I venture into bestiality - sex story

I venture into bestiality

My husband Barry and I (Stella) were a boring couple for the first couple of years of our marriage. We started to experiment after one drunken night at a party which turned into a fuck fest. We found that we enjoyed playing around and it certainly brightened up our own time together. Sharing stories of that night made us realise that we could have sex with other people and it did not affect the way we felt about each other. We got onto a personal contact site and indulged in threesomes, couple swapping and I had a particularly fun encounter on my birthday – a gangbang. Of course I returned the favour on Barry’s birthday by setting him up with a woman and a shemale. He was shocked at first but soon enjoyed being the meat in a F-M-TS sandwich.

We had gotten our ideas off the internet. A treasure trove of sexual variations. One afternoon Barry yelled out “come and look at this”. I walked into what was our home office and looked at the screen. There was a woman being mounted by a dog. I could not believe it. She was moaning and groaning and this huge dog was humping madly. “That looks like fun” Barry said. My response “you must be joking. That is so sick” and I walked back to the lounge room. But the image stuck in my brain. The following Saturday Barry went to the football with a couple of mates and I got on the internet, found the site in History and clicked on. For the next hour I scrolled though videos of women with dogs. It fascinated me to such an extent that I ended up getting myself off several times as I watched.

Sunday I asked Barry how he had found that dog site. “You mean the bestiality site” he said “I can get it again if you like”. I didn’t want to appear too keen and said “if you want to”. He was keen and got it up again. We watched several of the videos and then rushed off to the bedroom where he fucked me doggy style. The silly bugger even barked like a dog while he ravaged me. Afterwards he asked me if I could ever do it. “Don’t be silly” I said “we don’t own a dog so it isn’t possible anyway. But it does look exciting”. I figured that would be end of it but I hadn’t counting on Barry’s determination. Unbeknownst to me he put an ad in that contact site looking for a dog trained to fuck women. I found out when he told me he had had two replies.

Despite my protests I found my pussy was tingling. I had watched those videos with the women moaning and that big knot thing and close ups of the dog’s cock inside them. Also cum oozing out of them when the dog pulled out. It looked deliciously decadent. Of course I had never told Barry how much it turned me on. I told him I wasn’t sure having some strange guy watching his dog humping me but he kept saying it would be so erotic. He was trying to sell me the idea not knowing I had already been sold. Feigning reluctance I said maybe we could meet one of these owners and see what happened after that. Barry immediately replied to one of the guys who answered the ad and again raced me into the bedroom. I was sure he was more excited than me.

The guy he responded to lived a couple of suburbs away. Apparently his wife was a dog lover so he assured Barry the dog, a black Labrador, was trained. He said he would be able to come the following Saturday. Barry explained I was nervous but the guy promised it was ok. “He is all set for next Saturday afternoon” Barry announced excitedly. “OK” I replied “well let’s just see what he has to say and take it from there”. All that week I was on edge. Barry was too and we had sex every night. As Saturday approached I got increasing nervous. Could I really let a dog fuck me? I was in two minds but Barry was single minded and talked me around each time I expressed concern.

Saturday arrived and the die was cast. It was too late to back out and, frankly, I didn’t want to. I had finally decided doing it once was an experience to remember. What harm could it do? 2pm ticked over and the doorbell rang. I actually jumped in fright. Barry went to the door and came back with Robert and Thumper. Introductions over and done with I looked at the dog. He looked large and powerful. Watching videos was easy. Now I was confronted by a real dog and a stranger in charge. He sat down and we had coffee. Thumper (strange name) sat looking at me. Was he sizing me up? Barry explained to Robert that we had never done this before so Robert explained what would happen. Of course I had a fair idea but I sat nodding. “Do you want to start?” asked Robert.

Robert had me slip off my knickers and sat on the edge of the couch. “Lick” he said and Thumper advanced on me. I felt uneasy about Robert watching me but I soon forgot my modesty as soon I felt that tongue lapping at my crotch. I squealed and giggled “oh wow that feels so good” I muttered. I patted the dog’s head and spread my legs wider. I had been licked by both men AND women but none ever felt this good. “Are you ok honey” asked Barry but I am sure the smile on my face and the moaning noises I was making for a fair indication it was all good. “Are you ready to go further?” asked Robert. “Yes” I said. “No tell me. What do you want?” he insisted. I knew what he wanted to hear. “Yes Robert. I want him to fuck me”.

I was told to get on my knees with my head on the couch as Thumper was quite heavy. I lifted my skirt and Robert just said “mount”. Thumper didn’t hesitate and he immediately mounted me. A couple of misfires and then I squealed as I felt the tip of his cock slip into my pussy. With each thrust his cock seemed to grow larger, both length and thickness. And each thrust had me squealing and moaning louder. He only went for maybe half a minute and I felt something larger. It was his swelling knot. He pushed harder and I yelped as he pushed it inside me. I had never had anything, human or fake cock, that large before. He stopped moving and I guessed he was cumming as I felt his cock twitching. It took maybe 3 or 4 minutes before he pulled out and just like those videos I felt my pussy oozing doggy cum.

I remained in position catching my breath. But Barry had another surprise for me. He had told Robert he could have sex with me to say thanks. The first I knew of his “deal” was when Robert grabbed my hips and buried him cock balls deep with one hard thrust. He moaned, I moaned and he had his way with me. “Oh yes, so good” I moaned. While my moaning was to prick Barry’s jealousy I was also enjoying it. It took Robert several minutes to cum with a groan but still my ordeal was not only. No sooner had Robert finished fucking me when Thumper came in for an encore. I was to learn later that dogs had the ability to double up in quick succession. Certainly something I didn’t expect and something I really enjoyed.

After Thumper had again filled me with doggy cum he pulled out and gave me a thank you lick. I waddled off to the shower and came back to find Barry and Robert having a beer. “You were great” said Robert “I guess I should have told you dogs recover quickly”. I smiled “I am glad you didn’t” I said “it was a lovely surprise as was your effort. I liked the fact that your dog was bigger”. Robert looked surprised and Barry laughed. Robert and his dog left and Barry fired a hundred questions at me. Did I like it? Would I do it again” Was I angry that Robert fucked me? I assured him that I loved it, I wanted to do it again and no, I wasn’t angry. “Just arrange another dog for me” I said.

Barry had had further replies and we went through them. One, from Peter, sounded like fun. Not only bringing his dog but another friend who liked to watch. “That sounds kinky” I said. Barry was not so enthusiastic. A dog and TWO guys. “Seems strange” he said but I assured him it would be fine. Secretly I was hoping that the two guys would also fuck me. Greedy I know but Barry was hot on the idea of me with a dog so there was a price to pay. He replied to Peter and said it was ok to include his friend as well. The following Sunday was set. Again, 2pm giving me plenty of time for lunch before my dessert.

Again Barry was particular horny all week as I was. Having experienced it once I now looked forward to doing it with a dog again. Peter hadn’t mentioned what sort of dog it was but it didn’t really matter. As long it knew what to do. Sunday arrived and Peter was right on time. Barry answered the door and came back with Peter, his dog Hugo and his friend Matt. Hugo turned out to be a Great Dane. My god, he was humungous. I immediately imagined how big his cock would be and my pussy trembled. I just hoped he wouldn’t split me in two. Barry also showed concern. Again we had coffee and I could tell both guys were getting excited. I wondered if Barry had made the same deal as before. I wouldn’t complain if he had.

I stood up and slipped off my knickers. “Why not take everything off honey” Peter said “my girlfriend loves the feeling of his fur rubbing on her skin”. I guess I was passed being shy. After all, they knew what they were here to see. I quickly undressed. I am no stunning model but when Peter and Matt moaned when they saw me naked it was quite a buzz. I sat on the couch as before. Barry had spread a beach towel on the floor. I had spent time cleaning up dog cum from the first time. I spread my legs and called Hugo. He saw my pussy and I didn’t need to say anything. I squealed as I felt his tongue against my pussy. “Yes big boy. Lick me darling” I moaned. And did he ever. It was amazing.

I was eager to get on my knees. I want him. I pushed him away, knelt and patted my bum. He knew what to do. No fanfare or hesitation. He climbed on top of me and began searching for his target. One time he thrust again my bum hole but I wasn’t into that. Sure enough he finally found my pussy and began to fuck me. I knew he must be big but he stretched me like nothing had before. Again, each frantic thrust his cock got longer. I squealed and moaned and urged him on. Then I felt his knot. It must have been the size of an orange. It rubbed against my clit sending into orgasmic raptures. Harder and harder he worked as I screamed in pain as he tied with me. “Cum boy. Cum in your bitch” I groaned and he did in spades. I felt the pressure build as nothing could escape. Peter was right. The fur brushing over my back felt so nice. All too soon he struggled and finally pulled that huge cock out of me. I groaned as I felt his cum not ooze but gush out of me.

While Hugo was having his way with me I hadn’t noticed three naked men in the room. Peter advanced first and thrust into me. The poor love only lasted a couple of minutes. His friend Matt did better and so did my darling husband. Again I experienced the recovery powers of dogs with Hugo again taking advantage and I think it even felt better the second time. Or was it that my pussy was so full of cum. Whatever the reason, he had less difficulty knotting with me the second time but the feeling of his monster cock inside me was just as delicious. Again a shower was the order of the day and I stayed naked for me return to the lounge. “My God you were amazing” gasped Peter and Matt agreed “You are lucky bugger Barry to have such a sexy wife. I would love to have a repeat of today”. “Oh I think Stella would love that too” Barry said and I nodded enthusiastically.

So here we are, six months later. I have had repeats with both Thumper and Hugo (and their masters of course) and Barry is resigned to sharing me with my doggy lovers and I enjoy being their bitch. Of course Barry is still the love of my life but I cannot deny that being mounted by a dog is something very special.

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