Library sex (mom,mature,milf,sex story)

Library sex

My sex friend soon found it way into public... fucking pat in the library was really wild! Enjoy! I had managed to turn pat into a crazy anal whore who just couldn't go a few days with my hard dick, our sex sessions eventually got to the public, specifically the campus library, more to come!

Too much sex can be a burden, which I was sure of; having two ‘mutual benefit’ friend was getting to me. I missed classes, tutorials and friends but the sex was too much fun to abandon. I tried staying away but each of the ladies always turn up alternating prompting another session of sex. My body felt the stress but still wouldn’t quit for anything. By then, I had managed to turn Pat to a dirty anal whore who lived and breathed anal sex. Titi was getting better but she still wasn’t too good with anal. My sex sessions with Pat have always been restricted to my place or hers. Our first encounter outside our comfort zone was in the school library.
Some weeks after our last session, despite going the whole nine yard to avoid her, she tracked my movement to the library. She waited outside waiting for me to show up; I was caught off guard when I saw her outside. I knew she was definitely waiting on me. She murmured her greetings, my response likewise. I apologized for staying away, explaining my thesis work has kept me exceptionally busy. She shook her head saying she understood, and then casually suggesting whether she could come over and spend the night. I responded and told her pointblank that I don’t intend on staying overnight at home, I had to read and catch-up on my thesis. Her face crumbled with my response, sadness evident. I never knew she took our sex session that much to heart. I took her hand and led her back into the library to straighten things out.
For fear of any funny business, I chose a secluded and seldom used part of the top floor of the library. We sat, and I tried explaining that I needed a rest, was having too much sex lately and it was affecting other aspects of my life negatively. She smiled in response, unhooked the top two button of her shirt and placed my hand on her lap. I knew she was trying to make me see her been sexy. My eyes were soon drawn to the curves of her breast visible through the opening. Her hand slowly slipped to my zipper, drew it down and dug in. Alarmed, I looked around hoping we were alone. Luckily, we were as it was late in the evening. She grabbed my semi erect dick, pulled it out through the zip hole and whispered in my ear, that her asshole, pussy and mouth missed my dick and that she wanted me to take her right there in the library. My dick got rock hard with the sexy words. As much as I wanted to resist, I was hopeless when it came to sex. I guided her head down to my dick. She kissed the tip, murmuring that as much as I pretend not to miss her, my dick was telling a different story. I ignored her jibe, pushed my head toward my dick eagerly. She swallowed whole to get it wet, spat on it and starting milking it with drools all over, she knew I loved a sloppy blowjob. It was like she had an intention, she was superb and doing well. I had to put my groans in check fo fear of attracting attention. My hand snuck nto her shirt, pulled aside a bre cup and kneaded a breast, pinching the erect nipple. She moaned in response. After a few minutes of her milking me close to eruption, I did the usual hard throat fucking, grabbing her head and forcing it up and down the length of my dick real fast. She gagged, the muscles of her throat clenching round my dick. I pumped hot semen in her mouth unable to hold back. She gulped it all and sucked off the rest, smirking seductively after.
By now, I was game with penetration and wanted to fuck her real bad. I thought quickly of a locker room on the floor used to store utilities. I had once fucked a lady out of her senses in the room a while ago. I packed my books, and then both snuck to the room separately. As soon as we were both in, I locked the door from inside, threw my books aside and went at her. I grabbed her, kissed her vigorously, my hand soon found her pussy. I stuck two fingers in. She moaned in my mouth. I unbuttoned her shirt, pulled her bra off roughly. She turned me on so much I wasn’t thinking straight. I spun her around, pulled her jean trouser down as well as her pant. My luck it wasn’t a tight one she had on, I spanked her ass until she whimpered in pleasure. I whispered in her ear that she was getting it while standing; she grabbed a shelf in expectation. Bending her slighly, I pulled my dick out, pinned her and pushed my dick into her wet, warm pussy almost releasing with the pleasure so much. I grabbed her arms and locked in mine, started increasing my thrusts gradually until I was rattling the shelf with each thrust. My thrusts was savage and rough but I didn’t care, she made me that way. I switched to grabbing her waist and poundng until my thighs ached. I whispered in her ear that we were just starting, I pulled her to the floor and she mounted me cowgirl style. I resumed my hard thrusts, pummeling her pussy. She kept saying moaning a loud yes, soon asked me give hard a good anal. She spat on her hand, reached behind and grabbed my dick, rubbing all over. She popped my head in and asked to push in and pound that ass that I alone own it. Jeez! I was in for a treat; I reared back and pounded her asshole like I did own it each stroke making a ploof noise. I hammered away while she screamed yes continually. I wasn’t too bothered with getting caught. She pulled up and asked me to penetrate her ass while standing. I stood and roughly pulled her by the hair to the shelf. I motioned to her to grab the shelf, she did and I raised her right leg and placed it on the lower one placing her asshole on level term with my dick. I slipped it and pounded, she cried out with each thrust, I immediately stuck a hand in her throat to muffle her. We fucked nonstop like animals in this position for minutes. I pulled out, signaled her to kneel and sprayed her breast with cum. She further milked my dick dry. I pulled her up and kissed her full on the lips tasting my own cum. She smiled saying she missed the way I fucked her that no one does it better. The compliment got to me. We dressed properly. I gathered my belongings and snuck back out after her. We left the library had had an all night sex marathon. Guess I would have to tell that later but it was the best.

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