but I couldn't bring myself to
tell her. We were to be married in six weeks.
The invitations were out, the hall reserved, etc.

Lisa had gone to her parents with the whole story
because, by some warped twist of fate, she was
pregnant. Melissa and Tina had given depositions
to the school attorneys and now my life was
quickly unraveling.

The next morning I woke up with a hangover and
feeling absolutely miserable. Nancy was in a
great mood and got up and started making
breakfast. I went to the shower hoping to wash
away this mess. Suddenly Nancy was in the
bathroom screaming her lungs out at me. I could
hardly understand what she was saying. She had
gone out to the curb and gotten our local paper,
which somehow already had some of the story. The
school officials had no comment so either it was
leaked by them (I doubt it) or one of the girls'
families had talked. Nancy stormed out of the
house - I would never hear from her again.

Once out of the shower and dressed and feeling
like it couldn't get any worst, I heard a knock on
the door.

It was the police with a warrant for my arrest and
a search warrant for the premises. They were
looking for naked pictures of the girls. While
Lisa and Tina were legally "of age," Melissa was
"jail bait." My exposure and actions in front
of her, supposedly by force, were a felony
offense. The lawyers' plea-bargained me down to 9
months in jail. In family court I was ordered to
pay child support to Lisa and forbidden from ever
seeing the child I fathered.

I've moved several times and I haven't been able
to get another teaching job anywhere. Currently I
drive a delivery truck and go down to the park on
weekends to play some hoops. Lisa occasionally
writes to me and suggests we get together. She
lives at home with her parents and works at the
grocery store. She is definitely too smart for
that and should be going to college. The two full
basketball scholarships she all but had locked-up,
quickly disappeared when college official learned
that she was pregnant. It seems we both got

Lisa doesn't blame me for what happened and I
guess now I'm finished blaming her and I'm trying
to forgive myself. At times I fantasize that
maybe Lisa and I will get together and raise our
child; but all we really had was school and sex
between us. Who knows, maybe someday we will give
it a try, maybe if only for the child's sake.

But for now, I drive my truck and make deliveries
while thinking about how I had it all - and blew

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