Linda's Lust for boys - sex story

Linda's Lust for boys

I looked around the Hotel pool and enjoyed the sights of summer play and of
course the numerous boys tanning and playing. I loved watching boys at play
and loved enjoying the sight of them diving or running or just fooling
around - all that energy and vigour. I loved the sight of their beautiful
wet boy bodies - smooth and tanned and delicate. I love tiny Speedo type
costumes on boys or boykini's as I secretly called them. Unfortunatly they
seem to be going out of fashion rapidly - to be replaced by the new
repulsive baggy costumes that do nothing for the boy. The speedo shows off
their litheness and slimness like no other, not to mention the sexy little
boycock bulge.

So I enjoyed the sights and weighed up my options for later. There were at
least ten very cute boys in the 12 to 15 age range and being on holiday many
of them were alone and vulnerable to friendly chat by a fellow holiday
maker. After about an hour of careful observation I selected my target - a
beautifull slim blond boy of about 12 with large blue eyes and a mop of
longish blond hair. He was just slightly tanned and looked just perfect in a
one-size too small red speedo. I knew he was right because my trusty pussy
moistened ever so slightly every time he came near. Oh god, I just had to
have him. He was with his mother and did not have any friends around. I
waited for him to go for a swim and then made my move.

Chatting up a lonesome boy in a swimming pool was dead easy, an art that I
had perfected and which worked almost every time. Boys loved having someone
to play with in a pool and almost any one would do. I entered the pool near
him making sure that he caught an eyefull of my bikini and especially my
breasts which most boys enjoyed. A few minutes later I swam near him and
splashed him lightly in the face and then swam away quickly under water. It
worked - it always did - he came after me immediatly and surfaced next to
me " hey - you splashed me" he said. I splashed him again and swam away -
this time he chased me and splashed me back. The game had begun - I had
become his pool playmate and to a lonely boy on holiday that was all he
wanted. From splashing we moved to frolicking with each other and to letting
him fide on my shoulders and the like. Lots of innocent fun and lots of
opportunity to rub against the boy and feel his smooth body in the water.
And then the chat up...... his name - Danny - on holiday with his mother
..just 12 . Okay - enough for now I thought and told him to come and say
hello later and I would buy him a coke and then I went back to my pool

An hour or so later at about 2pm, I spotted his mother packing up and
wanting to go back to their room. He begged to stay at the pool and she
agreed telling him to be back by 5pm to get ready for dinner, and she left.
A minute later he came over and sat with me. I bought him a coke and chatted
some more - just boy stuff about school and cars and stuff and then he
pleaded for me to swim with him again. In the pool this time I could
innocently touch him even more and played with him for about an hour. Then
we got out and after drying off I announced that I wanted to go back to my
room and that he was welcome to come with - he immediatly agreed and within
a few minutes I was unlocking my room door with my little 12 year old speedo
clad blond boy in tow.

So far, our play had been innocent but it was time to get down to some
action now - The game had been long but the "victim" was mine now - just
don't frighten him away I thought. "I'm going to take a shower and wash the
chlorine off ", I announced - 'Why don't you join me - we'll just keep our
costumes on" - The last part to ensure that I did not frighten him away.
"Sure " he replied and in a minute I was asking him to help wash my back and
then gently washing him as well - especially his tummy and silky inner
thighs. He tried to hide the inevitable erection that such intamacy brought
on but the little 3 inch boner showing through his wet nylon speedo was
obvious to both of us. As I dried him off , I told him not to be embarrassed
and I touched it just gently as I told him that it was perfectly natural and
that it looked very sexy. I told him that I wanted to play with it but that
I would stop if anything made him uncomfortable. Moving him to the bed now I
gently undid the chord of his costume making it obvious that I was about to
remove it and then slowely pulled it odown over his tiny boy hips and
feasted my eyes on his totally hairless pubic area with his little 3 inch
boner standing straight out. I felt my own wetness increase as my pussy
ached to be touched by it. Uncircumcised and virginal this boy was to be
mine for his first time and I was determined to make it his best time.
Touching his foreskin I noticed a slight twinge and realised that it had
never been pulled back before - this boy was a virgin in every way.

Reassuring him for the third time that I would not do anything to hurt him I
then slipped off my own bikini and drew the boy to me, inviting him to touch
my breasts and do whatever he wanted with me too. His right hand gently
touched my left breast and hardened nipple. At the same time I continued to
lightly touch his boymeat making sure that I did not hurt him in any way. I
kissed him now - teaching him all the while to put his tounge out and feel
my tongue with his. Hungrilly I devoured his little boy lips tasting the
freshness of virgin boy on him and drenching myself even more. Moving his
other hand to my now gushing pussy I told him to insert a finger and then
two and told him that it was wet because he was making me so horny. And then
for the second time in the previous 24 hours I lay back and drew a boy on to
me. He was even lighter than the Italian boy of the previous night (Part 2)
and as I held him against me I knew that his virgin boycock was just moments
from entering a woman for the first time. Reaching down now I positioned his
cock for gently entry and slowely moved him in to my juicing boy hungry
pussy. My pussy muscles gripped him instantly and I felt the slow retraction
of his foreskin inside me as I pulled him deeper. An instant of pain on his
face changed to extacy as the hairless boy virgin slid in to me even deeper
now until he could go no further. I began the fucking motion now - pulling
him into me and grinding upwards. "enjoy yourself baby and shoot inside me
when you are ready" I whispered in his ear , continuing to fuck the little
boy as I knew I would from the moment I saw him. Faster and faster as he
picked up the rythm and moved against me now. My own orgasm mounted and then
we exploded together in a frenzy of debauchery - Grown woman and 12 year old
boy writhing against each other and enjoying every last moment to the

As he withdrew and juices ran out of my pussy and on to the white bed sheet
I noticed just a tiny spot of red blood - the boy had been a virgin and
pulling back of his foreskin for the very first time had been sufficient to
tear the skin ever so slightly and cause a rare bleeding not usually
noticeable except on very young virgin boys......but the evidence was
lear - the boy was no longer a virgin.

It was nearly 5 pm already and the boy had to get back to his own room and I
had to get out of town and catch a plane back to London. I made him promise
never to mention the events of the afternoon to anyone as he would get both
of us in to a lot of trouble and sent him on his way after another
passionate french kiss. That boy would never be the same again and I was
totally satisfied with my conquest. I left the hotel immediatly after that ,
taking a taxi to the airport - just in case the boy said something - he
probably wouldn't but it was best to get out of town now - just in

Winging my way back to London a few hours later I considered the events of
the weekend and the 2 boys that I had fucked. One an experienced but
gorgeous Italian rentboy and the other a perfect blond American virgin -
almost opposites but just as enjoyable. I would never be able to change my
addiction to boys I thought but then I would never want to either.

The following week there was the monthly meeting of a little club that I
belonged to in London - just 10 members - but all of them female
boy-lovers - those meetings were always very interesting and sooooo much fun
especially if there were young guests.

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