Little Beth and her boyfriends - sex story

Little Beth and her boyfriends

"Spread your Barbie dolls out on the sand and play with them," Cathy told her baby sister as the 16-year-old blonde took off on a lope across the beach. "I'll be back later!"

Cathy's plump buttocks twisted provocatively in orange bikini pants which failed to conceal them. Much of the fabric was caught in the crack between her ass cheeks. The satiny swells quivered as she ran.

A white-haired man who sat on a blanket, next to his dozing wife, felt an uncommon stirring in trunks as Cathy's tantalizing bottom wiggled past, nearly close enough for him to take a bite of it.

The eyes of a young passerby were brightened by the bouncy quiver of her tits. Cathy was the proud possessor of a pair which resembled sponge-rubber balls, except for the rigid tips which projected from their crests. Her bikini top came high enough only to conceal the thrusting stems, while revealing the rims of her pink aureoles. The swelling orbs on which her nipples sat were alive with vibrating motion.

Cathy's baby sister, Beth, had just begun to sprout nubbins at the age of twelve. Cathy's opulent breasts and curvy bottom frightened Beth, when she thought that she herself might possess such bulges some day. The hair on her sister's body was even more frightening. Beth had no hair between her legs at all.

She differed from her sister Cathy in another way as well: Beth had no interest in boys. She was happy to play with her dolls and to fantasize about a glamorous life without boys. A girl's body was just something to put pretty clothes on, as far as Beth was concerned.

"Hi! See anything interesting!"

The blond, muscular lifeguard to whom Cathy had called turned from scanning the water and looked down at her, standing at the foot of his tower. He grinned behind dark glasses.

"Now I do!" he said, ogling Cathy's breasts.

"Well, just what do you see?" she teased, twisting languidly so that her breasts wobbled to and fro in their flimsy wrap-around.

The lifeguard scurried down his ladder, bounding onto the sand in front of her. He wrapped strong hands around her upper arms and gazed down at the creamy globes that rose insolently from her bikini top.

"I see the juiciest set of tits on the beach," he said.

"Boyd, you dirty guy!" Cathy scolded, laughing.

The lifeguard glanced quickly around him. The beach was lightly populated on that early summer's weekday. Deciding that there was no one close enough to be shocked, Boyd hooked two fingers around the center of Cathy's bra and yanked it down. Her tits leaped out to stand quivering in pink-nippled perfection.

She gasped, and a blush came to her cheeks. "Are you crazy? Not out in the open!"

"Then let's get into my tent," Boyd said. "I've got a hard-on already."

A downward sweep of Cathy's blue eyes told her that it was true. The young man's swim-trunks were bulging before the urgent thrust of his prick.

Cathy turned and, holding an arm across jiggly breasts, dodged under the three-sided canvas shelter that faced the sea at the base of the life-guard's tower. She tumbled onto Boyd's blanket.

He was right after her, tumbling onto the blanket also. He clutched Cathy. They rolled and giggled. His mouth was hot on hers, his tongue spearing. Cathy felt his dick pressing her thigh, then the grasp of his hand around a bulging breast.

Boyd squeezed her firm titty and plucked at the nipple while they kissed. Thrills radiated through the responsive girl.

Her mother would have been shocked if she had known Cathy was letting a young man get to her that way, but Cathy couldn't have cared less. She was at the rebellious age. Before she'd given Boyd her virginity, life had been a drag. Since then it was one luscious thrill after another.

Cathy's hand stroked the lifeguard's big, hairy chest. She plucked at the wiry ringlets. All the while his demanding tongue was thrashing in her mouth, making her think of how his cock felt when it probed somewhere else.

Her hand skidded down to his trunks, and she grasped at the hardness which was stretching them out of shape.

Boyd pulled his mouth from hers with a gasp. "When you grab me there, I go crazy!" he said.

"I want you to go crazy with me!" Cathy exclaimed, and kept massaging his constricted hard-on through the single garment.

The youth drove his face to her breasts and sucked up a thrusting, hard nipple. He bathed the tingling titty-tip in his warm mouth, thrilling Cathy. She struggled blindly with the young man's trunks, pulling them partway down. But his big prick was so stiff that it kept them from gliding off.

Boyd raised his mouth from her gleaming, wet nipple and looked at what she was doing. Cathy looked, too.

Boyd's trunks had skidded low enough to expose the top of his pubic patch, but they clung to the towering projection of his penis. Only the base of the pole was revealed, where it soared up from his golden thicket.

He took hold of the top of his trunks and stretched them as he squirmed. The garment pulled his prick down, then relinquished it with a snap. The bulb-ended shaft bobbed up and down springily before locking into a high-aiming thrust. The head swelled, rosy and plump. The stalk was super-stiff.

Cathy gazed at it as if hypnotized. She hadn't gotten sufficiently used to Boyd's prick yet to take it for granted, if she ever could.

Her slender, delicate fingers crept around it. Boyd watched, and thrilled, as her hand took hold. Squeezing his cock, she watched its head bulge even larger than before.

"What a thing!" she said excitedly.

"Call it by its right name, why don't you?" Boyd suggested.

"It has different names, doesn't it?" Cathy asked sexily as she stroked it.

"Yeah. Use 'em all."

"But they're dirty!"

"So what?"

So what, indeed! Cathy thought. Even if sex was dirty, it was fun!

"Cock!" Cathy said, as if she had uttered a major pronouncement. She looked at Boyd shyly and blushed.

"What other names for it do you know?" Boyd asked, writhing voluptuously under her caress.

"Prick!" Cathy said, blushing more. It stimulated her to use forbidden words.

"How about another one?"

"Rod?" Cathy said, intoning it as a question.

"Okay. More."

"Well... dick?"

"More yet," Boyd urged, squirming in the delightful clasp of her hand.

"I don't know any more," Cathy said, gazing at the beautiful long rod she was holding.

"How about pecker?"

Cathy giggled. "That sounds so cute!" She tried it out: "I dig your pecker!" She laughed and blushed some more.

Boyd had taken just about all of her verbal and stroking stimulation that he could stand. He was anxious to take off her bikini pants and get into action.

His hand slid down her dimpled belly and stroked the triangular front of her lower garment. He felt Cathy's fur through the thin cloth. Her pubic delta was plump and inviting. His caress warmed her tremendously. She wanted him to take her bikini off.

Her hips lifted from the blanket in mute invitation, and Boyd grasped her frail briefs. Down they came in one yank, revealing her lovely blonde bush. She raised her legs as Boyd pulled her bikini away.

He moved her tanned legs apart and looked between them.

Cathy felt embarrassed -- but excited, also -- to have him staring between her legs. The youth's cock quivered as he gazed at her pink slit which bisected the curly forest between her thighs. Her stroking of him, and the dirty words he had coaxed her to use had moistened her pussy until it gleamed.

The trouble was, Boyd couldn't see enough of it, even though he spread her legs wide apart. Her pussy was tight, and the outer labia didn't separate very far. Boyd slid his hands up her satiny thighs, giving Cathy a new sweet thrill, and touched her soft, moist center with his thumbs.

Oh, no! she thought. He isn't really going to...

But he did. His thumbs impudently stretched her little cunt wide open, and he gazed at the most luscious display of pink, gleaming girl-flesh he had ever seen. The head of Cathy's clit firmly thrust from its hooded cover. Beneath that was the little dot of her pisser. Then there was the oval of her cunt-mouth which looked scarcely large enough to accommodate a man's finger, let alone his big, thick cock.

But Boyd knew she could take him, since she had done so several times. He also knew he was the first to fuck her. He hoped, and believed, he was the only one.

He directed a finger to her tight cuntal hole and slipped the digit in.

"Oooooo!" Cathy said.

"Like it?" Boyd asked as he deepened the digital thrust.

"Yessssss!" she hissed, and shut her eyes. Her blonde hair streamed as she tossed her head back.

Boyd stroked his finger up and down in her grabby, slippery cunt. She was heating fast, her hips jerking. Her titties lurched.

"I want your cock!" she begged. "Please stick it in me!"

"Use the real words," Boyd said, "and tell me what you want me to do."

"Fuck me!" Cathy cried. "Oooh, shit! Fuck me with your big, fat prick!"

Boyd swung atop her. His cantilevered cock bumped Cathy's thighs as he settled himself. The knob rubbed across her yearning pussy. Leaning on one arm, the youth reached between their bodies and grasped his projecting shaft. He swabbed its head up and down the girl's oozing slit.

Cathy was squirming, trying to catch his cock in her cleft. Boyd seemed willing to take his time, however. The more he teased her, the hotter she would get, he had learned. He kept rubbing his cock up and down her pussy, stroking shallowly between the velvet folds. Each stroke titillated the girl's tingly clit-head, driving her wild with desire.

"Doooooo it!" she cried, bumping at him. "Oh, you mean guy!"

"Say pretty please." Boyd laughed.

"Pretty please!" Cathy begged.

Boyd let his cockhead sink into the soft center of her vulva. Its tip forced her vaginal mouth open. Boyd kept pushing. Cathy gasped with delight as her cunt-mouth stretched more, clasping the fattest part of his prick. Then, with a driving thrust of his hips, he sank his shaft deeply into her.

"OOOOOOOOOOH!" Cathy moaned.

"Feel good?" Boyd asked, smiling down as he braced himself on his arms.

"It's heaven!" Cathy panted. She writhed, feeling stuffed by his hot, throbbing dick.

It felt heavenly to Boyd, also, to have her warmth squirming about him, clutching him as if with a velvet hand coated by melting butter. He ground his cock deeper into her tight, heated hole.

Cathy felt as if she had almost more than she could take. But she wasn't about to complain. Nothing in creation had ever made her feel so good as Boyd's cock projecting deep into her belly.

He withdrew his prick from her until she clasped only its head. He thrust deeply into her again. Cathy moaned. She tossed her head on the blanket, her golden hair streaming.

The young lifeguard fucked voluptuously in and out of her narrow love-cove. She moistened more, providing a very slick film for him to glide on. Each time he drove his cock into her with a snap, her titties jumped. Her nipples stuck up so hard that they looked as if they might explode.

"Oooh, yesss... dooooo it... ooh, DO it!" she panted.

Boyd rotated his hips when he had his cock deep inside her, grinding her plump ass against the blanket. His wiry pubes scratched through her fluff. His flanks stroked the sensitive inner slopes of her thighs.

He freed one hand, leaning on the other arm, and brushed the tips of her titties, wobbling the full, springy globes. He twisted his head and brought it down to suck and tug at a nipple.

Cathy was wild with passion. She wanted to be jabbed hard. But Boyd was dilly-dallying. She writhed, whimpering.

"Fuck me... FUCK MEEEEE!" she begged.

Boyd began moving rhythmically, steadily. The fist-like knob of his pecker rippled the clinging, slick flesh of Cathy's cunt. The end of his long cock battered the bottom of her well. His thick shaft stroked the nerve-ends which encircled the mouth of her pussy and his hardness stropped the tingling tip of her clit.

All this produced a throng of wondrous sensations which overwhelmed Cathy, causing her to toss and mewl and clutch at the sun-bronzed, husky chap who was pumping between her raised thighs. Her bottom bounded up and down on the blanket, her buttocks shaking. Her titties jiggled like Jell-o in an earthquake.

Boyd lowered his muscular torso against her, wrapping her in his strong arms. Staying very close and stroking down more, he rubbed her clit even harder.

Cathy squealed with delight. She clawed Boyd's back, making marks that would be visible when he climbed back onto his tower. But he didn't care. He was riding a young, frisky wildcat and, to a virile male, nothing could have been better.

Boyd's cock moved faster in Cathy's slippery, snug hole. He was approaching the payoff, and he wanted her to be with him. He needn't have worried. Cathy was within a few strokes of the glorious moment herself. She could see the prize glittering as it dangled just inches from her reach.

A little closer! she thought. A little harder!

She bobbed her hips eagerly against Boyd's lusty cock-thrusts. She clutched at his back, pulling. She panted. She cried out.

Suddenly she had the precious prize within her grasp and she was clutching it as she shook and screamed. Her cries were drowned in the pounding of the ocean's waves which seemed to wash all over and into her. But the spurts in the pit of her quaking pussy were Boyd's ejaculations, filling her with warm cream.

She lapsed slowly, her hands falling away from Boyd's back, her legs relaxing. She sighed from the depths of her being.

Boyd lay still atop her, breathing heavily. He licked at her earlobe, then ran his tongue to her mouth and dipped between her lips. She sucked on his tongue and this pleased him.

He pushed up onto his arms and grinned down at her.

"Glad you came to the beach today?" he asked cockily.

"What do you think?"

Cathy wrapped her arms tightly around Boyd's neck and pulled him down for another wet, heated kiss on the mouth. She felt his cock softening within her, and she was sorry.

But there would be another time.

There were many times to look forward to, when a girl was sixteen.


"Hey, you don't have any boy dolls."

Beth looked up at the man who stood over her, grinning down. He had deeply tanned skin and lots of black hair on his legs, chest, and tumbling around his ears. He wasn't quite as old as her daddy, but he was older than the lifeguard that Cathy liked.

"I don't care for boys," Beth said, and returned to playing with her dolls.

"How about men?" the man asked, squatting. His penis had fattened as he gazed at the sleek-bodied little girl with her so-innocent face and brown hair bobbed short.

"I like men all right," she said concentrating on her dolls as she moved them about.

"You here all alone?"

"My sister's around."

"How old is she?"


"And you?"

Beth looked at the man. "You a cop or something?"

The fellow laughed, still squatting beside her. "Why'd you say that?"

"I don't know. You're asking a lot of questions."

"My name's Gary, and I live near here. I'm no policeman."

The girl had the mere beginnings of breasts, making very small dents in her blue one-piece swimsuit. Gary's cock throbbed harder.

He glanced about the beach. "I don't see your sister."

"Oh, she's with that lifeguard. She digs him."

"I get it," Gary said, staring at the tent next to the vacant lifeguard tower.

He glanced back at Beth. "What do you think they're doing?"

"Fooling around," Beth said, walking a doll across the sand.

"You mean... fucking?" Gary asked.

Beth looked up and stared at him. "That's a dirty word."

Gary laughed. "Do you know what it means?"

"I don't want to talk about it," Beth said.

"Look -- I've got a great idea. Why don't you and I go over to my place? It's right over there -- see?" He pointed to a two-story building that was sandwiched in a row of similar structures along the edge of the beach. "We can have a cold drink. Like strawberry pop?"

"I like Coke better," Beth said.

"I've got Coke."

"I shouldn't go," Beth said. "My sister may come back and wonder where I am."

"So you'll return in a few minutes. Anyway, she's busy -- like you said."

"My mother always told me I shouldn't go anywhere with strangers," Beth told Gary.

"But I'm not a stranger! I live right here. Besides, do I look like a person who would eat you up or something?"

Beth laughed, showing white teeth. Her brown eyes sparkled. "I guess not."

"Then, come on." Gary held out his hand to her. "Better bring your dolls, too. You wouldn't want anyone to steal them."

The sun had made Beth thirsty, and a Coke sounded good. She glanced quickly at the life-guard's tent. Cathy was still in there with the guy. Beth resented the way her older sister spent so much time with what's his name -- Boyd -- whenever they came to the beach. She didn't like being left alone. And the man who was holding out his hand to her seemed nice, despite the fact that he had used a dirty word.

Lots of people talked dirty. Even Beth's daddy sometimes said, "Shit!"

Beth took Gary's hand and let him help her to her feet. She bent and gathered up her dollies. Gary eyed the neckline of her swimsuit which sagged a bit while she bent forward. He saw only the tiniest suggestion of swells, and he thrilled stronger.

He was grateful that few people were on the beach that day, because he had a noticeable lump in his swim-trunks as he walked across the sand beside the young girl.

"What's your name!" he asked.

"Beth Ellen Brewster."

"Do you like to be called Beth Ellen or just Beth?"

"Beth's okay."

"Do you live near here, Beth?"

"About two miles."

"Your sister has a car?"

"No, we came on the bus."

"Do you come here often?"

"Whenever we get the chance. Now that school's out, we'll be coming more, I hope."

"I hope so, too," Gary said, and smiled down at her.

They climbed the wooden stairway on the outside of his building, Beth going first. Gary watched her little bottom wiggle in her snug swimsuit. The suit's elastics had crept up to expose the lower curves of her white buttocks. Gary studied her crotch where the center strip of her swimsuit passed between her scissoring, slender thighs.

They reached the door of Gary's apartment, and he opened it. Beth stepped into a living room littered with magazines, beer cans, and overflowing ashtrays. Two men in swimsuits lounged there -- the first gaunt and sandy-haired, with long legs and a beaked nose; the other compact and dark, Latin-looking, with a mustache. They got up when Beth and Gary entered. Both looked at the young girl with interest.

"Beth, I want you to meet a couple of friends of mine," Gary said. "The tall one's Gabe and the other guy's named Pedro."

Pedro grinned, showing teeth that were very white. "Hello, little lady," he said with a trace of accent.

Beth smiled shyly at the strange men, then cast an uneasy glance at Gary.

"Hey, break out some Cokes, you guys!" he said. "Beth, sit down over here on the sofa."

Gabe went into the kitchen, and Pedro walked to the sofa to sit next to Beth. "What you got here?" he asked, taking one of her dolls.

"That's Barbie," Beth said.

"Very pretty!" Pedro ran a finger along the doll's legs.

"What are you talking about, man?" said Gary who gazed warmly at Beth. "That doll isn't half as pretty as this real live girl!"

"You're right, man," Pedro said, grinning. "She's the prettiest doll I've seen."

Beth looked from one man to the other, wondering why they were staring at her so. They made her nervous. Gabe arrived with four open bottles of Coke between his hands. He held them out to Beth, and she took one. The other Cokes were distributed among the men.

"You dummy!" Pedro said. "I want something better than that!" He slammed his Coke down on an end table.

"No booze," said Gary.

"Why not, man?"

"Because we have a sweet little guest," Gary said, smiling at Beth. "And we have to take very good care of her. We don't want to treat her rough."

Beth had taken two long, refreshing drinks from her Coke bottle. Gary sipped quickly, and set his bottle down.

Gabe was sipping Coke in a chair opposite the sofa. He cocked one long leg over the other and stared at the threesome on the couch. He hadn't said a word since Beth had entered the room.

Gary leaned close to the girl. "Ever had a boyfriend, Beth?"

"I told you," she said. "I don't like boys."

"That's right. But you said you like men." Gary winked at Pedro.

Beth glanced quickly from one to the other. "Maybe I better get back," she said. "Cathy might be looking for me."

"Wait... wait," Gary urged. "Finish your Coke." He placed a hand on her smooth, sleek thigh.

A strange tingling sensation streamed through the twelve-year-old. Her eyes widened as she gazed at Gary.

He began to stroke gently along her thigh. "You're smart to like men," he said, "because they can make you feel good."

"We can make you feel very good, Beth honey!" Pedro chimed in.

Beth wasn't sure if Gary's stroking of her thigh felt good or not. She would have said it felt funny. But the sensation was pleasant enough so that she didn't ask Gary to take his hand away.

His fingers crept closer and closer to the crotch-strip of her bathing suit. Pedro was watching intently, his own hands fairly itching.

Beth stared down at Gary's fingers as he extended the middle one and tickled her between the legs. Even though the contact was filtered by her swimsuit, it produced a hot response. Beth's little hips jerked back.

"Don't!" she exclaimed.

"What's the matter?" Gary asked, chuckling. "Did it feel too good?"

"I don't like it!" said Beth. She had made up her mind.

"What you mean is, you like it a lot!" Pedro laughed.

"I'm going to leave." Beth started to stand.

Gary grasped her shoulders to hold her on the sofa. Pedro bent and began licking her legs, while his fingers stroked them. Gabe leaned forward, his elbows on his knees, his blue eyes staring.

Beth suddenly was terrified. She struggled against Gary, but he had no difficulty holding her down. Pedro's gliding tongue and fingers were evoking wild sensations in her thighs.

Her dolls tumbled off her lap. She continued to clutch the Coke bottle. Pedro saw the potential weapon from the corner of his eye and straightened to take it from her hand. He wore a strange dreamy look as he gazed at her.

"Let's strip her, man!" he said to Gary.

"Are you crazy?" Gary retorted. "Beth wouldn't like that."

"I certainly wouldn't!" she said, offended but not quite as frightened now that Gary seemed to be protecting her. "Let me up!"

"What we're going to do is take off our swimsuits and give Beth something to play with," Gary said, still holding her. "Something better than dolls."

A grin crept over Pedro's face as he appreciated the possibilities. He stood.

Beth didn't know quite what to make of this new turn of events. But as long as the men weren't going to do anything nasty to her, like taking off her swimsuit, perhaps it wasn't so bad. And Gary had let go of her shoulders. No one was holding her.

She stared at Pedro, whose swimming trunks looked funny. The front of them pushed forward. Beth didn't know what caused that.

Looking right at her, the Latin fellow shoved his trunks down. His cock flipped out to hang forward, then quickly stretched to full erection before Beth's startled eyes.

She had never seen anything like that amazing organ. It was frightening somehow, but fascinating also. She couldn't tear her eyes away from the stiff, upthrust column with the bluish knob at its end and all the black hair gushing around it. And what were those things that hung down? Gary stood beside Pedro. The Anglo, who had equally dark hair, but whose skin was lighter, pulled down his trunks, and a second strange, stiff protrusion was displayed to Beth. This one was different in that the bulging part at its end was covered by an outer skin, so that just its tip was visible. It inched higher as Beth stared at it.

She knew it was naughty for people to take off their pants where someone could see. And it was just as naughty to look. But Beth couldn't keep from staring. She had never seen what was in a man's pants, or even in a little boy's pants, before.

Gabe was pulling off his trunks as he stood next to Pedro, so that the trio formed a semi-circle in front of the seated 12-year-old. Gabe's secret thing was longer than either of the others. It was so long and skinny that it looked to Beth like a sword.

Swords hurt people. Maybe the men's stiff things would hurt her, Beth thought.

She made a move to get up.

Gary pushed her down and dropped to the sofa to sit beside her. Gabe sat at her other side. Pedro moved up close in front of her. The men's penises remained rigid, Gabe's and Gary's sticking up from their laps.

"Want to feel my cock?" Gary asked, and took Beth's hand in his.

So that's what a cock was, she thought. She had heard the word before, but she'd had no idea what one looked like.

Before she could marshal resistance, Gary had wrapped her fingers around his rigid, upthrust column. It was very hard, but warm. Beth didn't know what to make of the scary, strange thing.

Gary kept his hand on hers, holding her fingers around his prick.

"Take hold of mine!" Pedro said excitedly, moving so close that his legs bumped Beth's knees.

Her fascination overcame her fear, and she reached out and clutched Pedro's cock. Holding a man's stiff, long penis in each hand thrilled Beth and she didn't understand it.

"See, pricks aren't bad, are they?" Gary asked. "They won't hurt you."

"They feel funny," Beth said. "Kind of warm and throbby."

She was getting warm herself -- and in a strange place, down between her legs. She didn't understand that, either.

She began to get frightened again, and she jerked her hands away from the men's pricks. The stiff organs bobbed up and down.

"Try something else now," Gary said, his voice taking on a hoarseness. "Bend forward and kiss that big prick that's sticking up in front of you."

"NO!" Beth exclaimed, horrified by the suggestion.

"Come on, honey," Pedro crooned, pushing his erection closer to her face. He had forced one of his legs between her thighs as she sat trapped in front of him and between the other men.

"You're nasty -- all of you!" Beth cried, and glanced frantically about, trying to find a way to escape.

"We'll let you go," Gary said, "if you'll just kiss Pedro's cock."

The idea was awful, Beth thought. But if it was the only way she could get out of there...

No! She couldn't bring herself to do it. That thing of Pedro's was filthy.

It didn't look dirty, though, she had to admit. Maybe she could just give it a quick kiss, then get away.

She leaned a bit closer to the projecting penis, trying to work up her nerve.

Gary suddenly grasped the back of her head, pushing forward and down. Her face collided shockingly with Pedro's prick. The spongy bulb at the end of his cock smeared along her closed lips. A waft of its strange scent went up her nostrils.

"OOOH!" she exclaimed in alarm, not realizing that the opening of her mouth made her vulnerable.

Gary took quick advantage. Giving the girl's head another twisting shove, he forced her gaping lips down over the crown of Pedro's cock. To Beth's horror, she found her mouth stuffed full of the smelly, rubber-like knob.

Her eyes bugged. Her frantic protest came out, "GHAAAAHG!"

A groan rattled in Pedro's throat as his cock throbbed in the wet, warm mouth of the twelve-year-old virgin. Gary and Gabe stared, their upthrust pricks quivering.

"Suck it, baby!" husked Gary, working Beth's head forward and back.

Her lips stroked up and down around the shank of Pedro's organ. His bulging glans rubbed her tongue. The taste of his aroused prick and its musky odor swamped her senses. His thick, hard shaft held her mouth open wide, and its spearing presence, along with Gary's hold around the back of her head, prevented her from getting away from the awful thing.

Beth felt humiliated and dismayed, though her youthful vocabulary didn't include such words. She was powerless to resist as Gary forced her head up and down on the other man's smelly, tart-tasting prick.

"Oooh, SHIT!" Pedro said, trembling with excitement.

"Is she sucking?" asked Gary.

"No, man!" the Latin said raggedly. "But, oh, it's good!"

"SUCK!" Gary ordered, squeezing Beth's head harder.

She sucked the filthy, big prick that was sticking into her mouth. A stronger burst of sex flavor washed over her tongue. Her saliva gushed, and she was forced to gulp down the sex-tainted solution.

Beth's eyes watered as Pedro's prick was forced far back in her mouth by Gary's stroking motions of her head. She started to gag, and Gary eased up.

His other hand was between her thighs, which were held apart by Pedro's leg. He hooked her swimsuit away from her crotch. The men stared at her hairless cunt which was small and dainty. Gary rubbed the slitted little bulge, and this sent a new blast of raw sensation coursing through Beth.

Pedro began thrusting his lithe hips forward and back, stroking his cock between Beth's o-shaped lips, so that Gary needed only to hold her head still. His finger opened the snug outer lips of her pussy, and he stroked shallowly between them, rubbing Beth's clit.

The hot sensations that streamed to her brain gave her a giddiness she had never felt before. Gary kept rubbing her tiny clit, piling thrill upon thrill.

He let go of her head, and Beth kept bobbing it of her own accord. She didn't think about what she was doing. Pedro's prick just felt good, stroking her sensitive lips and thrusting along her tongue. She had even gotten used to the taste by that time.

Gabe squirmed as he sat beside her. Finally having to get into the act, he worked the top of Beth's bathing suit down, exposing her little girlish tits. They were exquisite, just starting to push out. Gabe rubbed the pastel pink nipples, turning them hard.

Beth felt a wild welling up of thrills. She sucked Pedro's prick harder. She squirmed against the hands that were tickling her pussy and pubescent breasts. Suddenly the hot sensations seemed to explode within her, and she convulsively clamped down on Pedro's cock.

"AAARRRGH!" the man said, and jerked, his glans throbbing between Beth's palate and tongue. His shaft twitched in the vise of her sucking lips.

A stream of hot fluid coursed through his spasming cock and splashed over Beth's tongue, shocking her. She gulped, for that was all she could do, and swallowed his semen down. He kept spurting and groaning with delight, writhing on the balls of his feet, his prick twisting in the astonished young girl's mouth. She continued to gulp, her eyes watering, until his spurts of warm, thick cream stopped coming.

Pedro drew his prick from her mouth with a soft popping sound and backed away, breathing hard. His cock slumped.

Beth stared at him, her big eyes misty. White goo dribbled down her chin. She felt so good after her own climax -- her first ever -- that she didn't resent Pedro for shooting something into her mouth, shocking though it had been. The fluid hadn't tasted bad.

"Do me now!" Gary husked, clutching the prick that bristled from his lap. He pulled the foreskin back from its bulging head.

He kept rubbing Beth's pussy, causing her excitement to build anew. He had to push her head only a little to get her to bow and take the big, moist knob of his pecker into her mouth. Since his glans had been sheathed by his foreskin until just moments ago, its scent was stronger and its taste sharper than Pedro's had been. Beth sucked it and started bobbing her head.

Gary moaned, writhing on the sofa. His fingertip relentlessly rubbed Beth's little clit, making her hotter and hotter. She responded by sucking more ardently on his cock. Her brain swirled.

The man lurched. His cock geysered in Beth's mouth. She was treated to her second helping of warm, thick man-juice, spurting and splashing. She swallowed it as fast as she could.

This time she received no climax. She wiggled her hot little bottom against the couch.

Gabe took over, rubbing her clit and her titties. She bowed to his lap.

The other men watched, staring in wordless fascination as the twelve-year-old virgin, totally innocent until just minutes before, eagerly sucked her third prick of the afternoon. Gabe's balls churned. He stabbed his long, skinny cock upward into the soft, moist circle of the child's lips. He jerked.

Just as he let go, Beth had her second climax, and it seemed like a bomb going off inside her. But instead of destruction, it produced a wonderful warm relaxation which seeped through every cell of her body. She swallowed Gabe's cum, and raised a wet face.

"Didn't we make you feel good?" Gary asked, smiling at her.

"Yesssss," Beth said softly, her voice a bit hoarse. Her throat was sore from all the fast gulping she had done.

"Now why don't you pick up your dollies and go back to the beach?" Gary suggested as he drew up the top of her swimsuit. "And don't tell anybody what happened -- not even your sister. That will be our little secret -- okay?"

"I guess so," Beth said.

As she left the apartment, her brain still light and a little woozy, Gary said, "We'll see you again."

"Yeah, we sure will!" echoed Pedro.

Gabe remained silent all through the episode.


"Where in the world have you been?" Cathy demanded when her baby sister returned to the spot on the beach where Cathy had left her.

"I just went to get a Coke," Beth responded.

She wanted to tell Cathy what had happened, because it had been so strange and exciting. But she was afraid, not only because the man had told her not to talk about it but because she knew Cathy would chew her out. And if it ever got back to her mother -- wow!

It had been wrong, Beth supposed. But she didn't exactly understand why, since it hadn't hurt her and it had felt very good.

She would have to remain silent, even though she was bursting with the news.

"Hey, are you all right?" Cathy asked. "You look funny."

Beth blushed. "Funny how?"

"I don't know. Well, come on. We've got to get home."

Beth thought about the strange, wild happening all the way home on the bus. Did other girls do what she had done, she wondered. How about Cathy? Did she suck that lifeguard's cock?

Beth knew there was more to sex than what had happened to her: there was fucking. That meant the guy stuck his thing into the girl. Beth had heard about that, and she assumed that was what Cathy let the lifeguard do to her in his tent. The thought of it had always frightened and repelled Beth.

Sucking was something she hadn't heard about, and it had come as a surprise. So had the good feelings she'd gotten when Gary and his friends had rubbed her between the legs. That rubbing had been wonderful -- much more exciting than when she had rubbed herself. It must have been because she'd had a man's cock in her mouth at the same time, Beth decided.

When the men had shot their stuff into her mouth, even that had been good, though she supposed it was dirty. She wondered if she would get sick from it. Her stomach felt all right so far.

In fact, she felt very good all over.


Beth's mother and father went out that evening. Cathy watched TV and talked on the telephone, perhaps to the lifeguard. She didn't tell Beth.

The twelve-year-old went to bed early, but she couldn't fall asleep. She kept thinking about what had happened to her that day. Despite her doubts and vague fears, she wanted it to happen again.

The men had told her they would see her again, and she was looking forward to it.

She still lay awake at around midnight when she heard her mother and father arrive home. Her mother was laughing in the funny way she always did when she had been drinking. Beth's father joined in, but he was never as loud.

They stayed downstairs a long time, and Beth thought they were drinking some more. She wondered if they also were fooling around.

She got a giddy desire to creep down the stairs and spy on them. She'd never done that, though she had been curious many times.

Tonight she would do it, she decided.

She climbed quietly out of bed and tiptoed out to the hall. Cathy's door was shut. Beth could hear her parents' voices from the living room, loudly enough so that she could make out what they were saying.

"Joe, you devil!" Beth's mother playfully protested, laughing. "Stop that!"

"Come on, Marcella, you know you like it," Joe responded with a chuckle. "It makes you feel wicked when I pull your dress up."

"And what makes you think I like feeling wicked?" Marcella challenged.

"I can tell," Joe said confidently.

Excited, Beth made her way carefully down the stairs, so as not to be heard. Finally she was able to peek into the living room. She felt safe because she was above her parents' line of vision, unless they were to glance up in her direction. Beth didn't consider that likely, because they seemed too interested in each other.

Beth's mother had her back turned toward the stairs, and Beth's father was embracing her while he held her dress up around her middle, along with her lacy slip. Her plump bottom was exposed, in blue panties with a white lace trim. She wasn't wearing pantyhose that night, but garters and stockings.

Beth watched her father stroke and pat her mother's bottom through the thin nylon that clung to its opulent curves. The crack between her mother's buttocks showed hazily through her sheer pants.

"Joe, you're getting me all excited!" she said, and kissed the tall, sandy-haired man on the neck. Joe was a handsome forty-year-old, whose age showed only in a slight receding of his hairline and a bit of a paunch.

"That's just how I want you to get," Joe said, continuing to pat his wife's bottom. "Real excited."

"Well, why don't we go to bed?" red-haired Marcella inquired, writhing gently against him.

"Because you always get more turned on in the living room."

"But that's the trouble. What about the children?"

Beth moved quickly back out of sight.

"They're sound asleep," Joe said.

"Oooooo!" Marcella breathed excitedly. "Don't pull my panties down!"

"No? Well, just how am I going to fuck you with your pants on, hmmm?"

A strange thrill went through Beth. That was the first time she had ever heard her father say "fuck".

"You're nasty!" Marcella said, and laughed.

Beth crept farther down the stairs so that she could watch once more. Her father had lowered her mother's panties just enough to expose her white, fleshy buttocks. He was stroking a finger up and down the crack between her satiny rear cheeks.

Beth thrilled more, though there was something odd about watching her parents carry on that way.

Marcella writhed away from her husband and pulled her panties up before letting her skirt drop. "I need another drinkie-poo," she said, and walked unsteadily to the cabinet where the liquor was kept. An open bottle and two glasses stood on top of it.

Joe watched as his wife poured some more liquor for herself. A lock of Marcella's dark red hair had fallen sexily across a cheek. Her face was pretty, though a slight puffiness betrayed her thirty-eight years. Her breasts were large, and the moderately low-cut dress she was wearing showed off their pale, bulging tops.

"Want one?" she asked as she finished pouring her own drink.

"I'm okay," Joe said.

Marcella laughed. "I know what you're worried about -- you're afraid that if you drink any more you won't be able to do your thing!" Her voice was thick.

"Listen," Joe replied, "I could do it if I was roaring drunk. I just wouldn't enjoy it as much. Now, with women it's different -- the more booze they drink, the wilder they get."

Marcella turned to face him. "And just how would you know about women... plural? How many broads have you been screwing around with?"

Beth was shocked to hear her usually prim and proper mother use words like broads and screwing.

"You know I don't screw anybody but you," Joe said, walking over to her, a grin on his face. "But I remember before we were married."

"Oh, here we go again! Now you're going to tell me about Elaine and Lois and all the rest of them... and how fuckin' wild they were!"

Fuckin'? Beth couldn't believe her ears. Her mother had to be pretty drunk.

"Baby, I'm not interested in anybody but you," Joe said, and took Marcella into his arms. She was sipping from her glass as he cuddled her, caressing her bottom again.

He walked her to the sofa, his arm around her waist. Marcella sat down heavily, almost sloshing the liquor out of her glass. Joe sat beside her. He gave her a kiss. Beth was shocked to see his hand close around one of her mother's breasts, squeezing the bulgy mound.

Marcella finished the liquor in her glass and stretched to place it on an end table. The glass nearly tipped onto its side.

Joe went to work on his wife in earnest, pushing her skirt and slip up her thighs, then grasping her breast once more. As they kissed, he slid his hand down across her middle and dug between her fleshy thighs, grasping her hairy softness through her panties. Her thighs widened their spread, and Beth could see dark hairs along the crotch elastics of her mother's pants. The narrow strip of blue nylon that passed between her legs had gotten creased and was narrower than usual. As she squirmed in response to her husband's ardent caress, he hooked the nylon away, and Beth got her first glimpse of her mother's mature pussy. The gash was red at the center, its lips unfurled by the wanton spread of her legs and her excitement. Lots of hair bordered the juicy crevice.

Joe's finger delved into his wife's meaty slit.

"Oooo!" Marcella moaned, tearing her mouth from his. "Why don't you fuck me?"

There it is -- that naughty word again, Beth thought. And Mommy's using it!

"You're not ready to be fucked yet," Joe replied.

"Oooh, yes I am!" Marcella insisted, writhing passionately. More of her hair had fallen over her face by that time. "Can't you feel how wet I am?"

"You're wet all right," Joe observed, taking out his finger and looking at it. (Even Beth could see it glisten). "But I think my baby needs a little more feeling up. She needs to get the top of her dress pulled down," Joe added, reaching behind her to unzip her zipper. "She needs to get her titties spilled out."

Marcella laughed giddily as the top of her dress was lowered. But her tits didn't tumble free. She was wearing a low-cut bra.

She squirmed against Joe as he went for the hooks on her brassiere. When his hands withdrew, he brought the bra with him, and Marcella leaned back, boldly showing him her breasts. Like melons they were, with wide rosy discs at their crests. At the center of each aureole sat a plump, ruddy nipple.

"Mama's really got 'em!" Joe said with a grin, bringing his hands up underneath her bountiful boobs. He lifted the chesty treasures and let them drop, quivering.

Marcella glowed. It did thrill her to be stripped in the living room and to be forced to show herself off.

"Shake 'em, honey!" Joe said.

Laughing, his drunk wife waggled her shoulders, causing her big tits to bounce to and fro. Joe drove his face against the rounded, satiny pillows. Beth stared as her father licked and sucked her mother's nipples. The child watched avidly as he lifted a breast, tugged with his mouth at its rigid tip, then let the titty drop. He pounced onto the other one.

Marcella reached blindly for the front of her husband's pants. Beth's guilty excitement increased as her mother felt all around his lower front, even down between his legs, then found the tab of his zipper and lowered it, opening his fly.

I'm going to see Daddy's cock! Beth thought.

A little voice told her that she shouldn't look at it, that she was being very naughty and should hurry back to bed. But her fascination with her parents' lovemaking was too great to resist. She had to remain on the stairs and continue to watch.

Marcella reached into Joe's pants while he nuzzled and pawed at her breasts. Her hand came back out, and it was clutching a long, hard column that, to Beth, looked very much like Gary's. It too was covered by an outer skin, except for its rosy tip. Beth's mother stroked that hard, thrusting cock, rolling the foreskin up and down across the ridge of his head.

Joe sat up and stared at what she was doing.

Suddenly he dropped to his knees on the carpet. He spread Marcella's legs wide apart and dived between them. Their daughter's breath became labored and she felt very warm between her own legs as her father licked the inner slopes of her mother's thighs, from her tightly cinched stocking tops all the way to the edges of her lacy blue pants. His hands stroked up and down the outside of her thighs, traveling along the straps of her garters.

Finally he clutched Marcella's panties and pulled them down. Her dark hair gushed out. Joe lifted her legs in front of him to take her panties off. He tossed the blue briefs aside. He spread his wife's legs into a wide V, continuing to hold them up in front of him, and then he did something that shocked and thrilled Beth.

He dove straight to her mother's hairy slash, burrowing his mouth into the moist meat. He lay her legs on his shoulders and twisted his head, ravenously eating Marcella's flowing, flavorful cunt.

Beth throbbed as she watched. Her eyes were bugging. Her mouth hung open, and her throat was dry.

Marcella wiggled her bare bottom on the sofa. She tossed her head from side to side, her red hair whipping across her face. She bit her lip to stifle a moan. Her titties bounced like big rubber balls.

So Daddy puts his mouth down there, just like those men made me do with them! Beth thought excitedly. I wonder if Mommy will do Daddy the same way.

Joe was licking up and down the meaty flanges of his wife's cunt, his tongue wiggling all the fleshy folds. He sucked up her gushing honey. He licked the pearl-like head of her clit until it was slick and extremely hard. He even stroked his tongue down and into the mouth of her slippery, hot vagina.

Marcella bumped her hips spastically. She no longer was able to suppress her moans. She clutched her husband's head, ruffling his dark hair, pulling him deeper into her humid swamp.

Finally he raised his head. His mouth and nose were wet.

Marcella was panting wildly.

Joe stood in front of her, his prick proudly projecting from his open fly. He moved very close to Marcella, standing between her legs.

"No!" she exclaimed, and tried to push him away.

"God damn it, why not?" he demanded, wild with lust.

"Because I don't do that!" his wife said. "I've told you many times I won't. Just because that slut Elaine used to do it for you is no reason to expect me to." She no longer seemed so drunk.

"Damn you!" Joe snarled. "You're a prude!"

"Maybe so," Marcella said, succeeding in pushing him away from her. "Come on, Joe," she added, her tone softening, "let's make love nice!"

He angrily grasped her and twisted her about, until she was pitched forward, over an arm of the sofa. Her ass was aimed into the air. Its fleshy cheeks were framed by her white garter straps and the dark bands at the top of her hose.

Joe jerked her thighs apart so that one leg extended out to the floor. He landed behind her on his knees and quickly pushed his pants and shorts down. He drove his hard prick into her upturned pussy, spearing it all the way to his dangling, hairy balls.

Beth stared from a point of vantage which permitted her to see between her father's legs, to watch his thick column stroking in and out of her mommy's hair-fringed hole. She watched her daddy's balls shake. She saw how wet his cock was getting as he pumped up and down, pulling the little red lips of her mommy's pussy outward, then folding them back inside as he drove all the way, socking his belly noisily against Marcella's ass.

So that's how people fuck! Beth thought, shocked and excited by the blatant display of raw lust. That it was her own gentle parents behaving in such a wild and wanton manner startled the child all the more.

This was bound to be a day and night that Beth would never forget.

"Oooh, yes!" Marcella cried, bumping her cunt backward against her husband's savage plunges. She wiggled her sumptuous ass. "That's sooooooh gooooood!"

Joe just grunted, angry in his lust because she hadn't given him the thrill he had most wanted. If he could just once feel her warm, wet mouth around his prick and watch her pink lips pump up and down on it, he would be the happiest man on earth, he thought. But she continued to deny him that supreme pleasure. She probably always would.

He fucked into her none-too-tight cunt with brutal vengeance, and Marcella seemed to enjoy it, despite his roughness.

Watching, Beth was frightened for her mother.

That must hurt awful! the young girl thought. How does Mommy stand it?

Beth didn't see how she herself could ever let a man or boy drive his long, hard thing into her. Her pussy was so small and tight that a man would surely rip her to pieces doing that.

The fear put a damper on the vicarious excitement Beth had been enjoying up to that point. Still, she continued to watch, spellbound by the sheer animal lust which her father and mother displayed.

Marcella was bobbing her ass atop the sofa arm, pushing with her feet against the cushion and the floor, bracing her hands against the floor, as well. Her hair hung completely over her face. Her breasts dangled and swayed like tolling bells.

Joe was clutching her bare hips and driving for dear life into her soggy cunt. His shaft gleamed slippery wet each time it flashed out. His balls had pulled into a knot at its base.

Beth's eyes burned from staring. Her tense throat ached with dryness.

Aren't they ever going to stop? she wondered as her parents fucked on and on.

"Uuuh... uh...! OOOOOOOOH!" Marcella cried, and her ass shook, vibrating like jell-o. Waves of luscious warmth spread through her.

Her cunt spasmed around Joe's cock which was still pumping within it. But because Marcella's pussy wasn't the tightest in the world, her orgasmic contractions didn't bring him to climax. However, his stimulation was heightened by her obvious pleasure, and he speared her even faster and stronger. His hips bobbed as briskly as they could go. His eyes rolled back in their sockets, and his head turned light.

His whole being was concentrated on his driving cock as he pumped into Marcella with fiendish zeal. He slapped her quivering ass. He cursed.

Finally he came with an explosive burst which shook him. He growled raspingly and emptied his passion in spurt after quivering spurt within his wife's still-quaking cunt.

He flopped over her back, breathing hard. She was panting, also.

"Oooh, what a fucking!" she said.

Beth could have uttered an amen to that. It was the most savage and frightening act she had ever witnessed between human beings.

She never wanted it to happen to her.


"You're going to the beach again today, darling?" Marcella asked as she spread jam on her toast. "My goodness, you'll get your skin too brown."

"Do I look as if I got too much sun yesterday, Mother?" Cathy retorted, annoyed.

"Well, no," her mother admitted. "And you were out there a long time. How did you manage to protect yourself?"

"I wasn't lying under the sun every minute," Cathy said, nibbling at her breakfast.

That's right -- you were lying with that lifeguard in his tent letting him do the awful thing I watched Daddy do to Mommy last night! Beth thought.

Somehow her parents seemed different to her that morning, though they behaved as usual. In her mind's eye, she kept seeing flashes of them fucking -- her mother's big bottom stuck up in the air while her father vigorously speared it.

"Do you want to go to the beach again, too?" Marcella asked Beth.

"Sure!" the twelve-year-old eagerly replied. She thought of Gary and his friends and the great pleasure they'd given her without getting rough.

"Oh, Mother, do I have to take her?" Cathy asked, frowning.

"You most certainly do, dear!" Marcella said. "Beth has as much right to enjoy herself on a vacation day as you do. And be careful to see she doesn't get too much of a burn."

"Well, I've got to take off," Joe said, wiping his mouth on a napkin as he rose from the table. He was dressed in a suit, white shirt, and tie -- his regular uniform for the office.

He gave his wife a quick kiss and patted Beth on the head. He smiled at his young daughter fondly.

Beth had to force herself to return his smile, remembering how brutal he had seemed with her mother the night before.

"You listen to your mother now," Joe said to Cathy. "Behave yourself at the beach, and watch out for Beth."

"Yes, Father," Cathy said.

He patted her affectionately in passing.

Cathy got up and went to her room. Beth dreamily finished her breakfast, wondering if she would meet Gary and those other nice men today.


The girls arrived at the beach earlier than they had the day before, and there was no one near their favorite spot -- except for Boyd, who was perched on his tower with a white sailor hat turned down to shade his face.

"I suppose you're going to mess around with him as usual," Beth sniffed, indicating the life-guard.

"I wish you had somebody to mess around with," Cathy snapped back. "But, of course, you're not old enough."

"Oh, no?"

Cathy squinted at her baby sister. "Well, you aren't! But maybe you can find something to do, besides just playing with those dumb dolls of yours on the sand. Why don't you go where you got that Coke yesterday, wherever it was? You heard what Mother said about not staying out in the sun."

Beth remained silent. She didn't want to just walk up to Gary's apartment. That would seem too forward. She hoped he would see her and come out, as he had done the day before.

Cathy waited, studying her. "So, what are you going to do?"

"I don't know. Just sit here, I guess."

"Oh, shit!" Cathy said.

"Ummm! That's a naughty word."

"So what? I wish you'd please go somewhere. Now that Boyd and I have the beach all to ourselves, it would be nice to stay outside in the sun."

"And fuck right out in the open?" Beth asked.

Cathy blushed. "What makes you think that's what we do?"

"I know about those things," Beth said, looking down as her bare toe drew a curlicue in the sand.

"Well, don't talk about them!" Cathy scolded. "And for God's sake, don't say anything like that at home."

"Why not?" Beth chirped. "Mommy and Daddy fuck, don't they?"

Cathy blushed brighter. "What an awful thing to say! And you thought it was bad for me to say shit."

"I was just kidding," Beth replied. "I can say shit too, if I feel like it. I can say anything you can. What I don't get is why you'd want any guy to fuck you. Uugh!"

Still blushing, Cathy replied, "That's because you don't know what it's all about. Anyway, who says I fuck with Boyd?"

"Well, if you don't do that," Beth inquired, "do you suck his thing instead?"

Cathy was shocked to the tips of her toes. "Where did you ever hear about anything so filthy? I ought to wash your mouth out with soap!"

Beth laughed, enjoying her new sense of maturity. "Ooh, go fuck with Boyd! I won't bother you."

The twelve-year-old turned and, carrying her dollies, started walking slowly across the beach. She was heading vaguely toward Gary's place, but didn't want to be obvious about it.

Cathy, with a lot to think about, walked to Boyd's tower.

It would be too risky, she thought, to have sex with him today. Now that Beth suspected what was going on between them and was willing to talk about it, it was no longer safe. If the brat mouthed off at home, Cathy would catch it for sure.

"Hi, Boyd!" she called to the lifeguard.

The handsome blond fellow straightened from his sleepy slouch and looked down. He grinned. "You said you'd be early, but I didn't believe it." He turned and came quickly down the ladder.

"We can't do it today," Cathy told him as he pulled her into his arms.

"Why not? Is it your time of the month?"

"No, silly. But Beth suspects what we're doing. She might spy on us or something."

"Where is she?" Boyd asked, and scanned the beach through his dark glasses.

"Right over there," Cathy said, turning. She didn't spot her sister. "Well, she was..."

"Is that her, talking with that guy?" Boyd pointed.

Cathy looked in the direction he indicated. "It is! Hey, I don't like that. I'll get my ass whaled at home if anything happens to her."

Cathy took off on a lope, toward where Beth was standing with the man.

Boyd called, "Come back soon as you can, huh?"

She didn't reply. Beth was all she could think about at the moment. That brat was getting to be a real problem.

"Who's this?" Gary asked Beth as he saw Cathy running toward them. He eyed her large, rounded tits which were bouncing in her bikini bra.

"Oh, that's my sister!" Beth said disgustedly.

"She's sure pretty."

Beth gave the man a sharp look.

He grinned. "But not as pretty as you are, cup-cake," he added.

"Who are you talking to, Beth?" the sixteen-year-old demanded as she ran up.

"This is Gary," Beth said, adding maturely, "He's a friend of mine. Gary, this is my sister, Cathy."

"A friend of yours?" Cathy glared at the man, who grinned back at her. "He's old enough to be your father!"

"I'd like to be your father for a night," he told Cathy.

"What's that mean?" she demanded.

"Oh, nothing. Or everything. Depends on how you want to take it."

"I don't care to take it at all." Cathy grasped Beth's hand. "Come on -- we're getting out of here."

"No!" Beth exclaimed, bracing herself.

"That's the girl," Gary encouraged. "No slut of a big sister ought to boss you around."

Cathy exploded, "Slut! Where do you get off calling names, you creep?"

"Beth told me what you were doing yesterday with the lifeguard."

Cathy turned red from anger and embarrassment. "Beth Ellen Brewster! When I get home..."

"What'll you do?" Beth taunted. "You know you don't dare say a word to Mommy and Daddy, because you're been just as naughty as I have. Naughtier!"

Cathy stared at, her sister inquisitively. As naughty as SHE? What did Beth mean by that? What had the brat been up to, anyway?

As Cathy considered the question, it occurred to her that Gary was altogether too forward for a casual acquaintance. And Beth had introduced him as her "friend". Did that mean she was with him yesterday? What had they been doing?

"Do you live around here?" Cathy asked Gary.

"Tell her, Beth," he said cockily.

Beth was no longer afraid or ashamed to admit that she had been in Gary's apartment or even to admit what she had done there. After watching the way her parents had behaved last night, and listening to the way they had talked when they had thought they weren't overheard... then after practically drawing an admission from Cathy that she had been fucking the lifeguard... Beth concluded she had nothing to be ashamed of or even to fear.

"Gary lives in that building over there," Beth said, pointing. "That's where I was yesterday -- in Gary's apartment with him and his friends."

"His friends?" Cathy was more shocked by the moment.

"Yes. A couple of very nice men."

"My God, no!" Cathy said. "What did you let them do to you?"

"Nothing bad," Beth said. "In fact, it was super! Are your friends in the apartment today, Gary?"

He nodded, grinning slyly as he studied Cathy's response.

"What have you done to my sister?" she demanded, her eyes flashing.

"Like she said, nothing bad. Come on up with us and we may do the same thing for you... if you act nice."

"I certainly will not!" Cathy declared, outraged.

"Then I'll see you later," Beth said, and turned. Carrying her dolls, she walked beside Gary toward his apartment.

Cathy didn't dare make a scene, because Beth was in a position to fink on her. But she couldn't stand there and let Beth go back to the man's apartment alone.

She cast a glance toward the lifeguard tower where Boyd sat. She couldn't ask for his help because he might lose his job if he were to leave his post.

There seemed nothing for her to do but tag along with Beth. What could happen, really, with both of them together in the man's apartment? Maybe, also, Cathy could find out just what Beth had been up to.

She hurried after Beth and Gary.

Beth glared at her big sister when the latter ran up beside her. Beth kept walking. "Why don't you mind your own business?" she said.

"Because you're my business," Cathy retorted. "I'm supposed to watch out for you."

"Don't fight, girls," Gary spoke up. "There'll be enough fun for both of you."

Cathy wondered just what he had in mind. How bad could it be if a kid like Beth had done it?

The threesome climbed the stairs to Gary's apartment, and he let them in. Pedro and Gabe were lounging in the living room, as before. Gary made the introductions, which Cathy acknowledged with a sniff.

"Why don't we all get comfortable?" Gary suggested immediately. "Let's take off our swimsuits."

"NO!" Cathy was horrified.

"Well, I will!" Beth said, and began skinning out of her one-piece suit.

Cathy lunged to stop her, but Gary looped an arm around the blonde teenager's middle, yanking her backward against him. She felt the bulge of his penis snuggling the crack between her buttocks, which were lightly covered by her bikini. Looking down over her shoulder, Gary watched her luscious tits jiggle as she struggled to free herself from his grasp.

Meanwhile, Beth was stepping out of her swimsuit before Cathy's astonished eyes. The men ogled the sleek-bodied twelve-year-old. Gabe and Pedro yanked their trunks down.

Their cocks rose as Cathy stared, blushing furiously. She felt Gary's prick prodding her bottom.

He let go of her and removed his trunks. His uncircumcised penis stood at attention.

"This is awful!" Cathy exclaimed, gazing about the room.

"The only thing that's awful," Gary replied with a grin, "is you still wearing that bikini. Why don't you prove you're at least as grown up as your baby sister?"

"Yeah, Cathy," Beth said, her cheeks and eyes bright with excitement. She was enjoying a sense of superiority over the older girl who had always bossed her around. "Either take off your bikini or get out. We don't need a party poop."

"What you need is to have your bottom spanked!" Cathy said.

"I'd rather spank your bottom, baby," Pedro said, stroking Cathy's bikini-clad ass. "You've got a lot more back there."

She squirmed away from him, her eyes flashing. She felt just as helpless as before, and the situation was getting more critical. Beth had dropped onto the sofa between Gary and Gabe, whose cocks bristled from their laps as they sat beside the nude young girl.

Pedro still ogled Cathy. "Come on, baby," he said in softly accented tones. "Take off that bikini, huh?"

In addition to being offended by what was going on, Cathy felt frustrated and foolish. She was afraid of what was going to happen to Beth, for which she would be held responsible. Cathy still believed she could protect herself, but Beth had become totally uncontrollable and was therefore at the men's mercy.

"All right!" Cathy declared defiantly, her head held high. "I'll take off my bikini if you leave Beth alone."

"Deal, baby!" Pedro quickly said, gazing at Cathy's bulging, half-exposed breasts.

"What about you?" she asked Gary.

"I won't do anything Beth doesn't want me to do," he replied.

"Beth, get up and come over here," Cathy directed.

"No!" Beth's excitement was high, and also her new sense of power.

"Damn you!" Cathy said. "You're a stupid little snot!"

Pedro had edged behind the pretty blonde. He reached quickly and pulled the tie on her bikini top. The bra fell away, exposing Cathy's breasts before she could clutch and cover them.

"Hey, man, you ever see such pretty tits?" Pedro asked, grasping his erect prick as he ogled the pink-nippled beauties.

"I prefer Beth's little titties," Gary replied, and passed his hand across the twelve-year-old's sprouting buds.

Beth immediately reclined against the back of the sofa, letting the man have his way with her. Gary slid his hand down to her hairless loins and between her legs. Gabe stroked her stiffened nipples.

Cathy stared unbelievingly at the erotic scene which involved her baby sister. While she was engrossed, Pedro pulled the string on her bikini bottom and it sagged, sticking between her thighs but exposing her golden mons.

"No!" she exclaimed, whirling to slap the man. Her titties bobbed.

Pedro clutched her round, firm breasts, taking the blow which stung his cheek. He pushed Cathy backward, causing her bikini pants to glide down her legs. She stumbled into a chair, her thighs open, and Pedro stared ardently at her tight slit which was edged by golden curls.

Gary had dropped to his knees in front of Beth. She let him push her thighs wide apart, and he bowed his head between them. She thrilled as he did to her what she had watched her father do to her mother the night before. Gabe twisted on the sofa to kiss her as he rubbed her tits.

Cathy's eyes were wide. Her mouth had dropped open. She knew she couldn't stop what was happening, and she feared it would get worse. If she were to get up and run, it would mean abandoning Beth.

The possibility of escape was quickly removed, anyway, when Pedro dropped to the floor between Cathy's knees, shoving her thighs as far apart as they would go. Her slit opened enough to show

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