Mama's Gigolo - sex story

Mama's Gigolo

I know a bunch of this stuff, probably 98 percent of
it, is false about incest. But in email chats with this
guy Long Boy Slim, he convinced me to let him post this
story I forwarded to him, word for word. It's true.
It's what happened between me and my mom. I can't say
it's right or wrong, but it happened. And it's still
happening. I hope it doesn't offend anyone. But this
stuff happens to people sometimes, like it happened to

If any of you readers out there know anything about
southern Baptist people, you know how a preacher is
looked up to. And you also know how much black men
respect their mothers and somewhat place them on a
pedestal as perfect, not to be bothered and the
possession of one man. Here's my story.

One Saturday, I happened past my parent's house, so as
usual, I stopped by to give greetings.

I saw Pastor Brown's car in the driveway and I figured
they were chatting about church business.

The screen door was open and unlocked. I pushed the
doorbell but no one came.

I walked on in and three steps into the house I see mom
on her back on the floor by the kitchen table and
Pastor brown humping her, holding her large tits.

Pastor Brown's pants were around his ankles, as were
his black silk boxer shorts. His shirt was on the floor
as was my mother's moo-moo dress.

"Come on Robert. Get in there Robert. Stop playing with
it and fuck me Robert," mom was saying. "Give me that
dick! C'mon, give me that dick!"

I stared in shock and in rage for what seemed like two
to three minutes.

Moments later we all locked eyes and little Pastor
Brown who must stand 5'2' at the most, jumped straight
up, pulling up his pants with his little dick showing.
Mom, who stands 5'10' and weighs about 260, couldn't
rise as fast, but tried jumping to her feet, only to
fall backwards, bumping her head on the table,
rendering her unconscious.

At the same instant, Pastor Brown lit out running past
me with his shirt in his hand, running to the door,
slamming it and cranking up his car, hauling ass. That
little prick didn't know if mom was dead or if she was
critically injured. He just left.

There lay mom on the floor, naked. Her big, large hairy
pussy splayed wide open. Her massive tits lay to either
side of her body.

I thought she was seriously injured so I went to her,
holding her head, rubbing her face and rubbing the big
bump that was rising on the back of her head. I called
911 and explained the fall. They told me to get ice
onto the knot and onto her face and they would wait to
see if I could get a response.

I did that frantically and within seconds she started
to come around. I told 911 she was coming around. They
recommended I take her to the emergency room because
all the ambulances were tied on a huge traffic

Mom started to moan, "oh my head. Oh my head."

As she started to come around more, I grabbed her moo-
moo robe that laid on the floor and covered her up.
Admittedly, I was sneaking looks at her pussy. I
couldn't help it. She's a big woman and it was laying
wide open between her spread legs.

I thought to myself, "Man, no way that guy should have
been fucking her. He ain't big enough for all that long
pussy she got showing between her legs!"

I rubbed more intensely with the ice and she came all
way around.

I told her we needed to go to the emergency room and
she needed to get dressed. Mom refused. She was still
groggy and I helped her to her feet.

As she rose, the moo-moo slipped off of her body. I
couldn't reach down to get it because she's so heavy I
was using both arms from the front, to pull her up. Her
whole body was displayed. But this being my mother, I
acted like I didn't see as she gathered the moo-moo and
pulled it over her upper body.

Mom was plopped down in a chair at the kitchen table. I
asked her whether she'd be alright and urged her to let
me take her to the emergency room.

She flatly refused medical help. So after rubbing her
head, the large knot on her head, she said she'd be
fine. She said she'd take some aspirin and be OK.

As I started in on her and the pastor, she quickly shut
me off. "I don't want to hear it," mom kept saying. She
refused to look me in the face, instead staring at the
walls, the floor or the ceiling.

I sat for a while with her and told her I was going
home. Call me if she changed her mind and wanted to see
a doctor. I would come back.

I went home, keeping things to myself. But I called
Pastor Brown's house. His wife Shirley answered and
said he had not come home yet. I know he should have
been there because two hours had passed. I left a
message for him to call me.

I popped open a beer, still in disbelief because my mom
had not said a word about the position I had caught her
in. It was downright stupid to be doing something like
that in the house, with the preacher and on a Saturday.
My dad was at the church with the other men.

They had fellowship meetings on Saturdays. All the guys
got together, ate breakfast, did things around the
church and then had fun together, either bowling,
shooting pool or fishing from about 9 a.m. until 2 p.m.
Then my dad would head out to his cousin's place until
later in the night.

Next thing I know, mom called me and started to say I
was wrong because I should have knocked or rang the
bell. I told her I had rang the bell. She went on about
nit picky shit. I finally had enough and told her she
was wrong and it didn't make sense, and I planned to
confront Pastor Brown about it.

Mom asked me to come over and we could talk about it.
But I told her I was busy and didn't have time. She
said dad was gone pheasant hunting with the other
deacons and he would be gone overnight. I told her I
didn't plan to mention it to him, but I was sure going
to speak with the pastor about what he was doing.

Then I hung up. I thought to myself about the sight I
had seen. If it wasn't for the anger swelling in me, I
might have been aroused seeing my mother's body naked.
I had seen her naked before as a child growing up and
had admired it.

I admit there were several occasions when she either
walked through the house nude, or I'd walked in on her
in the bathroom, that I had wanted to fuck her as a
teenager. But that was years ago. I was married now
with two kids. And I was seriously hurting inside from
mom's infidelity. It's bad enough to know, but to see
it yourself is painful.

No child should ever have to see something like I saw.

Forty minutes later mom pulled up. I was sweating like
hell from trimming hedges. We chatted and she wanted to
talk with me inside.

We walk in and I have a beer to cool down. Mom starts
crying and goes into her sob story about how my dad
doesn't give her enough sex, he's always gone and she's
so lonely inside and unfulfilled.

She went on about how she could confide in me and tell
me her secrets and how she wouldn't do it again.

I told her she could let dad know, or if she had to, go
somewhere else with someone else, but not the pastor!

"Ron, you know I'm fat and I don't get much attention.
But I have needs like every woman. I have to have
someone to give me what I need sometimes and Robert was
there when I needed someone to talk to, you know," mom
went on, as she moved from the chair she sat in to the
couch where I was.

Mom reached out to hold my hand as she explained
herself. I pulled it away and started flipping through
channels with the remote control.

"But mom, it doesn't make sense for you to do something
so stupid and risky. If someone else had come in that
house, you would never live it down. Keep your business
secret. Get somebody else who can protect your privacy.
Not that idiot!" I said.

"Well who do you recommend Ron? You know your father's
never going to change. Who can take care of my needs
that I can trust?" mom asked.

"Mom, I don't know that. I think you and dad can work
it out.. But you can call me and I can talk out things
with you when you need someone to talk with. You know
that," I said.

"Yes, but you can't help me with my other needs baby.
You're my son and I need a man a lot of times," mom
said. "Would you rather I went out and found someone
else who could have AIDS or something else?"

"I don't know mom. I'm just disappointed in you," I
said. "And I really don't think you should be messing
around with that faggot Pastor Brown. He's our preacher

Mom told me her ankle had gotten twisted earlier and
held out her leg. I said I'd massage the ankle.

Mom smelled of Dove soap. She had bathed and changed
into a brown knee length skirt and tan blouse. She had
put on her makeup and wore soft soled brown shoes.

I got onto my knees and put her foot onto my lap and
started to massage it. She liked the massage a few
minutes into it. Now she shook me up, but had my mind
thinking perversely.

"Baby let me pull my panty hose off so you can massage
it better," she said. "The material is scratching my
skin when you squeeze."

"OK," I said as I dropped her foot and rose in front of
her. She stared straight at my crotch and smiled. Then
without rising from the couch, she pulled up her skirt
to her waist and scooted out of the panty hose. She
wasn't wearing the big bloomers she usually wore, she
had on a small pair of mint green panties that barely
covered her bottom.

Over the top of the panties and to the sides, her
massive bush showed! Damn, my mom was either seducing
me or going to meet someone when she left my house!" I

To almost undress in front of me and showing me her
underwear was not my mom's normal way of thinking or
acting. She was totally not herself. She wasn't drunk.
I didn't smell alcohol. She doesn't do drugs. I was
somewhat confused and confounded.

She knew my wife Sandra and my kids were gone to her
mother's house and would be back tomorrow, like dad

Here I was at 30, having perverse thoughts about my 51
year old mom. And she was fueling the fire.

When mom got the panty hose nearly off of her feet, she
asked me to take them off. I got back onto my knees,
gave a little tug and they were off.

Mom sat there smiling, her skirt way up her meaty
thighs now. And I'm looking at those panties and the
hair sticking from them. She made NO attempt to cover
up. Just sat there smiling. I knew what she was
thinking but I had to be sure. If I fucked up, I could
never be the same around my mother. Our relationship
would be ruined and I would be forever embarrassed.

But I thought as mom stared at my crotch smiling, it
was her who had taken me to the doctor at 14, to
inquire about my massive 10 inch penis that curved to
the left when it was hard.

Bent Nail syndrome, the doctor had told us. It would
correct itself as I grew older. Back then my uncles
used to say I was "ruined," meaning I had a defective
dick it was so big.

That had caused my parents to seek medical attention.
The doctor told us back then it was just a normal
penis, but very large. That couldn't be helped.

All of this is going through my head now as I hold
mom's right foot, massaging her ankle.

Mom sat there looking at me, making small talk and
saying how good the massage felt. As I finished up, she
placed her left foot onto my lap and I began massaging

Mom placed her right foot to the side. Now her thighs
were wide open and she just stared at me, smiling
between words. I stole glances at her crotch and sure,
I was getting aroused. Any man would under the

After a few minutes, I finished up and rose to my feet.
Mom stared at my crotch and said, "Ron, is your thing
still as big as it used to be?"

"Mom, what are you talking about," I laughed as I stood
up directly in front of her. "I'm finished."

"Come here Ron," mom said.

"I'm already here mom. What"

Mom scooted forward on the couch, her skirt scooting
back more.

"Let me see that thing," mom said as she grabbed the
waist band of my jeans with her right hand and squeezed
my dick through the fabric with her left hand.

Mom started rubbing my dick and it started getting

"Baby can I see it?" mom asked.

"Yea. Go ahead," I said, just standing.

I had decided if she made a move right now, I was going
for it.

She unzipped my pants and pulled them and my drawers
down. My dick stood at full attention.

Mom looked at it, rubbing the length of it and pulling
back the foreskin.

"Can I suck it? Mom asked.

"Yea. If you want to," I replied.

"Oooh, you got a big dick son! I don't know if I can
handle all of this!" mom said as she put her lips over
the head of my dick and I wanted to scream!

She started out sucking the head, licking the pre-cum,
then licking beneath the shaft. After a couple of
minutes, I grabbed the back of her head, careful not to
touch that bump.

I pushed deeper into her mouth as she spread her legs
more, then she stopped and told me to sit on the couch,
as she scooted to the floor, in front of me.

Mom started again, sucking and licking my dick while
caressing my balls.

After a few more minutes, I told her I was going to

She took her hands off my dick, placing them to either
side of me for support, leaning over and taking in a
lot of dick.

Mom was sucking my dick down her throat at a fast pace.
No hands, just suction.

I was holding the back of her head as I started
thrusting back and forth. Then I moaned as my nuts
released the fluid.

Bang! Into mom's throat my seed was shooting.

"Uuuum," mom was moaning as she sucked and swallowed.
Nothing was falling from her mouth. It seemed my
strength had left through my balls.

Mom continued to suck, now pumping my dick with her
right hand, draining every ounce of the liquid from my
nuts that she could free up.

Two or three more minutes passed and she continued
until I seemed to have cummed out.

I pulled her up and said, "OK mom. Let me have some
pussy now."

Mom rose smiling and gurgled with a mouth full of cum,
asking me to wait. She went into the bathroom, spitting
out what cum she could, then gargled with mouth wash.

When she came back into the room, she locked into a
tongue kiss with me, the Listerine sort of burning. I
was groping her ass, kissing her deep, rubbing her
thighs and trying to get a finger into her pussy from
the back as she continued to squeeze my dick.

She sat down and dropped her bra and titties went

As she stood, I got onto my knees and pulled down those
mint green panties. The crotch was soaked wet!

As I pulled the panties off of mom's foot, I held up
the little fat that hung from her stomach and kissed
her pussy. She gave a sigh-like moan and started
rubbing my head. I sat her down and started to eat her
pussy. I slid her to the edge of the couch, but she was
too fat for me to get at her pussy like I wanted to,
like I needed to.

So we went to the bedroom and climbed into my bed. I
cut the lights on so I could see every detail.

I admired mom's dark brown skin that had no blemishes,
except the stretch marks on her belly. Large, long tits
with nipples that looked like the ends of my thumbs sat
at the end of the large black circles of her aeroles.

Mom's thighs were meaty, not fat, but very thick and
filled in.

As she lay there smiling I kissed her and laid on her
as she pumped my dick, trying to stick it in her large,
long pussy whose lips were thin and black. Inside her
pussy was bright red and pink, almost glowing like the
shine on a new car.

I broke the kiss and pulled both her nipples into my
mouth at the same instance. It wasn't difficult because
her breasts are so large. I kissed, sucked and licked
her tits for long minutes, as I laid on her belly, as
my dick laid lengthwise across the lips of her pussy,
stimulating them and her clit, but not yet going into

"Come on baby. Give me that big long dick now!" mom
commanded softly.

"Wait a minute," I said. "Let me taste it first."

"You'd better hurry up baby because if you wait you
might be drowning in it before long. I'm already wet
baby," she said, as I moved from her breasts, kissing
down her stomach then licking through her thick black
bush as my nose nuzzled through it, savoring the aroma
of the Dove soap that she loves to use.

I began licking and kissing her thighs. Mom couldn't
wait though.

"Come on now!" mom said.

I stuck my tongue into her pussy and tasted the
slightly salty discharge. Mom grabbed the back of my
head and pushed my face flat against her pussy.

Mom's ass was rising and dropping onto the bed. She
pulled her legs up, placing her feet flat near my face,
pumping up and down as my tongue probed in and around
her pussy. Then she started to howl loudly.

"Ooooooh yea. Ooooh yea baby. Right there. Right there
damnit!" mom said as she grinded her pussy into my face
and came, saying, "Uuugh, damn!"

I rose, my dick standing straight out in front of me,
mom rubbing my chest as her dreamy eyes gave away her
loss of strength to the orgasms.

I eased into her, pushing about half of my 10 inches
into her with one thrust.

"Aww shit!" mom said, as she started to roll her big
ass which I held in my hands. "Ooooh baby. Big dick so
good. Big dick so good baby."

We now rocked back and forth, side to side as I pushed
deeper into her hot wet cavernous pussy.

We had fucked less than three minutes and mom grabbed
my ass, pushing me the full length into her, hitting
the bottom of her pussy as she softly started cooing,
"That's it baby. Momma's cumming�.again."

She was slowing down on me now. She was weakening as
her rotations became slower and her breathing grew
deeper. Her arms were now laid to either side of her
head as she tossed her head back and forth, moaning,
eyes closed and sweating.

I tightened my grip on her ass and began thrusting hard
and deep, pulling out to the rim of her pussy, then
banging back to the bottom. It was so hot inside her, I
knew I couldn't hold out longer.

Then mom got her second wind. She placed her arms tight
around my neck pulling me closer to her, licking my
face, my lips and flicking her tongue into my mouth.

"Oooh baby. Dick so big. Dick so good baby," she said.
"Oooh, your dick is so big. Damn, your dick so big."

Now mom was throwing her pussy onto me, gobbling
greedily at my dick as she let out another howl, "SHIT!
I'm cumming! Fuck me! Fuck me, fuck me baby! It's your
pussy baby. It's yours, bust it open baby. It's your
pussy baby."

I tensed up as we bounced up and down. My cum spurted
and mom again howled, "Oh damn! I'm cumming again

We fucked hard and heavy as my cum shot. A few minutes
later, we lay there, our sweat co-mingling. Mom was
spent as I got off of her.

We kissed as I fingered her pussy. Then mom said she
needed a nap and instantly fell asleep in my arms. A
minute into her turning over, she was snoring.

All told, we had made love for more than an hour,
between the sucking, licking and fucking.

But I was still hard as hell. As she lay asleep, I laid
behind her, pushing her thighs apart and I continued to
fuck, watching my dick go in and out. Then I started
fucking hard, getting pure pussy from the rear. Within
10 minutes, I had cummed again.

I laid there behind her and I too dozed off to sleep.

Mom had arrived at 2:30 p.m. I awoke at 6:15 p.m. She
was still knocked out. I woke her up by nuzzling my
dick at her entrance, pushing it through the cum caked
pubic hair that stood between me and her wet, fish
smelling pussy.

I pushed into her pussy. It was plenty wet, so I had no
problem getting in. Then mom awoke and rubbed my face.
She began to thrust backwards on my dick, pushing me
deeper as my left hand rubbed her pussy, tingling her

Now mom pulled her left leg up higher, moving so I had
a straight shot in. She put her left breast into my
mouth and I sucked as I pounded away.

Mom was working that large ass in semi-circles, humping
hard, then humping lightly.

Now she started moaning and softly said "rub my pussy
hard baby."

I rubbed it, splitting my fingers as I fucked, rubbing
the top, then around my dick.

"Oooh..." mom repeatedly moaned softly. Now she was
cumming as I could feel her pussy muscles contracting.

I was cumming to. I moaned, "Aaah..."

We rolled a while longer and my dick got soft. I pulled
out and we lay there staring at each other, kissing
lightly and touching.

"Baby I don't know how this happened. But you know you
can't ever tell�..can't tell anyone," mom said.

I agreed and said she knew I wouldn't tell. We'd be
outcasts and literally ruined.

We rose from the bed and mom held her hand between her
legs for the short walk to the bathroom. Cum dripped
down her legs, through her hands and onto the carpet.
She sat on the stool and loosened her pussy. The cum
went "splotch," as it dropped from her. I watched her
briefly, then she closed the door and locked it.

I went to cleaning up the room, changing the sheets,
spraying air freshener and placing the dirty linen into
the washing machine. Mom took a bath and emerged 10
minutes later, walking to the front room where she
dressed again. She had to go to the grocery store and
call dad.

We kissed before she left and I leaned down and kissed
the crotch of her panties. I told her I would come by
once I got everything cleaned up since she lived only
five minutes away.

As I cleaned up and bathed, I found myself mentally
high by the fact that I had fucked my mom. I had never
fucked anyone so intensely or enjoyed sex so much � not
even my first fuck when I cummed. It was something that
ran through my head over and over, every caress, every
kiss, every stroke.

I got hard again. I sat and sipped a beer, called my
wife and kids who would be home tomorrow. Then I went
to mom's house. When I got there, she was baking pies
and a turkey for Sunday dinner. My brother, Alvin and
his family, me and my family, and my father would all
dine there together tomorrow.

It would be the same as it was two Sundays a month.
Only I would be harboring the secret of having fucked
my mom.

We talked about the events of the day and how we would
continue it. Mom sipped a glass of wine as we sat on
the couch, talking.

I wanted more. I had cum more today than I had ever
cummed in my life. And still I wanted more. I pulled
off my pants against mom's wishes. She was wearing a
purple moo-moo with no clothes beneath. She had bathed
again when she got home. She told me she had relaxed in
the bath tub and was amazed at the amount of sperm that
had come out of her pussy. "Thick, ropy stuff," she
called it.

Mom looked at my hard on and said she wondered if she
had made a mistake.

"That's why I kept you from fooling with old women when
you were growing up. They'll ruin your nature by making
you screw your dick out of use," she said. "Baby, an
old woman will fuck a young man every day, every chance
she gets and when it's all said and done, she'll wear
him down after a while."

She said we had done enough today and I should put on
my pants and calm down. She was tired and had never
screwed so hard, so many times and by such a big dick.

Dad called and we both spoke with him. He said they had
done well, getting a limit of pheasants, rabbits and a
couple of deer. When he hung up, mom went to pull the
pies from the oven.

I stood behind her, lifted her moo-moo and fingered her
pussy. I had to have more. She sort of remained in that
position for a minute, then told me to lick her. I
obliged, dropping to my knees, licking from the back,
this long and hairy pussy.

"Oooh baby. You might be in trouble tonight. I might
have to knock you down for real now," mom said, as she
straightened up, dropping the moo-moo and taking the
pies from the oven to lay on the counter.

"Let me work a while baby. We'll get to that. Now go
sit down. I can't do my work with you kissing my
privates," she smiled.

I went back to the couch, watching television., sitting
in my drawers, dick standing at full attention. We
chatted across the room and mom asked me something that
made me really think. She asked if she had not
initiated the sex, would I have ever considered it.

I was honest, telling her I had wanted to have sex with
her since I was 12, when I used to see her walk around
the house in a short gown, or when I would by chance
see her expose a breast, change clothes and I'd see her
nude, or when she would walk around the house clad in
only bra, slip and panties, the days she had gotten off
work and rushed to fix dinner.

She asked why I had never attempted anything. I was
honest in saying I didn't think folks should think of
their mothers in that way. That it was wrong and so

"Well what about now?" mom asked. "How do you feel
inside now that you've had sex with your mother? Do you
feel bad? Do you regret it? Do you think I was wrong?
Should we quit it?"

I flat out told her no. I was not interested in
quitting it. I told her I'd never been so free with a
lover, so intense and never so wanting of that person.

I also confessed my guilt of having had sex with her
behind dad's back. It was the only regret I had at all.

Mom told me that I should shed that guilt and consider
us as simply being two normal humans who had given away
to lust and had fulfilled a fantasy at the same time.
Mom told me if it wasn't me, then there would be
someone else having sex with her because people change
and men often grow cold of their women.

She told me how to keep my wife from ever needing a
lover. She told me much that night, about how women
needed to be loved, kissed and catered to now and then,
how important tender oral love was to a relationship.

Then she went on about how society viewed incest. We
talked a while longer, each vowing we would never tell
it and we would only have sex when we were certain that
no one would know. She also told me she loved sucking
dick, but my father was never much interested in it.

She also told me about the differences in women's
anatomies, why she as a big girl, had a long pussy
crack and little women usually had smaller ones.

It was getting late as the 10 p.m. news came on. We
hugged, petted and caressed.

Then I did as she had told me, I licked, kissed and
caressed her breasts for a while. She wanted me to go
ahead and fuck her, but I took my time.

I worked down her belly, a kiss here, a lick there,
returning often to her sensitive nipples, and to kiss
her lips.

Mom's pussy was on fire as she begged me to stick it
in. I wouldn't right away. I continued my lovemaking to
her body, then rose to spend time kissing, as she
stroked my dick and I fingered her pussy, rubbing her

Then mom had enough. She dropped her head to my lap and
started to suck my dick again. Her tongue glided around
the head, then she'd suck the head a minute and return
to licking it. She licked the underside of my dick,
kissing and gently sucking on my balls. I begged her to
stop. I wanted to suck her juices. Mom quickly sat back
on the couch, and took off the already open moo-moo.

I got on my knees, pulled her to the edge of the couch
and gently sucked and licked up and down her pussy. I
flicked my tongue over her clit every so often,
training myself to the techniques that would please

Mom was getting near orgasm, begging me to stop before
she discharged and stained the couch. I obeyed and we
went to my old bedroom, pulled back the sheets and
began again. This time I had some bath towels that I
had placed beneath her ass.

We did a 69, with me, at 6'3' and 200 pounds, lying on
top. I held my weight off by resting on my elbows. Then
mom arched her back, gripped me tight and started
cumming, moaning as she tried to take in most of my
dick while I tried extracting every ounce of juice from
her pussy.

I needed to cum in her tonight, not in the mouth, but
in her magnificent pussy.

I got up and mounted mom. She told me she wanted to see
my dick going in and out. I cut on the lights and she
could look in the mirror on the dresser at the foot of
the bed and see the action. I sucked and licked tits as
I went in and out of mom. Every so often, she'd glance
to the side to see my dick going in and out. Then she'd
kiss me, look deep into my eyes with a dreamy stare and
just moan.

Mom came again pretty quickly. I was doing my best not
to cum. I would fuck her, get up, eat her pussy then,
return to fucking her.

As I approached my climax she hit another orgasm and
started to squeal, "Aaah�Aaah damn! Ooooooh shit!
Oooooh damn baby. Right there. Keep it right there!.

I didn't say anything. I kept grinding up against her
pussy then I started to really rod her, going in and
out, hitting bottom rising back.

When I cummed, I kept my dick pressed deep in her so
she could feel my seed hitting her when it shot.

Mom lifted her legs up, this time putting her knees to
my shoulders so I was smashed straight up against her
pussy. Nothing blocking me, no legs to maneuver around.
It was straight pussy, wide open. I remained hard as
she pushed and rolled, keeping me moving, with no time
to rest.

After a few minutes, mom asked me to let her up and for
me to stand at the edge of the bed. She moved across
the bed, turning sideways at the foot of the bed about
two feet from the dresser where the mirror stood. She
got onto her back and pulled her legs straight up into
the air, telling me to hold her ankles. We were less
than three feet from the mirror. I held her legs as she
lair her feet onto my shoulders. She guided my dick
into her.

Amazing, my dick looked wonderful, sliding in and out
of her and she could see it all close up from this
position, the one they call The Buck.. I was going in
and out and mom whose head was turned to the mirror,
kept saying, "oooh what a big! Ooooh such a big dick!"

After a few minutes, she urged me to go slower. She
began to command the action, "stay right there baby.
Now slide in. All the while she and I are looking in
the mirror, looking down at our genitals clashing.

Mom started rubbing her clit and the top of her pussy,
never taking her eyes from the mirror, but knowing
where to rub. She started to buck her ass wildly again,
moaning even more. She bucked and cum again.

Now I started fucking hard and instantly, she pushed
her hand to my belly and told me, "No baby. Not yet."

Now mom moved again, getting off the bed and standing
on the side, in front of me. She bent over and leaned
onto the bed and told me to enter from the back. She
was still focused on the mirror as I went in from the

I started off banging her, and again mom told me, "Slow
baby. Please."

I slowly went in and out or mom, my hands beneath her
chest massaging the nipples of her massive tits. After
a few minutes, mom stuck her ass out, straight to me
and starting her pre-orgasm movements of humping that
ass hard, rolling my dick around inside of her. I
started fucking harder too. I wanted to cum now. I
could have held out even longer, but I didn't want to.
I wanted to fire cum down into her hot hole.

Mom stretched straight out, her eyes half closed as she
humped her ass onto me hard.

Her pussy was so hot and wet that the aroma had covered
the room. As I went in and out her pussy made a squishy
sound like "Quuueee."

She stretched straight out, grabbing the sheet and
huffing and I had my hands gripping the hams of her ass
hard, slamming in and out and then we both cummed
together, her letting out a squeal, me giving off a low
sounding, "Uuuhhh!"

I laid across her back a few minutes to catch my
breath. We both breathed hard as my wobbly legs wanted
rest, but couldn't move much as I lay on mom's back, my
semi-hard dick still planted in her pussy and my sweat
rolling onto her body. Both our hearts were beating
like native drums had beat hundreds of years ago back
in Africa.

I had cummed twice more in an hour. I couldn't keep
track of mom's orgasms. But they were numerous.

After a few more minutes, we got up, laid in the bed
and held each other. We talked as I rubbed her tits and
her hairy mound. She rubbed my dick, at times tugging
at it.

It was about midnight and I said I would let her rest.
Mom wanted one more favor. She wanted to suck me again.
So I laid back in the bed and she rose to cut off the
lights this time, wanting to enjoy the feeling.

Slowly, methodically, mom sucked my dick, licking it,
sucking, massaging it and squeezing. After about 12 to
15 minutes, she was making me cum again.

Mom started to beat my dick up and down as she made the
cum flow. She was drained. I was drained. We had
practically fucked all day. I washed up as she took a
bath. We chatted, kissed and I went home. I called when
I got home and told her I loved her and how today had
been the best day I've had in a long time.

We have lived pretty normally since then, having every
other Saturday to make love the entire day.

Strange thing is in the five years since we have tried
most sexual things a few times, except anal. We tried
once, but I'm too large to enter her butt.

We have fucked on the roadside, in the woods while
traveling to visit our relatives, in the barn while
going to feed the horses or to visit my grandparents
and at hotels. I have had so many blow jobs I can't
count them.

Mom dropped her weight down to 175 and she looks
awesome. Her big thighs are toned, her calves look like
candy to be licked. She colors her hair so the gray
disappears. She has not been able to shave her pussy as
I wished, because dad would become suspicious, she

They fuck once every two or three weeks and he still
does his thing with his buddies every weekend and
golf's as much as he can in the evenings. I have laid
some wicked monster fucks on mom between 5:30 and 7:30,
when dad's out there hitting that rounded ball and
drinking beer with the guys.

The strangest fucks have been us stopping one night on
the way from a clearance sale at a mall two hours away.
I was fingering her and we pulled over into a corn
field and fucked on the back of the car. Of course, she
was bent over. The other time, we fucked on the side of
the rural road coming from my grandparents.

And mom has this thing where she likes for me to cum on
top of her head, in her hair. Sometimes she likes to
take it splashed all over her face. Mom has some freaky
things she does in a bedroom. I have learned so much.

I once got involved in an affair with a pretty white
woman from my job. After she and I had been dating for
a month, mom said she could tell I was with someone
else because I was spending less time with her and my
"nature," was softening. I lied at first and mom got so
angry she cut off the sex for a couple of weeks. But I
didn't care because I was fucking this white chick. It
was my first white woman and it was awesome.

One day mom followed me from work and busted me and the
chick at a restaurant. She was cool, walking over and
introducing herself as my mom, saying she was there to
grab a meal. When I left there, I fucked the girl and
went home.

When I got home, mom was sitting on the couch playing
with my kids and talking to my wife. Mom had given my
wife some money to buy the kids an outfit on sale at JC
Penney's, about 30 minutes away on a school night! Off
to the store my wife and kids ran to get the items
before the store closed, leaving us there alone.

My mom is an excellent manipulator, so we're there
together. As soon as my wife left the driveway mom
grabbed my zipper and undid the pants.

She got on her knees and sniffed my dick.

"You fucked that white girl," she said and started to
cry. "You washed up. I can smell the soap."

Then mom rose to her feet and slapped me, then started
to hit on me, fighting me. I held onto her hands,
talking sense into her as the tears rolled down her
cheek and she yelled, going on and on about the "white

After she calmed down, we chatted for a few minutes and
mom started to suck me.

I told her to let's wait until tomorrow. She wouldn't
hear it and said, "You didn't say that when you were
fucking me beside the door when your father was on the
way home. You didn't say that when you were fucking me
in that fucking me in that funky ass horse stall with
shit all over the floor."

Mom continued to suck and within a couple of minutes, I
got so damn frustrated that I pushed up her skirt,
revealing she had no panties on, then bent her over and
rubbed a handful of spit on her pussy and fucked her
there on the edge of the couch. I really fucked her
too, not caring if she came or if I hurt her, just
deep, hard and quick, trying to knock the breath out of

She liked it. She wasn't saying much just grunting like
"Uuuhm. Uuuhm. Uuuhm...you're...trying...to hurt

Further venting my frustrations, when I came I pulled
out of her, I turned her around and shot my cum onto
her face. She groveled in it, sucking me dry. She
wasn't humiliated. She was again in control, and I knew
then I could never leave this relationship because she
wouldn't let me.

So much for all those times when she told me "If you
don't feel comfortable doing this baby, then we can

That was a lie and I knew well now that she'd never let
me stop fucking her. She had gotten what she wanted,
the convenience, the safety of not getting busted again
or raising anyone's suspicions, and she was getting a
long, hard young dick in her when she wanted it. She
had me where she wanted me, even though there were
times I really didn't want to be with her.

She basically forced me to cut loose my girlfriend.
That's the problem. Mom doesn't want me to cheat on my
wife with anyone but her.

As crazy as it sounds, it's strange to have your mother
being your woman and her having a jealous streak. But
it's what has happened even to the point of her coming
to my job to take me to lunch a few times each week.

How's this for a twist. Mom retired from her state job
at 52, after working 30 years there. She opened a small
business and has me working with her every free moment
I get.

I want to hang out with my friends sometimes, but at
least every other weekend, I'm either working with mom
at the office, where we fuck, hanging out with her at
the house where we fuck, in a hotel somewhere fucking
her and as of late, traveling out of state with her
where her imagination stays charged with sex.

I suggested to my dad that he work with her. He
wouldn't hear of it. Dad is content with being the head
deacon at the church and the accountant. They have
services three times on Sunday, 8:30 a.m., 11 a.m. and
6 p.m. He's there for every one of them. Dad comes in
about 1:30 to 2 p.m. on Sundays, eats dinner, naps in
the chair watching television, then he's leaving again
at 5:30. He returns about 9 p.m. after all the
accounting is done.

Then they have night services on Tuesday, Wednesday and
Thursday. Mom eggs him on talking about how valuable he
is to the operation and how if he left it, they would
be lost. She strokes his ego that way to keep him gone
all the time and he can't even see it. After all, she
tells dad he's the reason things have remained normal
through the years. Pastor Brown resigned without ever
stepping back into the pulpit after I caught him and
mom. He moved back to Mississippi somewhere.

Place all that on top of his insurance sales and you
see how he easily spends 60-70 hours a week working,
all the while, neglecting mom and his marital vows by
placing everything else before her. But as I said, she
plants the seed in his head and he's too blind to see
that's exactly what she's doing � keeping him away from
the house as much as possible.

The deacons and other church members often remark about
how good it is that I'm working with my mother on

And to show you how some old guys speak without
thinking, Brother Smith, one of the deacons made a
remark once, "Yea it's good little brother that you
spend so much time with your mother. Boy if she was by
herself, I can imagine many men trying to get up in
there with that foxy thing."

I wanted to slap the shit out of him, but smiled and
said "you should tell my dad that."

Now and then dad and mom will go on vacation together.
But he can't wait to get back to that church and to his
group of older deacon friends. He still can't see how
they're using him to do all that accounting and other
stuff then getting him to donate the money back to the
church. They would pay an outside accountant every bit
of $100,000 for all that work. But that's how dad

And all the while mom keeps me around like some trained
prostitute, ready to perform whenever she says "come

It's been five years now. In a way, I wished I had
never gotten it started, staring at my mom's panties
that day and following through when she asked to let
her see my private part. She'll never let me stop, not
anytime soon because she stays hot as fire, fucking on
a desk top, against the wall, bent over the toilet.,
sitting in the car. Just where ever she can get it, she
does. I spend more time pumping her than I do my own
young wife!

Be careful what you read and what you wish for.
Sometimes things are not as good as they seem. It's
best to leave some things alone and to stay out of your
parent's business. Let their problems be their problems
or they could become yours.

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