Lady Mowbray - sex story

Lady Mowbray

Jason awoke to find the gag being removed from his mouth. He knew what that
meant. He was then blindfolded. To his surprise and pleasure, the soothing
cream that had been put on his cuts was gently reapplied.

" Now then. Let's see how good you are. Your success rate at identifying us
determines where you go today. Brianna would love to get her hands on you

Ignoring the portable toilet because she wanted to look at his face, Susie
lifted her skirt and stood astride Jason's head. She then peed mostly into his
mouth, some splashing onto her bare feet and some onto the tiled floor.

" Well?"

" It's Susie."

" Well done. Now, who's this? "

Amanda stood astride him and peed.

" It's Amanda."

He felt a stinging blow to his testicles from a riding crop.

" WHO?"

" Sorry madam. Lady Mowbray madam," stammered Jason.

" I shouldn't have to remind you Jenny. You've been here long enough."

Sarah then peed on him. Finally, a bucket of water was thrown over him.

" You stink, you horrible beast."

" All right girls. Give him his breakfast, then put him in the car. The same
as yesterday. I like having his testicles presented to me on top of his bare
bottom. Put Justine in the boot. Hog-tie, gag and blindfold her and stuff a
vibrator up her twat. I've gone off her. Make sure the vibrator has new

Again they drove through typical suburban streets to a new address. It had an
attached garage like all the rest and they drove straight in. Jason heard the
engine noise stop. He was bent double behind the back seat and his face was
buried in a pile of dirty women's underwear. The intimate clothing
surrounding his face and head somehow gave him a sense of security and he
felt safe. Courtesy of the terrible twosome, he had been prepared with a ring
gag in his mouth. This meant one thing was in store for him and Jason was
excited by the prospect.

A slightly overweight, stereotypical housewife greeted them in a padded house
coat and fluffy bedroom slippers.

" Welcome. You must be from 'Rent A Man'."

She peered into the back of the car and giggled.

" Oh my."

She stood back from the door.

" Take him right through. The others are in the lounge."

" We've brought his naughty girlfriend along. I hope you don't mind."

Amanda opened the boot and showed her the hog-tied and gagged Justine.

" Oh my."

" We can leave her here if you like."

" No, no. You had better bring the poor girl in. Some of the others might be

The normal Bridge Foursome had grown to six this morning. They all stood up
and crowded around Jason as he stood with bowed head, enforced by the
humbler. A woman in a business suit, glasses and a commanding air said "Can
you take that thing off him." She pointed to the clamp around his balls.

The twins obliged.

"Tie him up against that door, with his hands above his head."

The twins tied a rope on to the chain between his wrists, threw it over the
door, yanked on it to pull his hands up, then closed the door on the rope.

" I didn't realise so many people would be coming. It's upset our plans a
little," the homeowner remarked.

" That's no problem," said Amanda. "Is there a bedroom we can use? We can take
this little slut in there and have a little chat with her. If you want to use
her in your game, you are quite welcome."

When the bridge club was alone with Jason, they decided that they would not
waste time playing cards for forfeits as they had planned, but would do all
the things that they had listed as forfeits straight off.

" Change of plans sunshine."

The women took him down, cleared the card table and put him face down on the
table, with his feet spread and tied to the table legs. It was a small,
sturdy table and there was just room for his stomach and chest on the table.
His face projected over the end. His hands were chained behind his back and
his hard cock was vertically crushed against the side of the table. His balls
hung vulnerably between his open legs.

" Who's first?"

" We can go two at a time."

These were all middle-aged housewives, mostly past their "use by" date, but
they were a randy lot with many kinky frustrations. They removed his ring
gag, with promises to use it later, then made him lick their bare bottoms and
anuses. Others repeatedly raped him with dildos. Some just wanted to thrash
his bottom with various whips.

They tied a cord around his penis and added spoons, knives and forks as
weights, but the cord slipped off. Someone got a roll of packaging tape and
taped the cord to his cock. This worked much better and he began to cry out.
The women stuffed as many of their knickers as they could into his mouth and
wrapped packaging tape around his head to hold the fabric in. Eventually, the
tape ripped off his penis and he managed a muffled scream. This was echoed by
laughter from the bedroom.

Some tied thin ropes around his balls and tried to see how far they would
stretch by connecting the same weights as they had used on his cock. This
time, the cord did not slip and they eventually gave up when it seemed his
balls were going to be torn off. They were a surprisingly sadistic bunch.
Most took great delight in pulling his hair and pulling his head back as far
as they could.

After about an hour, they put the ring gag back in and took him to the

He lay on the floor, naked, gagged and chained, while six naked witches danced
around him, peeing and spitting on him whenever they felt like it. They got
quite excited and Jason was genuinely scared of them.

" What about his girlfriend? Can we do the same to her?"

" I'll go and see."

The woman who owned the house put on her dressing gown and went to the bedroom
where they had taken Justine.

Chapter 26: slave jason

"Oh, my...excuse me!" she said, face to face with the orgy in front of

Justine was tied spread-eagled to the four corners of the bed. Four
layers of towel were placed underneath her crotch to protect the
bedsheet. Amanda, still clothed but sans knickers, straddled her female
slave's head and enveloped it with her white cotton dress. The Marquesa
faced Justine's feet and received the "best oral favors she had ever
felt," she would later recount. The young French maiden was apparently
an expert in such matters.

A nylon cord wrapped above and below each kneecap assured that Justine's
knees would remain bent, allowing the twins full access to her cunt.
Both Sarah and Susie wore a pair of latex gloves and prepared to ravish
poor Justine. They placed a tube of KY jelly in the bathroom sink and
let it soak in hot water. Sarah went first and slathered her fingers
liberally. After she inserted three digits into Justine, Sarah used her
thumb to stimulate the clitoris. With four fingers inside, the redhead
felt her hand start to get sucked in. Sarah then lay her thumb
alongside her middle finger and very carefully pushed forward. She
twisted her hand a little and glided into Justine's pussy. When
inside, Sarah formed a fist and continued moving up and down.

Amanda's pleasure increased as well. She felt like her whole midsection
was being swallowed up by Justine's mouth. The French girl was on the
verge of orgasm herself, but Susie insisted it was her turn. In the
middle of Justine's orgasmic bliss, Sarah removed her hand. Unfortunately
for her, the contractions were so intense that one of Sarah's fingers was
hurt pretty badly.

"OOOWWW!!! You bitch. What did you do to me?"

"What happened sis?"

"Are you alright?" Amanda asked swinging her legs onto the floor.

Sarah grabbed the wrist of her right hand.

"I think the slut broke my middle finger," Sarah hissed.

Amanda turned around to look at Justine. She was smiling. Even the
Marquesa had a hard time wiping the smile off of her own face.

"I oughta fist-fuck that lil' bitch right up her bum," Sarah screamed.

"SSSHHHHH! Quiet Sarah," Amanda warned, turning to the homeowner who
voyeuristically enjoyed the entire show. "We're still guests in this
house. We better get that finger looked at. It looks like another
abortive outing for our little business. If we keep giving out refunds,
we won't be able to expand."

When Susie brought Justine back into the garage, she noticed how pleased
with herself the French girl seemed. Jason, on the other hand, felt
utterly defeated. Defeated, and sore, as his rectum was brutally
assaulted and his buttocks viciously thrashed by six angry middle-aged
housewives. But it was the humiliation that left the lasting

On Saturday morning, Brianna and her daughter stopped by Amanda's house.
The Marquesa felt obligated since the previous session with Jason ended
so abruptly.

Brianna and Rebecca were let in by Madge and escorted upstairs to
Jason's cell. Amanda welcomed them and brought them up to date.
The twins were already preparing their slave.

Jason was blindfolded and the large funnel was placed in his mouth,
effectively pinning him to the floor. The portable toilet was placed
over the funnel and attached, providing a seal that avoided any possible
mess. Rebecca dropped her pleated skirt and knickers and squatted over
the toilet. She first expelled a trickle from her bladder. Jason
immediately noticed a new taste sensation and guessed that it was either
Brianna or her daughter. Up until this point, he could tell the
difference between Susie's, Sarah's, and Amanda's pee much the same way
that a wine connoisseur might, savoring both the bouquet and the aftertaste.
Jason was becoming quite adept at his new role.

"Maybe we should bottle it, cork it, and label it for ole Jenny," Susie

Rebecca let out a more forceful stream and Jason swallowed it all.
Brianna followed. First she removed her tampon, then rained down on
Jason. The slave could tell that the creator of this particular brew was
on her menstrual cycle. He overheard Brianna mention it earlier and
deduced that it was indeed her urine.

When the funnel was finally removed from Jason's mouth, he correctly
guessed the origin of all five golden showers.

"Very impressive, Jenny. I wonder if there's a use for such a talent,"
Amanda intoned.

"I wonder what other kinds of taste tests we can use on it," Brianna
replied looking down her nose at the blindfolded slave.

"Sarah, Susie...bring Jenny down to the 'games' room and prepare him
for Rebecca's birthday party," Amanda said.

"Yes, ma'am," the twins responded in unison.

Rebecca turned 18 only a week earlier and her mother thought that a
day at Amanda's would be the perfect gift.

Jason was laid across the middle of a large table. His wrists were
secured above his head by heavy duty nylon cord threaded through the
D rings in his cuffs and tied off to a ring underneath the table's edge.
His ankles received the same treatment. The humbler was also removed
and the phallus gag inserted.

Sarah, with the sprained middle-finger of her right hand in a splint,
released a ceiling pulley chain and attached a magnet to the end. Susie
easily stroked Jason to an erection and screwed on two hose clamps to
Jason's cock: one at the base and one just underneath the head.

"Tighter Susie, we don't want Jenny's 'clit' to go limp on us now do

Jason moaned through his penis gag as the lovely young redhead tightened
the cold metal of the bottom clamp but left the upper one rather loose.
When she was satisfied, Susie brought the hanging magnet down over to
the hose clamp under the cockhead and CLINK...she joined them together.

Sarah brought over a tube of surgical jelly and a 5 inch long, quarter
inch wide pink candle. She showed it to Jason.

"Guess what? You're gonna be Rebecca's birthday cake. I hope you're in
a festive mood, Jenny."

Sarah applied a liberal amount of jelly to the lower half of the candle
and slowly inserted it into Jason's urethra. The young man squeezed his
eyes shut and bit down on the gag. When approximately two inches was
painfully pushed down his cock slit, Sarah tightened the other clamp
until she felt that the candle was properly secure.

Susie placed six chairs around the table and set the table with dishes,
glasses, and utensils.

"Here's the birthday girl," Amanda cheerfully exclaimed as she escorted
Rebecca, her mother, and even Justine down to the games room. Justine
still had her penis gag strapped in place and Amanda held her leash, but
the female slave was allowed to appear "decent" at the party. The
Marquesa dressed her in a tangerine sundress and a pair of mules.
Justine stood silently by her Mistress' side.

All six party guests sat around the table as Madge entered with food and
wine. Amanda stood up to offer a toast.

"Rebecca, you are a woman now. I hereby empower you to take all that is
womanhood and use it to your advantage. Shake it, take it, and make it
into something of your own."

"Cheers," the others joined in.

"Rebecca", Amanda began while handing Rebecca a small pink disposable
cigarette lighter, "I give you the honors."

The schoolgirl stood up and moved her hand close to Jason's cock. He
felt her warmth and smelled her perfume. She flicked her thumb at the
lighter and lit a two inch high flame to the candlewick. The candle was
set ablaze as the revelers started on their feast. The loud stereo
effectively drowned out Jason's muffled groans of anguish.

Bubbling pink wax dripped down the length of Jason's penis, forming a
solid mass around his balls. But the worst part of it was the flame's
proximity to the pulley chain. It heated it, which consequently heated
the hose clamp under Jason's cockhead. This was unimaginable agony for
the poor slave as his manhood was practically roasted alive.

The candle started out with about three inches peeking out the slit.
Only an inch now remained as the flame moved perilously close to Jason's
penis. Jason was able to watch the festivities via a ceiling mirror and
he looked over at Amanda who was busy chattering to Rebecca and devouring
Madge's delicacies.

When it seemed that only the wick protruded from Jason's cock, Amanda
moved to action. Indeed, his entire cock was pink and therefore looked
like a candle itself.

"Rebecca, once again please, you do the honors," Amanda said handing the
orgasm controller to the guest of honor. "Simply press 'GO.'"

Rebecca stood up and aimed the control box toward Jason's crotch. The
tip of the slave's cock was practically on fire and he howled through
the gag.


Rebecca pressed the button and a shot of semen rushed to the tip of
Jason's penis. The flow was so strong that it bypassed the clamps
and the imbedded candle and shot out the tip, extinguishing the flame.

"WOW! Now I've seen everything," Sarah said as Brianna clapped her hands
and Susie whistled through her fingers.

Amanda took a sip of Cabernet and bent down to give Jason a peck on the

"Brianna, let's talk business, shall we?" Amanda said as she turned to
her friend.

"What sort of business did you have in mind?"

"My 'Rent A Man' business has gotten off to a rocky start. I feel that
with your financial expertise, we can build something unique...together.
It could be the start of something big. I'll make you and your daughter
50/50 partners with me. I'll be the Chief Executive Officer and you can
be the Senior Vice President and Treasurer. You'll be in charge of the
books...the expenditures, etc. Rebecca can take care of scheduling,
travel arrangements, and the like. Of course, I'll hire a full-time
nanny for your sons. That way, you needn't worry about running home all
the time if you're held up 'at the office.' Well? What do you two

Brianna turned to her daughter who simply smiled the most radiant smile
of her life.

"What about school, Rebecca?"

"Oh, mother I can handle both."

"It's settled then," Amanda interjected. I hereby christen 'A & B
Enterprises.' Long live 'Rent A Man.'"

The three women touched wine goblets as Jason's penis returned to room

Keys: MF FF femdom cbt ws nc scat

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