Incestous love - sex story

Incestous love

Linda Hall stood, shaking her head as she had so many times in the past. Her boss was persistent, but she was not about to change her mind, this time or any other. Once again she wished she knew what it was about her that made him and so many of the other men in the office ask her out on dates. Their requests for dates always appeared innocent enough, but she knew better. "No, I can't, Mr. Williams," she said once more.

Karl Williams leaned back in his oversized chair, his eyes feasting on the lush figure of his blonde secretary. What he saw was reason enough to not let another "no" discourage him. Petite, she had a flowing walk with her hips undulating in a free way under her dress. Above her narrow trim waist, her breasts loomed large and exquisitely shaped. And they, too, seemed to undulate and shake in a jellied way when she walked. Since her figure was so well-formed, so firm and youthful, she never wore girdles or anything more than panties, bra, and a garter belt. And it showed in her every high-heeled step!

Her face was pretty, with a pert snub nose and wide sensuous lips. Karl knew instinctively that she had to be fantastic in bed, and he was willing to try anything to get her there. "Is it a jealous lover?" he said, though he was convinced she had no steady boyfriend. She blushed hearing the word "lover", but then quickly denied such a relationship by shaking her head.

"With the long weekend, I'm sure my son has plans, Mr. Williams. I wouldn't want to commit myself to anything that might spoil them," she said firmly. For the other men in the office she wouldn't bother to make any excuses, but with her boss it had to be different. She folded her steno pad in hope of bringing the conversation to a finish, but Karl Williams persisted.

"You should think about yourself, too," he said quietly, but he wanted to yell at her and demand it. He wanted to go and lock the office door and take her in his arms and rip the damned dress off and caress her and feel her nakedly voluptuous little body underneath him, all hot and wiggling, eager to be fucked.

It seemed it was always her son Rick that stood in the way of Karl getting her out, even for an innocent cup of coffee. Her having a son, a sixteen year old son, was unbelievable, and Karl had thought the boy was her brother the day they were introduced. Linda Hall just didn't appear old enough to have a sixteen year old son.

"If there's nothing more, Mr. Williams, I'll get this letter typed," she said curtly, and turned to go. She knew exactly how far she could go with him, and felt safe in her near rudeness.

Her boss shifted forward in his large chair, signaling an end to his efforts to date her, for that day at least. "Thank you, Miss Hall," he intoned, with emphasis on the "Miss".

Linda didn't like using her son Rick as an excuse to turn down dates, but countless times the boy had proved to be the best and easiest. And she had long ago learned to ignore the social stigma of being an unwed mother. The truth was simply that she was scared.

Men had often appeared to Linda as animals, brutes, unfeeling lechers who wanted nothing more than her still young and ripe body. She dressed to hide her lush figure and discovered it was an impossibility; the more she tried to hide her large fully fleshed breasts, the more she drew attention to them; the more she tried to control her walk, the more studied and provocative it became.

Despite her thoughts and aims, she radiated a natural sensualness, a deep, heated, milky kind of sexuality. To see Linda in a miniskirt, to see her long shapely legs and full curving thighs, only conjured a vision of what was hidden under her skirt -- up there between her legs; to think of her hips encased in silken little panties and her naked buttocks and her downy golden pubic hair made a man positive her sweetly perfumed vaginal lips were prominent and pinkly moist... all ready, eager to receive a long, hard cock.

Indeed, she had a way of walking -- when she wanted to -- that allowed her vaginal lips to rub together in a softly lubricated way that excited her clitoris which would swell and send tingles of pleasure coursing through her entire body. She was a natural "tease", a body so well built and proportioned that no man in his right mind would pass her by without a long lustful look.

It had been like that for her since an early age, a condition that had led her parents to be overprotective and restrictive. For a vibrant young girl just blossoming into life, such dominance can be hell. She was defiant as a young girl, seeking more of life than the planned lessons and activities of her parents provided her. Her defiance, one warm spring afternoon of her sixteenth year, led to the incident that left her life changed while creating the fearful attitude she currently held toward men.

It had been one of those rare days in San Francisco when the sun shone hot and clear; the kind of day when nothing can keep an adventuresome girl indoors; and Linda was supposed to be attending a choir rehearsal. Feeling her parents would be none the wiser, she had decided to go to the park instead, and her plan had proved to be disastrous.

The greens and yellows of the park were like vibrant signs of awakening spring, and she had wandered aimlessly, absorbing the warmth of the colors from the earth. The park was cut by few roads, but instead was crisscrossed by numerous trails and paths that led to and around all of the abundant glories of nature. Each turn was a discovery of something wonderful; and finding herself by a small, clear pond, Linda wandered off the trail to become more intimate with the earth. It was warm; her heart beat rhythmically; she was sixteen and more aware of her blossoming womanhood than ever before in her life.

At the far side of the pond stood a pair of Grecian-like columns, apparently placed there to reflect in the clear water of the pond, but poplar trees and dense foliage had grown up around them, making the columns barely visible. It was near the base of those pillars, in a small opening between the thick bushes, that Linda had lain down to feel the warmth of the afternoon sun...

Lying back and looking up, she saw the white columns towering skyward like lofty sentinels guarding her very private world below. And she felt alone, as in the first Biblical garden; a woman one with nature. The rays of the sun penetrated her clothes, caressing her youthful body with its sensual warmth, and the tingling of her smooth white skin seemed to speak to her, pleading and begging to be set free of its cover.

She was excited by the thought of being totally naked there in the park, and she looked around slowly, reassuring herself of complete privacy. Then, her excitement growing with each passing second, she sat up, pulling her dress off over her head. Her brassiere came next; then her shoes and stockings. And finally, thrilled by her own actions, she slowly slipped the sheer nylon panties away from her ripely rounded buttocks and over her thighs until she sat on the warm grass free of all her ugly, confining garments.

She felt as though she was totally naked for the first time there in the surroundings of nature, open and exposed to the life-giving sun.

She lay back again, this time feeling the coarse leaves of the earth touching her naked young flesh and stirring in her a new excitation, as if a thousand tiny fingers were brushing against her nerves. And her heartbeat quickened, sending her blood pulsating through her newly awakened body, warming, stimulating, making her want to caress herself everywhere.

She felt a familiar itching deep within her vagina, a sensation she experienced on the few occasions she had been to school dances with boys, only this time the feeling was more intense -- more demanding. After the dances, when she was home and in bed, she had touched herself with her hands and fingers, and she had even probed into her moistly excited pussy to relieve the terrible itch. Afterwards, after she had achieved her puny little orgasm, she would always feel guilty, as she had been taught to believe sex was horribly wrong and dirty. But that afternoon, lying nakedly there in the park in the warm sun, she again wanted to fondle her body, and she was convinced the pleasures it would bring her were right and deserved. It was the setting: the scent, touch, feel and sounds of nature all around her, that made her more aware of her sexuality... and anything she might do to herself could be only good.

The palms of her hands were warm as she placed them against her curving hips, and she drew them up along the narrow dip of her waist, languishing in the sensual feel of her own naked flesh. Reaching the full, raised mounds of her breasts, she cupped her hands over the tips; the brownish-pink buds of her erect little nipples were already hard and sensitive. She pinched them between thumbs and forefingers, thrilling in the contact as the wanton heat in her groin seemed to rage out of control. Her long legs were spread slightly apart, and she raised them up and out wider. The thought that she was so open and nakedly exposed to the earth made her arousal heighten to an overpowering sense of urgency, and she released her hold of her budding right breast, running her hand down over the smooth flat plane of her belly until her fingertips touched the wispy beginnings of her pubic hairs. The lips of her hungry young vagina moistly flared with the nearness of her fingers as the heat of her loins surpassed that from the sun. Her overly sensitive little clitoris throbbed a tingling message to her brain: Touch me, pinch me, please!

Rhapsodic with the fire in her belly, she slid her outstretched middle finger into the soft, hair-lined slit of her virginal pussy spreading the spongy flesh apart to bare the quivering knob of her lust-inflamed clitoris. And she began to massage it, sending agonizing pleasures coursing through her wantonly writhing young body.

She never dreamed that her lewd finger-fucking of herself was being observed. The sailor had noticed her as she was wandering along the trail, and he had followed her from a distance, seeing even from there that she was finely built and sensual. When she had turned off the trail by the pond, he had cut around through the foliage and come up behind the small clearing by the white columns. He remained hidden in the dense bushes when he saw her lie down on the grass and stare up at the sky. Being unobserved as he was, he had already mentally undressed her several times before she suddenly sat up and began to actually take her clothes off. His rapidly awakening penis lurched in his pants as he watched her strip naked -- setting her clothes casually aside, and then lying back in the grass again.

The sight drove him crazy, and he felt his painfully throbbing cock growing hard and bigger than ever before as he took in each detail of her sensually curving figure. Her head of long blonde hair splayed out on the grass, framing a sleek wild face with a touch of red lipstick and large blue eyes. She wore little makeup, but it was right for her kind of face. Her nose was slim and tilted up at the end in a pert kind of lewdness that was heightened by her aroused smile and the way the tip of her pink tongue licked at her wetly parted lips, moistening them.

She was more than just naked; she was brazen the way she lay on the grass as if waiting for some imaginary lover to descend upon her.

His eye traveled down over her long elegant neck, his breath coming hard through his nostrils as he crouched in the bushes, staring. Her bare shoulders were well shaped and soft, and he liked the way her collarbone jutted out.

Her naked young breasts were big and full and sprawled in a provocative way, and the nipples were distended and shaped like bullets, tipped upward. There was a fine sheen to her skin where her cleavage began. He could imagine his hands all over her ripely full breasts and, as he shuddered with excitement and started unbuttoning his pants to release his rigidly erect cock to get it in a more comfortable position, he thought of his lips and hungry mouth closing over those nipples and sucking on them and feeling her nakedly writhing body under him.

Her body! Jesus! Beneath her half-moon breasts was the delicately curving configuration of her rib cage, and her taut little stomach was unblemished -- rounded provocatively. His eye traveled down, down, and he saw the jutting protruding mound of Venus covered with sparse, softly curling blonde hair.

And there, there at the apex, the center, where her thighs and pubic hair met her torso, there in detail was her beautifully prominent cunt. And she was excited! He could clearly see the puffy pink folds of her vaginal lips under the hair as they framed the entrance to her delectable young pussy. Her legs were spread wide enough that he could see her wetly glistening slit, a bright pink mouth among the pubic hairs. He narrowed his eyes and could see the nib of her clitoris glittering with an expectant moistness.

"Christ," he said softly, really not believing what he was witnessing, for the girl had begun to caress her lush body, and it was more than he could stand to hide in the bushes and just watch. His long, throbbing cock was aching with excitement, and he began to stroke it as he saw her hand moving to her ripely firm breast and then snake down unashamedly to her tight young cunt. He would wait, wait until she was really fired up and hot, and then he would run over and fuck her until she couldn't walk for a week!

Warm passion juice flowed from between the hair-covered lips of her moistly quivering vagina as she stroked and rubbed the hardened bud of her clitoris. For the first time Linda didn't find the pleasures that were tearing through her body strange, but felt the overwhelming animal heat as natural and wonderful. And it was demanding even more! Her belly trembled and quivered from her forbidden caresses, and she arched her back off the ground, wantonly writhing and wiggling under the rhythmic movement of her outstretched finger. She pushed her long, tapering digit down hard, slipping it along the softly moistened flesh until the tip closed over the mouth of her innermost being, and curving it downward, she tucked the end inside her tight little cuntal passage, teasing the narrow channel until she could hold back no longer.

Her middle finger sliced between her wide-spread pussy lips like a knife through butter; probing the warm liquid depths of her passion inflamed cunt its full length. The palm of her hand was pressing flat against the curvature of her virgin mound, and her erectly gleaming clitoris pulsated against it, quaking with her desire. Her middle finger seesawed in and out of her passion-drenched cunt as her hips rolled back and forth in an eager hunger. With her other hand she pinched and pulled outward on the tips of her breasts, generating more fire and heat in the hollowed pit of her shaking belly. Her eyes rolled upward, staring unseeing at the tall white columns thrust at the sky, and her wetly quivering tongue flickered over her red lips as her mind was consumed in her passion.

It was only then that she realized someone was standing near, and she froze and flushed from her fright and embarrassment. It had taken her a moment to focus her eyes on the man in the sailor uniform, as the first thing she noticed was the huge, massively erect penis that pointed straight out from the open front of his pants.

The blunt, purple head was throbbing with urgency as his hand stroked the long, rigid pole lined with blood-filled veins. His lust-narrowed eyes looked wild as he stared down between her raised legs to where her hand and fingers covered her virgin mound. She knew immediately, without doubt, that she was going to be raped and that there was no one who might help her. But she screamed anyway!

He was upon her in a flash, his hand coming down over her open mouth as his hips trapped her legs apart. "Shut-up girl, or I'll kill ya!" he grunted directly into her ear, and the tone of his voice told her he meant it.

She wanted to cry, to plead with the assailant, but everything happened too quickly for her to even catch her breath. His hard, wildly throbbing penis was pushed across the wet slit of her tight little virginal vagina, and its full fleshy length pulsated like some mindless monster coiling to strike as the weight of his body held her helplessly pinned to the ground. He was panting, and his breath was foul with the stench of liquor; but when he took his hand from her mouth, his lips were there to replace it. She gasped as he thrust his wetly quivering tongue into her mouth and his hand cruelly squeezed on her breasts, making her whimper with pain. And that was only the beginning! In a moment he was voraciously sucking on her ripely budding breasts, drawing the distended nipples up into his hot mouth and biting hard on them. She started to scream again, but his warning was still on her mind, so she only sobbed and rolled her head from side to side in futile silent protest.

The sailor raised up, saliva dripping from his leering lips as he fought to get his pants pushed down around his knees with one hand, while he kept the other at her throat, ominously. Linda trembled and coughed, knowing now there was nothing to be done. His mouth was set in a permanent sneer-like grin that made her wonder if she was going to live whether she screamed or not; and as he positioned himself between her wide-spread thighs, she thought only to appease him... to live! His only thought was to hammer his lust hungry cock into her tight little cunt.

Gripping the thick, heatedly throbbing penis with one hand, he guided the blunted head toward the wet opening between her quivering pussy lips, and once there, he pushed his hips forward, anxiously trying to bury his long hard length inside. "OOoohh, please! I'm a virgin! You're hurting meeeee!" The pain gave Linda the courage to plead with him, but she stopped abruptly when his hand struck a stinging blow across her face. When he thrust hard forward with his hips again, she thought she was going to pass out. The lubricating fluid that her fingering of her own vagina had brought forth made his entry at first much less painful than she believed, but then as he plummeted deeper into her hopelessly stretched pussy, she felt certain she was being ripped in half.

"Oh, fuck, you're a tight little cunt," the sailor groaned as the thick head of his cock was wetly gripped by her vaginal mouth. He stared down at her hair-covered mound, seeing the pink pussy lips stretched wide by his thick pulsating hardness, and he lunged again -- driving deeper up into the moistly cringing virginal passage. Linda thought it would never end as he thrust inch by agonizing inch into her heated belly; and when she felt she couldn't possibly take any more, he shoved forward driving even deeper into her. Then, finally, her abdomen rippling with pain, she felt the bushy tips of his pubic hair brushing her inner thighs. It was all she could do to keep from screaming at the top of her lungs.

The rest didn't last very long. Her assailant kept groaning over and over again, "Oh, fuck! What a cunt!" And he wildly drove his long hard cock in and out of her, the spongy purple head striking deep within her belly. She could only whimper and sob in response -- visions of her damnation whirling through her mind as her naked young body was ruthlessly raped by the drunken, lust-insane sailor.

She didn't want to look at him, but her fear and shame made her keep her eyes open; and she hopelessly stared up at the cruelly leering face above her as her tender young cunt was plundered with a quickening fury. The brutal sailor gripped her long blonde hair with one hand, pulling her head up from the ground and shouted, "Look, chick! Look at my prick!" And through tear-blurred eyes she saw his hard wetly glistening penis buried into her young body. Even as she watched, horrified, she saw his long shaft pulling slickly back out until only the very tip remained inside. The silky blonde strands of her pubic hair were matted down with moisture, clearly outlining the pinkly flushed flesh of her ravaged young vagina, and he drove into her so hard that his groin slammed against her with a thud, and her eyes watered so much she could no longer see.

He groaned once, then again, as he fell forward with the full weight of his body pressing into her nakedly heaving young breasts. His grinding motions became jerky and quick as his elongated penis made vicious thrusts into her wetly sucking cunt. Deep in her belly the head of his ramming cock seemed to swell up to an impossible size, filling her until she thought she would burst apart from the pressure, and she moaned her agony of sexual fire that ripped through her body, "Oooohhh, please, oooohhhhh!"

His body seemed to consume her every part, for her neck tensed where it had been savagely nipped with his teeth; her breasts were squeezed by his weight, and her long legs high and forced out wide around his hips as her ex-virgin cunt was pierced and battered by his lusting, hammering cock. Spasms gripped her belly as he suddenly drove to an absolute maximum depth in her painfully stretched pussy, and his head went up as his back arched in a great curve... just at the moment the fire raged from the lust-swollen tip of his wildly jerking penis.

Sperm shot into her wetly cringing young womb like molten lava from a volcano; squirting out again and again as he shrieked his climax through tightly gritted teeth. And Linda groaned as her belly sizzled with the heated liquid -- sharp, burning, stabbing bolts of white fire; never-ending.

He raised up, finally, the cruelly leering wide grin still cutting across his sweaty face, and she knew that it was over and done. Fearing for her life, she remained frozen and quiet, as he hovered over her, his breath coming in hot gasps, like a devil-dragon from hell.

Later, it was the sight of the sailor's smirking face that had stayed with Linda like a horrible nightmare, not the actual rape itself. He had left her there naked in the clearing as he found her, save for one important difference. Her virginity was gone, but in its place he had left a seed implanted; a seed that was to grow in her belly and give her a child. Rick!

She had been able to pull herself together quickly enough to make her way home before her mother and father would become suspicious of her lateness. This she was grateful for, for in her fear, she had absolutely no intention of telling her parents what had happened. Doing so would mean admitting she was where she shouldn't have been, and though it was possible for her to lie about her state of dress at the time, if the sailor was picked up, there would certainly be conflicting stories. Her only choice was to act as if nothing had happened -- that she had been at the choir rehearsal.

What she had not counted on was her pregnancy!

Linda ignored the early signs of her pregnancy like she could actually wish such an event away, and this fact made it all the more difficult for her to explain when it could no longer be hidden. It was nearly five months after the incident in the park when the confrontation with her parents occurred, and in spite of her frightened, sincerely abject, tearful confessions, her story never really sounded believable. While she wasn't physically thrown out of her home, she did become a mental outcast, and her life with her parents became increasingly difficult as her due date drew near. It had been arranged for her to go to a home for unwed mothers, and after Rick was born, Linda decided she could not return home. With money saved for college expenses, she struggled on her own for a year; and when the baby was old enough to be taken to a sitter, she got a job as a file clerk with a company south of San Francisco. She worked hard, going to a secretarial school at night, and eventually she got a good paying job as an executive secretary. Through it all she avoided any kind of contact with her family, though not because they hadn't believed her about the rape. It was her guilty feelings, feelings she carried with her all the time, for in the back of her mind she knew that she had almost enjoyed that brutal rape by the sailor.

Thus, Linda put sex and men out of her mind, looking upon both as crude and brutal and dirty. She never dated men, but instead devoted her time to improving her professional life and raising her son, Rick, in the best way possible. Everything went along fine -- she believed herself happy -- until one day she woke up and realized that her son was almost a man... Now in addition to the problems of Karl Williams' persistence about a date, there was Ricky...

With the letter typed and ready to be posted, Linda busied herself with clearing her desk until quitting time. She considered leaving early, what with the long weekend ahead, but after having turned down her boss for the umpteenth time, she felt it wiser not to take advantage.

At five o'clock, to the second, she quietly locked her desk and walked out of the building with the rest of the office staff. Outside, she was pleased that she hadn't been confronted with Karl Williams again, and she ran to her car in case he might be following her. She wanted to get home to her son, and she didn't think she could take anymore of her boss's arguments about why she should go out with him. The three-day weekend was that much sweeter for the fact that she wouldn't be making excuses to him.

Home was a simple and small house in San Bruno -- a fifteen minute drive from work, and a source of pride for Linda. She had bought it when Rick was ten, and she had worked hard to make the house comfortable for them. It was in a typical suburban neighborhood and ordinary, but it was the center of her life efforts... the symbol of all that she worked to achieve.

"Rick, I'm home," she called as she entered the house. There was no answer, but she heard the sound of water running and realized that her son was in the shower. She had her coat off and hung in the closet when the running water stopped, and as she walked down the hall toward the kitchen, she called out again while passing the bathroom. "Hi, I'm home!"

"Hey, Mom?"

Linda stopped and turned around as the bathroom door opened, and she saw her handsome young son standing in the hallway, a towel wrapped around his slender waist. His head and broad, muscular shoulders were still wet from the shower, and he had a hopeful gleam in his eyes that she recognized immediately. He was going to ask a favor.

"There's something important I want to talk to you about, Mom..."

"O.K., dear..."

"I'll join you in the kitchen in just a minute," he said smiling, and he hurried back into the bathroom.

Linda smiled, only slightly annoyed by his mysteriousness; and, as she walked to the kitchen to start dinner, she couldn't help thinking about how mature Rick had become. Standing in front of her almost naked, he looked far more man than boy: his shoulders broad, waist narrow, and long muscular legs definitely those of a young man. It was as though he had suddenly grown away from her to enter his own world, a world where he was less dependent on her. That disturbed her! She found herself wishing he hadn't been wearing the towel around his hips so that she could have looked upon his manhood and make sure he was completely normal, but she blushed for having such a shameful thought and quickly put it out of her mind.

Rick, of course, was more mature for his age than Linda wanted to admit, and his handsome, almost rugged, features made him even appear older than sixteen. He had no difficulty passing for eighteen, and there were times he had even succeeded in passing for twenty-one. His good looks had aided him in gaining experience beyond his years, but for his mother, he still feigned more innocence than he possessed.

Linda had food out of the refrigerator and ready to cook by the time Rick joined her in the kitchen, and she was so engrossed in getting dinner ready that she had forgotten that he wanted to talk about something important. "How was school today, dear?" she asked.

"Fine, Mom, fine..." he answered sitting down at the kitchen table, a serious look on his face. "What I wanted to talk about... Well, with this three day weekend: it's a great chance for us to do something different..." He stopped, realizing his mother was hardly listening as she arranged pots on the stove. "Mom, could you hold up a minute? This is important to me!"

She remembered and blushed slightly. "I'm sorry, dear. I'm so hungry, I was wrapped up in the food here." She pushed a pot off the burner, and then smiling at her son, sat down beside him at the table. "Now, what is it again?"

In his most serious voice, Rick started again. "I was thinking, what with this three day weekend, that we should take the opportunity to get away..." He hesitated, "To a place like Big Sur..." Then his words rushing out, "There's a camp where cabins are very reasonable this time of year, and the change of scenery would be nice for a change. It's really beautiful there you know, and the weather forecast says warm and sunny all weekend... It would be great, Mom, really great!"

There was more to it, Linda knew, and she smiled her most motherly smile. "Change of scenery is nice once and a while, but the cost of staying two nights just for that... Well, I don't know." She was teasing him, and enjoying it. "Maybe if we had some friends there? We might find more things of interest..."

Rick leaned forward, elbows on the table, and he grinned sheepishly at his mother. "I got the idea this afternoon. When I was talking to Karen Boyd. She and Mrs. Boyd are going there tonight; and, well, I thought it would be fun if we went too..."

Linda nodded, then stood up to begin fixing dinner again. She had figured it was something like that, and she wasn't about to disappoint her son. Karen was his girlfriend, though an innocent relationship as far as Linda knew, and she, too, came from a one-parent home. Valerie Boyd, Karen's mother, was a divorcee, and Linda had known her since Rick first took her daughter to a school dance. They had become friends because their children dated off and on, but got together only on occasions when they did things with Rick and Karen. These occasions consisted mostly of Sunday afternoon picnics or weekend school events, and they got along well together, though they had little in common. They were both about the same age and living without husbands, but that was where the similarities ended. Valerie Boyd worked as a saleswoman in an exclusive dress shop, and she dated men often, going to places that Linda had only seen from the outside. Yet, if going to nightclubs and expensive restaurants involved dating men, Linda was glad to do without it, while she held nothing against Valerie for what she did. For Linda, the friendship was like being in on the social doings without actually having to participate in them, so going to Big Sur and meeting Valerie there sounded like just another Sunday picnic slightly extended. It would be fun, and it was something she had to do for Rick.

"Well, Mom...? How 'bout it? Can we go?" Rick said anxiously, though he knew his mother rarely refused his requests.

She turned away from the stove, still relishing the chance to tease her son. "That sort of thing takes time to plan," she said, and she was prepared to continue her kidding until she saw the hurt expression on her son's face. "I mean, we couldn't possibly leave tonight... But, how about tomorrow?" And she was pleased by the warm glow of excitement that radiated across the kitchen.

"Oh, that's great, Mom! I mean, I meant tomorrow! Heck, that still gives us two nights there!" he said hurriedly, and he stood up from the table and hugged his pretty mother.

Her heartbeat quickened as she felt her son's hard young body against her, but she turned away immediately, looking in a pot as if the food might be burning. "There's one thing you haven't considered, dear," she said in her most serious tone, but she waited to go on until Rick had again sat down at the table. "Since this is a three day weekend there is a strong possibility the camp will be full... We may not be able to get a cabin!"

"No problem," he said smiling, "Karen's going to have her Mom reserve us a cabin the moment they get there. I figured you'd say O.K." He laughed loudly, and so did his mother.


They got a late start the next morning as Linda realized at the last minute she had to wash some clothes for the trip. Rick became somewhat impatient, but remained in good spirits as he helped around the house. They got away shortly after noon, with Rick driving after having promised his mother he would stay within the speed limit.

It was only a two hour drive to Salinas, but from there the going was slower with most of the highway being two lanes. They stopped for a late lunch on the Monterey wharf, eating hamburgers, though the restaurant specialized in seafood. They both detected a slight fishy taste to the beef, but it was fun nonetheless... and neither had any complaints.

At four that afternoon they reached the Big Sur Coast, and by the time Rick pulled into the campgrounds, it was already getting dark in the dense redwood forest of Big Sur. At that time of year, the last two hours of daylight were like an extended dusk with the sun going below the mountains that stood between Big Sur and the Pacific, and in this half-light, the giant redwoods looked even bigger. Yet, the atmosphere was strangely warm and inviting to Linda as she got out of the car feeling secure and happy.

They went straight to the main office of the campgrounds to check in, and the man there was nice, even walking with them to point out their cabin. At first opportunity, Rick asked him which cabin the Boyds were occupying, and he was surprised to learn they were not staying in a cabin.

"The Boyds are camping in a tent up yonder," the man announced pointing toward the hills across the Big Sur River. "Ain't as far as it looks," he added seeing Rick's expression. "You cross the bridge and go left past the other sites. Their camp's up on the rise. Ya can't miss it, son... It's the only one up there!"

Rick thanked him and immediately got busy transferring luggage and supplies from the car to the cabin. He was anxious to hike up to the Boyds' campsite before it was totally dark, and when he carried the last suitcase into the cabin, only five minutes had passed. His mother was putting groceries into the refrigerator when he joined her in the small kitchen.

"Mom, the car is unloaded, and I put your things in the bedroom. I'll sleep in there," he said pointing to the day-bed in the living room.

"Thank you, dear... Are you getting hungry?" She was always concerned about his eating.

He nodded his head. "In this air I could work up quite an appetite, but we did have a late lunch." He had more important things on his mind than eating dinner.

"Well it will take me a while to get organized in here. Suppose we eat in an hour or so?" she said closing the refrigerator door.

"Swell, Mom! Ah, you mind if I take a walk?" Rick said quickly, and he added, "Thought I'd walk up to the Boyds' camp before dark... See if I can find it! O.K.?"

Linda smiled, "O.K.," and she watched her son as he crossed the living room to the front door. He turned as he opened the door.

"Any messages?"

"You might tell Mrs. Boyd that I'll say hello tomorrow morning... I'm much too tired tonight. Guess the drive wore me out?"

"Yeah, you should take it easy tonight, Mom! And don't worry about the dinner, either..." His voice cut off as he closed the door behind him.

Hurrying toward the bridge over the Big Sur River, Rick felt a little guilty about leaving his mother alone when they had only been there a few minutes, especially since she was so agreeable. If she had said no, he wouldn't have been very upset, as he liked being around her. She was nice to look at -- a helluva lot more attractive than any other woman her age. As far as that went, she was downright sexy! She was always going out of her way to do things for him, and that in turn made him want to do things for her... if she'd let him. He had to admit it was difficult to just leave her alone in the cabin, but the familiar twitch in his pants was becoming demanding. He had to let Karen know he was there, and maybe, if things went right, he could take care of that twitch then too. At the very least he had to be sure he could find the camp later that night if Karen couldn't get away just then.

Linda finished putting the kitchen in order, then opened the refrigerator to get something out for dinner. She stared at the contents for a long moment, unable to decide on any one thing. It suddenly seemed like such a bother, and she finally settled on a package of hot-dogs, even though she had bought them with a picnic in mind. They were the easiest thing to fix; and if they went on a picnic, she could always buy more. When Rick came back she could boil them in a few minutes, and there wouldn't be much to clean up either.

Leaving the package by the sink, she took a deep breath and walked into the living room. The cabin was small and furnished with the barest essentials, but it had a quality of rustic coziness that was irresistible. The walls and open rafters were of redwood, and the plank floor creaked as she walked, but it was not artificial and that seemed important.

The furnishing of the living room consisted of a table with benches worn smooth by use, one overstuffed chair with lamp and side table, the day-bed with rough-finished coffee table in front, and a floor lamp by the larger table. In the corner, dominating the room, was a massive stone fireplace, and she noticed that wood had been stacked just waiting to be lit.

The idea of having a roaring fire going when Rick returned seemed nice, and it even occurred to her that they could cook the hot-dogs over it. It would be like a picnic in the living room, so she walked back to the kitchen to find some matches. In a few minutes a bright fire was burning hotly in the fireplace, and she stood back staring at her handiwork while feeling its warmth penetrate her clothes. The flames were too high for cooking hot-dogs, but she figured it would be just right in the short time Rick was due to return.

She watched the fire a few moments longer, thinking how nice it would be to sleep in front of the fireplace, and then she decided she should get busy with her unpacking. Rick had left her suitcase in the bedroom, and she lifted it onto the bed, the only other furniture in the small room being a chest of drawers. She took her time, carefully placing the few articles of clothing in the drawers or closet, then closed the suitcase and slipped it under the maple framed double-bed. She thought about unpacking Rick's suitcase, but she decided he would likely prefer doing it himself. So instead, she returned to the living room and sat down on the day-bed, making herself comfortable as she watched the fire burning to hot, glowing coals.

She daydreamed, unaware of the passing time, and the heat from the fireplace made her lush, young body feel warmly sensitive to its radiance in her mind, she could see herself taking off all of her clothes, stripping and lying down nakedly in front of the fire, while the dancing light of the flames cast strange shadows on her breasts and stomach... and legs. The heat made her flesh tingle with an erotic excitement as tiny beads of perspiration formed on her brow, an excitement that played sensually over her body and caressed each part.

Linda jumped up from the day-bed, shaking her head to drive the dreams away. Her son should be back any minute, and there was dinner to prepare. She felt flushed and shaky as she walked quickly into the kitchen; and she started pulling food from the refrigerator before she remembered the hot-dogs on the sink.

"Foolish woman," she said out loud as she closed the refrigerator door. Through the window above the sink she saw that it was almost dark outside, and she leaned closer to look up toward a dark sky. She had left her wristwatch in the bedroom, thinking she would have no use for it that evening, and she hurried to get it and check the time. Good Lord! It had been two hours since Rick left to find the Boyds' campsite!

It wasn't like her son to be late, and he had said an hour... or so she thought? She walked quickly to the front door and peered out into the night; with the exception of a few scattered campfires, she saw nothing. Instantly a picture of Rick, lost and hungry in the woods, flashed in her mind, and real worry overpowered her sense of reason. She had to find him to be sure he was all right.

The night air was cool, and she was wearing a loose fitting house dress that was comfortable for the long drive down, so she hurried into the bedroom to get a warm coat from the closet. As she walked quickly out the front door she tried to remember what the camp manager had said about finding the Boyds' campsite, and she wanted to kick herself for not having listened more closely. The cool air and the darkness helped calm her, and she abruptly realized she might be doing something foolish. If she ran off half crazy with worry, she could easily become lost. Besides, most likely Rick was just too involved socializing with Valerie and Karen to notice the time.

Linda stopped, thinking she would return to the cabin and wait for her son, when she saw a small wooden sign a few yards in front of her. She moved closer, unable to read it in the twilight from that distance, and she saw it was arrow-shaped with the word "campsites" etched on it. Looking out in the direction it pointed, she saw faintly glowing fires in the distance, and she listened, hearing the sound of rushing water nearby. She remembered then what the man had said about crossing a bridge and going left past the campsites to a rise.

She really didn't want to see Valerie Boyd that evening, but then there was nothing but anguished waiting for her back at the cabin. And Rick might be heading in her direction right at that moment. There was no harm in walking toward the Boyds' camp; and if Rick was headed back, she could walk with him. Their paths had to meet, as there was the bridge over the river, so she headed toward the fires in the distance. And if she didn't meet her son, she still could turn back, if necessary, before reaching the Boyds' campsite. The walk would do her good, and it was better than waiting in the cabin where it had been getting a little too hot.


The light of the long sunset was still in the sky when Rick reached the bottom of the rise. It wasn't as far as it had appeared from across the river, but it was different. The trees along the slope were large pines, spaced, and climbing up between them was obviously no easy matter. The ground was covered with slick pine needles and it angled up quite steeply to the rise, but there was still enough light that he could find the path to the top without difficulty.

The trail was angular, cut into the side of the slope as it rose from one level area to the next, and by the time Rick reached the last cut to the top, he was breathing hard. He'd have been very unhappy if the Boyds' camp wasn't there, but a short distance along the flat and in a clearing, he saw the large tent. The air carried a distinct odor of barbecued beef; when he reached the edge of the clearing, he understood why.

Seated at a large camp table were three people. A short distance from that was a campfire and grill being tended by Karen Boyd. He was excited at seeing Karen, but he was reluctant to step into the clearing because of those seated at the camp table. One was Valerie Boyd, as he would expect, but what disturbed him was the presence of two men. The three adults were all drinking from tall glasses and laughing and talking at the same time. Rick instantly thought that one of the two men had to be with Karen. If that was the case, he'd certainly have to re-think his plans. His muscles tensed with excitement as he decided to watch; to spy on the group was more correct, and the idea did have a certain masochistic stimulation.

They were apparently going to eat the steaks that Karen was carefully turning over the campfire, but the way Valerie Boyd was acting with the two men, Rick had to wonder. Karen was almost a carbon-copy of her mother, and she was blessed with a degree of sensuality that belied her young age. Yet, Valerie Boyd was all the woman that any man could realistically ask for, and then some. Rick felt that Karen would some day come up to the qualities of her mother, but he couldn't help the way he felt when looking at Valerie. She really turned him on in the most lewd and stimulating way he could imagine.

At that moment, seated at the large camp table, Valerie seemed to radiate pure sex like it was a common asset available to everyone. Her movements were deliberate and enticingly smooth, as if she was making love to anything that came in contact with her full and lush body. When she touched the table, it was certain that she was feeling its texture, caressing its surface with her fingers, and the bench she was sitting on might as well have been alive by the way her supplely fleshed buttocks and thighs pinched and rocked upon it. She was wearing a short dress of such delicate material that he had to wonder if it was all there, or instead, if was a blouse and she had somehow forgotten her pants or skirt. She always dressed in revealing garments, and though Rick had never seen her in the nude, he felt he could describe all of her intimate parts in detail. Her breasts, large and round and lifted, would shimmer and quiver as she shifted her position, the nipples pressing against the thin fabric of her dress as if straining to be free. He could imagine how proud and firm they were, like magnificent blushing globes above her narrow waist and curving hips. Her long tapering legs, always slightly parted seemed to suggest he could easily look up between them to the warm inviting place where her sleek inner thighs and softly rounded buttocks became one. Her silken pubic mound would be darker and thicker than Karen's, but he knew that the softly curling hair would part like a clearing in the forest to reveal the liquid pink orifice of her cunt tucked between soft, wetly glistening cuntal lips.

One of the men at the table was telling a dirty joke, but Rick kept his eyes on Valerie, for when she laughed, which was frequently, she would throw her head back so that her long auburn colored hair spilled over her shoulders like a flowing frame for her strikingly attractive face; at these times, her sensual mouth would open in an "O" shape as if her wetly ovalled lips were prepared to kiss the head of a cock. And then she would smile and her tongue would snake out between pearl white teeth to moisten her lips until they seemed to glow with alluring redness. She was an alive and tremendously exciting woman, a female, Rick knew, who could make any man glad to be near her.

It didn't take long for Rick to realize that the two men at the table were both seeking Valerie's favor and, becoming more excited himself at the sight of her, he decided he would make his presence known. He wanted to get away somewhere with Karen as soon as possible, and he was certain the two men would be glad for the privacy.

"So I find you at last," Rick announced abruptly as he stepped into the clearing and walked toward the camp table. Karen left the fire and ran to him with open arms.

"It's about time you got here... I've been going crazy hanging around this giggling trio!" She was smiling and her words were intended to jest, but her open kiss left little doubt about her genuine feelings. She was hot and as anxious as he was for sex. The feel of her sensually warm young body pressing tightly against him made his half-hard cock grow larger, and he pushed her back after a moment, still finding it difficult to be so open in front of her mother. Valerie knew about their involvement and thought it fine, but his natural reserve kept open displays of affection to a minimum.

Keeping an arm around Karen, he walked to the table. "Evening, Mrs. Boyd, how are you?" he said, his hand extended. He liked the direct way she looked at him, and when their hands touched, he always felt as though she was being very, very friendly.

"Well, Rick, you're just in time for a drink," Valerie said in her husky voice as she took his hand; it seemed as if she felt it more than shaking it. Then she glanced at the other two men who were standing. "This is Karen's friend, Rick! That's Ray, and that's Bob..."

Rick shook the hands of each, and he suddenly realized that they both knew Karen's mother better than he'd previously supposed as she went on quite casually, "They're a couple of Big Sur swingers, Rick."

"Nice to meet you!" he said to both. Then he turned to again face Valerie. "Before I forget, my mother said she would come by to say hello in the morning..." Then he added as if to make an excuse for her absence, "She was a little tired from the drive down."

"Too bad she can't come tonight. It might have done her a world of good!" she said, and Rick missed the touch of sarcasm in her voice. "Sit down, have a drink, and let Karen get those steaks before they're burned to a crisp!"

With a yelp, Karen hurried to the campfire, so Rick did as Valerie asked, sitting down beside her and pouring himself a drink. They were all drinking martinis in large glasses, but he preferred something he could water down, so he poured himself three fingers of scotch and filled the glass with ice. "Helluva nice way to go camping, Mrs. Boyd," he said, and he clinked his glass against hers. She laughed which reminded him how horny he'd become, and he quickly took a large gulp of the liquor so he wouldn't stare. After that he completely forgot about the time or his promise to his mother as he listened to Ray and Bob tell stories, and he attempted to keep from looking at Valerie laugh. Karen put the overdone steaks on the table, but no one seemed very interested in eating any food. Rick fixed a second drink when Karen sat down beside him, and while she held a drink too, her free hand was kept busy under the table stroking his inner thigh. Being in between Karen and her voluptuous mother was a situation that Rick thought to have great possibilities, and the second and a third drink were consumed quickly. Finally, he was aroused from their nearness, he stood up from the table with legs trembling.

"I've got to go!" he announced abruptly, and no one seemed to notice but Karen. She stood, pausing long enough to drain her glass, and then she ran off to the tent only to emerge a second later with a flashlight.

"Mother, I'm going to walk back with Rick... I'll be gone for awhile."

Only then did Valerie stop the animated conversation of the two men long enough for a short and meaningful comment of her own. "See you soon, Rick, and do take your time!"

"Thank you for the drink, Mrs. Boyd," he answered, and with quick nods to Ray and Bob, he took Karen by the arm and headed back toward the trail. Karen had the flashlight on, and they followed the circle of light, not stopping until they were at the edge of the slope. Then she pointed the light down the trail to the first level area.

"There! Just on the other side of that pine..." She started down the trail, Rick anxiously following close behind.

"What? What's there?" he said.

She laughed, devilishly, "A blanket... I put a blanket there earlier, in case it got cold."

Just off the trail, on the far side of a large pine tree, there was a flat and level space covered with fallen pine needles. And next to the base of the tree was a bunched up dark green blanket that Karen unhesitatingly picked up and began unfolding.

"Shine this down here while I spread this out," she said handing Rick the flashlight. Her rushing made him more excited than ever, and while holding the flashlight in one hand, he started unbuckling his belt with the other. In the process he couldn't help shining the light on Karen's sensual young body. Just like her mother, he thought, but younger and less experienced. Her dark eyes, wide with a heated arousal, glowed as the light shone on her pretty face; her long auburn hair, a shade lighter than her mother's fell in bright contrast around her white shoulders as she pulled off her sweater.

"I've been thinking about doing it all day... Hurry, darling," she said, but he remained motionless as she stripped off her brassiere and exposed her full, ripely quivering breasts to his view. The nipples, pink and proud, were hardened with her excitement, and he held the light on them, wanting to watch her undress completely. With belt loosened, he started unbuttoning his shirt with one hand, but he didn't want to set the flashlight down until he had seen all of her. She was wearing jeans, and in one motion she slipped them, and her bikini panties, down over her gently rounded buttocks, lower still down her firm, white thighs until they fell in a heap around her ankles. He moved the beam of light across her flat young belly, pausing for a second as if to tease her navel with it, and then he pointed the light directly at the triangular patch of her sparse pubic hair.

Karen saw what he was doing with the light, and she laughed openly, willing to play the game. "You see? It's ready for you, darling! Warm and moist and ready for your big old cock." As she spoke in her soft, low voice, she spread her slenderly tapered legs apart and began grinding her hips rhythmically back and forth, as her hands -- palms against her white flesh with fingers extended -- slid down over her naked belly toward the curving mound of sexual pleasure.

Rick gaped at her slow sensuous movements, as her fingertips drew closer and closer to the silken fuzz of her eagerly undulating cunt. His long throbbing penis was straining against the confinement of his pants, growing harder and bigger as he watched her caress her inner thighs and spread her legs out wider still before reaching up with two fingers of each hand to stroke the moistened hair-lined slit and part the wetly glistening pussy lips to wantonly expose the flushing pink flesh of her cunt.

Her lust hardened clitoris was throbbing visibly as she seductively pressed a fingertip against it, and the young boy couldn't leave his pants on another moment. His stiff, blood-filled cock was aching to be released, to be free to enter the moistly hot grip of Karen's tight young cunt, and he set the flashlight on the ground, the beam spreading across the blanket to illuminate their love-bed. "There! Lay down there!" he groaned as he hurriedly pushed his pants over his painfully erect penis, releasing it to stand straight out from his groin.

Karen willingly did as he asked, nakedly stretching out on the blanket so that the light shone directly on her voluptuous young loins, and with knees drawn up and spread out wide, she again stroked the tingling knob of her rigid little clitoris with a single fingertip. She was without shame as she arched her ripely flaring buttocks up off the blanket, grinding her pelvis in a lewdly open invitation to be fucked.

Rick was ready, tearing his shirt off and nearly tripping in his efforts to step out of his pants, as he knelt down on the blanket, naked now except for his shoes and socks. The night air was cold, but both young people were too impatient to notice anything except the other's arousal.

"Ooohh, your cock's so big and hard! Fuck me, darling. Fuck me," the young girl pleaded as she raised her hips up higher, as if trying to catch his wildly jerking penis with her hungry little cunt. Her hands were on her sleek inner thighs, fingers spreading the heatedly quivering lips of her lubricated vagina so that Rick could clearly see the wetly glistening opening to her femaledom. With a loud groan of hunger, the boy arched his hips forward so that the rubbery-like tip of his pounding cock was but inches from her moistly heated cuntal crevice.

He, too, had been thinking about fucking the voluptuous teenaged girl all day, and he wanted to savor the moment, just to feel the full, overpowering impact of her sexuality. The helmet-like purple head of his rigid penis was throbbing painfully as he pushed it closer to her tender young flesh, and when it contacted the whispy ends of her pubic hairs his whole body shuddered with passion. Tiny droplets of moisture clung to the auburn hairs lining the wide-spread lips, and still more perfumed lubricant covered the fleshy pink valley from the quaking wet bud of her clitoris to the brownish tightly puckered little anus. He wanted to touch it, all of it with the thick head of his cock, and tease her until she begged him to ram his prick up into the slick walls of her tight young cunt, fucking like a maniac into her quivering belly.

Tightly gripping the large, fleshy pole-like penis in his hand, Rick pushed his hips forward again, this time not stopping until the dilated slit at the very tip made contact with the hardened ridge of her clitoris. Then using his stiff rod like a poker, he stroked it across the hotly moistened flesh, striking at her budded nerve ending, taunting her wet cuntal mouth, and slipping the now moistened head down over the excitedly puckering hole to her rectum. The sex-crazed teenager jerked her voluptuous young buttocks up at the rigidly teasing cock, anxious and hungry to have it buried deep in her fiery belly, but the grinning boy held back just enough to prevent her from taking it inside. He guided it up and down the smooth valley again and again, pausing here and there to push and retreat and make her moan in frustration. More warm lubricant oozed out to be spread over the pinkly blushing flesh, and he placed the purple head of his cock again over her tiny anus pushing once, twice, harder as she squirmed on the blanket beneath her.

"Ooohhh, ooohhh, oohhhh! Fuck me... Ohhh, God, fuck me!" she cried with her long slender legs trembling in tensed anticipation. She was ready, so ready, and willing to take him anywhere as long as he fucked her.

Sweat dripped from Rick Hall's forehead as the heated arousal of his body grew more intense, but he still held back, enjoying the seeming power his hard young penis had over her wantonly writhing body. No matter where he touched her with it, she squirmed and twisted as if wanting to take its massive hardness inside, and he thought about making her suck it or take it in her asshole, but the memory of her tightly slick young cunt around his rigid cock dominated all.

With a calculating cold-bloodedness born of a wild passion, he laid the full length of his hard, heatedly throbbing penis over the wide-splayed slit of her cunt, and he fell upon her, his hips trapping her legs out wide, his hands covering the pliant globes of her large, softly fleshed breasts.

She moaned and writhed insanely, her eyes closed, her mouth open with a hot, implacable desire. "F-fuck m-m-meeeee!" she moaned, her voice wild and high.

He felt her fingers tracing down his spinal column, feeling each inch as they explored lower. They moved past his waist, and he closed his eyes and tried not to moan with delight. He dared not think of what she was going to do, even though he knew... and died from anticipation. He raised his hips slowly, the head of his unbending cock slipping down her hair-lined slit, further and further until it was positioned against the gaping mouth of her moistly heated cunt. With a frenzied movement, her hands cupped the cheeks of his buttocks and she tried to pull him toward her, trying, with all her might, to shove his long hard cock into her impatiently wanting cunt.

"Fuck me!" she begged. "Fuck me anyway you like!"

Her words drove him mad. Her face was distorted with lust and wild with passion as her head thrashed back and forth, sending her red hair whipping through the air. He pushed forward, carefully... gradually slipping the thick excitedly pulsating head of his penis into the tight grip of her snug little cunt. He entered her, an inch, then another, the head of his cock stretching her wetly slick passage wide as she squirmed beneath him, groaning and panting and wanting him all the way to her belly. The tortuously slow entry was teasing ecstasy, stirring a fire in his balls that made his cum boil as he pushed deeper in the lubricated tunnel, her hot little cunt rippling over his hardened flesh as if sucking it inside. He penetrated still another inch of sensual delight, but still he held to his agonizing pace.

Karen groaned, arching her buttocks up in her sexual delirium as she tightly gripped his muscular young buttocks, pulling the cheeks wide so that he felt the cool night air stirring between them. Then, as he tensed, he felt the young girl's outstretched finger find its way to the crack between his naked buttocks and burrow its way down until it touched on his excitedly puckering anus. With a yell and a bellow, he rammed his thick cock into the pulpy hotness of her young cunt. It sank all the way home into the deep mysterious depths of her being, and he felt it hot and hard and powerful... with her moistly contracting pussy pulsating all around his long hard shaft as if it were determined to hold it prisoner in her cunt forever.

Forcing his arms underneath her and holding her tight so that her head fell back and her entire upper torso was lifted off the ground, he began fucking her -- slowly at first, then in a rapidly increasing and snarling desire. The young teenager responded wildly, gyrating her hips like a whore gone mad, eager to get more of his hotly throbbing cock deeper inside her, if that was possible.

Rick lost all control and began fucking with all his might, his balls slapping against her nakedly upturned buttocks as he lifted them off the blanket with each stroke and slammed her back down again. The sex-crazed girl squealed, faintly at first then louder as his massive young cock sawed in and out with wild abandon, racing into Karen's wetly clasping cunt like a piston in a revved-up engine. Their pubic hairs entangled as his penis sliced down between her legs and up into her belly, her vibrant little pussy, a warm and soft and grasping pulsating sleeve of pleasure, pulling him inside and squeezing him out as her belly wantonly churned and her thighs locked against his rolling hips.

It had only been a week, but it seemed like forever since he had an orgasm or even sex of any kind, and he felt his impatiently heated cum building with the might and undeniable thrust of a bulldozer out of control. He pushed his hand under her eagerly raised young buttocks, and he was imagining the look of the tiny puckered orifice hidden teasingly and mysteriously up between her hotly trembling ass-cheeks, feeling the smooth hairless skin of the softly yielding valley leading to her anus. He wanted to touch it, feel the tight elastic texture of her anal ring with his finger.

"OOooohh yes! Put your finger in my asshole, Rick, baby... Ohhh, now now now!"

His fingertip made contact with the tightly puckered little opening and he pushed hard against it, eliciting more fevered groans of pleasure from the teenaged girl. The elastic-like ring of warmly pulsating flesh seemed to loosen and tighten in time to the fucking of his thickly hardened cock in and out of her tight little cunt just above it, and he twisted his invading finger around up to the first knuckle, screwing it hotly up into the rubbery mouth of her hairless little anus.

"Ooohh, yessss... Ooohh, ohhh, ohhh!" Karen gasped loudly and in pain as his finger drove deeper up into her tightly cringing rectum, another object of lusting pleasure to saw and fuck in her loins.

Rick ground his throbbing cock down hard into her heatedly clasping cunt and thrust his finger deeper, up to the second knuckle, in her heatedly tight rectum, straining and grunting -- fighting the urge to let his boiling white cum dash free from his bloated balls. She moved beneath him like a sex machine -- all velvet and heat -- the taut muscles in her rectum slowly, deliberately, pulling and working at his screwing finger, wanting it deep as he drove it through the tight, spongy grasp of her anus. Her wanton little body was alive, her fleshy young buttocks wildly grinding under the smooth pistoning of his hotly throbbing cock as they raised themselves up to his deepest drives. Her legs spasmodically flew up and out, opening her shamelessly aroused loins even wider to his hard, rapid thrusts, and she arched her naked hips up to meet him, twisting and mewling as if worshipping the hard fleshy penis shoved deep in her hungrily burning cunt.

"Oooohh, Goddd! Yeesss... Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!" Karen was being sexually driven toward her own wild ecstasy, wantonly wiggling her buttocks and thrusting her pelvis up to meet each one of his savage blows as her eyes closed and she let her head fall back and her mouth open in wondrous rapture.

"I'm c-c-cu

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