Mistress, use your mouth! - sex story

Mistress, use your mouth!

As you return to your bedroom from taking a shower,
you glance out
the window. Looks like it's going to be a very warm day.
You finish toweling dry and, after searching through
your wardrobe,
you decide to wear a halter top and shorts to help keep you
relatively cool
on your trip to the Mall. Besides, you want to look good for
those handsome
boys who always seem to hang around just to see what pretty
girls come in.
Sometimes, you hope, one of them will get up enough courage
to ask for a
But, for this morning in particular, you look
forward to meeting me.
We've arranged to get together so that i can take some
photographs of you
so that's another reason for you to look your best.
Just over an hour later---your hair styled and your
makeup on---you
head down the street towards the largest shopping center in
your area.
You enjoy the feel of the sun's rays on your face,
the coolness of the
soft breeze that blows through your hair.
The shopping mall soon comes into sight as you round
the corner
next to a large wooden fence.
Suddenly, something soft with a sickeningly acrid
smell is thrown
across your mouth and nose. Someone grabs your arms and
holds you
tightly. You struggle. But the aroma of whatever is on
your face fills your
nostrils and your lungs. Everything swirls before your eyes,
and before you
realize what has happened, you black out...

Your head aches slightly as you open your eyes.
Things are blurry, but
you can feel your body and it tells you that you are hanging
somehow from
your wrists in a Y-shaped position and you feel a gag across
your mouth.
You are still wearing your halter top and shorts, but your
sneakers have
been removed so that your feet are bare. The bare floor
feels cool on the
Your vision clears, you struggle to free yourself,
but in vain. Wide-
eyed, you look around you, see a small, dimly-lit room with
nothing in it but a
table, a bed and a large mirror.
You wonder how long you've been here, or even what
time of day it is.
You wonder if I know where you are, or if I will attempt to
find you when you
don't show up to meet me. Maybe I'll think you've stood me
up and just
Tears trickle from your eyes. Who's done this? and
why? and what do
they want?
As if to answer your unvoiced questions, a door
opens and someone
enters, closing it behind them.
Whoever it is stands in the shadows, the darkness
concealing any
features. You squint, trying to see, but you cannot.
Finally, after what seems and eternity of watching
and waiting, with
you struggling to speak or release yourself from your bonds,
the figure
moves towards you.
It's a woman---someone you don't recognize. She has
long red hair,
green eyes, and is wearing a loose-fitting blouse, tight
leather pants and high
She stands before you, her attractive features
betraying no emotion,
but her eyes twinkle with an obvious interest.
"Awake at last, are you?" she says quietly, her
voice even.
You stare at her, wishing she'd remove the gag so
you could ask a
dozen questions, so you could scream, so you could plead for
her to let you
But she does not.
Instead, she reaches out, strokes your cheek lightly
with her fingers.
"You're very pretty," she comments. "Very pretty indeed."
Her fingers trail down your neck, follow the line of
your collarbone,
then slide down to the hollow between your breasts.
Suddenly, in one quick motion, she grabs the halter
top and yanks it
towards her. Your body jerks forward slightly, the cords
biting into your
wrists, as the fabric rips away from your body. You groan.
Stretched taut by the dangling of your body and
lightly dewed with
anxiety-induced sweat, your naked breasts rise and fall with
the quickness of
your breathing.
The woman's fingers return to your body, circling
first one nipple, then
the other. In spite of your fear, or perhaps even because of
it, they harden.
"If you promise to be a good girl, I'll remove the
gag from your mouth.
>From now on, you will address me as Mistress Camille. You
will do as you're
told, otherwise you will be punished. Do you understand?"
This can't be happening! your mind scream at you.
Surely this is a
"Do you understand?" Mistress Camille says again,
more forcefully
this time.
For a couple of seconds your mind races, pleading
for help, yet
knowing none is there. You wonder where I am, you wonder
what will
happen to you if you don't obey her, you wonder if you'll
ever see your
family, your friends, your school---anyone else again.
Meekly, you nod your head.
"Good." She smiles at you, reaches back and removes
the gag. You
open your mouth to say something, then think better of it.
Mistress Camille smiles at you, then looks at your
shorts. "Well, then,
let's see what we have down here..."
She grabs the waistband of your shorts with one
hand, swings you
forward. You wince as the bonds dig into your wrists again.
With her free
hand, Mistress Camille unfastens your shorts, then pulls
down the zipper.
They fall easily to the floor. As she'd done with your
halter top, the woman
grabs your pink silk panties and rips them from your body.
A whimper escapes your lips.
"Silence!" she exclaims. She slides her hand up the
inside of your
thigh. "I have no intention of hurting you, young lady," she
says, looking
deep into your tear-filled eyes. "You have been brought here
for my
A single finger begins exploring the insides of your
vaginal lips. It
finds and firmly rubs your clitoris. Against your desire not
to enjoy what
she's doing, delicious sensations begin to flow through your
Mistress Camille watches your face closely as she
continues her
ministrations until you realize that in another moment you
will be overcome
with an orgasm.
But she abruptly stops. You feel the sensations
dwindling. Your eyes
plead with her to finish. "Please..."
But she merely smiles and licks the finger that had
swum through
your juices.
"There is more," she promises simply, "for an
obedient slave.
However, your future in my presence will determine any
punishment or
pleasure you receive, so bear that in mind.
You realize the unspoken choice she is offering you.
Once again a
myriad questions and thoughts flow through your brain, and
even though
you already know the answer you will give her, behind it
lies a hope beyond
hope that somehow, soon, I will find and rescue you.
But even that hope seems to fade as, once more, you
nod at her, then
whisper weakly, "Yes, Mistress Camille."
A few moments later, Mistress Camille releases you
from your bonds.
"A little pain will remind you of your position, my
dear," she remarks
as she sees you gingerly rubbing your wrists. Then she
places a light, but
strong plastic collar around your neck and clicks it into
place. To this she
attaches a three-foot long cord. "Now, come with me."
A moment's hesitation, you defiantly stand your
ground, so she pulls
on the cord, dragging you towards her. "Remember what I said
punishment and pleasure," she says sternly. "You decide what
you want by
your actions."
You swallow the lump in your throat, nod your head
and allow her to
guide you to the door. She opens it and leads you out into a
long hallway.
You walk by several doors on the left and right until the
woman opens
another door and pulls you through into the room beyond.
It is fairly large and contain a hot tub surrounded
by shelves
containing various cleansers, walls and a ridge around it on
which one could
Another door with a round window in it suggests to
you that it could
be a sauna.
Mistress Camille removes the cord from your collar.
"Get in," she orders.
You mount a small flight of steps, then gently ease
yourself into the
hot, swirling water.
"Wash yourself thoroughly."
As the woman watches, you take some soap and a soft
scrub brush
and begin to clean your body. The brush feels rough, but
gentle on your
skin, and yet the whole ordeal feels a little strange
because someone is
watching you perform what would have been an ordinary daily
"Make sure you douche, as well," suggests Mistress
You look at her, embarrassment flushing your face
"Get used to it," she replies. "I might not be the
only one watching
you." She gives a hint of a smile and you glance around the
room to see if
there actually COULD be anyone else, but there is no one.
Eventually you finish, and as you rise, expecting to
dry yourself off,
you hear Mistress Camille enter the tub from behind you.
"You're not finished yet. Now you must wash me,
You turn, look up to see the woman standing naked
above you---she's
tall, with long legs, large breasts, a slim waist, a shaved
pubic area and wide
A tiny dragon tattoo decorates the inside of her
left thigh.
"Begin with my feet," she commands.
She parts her legs slightly and you lather her feet,
washing her soles
as she turns them to you, rubbing between her toes. You
lather her legs,
moving your way up slowly until you reach the edge of her
You stop.
"What are you waiting for?" she snaps. "Continue."
You look up at her. The strange smile
again---denoting her mild
amusement at your predicament.
You bite your lower lip, slide the soap between her
Mistress Camille crouches down so that you are
between her bent
legs, her full, round breasts dangling in front of you. You
rub the scrub
brush gently across her labia.
"Harder," she commands and you do so. She moans.
You notice she's closed her eyes, relishing the touch of the
brush and your
slippery fingers on her most private parts,
then back and up further as you cleanse her anus.
As you finish, she climbs down into the water and
stands so that you
can lather her abdomen and back, then around and under and
over her
breasts till the whole of her upper torso is covered with
white bubbles.
She squats and allows the whirling water to sluice
the soap from her
body, where it is then sucked down into several drain-holes.
Within a few moments, the tub of soapy water has
been replaced by a
fresh, clean supply.
Mistress Camille rises again, sits up on the edge of
the tub, leans
against the wall and parts her legs.
"Now, slave, you will lick me till I cum..."
You freeze. Your mind reels at the thought of what
she's asked you to
do. It feels like you're lost in a dream, a nightmare from
which there is no
waking. You wish I were there to help you.
THWACK! you feel the biting sting of a long stick
that Mistress Camille
has pulled from somewhere and laid across your back. You
yelp in pain.
"Begin!" she commands.
Wincing against the lingering pain, you move
You kneel down in the water, and find that your head is
positioned just right
for you to complete your task.
The water in the tub laps around your shoulder as
your tongue finds
Mistress Camille's labia and begin to lick back and forth
across them, then
seeking through the folds until it touches her hard bud and
caresses it.
"Lick it more, suck it, nibble on it," she advises
and you obey. The
aroma of the soap fills your nostrils and the sweet taste of
her juices fills
your mouth as you dig in with your lips and run the clit
between your lips
and then your teeth.
"Yes, that's better..." she compliments.
Gradually, much to your own surprise, you begin to
enjoy the task and
apply more pressure with your tongue, sliding it back and
forth, thrusting up
lightly into the cavern of her sex, then slipping back up to
circle her clitoris,
doing to her what you would like done to you.
After what seems an eternity of tonguing her cunt,
you finally hear her
begin to moan and gasp, and she twists on the edge of the
tub, grasping
your head for support, holding you there until she cries out
in satisfaction.
She allows you to back away slightly.
"Wash your face," she says, and you do so.
Just as you finish, the door to the hot tub room
opens and two naked
men enter, one of them collared just as you were, the other
pulling him into
the room...

As the naked man and slave enter the room, Mistress
Camille rises
from the water and motions for you to get out. You get up
and follow her
down to the floor. No one seems to bother handing you a
towel to dry off.
"Master Nikolas," the Mistress addresses the man.
"And who do we
have here?" she asks, indicating the young slave.
Master Nikolas is a good six feet tall, very tanned
and handsome-
looking with blond hair and blue eyes and one of the largest
cocks you've
ever seen, even in its current flaccid state. "This is
Slave Tyler," he said, his
voice strong and even.
You glance over the young slave who must be in his
late teens. He's
probably from around your area, but you don't recognize him.
The Master looks you up and down, reaches out to
squeeze your
breast. You feel his strong fingers, sense the power behind
them. "May we
try her out?" he inquires, strolling around you, gazing at
your smooth flesh,
you tight but tender buttocks, your slender legs. You hang
your head
"Of course," replies Mistress Camille. "As long as
the request is
reciprocated. Now it is her turn to circle the male slave,
feeling his arms,
grabbing his buttocks, cupping his medium-length soft cock.
"As you wish."
Mistress Camille reattaches the collar and cord
around your neck.
Then, side-by-side, you and Tyler are led out of the room,
down a long
corridor and into another more brightly-lit room. In the
middle is a large,
circular bed, and the walls, also circular, are lined with
mirrors. You see
thousands upon thousands of naked images of the four of you
reflected for
infinity, almost like in a fun house. But this fun house is
of a different
"Get on the bed," Mistress Camille says to you. She
tugs at the cord,
but you resist, not sure what is going to happen, or whether
you want
whatever it is to happen.
The woman reaches out and pulls a long stick from a
ledge on the
You cower away as she glares at you, but its no use; a
moment later, two
hard whacks cut across your buttocks. "Do as you're told!"
she snaps at the
same time.
You yelp in pain and scramble onto the bed, rubbing
your ass with
your hands as best you can.
Now the Master motions for Tyler to join you. The
slave does so. He
lies down on his back, looks up at you, and you search his
eyes for some
sort of recognition or feeling. But there seems to be
nothing there. He's
obviously been put in submission long before you arrived.
"Get him hard!" the Master commands you.
You glance at Master Nikolas, then over at Mistress
Camille. "Do it,"
she agrees, still holding the stick.
A little unsure of yourself and your ability to make
any man hard, you
reach for Tyler's cock, grasp it and begin to rub it up and
down slowly.
"Use your mouth!" snaps the Master, shaking his
head. "Make it look
like you're enjoying it, at least!"
Obediently, you open your mouth and take Tyler's
cock in, begin
sucking on it, lowering your head so that it fills your
mouth. Within a few
moments of these ministrations, his rod has swelled to a
good eight inches
and the feel and sight of it, in spite of the circumstances,
gets you excited
and wet.
"Sit on it."
Following the orders, you straddle Tyler's hips and
lower yourself
onto his cock, the wide head of it spreading your cunt lips
as it pushes its
way in. It feels hard and tight inside you and you're glad
your cunt had
already lubricated itself.
Tyler begins to thrust up into you, and you enjoy
the sensations he's
causing. Like a rider on the back of a horse, you fall into
a rhythm with the
Out of the corner of your eye, you see Mistress
Camille move onto the
bed, straddle Tyler's head and kneel down. His face is
covered by her
"Lick my cunt, slave," she says to him. "And you--suck my
You can't help but reach Mistress Camille's breasts
because she pulls
you forward with the leash. Your mouth covers first one
nipple, then the
other as you suck them in, feeling the nips harden between
your teeth and
The bed dips again slightly and you realize that,
although you can't
see him, master Nikolas has gotten on the bed behind you.
For a moment, you feel his hand pressing on your
back, pushing you
forward into the Mistress' firm mounds of flesh. Then you
jerk slightly as
something cold and liquidy is suddenly poured between your
buttocks. Too
late, you realize what's going to happen.
For the next moment, you cry out in surprise and
pain as you feel the
hard, engorged head of Master Nikolas' cock slowly push into
your anus.
His hands grip your hips and hold as he presses harder. You
groan aloud,
the thought flashing through your mind that it's too big!
it won't fit! it'll split
your ass apart!
Then, a quick burst of pressure as your asshole
parts and closes over
the tip, sucking it in, and his powerful rod impales you
like a skewer.
Now, both he and Tyler take up a rhythmic movement,
one shoving
into you as the other pulls back, in and out, thrusting,
retreating, back and
forth, until you feel your body flush with ecstatic
feelings, and you love the
feel of both cocks filling your cunt and ass, and Mistress
Camille's breasts
filling your mouth.
Tyler is the first to cum, thrusting up into you,
exploding inside you as
you feel his cock and that of the Master rubbing against
each other through
the thin walls of your vagina and ass.
"Keep fucking her, keep licking me!" the Mistress
tells Tyler. Then
she screams in ecstasy, followed only a few moments later by
your own
cries as wave upon wave of blissful rapture ripple through
your body.
And even as your own orgasm is subsiding, Master
Nikolas gasps
noisily as he plunges into your ass, his thighs slapping
wetly against your
buttocks, his huge member piercing the depths, spewing his
hot load and
filling what little space is left of your darkest of

You've lost track of how long you've been held as a
captive. You
wonder if you're ever going to be let go. You've even tried
to see if there was
an opportunity for you to escape, but there were none.
Sometimes, at night, you cried yourself to sleep,
not understanding
why you're being kept here, not understanding why, in some
strange way,
you enjoy the role of being a slave...

You lie on your bed, your eyes searching through the
blackness of the
ceiling, seeing nothing, but trying to see beyond to the
stars that twinkle
somewhere above.
It is then, in this time of quiet solitude, that you
hear the lock in the
door click open.
Oh, no! you think. Now what does the mistress want?
The door opens and from the silhouette against the
back light of the
hallway, you realize it isn't the mistress. It's a man, but
the reflected light
shows you features you recognize only from pictures.
The door closes as you rise quickly from your bed.
"Who is it?" you
ask, a faint hope rising within you.
"It's me," I whisper through the blackness between
us. "I've come to
take you home."
"How--how did you find me?" You throw your arms
around me,
hugging me, holding me close, not really sure if this is but
a dream.
"I was waiting to meet you at the mall when I saw
you grabbed by
these people and thrown into their car. I ran out fast
enough to get a licence
plate number, but couldn't get to my own car quickly enough
to follow
You turn on the light. I look at you. You seem
thinner, more drawn,
but otherwise you seem to be all right.
"Grab some clothes and get dressed," I suggest.
"And hurry---I don't
know how much time we'll have."
"You still didn't tell me how you found me," you
reply as you slip into
your clothes that were in the closet.
"I have a friend who works with the police," I
answer. "He found the
name and address of the person who owned the licence plate.
I waited
discreetly outside the man's house for two or three days
before I was finally
able to follow him here. At the moment, none of them are
here, so I managed
to climb through a window. Now, let's get out of here."
I grab yor hand, pull you to the door. I turn off
the light, open the door.
Light from the hallway spills in, illuminating your face.
I guide you down the hall, make a left turn and
follow along a corridor.
"Where are we?" you ask.
"An abandoned warehouse on the south side." I hurry
to another door
beside and open window, unlock it and open it cautiously,
peering out.
"Looks clear."
In a few moments, we've skirted a large grassy lawn
and are safely in
my car.
You squeeze my arm as I start the motor . "Thank
you," you murmur,
kissing my cheek.
"The least I can do," I reply, giving you a smile.
Then the smile fades
as I notice headlights stabbing through the darkness of the
night and quickly
approaching us.
I gun the motor and my car peels away.
"What is it?" you ask.
"Nobody. Nobody you need worry about any more."

You must have been in the shower at my hotel room
for a good half
hour befoe you finally come out wearing a robe I bought for
You come to me, wrap your arms around me, hold me
close. "I'm glad
I'm free, now."
You raise your face, look at me, your eyes shining
and bright, moist---
from tears or the shower?---and you smile. I kiss you,
lightly at first, not
sure how you will respond. Then, as I feel your arms
encircle my neck, I
press my lips harder against yours, pull you into me, feel
your tongue enter
my mouth, searching, finding, entwining with my own.
In the matter of a few moments, your fingers have
released me from
my shirt and pants and I stand naked before you.
I open your robe, gaze down the length of your body,
the curve of your
breasts, the sweep of your belly, the mound of your sex.
I drop to my knees, my lips searching your belly,
kissing , licking, then
moving up to flick across your nipples, back and forth from
one to the other
as my hands cup your breasts and press them together.
I push you back slightly, you fall onto the bed,
your robe opening
wide. You lift your legs, part them, set your feet on the
edge of the bed as I
move down between them, my tongue feverishly seeking out the
of your cunt, slipping over your lips, thrusting within,
moving up, circling and
pressing against your clitoris, feeling the tiny nub against
my tongue, then
nibbling on it, sucking it...
You moan loudly, your fingers running through my
hair, holding my
head, pressing my face into your cunt as if never wanting me
to leave it.
Up and down my tongue laves your pussy, licking your
discovering the tasty folds of flesh of your quim, pushing
deep into the
cavern of your cunt until you cry out in ecstasy, your body
rolling back and
forth on the bed, bucking, your heels kicking into my back
as you cum and
cum again and again.
For a few moments, you lie still, your breathing
heavy, your breasts
rising and falling, waiting till the first rush of
excitement dissipates. Then
your robe falls from your shoulders as you rise from the
bed, turn me, push
me down to a sitting position, my legs dangling over the
side of the bed.
You stand for a moment between them, a finger
trailing a lazy circle
around the head of my cock, then you're on your knees, you
tongue licking
down the underside of my cock, down to my sac and up again,
there to
engulf the head of it with your mouth, sucking it, your lips
sliding down the
length of me, then up again, a continual diving and
surfacing as you feel me
harden against your teeth and lips and tongue.
I reach down, lift you up. You climb on the side of
the bed, straddle
my hips. As you settle down on my lap, I guide my rigid
cock into your cunt,
feeling it grasp at me, drawing me in.
Then I am full into you. As I steady your body, you
begin a slow up-
and-down movement so that my cockhead just slightly leaves
your cunt,
then plunges to the very depths of you as you fall upon me.
Now increasing speed, your cunt muscles grip my
shaft, sucking it,
teasing me, exciting me, desiring me until, finally, I
groan, pull you to me,
bury my face between your breasts, breathe your name, my
hips thrusting
up against your thighs, shoving deep and deeper still as
spurt after hot spurt
fills your cunt to the full.
I fall backwards onto the length of the bed, pull
you with me, our
thighs still locked together. I roll on top of you,
continue to pump in and out
of you for a short time as my lips find your own, kissing
you deep and long,
my hands stroking your hair and face, holding you, caresing
you, comforting
you, never wanting to let you go..

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