Juxtaposition - sex story


“So let me get this straight,” Sam laughed “you let some kid cum on your tits for like eight bucks worth of ice cream?”

“Au contraire,” Tegan said smugly as she took the note from her bikini bottoms and threw it back in Sam’s face “I did it to make you do my housework for two weeks.”

“Fair enough.” Sam mock saluted her with his ice cream as he leaned back on his towel.

“You’d better do it properly.” Tegan chided “I didn’t jerk off a stranger just for you to half-ass it.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Sam drawled.

They watched the waves for awhile. Tegan hadn’t bothered to put her top back on yet, and still had a sheen of spunk on her chest. They remained largely unbothered on their patch of beach. A few people had wandered past them but this seemed to be people genuinely walking for their own purposes and no one had really glanced in their direction. The rest of the afternoon went by without remarkable incident. Tegan went for a brief dip, sticking to the shallow water without wandering too close to the other swimmers. Sam waded nearby but stayed close to the waterline keeping an eye on their belongings. Eventually, feeling tired from an afternoon in the sun they decided to head home.

Stopping by the outdoor showers at the edge of the parking area on the way back to the car, Tegan glanced about and then stripped out of her bikini bottoms, standing nude under the cold water as Sam rinsed off his legs nearby. She ran her fingers through her hair and ran her hands down her body trying to lose as many of the persistent grains of sand as she could. She discreetly glanced around and noticed a few people watching and did her best to pretend she didn’t care if people were looking. For some reason showering nude with strangers watching felt more daring than anything she’d done on the beach and she felt a thrill run through her body as she thought about it.

Satisfied she had gotten as de-sanded as she could, she took her towel as Sam handed it out to her and srapped it around her body covering herself from chest to thighs as she slipped back into her thongs and threw her wet bottoms into the bottom of her back wrapped in her dry bikini top. Sam picked up the idle chatter as they walked back to the car.

“Have a nice day?”

“Very pleasant, thank you.” Tegan smiled. “You too, I hope.”

“Oh, today far surpassed my expectations.”

They arrived at the car and loaded their bags. Tegan pulled on her dress over the towel then slipped the towel out from underneath, tucking it into her bag before sitting in the car. The car had gotten hot in the sun and she was grateful that she’d cooled off in the water before leaving or it might have been unbearable. She tugged at the sternum of her dress and lighly flapped the material, moving some air around as Sam started the engine and cranked up the air con.

“You’ve really gotten bold with showing your body.” Sam commented as he eased the car into traffic and headed toward home.

“I guess.” Tegan said mildly, slightly distracted by her phone as she checked to see if anything interesting was happening on social media. As was typical, there wasn’t. “I guess I’m starting to feel like if people want to look then I’m worth looking at. I’ve grown to enjoy that.”

“So how far do you think you’d go?”

Tegan rolled her eyes.

“Are you going somewhere with this?”

“No, just spitballing, maybe fantasizing a bit.” Sam smirked.

“I can’t say. It would depend on my mood that day. Maybe I’m just feeling less shy today because I was a bit firsky, tomorrow could be a whole new day. It’s not like I’m going to start going around 24/7 and doing my grocery shopping in the nude just because I stripped at the beach one time.”

“That’s a shame.” Sam said wistfully.

“I’m not saying it’ll never happen either.” Tegan countered.

“Well I live in hope.”


When they arrived home Tegan collected her things and entered the house. Sam took that opportunity as they paused outside the door as she was unlocking it to press up against her and she could feel his bulge pressing into her lower back. She wasn’t surprised he was feeling horny again, and wiggled her ass teasingly against him as she opened the door and they stumbled in together. She turned to face him as Sam pushed the door shut behind them and curled one leg enticingly around the back of his thighs as he took her by the waist, their faces poised inches apart as they both refrained, momentarily, from kissing.

Then a polite cough grabbed their attention and they both looked over to the couch where Brandon was sitting, with a woman Tegan had never met before. Based on her asian appearance, she concluded this must be Yeong, Brandon’s present object of desire. And based on the slightly award position they were seated in and the red blush in their cheeks, she suspected they had just seperated from their own makeout session. As an afterthought it occurred to Tegan that with her leg raised to wrap around Sam she was probably exposing her ass and this was not exactly the best way to greet a new guest. She lowered her leg and seperated from Sam, smoothing her skirt.

“Hi, you must be Yeong.” Tegan began.

“And you’re… Tegan?” she glanced to Brandon for confirmation and Brandon nodded. “Brandon said he he had a female roommate but I wasn’t sure…”

“Yes. And this is Sam. He lives here too.” Tegan gestured with a nod of her head. Sam waved.

“So you guys are…” Yeong trailed off.

“Together. Yup.” Sam slipped his hand around Tegan’s waist and pulled her close again. There was a lengthy pause.

“Well, don’t let us bother you!” Sam said, a little loudly as he took Tegan by the hand and led her further into the house.

“It was nice to meet you!” Tegan called as Sam led her away to his room and closed the door behind them.

“Well that was super awkward.” Tegan said quietly once the door was sealed.

“We definitely interrupted a makeout sesh, right?” Sam said with a grin.

“Oh yeah.” Tegan agreed then swatted him playfully on the shoulder. “What was that about us being ‘together’?”

“Well we were kind of acting like it, at least to an outsider.” Sam said defensively. “What did you want her to think?”

“I don’t know. What if she finds out? If her and Brandon get serious we’ll probably see a lot of her.”

“We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. Besides, it’ll probably give her comfort to know the girl in the house is spoken for so she doesn’t worry about Brandon’s loyalty.”

“I guess..” Tegan mused for a second then levelled a finger at Sam “No letting on that Brandon was involved. Let him tell her about that if and when he’s ready.”

“Sure.” Sam said, gently lowering her hand then untying the straps of her sundress where they knotted behind her back, letting the garmet slip to the floor and pool around her ankles. He slid his hand behind her head and pulled her into a kiss, his other hand caressing her lower back. Conceding that there was little more to discuss, Tegan slipped her hands between them and started to unfasten Sam’s belt.


“Well that was awkward.” Brandon said quietly once he heard Sam’s bedroom door click shut. Having been interrupted from what seemed to be a promising makeout session headed towards second base, Brandon was slightly at a loss as to how to reignite things.

“Yeah.” Yeong agreed, similarly seemed to be uncertain.

“You… want to see my room?” Brandon suggested, mostly to break the silence.

“Ok.” Yeong said as they both stood up. He let her lead the way, making vague gestures down the hall. As they passed by Sam’s room Brandon thought he could her a creaking movement of his bed and wondered if Sam and Tegan were already fucking. He wondered if Yeong could hear it and was having the same thoughts. Given that he’d just started to feel up Yeong’s breast over the shirt his mind was solely fixed on that. Not that he was expecting to go much further, since they’d only been out a couple of times, but he wanted to at least continue a little bit. When they reached his room he followed Yeong in and closed the door behind them for privacy. Yeong did a slow turn looking around at all the posters covering the walls and slowly sat down on the bed.

“Cool room.” She said with a smile, obviously trying to keep the ice broken.

“Thanks. Some of the posters are a bit outdated but, y’know. It keeps the place interesting.” Brandon say down on the bed next to her, trying to pick a respectful distance that still conveyed interest.

There was another silence. Brandon’s mind raced. Yeong wanted to be here or she wouldn’t have come, and neither of them were offering any topics of conversation. Reasoning that Yeong probably wanted to just go back to making out as much as he did, he threw caution to the winds and leaned over, kissing her. Grateful and releived she started kissing him back. Slowly they sank onto the bed together. For awhile they just kissed, seemingly both experimenting with different styles. Once they had each others’ rhythm figured out their bodies pressed closer together. Brandon ran his hand up Yeong’s back, stroking her strough her shirt. His hand encountered her bra strap through the material and he moved his hand back down, again before eventually sliding his hand lower to cradle Yeong’s ass through her jeans.

Yeong broke off from the kissing momentarily, pulling back. Her eyes studied his face for a moment and then she appeared to make a decision. She sat up and peeled off her t-shirt, doing it in one smooth motion and tossing it down towards their feet, leaning on her hand. She seemed anxious as she waited for Brandon’s reaction.

Brandon took a moment to take in the new sights. Yeong’s belly was flat but not toned. Her light olive skin contrast against her plain white bra, the smooth material seeming to mould perfectly to her breasts. He’d had the thought before but hers were definitely bigger than Tegan’s. He didn’t understand cup sizes but he guessed she had a comfortable handful and his already hard cock jumped at the thought of touching them. He slid his arms around her waist and pulled her close wanting to feel her chest against his as he resumed kissing her with an increased energy. Yeong moved so she was straddling him, her thighs either side of his hips and Brandon stifled a groan as her weight pressed down on his obvious erection. He had no doubt she would be able to feel it even through the thickness of their jeans and hoped it wouldn’t cause any offense. Surely she had to expect it.

Emboldened by Yeong’s move Brand ran his hands up her sides and placed his hands on both smooth bra cups, gently squeezing her breasts through the material. The material seemed thick but not padded, though Brandon had to concede he had no experience on that point. He imagined he could feel her nipples through the fabric, and gently massaged his palms in small circles over those spots. He pullled his lips away from hers and began kissing her neck, slowly moving down to her collarbone and shoulder. One of his hands wandered around behind her and he clumsily began to fumble one-handedly with the hooks but Yeong gently eased his hand away.

“Not yet. Ok?” She whispered. Brandon just nodded, understanding. She didn’t want to go too fast, and she had already taken a big step by removing her shirt. He was horny, but happy to be patient. He decided to make the next move and started to pull his own shirt off from his prone position, which Yeong helped him with before they resumed kissing. Brandon held her by the waist, feeling her bra rub against his bare chest as Yeong gently moved her hips, grinding her crotch against his bulge. Brandon let his hands wander downwards until his hands were gently cupping her ass again, and he gently pulled her against him as she moved. A minute later Yeong slid off him and lay next to him, trailing her hand down his stomach and began to unbutton his pants. With one arm pinned under her, holding her close against him Brandon gently caressed her cheek running his hand down her neck and chest, gently massaging her breast. He was aching to slip his fingers under the fabric and touch her bare skin but resisted until she indicated it was ok. Whatever she had planned once his pants her unbuttoned, he didn’t want to interrupt.

Once his jeans were loosened Yeong began to stroke his cock through his underwear, tracing her fingers over it, finding it’s shape and giving it a gentle squeeze eliciting a twitch in response. She let her hand roam, wandering back and forth as if exploring, and Brandon wondered if Yeong was a virgin like he had been until recently. Or maybe she was just teasing. Her initial shyness seemed to have abated and she was moving forward with determination, maybe emboldened by Brandon’s passiveness and patience. In any case, Brandon wasn’t complaining.

Yeong slid her fingers into the waistband of his boxer-briefs and he felt her fingers glide down his shaft and grip him. He inhaled sharply as she began to jerk him off. Feeling as there was slight disparity in the amount of touching occurring Brandon slid his fingers into the cup of her bra from above and gently squeezed, his fingers finding the tight skin of her areola and the hard pencil eraser like nub of her nipple. He gently squeezed the nipple and make gentle circles around her areola with his fingertips, groaning gently as they continued to kiss. Brandon didn’t know what Yeong’s expectations were, but he knew that he wasn’t going to last long. Reluctantly he slipped his fingers out from under her bra and ran them slowly down Yeong’s belly towards the waistband of her jeans. She broke off the kiss.

“Don’t.” she whispered, seemingly apologetically as she continued to stroke him.

“Sorry.” Brandon said, breathlessly.

“It’s ok. Tell me when.”

“I’m real close.”

“Ok.” Yeong said, and resumed kissing him, pumping her hand faster inside his underwear. Brandon let out a muffled grunt and bucked his hips, then a long sustained groan as he started to cum, several days of pent up sexual frustration releasing all at once as Yeong milked his cock inside his pants. Yeong slowly eased off as his cock slowly stopped twitching and started to soften in her hand and carefully slipped her hand back out, coated in a liberal application of his spunk. Shyly Brandon handed her his shirt to wipe it off which she accepted. Once done she rolled over and snuggled back against him and Braondon took the hint, gently spooning with her. They lay silently for awhile, Brandon with his arms wrapped around Yeong’s waist. Eventually he whispered in her ear.

“Everythnig ok?”

“Yes. Why?”

“Well… I didn’t get to do anything for you.”

“It’s fine.” Yeong said, and Brandon believed he could hear a smile in her voice, so she wasn’t being passive aggressive.

“I’d like to.” Brandon said, trying not to sound pushy. He kissed the back of her neck affectionately.

“I know. But not right now, ok?”

There was another short silence. In response to an unasked question Yeong spoke again.

“I like you Brandon.”

“I like you too Yeong. A lot.”

Yeong rolled over to face him, their faces inches apart.

“That’s why I…” She sighed. “I don’t want to go too fast.”

“We can go as slow as you want.” Brandon reassured her.

“I have to confess something.” Yeong said after another brief silence.

“What’s that?”

“I’m not a virgin.”

“Um.” Brandon hesitated, unsure why she was bringing this up now, but trying to be sensitive about it. “Neither am I. Is that a problem?”

“I was scared you might not want me.”

“Oh Yeong.” Brandon stroked her cheek. “That’s not important.”

“Are you sure?”

“Really sure. Why did you think that would matter?”

“My ex-boyfriend said it.”

“Don’t worry about him.” Brandon said. “That’s a shitty thing to say.”

“Sorry to bring it up.”

“It’s ok. If something is bothering you I want to help. That’s part of being a boyfriend right?”

“You want to be my boyfriend?”

“I uh…” Brandon stammered “…I guess maybe that’s something we need to talk about. If you want.”

“I want to be your girlfriend.”

“Then it’s a deal.”

Yeong kissed him.

“So, want to talk about it?” Brandon asked.

“A little bit.” Yeong kissed his cheek and then sat up, grabbing her shirt and putting it back on.

“Are you going?” Brandon enquired.

“Just to the bathroom. I’ll be back.” Yeong smiled, though there was a trace of sadness in her eyes. “I should wash up.”


Tegan was just done wiping the remnant’s of Sam’s semen off her face when Yeong stumbled into the bathroom and turned to face her, hoping she had gotten it all.

“Oh, sorry!” Yeong said, startled as she wiped her eyes. “The door was open.”

“My bad.” Tegan smiled. She was slightly concious of the fact she was only wearing an oversized t-shirt she normally slept in that only fell halfway down her thighs, and even that concession to modesty was only in consideration of the fact she knew Yeong was still in the house. She studied Yeong’s face. “Is something wrong?”

“Oh… no.” Yeong walked over to the sink, turning on the taps and washing her hands then splashing some water on her face before taking the cleanest looking hand towel to dry herself. “I was just talking to Brandon.”

“Was it a… bad talk?” Tegan asked. Yeong laughed awkwardly.

“No. I’m sorry. It was a good talk, but about some sad things.” Yeong sighed. “Old things.”

“Oh. Well that’s good. Sort of.” Tegan shrugged helplessly. Why was it so hard to talk to another girl? Was she really that out of practice? Tegan started for the door.



“Brandon… he’s a good guy, right?”

“Brandon is one of the kindest guys I know. And for what it’s worth, I think he he really likes you.”

“My last boyfriend was… not like him.”

“We should talk about it some time. I’m a pretty good listener and it’d be nice to have another girl around to complain about boys with.”

“I’d appreciate that.” Yeong followed Tegan out the door and turned to head back to Brandon’s room.


Brandon had stripped out of his jeans and underwear and put on some fresh light sweatpants in Yeong’s absence and was lying on the bed waiting for her to return. She closed the door behind herself and lay down next to him again. He wrapped his arms around her and they lay in silence for a couple of minutes. Yeong seemed to be composing her thoughts and Brandon was happy to let her.

““I want to be open with you.” She began.

“Go ahead, please.”

“I was with this boy in high school. I liked him a lot but I think he didn’t really care about me. After about six weeks of us being together he said if I really liked him, I would let him…” Yeong trailed off.

“Oh.” Brandon said, sympthetically.

“So, I let him, because I wanted to make him happy.” Yeong sighed. “And after that he did not respect me. He only wanted to do it, and didn’t want to spend time with me anymore. After we did it a few times I heard him brag to his friends. He told them private details, things about my body, and made me feel ashamed.” Yeong’s voice cracked.

“You don’t have to tell me if it’s too hard.” Brandon said. Yeong shook her head.

“I want you to understand.” Yeong took a moment to compose herself and continued. “After a couple of weeks I told him I didn’t want to anymore and he broke up with me. Said I was a slut and no other boy would want me now. Said things about my body – I know he just wanted to hurt me, but…”

“That’s why you didn’t want me to touch you?”

Yeong nodded.

“Well I don’t think there’s anything wrong with your body.” Brandon said, hoping it would sound reassuring.

“That reputation followed me through the rest of the year until I graduated high school. Whenever boys talked to me I assumed they thought that it was because I would have sex with them.” Yeong continued “So I avoided talking to anyone. When I came to college I wanted it to be a fresh start, without everyone thinking I’m some kind of easy target.”

“I don’t think of you that way. We don’t have to do anything you don’t want.”

“Thank you, I won’t. I mean, I want to. But it’s hard.”

“It’s ok.”

“So, you still want to be my boyfriend?” Yeong asked with a note of wry derision.

“Of course.”

Yeong kissed him, gently at first then with a renewed vigor. After a minute of kissing she rolled on top of him again and broke the kiss to remove her shirt a second time before resuming. Brandon ran his hands up her sides and back, caressing her skin as they kissed. After a short while Yeong gently guided one of his arms so that his hand was on the bra hooks and he took the hint, carefully unfastening the bra. It popped open and the straps went slack. Yeong sat up and let Brandon slowly ease the straps down over her shoulders, biting her lip anxiously as he lowered the cups and exposed her breasts. They were firm, and free of containment Brandon upped his estimate of their size. The sat high on her chest even without support and there was no sag against her ribs. Her nipples were the hard pencil-eraser size he expected to see after his exploration earlier but her areola were surprisingly small, only a small ring of dark-coloured skin surounded the hard nub. After setting her bra aside Brandon gently cupped her breasts in his hands, gently massaging their softness, caressing her nipples with his thumbs. He glanced up at Yeong’s face, realising she had been watching him for awhile. He didn’t know what to say so he simply slid his hand behind her back again and pulled her down to him to resume kissing her, enjoying the feel of her bare breasts against his skin.

It wasn’t long before he could feel himself growing hard again, his bulge rising under the crotch of Yeong’s jeans. The thought occurred to him that it would be selfish for him to expect her to take care of him again without reciprocating and ran his hands down her sides and slid his fingers into the waistband of her jeans, easing them between their bodies to start to unfasten her jeans. Yeong pulled back slightly from the kiss and looked down at him, a mix of feelings crossing her face. She didn’t say anything to stop him, and he tried to read her expression for clues.

After a few moments hesitation she resumed kissing him which he took as a signal for him to continue. He undid each button of the fly then started to push her jeans down over Yeong’s ass. She rolled off him for a moment to squirm out of them before straddling him again. Brandon couldn’t help but glance down as she did and caught a glimpse of her plain white cotton panties that matched her bra, her crotch pressing down directly on the aching lump barely concealed by his thin sweatpants. There was no question that she could feel every inch of him through the material just as he could feel the warmth radiating from her. Yeong’s breath caught in her throat as she sat on him, her gasp the first sound she had made that indicated obvious pleasure.

Acting on a sudden impluse to take control before he accidentally creamed his pants a second time Brandon pulled Yeong down next to him on the bed and rolled on top of her, starting to kiss his way down her neck and to her chest. He resumed groping her firm breasts and took each nipple on his mouth in turn, sucking gently and swirling his tongue around the sensitive erectile tissues. Yeong gasped again, lacing her fingers behind his head and pulling his mouth against her breasts. Brandon slid his thigh between hers and pressed against her crotch, and felt her hips move in response to the pressure. He ran his right hand down her skin and started caressing her lower belly along the waistband of her panties, waiting for Yeong to give him a signal that she was ok for him to keep going.

When she began to urge her hips upwards Brandon took it as a positive sign and slipped his fingers beneath her underwear, his fingers gliding downwards towards her slit. He was surprised to find no traces of hair, and his dick twitched as he thought about her smooth pussy. He found her slit with his fingers and gently stroked her skin, exploring her tentatively. She felt different to what he expected, he could feel soft fleshy skin and a prominent bulge of her clit protruding from between her outer labia. Briefly he wondered if this was the source of her private shame, the hurtful comments from her high school boyfriend. Some guys believed that a woman with prominent inner lips was ugly, or more sexually promiscuous than a woman whose labia was neatly tucked away.

Wanting to assure her that he was not going to shame her for her body he slid his hand under her head and pulled Yeong into another kiss as he gently massaged her clit with his fingertips and gently probed further down, insiderting his finger between her lips. He wasn’t surprised to find her wet, but held off from entering her with his finger for now, instead gathering a little moisture before returning to her clit and rubbing it in soft circles. A gentle moan into their kiss was his reward and encouragement to continue. He alternated between rubbing her clit and ripping his fingers into her, gradually easing his finger in deeper feeling the slick tightness of her hole enveloping him and the thought of being inside her made him shudder with excitement – not that he expected that to happen today, even going this far was unexpected, but Yeong had warmed up extremely quickly after their brief talk about her anxiety.

He felt her hand groping for his cock through his pants again and he gently eased away from her. He knew the way he was pent up right now he wouldn’t last long and he didn’t want to blow his load so soon. For the moment he felt like the experienced person, the one in control, and wanted to hold onto that feeling. He suspected given how selfish her last boyfriend had been that he had never done much to care about her needs, and wanted to prove he was different. As he moved away he slowly broke their kiss and started kissing his way down her chest again.

“I want to use my mouth.” He whispered. “Would that be ok?”

Yeong chewed her lip as she looked into his eyes then slowly nodded, apparently overcoming any residual fears about letting Brandon see her entirely naked. Brandon continued to kiss his way down between her breasts, taking her panties by the sides and gently peeling them down her thighs and calves, letting them fall to the floor. As he nestled himself between her thighs his eyes confirmed what his fingers had reported: Yeong’s inner labia ptrotruded from between her labia majora, a dark olive, almost purple hue to the skin. Her clitoral bump sat prominently at the cleft of her slit. Parting her with his fingertips exposed the soft pink skin, no different to the only other vagina with which he’d had any up close and personal experience.

Slowly he eased his finger back inside her, her tight hole gripping at him as he slid inside. He brought his lips close to her and felt her shiver under his warm breath before he began to kiss her. He closed his mouth over her clit and sucked gently, using his tongue to make small circles. Yeong reacted immediately, her thighs quivering and she let out an unexecpted squeak which Brandon took as a sign he was doing well. He slowly worked his finger inside her, feeling the slipperly roughness of her inner walls as he licked her clitoris, his tongue exploring the folds of her pussy as he intimately familiarised himself with it. With the tip of his finger he found the spot inside her that was directly behind her clit and massaged that area as he began to try different movements with his tongue. She seemed to react most strongly when he flattened his tongue and pressed hard against the right side of her clit so he kept doing that, caressing her lower belly with her free hand. He knew better than to stop now and ask if she was enjoying it, he was determined to bring her to orgasm and the sound of her soft moans as she struggled to stifle them were driving him wild with lust, making him wonder if it was possible he might cum just from going down on her.

“Oh god, oh Brandon.” Yeong suddenly exclaimed, grabbing the pillow beside her and clamping it down over her head as she screamed. Her thighs were trembling and her hips bucked against his mouth as he determinedly continued to keep stroking her with his tongue, using one hand to help hold her steady as he pressed herder against the front wall of her vagina from the inside. Her thighs clamped down either side of his head as one last powerful quiver ran through her and she collapsed against the bed.

Brandon slowly eased off, easing his finger from her and slid back up the bed to lie alongside her as she breathlessly came down from her orgasmic high, her eyes filled with desire as she pulled the pillow of her face and looked up at him. She looked as though she was going to kiss him but had second thoughts, presumably not entirely comfortable with kissing him while her own juices lingered on his lips. For a long moment they just looked at each other then Yeong seemed to realise his erection was pressed into her side. She reached down and extracted him from his pants, which prompted him to shimmy out of them and kick them off onto the floor. His cock lay across her belly as she ran her hand over it, propping herself up a little on her elbow as she looked at it for the first time. She traced her fingertips up his length and around the rim of his swollen glans, seemingly fanscinated by it. She closed her hand around it and began to stroke him up and down, starting slowly and gently.

“Is this ok, for now?” she asked looking up at him, an almost apologetic quaver in her voice. Brandon was confused by the question for a moment but it dawned on him that she might have thought he expected her to reciprocate with oral, or let him have sex with her in exchange for going down on her.

“It’s fine.” He said with a reassuring smile. He had no idea what her stance was on giving blowjobs and didn’t necessarily expect she would want to, and as much as he would have liked to have sex had she offered, today had already surpassed his wildest dreams when it came to how far he hoped things might progress. Another handjob, while lying here naked with her, was more than just ok. He ran his fingers over her breast, gently cupping it and gently toying with her nipple. He wanted to kiss her but wasn’t going to force her to if that made her uncomfortable, so he lay there as she jerked his cock, slowly at first then with increasing speed. At this angle his cockhead rubbed against her belly, moving up and down with every stroke and after the excitement of bringing her to orgasm he could feel it wouldn’t be long before she coaxed a second load from him. He curled up alongside her, kissing her neck in lieu of her lips, gently squeezing her breast as his breathing became more laboured. He felt a warning was in order.

“I’m getting close.” He whispered.

“It’s ok. You can do it.” Yeong urged, indicating she understood that he was probably going to make a mess on her skin and was ok with that. Brandon nuzzled against her neck and then let out a soft grunt as his balls tightened and his cock twitched in her hand. Yeong kept stroking as he began to squirt. She watched in fascination as a long rope of cum shot across her skin, followed by a second smaller amount that clung to his tip. She gathered it on her fingers and noticed the way he twitched as she ran her slippery fingertips over the purple head, so did it a few more times until the cooling gunk began to become sticky.

As they lay there she brought her hand up to her face to closely examine the pearly strands between her fingers and sniffed it experimentally, with a bemused expression. She let her hand flop back onto her belly with the rest of the mess, apparently resigned to the time being to having his cum on her. She turned her head and kissed his forehead affectionately, then they lay together in silence for awhile.

“I have another confession to make.” She said eventually.

“What’s that?” Brandon said, somewhat sleepily.

“I never had an orgasm before today.” Yeong said. Brandon opened his eyes to find her looking at him meaningfully. He was at a loss at what to say to that.

“Oh.” was all he managed.

“I am glad that my first was with you.” Yeong said.

“I’m glad too.” He realised her eyes were searching his face, betraying her anxiety. “Are you worried we went too fast?”

“A little bit.” Yeong admitted “But I also didn’t want to wait anymore, to be with you.”

“I won’t break your trust.” Brandon offered, hoping it came out as sincerely as he meant it, instead of corny.

“Do you still respect me?” Yeong queried.

“Of course. And we can still go as fast or slow as you want. We don’t have to do more if you aren’t ready.”

“Thank you Brandon.” Yeong smiled and sat up. Brandon preemptively handed her a canister of wet wipes for the mess on her belly and she gratefully accepted, cleaning herself up before before rising to gather her clothing. Brandon watched her dress with her back turned to him, curious as to why but supposing she might have some bashfulness now that the heat of the moment had passed. He pulled his pants back on as well as a fresh T-shirt.

“Do you want to stay for dinner?” Brandon asked, acutely aware that Yeong was about to leave and wanting to put that moment off as long as possible.

“I shouldn’t.” Yeong said, pulling her shirt down over her head and picking up her phone to check the time before turning back to face him as he circled around the bed towards her.

“Oh, you’re welcome to. Unless you don’t want to.”

“I promised my roommate I’d be home for dinner. She wants to hear about my date.” She smiled awkwardly, a blush rising in her cheeks.

“Ah... well I assume you’ll leave some details out.”

“I think I will just tell her... that it went very well.”

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The ferry was due to sail just before midnight. While we were waiting to drive our hire car onto the ship, my wife and I had sat in a taverna knocking back Metaxa Greek brandy. By the time that we had stowed the car and found the lounge I was sha ..continue reading

No sex, humour erotic story

Description: In this humorous attempt at deliberate bad writing your beloved author faces down an irate father while armed only with blazing wit and wet underwear. Or maybe just wet underwear. by Edweird Lytwer-Bulton (Sometimes knows as Russell Ho ..continue reading

Dirty stepmother

Today most middle-class professional people maintain a respectable manner, obscuring the ferment signifying social change in which large numbers of them are engaged. Educated, aware of their responsibilities to themselves and the communities in whic ..continue reading

Ass to mouth 2.

As the virus worked its way through his brain, cutting connections and building new ones to turn this once responsible and polite boy into a seething animal, the changes were immediate, his adrenaline glands began to pump wildly, his veins swelled, h ..continue reading

After class with teacher

The facade of respectability often crumbles to dust with remarkable swiftness once its protective armor has been pierced. The relatively minor investigation into the conduct of one police officer results in the discovery of massive corruption within ..continue reading

Mama's Gigolo

I know a bunch of this stuff, probably 98 percent of it, is false about incest. But in email chats with this guy Long Boy Slim, he convinced me to let him post this story I forwarded to him, word for word. It's true. It's what happened between me ..continue reading