Headmistress Thorpe's exclusive private school - sex story

Headmistress Thorpe's exclusive private school

Headmistress Thorpe walked briskly, with young Julie in tow, to her
husband's office. No doubt the students in class exchanged knowing looks
as they recognized the loud paces of their stern and determined
Headmistress. Approaching the beautiful corner office filled with
stately antiques, she stopped, turned around, placed her hand under
Julie chin and gently lifted her distressed student's face up. "Now
Julie, I am not bringing you here to be punished or expelled but your
case will go under review, I can assure you that!" Julie waited for more
but Ms. Thorpe removed her hand and winced as she found it stained with
caking semen. "Darling, you have sperm dropping into your unifor
collar!" she said as she removed a handkerchief from her dark blue power
suit pocket. "I'm sorry, I lost my concentration when I saw you, I am
not very good at this�" said Julie as she looked down.
Ms. Thorpe quickly stopped wiping the ejaculate from the young girl's
neck and put both fists on her hips, "Listen to me young lady! You are a
first year student and first year students do NOT perform fellatio on
anyone at this school, do you understand?".

"But Madam, I just "

"Don't you answer to me young lady, now be obedient and quiet and let me
talk to your principal about Mr. Ashbury. If I need any info from you I
will ask. Julie smiled and nodded her head. It is generally well known
that Mr. Thorpe is a nice man and well regarded by all students.
Headmistress Thorpe opened the door slowly and saw that her husband was
reading files next to his huge fireplace. As she opened the large heavy
door even more she noticed a girl laying on his favorite mahogany table.
She was on her back her legs together straight in the air. Julie looked
at her in amazement. She saw her long red hair and flat chest. She
immediately recognized her as a third year student because of her fancy
bra. Only seniors are allowed free choice of underwear. She also noticed
that her bottom seemed spread and reddened. Her anus was caved in and
remained opened. The girl turned her head and smiled to Julie.

"Is this your work?" asked Ms. Thorpe as she walked to her husband
leaving Julie to stand there and stare at the girl on the table.
"I do not have the weaponry to create such havock, unfortunately" Smiled
Mr. Thorpe as he got up from his seat and greeted his darling wife.
"Doctor Johansson was doing a dilation test on Carly. He barely had time
to do the requisite 4 minutes of penetration when he was paged and had
to leave on an emergency. I'm in charge! What are your doing here with

"Oh, Darling I must sit down for this"
"What's the matter Vivienne?"
"I just picked up Julie in the East Wing service staircase. She was on
her knees sucking on Captain Ashbury's cock."
"Honey, I know for a fact that Julie's mother has been preparing her for
her education here for a few years. I've even had the pleasure of
feeding her at one of her parent's parties" the principal smiled.
"Argh! You are incorrigible! I have been through my 3 years as a student
here and I have been here every day since for the past 6 years, and you
know how I feel about the rules! Don't start me on this." Vivienne
gathered her thoughts and returned to the matter at hand.
"You remember how 7 years ago, we discovered that a few of our sponsors
had been taking an enhancement drug from the US?"
"Only after a teacher's pet named Vivienne ran to my office immediately
after receiving a curiously copious helping of semen from one of our
older sponsors" teased the Principal.
"I wouldn't joke about it honey, I think it's back. I just saw Ashbury
and his penis was definitely twice as large as I remember it and he
spewed unbelievable amounts of sperm into Julie mouth. It even came out
of her nose!"
"But I though we put an end to the supply when we fired Mark. Perhaps we
create our own monsters when we train these girls to drink so much cum
at such an early age. But I understand your concerns about the possible
side effects." Said the principal as he readjusted his pants
"Honey, you must conduct an inquiry and present this to the board. You
know how the girls gravitate around the heavier ejaculators and I would
not be surprised to learn that Mr. Ashbury has been supplying the eager
students with plenty of proteins for a long time now. I feel I am alone
in policing this establishment. I can only do so much in protecting the
girls especially the younger ones" pleaded Vivienne.
"Darling, you are a champion of this fine school and�
"And you men often skirt the issue and send your friends back out with
just a slap on the wrist!". The Headmistress slumped back in her couch
and turned her head towards the girls.
"Honey I WILL report this" offered the Principal. "but I have Carla's
matter to take care of first."
"Julie, could you take a look at Carly's sphincter and tell me if it's
still dilated?"
Julie's eyes widened and she turned beet red. Carly was tickel by her
reaction and fought not to laugh for she knew that would cause her to
flunk her test. "He means to ask if my bottom is still open" she
lispered to the puzzled blonde girl.
"C'mon love the five minutes are almost over, we want to be exact on
this!" Added the Principal.
Julie jumped to her feet and placed her head close to Carly's bottom.
"Yes, sir it is still diluted!" she said assuredly.
Carly burst out laughing and put both her heel on the table. Julie
wondered what was so funny as she kept looking in amazement at the
girl's now closed hole surrounded by a huge red ring.
"You pass young girl!" said the principal with a smile.
Carly smiled back and propped herself up on her elbows. "How's my bottom
"It's very red! What happened to you?"
"It's the bane of us, light skinned girls, especially after an encounter
with The Doctor Tool! Do you want to touch my pussy?"
"Yes I do !" said the admiring young girl. She placed her hand on the
puffy vuvla. She could see that it was very wet and slippery.
"You don't have a mate yet?"
"Next week we get matched up with our second year team mate. I can't
"Lisa is great, she really dives in to suck my clit !"
Julie giggled at that comment, she had never done that before but often
heard about it from her class mates.
Headmisstress smiled at the obvious gap in education between these two
young beautiful girls. "Girls, you better get ready for your next class
"No wait, I will sign a late paper for you gals�" exclamed the horny
"Well, as I see you are "in charge", I will leave you guys alone, I have
a meeting with the counselor" as Ms Thorpe walked away, the principal
moved towards his favorite table. He unzipped his pants and released his
engorged cock.
"Carla, turn around and let your head hang off the table a bit, I will
fuck you in the mouth" asked the eager Principal.
This question brought a complete look of terror to Carla's face.
"NO! You are not supposed to do that to me, I have a singing recital in
three days" she stated half pleading.
"Oh honey, I will be gentle, I just want to penetrate your tight throat
just enough to caress the underside of my helmet. Don't you want some
nice creamy ejaculate from your principal?" The excited man noticed a
drop of pre-cum on his cock, he gathered it with a finger and applied it
gently to Carla's lips.
Carla smiled and was temped but instead raised her legs, and with both
hands, spread her bottom cheeks to offer her little anus for the
amusement of Mr. Thorpe.
Seeing his pupil negociate a way to make him cum that would not harm her
curriculum, excited him greatly.
"I don't think I will have time to enjoy your beautiful ass today my
darling" as he let out a loud sigh and ejaculated on the table, on
Carla's side.
Julie giggled as Carla was forced to get up on all fours and lick every
drop of sperm off the Principal's table. Principal Thorpe sqeezed the
last few drop on his fingers and said "Would you like some Julie?"
Without a word, she walked over to him and opened her mouth slightly.
The man put his left hand on the nape of her neck and put two shiny
finger in her mouth. It took forever for him to be satisfied that he has
thouroughly coated her tongue with the viscous liquid.
"You might be able to make it to your class in time Julia, but hurry!"
The student thanked him and left.
Carla, looked around for her panties and quickly got dressed to go to
her math class.

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