Interracial sex - sex story

Interracial sex

"I know, Sweetie, but there is no other alternative. I have to close the office every night until Myer is cleared to return to work. You don't bounce back that quickly from open heart surgery. His doctor said four-to-six weeks before he could return." Amy tried to console her husband.

"I get it. I really do. I just wish there was some way to avoid you having to close the office every night. Robert was frustrated.

"Me too!" Amy said good bye and ended the call.

Amy and her husband, Robert, owned a small insurance agency just outside of Milwaukee. Robert was an engineer with a local industrial design company and did not play a role in the operation of the business. As owner/operator, Amy was forced to work 'till eight o'clock and close the office for the night until their office manager returned from his period of convalescence. This had caused the couple some problems as the two rarely saw each other during the week.

After the call, Amy sat daydreaming about the last time the two of them had sex. It must have been at least three weeks. She wasn't accustomed to having no sexual intimacy. At 34 years old, Amy felt she was in the prime of her life. No children, 5'8" tall, 125 pounds, 36E breasts, long, light brown hair; Amy should have been having sex at least once per day, or so she thought. The problem was that by the time she returned home after work Robert would already be half asleep, and he was grumpy when he was half asleep. She looked at her watch, noticed it was six p.m. and started making her way to the front door. It was time to let the janitor in.

"Hello Ma'am. Are you Mrs. Wilson?" A dumpy old black man with a short, gray afro stood before her at the door. Since most of her business was done via telephone and computer, they kept the doors to the business closed for safety reasons.

"Yes, I am. Are you from the cleaning company?" Amy hardly gave him a once-over. Short, fat, and wearing an old janitor's uniform.

"Yes, Ma'am, I am. I'm new to the company, but I'm not new to cleaning!" He smiled. One of his front teeth was missing. His eyes looked permanently bloodshot.

"Okay, well. Let me give you a quick tour of the office." Amy let the man in and began to explain where the waste baskets were that needed emptying, when and where to vacuum and other general descriptions of what needed to be done.

From their first moments together, she felt as though he was staring at her when she wasn't looking. Her short skirt and tight blouse were a little sexy for a typical office, but she was the owner and liked to dress sexy just for herself. Now she regretted it.

The janitor, Andrew Davis, had seen her kind before. He had worked for these uptight white bitches that needed a good black-cock fucking many times. Always in a hurry, never giving him the time of day, probably wasn't getting any at home. He often felt this way about his female bosses. This time was different. He sensed something different about Amy. Something he liked.

After her tour, Amy retreated to her office and sat down at her desk. Her office was in the center of the suite, against the wall. It had floor-to-ceiling glass walls at the front and on the sides. She rarely ever closed her door and frequently made her rounds to the sales and underwriters desks to make sure they were working.

Amy busied herself with paperwork when she noticed that Andrew was passing by her office more often than she thought necessary. As she looked up, he stopped and stood at her doorway.

"Mrs. Wilson, we're going to need some spray polish for the furniture in the entryway."

She looked up and gave a half-hearted reply. "Thank you. I will be sure to pick some up tomorrow."

Amy thought she heard him say in a very soft voice "why don't you wear something sexier to work when I come in tomorrow?" She shook her head a little and asked: "I beg your pardon?"

"Hmm? Oh, don't mind me, Ma'am. I'm just learning my way around this office. Don't mean to disturb you."

He walked off with his duster and disappeared around the corner. Amy felt a strange vibe coming from the man. She did not have much experience with black people over the course of her life. In fact, she had very few black clients or associates, and no black friends. Regardless, this Andrew character seemed harmless enough.

For the rest of the night, Amy felt horny. She wanted to leave a little early so she could throw herself on her husband, but couldn't because this new janitor was in the building and she did not trust him enough to give him a key as yet.

As she was processing payroll, she again got the feeling that someone was watching her. She looked up from her computer and saw Andrew standing there. This time she took a moment to examine him a little more closely.

There was something odd about his proportion. He was short, probably 5' 7" and was overweight. His belly stood out a little and he had a double chin. He was not someone that anyone would look at twice. He would be categorized as old and ugly by most. She moved her eyes to his legs and discovered the source of her curiosity. One of his legs was thicker than the other. She could clearly see his blue work trousers were lop-sided. There was something running parallel to his left leg that ended just above the knee. It looked as if he had something wrong with his leg.

Time seemed to stop as Amy continued to look at Andrews trousers. He stood in the doorway staring at the beautiful, busty, young woman who was now staring at him. He felt a warm, familiar ache in his groin right about the time when Amy realized that what she was staring at was a very large penis hanging down pretty low on the aged janitor.

She quickly cleared her throat and shuffled some papers. She was then overwhelmed with the temptation to look again. As she turned her head up from her desk, he was gone. Once again, she thought she heard him say in a very soft voice: "Open your shirt a little and let me see your body."

This time, Amy stood up and quickly ran to the door to see if he was near it. He was not.

"I must be hearing things." Amy returned to her desk. Her thoughts soon returned to what she perceived to be a huge penis hanging down under the old man's pants.

'What was that?' She questioned what she saw. "It couldn't be..."

To solve the problem, Amy devised a little plan to see more closely what it was, if anything, she saw under Andrew's pants. There was a burnt-out bulb in one of the cubicles out on the office floor. He would have to use a short step ladder to reach it and she could walk by while he is on it and get a closer look at his pants.

"Andrew? Can you come in here please?"

"Yes, Ma'am?" Andrew was strangely already carrying the step stool that was about four feet high.

"Will you please change the light bulb in the cubicle by the wall over there?" Amy pointed.

"Sure thing." Andrew went to the supply closet and retrieved a bulb and then made his way to the cubicle on the far side of the office space. He climbed the three steps and stretched his arms up to unscrew the old bulb. Amy walked in his direction and pretended to be concerned.

"Be careful!" She exclaimed as she stood just underneath him. Her face was about the level of his pants and she looked down to examine his groin area from about four feet away.

Andrew looked down as she stood there and was able to see her full, round, tits nearly halfway exposed. He hadn't seen a sight so sexy in a long, long time. He began to get erect.

Amy stared in disbelief as she witnessed the long bulge begin to get thicker and longer still. She could scarcely stop herself from reaching out and touching it. Her crotch was becoming moist.

"Touch it." She heard softly.

"I'm sorry, did you say something?" She inquired.

"No, Ma'am." Andrew continued to look down at her perfect tits.

Flustered, Amy went back to her office. She needed a stiff drink.

Despite her efforts, Amy could not get back to work. She was slowly, yet surely becoming obsessed with this ugly little man's dick and she knew she would need to masturbate if she couldn't control her thoughts. It was seven o'clock and she was ready to go home. One more hour.

She managed to stay out of Andrew's way for the rest of the night and finally made it home.

Robert was already asleep and didn't want to be awakened. Amy went to bed exhausted and horny.

The next day, at 5:30 pm, she said her good-byes to her employees and sat behind her desk trying to appear busy. She had on a beige, low-cut, sheer, blouse with a push up bra that showed nearly half of her tits. She hid it from her staff by wearing a cardigan over the top and eliminating most of the cleavage she was now openly displaying.

Her skirt was one of her shorter ones, red with a small slit up the back. She had a zebra-patterned thong under it. Now she sat behind her desk waiting.

She hadn't really thought much of her outfit. She seemed to be dressing according to her level of sexual frustration; the more frustrated she was, the sexier her attire seemed to be. She didn't realize that she had actually been influenced by the soft voices she heard yesterday telling her to something sexy and reveal more cleavage.

At six o'clock, Andrew knocked on the door.

Amy jumped up and checked herself in the mirror she had on the back office wall. She was excited, but she wasn't sure why.

She unlocked the door and opened it wide for Andrew. She left the cardigan hanging in her office.

"Hello Mrs. Wilson. You are looking fine today!" Andrew carried his supply cart over the threshold and set it down inside. He stood in the foyer and stared her up and down.

Amy smiled and turned on her heel. She put a little extra sway in her hips as she returned to her office. She said nothing to him, but he could tell she was somehow different today. Sexier, for sure.

"I will go ahead and start in the bathrooms now, Mrs. Wilson." He propped open both the men's and women's room doors and began cleaning in the men's room.

Amy sat back down at her desk and closed her eyes as if to clear her thoughts.

'What has gotten into me? Why am I so damn horny around this old, black janitor?' Amy slid her hands up her skirt and removed her panties.

"That's better." She opened a document she was working on and began editing it while her hand slipped between her legs and began fingering her wet pussy. She closed her eyes and imagined a big, black cock penetrating her as she sat with her legs spread in her chair.

Just then she heard the voice again: "Why don't you take your bra off too?"

Amy opened her eyes and noticed Andrew was at her door. She straightened up in her chair-hoping he didn't realize what she was doing.

"May I help you, Andrew?" She asked nervously.

"We are out of urinal cakes for the men's urinals, Mrs. Wilson."

"Okay, Andrew. I will look for some in a moment." Amy waited for the odd man to leave and then got up to search the supply closet for the supplies.

'Here they are.' She said to herself. Amy adjusted her skirt that had climbed up her legs to just above the middle of her thigh. She shut the closet door and went to find Andrew.

The men's room door was propped open wide so Andrew could better clean the floors. Amy walked near the entrance and peeked around the corner. She saw that Andrew was busy using a urinal and apparently didn't hear her approach the restroom. As she peered around the wall of the restroom, Amy was careful to stay on the carpet and not walk on the tile which would have alerted Andrew to her presence.

Andrew was having a difficult time pissing. He had been nearly semi-erect ever since he started working for Amy, and after seeing her in that slutty outfit, he was nearly fully hard. This presented serious problems for him when he urinated. He was forced to stand back from the urinal and aim in an arch to hit the target.

Amy watched as Andrew held his dick in the narrow stall of the urinal. She couldn't see his cock yet, but she could tell exactly what he was doing. Just then he backed away from the urinal and she saw it.

The little old man held a thick, firehose of a black cock. Both hands grabbed it and aimed at the urinal. Her pussy began leaking as she stared at Andrew's thick piece of meat. She quietly backed away from the entrance before she was caught and hurried back to the safety of her office. She was trying to catch her breath and calm herself down. 'My God. He's hung like a horse.' She thought.

She could hear Andrew beginning to whistle a silly tune as he cleaned the restroom down the hall. She used this time to remove her bra.

Without her bra, the sexy top looked different. The nearly see-through fabric clung to her heavy, shapely breasts, rather than showing cleavage as was the case when she was wearing the push-up bra.

Amy decided to busy herself straightening desks in the hope of catching Andrew's eye.

She was at a salesperson's desk across from the restroom stacking folders and shuffling papers. Andrew came out with a bucket filled with bottles and stopped in his tracks the moment he saw Amy.

She was only twenty feet away; bent down, twisting and moving papers about. Her amazing tits hung freely under the sheer garment, swaying back and forth with her movement. Every time she bent over a bit, he could see her full breasts, including her nipples. "Holy shit!" He said quietly.

Amy was able to see Andrew from the corner of her eye. She was giving him a show and it was making her sopping wet. She sensed that he simply stopped outside the restroom and was staring. She was right.

Andrew felt his cock grow to a full erection. He stood in awe of Amy's perfect body. He struggled with the urge to stroke himself. He set the bucket down and freed his right hand and began to rub his aching dick through his trousers. He didn't care if she noticed or not.

Amy heard another soft voice: "Why don't you make yourself comfortable in the break room?" She looked up anxiously, not knowing what to do next. She stared at Andrew's enormous bulge that he was rubbing flagrantly, licked her lips and sauntered off to the break room. Again, she wasn't sure if she was hearing things or if Andrew was whispering. Whatever it was, that soft voice caused sexual arousal within her, every time she heard it.

Down at the end of a well-lit hallway was the employee breakroom. It was a large room that had a full-length mirror covering the entire back wall, a refrigerator, microwave, kitchen table and chairs, and a couch with a coffee table. Amy turned on the lights and went in.

She began sorting through the newspapers and magazines just to keep busy. She had a suspicion that Andrew would follow her in there so she faced the mirror with her back to the door and sat on a chair next to the kitchen table waiting to see him in the mirror's reflection. She sat with her legs spread fairly wide apart and her skirt hiked up as she straightened a pile of magazines on the nearby coffee table.

Andrew approached the break room with a raging hard on. He stood in the door way and saw Amy seated and facing the mirror as her legs were spread apart. He could see what looked to be her shaved pussy. Her eyes met his through the reflection in the mirror. He stopped suddenly, then realized that she had a lustful look about her. Her gaze moved down to his delicious bulge. Andrew knew the timing was right to show her more. His hands unzipped his fly and unbuttoned his waistband of his trousers. He wasn't wearing underwear. His pants slowly slid down to his mid-thighs. He felt hot.

Amy could see Andrew's entire body. She ignored his short, squat, old frame. She forgave his lacking physique and white hair. His magnificent cock more than made up for all of his other shortcomings. Her heart raced in her chest as she sat staring at his reflection in the mirror.

She watched as his pants dropped. She couldn't believe what she was seeing. His beautiful, long and thick black penis was fully exposed. She was powerless to do anything other than watch. Her lust kept her legs spread apart and her eyes fixed upon the resplendent black member.

Andrew lifted his cock and began stroking it with one hand. Even if he had four hands, he still wouldn't be able to cover his immense tool. He looked right at Amy as he slowly stroked his rock hard dick.

Amy reached down and used her fingers to rub her pussy. Her wetness was seeping onto the chair. Her eyes were transfixed upon the cock. Her rubbing was deep and purposeful. She moved her hand in small, circular motions.

Andrew was now using both hands to stroke his cock. He felt as though his body was weightless. The buildup was intoxicating and he knew he couldn't hold out much longer.

Amy began to shake and shudder as a tremendous climax began to vibrate through her.

"Oh...oh...um...oh! Fuck!" Amy came. Hard. She was panting now. Still staring at the old man jacking off in the mirror. Still rubbing her pussy.

Andrew lifted the cock higher and exposed his heavy, lopsided balls. One hand scooped them up and let them fall back in place. She thought they must be hanging down at least six inches from the base of his erection.

"Ah...ah...ahhhhh!" Amy had another gushing, steamy orgasm. Still staring at Andrew.

"What the fuck?" She asked herself aloud. In that instant she thought about why she was so turned on. Was it the lack of sex in her marriage? The sexy clothes? The huge dick? The fact that the huge dick was on such an unappealing old black man, who she would never had given the time of day were it not for what he was packing between his legs? Then there was that fucking voice in her head. Giving her commands. Sexy fucking commands. 'Was that Andrew's or mine?' She thought.

Andrew was stroking with greater speed and force. His strokes were causing his balls to swing obscenely and make slapping noises against his leg and his hand.

Amy spread her legs wide in front of the mirror. Andrew could see her glistening pussy lips shiny from her cum. Amy was slowly working her clit with her middle finger approaching yet another climax. Andrew stared at the exposed pussy and groaned. He had never felt so turned on while masturbating.

The hot cum boiled up from his balls. His cock swelled and suddenly spat a stream of hot semen up into the air a distance of a good two feet. The heavy, fragrant semen spattered on the tile floor until he finally stopped jacking off. He whipped his cock downward and shook off the last remaining pearl of cum. He then quietly tucked his monster back between his legs and zipped himself up.

He bent over and wiped the cum from the floor and walked back down the hallway. Amy had one last orgasm, thinking about the whole perverse scenario that just played out in the mirror right before her eyes. She was surprised as to how hard she came and that she had so few inhibitions with this strange, old black man.

She walked back to her office where she put her panties and bra back on. Andrew resumed his absent-minded whistling and was now cleaning the women's room. The two worked for another 30 minutes before Andrew was finished. He said good night and left. Amy locked up and sat alone in her car for a few minutes. Her head slumped down, she felt shame, self-loathing, and disappointment in herself. But she also was incredibly turned on. She soon discovered that her sexual feelings for this man far overshadowed her feelings of guilt.

She found herself wanting more of him.

Amy had a quick dinner that Robert had prepared at home, but faced the now all-too-familiar cold shoulder from him in bed. She wanted to have sex, she needed to be fucked, yet, she fell asleep frustrated and angry. Robert seemed to be distancing himself from her, and she didn't understand why.The next day, Amy wore a black min-skirt with a thin, tight, white blouse to work. She wanted to be as accessible as possible to the old man who had somehow penetrated her nearly every waking thought. She brought a black sweater to cover her sexy shirt while her regular employees were there.

The end of the work day could not have come soon enough. Amy hurried her 9 to 5 regular employees out of the office and prepared herself for Andrew.

She took her panties off in her office and removed her bra, leaving her breasts to hang unfettered under her tight blouse. Amy's large, dark nipples were typically sensitive, but even more so today, for some reason, and they stuck out from her blouse aching for attention. She had to wipe her pussy with a tissue she was so wet.

At six o'clock, Andrew knocked on the door. 'Damn. Will you look at that?' He thought as Amy walked up, her breasts bouncing and jiggling; her smile was wide. He felt his dick start to grow.

"Hello, Mrs. Wilson."

"Hi, Andrew! And please call me Amy." She smiled.

"Do you have anything that needs special attention this evening, Mrs...uh, Amy?"

"As a matter of fact, I do. The top of the cupboards and shelves need to be dusted." Amy pointed to the several shelving units and cupboards that were mounted on the walls of the office.

Andrew was having a tough time maintaining eye contact as she was explaining the job. Amy noticed that he was mostly looking at her tits, which made her wet. Andrew noticed she was alternating her attention between the shelves and his crotch. She didn't seem to care if he noticed.

As Andrew was assembling his supplies, Amy returned to her office. She could easily see Andrew through the glass walls and began fingering herself as she pretended to read a document on her desk.

Andrew stood on a step ladder and began wiping and washing the shelves. He began on the units closest to Amy's office. He was turned sideways on the ladder so Amy could get a good view of his growing bulge.

Amy didn't want to see the bulge anymore. She wanted the real thing again. She openly stared at his crotch wondering what she could do to move this inevitable fucking along. Although Amy was the owner and operator of her own business, she was sexually, a submissive. She loved to be told what to do in the bedroom. Robert hadn't caught on to this aspect of her personality. She wondered if that was why she was so dissatisfied with her sex life.

Andrew could see Amy staring at him. After yesterday, he knew it was only a matter of time before he was fucking her as part of his evening duties. He had lucked upon a submissive white slut and he planned to do his part to convert her to be his own personal fuck toy. He just needed a transition. He knew that something too overt could put her on the defensive, or cause her to become frightened.

He could also tell that she was into him. Her clothes today proved that. He could see her tits through the material of her shirt pretty easily, and he suspected she didn't have any panties on.

Amy walked out of her office and stood by Andrew who was on his step ladder.

"How's it coming along?" She asked staring straight at his crotch.

"Oh, pretty good. Shouldn't take me too long." He smiled looking down.

Andrew had finished his project and was about to start his regular cleaning duties. Amy was on the computer reading an interracial story and using her left hand to rub her clit.

Amy heard the familiar, faint voice, "Why don't you wait for me in the lady's room."

She looked up from her computer quickly and saw Andrew was near her door.

Without saying a word, she got up and walked into the women's restroom. Andrew hadn't begun cleaning it yet. He saw her enter the restroom and remained outside her office. She left the door wedged wide open.

It was a good thing Amy went when she did as she was dripping wet. Her pussy was crying for attention and needed some relief.

She entered a stall, pulled up her short skirt, sat down and peed. After she finished she sat on the commode and began playing with herself. She didn't care if Andrew heard her soft moans. She was nearly out of control with desire.

After a few minutes, she heard Andrew's steps enter the restroom. Amy's heart was thumping loudly in her chest, her breaths were short and fast. 'Oh my God!' She knew he saw her enter the room. She also knew why he was there. Amy unlocked the stall door. Her hands trembling. She could hear his feet scuffling toward her stall. He pushed the door open and stood before her.

Amy looked up at the stout man and swallowed. She was feeling a mixture of terror and sexual excitement. In that brief moment she realized that this sexual thrill was as powerful a rush as she had ever had. Andrew looked down at her.

"I think it's time you met my best friend up close." He had a deeply sexual look on his face. He reached his hands down and unzipped his zipper, pushed his pants down to his ankles and let the rigid black snake spring out of its lair presenting itself to Amy.

Amy found herself staring at the biggest, most impressive cock she had ever seen. It was a giant muscle of a thing. Big, fat, covered in small and large veins and probably eleven or twelve inches at least, she couldn't tell. The prodigious appendage stood out away from Andrew's body and angled downward slightly, due to the sheer weight.

The swollen, throbbing head was about four inches from her mouth. The dark black shaft was a little thicker than the enormous head and curved slightly to the right. His balls were set low and looked heavy. She looked up at Andrew's wide-set eyes, then back down to the cock.

He said, "It's time." Then he grabbed his shaft and slowly moved toward her mouth.

Amy opened her mouth obediently. Her lips were dry, but her mouth had been salivating at the sight of the beast pointed in her direction. She was moaning ever so softly. Trembling in her excitement. This was a monumental event, and she wanted to enjoy every nuance, every moment of the tryst.

She took his head into her mouth and washed it with her saliva. Flipping and swirling her tongue deliciously around the savory head.

Andrew immediately felt the twirl of her hot tongue and slippery warm spit surround his glans. He fought the urge to grab the back of her head and shove his pipe down her throat. He took a deep breath to remind himself to relish this first time with the hot, white, voluptuous woman. He let Amy do the work and set her own pace, after all, she won't be able to do much with him due to his size.

"Mmmm...ummmm." Amy's moans were loud and sultry. Her mouth smacked with cock, her lips stretched wide as she inhaled more of his dick. Nasty sounds were echoing through the lady's room.

She moved an anxious hand up to the shaft and did her best to stroke the monster. Her other hand explored the dangling testicles moving to-and-fro like some sort of sexual pendula. She coddled his balls as she worked her mouth over him.

"This is unreal." She whispered to Andrew.

"You feel amazing, Amy." He responded.

Amy's treatment was first rate. Andrew knew a good cocksucker when he met one and Amy knew how to suck dick. He loved how she was constantly moaning and groaning because it caused a vibration in her mouth that he could feel on his cock. She used lots of saliva and didn't bother to swallow the excess, which made her blow job extra smooth and slippery. It also reminded him that she was hungry for his cock. He toyed with her; pulling it out of her mouth and making her move toward it. He bumped it against her cheeks and forehead and shoved it back into her willing mouth.

Amy gently sucked one of his balls into her mouth, and got it wet. She bit the skin of his scrotum after and let his balls rub into her face. He smelled faintly like an older man's after shave. He smelled clean. She moved both hands to his thick black shaft and stroked his cock in unison with her mouth. She could only get about five inches into her mouth so her hands had quite a bit to cover. Her moaning and stroking was getting to Andrew.

"Oh, baby, we need to move." He adjusted his stance indicating that he wanted to change locations.

Amy stopped sucking and looked up to see what he had in mind. Just then he reached down and lifted her up with what felt like the strength of two men. He gripped her lower back and ass with both hands and hobbled with his pants still down at his ankles to the vanity directly across from the stall.

In one swift motion Amy felt herself whisked from the toilet and spun around to the counter where the bathroom sinks were. His cock lined up with her crotch, which was exposed and dripping wet. Her legs wrapped around his back and he guided the stiff dick into her spread

pussy slowly forcing her starving lips open.

"Oh, shit! Oh my God. Slow, slow, Andrew, slow baby." Amy tried to get Andrew to take it easy. She was insanely wet, and she slobbered a lot on his cock, so she should be okay without lubricant, but she needed time to expand her pussy; which was stretching beyond anything she had ever experienced.

It took Andrew a few minutes before he bottomed out in Amy's pussy. Amy was taking deep breaths as she tried to relax and accommodate Andrew's wide cock.

Andrew took one of Amy's legs in each hand-behind her knee and spread them wider. He backed his dick out and began to penetrate her slowly. He felt her hot wetness surround his member, her muscles tightened and relaxed repeatedly as he thrust himself deep into her womb. Amy pushed back and ground her crotch into his gargantuan cock.

"Cumming! I'm cumming!" She grabbed his waist and pulled herself onto him, Andrew matched her rhythm and increased the force of his thrusts. She closed her eyes, panting and thrashing her torso. He kept pounding her like a machine.

Andrew was used to women feeling tight and to his relief, Amy wasn't as tight as some. She was built for a good fucking and he was giving her every bit of a good fucking. Amy was delirious with passion for Andrew's dick. She felt chills while looking at this old black man pounding her, smiling his toothless smile.

There was something repulsive about him that made her sexual attraction to him seem at the same time both perverse and irresistible. She was becoming increasingly aroused with this act of self-degradation and knew that his self-confidence and his monster cock had a lot to do with her attraction to him.

Another orgasm shot through her body. This one was so intense she stopped her movement and reached out to grab him.

Andrew stopped fucking, bent over and hugged Amy. He wasn't nearly done with her, but saw she had a visibly intense orgasm. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever physically touched and by far his sexiest lover.

They kissed passionately.

Andrew pulled himself out of her, removed his shirt, bent down and untied his work shoes and left his clothes in a pile on the floor. Amy slid off the vanity, took her skirt off and tossed it on top of Andrew's clothes. She grabbed Andrew by the dick and pulled him into her office, sat him down on a chair near her desk and mounted him.

As she eased herself back onto his black pole, Andrew ran his hands under her blouse and squeezed her enormous breasts. He caressed her nipples and squeezed and smashed them together. Amy pulled her shirt over her head and was now completely naked.

Andrew was beside himself with desire for Amy. He spent lots of time feeling her body with his wrinkled hands. Her nipples were hard and stuck out invitingly, her hips and legs were tense from the motions she made as she fucked him. Amy leaned forward and stopped moving up and down and began moving forward and backward on his dick. She held his head to her bosom and encouraged his mouth to explore her flesh.

Andrew began sucking her breasts into his mouth. Amy could feel her narrow, swollen nipples begging sucked in between his lips and missing tooth. His constant sucking drove her mad. She moved more quickly against his cock and ground out yet another orgasm.

"Ahhhhh. Oh.....FUCK!" Amy was panting trying to catch her breath. Andrew's face was still buried in her breasts.

"I can't get enough of this cock." Amy confessed while kissing him on the cheek and forehead.

"You can have as much of it as you want and need. Your pussy is mine now. You're going to want this all the time. I can tell." Andrew pushed her away from his body so he could look her in the eyes while he spoke to her.

His words had such a deep effect upon her that she began moving her pussy against his shaft again...another orgasm followed by her confession: "Oh, yes, yes, Andrew. That's what I need! I need your magnificent cock all the time. I need it."

Andrew felt the unstoppable urge to come deep inside this sexy white woman. He lifted her off his dick and set her on the floor.

Amy was on her hands and knees as Andrew slowly fed his cock into her hot, hungry pussy.

"Gentle, Baby! You're such a big man, Andrew!"

Andrew's cock was like steel as it disappeared into her body. He grabbed her hips and began moving her on his cock. Amy rocked back and forth with increasing speed as his dick dominated her completely.

Amy angled her ass in the air and placed her chest and face on the floor of her office as Andrew had his way with her. He used her hips as handles as he pulled and pushed his way into her pussy. Looking down and seeing her perfectly formed pink asshole, he lubricated his thumb and teased the opening.

Amy moaned her approval as Andrew carefully inserted the first digit of his thumb into her sphincter. He continued moving on her as he guided more of his thumb into her until it was buried within her. He responded immediately to her willingness to penetrate her ass.

"That's right, Amy. I'm going to cum inside you. Fill you up."

"Oh, Andrew cum for me, baby!" Amy began rocking back into him as he removed his thumb and latched onto her hips. Deep, full thrusts that shook Amy ushered in an explosion of semen that flooded her core. Hot, silky cum filled her and began working its way out of her pussy.

"Oh fuck!" Andrew let loose his seed into Amy and continued pumping until his cock emptied.

"Damn if that wasn't the best orgasm I have ever had." Andrew pulled his cock out of Amy and watched the cum pour out. He then moved onto his back with his hands behind his head.

Amy kissed him briefly and then used the restroom. Later, they fucked in the breakroom in front of the mirror, then again in Amy's office before they left for home. Amy was over two hours late.

Over the next week or so there were several changes that took place in Amy's life:

Andrew instructed her to use a cucumber to begin conditioning her ass. He wanted to take her ass next week. This demand caused several orgasms over the course of the next few days for Amy who couldn't wait to get his giant dick in her sensitive ass.

At work, Amy's employees were curious as to why the office needed a full time janitor on the premises. Amy set up a custodian's office in the large, windowless, storage room next to her office suite to keep Andrew close by during the day so he could have access to her whenever he wanted.

No one seemed to notice how she would go missing for thirty to forty minutes a time at various points during the day.

Amy's husband, Robert had to either accept Amy's new-found friend and companion, Andrew, or get a divorce.

He decided to stay.

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