Like a Thief in the Night (aunt,mom,mum,family,affair,porno,fiction)

Like a Thief in the Night

A horny teenager takes advantage of his mother and aunt when they get so drunk that they pass out.
I have always been strangely aroused but understandably
horrified by my fascination with both incest and non-
consensual sex. There is something exciting, perverse,
dangerous and immoral about both. It is this fascination,
combined with opportunity, that resulted in some
extraordinary experiences last summer.

I was a relatively normal male in my early 20's, 6'1"
tall, with blond hair and green eyes, and a fairly
muscular body. I have had a few girlfriends, but never
got anywhere sexual with them have always masturbated,
fantasized and collected pornography. Don't get me wrong,
I wanted to lose may virginity, it was just that I never
seemed to have the nerve at the critical moment.

Then several years ago I came across some web sites
featuring older women and found myself uncontrollably
aroused. I began to fantasize about sex with older women
to the exclusion of everything else. I wasn't even all
that interested in my current girl friend Cindy after I
started getting involved more and more with my fantasy
with older women. There is just something that arouses me
about an experienced woman, I can't even put it into
words. All I know is I get incredible orgasms when I
masturbate and fantasize about them.

The women in our family are quite good looking. My mother
is only 46, with a tight little country club body, blond
hair and green eyes. My aunt is 49 and a little chunkier,
but with dark blue eyes. Both have killer smiles and a
nice set of breasts. They are also both sexually active,
having divorced young and never remarried. A typical
weekend involves the two sisters having a cocktail at our
house, then going out bar hopping. They usually get quite
drunk and frequently bring men home for a frolic.

Last month, late one night they returned from a bender
and started cranking the stereo. I was both annoyed and
intrigued. Annoyed they were disturbing me, but intrigued
that they were drunk, dancing and giggling. I retreated
to my room. Eventually the noise died down, and there was
a knock on the door of my room. My mother, barely
understandable, slurred: "Kathy's drunk, will you take
her home?" I said that I would and grabbed my keys. I had
to half-carry Aunt Kathy to the car and pour her into the
passenger seat.

As I drove the four blocks to her house, I couldn't help
noticing her legs. They were long, lean and tan. She was
curled-up in the seat, her muscles were partially flexed,
and her mini-skirt was riding up here thighs. I tried to
ignore my mild hard-on and pulled into her driveway.
Kathy was completely passed out and I had to carry her

I put Kathy down on the couch in the living room and took
off her jacket. Her silk blouse was unbuttoned to her
stomach, and fell open as she moved. I froze. She wasn't
wearing a bra. I could see a breast and nipple through
the opening. It was slightly tanned, with a large dark
nipple and the faintest sign of stretch marks.

"Kathy?" I asked, as I nudged her. "Kathy?!" I yelled, as
I shook her. Nothing. I shook her once more, but there
was no response. I paused. Then I kneeled down and
slowly, hesitatingly reached inside her blouse to touch
her breast. It felt wonderful and the more I cupped and
caressed it, the more erect her nipple became. Next I
unbuttoned her blouse and beheld two of the most gorgeous
tits I had ever imagined. She had a little fat around her
mid section, but it was more like baby fat than
cellulite. I massaged her breasts, while I admired her
mouth. I was getting a raging hard-on!

I leaned forward and kissed her on the lips, which were
warm and wet. She remained lifeless, but her breathing
increased slightly. I kissed her passionately as I
lightly touched my dick. It was ready to burst, but I
held back. Next I gently unzipped her skirt from the
side, and pulled it down over her thighs. A powerful odor
wafted upward, through her panties and panty hose. I
removed these one by one, and looked at her cunt hair. I
shook her once more. "Kathy?! Kathy?!" Again nothing.

I twisted her around and propped her sitting upright in
the sofa. Her head lulled to one side and it was obvious
that she was really out of it. So I gently spread her
legs to get a clear view of her cunt. It was twisted and
dark, but quite beautiful. I started to play with it, and
stuck two fingers into her vagina. As I massaged and
played, her cunt started to get mildly lubricated and
opened for me. She was breathing heavier now, but still
quite dead to the world.

By now my dick was painful. In the heat of the moment, I
had to make a decision. When I started a few minutes
earlier, I was wasn't really sure what I wanted to do.
But now I was completely horny and she was just lying
there, waiting to be fucked. Without really thinking
about the consequences, I took my cock out of my pants
and started to stroke it. Before I knew it, I was
grabbing her body and pulling it toward me, while I
spread her legs.

I was kneeling on the floor, in front of the couch. She
was sitting upright on the couch, with her blouse undone,
naked below the waist, with her head laying back and her
knees spread widely. I was inches away and my cock was
fully erect, sticking out from my jeans. I found her
pussy lips with my fingers, spread them and placed the
head of my penis at the wet opening of her vagina.

I placed my hand behind her head and pulled it toward me,
then kissed her on the lips deeply. As I probed my tongue
past her sleeping lips and quickly thrust my dick into my
Aunt's cunt. Her tits started to jiggle as I pumped her
again and again, fucking her hard and deep. I was fucking
my mother's sister and loving it. Within a few seconds I
was beyond the point of no return, and came into her, as
I pulled her close and smelled the back of her neck. I
could feel my release deep inside her and her body hot
against mine. What an amazing fuck she was!

After lying back on the floor to catch my breath, I
started to clean-up the scene. I carried her into the
bedroom and placed her on the bed. I got a face-cloth
from the bathroom and cleaned her vagina as best I could,
then I replaced her clothes. I watched a movie on her VCR
for a few hours, then drove home.

As I entered my own house, I noticed the TV was on and
the refrigerator door was open. My mother had started
mixing herself a drink, then apparently left. I called
out "Mom?" No answer. I looked in the living room, but it
was empty. I turned off the TV and lights, locked the
front door and walked upstairs. As I passed my mom's
bedroom, I heard a noise and glanced in the door to make
sure she was okay. She was snoring quietly, the light was
on.... And she was naked, except for her panties.

Again, I froze. I just stood there staring. Part of me
was horny as hell again and aroused by the sight of this
almost naked woman lying there exposed to my sight. After
all, she was the younger sister of the woman I had fucked
earlier in the evening. The other part of me was
confused, scared and disgusted by the thoughts running
through my head. I quickly closed the door and went to my

But I couldn't sleep. I just kept thinking about my
mother lying there, drunk and defenseless. After what
seemed like an hour of tossing and turning, I got up and
walked back down the hall. I entered mom's room and
watched her again for a few minutes. She was lying on her
side now, breathing slowly and deeply. Her breasts moved
back and forth in a rhythmic, hypnotic motion. I started
to lose rational control as my dick hardened.

I walked over to the bed and sat down. "Mom?" I asked.
"Mom?!" I asked several more times, while I shook her.
She was dead drunk, just like Kathy. They must have been
out for Margaritas. I couldn't pass up this opportunity.
I removed my briefs and lay down behind her, like spoons,
and put my arm around her mid-section. She felt wonder-
ful! I slowly started to kiss her neck and then nibble
at her ears. I fondled her nipples, which began to
harden as her breathing increased. I reached down and
caressed her thin, muscular legs and reached between them
to find her cunt. She moaned in her sleep and nestled
closer to me.

I lifted her knee to get better access, reached in from
behind and started to massage her vaginal lips. Slowly
they started to get wet and enlarged. My dick was huge
and excited at this point, and I didn't want to wait. I
slowly guided the head of it into her vagina. I was only
a few inches inside and had not started pumping, when I
realized that I was so excited that I was about to cum. I
quickly pulled out. My mother murmured, but I hardly
noticed in the excitement. I turned her onto her back,
positioned myself above her and gently, slowly inserted
my dick into her vagina again. I gave her a slobbery kiss
and licked her face.

It felt so good! Slowly I started to pump her, missionary
style. In and out, in and out. As a more and more
aggressively kissed her. I kept going faster and harder,
ramming my dick into my mother's wet cunt. Ramming my
pelvis against her thighs. What a rush, fucking your
brains out and looking at your mother's face. Then,
without any notice.... She started to wake up. Her eyes
fluttered, and she came to a dazed consciousness. I
stopped immediately, frozen in panic. My dick was still
inside her and I was propped up on my elbows, peering
down at her face.

"Wha...What's going on?" she asked. "What are you..."
Then her eyes popped wide open. "Zack!!" she yelled.
"What the hell are you doing. No, no! Get the hell off
me! I'm your mother! Shit!!"

At first, I must have looked scared and afraid. But then
I realized that the damage was done. I had already
started fucking my mother and things would never be the
same. She started to push and struggle with me to get
away. Without thinking, I grabbed her hands, threw them
over her head, and pushed them hard against the bed.
"Zack, no, please!" She screamed. I just looked at her,
licked her face and started pumping away again. She
started fighting more fiercely, but I managed to hold her
down and continue fucking away.

At one point, she started to bite me. I slapped her
twice, as hard as I could, across the face, and she
started crying. I pushed my body onto hers, putting my
head next to her neck and drilled away. I fucked my
mother mercilessly for what must have been five minutes
then finally came.

As I got up from the bed, my mother just curled up and
got real quiet. "Get out, Zack. And never come back." I
didn't respond and pulled on my briefs. Then I sat down
next to her, reached around and fondled her tit. She did
not respond. I gave her a kiss on the back of the neck.

As I walked out the door, I said, "Mom, you're a better
fuck than Aunt Kathy. Slut!"

I moved out that morning and never went back. Mom never
spoke to me again and she stopped talking to her sister
too, shortly after I moved in with Aunt Kathy...

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