Introduction to Dogging (Fantasy, Anal, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Exhibitionism, Group Sex, Lesbian, Voyeurism, Wife)

Introduction to Dogging

My wife and I are both fairly sexual people compared to the average couple. We have always done a good job about keeping the spice in our bedroom and making sure sex never got boring. We are still a fairly young couple, both of us at the age of 30. My wife is a stunning skinny blond, average height, with a set of large perky tits. I’m basically your average built guy around 6 feet tall and everything else average. I’m pretty lucky that she married me and that I have such a hot wife.

Last year we had our first kid. This really shook our life up and of course, the first thing to go was our sex life. After a year had passed, we both recognized this and started getting a plan on how to turn it back up again. My wife and I both had been hitting the treadmill and working out together. She was back in amazing shape in no time. After our exercise sessions we would often fuck on the machines or in the shower. Around this time we started to go out on more dates again leaving the kid home with a baby sitter.

Often times while we were out in public, we would grope each other under the table at restaurants or even get frisky in the parking lot. Having sex and fooling around in public was always a huge turn on for both of us. We had even gotten away with several blow jobs and a good fuck in a changing room at a store. Thinking about the possibility of getting caught or possibly seen turned both of us one.

One night after a date night out I suggested we take a drive over to the lookout hill and get frisky in the car. This spot I had heard about was an amazing place to go hiking. I assumed it would also be a great location to lookout over the city while we got down and dirty. My wife loved the idea and we quickly drove away from the restaurant and to the spot.

It took us a little longer to get out there then I first thought it would but it was worth the drive. The view was amazing. We found a place just at the end of the area that looked like where everyone parked during the day. After taking in the sights we started to make out in the front seats. After some groping I wanted to get her naked and start playing with her body. The car was really hot so I rolled down the windows and led her into the back seats. I folded down the middle seats so we had some good room for fucking. We started making out again when I saw behind my wife another car pulling into the parking area. They drove about halfway down and parked. We looked over and saw another couple in their car starting to make out. This turned my wife on even more. She starred at the car while I played with her boobs. She said this must be a make out spot during the night.

After she saw enough we went back to our thing. I took my shirt off and pulled hers over her head exposing her lacy black bra. I loved how perky her tits were even after having a kid. While we continued to make out and grope each other I saw another car pulling in and park closer to our car. I kept opening one eye to glance over and see what was happening. The guy in the new car got out of his car and first walked over to the other car that was parked. He watched them for a while and then started to walk towards our SUV. This started to excite me and also make me a little nervous. The idea of getting caught or watched had always turned me on but as it was about to happen I didn’t know how my wife was going to feel about it. I didn’t say anything and decided to let it happen. This way if she freaked out I could also act surprised.

As he got closer to our car I closed my eyes so that he wouldn’t know I saw him coming. I kept my wife’s back to the guy so that there would be no way for her to see him. The guy quietly came up to our window and started to watch us. He was clearly there to watch people going at it. It dawned on me then that I bet this isn’t just a make out spot but also a spot where people come to watch and be watched. This was too exciting and made me horny as hell. I reached down and pulled my wife’s shorts down and off. She was laying there now in a matching pair of lacy black panties and bra. I started to rub her pussy through her panties while we continued kissing. By this time I knew she was past the point of stopping and horny as hell. That’s when I told her we had a watcher. I knew when she gets to this point she turns into a different person and gets unstoppable wild.

She turned around slowly while I kept rubbing her and looked at the guy standing outside of our window. She turned back and said, let him watch, that’s hot. We went back to kissing. I looked around her again and saw him rustling at his pants clearly taking out his cock to play with while he watched us. I pulled my wife over on top of me so she was on her hand and knees kissing me. I knew this would give the guy a great view of her ass bent over. I started to play with her tits and took them out the top of her bra. I took one tit into my mouth and started sucking on it. She was moaning and I could tell she was turned on by it all.

My wife started to rock back and forth and was moving her ass around to give the guy a nice view. She was really getting into this. I opened my eyes again to see what he was doing and was shocked with what I saw. He was reaching into the car and was rubbing my wife’s pussy over her panties. I whispered to her, you know that’s not me touching you right? She responded, I know and don’t even care right now. Is that ok? I said it’s just some harmless touching and it’s turning me on. She started kissing me deeply in acknowledgment of what I said. I felt her rocking turn more into a back and forth motion and get into a rhythm. I looked around again and saw that the guy had moved her panties to the side and had two finger buried into her pussy. I had enough and had to get my cock into my wife. This was turning me on too much.

I pulled down my shorts and pulled out my cock. I told my wife I need to fuck her now. She said slow down, I want this to last. Let me suck you for a while. She pushed the hands away from her pussy and turned around. She was on my right side and leaning over my cock. She leaned over and started to slowly take me into her mouth. Around this time I heard the door open on that side of the car. I picked my head up and saw that the guy had opened the door and leaned in to get a handful of my wife’s tits. I don’t blame him, she has amazing tits. I lowered my head back down and enjoyed the blowjob that she was giving me. She was doing a great job, moaning and slurping up and down my cock. She was really getting into it and moaning loud. I opened my eyes again to see her in action. When I opened them again there was an arm just to the right of my head. Another guy had snuck up to the window on my side of the car and I have no idea how long he had been there for. He was reaching in and picked up where the other guy left off. He had two fingers buried into her pussy and was rubbing her clit with his thumb. In the position we were in I had no way to easily tell her it wasn’t me again and thought to myself, I bet she doesn’t even care at this point. My wife is in complete slut mode right now and I got this urge to make her my slut now.

I looked up at the guy who was now fingering her. I waved him closer to me. He leaned in and I whispered, do you want to fuck her? He whispered back hell yeah. I held my finger over my mouth and made a quite jester which I think he got to do this quietly so she wouldn’t know right away. I leaned up to tell my wife that I had to fuck her now. I sat up and opened the door to get a better position. I got around her and slid my cock into her pussy. She was dripping wet from being fingered by two different guys. I slide right in and deep. She moaned as expected. I started to rock her back and forth on my cock. The guy that was at her window moved closer in with his cock pointing to her. She reached out and started to jerk him off. He looked up at me and I gave him the thumbs up. Once she was lost in lust again I pulled out to make the switch. Quickly I moved out of the SUV and the other guy moved in. He buried his dick into my wife without her every looking back. He started the same movement and had her rocking back and forth on his cock. I reach through the front window and grabbed my cell phone. I wanted pictures of this to remember. By the time I had gotten my phone out to take some pictures my wife had switched to blowing the guy in front of her. Amazing sight of her getting spit roasted by two strangers.

I moved quietly around and started taking some pictures. Her face was buried up to his balls and wasn’t aware of anything else going on. I took some close-ups of her face with a huge cock between her lips and of her tits hanging down. The guy had one in his hands and was pinching her nipples. I moved back around to take some pictures of the guys fucking her. I got another surprise as he was not only fucking her but also had a finger up to his knuckles in her ass. There was also another car that had shown up. I saw three guys get out of the car and walk to ours to see what was going on. They all huddled around the windows and started to watch the show. My wife took the cock out of her mouth and started to turn over to lay on her back to continue getting fucked. She flipped over and locked down and her jaw dropped open. She saw a stranger standing where she thought I had been with his cock clearly wet from her pussy hanging ready to dive back in. She looked next to him at me standing over his shoulder watching. Her face turned from shock to a giant grin. She asked, you okay with this? All I could do was nod yes. She smiled, grabbed his dick and buried it back inside her. The guy above her slid his cock back into her mouth with his balls resting on her head.

After a while of this going on both guys were cumming. With her head tilted backwards to take his cock you could see her swallow gulp after gulp of his cum. He pulled out of her mouth and was quickly replaced with another guy. As I saw him move forward I could see a giant smile on her face which was covered up then by his cock going into her mouth. I loved that she was taking in the full experience. The guy who unloaded into her pussy also started to slowly pull out. Another guy climbed into the SUV, and started to pick her up on her side so he could slide in under her. She sat up and turned back over on all fours. She positioned her pussy over the top of his cock. As she lowered herself back down I could see a lot of cum siding out of her and coating the new guys cock. She leaned forward and again took the guys cock into her mouth. The third guy climbed into the SUV and stood behind her. He started to rub his dick against my wife’s ass. He started to slowly work it inside of her. She started to half moan, half scream. It took several minutes but with enough time he was fucking her ass while the other guy was fucking her pussy. Her limps were clearly shaking and I could tell from having an orgasm, she must have had several by now.

Again after some time has passed the guy that was fucking her ass had cam and was pulling out. It was my turn. I jumped in and positioned myself behind her. I slowly slid into her ass. It felt amazing. She was fully covered in cum and while I was sliding in I could feel the other cock in her pussy going in and out. After a couple minutes I could feel the guys cock in her pussy twitching while he unloaded cum into her pussy. I didn’t slow down but instead picked up pace. I unloaded into her ass just like the last guy had done. I slid off her and laid on the floor next to her. The guy under her slid out and got out of the SUV. She turned over and laid down. Her mouth was covered in cum from the guy she was blowing. All the guys that were around all zipped up and left.

It was all I could do so not laugh at this point. She looked at me and said that was fucking amazing. I haven’t felt like that before ever. We laid there for a little while talking about what just happened and all the details. We were both turned on just talking about it again. With our doors still wide open another guy walked up to the window by our feet. We both looked down when she said, oh my god! Standing there was a really good friend of ours that we hang out with all the time. Just beside him was his gorgeous wife. We were all in shock. I think more them then us seeing as how we were both on display naked and her covered in cum clearly having just been gangbanged.

My wife looked around for something to cover up with and said fuck what’s the point. I asked them what the fuck they were doing out here. My friend Jeff said, we were hoping to mess around and watch someone getting busy. I guess we don’t need to ask you what you guys are doing out here. We kinda all chuckled and said well looks like we all had the same idea. I looked at my wife and jokingly and testing the waters asked, another round? She said, sure why not, I also think half joking. I know I was nervous about us destroying our friendship. My friend’s wife Laura said, awesome which answered it for all of us. We were going to do this. Both of them stripped naked and climbed into the SUV. I folded down the 3rd row seats so we would have more room. My friend Jeff climbed next to my wife and started to play with her boobs. He said wow I’ve always wanted to see these. They are amazing. His wife Laura was standing outside of the door and watching also getting turned on. I opened the rear gate and told her to come around and sit. Jeff climbed up on my wife and started to make out with her. He was so turned on seeing his friends wife naked, the cum on her face didn’t even slow him down.

While they were getting started I leaned over and started to kiss Laura. She was just inside the SUV on her hand and knees leaning over me. Her tits were smaller then my wife’s but just as perky and nice. While we were making out I could hear Jeff and my wife moving around. I could see that Laura was watching them and getting turned on. I reached down and started to play with her tits twisting her nipples between my thumb and pointer. I looked up and saw that Jeff had already lowered himself down and was fucking my wife.

Laura and I both heard a stick crack outside the SUV and once again we were all being watched by more people. I could see at least 3 guys by themselves and one other couple. Laura said to me, it looks like this party is about to get crazy. She pushed me onto my back and started to kiss me deeply again. I could feel her moving back and forth and could tell that someone was either fingering her or fucking her. I then felt a warm mouth cover up and swallow my cock. It felt great. I glanced down looking under Laura on her hands and knees and could see that the couple was fucking, her standing in doggy style position and her mouth going up and down on me. I could also see that Laura was in fact getting fucked by an older gentlemen.

After Jeff fucked my wife for a while he got up to change positions. He then noticed what was happening and said, that’s hot guys. Jeff sat up and moved around. That’s when Laura surprised me. She lowered her head right down and started to lick my wife’s pussy. My wife was in heaven. Laura had clearly done this before and we had no idea. Two of the guys climbed into the SUV then. One moved up to my wife’s face and slid his cock into her mouth. The second slid his cock into her pussy. Laura continued to lick her pussy and the cock at the same time. Jeff went behind the girl that was blowing me and asked to take over. I could feel the girl jerking forward on my cock with every thrust from Jeff.

Several times we all changed positions. I got to fuck Laura’s mouth and her pussy. The best site was when my wife and Laura where on top of each other and a stranger was alternating fucking their pussies. He would just switch back and forth while the two girls made out. Eventually the group left and it was just the four of us again. The girls were covered in cum and I had fucked so much my dick was hurting. I was holding my wife and Jeff his. We talked about how amazing the night had been. I asked if they were open to doing this again sometime. I meant at our house just the four of us but Laura responded that she can’t wait to get out here again with all of us.

It looks like I have a future of getting to watch my wife and her best friend be complete sluts.

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