Marie and the Bagboy - sex story

Marie and the Bagboy

I do have a latest experience to tell you about. It was very exciting. One
night a few weekends ago, my husband was out of town on business. I was at
home all alone, and was feeling very, shall we say, relaxed? I had lounged
around most of the evening with only a small silk bathrobe on. I had myself a
few Tom Collins mixed drinks, and wallah! I was on my merry little way to a
lone night of flashing fun. I guess I get most of my thrill from the fact
that my husband has no idea this is happening and the fact that he is so
overprotective of me. I guess I get turned on by feeling "mischievous" or
"rebellious". Well it is and has been very cold here where I live, in the low
to high 30's.

After my drinks had settled I thought I'd go for a little drive and have some
fun. I walked out to my car and cranked it up so it could get nice and warm
and hurried back in the house. I put on some makeup and did my hair a little
so I would feel more, "made up" for the fun. And to think I had no Idea what
I was going to do! I put on my black leather trench coat with the tassels on
it. It comes down to the calves, and to top it off I decided to sport my
black high heel boots. :) and yeah, that's absolutely all I had on, I was
bare naked under the coat. I buttoned it and off I went. As soon as I got
into town, I thought, Ok now what?

Then it came to me, I'd go grocery shopping, lol, crazy? I thought so, but
then again, to the average person, I looked fully dressed. So I went into the
local grocery store, and grabbed a cart. Knowing I was naked under the coat
gave me all sorts of feelings, I was sort of worried, that somehow I'd get
caught, also I was excited, particularly when someone looked at me. I thought
to myself, If they only knew. Then I ran into one of my Husbands friends,
Jake. We talked some and I got very aroused while talking to him, but held it
together, thankfully. After our talk, I headed to the checkout area where I
paid for the small amount of food I had in the cart. The bagboy was very
cute, and I set my sights on him to have my fun.

He kept doing the gaga-googoo thing that you guys always do. LOL Meaning he
kept glancing me over while in the store. That made the adrenaline flow in me
like wild fire! As we walked out to my car and he pushed his handcart, I
asked him if they took tips, He answered we aren’t supposed to ma'am. I said,
“How old are you?” He said, “16 ma'am.” I asked him if he had aver seen a
real live naked woman? He blushed severely, and answered, “No I haven’t”,
looking down at the ground as if I'd yelled at him. I said “Hey it's ok, I
was just asking you.” He smiled at me and said, “Ok. “ He finished loading my
groceries, and I sat in the driver's seat of the car and unbuttoned my coat
all the way, he had yet to see me. I turned with my left leg out the door of
the car and left my right leg inside and slipped the coat open for him to see
my whole body. The young man almost passed out, I am sure he didn’t expect
it, who would.... He got himself an eyeful of me, and the I covered up
quickly to avoid being seen by anyone else. He said, “I have to go ma'am,
Thank you,” and almost ran into the store. I was so aroused I drove all the
way home naked, but never got seen again that night. I am really getting bold
with the flashing, so look out. I like it, a lot. It is so liberating to me.
Well, gotta run, the husband is due in for lunch anytime.

Keys: wife flashing

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