Having a foursome - sex story

Having a foursome

Joe and Irene Smith were an older couple living in a house that was much too large for them, so one day they decided to partition part of it off to make a efficiency unit that they could rent out. Their ad had only been posted for a few hours when a very nice young couple turned up at the door, they had good references, cash in hand and ready to move in, which they did two days later.

Asia, the young woman was adorable, she had a great figure and a bubbly personality and she reminded Joe of Irene when she was young. Funnily enough, his wife thought that Anton,the young woman’s husband, was a lot like him when he was a dashing young stud. It gave both of them something to dream about.

On the first night the unit was occupied, which had only a thin wall dividing it from the Smiths, there was just the sound of boxes been unpacked and furniture being moved. However, on the second night there was a drastic change in the atmosphere. Around ten o’clock in the evening Joe and Irene started to hear a little moaning and groaning and it got louder and louder.

“I’m going to suck your dick until you scream for mercy,” yelled the petite Asia, and then there was a lot of heavy breathing followed by him calling out “I’m cumming, I’m cumming.”

The two older folk moved closer to the wall until they had their ears clamped against it. They now presumed that Anton was chewing on her cunt as they heard her whining, followed by “O fuck, O fuck,” which they thought might indicate she’d had an orgasm.

As they pressed their ears firmer against the wall they actually heard Asia gasp as Anton rammed his cock into her. Irene started to rub herself as the creaking of the bed and grunts and groans were making her feel horny. Joe’s dick, that hadn’t seem much action lately was beginning to get hard, and he was looking over at his wife with that look in his eye.

There was a big sheepskin rug on the floor and he took his wife by the hand and then gently lowered her on to it. That rug had happy memories, for it was their favorite place to fuck some twenty years earlier.

First Joe kissed her tenderly, that led to a little tongue wrestling and then he started to unbutton her dress. Within seconds they were both naked.
Although Irene’s tits weren’t quite as perky as they used to be they still looked good and he was soon encircling her nipples with his tongue as she cupped her hands under them to give him easy access. When he let his hand drift down to her hairy muff and he started searching for her crack with his finger, she became very vocal.

The couple next door, who were just relaxing and fondling each others genitals, perked up when they heard Irene calling out, “That feels so fucking good Joe, keep doing it.”

“Holy shit,” said Anton, “It sounds as though Mr and Mrs Smith are having some tail.”

Asia laughed at first, not been able to imagine the aging couple engaged in sexual combat, but she soon changed her mind when she heard Joe asking her to open her legs as he was going to eat her out. That was followed by his wife making a noise like someone giving birth.

Anton, who had his ear pressed against the wall was beginning to feel horny all over again and his dick was getting as hard as a copper’s nightstick. His wife, who accused him of being a pervert, pretended that the groans and banging were having no effect on her, turned her back on him and furtively rubbed her clit. Her husband, who thought she was disgusted with him, turned the other way and started to rub his cock.

Joe now had his weapon rammed up inside Irene’s wet crack and he was pounded her ass with such force it was rattling some of the decorative china on the shelves.

“My cunt’s on fire,” she yelled, digging her nails into his shoulder, and giving off little grunts each time his crotch collided with hers.

Asia and Anton, who were now rubbing their respective organs vigorously, both came about the same time. They then turned over to face each other and began to kiss and entwine their bodies like two deranged Bonobos.

When Joe blew his load up inside Irene’s infrequently used tight hole it felt amazing.

“My god, we should do this more often,” he said, as he withdrew his dripping dick and she latch onto it with her lips, “It’s better than I remember.”

“I bet you’d rather have it with that young woman next door,” she quipped, as she lay back on the rug.

“And I bet you were imagining that Anton was fucking you,” he retorted.

The couple could hear the conversation quite clearly through the wall and it prompted him to ask Asia if she’d ever thought have having sex with an older man.

“Of course not,” she snapped, but then corrected herself and admitted that she had wondered what the experience would be like.

“Well we enjoyed the foursome we had with your sister and her husband, so maybe we’d enjoy it with the Smiths.”

“She was staggered that he’d suggest such a thing, but after a little consideration she said she be prepared to try it just the once, but she felt sure the Smith’s wouldn’t be interested.

A plan was devised to invite their landlords over the following evening for a glass of wine. The invitation was accepted, and over a glass of Chardonnay Anton asked if they played cards and then added that he and Asia often played strip poker.

“I don’t suppose that kind of thing would appeal to you two,” he teased.

“I’d like to play, Joe said, “But I happened to be an accomplished player and I wouldn’t want to take advantage of you.”

Irene, although a pretty good player herself was a bit uneasy about the way things were going but never the less, a few minutes later, a new pack was broken and the game began. Now Joe was most certainly anxious to see Asia naked, she looked as though she had gorgeous tits and equally gorgeous legs. And he did smell the possibility of sex in the air and was not adverse to showing off what he had to offer. Irene, who was trying to pretend she was not altogether comfortable with the game, was also developing a strategy to expose Anton’s credentials.

When Asia and her husband were completely naked and Joe and Irene still had a few items of attire left, the young couple suggested they should play one more hand and if they lost that the other two could fuck them. Mr and Mrs Smith’s mouths dropped open, but then after a tense few moments, Joe said he thought that sounded fair and although Irene said “no way”, she dealt herself a hand.

The young couple were soundly defeated and after the Smiths shed the rest of their clothes, Joe lowered the beautiful Asia onto the carpet, and Anton latched himself onto Irene’s nipples and sucked them until her eyes nearly popped out of her head. After the foreplay the couples lay side by side and Anton drove his dick into the remarkably tight Mrs. Smith, while Joe slipped it into Asia’s very wet crack.

Both men’s asses were zipping up and down like piston rods, while the women’s tits were bouncing from side to side in a virtual mammorial ballet. Joe, who’d not fucked anyone that young since he was a teenager, was the first to blow his load, then Irene almost screamed the roof off as Anton filled her love canal with his goo. It was like Sodom and Gomorrah, and it felt good.

After the sucking and fucking was over they drank more wine and the party eventually broke up. As Asia had stipulated, inviting the Smith’s around for a foursome was just a onetime event. However, for the aging couple it had reignited their love life and they couldn’t get enough of it. Nothing was too kinky or outrageous for them, their experimentation knew no bounds.

Joe, who worked a part time job in the mornings, often got a ride with Anton and a few weeks after their little soiree the young man, who seemed quite troubled, suggested that his wife might be having an affair. His friendly landlord said that he was probably imagining things,

“ Just because your wife is alone in the apartment all day, while you’re at work, doesn’t mean she’s looking for a bit of nookie on the side,” he said, “She’s probably sitting there watching the soaps like millions of other women.”

Anton seemed relieved. After all his confident was older and wiser than he.

When Joe arrived back home in the afternoon he went straight to bedroom where his wife Irene lay naked on the bed waiting for him. He snuggled up to her warm body, his erect cock pressing up against her ass, and kissed the back of her neck. Then he turned to Asia, who lay naked on the other side of him.

“I think your husband suspects something is going on,” he said, gently rubbing his hand over her firm young tits.

“Let’s fuck and talk about it later,” she smiled, “Irene and I have already cum twice, now it’s your turn.”

It was hard to argue with that kind of logic.

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