Japanese Sex Show (MF, mast, exh, cheat, asian)

Japanese Sex Show

Paul's wife Linda, had suggested the holiday in Japan.

Paul hadn't been too keen. He liked holidays in places
like Hamburg and New York, where there was a pretty
active night scene. As far as he knew there wasn't much
going on in Japan's nightclub scene to interest him.

What had struck him, though, was how pretty the girls
were. He and Linda traveled quite a lot around Osaka
on the train, and they seemed to be full of pretty
girls in short dresses and skirts.

A few days before they were due to come home, Paul was
returning on his own to the hotel when he saw a very
beautiful girl in her late teens, with short black hair
and a lovely smile.

She must have seen Paul looking at her, because she
smiled at him and came to sit opposite from him. She
looked into his eyes and slowly opened her legs showing
him her very white panties.

Paul was transfixed by the sight of those shapely
tanned legs, and those intensely white panties peeking
out from the dark cave that the material of her dress

As they got off the train, she slipped a small card
into Paul's hand and then just vanished into the crowd.

Paul was intrigued. All the card contained was the
name "Secret Club" and a telephone number.

That evening, Linda was feeling too tired to go out,
so Paul went out on his own. He found a phone box and
rang the number on the card.

A girl's voice answered. She spoke good English and
told Paul that the club was a place for businessmen to
relax at before they went home. It cost about �100 to
get in, but the drinks were free, and there was a sex

Paul wondered if the girl on the train would be there,
and decided to go. He soon found the address, in a
rather run down area of town, and paid the girl at the
desk the entrance money. She beckoned him through to
a smoky basement, where two girls were on the stage,
surrounded by men in suits.

The girls were some of the prettiest he had seen, but
he was surprised to see that they were fully clothed.
Some sex show, he muttered.

He needn't have worried. The girls were wearing white
blouses and short black skirts. They kept bending over
so that the audience could see their panties. One was
wearing white cotton panties, and the other tiny red
nylon see through ones.

The girl in the white knickers beckoned to a man in the
front row to come up to the stage. He didn't need any
persuading, and was up there in a flash. She told him
to lie still on the floor, which he did, then she
slowly wriggled her body over him until his face was
only inches from her crotch. The lips of her vagina
were clearly visible to all the men in the audience,
who were now sweating profusely.

She beckoned four more men onto the stage and - oh joy
- Paul was one of them. The girl said her name was
Yoki and sat on a leather chair. The first man seemed
to know what to do, and got up off the floor. Dropping
his pants he stood there with an enormous erection.

Paul hesitated, he was a little surprised by the man
exposing himself. He hadn't thought that something like
that would happen in a public place like this. In the
states if someone did something like that, even in a
strip club, they'd get thrown in jail.

But the other men did the same, and Paul was quick to
follow. He wondered what would happen next.

Yoki was sat in the chair, still wearing her skirt,
her panties and her blouse. The blouse came off,
exposing her beautiful firm breasts, then she opened
her legs wide apart and gave a signal to the men. They
all started to masturbate and soon thick creamy jets
of spunk were spattered all over Yoki's white panties.

Paul stood there with his dick in his hand and watched
all the men spewing their seed onto the beautiful young
woman. He couldn't believe this was happening. He just
stood there watching in fascination.

It was a delicious sight - the semen dribbling down
Yoki's panties and onto the floor. Then Yoki beckoned
to Paul, just Paul.

Now what? She put out a little pink tongue, and
pointed down to her cum-soaked panties. Did she really
expect him to lick up other men's sperm?

Obviously she did! Paul looked at the men standing on
the stage next to him, and he could tell that they
would have loved to have been the one to eat Yoki's
panties, sperm or no sperm.

Paul tentatively put his face at her crotch. She smelt
gorgeous, a heady mix of perfume, sex and semen. His
cock had shriveled in his shock and embarrassment at
the events that had taken him so by surprise. But as
he started to lick the your beauty's panties, his dick
expanded into a hardened rod for all to see.

Paul slurped away licking the strangers come from the
woman's underwear, but suddenly she moved away from
him. What had he done wrong? It was alright, though.
She rested his head gently back on the chair, and
straddled him, kneeling with her legs apart so that the
audience could see up her skirt.

Paul wasn't remotely interested in the audience at this
point. All he could see was this beautiful Japanese
girl, right in front of his face, legs spread apart,
skirt round her waist, white cotton panties tight
across her pubic mound, dripping sperm.

Yoki pushed even closer to him, the gusset of her
panties now against Paul's nose and mouth. She smelt
strongly of sex. He could hardly breathe, but he
didn't mind. It was all too wonderful.

Then the girl in the red panties moved across the
stage. She sat on the floor with her legs apart, and
beckoned to Paul.

Reluctantly, he moved away from the Yoki's soaking wet
knickers, but she seemed so taken with him that Yoki
took them off and put to his lips. He stared in
surprise as the woman pushed them between his lips.

He could taste the mingled juices, trickling down his
throat, and desperately needed to relieve the tension,
which had built up in his groin. He had never felt so
sexually charged before, it was like nothing he had
ever imagined.

He stood over the other girl, who was spread-eagled,
pulling her red panties slightly to one side. Paul
could taste Yoki's semen soaked panties in his mouth
and this aroused him even more.

The red pantied girl reached up and wrapped her
delicate fingers around his manhood, slowly pumping
him. Paul closed his eyes, throwing his head back and
groaned in ecstasy.

He could no longer control his own body and shot his
load excitedly all over the girl's panties and cunt.
Great gobbits of sticky white cum shot out of his
erect cock, spattering all over the red panties and
dripping down inside her open cuntlips.

Yoki joined the other girl on the floor, and started
licking up the creamy mess that Paul had made. It
dripped off her tongue and onto the girl's body.
Yoki slurped some more up into her pretty mouth, and
dribbled it slowly into the other girl's mouth.

Both of them were now covered in sticky white slimy
spunk, as they kissed.

Paul looked on as the sight of these two Asian beauties
burned their images into his memory for the rest of his

He only regretted that he would be leaving Japan so
soon. This country was truly a wonderful place to
vacation in. He thought. Maybe he could talk Linda
into staying on in Japan a little longer...

Keys: MF mast exh cheat asian

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