Holly Loves to Handle Her Daddy - sex story

Holly Loves to Handle Her Daddy

Having a sexual relationship with my step-daughter, Holly, actually works very well. It is expected, as my daughter, that she will go many places with me. And, what we do behind the closed doors of my home...or even a hotel when we are travelling, is presumed to be father/daughter business and not of interest to anyone else. Oh, if they only knew . . .

I am an elder of my church... with a fourteen-year-old daughter/mistress. Looking ahead to today, it does not surprise me when I began to have reason to suspect that there were also others entering Holly's life. Holly often stays late at school for extracurricular activities, or would ask permission to stay at a girlfriend's house for a night or a weekend. Then, too, Holly would sometimes bring her classmates home.

Interestingly, I found myself quite aroused by some of her girlfriends who pranced around in minuscule bikinis when swimming in our pool. Despite the very lecherous fantasies in my mind about some of Holly 's friends, and my acceptance of Holly 's broadening world, I was not quite prepared for the conversation that was about to happen:

I had finished my day’s work as an attorney early, and headed home. When I arrived at the house, I saw a strange bicycle in my driveway. I entered the house and went inside the living room where Holly was sitting on the couch watching TV. Next to her was a boy, a year or two older than Holly, with his arm around her shoulder. When I came in, the boy bolted upright, mumbled something indiscernible, and quickly left the house.

"Hi Holly," I said, "Who was the young man?"

"You're sure home early. That's Sean, a boy from school."

"Is he kind of a . . . special boy?"

"No. He's just a friend."

"I noticed he had his arm around you."

"Are you jealous?" Holly asked with a half-smile and a twinkle in her eye.

"Of course I'm jealous," I said feigning being hurt. "Every father has to lose his daughter to someone sometime...but there's always a slight tinge of envy...maybe because the boy is so full of youth and I'm not."

"You're very young," piped Holly standing up on the couch and kissing my cheek. As though the conversation was ending, she jumped to the floor and started to leave the room.

"Holly," I said softly, "Let's talk a little bit." Holly stopped in her tracks, and turned towards me. It seemed to me that I detected the slightest trace of fear on her face.

"I've gotta do my homework," she said.

"Sit down while I pour myself a drink." Holly walked back to the couch and sat as I went to my mirrored bar and poured a little bourbon into a snifter. I walked back to the couch and sat down angling myself towards her.

"Sweetheart...I know we have an unusual father/daughter relationship...and I know it’s necessary for you to have some friends your own age...and I was only kidding when I said I was jealous. But I'm very curious . . . Have you developed a relationship with any boys?"

"You mean like . . . with sex?" Holly asked appearing quite surprised.

"Not necessarily, but I know sex has always been a big part of your life."

"Absolutely not! No way!" said Holly vehemently. I was surprised at the tenor of her response because she was rarely vehement about anything.

"Holly," I continued softly, "I like to believe that one thing that we have always had between us . . . was complete truth. I'm not suggesting that you're not telling me the truth, but I sense there's something you're not telling me."

"Daddy, I swear!"

"Alright, I believe you and I won't question you further. But it will make me very unhappy and disappointed if I ever discover that you didn't have enough confidence in me to tell me the truth. I'm going to go upstairs to my room and do some work. If you'd like to come upstairs, I'll be waiting for you." I took another sip of the bourbon, got up from the couch and headed for the stairs. I had only gotten to the first step when I heard her voice.

"Daddy?" I stopped and turned to face her. She had a very worried look on her face.

"I did let a couple of boys . . . kiss me."

"Kiss you? That's all?"

"I swear, that's all."

"Did you kiss them back?" Holly hesitated, then lowered her head and spoke very softly. "Yes."

"Is that all?" I asked, my curiosity increasing.

"That's all!"

"You're sure? Please don't let me find out you're not being completely truthful with me."

"Why do you want to know?" she asked, the texture of her speech becoming noticeably lower.

"I'd like to know everything so that there are no secrets between us."



"Well...," Holly spoke hesitatingly, "I did help one boy . . . kinda . . . jerkoff."

"Is that all?" I asked again. The look on Holly 's face was changing. There was a strange look in her eyes and a new intensity in her face...something was going on in her head. There was a slight tremble in her body as well.

"Yeah," she replied, her breathing becoming noticeably heavier.

"Did you let him . . . cum in your hand?" I asked. Holly didn't respond for what seemed like an endless fifteen seconds. She took a deep breath.

"No . . . it was . . . in my . . . mouth," she admitted. Her response not only surprised me, but I felt my knees, momentarily begin to wobble. Damn it all, though, I felt the beginnings of an erection.

"You went down on him?" I asked, my grip on the banister becoming firmer. I set my drink down on the banister's landing. I was sure my face revealed nothing.

"Uh huh," she looked up at me with a strangely erotic look in her eyes. "You wanted me to tell you everything, didn't you?"

"Of course . . . and I'm not angry at all. But I think we'd better talk about any other secrets you've been keeping. Now . . . is there anything more?" Holly kept her eyes fixed on me; they were becoming glazed and they focused on the generous swelling in my trousers. Her voice dropped to almost a whisper.

"I let a couple of boys . . . uh . . . kinda fuck me . . . when you were out of town last month."

"A couple of boys?" Her eyes locked on my crotch.

"Well three . . . or . . . maybe it was four." There was now no question about it, Holly was becoming aroused.

"What else, Holly? Let it all out."

"You know how I am and how I need to have you next to me . . . and you were away for almost two weeks . . . "

"I was gone on business, sweetheart. I couldn't take you out of school for two weeks." Slowly Holly raised her hands to the front of her shirt and unbuttoned the top button. Her eyes never left my crotch, and my hard-on was becoming obvious. Her lips were becoming puffy.

"But I needed to feel someone next to me. I wanted you, but you weren't here." Slowly her hands went down to the next button and it popped-open effortlessly.

"And did you enjoy yourself . . . when the boys . . . fucked you?" I could hear a slight quiver in my voice as I spoke even though I, outwardly, was very calm. But the picture in my mind of Holly having sex with some boys was causing my cock to look like a circus tent pole . . . under my trousers.

"I have to admit . . . I liked the feeling of their cocks . . . sliding in and out of me." Holly 's hands went to the final button on her shirt.

"But it was not the same . . . as when you fuck me. Their cocks were too small and it took them less than a minute to cum. When you fuck me . . . you never cum . . . until I do . . . it's truly awesome!” Without taking her eyes from my hardon, Holly slowly peeled off her shirt revealing a ribbed white, cotton, undershirt which did little to conceal the shape of her slightly swelling breasts and nipples which were, obviously, quite hard. Slowly her hands moved to her shorts and she unbuttoned the top button.

"The whole story, Holly."

"But . . . you're gonna think I'm awful." Her eyes were transfixed on me as she spoke with the unbuttoning of the second button, the shorts dropped silently to the floor leaving Holly in her undershirt and white, satin, panties. Without taking her eyes off of me . . . she stepped out of her shorts.

"Pumpkin, I love you too much to think anything awful about you." My cock was now aching to escape from its cloth prison.

"I also did it with another girl . . . in fact, . . . it was two girls."

"Anyone I know?" My cock was raging for release.

"Remember I told you I was gonna spend the night with Kim and Kelly Anderson at their home . . . so we could practice cheer leading?" Holly slowly pulled the under- shirt over her head and let it drop to the floor at her feet. Without moving the rest of her body or taking her eyes off my boner . . . for even one second, one foot at a time, she kicked her shoes off using the opposite leg for leverage. I could now inspect her small breasts heaving as her breathing became labored. Her nipples were pointing like two small pink cones . . . protruding out of a softening swell on her chest.

"Yes." My voice sounded tinny. "The twin girls in your class at school." I moved my cock slightly so that it wouldn't hurt as much. But it didn't help.

"We did a threesome!" She shared . . . covering her face with her hands and then peeked through her fingers to see my reaction. I think she was surprised to see that I wasn't angry. Holly took her hands away from her face and looked at me quizzically.

"Tell me Holly . . . did you enjoy the threesome . . . with the twins?"

"Yeah . . . we licked and sucked each other for hours . . . but it would've been a whole lot better . . . if you'd been there. Quite honestly . . . we needed a big long cock . . . just like yours." Holly slipped her thumbs under the waistband of her panties and lowered them until they dropped to the floor. Her pubis was bare, which meant that she had shaved it recently and it was swollen from our heated conversation. Moisture was rapidly forming at the lips of her labia and starting to run down her leg.

"Have you ever done it with a girl before?” I asked lowering my zipper and pulling my incredibly excited shaft out from my pants. Holly stared at my erect cock . . . with hunger in her eyes. She spoke very softly.

"Yeah. I like to do it . . . with other girls too."

"You know, sweetheart, I'm not jealous of your boyfriends or your girlfriends. You need the company of young people, just like I need the company of more mature women . . . " Holly started to tremble again.

"Did you get to fuck . . . like on your trip . . . with other women?"

"I thought about it." I spoke slowly and deliberately, my voice cracking slightly. "But they're not like you. You're young, your flesh is young, your pussy is tight, your face is like an angel's and I love your pink lips around my cock. In fact, you light a fire in me that no one else has ever done...Sometimes I don't even understand it myself. I have a full and active life . . . I know you're my daughter and my first duty is to protect and shelter you . . . even from yourself . . . but when I look at you like this (as I continued to inspect her naked body), all I want to do . . . is slowly. . . fuck you.”

Holly placed two of her fingers over her vagina and felt the dripping moisture. She brought the wet fingers to her face and placed them inside her mouth and sucked them dry. Then she half skipped and half-ran over to me and jumped on me . . . like a little girl with her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist.

She lowered her legs until her pussy was on the tip of my cock, then with one single thrust of her hips . . . my cock found its home inside her. She moved her head around until her lips found mine as she gave me one of her "special" kisses.

And Holly 's kisses were, indeed, special. It was not just the way she moved her tongue around inside my mouth. Her whole body and soul became a part of the kiss and stimulated every single fiber in my body. Almost effortlessly, she separated her lips from mine, but still lightly touching my lips with her own and in an unexpectedly husky voice for a fourteen-year-old, she said, "Then fuck me, daddy!” If she hadn’t previewed what she had done with her friends, I would probably have fucked her right then and there. But I wanted more details.

“That might happen . . . but for now, let’s go to your room for a few minutes.” I could tell she was disappointed . . . I didn’t drive my shaft up her pussy, right then and there. Instead I untangled our bodies, and began to go up the stairs towards her room. Once inside I asked:

“Did you take any pictures on your new iPhone of these times with your friends?” She hesitated and then said “Yes. Would you like to see them?”

“Of course . . . but I want you to tell me what was going on . . . as we watch them together.”

“This is kinda kinky Daddy,” she said, with a smile on her face.

“Since we both love to watch porn together . . . seeing my daughter in naughty poses will excite both of us . . . right?” Holly nodded her head and walked over to her dresser and turned on her phone to display the pictures. She walked back over and we sat next to each other on her bed . . . still nude.

“I took a bunch of pictures . . . who would you like to see? Maybe the twins?” she suggested with a wicked smile on her face. Slowly my cock began to rise as I imagined their threesome together. With no hesitation, I gently grasped my shaft in my hand and began to slowly jerk it towards full erection.

“I would like that,” I confessed. Her fingers flew to what must have been a favorite spot.

“This is when we had the sleepover at their house,” she said manipulating her phone with her right hand but slowly dropping her other hand in between her naked legs. Having fantasized . . . what the young girls might look like nude . . . when they were recently over, added fuel to the first image of both of them topless, pinching each other’s titties. Holly could tell I was excited by the image and placed both fingers on the screen and blew the image up so that I could drool over their pictured breasts even more.

“This was foreplay?” I suggested.

“Uh, huh . . . and then I had Kelly sit on the bed and open her legs real wide.” The next image had one of the girls spread her legs, almost to full extension by herself. Her bare shaved pussy was on full display. Holly flipped to the next picture, and it was her sister Kim with her long blonde hair tied in a scrunchie, kneeling in front of Kelly.

“Kim is just about to lean forward and thrust her long tongue into Kelly’s pussy.” She flipped to the next picture, and sure enough Kim had her head tilted slightly and the image had her sticking her tongue deep inside her sister’s love hole.

“We took turns licking and sucking each other’s bodies most of the night. Sorry I don’t have one of me doing it.”

“Have the girls shared, whether they do similar things with boys?” I asked, still wanking on my shaft.

“Uh huh . . . except they seem to work together . . . on one boy at a time.”

“Did they take any pictures of being with one of these boys? And maybe send them to you?” Holly’s face radiated red with embarrassment.

“Boy . . . aren’t you being the attorney today,” she mused. And after a long pause, she said:

“You have got to promise never to tell anyone about these pics. They sent them to me only . . . and they could get in trouble with their parents if they ever got out.” I thought I should say something, but elected to let her guide the conversation. Holly brought her moist fingers out of her pussy and went to another drove of pics.

“I know I am very naughty showing you these, but they brought this guy down in their parent’s basement and let’s peek at what they were doing with him,” she began and an image appeared of a rather attractive guy . . . obviously older then the girls, who had his shirt off and was sitting next to Kim who was in a skimpy bikini.

“It’s hard to see, but in a workroom downstairs . . . the ceiling is unfinished and they have some ropes through some studs that are secured really good. Next, one of them talks this guy into raising his hands up over his head, and they kinda noose his arms and then pull it tight so that he is stretched.” The next picture displayed exactly what she was describing. What was very obvious was the almost full erection that was poking out against this guy’s shorts.

“He looks pretty excited . . . Holly,” I said.

“Well this might be why,” she said clicking to a series of additional pictures. First the two girls are kissing each other . . . then they take turns taking off the tops to their suits . . . and then begin to . . . pinch each others titties . . . and as you can see . . . finally they again take turns sucking the other girl’s nipples.” Holly had gone back to holding the camera with one hand and almost stealthily had captured the top of my cock with her moist hand. Using a slow technique, she had perfected . . . she began to move her firmly squeezed hand up and down my shaft. Then she advanced the picture one more frame.

“Kelly has now stripped naked, and is unbuttoning the guy’s shorts . . . and has her hand inside . . . doing what I am . . . to you . . . right now,” said Holly looking at me. I remain silent, but begin moving my hips up and down, to create a sonata of father/daughter bonding . . . using my stiff cock as the instrument.

“This part is way cool . . . Daddy. This was a big file they sent me . . . cuz they made a little movie . . . and I am going to play it for you”:

The camera follows Kim as she finished stripping off the bottoms of her suit, making her totally naked. She walked up to the boy, who was looking at her nakedness, and deviously went behind him. Soon the camera zooms in on her hand entering the top of his shorts and you watch it gently grab the cock hidden inside. The boy is now moving his body in reaction to the girls stimulation.

“How does this feel Mike?” Do you like what my hand is doing.” The guy grunts an answer, thoroughly enjoying the control Kim has over him.

“Look what Kelly is doing . . . isn’t she being naughty?” Her sister had moved a chair up closer to the suspended boy . . . and had opened up her legs to show her hairless pussy and was now gently rubbing her fingers over her clit.

“Kim . . . it looks like Mike truly enjoys watching me . . . but when I do this . . . I like to actually see boy’s cocks. So let’s get rid of his shorts, so I can get off faster.” Her sister, grabs the sides of the guy’s shorts . . . and pulls them all the way to his ankles. It was obvious, neither girl was ready for the huge cock that appeared. It had to be a good 7 or 8 inches in length and several inches in circumference.

“Wow . . . now that’s a BIG one,” said Kelly now ramming two fingers into her twat. “I’ll bet he could use some loving care,” she said.

“You mean like this,” said Kim . . . as she moved her hand away from his body and then immediately brought it back, landing a sharp “SLAP” on his tight little ass cheek. Mike wasn’t expecting anything like this and just uttered WHOA!” At the same time his cock shot forward towards Kelly, now thrusting three fingers into her pussy.

“Naw . . . I was thinking more about . . . you licking that sweet stick of his with your tongue and lips and then maybe hearing what he wants you to do next,” Kelly said. Almost like a robot . . . Kim moved in front of the suspended boy and grasped his huge cock in her small hand. She inspected it carefully and then holding it upward, she began at the base and licked long stretches of his shaft very slowly . . . wiggling her tongue with each pass. For the next several minutes the camera zoomed in on her efforts. Soon his cock was glistening with her saliva.

“So what’s next . . . Mike?” asked the horny girl.

“I’ve gotta get off,” he whimpered. Kelly smiled at Kim.

“So what should my sister do to you?” asked Kelly.

“I don’t care . . . if she sucks my cock . . . or gives me a handjob. I just gotta cum,” he almost begged.

“Oh, I think my sister needs to SUCK on your cock and then jack you off all over my titties,” said Kelly. “But you gotta let us know when you are ready to shoot.” At that point Kim got on her knees in front of the aroused boy . . . grasped his shaft at the base and then slowly lowers her head until her lips part and she begins to give him incredible head. At the same time, she uses her hand to further arouse Mike. Up and down the horny girl moves, and Kelly watches the expression on Mike’s face. Much quicker than expected . . . Mike shouts out: “I’m gonna cum . . . I’m gonna cum.” Kim takes her lips off of his shaft, but continues to service his cock with her hand. Kelly gets in a kneeling position next to her sister and then the first long rope of cum blasts out of the boy’s shaft. Instead of spraying Kelly’s titties, it instead sends rich thick jism ricocheting over her cheeks and mouth.

Realizing that she needs to adjust her aim, Kim lowers his cock and the next several shots shoot all over both of their titties. For several minutes, almost like a fire hydrant the aroused boy discharges over a week’s supply of stored up cum all over their bodies. When he finishes . . . the girls look at each other and turn slightly so that they can rub his cum all over their breasts as they touch their nipples together.

As Holly continues to jerk on my cock, I begin to duplicate what I am watching and soon my cock begins to spurt . . . and at the same time my daughter immediately captures the rest of my load, deep down her throat. I look down and her head is bobbing, as I fill her up . . . with my own cum.

She tosses the camera aside and then . . . looking into my eyes, she says:

“So . . . should I call the twins here for a visit?

"Are you trying to fix me up with your friends?"

"Uh huh."

“So how do you fit into this?"

"I like to . . . uh watch. I'd like to watch you . . . and your COCK . . . entertain the twins!”

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