Lesbian sexting - sex story

Lesbian sexting

Anna and Becky were out walking on their third day of their two week break to sunny Tenerife when it became suddenly less sunny. Rain clouds closed in quickly and before long it was a torrential downpour, soaking the girls quickly. It was a good half hour back to the hotel so they decided to stop at a bar to shelter from the storm. The bar was empty as they walked in, just 2 young barmen behind the bar. Both obviously thrilled at how soaked the girls were, their skirts and tops clinging to their bodies. It was only at this point that Anna realised her white t-shirt had gone totally transparent, clearly displaying her 36D charms bulging in her white bra. Becky giggled at her predicament and thanked God she had worn blue that day.

They sat at a table and one of the barmen came over to wait on them, they ordered and as he left Anna whispered to Becky to look at the bulge in his trousers

"I think he wants you Becky" Anna giggled.

She said "I think he's more likely to have a stiffy because he can see your tits!" Becky replied.

"They're quite cute though aren't they?!" Anna continued.

"I think you must just be feeling horny" smiled Becky.

"I bet you wouldn't turn him down would you?" Anna pressed.

"That's not the point, its not like they're going to ask us out is it?" Becky replied.

"They totally want us!" Anna said.

"No, they want you 'cause you've got big tits and they can see them!" Becky retorted.

"Show them yours then" Anna giggled, taking a sip of her Vodka and Fanta lemon. "Come on, they can see mine, lift your top and let them see what you've got, I dare you!"

With that the waiter returned, his cock still bulging in his trousers, trying not to stare at Anna's tits. "Have a good look there did yoy?" Anna asked cheekily.

The barman looked speechless. "What do you think of Becky's, you want to see hers?" Anna pulled at Becky's top to coerce her into lifting it. After a little persuasion Becky coyly lifted her top to show her 38C wares contained in a black push up bra. The barman clearly couldn't believe his luck!

"Very nice!" he mumbled, eyes roaming between their cleavages.

"See I told you!" Anna said gesturing towards his growing bulge.

"Jesus!" Becky exclaimed at seeing it throb through his trousers.

Anna leant over and whispered to Becky "Dare me to touch it?"

"No way! You wouldn't!" Becky whispered back with not a little surprise in her voice.

The barman returned to the bar and began chatting to the other guy, telling him what had just happened.

"Why not? Come on walk up to the bar with me, we can flirt with them and have some fun!" Anna said.

They walked up to the bar, Anna stood next to the guy on the near side of the bar and said "Shitty weather eh? Still, drying off a bit in here"

The guy nodded "Shame really, your top looked better before, from what I could see!" he said cheekily.

Anna had sneakily slid her hand over the waiters bulge making him push against her hand. She took her hand away pleased at his lustful response. "I should never have let you wait on them!" he said to his friend jokingly.

"Oh poor you" Anna chided "Well we could do with our t-shirts getting dried off but not much we can do, anyone could walk in" she said.

"Well. doesn't look much like we will get anyone this afternoon while the weather is like this, we could put your tops on the heater if you want?" The barman said hopefully.

"I will if you will" Anna giggled to Becky.

Becky bit her lip thinking, "You always lead me astray!" She whispered back "Ok".

One of the barmen hurriedly locked the door. Both girls took their tops off and handed them to the barman behind the bar to place on the heater. They giggled at the sight of his trousers bulging now too. Both guys came back to the bar where the girls were giggling and sipping their drinks. "Are you sure, we cant dry anything else for you?" the one behind the bar asked.

"You horny boys!" Anna exclaimed "I don't know about Becky but nothing else of mine is coming off while you still have clothes on! Get everything off and I'll think about it"

The 2 guys looked at each other and instantly decided they were willing to try their luck. Both stripped quickly to their boxer shorts, both "tenting" with their excitement. "Come on your turn!" they said to the girls.

"I don't think that you have everything off yet!" exclaimed Becky in between sips of her drink. "Shame really."

"If we take our boxers off, what exactly do we get to see?" the boys enquired. Becky leant over to whisper and confer with Anna

"Ok if you get em off we will show you everything" Anna told them.

Anna went first and unclipped her skirt and unwrapped it placing it aside revealing her white see through thong. This was all the encouragement the guys needed and the both yanked their shorts off, both standing there, cocks pointing at the sky.

"Both mighty excited aren't you boys!" Anna exclaimed.

"Actually we haven't even exchanged names yet have we? I'm Anna and this is Becky"

"I'm Paul and this is Steve" Paul replied "Come on Anna, show us your tits!"

"Two seconds" Anna replied. She whispered to Becky "How much are you up for?"

"Dunno, you?" Becky replied.

"To be honest I'd let them both shag me I'm that turned on!" Anna said.

"You Slut! Well its been a while I guess..." Becky replied

"It's not like anyone will ever know, let you're self go" Anna encouraged.

"Come on girls we had a deal!" Steve said urgently.

Becky let her skirt fall to the floor leaving her standing in her black thong and bra. They both undid their bras. Becky following Anna's lead, then slipped their tiny panties down their freshly waxed legs, before standing up showing everything. Both girls pleased they had neatly trimmed their bushes to mohican strips ready for their holiday. The sight was too much for the guys who were stroking their swollen cocks.

"Woah I think the boys are thinking about rude things Becky!" Anna giggled.

"Becky is a good catholic girl, so doing that is naughty!" Anna went on.

"So you've never got yourself off?" Paul asked

"Of course I have, all the time!" Anna laughed.

"What about you Becky, have you?" She asked.

"Nope" Becky replied.

"Don't lie! I heard you flicking yourself off in the bathroom yesterday!" Anna said

"Oh my God! you shouldn't have been listening!" Becky squealed with embarrassment.

"It was hard not to, all I could hear was oh, oh, oh God! And a lot of squelching, whatever you were thinking about was certainly getting you off!" Anna gushed.

"That's so embarrassing" Becky said, blushing.

"I think the boys rather like the thought of you touching yourself" Said Anna sliding her hands over Paul's and Steve's cocks. Both guys began pawing Anna's bare tits,

"What do you boys think of Becky?" Anna enquired.

"She's hot!" they both agreed.

"See they both like you Becky" Anna exclaimed. "Come and tease one, its fun!"

Becky walked over and began stroking Paul's cock. Paul reached out and ran his fingers over Becky's slit before easing a finger into her wet hole, he quickly added another and began fingering her quickly making Becky moan. "Dirty girl, you're gagging for it aren't you?! I knew you would end up letting him shag you!"Anna purred.

Anna bent over and engulfed Steve's cock in her mouth, swirling her tongue over its swollen tip making him gasp with pleasure. She let his dick pop out of her mouth and walked over to a table sitting on the edge. Becky was still getting fingered by Paul,

Anna opened her legs and began touching herself. It was all the encouragement Steve needed, he stood between her legs and began pushing his cock against her wet hole. It quickly slipped in and Steve began slowly thrusting into her. Anna looked up and saw Paul itching to get inside Becky but she wouldn't give him the come on.

"Just bend her over Paul, she hasn't had it for ages" Anna shouted over.

Becky didn't move, "Are you up for this or not?" Paul asked her. She wasn't too sure still and didn't move. Steve had bent Anna over the table at this point and was vigorously fucking her from behind. Paul got tired of waiting for Becky and decided to paw Anna's naked body. He stood at the other side of the table and began pawing her big swinging tits. She was groaning each time Steve pushed his cock into her, it wasn't long before Steve pulled out, complaining that he was about to cum. Anna stood up, looking slightly tousled but a little disappointed

"I was just getting to the good part!" she complained.

Paul was standing in front of her by now, still groping her. He kissed her pushing his tongue into her mouth. Anna stroked his cock making him gasp. Paul broke off their kiss

"Bend over for me babe" he whispered.

"Why? What do you have in mind?" she teased.

"You know what!" Paul replied coyly.

"Maybe, but I want to hear you ask for exactly what you want, you never know you might get lucky!" she replied.

"Ok, because I want to have sex with you" he growled.

"That was a lame way of saying it, don't you fancy me that much?" she replied.

"God yes!" he replied.

"What do you like about me?" she asked.

"I love your fucking big tits!" he babbled out

"Really? are they that nice?" she said.

"God yes, I bet there have been loads of guys who have had a good wank thinking about you after seeing you in your bikini!" he said lustily.

"Do you really think some guys will have?" she said.

"Definitely, I know I would have. " he said. "God that's so horny!" she gushed

"I love the idea of a guy getting excited and then wanking because of me." Anna drooled.

"You ever watched a guy jerk off?" Paul enquired.

"Yeah, mostly just my boyfriend though" she replied.

"You have got a Boyfriend?" Paul asked, a little shocked.

"Yeah, don't tel him will you!" Anna joked.

"No one else you have seen wank?" he enquired.

"Just this one guy on holiday once. My boyfriend and I were a little tipsy and this lad was eyeing me up, we got talking to him and ended up letting him come up to our room." Anna replied quite matter of factly.

"So what happened?" Paul asked, dying to know more.

"I just teased him, flirting a bit, messing around and he got this massive hard on in his shorts!" Anna replied.

"Go on..." Paul said.

"My boyfriend gave me the OK to mess around, I asked the lad if he had a girlfriend and he said he hadn't ever had one" Anna said.

"My God, how old was he?" Paul asked.

"Just turned 18. I asked him if he had ever been made to cum, and he said only by himself, I felt a bit sorry for him. I asked what he thought about when he made himself cum. He said just girls he had met. I asked if he wanted to make himself cum now. He said he really did as he was feeling really horny. I asked if he would like me to watch in just my underwear. He loved that idea!" Anna said.

"I bet!" Paul cut in.

"So I took my skirt and top off and stood in front of him in my bra and thong. He took all his clothes off and began wanking his hard cock in front of me really fast. It was a real turn on seeing him so hard for me. My boyfriend told me to get my tits out for him, so I did. That got him really excited and he covered my front in sticky mess " Anna explained.

"Nice!" Paul said his fingers inside her by now. "Even thinking about guys wanking because of you really gets you off doesn't it! You're getting so wet!"

Steve was standing in front of Becky stroking his cock. He approached her and kissed her, pushing his tongue into her mouth. He reached down and began rubbing her clit as they kissed which really started getting Becky going. After a couple of minutes Becky had to break off their kiss to gasp, what Steve was doing to her was getting her off big time.

"Oh my god!" Becky panted.

"Want to cum babe?" Steve asked her.

"I think I'm gonna" Becky whined.

"I want to fuck you Babe, can I?" Paul asked.

"Yesss, just make me cum" Becky groaned. Paul speeded his hand up and pushed her over the edge. She groaned out loud as her body spasmed.

"Now its your turn" Becky said. "Lay down!"

Steve did as he was told. Becky climbed on top of him and sat on his swollen cock. It slipped into her slippery puss easily and she began riding him quickly "

Woah, Jesus!" Steve exclaimed.

"Tell me when you are going to cum" Becky demanded.

She continued riding him and inside a couple of minutes he said "I'm not going to take much more of this!" Followed quickly by "I'm nearly there!"

Becky climbed off him and said "Now its your turn" as she lay on her back "Cum on me."

"Where?" Steve asked.

"Where do you want to" Becky asked. "

All over you!" Steve gasped.

"Ok where most, where would turn you on most?" Becky clarified.

"On your face and tits!" Steve said.

"Come on then!" Steve pumped his cock over her for a couple of minutes as Becky lay resting on her elbows, before Steve began pumping his cum over her covering her tits and face.

Paul and Anna had been watching what was going on and then Paul said "Come on, bend over for me, I really want to fuck you now!" Anna did as she was asked, bending over the nearest table Paul penetrated her from behind making them both groan slightly.

"Are you going to let me cum on you like that then?" Paul asked.

"Don't ask me, tell me what you want" Anna said "I'm feeling so naughty now I'll do pretty much whatever you want!"

"Ok I want to cum over your big tits and face while you finger yourself!" Paul demanded.

"That sounds so horny!" Anna exclaimed. "Do you want to do that now?" "

Yes lay on the table on your back" Paul commanded. Anna did as she was asked. "Now start getting yourself off." She bent her knees and opened her legs and then began rubbing her pussy.

"I don't think I will be long!" Anna gasped.

"Me neither!" grunted Paul as he stood stoking his cock over her.

Within a minute or so Anna said "I'm gonna cum soon!" her breathing getting shallower.

"Come on, Cum, I'm gonna spunk all over you, you dirty girl!" Anna began moaning as her orgasm approached. Paul grabbed her tit and rubbed her nipple against the end of his cock. Their orgasms hit almost simultaneously, he began shooting his load over her big tits before directing his cock towards her face, a couple of sticky strings landing on her chin.

Things were a little awkward after that so after the guys had brought their tops back they asked to use the bathroom and then slipped out of the back door. When they arrived home, Anna went to jump into the shower and found the guys had written their phone number on the inside of her t-shirt and the words "Can we meet again before you go home?" She told Becky but didn't decide to call until halfway through their second week. Anna was looking forward to seeing them again, Becky didn't seem so hot on the idea, but Anna didn't care, she had made up her mind to meet them, besides she wouldn't have minded having both of the guys attention for herself. Becky hadn't gone very far with anyone since that first incident in the bar, the furthest being a guy getting her tits out on the beach after leaving a night club. Anna had been a little more open and counted three blowjobs and two shags as her conquests. She had decided she was going to let her hair down, after all it wasn't as if she would see any of them again.

Anna had invited the guys to come over to their apartment the following afternoon and was nervous with anticipation. Around 3pm there was knock on the door, Anna bounded to open it, it was the guys and to surprise there were 3 of them!

"This is Mick" Steve introduced them.

Mick was tall and thin and a bit dorkier looking than the other two. Anna was gob smacked but let them in. She went and got a drink as the lads went and stood on the balcony.

"What do you reckon then" Anna whispered to Becky.

"The first time was a bit of fun, but this has gone a bit far for me now" Becky whispered back.

"What do you mean?" Anna replied.

"I mean I'm not up for this anymore, tell them to go" Becky said.

"No way, I invited them over" Anna snapped back.

"Not all three you didn't" Becky snapped.

"Well I want them to stay" Anna retorted.

"Well I'm going out then, have fun wont you!" Becky said sarcastically.

"Oh don't worry, I will!" Anna chided.

With that Becky grabbed her bag and left. Steve walked in off the balcony and said "Where's Becky?"

"She's gone out" Anna replied sipping her drink to settle her nerves.

Paul and Mick came in off the balcony and Steve said "What do you reckon to her then?" gesturing towards where Anna was standing in her light blue bikini and sarong.

"She's well fit!" Mick replied "I still don't believe you though Steve." He added

"Well believe it 'cause it happened, ask her if you don't believe me!" Steve replied.

"Ok, did you and your friend shag these two in the bar the other day?" Mick asked.

"It wouldn't be very lady like of me to answer a question like that!" Anna said playfully.

"She loves dirty talk too" Paul butted in. "Doesn't she look like the kind of girl you would have a wank over after seeing her by the pool in her bikini?"

"Deffo!" Mick replied.

Paul walked over to Anna and cupped her breast through her bikini top and said "Are you feeling horny today?"

"Maybe" Anna giggled.

Paul put her hand on the bulge in his shorts. Anna stroked his straining length through his shorts. "Take your bikini off!" Steve ordered.

"You first!" Anna replied.

All three guys stripped immediately, all three standing there with straining erections. Anna followed suit, quickly removing her bikini and standing in front of the Three guys totally nude. She had butterflies in her stomach, and couldn't quite believe what she was doing.

"What do you think of Mick, do you fancy him?" Steve asked.

" I don't want you to take this the wrong way, but you look a little dorky, its not a bad thing though, I've always quite fancied the idea of teasing the school swot!" Anna replied.

Mick didn't look too bothered about what Anna said.

"He's got a girlfriend actually" Steve said.

Anna made Mick sit on the edge of the bed then knelt down in front of him. She took hold of his cock and began stroking it.

"Tell me about your girlfriend, Mick, what does she look like?" Anna asked.

"Well, she's about 5ft4ins, with long brown hair to her shoulders, she's a size 10, She has blue eyes..er" Mick stammered.

"What size are her tits?" Anna asked.

"34B I think" he replied.

"Not as big as these then?" Anna said gesturing at her own tits.

"Er, no" Mick replied.

"Is she good in bed?" Anna asked Mick.

"Yes she's good" Mick replied.

"Does she get dirty?" Anna asked.

"Sometimes, when she's horny, especially when she's drunk, she gets really horny then!" Mick replied.

"Do you like the idea of other guys fancying her?" Anna asked.

"Yes, its kind of a turn on" Mick replied.

"Have you ever let her do anything with anyone else?" Anna enquired.

"She let her mates boyfriend feel her up at a party once when we were both drunk, he wanted to fuck her but he came over her before he got chance." Mick confessed.

"That's pretty horny, would you have let him shag her?" Anna asked.

"Probably" Mick replied.

"Do you think these two want to shag your Girlfriend?" Anna purred, gesturing at Paul and Steve.

"I don't know" Mick replied.

"Do either of you two want to bang Mick's Girlfriend?" Anna asked the room.

"Yeah I'd fuck her!" Paul shouted back.

"Yeah me as well!" Steve added.

"Mmm does it turn you on knowing that your mates want to fuck your little Girlfriend?" Anna purred as she continued pumping his straining cock with her hand.
"Yesss!" Mick gasped in reply.

"Are you going to let them?" She teased.

"Mmm yeah they can fuck her if they want" Mick grunted.

"Wow this really does turn you on doesn't it!" Anna exclaimed "Would she like to fuck these two?" She went on.

"Yes!" Mick gasped.

"Yes? So you have asked her?" Anna said, wide eyed with excitement.

"Yeah, they were perving over her in her bikini and when we were in bed we got talking about it. It turned her on, so I asked her if she would. She likes Steve the best, but said she would do Paul as well" Mick explained breathlessly

"Mmm you are naughty Mick I like that! You got any naughty pics of her on your phone?" Anna pried.

Mick nodded.

"Show me!" Anna demanded clearly excited.

Mick grabbed his phone and found an album of images showing his Girlfriend in various stages of undress, along with a few of her sucking his cock and him cumming on her tits.

"Wow, she's cute Mick!" Then without asking handed the phone to Steve.

Mick was a bit shocked but didn't want to stop Anna stroking him off. Steve and Paul her flicking through the pics and slowly jerking off to the photos of Mick's Girlfriend.

"You like seeing them get excited over your Girlfriend Mick?" Anna purred.

Mick couldn't even grunt out an answer before he started pumping his hot load over Anna's hand and a great deal landing on his own stomach. Anna wiped her hand on a towel, but noticing she was now freed up Steve pushed her onto her knees, knelt down behind her and quickly positioned her to give himself access before penetrating her. He let out a groan of satisfaction as he completed his first stroke, pausing with his hips against her ass, grateful to be in her up to the hilt. This made Anna gasp loudly. Paul was standing watching and playing with his cock Steve was thrusting up her hard, trying not to lose control of himself.

"You're loving this aren't you? You dirty little girl!" Steve said.

"Oh God!" She gasped in reply.

"See I told you she loves it didn't I?" Steve said. Anna was close already, teasing Mick had really got her going, every thrust was now pushing her toward her orgasm. Steve thrust into her harder, determined to finish her off. It had the desired effect and within seconds her body tensed and she whimpered as she came..

Steve pulled out of her and he laid on the bed on his back, pulling Anna on top of him. She got the hint and quickly sat on his straining cock, taking his length easily in one go, such was the level of her excitement she was soaking. She began riding him, sticking her tits in his face for him to suck.

Paul was still wanking as he watched but wanted to get involved desperately by now. He stood next to them and began groping Anna's naked form, running his hand over her ass then down between her legs. He was surprised by how wet she was as his fingers made contact with her hole as She bounced on Steve's cock. His finger easily slipped in as he caressed her hole and he worked it all the way in as she fucked Steve. Anna clearly appreciated the extra attention, which only encouraged Paul and he eased a second finger in. She took that fairly easily too, and Paul had begun squeezing a third finger in before an idea struck him.

He withdrew his fingers only for Anna to begin riding Steve harder. Paul spat on his fingers twice and rubbed his saliva over his cock, concentrating on the tip. He then knelt on the bed behind Anna, she slowed down, expecting him to begin fingering her again. Instead he placed the tip of his cock against her hole and began to squeeze it in. Anna leant forward with shock but Paul held her hips, pulling her onto his length. She frowned and gasped as she took his cock, not quite believing what they were doing to her.

A familiar voice then almost came from nowhere "Oh my god! You dirty slut! I cant believe you've got them both up you!"

Anna looked up to find Becky standing in her bikini, looking over the top of her sunglasses. Anna couldn't care, it was enough for her to deal with that she had two cocks pounding her pussy simultaneously. The boys were really getting excited, the extra friction really getting them off. Anna was gasping and groaning as they stretched her pussy to its limits. It wasn't long before her orgasms were rolling over her, she couldn't stop cumming. This brought the guys off, both filling her pussy with their loads almost together. They withdrew and she rolled onto her back on the bed, her pussy a dripping, cummy mess. She lay there gasping for breath,

Becky stood there mouth gaping at what she had seen, totally shocked. She didn't notice Mick sidle up to her and he began pawing her breast through her bikini, quickly tugging the cups down to expose her assets. He dipped his head and sucked her nipple before she could react. She pushed him away looking shocked still.

"Oh come on, don't be shy" Mick chided. He deftly unclipped her bikini top, causing it to fall to the floor. Becky quickly tried to cover her exposed tits, Mick quickly yanked down her bikini bottoms and as she bent down to pull them back up pushed her forward so she was bent over the bed. She had her weight supported with one hand as she tried to pull her bottoms up with the other. Mick had his cock positioned between her legs as she wriggled, he held her steady and pushed his cock into her.

"Oh God, please don't!" she gasped half heartedly wriggling.

"Go on Micky! Give it to her" Steve and Paul cheered.

Mick wasn't interested in long gentle sex, he just wanted to fuck her brains out. He was pumping his cock into her fast and furious. This in turn was bringing Becky off who had stopped wriggling. Her moans were doing it for him big time, he began thrusting harder. Becky moaned

"Don't cum in me will you!?" Becky pleaded.

"Don't worry, I won't" Mick assured her.

Becky was there by now and could barely even hold herself up as her body convulsed in pleasure. Her loud orgasm only brought Mick off and just as Becky had finished he began

"Oh Jesus!" he moaned as he continued thrusting up her.

"Don't cum in me! Don't cum in me!" Becky exclaimed. She tried to lean forward to get him to pull out but he followed her. Her hips were flat on the bed as Mick held her still and thrust spasmodically as he filled her pussy with his load.

Mick pulled his cock out and Becky rolled onto her back feeling Mick's hot cum leak out of her freshly used hole. "You dirty bastard! I told you not to cum in me!" She shouted.

Mick just laughed "Sorry!"

The lads made a sharp exit to avoid Becky's wrath Leaving Anna and Becky alone.

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