Honey, The beginning - sex story

Honey, The beginning

I have a talent. I can tinker with people's minds. Women seem
to be the most susceptible, although each individual is different. I
don't know why; maybe it has to do with gender, but I can't make men do
my bidding as easily, nor with as few after-effects. The talent is
relatively new; I wasn't born with it, and it probably has something
to do with the accident in the Radiation Safety department where I
used to work. I went blind when all of that isotope was spilled over
my head. My sight came back after about a year, and I soon discovered
that the nurse was awful friendly. Stranger still, she would act just
like I fantasized. When Patricia quit her job to become my full-time
private nurse, I knew I was on to something.

Now it was time for me to add to my collection. Jodie, my
number one concubine and primary means of support, had suggested
that the act of exercising my power, the taking of control, was more
important than having control. When I first figured out how it worked,
many bar bimbos wound up in my bed, but that quickly became boring.
Then I met Jodie. She fought my control, aware of my mental tampering,
and resisted as best she could. It took six months, but she surrendered
herself to me completely, which made for some incredible sex that night.
Her acquiescence to my possession spices our relationship in a way that
I've never felt with Patricia. I leave Jodie pretty much free, unless
we start having a truly unpleasant discussion, because I respect her
insight and who she is. If I crush that individuality and smother her
intelligence, which I am capable of doing, she would become just
another bar bimbo.

The next thing I learned was to avoid getting women from the
same place. Other guys band together really well when they figure out
that you're the one that keeps taking away, or spoiling their oppor-
tunities. The power kept me from getting physically hurt, but it was
a strain. So, that explained why I was sitting outside an office
building in another city. The lunch hour was ending, and a parade of
workers headed back to work. I pretended to read the paper as I half-
interestedly scanned the numerous well-dressed women who walked by.
That's when I saw her.

She was with a group of coworkers, male and female, obviously
returning from lunch. I didn't really notice her until she turned my
way, and our eyes met through a clearing in the clumps of people. My
gaze quickly turned into a gawk at the slender, attractive blonde, and
I stared, somewhat rudely, I know. However, the five or so seconds our
eyes were connected was enough for me to establish my presence in her
mind. I can't do anything to anybody whose eyes I've never looked at.
I don't know why, but that seems to be the way the power works. I
grabbed as much as I could from the surface of the woman's mind during
that brief period. Honey was her name. She reacted appropriately to my
tactless action, a brief flash of anger crossing her face, and an in-
dignant toss of blonde bangs as she broke our eye contact. It was
already too late.

I played my opening card that afternoon. "Hello, Honey. It's
me, the guy who stared at you right after lunch." I'm sure she must
have jumped several feet wherever she was. "Yes, that's right, I'm
outside your building, waiting for you to end your day so we can
meet properly. I have no idea where you're at, so I just thought I'd
contact you directly, without a phone, or having to find your office.
Mind-to-mind communication is so -- private, don't you think?"

"GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!!" Predictable response, followed by
silence. There was always an initial silence as the victim evaluated
her sanity, then the imperative order. I decided to let Honey think
she'd won the war, when our first battle was still yet to come. I
returned to my hotel. Tomorrow would be another day.

Honey hid in her office at lunch the next day. "Do you think
that you can hide from me by staying in your office? Honestly, Honey.
And no, you can't see me from your office window." She repeated her
imperative from the previous day, with more force. "Nope. I decided
to leave you alone yesterday, it wasn't anything you did to stop me."

"Why are you doing this to me???" came Honey's panicked

"Because I want you, Honey. I find you attractive, and I
would like to have you. Meet me at the bar at the Hilton hotel nearby
after work, and I will explain more." I left the lobby of the building
where she worked. A faint tickling sensation in my mind indicated that
Honey was trying to reach me, but I had shut her out, leaving her
curiosity to do the rest. At five-twenty, an attractive, well-dressed
blonde walked into the hotel bar. She looked around apprehensively,
but I was in a position where I could see her without her seeing me.
I love being mysterious. The cocktail waitress, my temporary thrall,
led Honey to me as I had instructed. She sat warily, regarding me with
a little bit of fear.

"I'm married," she began. As if that made any difference to me.
Jodie had broken her engagement at a very late time to be with me.
Honey looked at my impassive face, and I regarded her clear blue eyes
as they filled with apprehension. I used the eye contact to further
probe her mind, and do a little tinkering. "Please, I'm very happy
with my husband," she begged.

"Slide back from the table and cross your legs for me," I
said, quietly so nobody else could hear me. It was a suggestion made
with a little bit of a mental push, not a command. Her reaction would
tell me much about her; indeed, it would determine whether I should
stop the game right now.

"What???" Honey's eyes shot up. Blue lightning flashed from
them, daggers in tow, aimed at me. She leaned forward angrily, yet
had the discretion to lower her voice. Honey stuck a finger in my
face and snarled, "Don't you ever treat me like a plaything to be
put on display! I am not some slave!" I had trouble concealing my
smile at her inner fire. The waitress arrived with a glass of wine
for her, and Honey's anger turned to shock. "How did you know???"

"What you like to drink? I shrugged. "I know a lot about you
now, Honey. But I'd rather you tell me, as we get to know each other
better. I like that a lot more than swiping that information from your
mind. Tiny things such as the wines you like, and what you like to eat
are one thing, but there's way too much stuff in your head for me to
get it all. Still, I'm very impressed by your physical beauty, and
your intelligence. You also have good taste in wines."

This caught her off-guard, and she relaxed slightly. "Ummm...
I'm sort of embarrassed to say this, but I am flattered by your
attention. If I wasn't very happily married, I might think about
getting to know you a little bit. I'm sorry," she apologized. I got
up to leave, interrupting her thoughts. "Wait -- are you going to
leave me alone?"

"I'm leaving; please finish your wine and enjoy the rest of
your evening. Yes, I am paying for your drink, Honey. Thank you for
the -- discussion." I left, having accomplished my goal of securing
my grip on her mind, and getting her a little curious, which would
keep her from fighting my presence there for a little while longer.
I chuckled at her parting thought. "I don't even know your name..."

I waited until the following Monday before contacting her
again. "Did you enjoy your weekend? Meet me for lunch at the food
court in the mall. My treat, and I'll be waiting for you." I was
surprised when she didn't show up. This called for stronger
measures. Tuesday morning, she heard from me again. "You didn't
show up. I waited for you. I'm disappointed." Honey's silence didn't
stop me this time. I could pick up her stronger emotions; right now,
it was disbelief that I wasn't gone. "I told you: I want you, and I
will have you, Honey." Shock exploded in her mind, leaving a bright
afterimage behind my eyes for an instant. Ow. No lunch today. I was
waiting for her in the parking garage.

"Nice car," I commented. Her eyes met mine and I knew what
she was about to do. "No, don't scream." I abruptly snapped on the
mental leash I held, and Honey's breath caught in her throat as she
found she couldn't disobey my command. "Relax, this will only take
a minute," I said lightly, before fixing my brown eyes on Honey's
blue ones. Her attentive look and the silence between us did not
indicate the adjustments I was making to her thought patterns. I
let the power slowly recede from her, giving her the tiniest bit
of a warm rush. Jodie loved it when I did that for her. "See you
tomorrow at lunch, Honey?" She hesitantly affirmed our date, still
fighting the effects of both my tampering and the pleasant warmth
that faded from her senses. Wednesday noon, she sat across the table
from me.

"Why are you doing this to me?" she asked. "I'm a very
happily married woman," she pleaded with her now-standard defense.
"My husband would kill you if he knew. Please don't make me tell
him." Nice tactic, but useless.

I shrugged. "You won't tell your husband about us, Honey,
because there is nothing to tell." Her eyes became vacant for a
second as the command integrated itself into her being. I said,
"And I have something to offer you." Again in control of herself,
I could feel Honey's protest forming. I gently grabbed a hold of
her mind before she could speak, and toyed with her pleasure
centers briefly. Her eyes fluttered, and she sighed dreamily
as the wave receded. "Did you like that?" Honey lied, quickly
saying no. "I can make you feel like that whenever I want, and
I can make it more intense if you want, for as long as you want."
I picked up a sense of curiosity, still buried underneath many
layers of less -- productive emotions, but it was there. Fear
washed over her, but I stilled it. "Don't be afraid of me,
Honey. I will never hurt you, and I will see to your pleasure
when you are mine. I am a gentle master." It was getting close
to one, so I had to let her go.

"Monday, you will tell David that you are going to work
late. Then you will call me at suite 214 of the Hilton after work,
and we will have dinner. You will say nothing to anybody of our
luncheon. Everything seems like a long-forgotten dream, so distant,
so far away, until next you hear my voice." I let Honey regain her
senses, and the light reappeared in her eyes. I felt a stream of
no's flowing in her mind, and she clung to an image of her husband
like a shield to protect herself. She looked at me with defiant
pride at how she had resisted temptation as she got up to leave.
She was unaware of the command I had implanted.

Six o'clock Monday night, the phone rang in suite 214.
"Hello, this is Honey." I told her to come to my room, with her
briefcase and best professional demeanor. Ten minutes later,
Honey walked into the room, looking every bit the businessperson
with a serious dinner meeting. I looked at her attire. No, that
would never do.

"Go into the bedroom and change, there are some clothes
and jewelry waiting for you," I said. Honey was curious, despite
her fear, and wonder at being alone with me. I didn't have to make
it a command. I called room service to order dinner for two while
she took a shower and changed. I could sense her determination to
dress for the occasion, which became much stronger when she saw
the clothes waiting for her, even if she didn't want to be there.
Honey came out of the bedroom almost an hour later, but I had to
let the room service person in as one well-turned ankle appeared
from behind the bedroom door. I hurried the room service person
along as she set up our dinner. I couldn't help stealing glances
at my gorgeous dinner companion. Finally, I tipped the woman, and
told her not to open the champagne. The girl smiled broadly at the
twenty-dollar bill and left quickly.

"Please, sit," I invited, bowing in Honey's direction. She
looked incredible, and I couldn't keep my eyes off her legs. She
was wearing the simple blue evening dress I had bought for her,
elegant, and demure (except for the fact that Honey had decided to
leave the slit open by the calf. It was -- very distracting.) "You
look wonderful tonight," I almost whispered, so stunned by her
transformation. It was not idle flattery.

"Thank you," she smiled at me. I felt a little swell of
pride in her, and pleasure that she had so obviously managed to
capture my fancy. "You also have good taste in clothes, and the
pendant is lovely." A black cloud cast a shadow across her pleased
thoughts. She was wondering about something, and didn't know if
she should ask me. I waited patiently, since answering questions
before people ask them seems to be disconcerting. Honey looked at
the perfectly set dinner table. "Ummm... This dress fits perfectly.
How did you know what size to get?"

"I read it in your mind. Oh yes, the diamond in the pendant
is real, even if it is small. It's a good choice; I don't think that
the pearls would look as good on you." Honey's face fell a little
with the realization that I had picked the indiscreet question from
her mind. "Really, I don't mind your asking," I said lightly.
"Please, Honey. Enjoy my hospitality tonight," I requested, opening
the champagne and pouring. Honey was very aware that I had made her
come to dinner with me, and a little fearful over what I was going
to make her do next. It made for a very quiet appetizer and salad
course. However, the champagne soon began to take effect. She
loosened up, the alcohol's fog making it easier for her to ignore
the coercion, and to enjoy the meal. We finished dinner with
pleasant, prolonged conversation, and room service removed dinner
to present us with coffee, dessert, and a split of champagne.

We continued talking through the final course, then I put
the trays in the hall. During this lull, Honey fingered the pendant,
becoming silent as she contemplated it, then reclined in her chair
and crossed her (magnificent) legs. I baldly admired them, as her
smooth calf gave way to her heeled feet. Honey watched me in tipsy
amusement, then unfastened another button of the slit, letting her
thighs show a little, intensifying my rapt attention to her legs.
"Really, I'm flattered. Even if the tops of my thighs are a little
too big." There was an instant's hesitation. "But I'm work-"

"Honey, shut up," I said, irritated. I looked at her. "You
are incredibly attractive, with very very fine legs. Such pretty
eyes, and she only sees fat on her thighs. I really hate it when
gorgeous women can only find their flaws. You don't have to be
perfect to be attractive or sexy." Honey's tongue peeked between
her teeth, as surprise, and pleasure at the compliment filled her
thoughts. I also sensed... temptation. Honey settled back into her
chair and regained her unintentionally sexy pose. I openly
appreciated her beauty in silence a little longer. Then I stood
up and held out my hand. Honey stood in response, and I sensed
resignation. No fear, no desire, just... resignation. "No, my
sweet. It will not be tonight," I stated gently.

She let go of my hand and gaped at me. "Look, it's pretty
obvious that you can make me do anything you want. Why don't you
- just get it over with?"

I touched her face with a finger, and slid it along her
jaw line; she flinched. "You don't understand, do you? I want
you to give yourself to me. And you will, because I can do
something for you that no other man can." To prove it, I let my
power flow into her and tugged lightly on the invisible thread
I had connected to her arousal control. Honey's pupils dilated
immediately and her eyelids drooped. Her breathing quickened,
and her face flushed slightly. Honey's legs wobbled slightly.
Just as quickly as it had started, it was over. I pulled the
energy back into myself. Honey gasped, and leaned on me for
support. "See? I know you liked that, and it's very tempting to
stay and enjoy it. But," I paused, leafing through her moderately
covered thoughts, "you think of your husband." I hugged Honey from
behind. She could feel the fullness of my erection as it pressed
just above the crevasse of her well-defined butt globes. "See how
you make me feel?" I whispered in her ear. "You're going to leave
me now. But the temptation is there inside of you, and it will
grow. You will give yourself to me eventually."

I let go of her. Stepping back, I said, "Why don't you
change back, and put the dress and shoes back in the box? The
dress is yours to keep, but I'm afraid the pendant would arouse
too much suspicion. There's a letter from the dressmaker ex-
plaining how you won it. Goodbye, Honey, and we will meet again."
She left the hotel, very confused, her mind full of curious
thoughts. I left her town, and returned to my own. Jodie and
Patricia were getting a little restless, and had gotten bored
with playing with each other. Jodie told me to come home over
the phone. Besides, Honey had gotten me really hot and bothered,
but it wasn't the right time.

I returned to the Hilton two weeks later, checking in
and contacting Honey telepathically. She tried to keep her slight
tingle of excited pleasure concealed beneath her fear of me, but
it leaked out. She was mostly scared that I was going to "do it"
to her; her husband was out-of-town on business. Similarly, there
was a little bit of desire to find out what "it" was. Honey met
me at my hotel suite after work, although I gave her no choice,
pulling at her with my power. Needless to say, she was a little
-- upset -- at my cavalier manipulation of her mind and body,
which set an initial stage of confrontation for our rendezvous.
Her eyes flashed as she raged at me for being so presumptuous,
and that she'd never give in to me, I was going to have to make
her do it, etc. I handed her a glass of wine and pulled out a
chair for me to sit on while she blew herself out. All Honey
could do was get mad; I made her forget that there was a door
through which she could have left.

She raved at me for five minutes. The bangs in her hair
would give a little flip when Honey would toss her head to
emphasize a point. She sipped the wine, which signaled the end
of her tirade. "Sit down. Calm yourself, there's no need to be
so upset," I said in a velvet voice. It covered the iron pull of
my will, and the tension left her body almost immediately. I put
her mind into the state it had been in near the end of our pre-
vious dinner date, and Honey reclined in the chair facing me,
crossing her legs in an exact duplication of her pose that night.
Excellent. The room was silent for a while, for I had caged Honey's
fear with my power. I wanted to see what the outcome of her flowing
thoughts, now unencumbered by fear, would be. She played with
her hair, shoulders flush against the chair back, her legs still crossed
and displayed attractively. Honey swirled her ankle absently,
studying her wine glass in a relaxed manner, with a somewhat
playful expression on her face. Fully dressed, and without a word,
she flirted actively with me, knowing that she was incredibly sexy.
I stood up and walked behind her.

Gently, I put my hands on her shoulders. The touch sent a
surge of adrenaline through her system, allowing the fear to slip
some of its artificial bonds. "W-w-why are you doing this to me?"
she whispered.

"Because you are so pretty, and sexy, and vibrant..." I stopped
as her protest formed. "Will you stop that? I've just spent the last two
minutes contemplating the wonders of your physical beauty, and your
clothes aren't even off yet! For the last time, you and your thighs are
not too fat, understand?" It was dangerous to use my power to tinker
in matters such as self-image, (another lesson learned the hard way,)
so I had to rely on verbal persuasion alone.

Honey bowed her head and murmured, "Yes." She was
embarrassed, but also pleased, and I felt her fear die down a little. Her
reaction to the compliment temporarily tamed her misgivings. I probed
gently, trying to discern her current emotional mix. Other than fear, I
sensed curiosity more than anything else. It looked as if the seed of
temptation I had planted was beginning to blossom. It was time. I
concentrated, sending the invisible threads of my power into her mind.
Honey's eyes widened as she felt the tingling sensation inside her head,
but I quickly began stimulation of her pleasure centers before her fear
could reassert itself. "Oh!" she peeped, surprised at the first faint
stirrings of sexual pleasure. In contrast to our previous encounters, I
continued the stimulation, turning her own body's chemistry against
her already weakened will. Ever so slowly, Honey's breathing deepened,
and her chest rose and fell more slowly. Honey's eyelids drooped, and I
eased my stimulation of her brain.

"Honey?" I said, quietly. She sighed yes, very quietly. "Do you
like the way I'm making you feel?" Another affirmation. This time, the
vocalization was closer to a throaty purr. "I can stop if you want, and
let you go now," I continued, my voice dropping to a stage whisper. Her
head swiveled from side to side, a deep, languorous sigh the only sound
she made. "Then you know what I want, Honey." My voice was leading;

Honey swallowed audibly, wrapped in the soft current of sexual
stimulation. "M-m-m-my.. hus-bannnnd..." Her protest was feeble, made
with great effort. Her eyes had closed completely, and she battled the rush
I was providing. She was losing. Honey was beyond the state of suggest-
ibility, close to what Jodie calls, "induced addiction."

"Just feel the sensation, Honey," I purred. "Let it wash through
you with its gentle waves. Warm, soft waves... So good, Honey... Yessss...
Let go, my sweet Honey... Give yourself to the feeling..." She moaned loudly,
her resistance barely tangible to my monitoring senses. I crooned into her
ear in a whisper only she could hear. "Ye-eesss, Honey. Give iiinnn to the
pleasure... Give in to me... And the pleasure will last forever... Give
yourself to me..."

"Ohhhh... Yess.... Take... meeee..." I felt the flood of sensations
wash the last of Honey's resistance away, rendering her a willing sex
thrall, but that's not quite what I wanted her to be.

"Acknowledge me, Honey. I want you, but only if you give yourself
to me completely," I whispered. "But you must acknowledge me as the only
one who can please you this way. You are mine..."

"I... am... yours," Honey moaned. I said nothing, increasing the
amount of stimulation through our connection. "Ohhh..." she sighed. I
waited. "Mass... terr..."

I had broken her will. Now Honey was more than just an enthralled
sex slave; she was mine, body and soul. "And I will be yours, Honey," I

"Take me, master," Honey replied, more strongly, as I stopped the
assault on her senses. She was flushed, breathing very heavily. Honey's
pretty blue eyes opened slowly, the pupils dilated and the expression far
away. I held out my hand, and Honey stood, placed her hand docilely in
mine, and allowed me to lead her, like a child, to the bedroom.

I wrapped my arms around her waist, and drew her forward for
our first kiss. Honey opened her mouth without hesitation. Her tongue
crossed the threshold of my lips with care, and sweet intentions. She
probed my mouth slowly, intertwined her tongue with my own, and we
stayed locked, kissing. Honey's passion was gentle and deliberate; I had
no control over this, nor did I want any. We weren't in a hurry. Her hands
slid over my back and around my neck as our lips would part for brief
seconds. We'd get some air, then resume kissing. Both of us were fully
dressed, and I was almost fully erect.

My hands slid to her waist, and I unfastened her skirt. Honey's
mouth hummed against mine, and she stepped back, sat on the bed, and
removed it. The wet spot on her panties was clearly visible. I joined her
on the bed and massaged her covered, damp crotch while we kissed some
more. She moaned, and her arms hung limply, hands resting helplessly
on the bed. Our chests were pressed together, and I could feel the pattern
on her bra tease my nipples when we would move. "How do you feel,

Again, she moaned, softly. I wasn't surprised until she actually
spoke. "I'm... soooooo... hot, master. Please... I-I-I want you." Her eyes
fluttered and Honey gasped quietly. The seed of temptation had turned
into a forest of desire. "Ohhhh, mass-terrrrr..." she whined. Her legs were
vibrating, but I wouldn't let her have any more stimulation than the
teasing external massage through her soaked panties.

"I wish to pleasure you, Honey. Your master is gentle and
loving with his wonderful slave. You are so beautiful and tempting. Tell
me, what may I do to demonstrate my care for you, my lovely, alluring
Honey." Her breathing had quickened during my monologue, and her
eyes had closed again. The vivid picture that immediately appeared in
her mind's eye let me know exactly she wanted me to do. Still, I wanted
her to tell me.

"N-nn-nngh..." Honey gurgled, having been at a moderate level
of arousal for an hour and a half. I had been keeping her within hailing
distance of orgasm, but she wasn't going to be able to get there without
my help. "Lick -- meeee," she said plaintively, her eyes abruptly opening
and focusing. Deliberately, I removed her blouse with care, then
undressed myself next. Honey reached for, but could not touch my
erection. Honey's seduction and obvious prolonged arousal were more
than enough to keep me hard. She was sexy, and she was mine.

I removed her bra and panties, revealing all of Honey's body in
its naked beauty. My lips met her warm, flushed body just below her ear,
close to the juncture of neck and head, sending a tremble of passion
through her. I paused, then nuzzled her soft round breasts, licking at the
flesh, leaving little wet trails as I used the tip and broad of my tongue at
random. Honey's back arched a little, and I teased her erect nipples, adding
my fingers to the gentle physical stimulation. After a brief time, I moved
my oral attentions further south. I sucked at Honey's navel, eliciting a
throaty, quiet moan, a guttural, yet feminine sound that made my cock
twitch. It made me consider just fucking her right then; but the urge went
away; after all, I had a promise to keep. This was the time for Honey's
desires. There would be plenty of time for mine, later.

I barely touched her inner thigh with the tip of my tongue, while
stroking the smooth skin around her stomach. Her back arched in instant
response, and a small tremor moved her legs. I painted a shiny path with
the flat of my tongue, traveling towards her knee. Honey's breathing was
very excited, but her thoughts were not coherent enough to even worry
about when I'd get to the heart of the matter. I eased a physic damper
around her mind; she'd need it soon. She whimpered when my hands slid
along her legs, intentionally avoiding her sex, a flowing motion with the
back of my hands running to her torso, a flick of the wrist to graze her
breasts with my nails, and the gentle caress of my palm and fingers as my
hands returned to their origin. I could feel her mental and physical re-
sponse to the touching, as it increased for a few strokes, and then slowly
died down as her body acclimated itself to the contact, a warm, contented
feeling spreading through her. My tongue rolled up Honey's leg from her knee
along the inner thigh, coming to rest just to the right of her wet, aromatic

I felt her inner heat along the side of my face, and Honey's lower
torso had frozen, as if anticipating the magic moment. I slowly ran my
tongue around the outside of her lower lips, so full and swollen with
arousal, the flush of sexual readiness in evidence all over her body. I
skipped over the super-sensitive bundle of nerves, and continued tracing
an outline. Once the circle had been completed, I grabbed her hips and
brushed her pouting sex as lightly as I could with my mouth. Honey's body
began oscillating before I had moved more than an inch. The oscillations
grew, and my grasp became tighter, to keep her lithe body relatively still.
I felt a crackle of mental electricity assault the damper I had placed
around Honey's brain; she was close to coming, but it wasn't time for that
yet. I dug my tongue into her with a long, slow, bob of my head, slurping
at her juices. Honey was aptly named.

The gurgle that formed in her throat began from somewhere very
close to my nose, and I rotated my head slowly, controlling my extended
tongue. I sucked slowly, gently at the sweet essence of my wonderful lover,
the essence that Honey produced so copiously for me. Honey quivered. I
continued to circle the inside of her cunt, and her breathing became increa-
singly erratic. I strengthened the damper around Honey's mind, as orgasm
attempted to possess her. I wouldn't be able to keep it back for long, but
those extra seconds or minutes of pre-orgasm would just intensify the
release when it came. I savored her, playing my tongue around her pussy,
tongue fully extended one time, stimulating her inner walls, head pulled
back the next, playing with the outside of her slit. My head began to hurt
from the mental strain of containing Honey's explosion; her thighs and
stomach were rock-hard, her face was beet-red, and I could see the knot in
her throat where her scream had been trapped. I removed the barrier
between her mind and her nervous system, then rocked Honey's swollen,
red, and previously ignored, clit. Honey jerked one time and stiffened
again. My tongue slowly bobbed her clit, and Honey began to flow. My
attentions turned to her slit, as I used long, cleansing licks, starting
from her pleasure button, and going as far down as I could, close to the
crack of her ass.

Her hips were pumping, aiding my efforts. Honey's cries of ecstasy
filled the suite, control of her body gone as her long-denied release
assailed her mind, its intensity doubled by the delay. My cock throbbed
beneath me, warm, white fluid shooting from it as I was also a passenger on
Honey's express, the mental link letting me eavesdrop on her ecstasy,
triggering my ejaculation. And I lapped and licked and sucked and swallowed
for minutes, an eternity, and I lost track and Honey moaned and thrashed
her body bouncing, gasping sobs coming from her mouth as she kept cumming,
her thighs clasping and releasing my head feeding me all of her body and
senses as I kept licking...

Hands pushed at my head. "Oh!! Oh!! Oh!!" Uncontrolled gasps
went through Honey's vocal cords, raising their pitch, turning them into
nonsensical squeaks. I moved from between Honey's legs, sliding alongside
her. She was breathing heavily, her blue eyes open, glassy, and distant.
Honey's body was heavy on the bed, sweat covering her as she trembled
lightly. I brushed her hair aside, and kissed her cheek tenderly, caringly.
"Relax, my pretty flower. You have many such pleasures to come. Enjoy
this memory of ecstasy, and the warm waves that wash you. Luxuriate in
this feeling. I will wait for you, my sweet Honey," I cooed lovingly.
Honey's body was still highly sensitive to the touch, as my fingertip
caress made her tremble involuntarily.

I was awakened by a gentle brush of lips across mine. "Thank you,
master," was all she said, the clear, starry blue eyes carrying the real
depth of the message. Honey looked at me questioningly. I pulled her on top
of me and kissed her, then I let Honey take the lead. Our tongues slowly
played together, bring our senses to arousal's edge. Her hands caressed my
chest lazily, and she slid them around my neck and ears. Her head met my
chest, and she began to kiss her way down my body. She gave me a blazing
blue look, eyes smoldering with desire.

I touched her head, stopping her. "You have to go to work tomorrow,
and you do not have a change of clothes," I said gently. "But we have for-
ever." Honey's eyes lowered, making my heart beat a little faster, as the
expression on her pretty face was enough to send some blood to my dick.

Honey slid her hand to my cock and ran her hand along its milk
chocolate length. It grew a little in response. "But I belong to you," she
countered softly, without looking at me. Her eyes were fixed hungrily on my
cock, which responded to her gentle grip and lewd gaze. "I am yours, my

That wasn't quite true; buried well underneath her newly weaved
mind was a glowing thought of her husband. It wasn't anywhere that she'd
be able to find it, except maybe in an occasional dream, but I marveled.
I had never run into any woman who had been able to keep their previous/
current lover in their minds after I'd gotten through. In fact, there had
been a few who had been quite happy to help me remove that portion of
their memories. I looked at Honey's creamy skin, and the contrast between
our naked bodies. Her physical beauty increased my desire, and her hunger
for me was evident. I didn't need any mental powers to know what she
wanted to do next.

I reluctantly pulled her back to face me. "As much as I desire you
and as much as you please me --" I paused to tinker with her mind again.
"You love your husband. True love is a rare enough occurrence that I can't
destroy it if I find it." Honey opened her mouth to protest, but I used my
power to uncover her thoughts of David, and she stopped before a word could
escape. "No, Honey, it is best this way." Her eyes glazed over as my power
gained more control over her. "You will hold this night, and our magic bond
deep inside of you. You will always respond to my call, for you have given
yourself to me body and soul." I murmured to myself, "But I cannot have your
heart." Taking a deep breath, I continued, "You must forget until you hear
my call. I will call you again, Honey, but I cannot say when." The flow of
power increased, and her eyelids drooped. "Yes, Honey... Forget... Until we
meet again..."

"N-N-n-no... please... don't... make me... forrr..." Honey fought
me, trying to retain her new identity. I gave a fleeting tap to the
pleasure center in her brain, which distracted her long enough for me to
assert complete control, and lock out her efforts at resistance.

"Get dressed, and go home," I said, voice tinged with regret. A few
minutes later she was ready to leave. "Kiss me one last time," I suggested,
still keeping Honey in light thrall until the absolute last second. Her
warm, responsive kiss, and loving embrace made me regret letting her go,
but it was the right thing to do. I couldn't promise that I'd never see
her again; I had had my first taste of Honey, and I was hooked. "Goodbye
for now. When you get home, you will only remember my commands, hidden
away deep inside of you." A parting glance at her fine legs as she left
sent a strong twitch to my cock. I picked up the phone.

"Front desk, this is Alex. May I help you?" came the bright, profes-
sionally cheerful female voice. A minute later, I hung up the phone to get
some sleep. I was going to have a personal wake up call from the willowy
blonde who had checked me in when the night shift was over.

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