Me and my younger mother-in-law at home during daytime - sex story

Me and my younger mother-in-law at home during daytime

Whenever I had any minor aches and pains, it was my mother-in-law, Mae, to whom I, and the whole family, turned to: she was an ex-nurse after all.
We all lived in the one house (the one I had bought as part of my wedding payment): me, my wife, Mae and younger sister of my wife. Funny I guess, but I am older than my mother-in-law, though yes: I call her Mae (mother) – only 2 years mind! My wife and sister-in-law, Nui, both worked every day; Mae had recently resigned after a dispute at her hospital, and I had been retrenched – but comfortable enough on my savings and superannuation to live well and support the family.
One morning a few months back I woke with a crinked neck when my wife pecked my cheek ‘bye’ as she and Nui headed off to work; I couldn’t relax, so after making the bed and ready to head downstairs, decided to have a shower and massage my neck to see if that would help. But my bathroom downstairs only had cold water, so instead I opted for the upstairs bathroom hot water, stripped off my shorts (all I needed to wear in the house) and soaped up and massaged my neck under the shower.
Neck seemed a little better as I rubbed the soap all over, then down my body elsewhere, all over, then up and lingering on my dick and balls as I dreamed. My wife had enjoyed sex before we married, but seemed suddenly to turn off after that, so it was stressful to push myself to her against her wishes, and her desires were few and far between. Think ‘frustrated’ is the word!
I had taken, as an alternative, to reading sex stories on the web when I was alone at home, stroking myself sometimes to a spurting climax, sometimes just getting hard and enjoying the feeling as well as some good stories. One site had all sorts of themes, including naturally Incest, but also Large Women, and I found myself increasingly drawn to this area after an early story drew images of my mother-in-law as I read it; she was large: Asian, so short-ish height, but a big loved-her-food eater and now not working, she had developed a thickening girth and buttocks, matching her always big breasts which, of course, I had noticed for some time! Yet, together with her large size, and nice, big boobs, she had beautiful, slim legs, and slim wrists and arms to her shoulders. Her face was also very, very pretty. Say it in three words: Big & Sexy!
This day, (deciding that rubbing my neck was no substitute to..) rubbing my prick, dreaming of long-ago sex – honestly, a nice dog in our street had begun entering my thoughts about how to get some sex – actually still does enter my thoughts! –these thoughts were suddenly interrupted when Mae burst in to the bathroom (I thought she was asleep still), exclaiming on seeing me “Sorry son, must go to the toilet very fast! Sorry!!” as she hiked her nightie (the purple silk one I had bought her on one trip overseas I noticed, one which showed her large, pointy nipples very well), sat and let out a fire-hose sounding amount of piss into the toilet bowl, her knees virtually rubbing my calves - as the toilet was just to the left of the main shower area in the all-Tiled Asian-style bathroom.
I had stopped rubbing my cock after a few seconds shock and just tried to turn my rear towards Mae’s bent over head as she strained to release the last few drops of urine, but then I felt hands on my buttocks!
Now, I was the lightweight in the family; all of 52kgs when heavy, bones and not much more since childhood. Mae used her slim hands to knead my slim buttocks, saying “I have seen these when you weren’t aware, but never had the chance to feel such small buns. Wow, they are so cute!”
My hands over my cock in front, my rear exposed to probing hands and fingers…what to do?
I let her play with my arse, that’s what I did, while I sucked in a breath and floated into a dream situation – which naturally led me to re-commence stroking myself.
“Here, let me take care of that” my mother-in-law said, as she leaned forward, keeping one hand on my rear (noticeably closer to my crack I vaguely realized) and grasping my lengthened cock with her right hand, naturally having to encircle my waist, and thus pulling me a step backwards, closer to her.
“Mae…!” I began to say, but no, not really, this is a true story, so to tell the truth: I just sighed and let her do what she wanted, and basked in the feelings.
She removed her hand from my bottom, stood up, flushed the toilet, closed the lid, then sat me on the toilet seat, turned herself away from me and, with my cock still held by her right hand, held it pointing straight up as she lowered herself on IT!
Now, I am not a huge cock person, truly I have never measured myself, but in Asia I am aware that I am pretty much bigger than normal. Mae gasped as she reached only half-way down my prick, letting me slip slowly through her fingers as she came down. Her vagina, (ok: her pussy), was tight but still had vestiges of urine I guess which helped lubricate her a little, along with my wet cock, as she continued to strive for the bottom.
No, by now this wasn’t all mother-in-law raping son-in-law: I was feeling very nice thank you; inside a pussy for first time in a long time, incestuously inside that of my wife’s mother! And she had a nice pussy, let me tell you. I could feel the walls and the juice now beginning to pour forth, and her large arse starting to bounce on my knees and thighs as she came lower.
My hands now moved where they had yearned to go for quite some time: lifting her now sodden nightie up, forcing her to release hold of my cock for a few seconds, as I raised it over her arms and head and threw it away somewhere.
Mae couldn’t hold herself up like that, so down she fell on the remaining few inches of a prick she had never known before: she squealed as I bottomed out, my wet pubic hair up against her buttocks, and my hands grabbing for those tits I had dreamed of! Oh, they were so full, so heavy, the nipples so big and pointy…now we were both turned on more, as she relaxed back against me, my prick full inside her, my hands caressing her mounds and my fingers her nipples, my mouth starting to gently kiss her exposed back and neck to me, nibble an ear, and begin exploring for the first time.
For a moment then, I paused, my fingers lightly tweaking nipples, my lips just resting on her earlobe, my prick throbbing of its own accord, her hands smoothing up and down my thighs and calves…”I know what you are thinking” she said, “you are married to my daughter, and this is wrong. Right? Well, it has been so long for me, with my husband long since gone [he died young from drinking/smoking], and I know also that my daughter is not taking care of you this way, so let me say this: better to keep it in the family, right?”
I agreed silently, and showed her as I snuggled my face closer to her neck, my hands picking up their rubbing movements over her sumptuous breasts, her nipples rising again into my fingers, her pelvis and mine beginning to undulate, then find the rhythm which pushed her down as my cock rose inside her.
Mae knew she was a bit heavy sitting on me like that, and also desiring more, she began rising and lowering herself, breathing out in bursts as my rod filled her. In fact, her bigger-sized body was so warmly enveloping that it was a turn on, not off.
I moved one hand and lightly brushed my nails down the side of her neck, across her shoulder, inducing a shudder, while my mouth continued lightly kissing and now suckling on the other side, and my free hand dropping from her breast to stroke downwards to her belly-button (feeling the folds of fat across her abdomen, already deciding they were erotic!) and on to the pubic hair now rubbing against my own when she sat all the way down, as my prick sensuously stroked up and in.
I found her clit: she jumped!
I circled and rubbed, hard and soft, tweezed it in 2 fingers, pulled it out and softly released. It was a beautiful size I thought, showed her sexiness, and felt wonderful as I massaged it, and felt even more so when a gush of fluid poured out, and Mae fell back onto me even further while bouncing her hips and clenching around my cock so tightly! I got her to cum, and I was so pleased to have pleased her!
I removed my hand from her pussy after she had calmed somewhat, brought it to my mouth and sucked the juice, rolling it on my tongue because it tasted so nice. I moved my mouth around her neck, across her earlobe, her cheek, found her turning towards me and shared my mouth with her for the first time. She sucked into my mouth, tongue finding the taste of herself, and sighed languidly.
Amazingly, after my own months of no sex, I hadn’t yet exploded, but I was incredibly happy to see Mae feeling satisfied – truthfully, to give a woman happiness in sex has always been my objective.
But now Mae clearly thought more was on offer, and she abruptly raised off me, swung a leg around in a pirouette (almost) and straddled my dick facing me, jabbing herself down once again on my cock before it had even had time to move it seemed. Waiting there for her: straight up (though mine does have a left-leaning bend to it).
She was re-invigorated, it seemed, and facing me she commenced to grind up and down and around on me; this position also put her tits straight in front of my face – who could resist? Not me, as I cradled one in my hand, tweaked the nipple, and then buried my face into its fold, my tongue lapping that nipple before my mouth engulfed it and its surrounds. Heaven! I am a breast man, and my mother-in-law and her daughter, and in fact grandmother, were all blessed with very sizeable tits. (How do I know this about grandmother? Tell you next time!)
Mae began writhing as I feasted on that tit, as my prick bottomed out inside her, as her need and my need began coinciding, and she couldn’t hold it back – she came like a rocket shooting off, but instead she shot down, her juice again flowing to me, a she lowered her head and bit into my neck, then kissed and licked, grabbing my mouth from her breast and slamming hers against mine, tongue straight into my throat it seemed and grinding, and grinding…
I let her come down a little, retrieved my mouth and bent down again, changing to the other side breast, sucking and slurping, like a baby perhaps, hoping to get some milk, and holding her buttocks pressed in/up/down on my prick, which now felt the need to release the months-long build-up of semen in my balls, and Mae’s pussy was now too much to withhold for any longer.
Mae slowed, aware maybe it was coming close for me, and she sooo slowly wrapped her arms around my neck, kissing me there, while flexing her pelvic muscles around my cock – god, I have never felt that before so good! Then lifting and lowering as far as possible, and doing it again, and again….I said:”Mae, this is it, right now!” Her answer told me, and we burst together in Bliss.
As is normal, we then collapsed, bodies joined in the eternal ritual, thoughts swirling as to what we had done – and for me: when could we do this again! Mae answered that unspoken question by lifting one hand to hold my neck and draw my head down, where our mouths could also join in the answer: Soon.

Any comments? Part 2 wanted, will be easy…we don’t live together now, but younger sister-in-law’s new house for her and Mae is just around the corner….I go there often…

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