Mom Caught Skimming (moms and teens,moms bang teens)

Mom Caught Skimming

Work was not easy to come by in our small town. Dad lost his engineering job when his firm closed down and, although he was not a natural salesman, he was lucky to get a job selling office furniture. This meant that he was away from home Monday through to Thursday, but at least he was with us for weekends.

Mom was really pleased to see dad on Fridays and they would often go to bed early. Giggling as they went upstairs, dad would traditionally loudly whisper that he’d been looking forward to the “Pamela Special” all week. Mom was on the pill of course, they certainly couldn’t afford a second c***d. If I went up to my bedroom, I would often hear an annoying distinctive mechanical low rhythmic sound of “kerdoink – kerdoink – kerdoink.” It didn’t last long, so I presume they both then went to sleep contented.

Fortunately, mom and I both had a job working for Uncle Stan, mom’s brother, who owned a hardware store in the center of town. Uncle Stan who, at thirty eight, was two years younger than mom, was decent enough to work for. I was his inexperienced nephew, Pete, and I was grateful that he’d given me a job. However, I hated it when his wife, Auntie Paula, called in, as she was a scrawny bossy bitch.

Mom’s job was as the cashier. She was inefficient and prone to mistakes, always worried Uncle Stan would get rid of her, but uncle always said that “at least Pamela is completely honest.” He thought he could do a lot worse if he employed someone other than his older sister.

We all wore a sort of uniform in the store. This was unfortunate for mom. With a very ample bosom and beautiful big ass, the largest size uniform provided by Uncle Stan was a bit tight. That was not to say that mom was fat. She had retained a reasonable waist but had plumped up round the bust and round her buttocks. Her tits were not huge, but were the size of a nice pair of heavy melons.

I had seen her naked for a fraction of a second a few months previously. I was on my way to my bedroom when dad opened the door of their room. As I glanced in, mum was standing nude looking in her wardrobe, sideways on to me. Realizing the door was open, she moved quickly out of my view, but not before I had observed that she was spectacularly balanced. Her big tits projected magnificently at the front and her big buttocks at the back. Her bubble butt had a ledge on the top and her buttocks rounded back in at the bottom. With her pretty face, despite her forty years, she was still an attractive woman.

Being eighteen, my job was only for the summer holidays. It was fairly boring work, but was made bearable as working with me was my cousin Jimmy, Stan’s son, who was also eighteen. Being teenagers, our main topic of conversation was sex. I was a frustrated virgin. This was galling for me as I knew I was well endowed. I don’t know who I took after, certainly not dad as I’d heard my mom, in a drunken giggly conversation with one of her girlfriends, say that “although Arthur wasn’t well endowed for love making, he was very enthusiastic.” At the time, I just felt pleased to learn that dad was putting in the effort.

Jimmy was ahead of me, with his first girlfriend. He was always complaining about her. She wouldn’t get on top when they had sex, which meant that he had to do all the work. She flatly refused to do oral sex, which meant he was a blowjob virgin, but worst of all she was flat chested and he was fixated by big breasts. This predilection meant he was mesmerized by his Auntie Pamela’s tits.

When the post was delivered to the store, in case there was any cash in the envelopes, mom would run down the aisle to pick it up. Jimmy would make sure he had a good position from the front to see her pendulous breasts swinging to and fro. I appreciated her big melons, but was more of an ass man. Although I had plenty of time to ogle mom’s ass at home, I still positioned myself behind her to see her buttocks deliciously move in her stretched skirt.

I wasn’t very useful to Uncle Stan, but then he didn’t pay me much. However, I was one of the few people who understood the camera security system. Uncle Stan had an out-of-date camera security set-up. The cameras only seemed to work periodically and, as it was one of the few jobs I had a talent for, I was charged with checking over the tapes and resetting the system. One Monday, I was looking through the footage for a particularly sexy blonde who’d been in the store the previous day, when I stopped. There on the screen was mom taking a ten-dollar bill from the till, looking round, and putting it in her handbag.

Suddenly I became aware that Jimmy was behind me staring at the screen.

“Wow,” he said “what would your mom give for dad not to see that?”

I stared at him “It’s only ten dollars. It’s a misdemeanor. Anyway, she’s no money and I wouldn’t let you use it against her.”

“No,” said Jimmy “you know dad wouldn’t see it as a misdemeanor, he’d see it as treachery.” adding “I was thinking of sexual favors rather than money.”

“I still wouldn’t let you.” I replied.

“OK” said Jimmy “we’d both demand sexual favors.”

“You’re crazy” I said “she’d hate me for life. I couldn’t live with that.”

Jimmy went silent for a moment, thinking. “She wouldn’t know you were in on it.” he said “We could pretend we’d fell out, then I’d be forcing you to do stuff with her against your wishes.”

Jimmy must have seen my eyes light up. The thought of maybe groping mom’s tits and even her great ass, while she was thinking I had no choice, sounded great. The thought of some taboo titillation gave me an immediate erection.

Our planning started immediately.

I printed out a few images of mom in various stages of taking the money. We decided that the best time for her to see a copy would be the coming Friday, followed by her being confronted by Jimmy on the following Monday evening. That way, she’d have time to worry, but not for too long.

After completing our planning, I went home that evening and told mom that Jimmy was a bastard. Mom hadn’t liked Jimmy ever since she’d caught him once peeking at her changing her blouse. Nevertheless, he was Stan’s son and she was concerned at us falling out. She said she hoped we’d make it up.

Over the next couple of days, I let her know that Jimmy hated me and I hated Jimmy. It meant that it was important she didn’t see the two of us talking at work. Over Jimmy’s shoulder I saw him reading both Better Blowjobs and Advanced Fellatio. He was obviously keen for mom to administer this oral technique, but I felt that he was unduly optimistic that our plan would work, and that even if it did, she would go that far. Still it was good to see a young man taking his studies seriously.

On the Friday afternoon, when mom and I got home from work, I gave her an envelope addressed to her and told her I had found it propped against the front door. When she opened it and saw a photo of herself taking the money, she went white and quickly stuffed the envelope into her handbag.

When dad got home her smile was rather wan as she hugged him. They still disappeared off to bed early but the usual “kerdoink – kerdoink – kerdoink” seemed to me to be quieter and subdued. Mom looked worried all weekend. She knew that Stan wouldn’t call the police but, at the same time, she also knew that he’d be boiling with anger and sibling loyalty would count for nothing. He would sack her immediately. After all, he always said he only kept her on for her honesty.

On the Saturday, dad didn’t help her worries by complaining about the bills that had just arrived. “It’s a good job you’re working love,” he said “otherwise I don’t know what we’d do.”

On the Monday I accompanied a very quiet mom into work. Expecting a loud scene, when Stan just gave her a grumpy hello she didn’t know what to think. She just kept her head down all day.

That evening we got home and both had showers as we usually did. Except that I crept down with just a towel around me and let Jimmy in the front door. Jimmy seemed to be wearing sneakers and an all-in-one jump suit which puzzled me, but I didn’t query it. Provided all went as we intended, we had the evening planned to the last detail, so we just shook hands for luck.

I waited until I knew mom would have got out of the shower, then went up the stairs and shouted for her to please come down immediately.

Earlier, I’d rearranged her dressing gowns so that a thin cotton robe was the nearest item for her grab, and this was now clinging to her voluptuous form as she came down the stairs.

She stopped in her tracks when she saw Jimmy. “What’s wrong?” she asked, thinking that something had happened to Stan.

“This” said Jimmy, theatrically throwing sheets of paper in front of her, which she saw had similar pictures to that in the envelope she’d opened the previous Friday. The pictures showed different stages of the theft.

Mom seemed to sag. She had been on edge since Friday and now obviously felt that the nightmare had finally reached a horrible ending that, in terms of the future financial security of her family, was unthinkable.

“Stan sent you round, didn’t he?” she said in a low voice.

Jimmy waited in silence for a minute, building the tension. “No,” he said “he doesn’t know” then added with a heavy weighting “yet!”

“I don’t understand.” she said looking flustered.

“Let’s have a chat.” said Jimmy.

I sat down in a chair in my towel looking at Jimmy and mom. Mom was standing there in her thin bath robe, thinking her happy family life was over, but confused about what was happening.

Jimmy stood near her looking in charge. “If you two do what I say, you could have a way out of this”.

I could suddenly see desperate hope in mom’s eyes, mixed with bewilderment.

Jimmy slowly walked round the back of mom. Standing close up to her, he put his hand on her shoulders and with a loud whisper in her ear said “Auntie Pamela, dad need never see these pictures if you and Pete behave yourselves this evening and again next Monday.”

As mom felt Jimmy’s hand grip her shoulders, I could see a slow realization on her face of what he was referring to. She was biting her lip as her mind wrestled with the possibility of being completely freed from her current desperate problem, which she had been worrying about since the previous Friday, but at a price which meant her nephew, whom she hated, would take sexual advantage of her.

Jimmy gently moved his hands round to the front of her robe and put his hands on her breasts. She hesitated for a fraction of a second, then quickly grasped Jimmy’s hands, stopping him going any further. She looked across at me intently, her look asking the question.

Looking at her pretty questioning face, I realized with an excited thrill that, had I not been there, Jimmy would already have succeeded in getting mom’s tits out.

Trying to look a Solomon of judgment I said “Mom, I don’t know how you got us into this mess, but I do know we can’t afford for you to lose your job. Jimmy is a shitty bastard, but our ordeal will only be for tonight and next Monday. I guess that will be a price worth paying for our financial security.” To myself I silently added “and Jimmy and I are going to enjoy your voluptuous body with the evening climax being me fucking you in your asshole.”

I had been practicing the part of the speech she heard for the last few days and realized it had been worth it as I saw the gratitude in mom’s eyes. Having received my support, mom stopped gripping Jimmy’s hands, allowing him to slide both his hands inside her robe around her breasts, pulling them out so that they both hung exposed. As his hands had taken out her breasts, mom stiffened and looked across again at me. I had given her a nod and an expression in which I tried to convey that we had no choice.

Although I had guessed at the size of her tits, their firmness was impressive and I was surprised at the unusually large dark pigmented areas round her nipples.

Behind mom, Jimmy grinned and gave me an exaggerated wink. He pushed up behind mom pressing his pelvis against her backside. I knew his erection would be between her cheeks.

He bent his head smelling her hair. Compared with mom, his eighteen year-old girlfriend was a c***d. He now had at his mercy an attractive full-bodied mature woman, and he was going to make the most of it.

Seeing my acceptance, mom relaxed and Jimmy’s greedy hands started enjoying his Auntie Pamela’s luscious breasts. Grabbing a hefty hooter in each hand, he jiggled them and weighed them gleefully up and down, then grasped the flesh around the nipples. Mom gasped, biting her lip in annoyance as the unusual large dark areolae blossomed in his fingers to produce two big mouth-watering plums which he continued to squeeze, along with the now big succulent nipples.

Mom had stood immobile as her tits were fondled. I tried to look impassive, despite the raging boner hidden by my towel.

Having got mom’s tits aroused, Jimmy stood back, slipped off his sneakers and, unzipping his jumpsuit, stepped out of it to leave himself naked. I now understood why he’d worn it as he’d been able to strip in two seconds. Moving back to behind mom, he pulled her close so she would be aware of his naked body and erection.

After a minute he turned her round and grabbed her hands, holding them around his erection. Jimmy’s erection was a good size, nearly as big as my own. Mom held it, breathing heavily as Jimmy slowly edged both of them towards the settee. Once there he sat on the edge with his knees apart and gently guided mom so that she was kneeling in front of him still holding his erection. It was clearly the classic female submissive blowjob position, but he’d cleverly maneuvered her there, always holding mom’s fingers round his penis.

I was astonished about how successful our plan had been. I thought mom would have called a halt long before this point. Mom stole a quick glance again across at me, but I just shrugged as if to say “Well we both knew he’d want oral sex, you know you have to continue to save your job.”

Jimmy looked mom in the eye and said “Just lick it”.

“She won’t do it.” I thought. Mom sighed and hesitated, then went past the point of no return when she opened her mouth and began licking Jimmy’s helmet. Jimmy put his hands down in front cupping her breasts while her hot tongue licked backwards and forwards.

After a minute of this, he said “Lick round the rim.”

Mom’s tongue slid lower and the tip of her tongue traced the tender membrane which ran around the mushroom head just below the flange. Jimmy loved this and made her repeat it a number of times. Eventually he could wait no longer and ordered her to give his cock a good sucking.

Mom encircled the mushroom head with her lips and started a steady sucking rhythm, the meaty helmet sliding in and out of her succulent mouth.

“Hold my balls.” gasped Jimmy. Mom obediently slipped a hand under him.

With mom’s head bobbing nicely up and down and her fingers squeezing his testicles, I was amazed how long Jimmy was able to hold-off cumming. He was squeezing her tits, gritting his teeth trying not to cum. His breathing was getting shorter and shorter when I guessed that mom gave his balls a tighter squeeze as he suddenly shouted “Ooooh Auntie Pamela!” and I knew his cock had started spurting cum in the mouth of his dad’s older sister.

Mom, who was obviously hoping that his orgasm would be the end of the evening’s sexual activities, tried to ensure that it was the end by continuing to suck him strongly and grip his balls. Jimmy’s face conveyed his agonizing spasms of pleasure as his loins kept pumping his sperm into his auntie’s mouth until he was spent.

Eventually we all stood, mom pulling her bath robe around her so that she was covered up.

“Everyone to the bedroom.” said Jimmy.

Mom, clearly disappointed, walked up the stairs. I was now getting even more excited as mom was obviously accepting that the sex for the evening was not finished.

She went into the bathroom to wash Jimmy’s cum out of her mouth. When she came out, Jimmy told her to lie on the bed. She lay down on it in her bathrobe, but then sat up as Jimmy approached with two ribbons to tie her wrists to the bedrail.

“No,” she said firmly “no tied hands.”

I knew having her tied up for at least a few minutes was vital for the next stage of the plan. I was sitting, still in my towel, opposite the bed. I must have looked to her like a hostage, forced to watch.

“Mom,” I said earnestly “you’re doing well. You’ve got this far and the evening is nearly over. Think of your job. Jimmy has said to me that he will untie you within five minutes. I’m here and I’m bigger than Jimmy, so I won’t let him be violent to you and I’ll make sure he unties you when he’s said he will.”

I had reassured her, but she could also see that Jimmy’s erection had completely subsided and I think she was also falsely comforted by the fact that the ribbons did not look strong. There was also the psychological comfort that she was covered up by her bath robe. Tentatively, she lay back on the bed, raising her arms to let her wrists be tied to the bedrail. She obviously knew that something was going to happen, but couldn’t work out what.

Stepping back to admire his handy work, Jimmy turned to me and said “Right Pete, now you’ve got to lick Auntie Pamela’s pussy until I tell you to stop.”

“Oh no, I can’t do it!” I gasped dramatically.

“You’ve no choice.” snarled Jimmy, even more dramatically.

Mom, hearing our conversation, was saying “Nooooo!” and was trying desperately to break her ties to end the proceedings, but was finding the ribbons too strong.

I walked purposefully towards Mom and started grasping her legs. “Pete, stop immediately!” she cried, lifting her head up, straining against her bonds.

“Don’t worry mom.” I said pushing her legs apart, then added in a whisper “I don’t know how to do this but I’ll try my best.”

I’d lied. Like Jimmy, I’d read some guidance and knew exactly what to do. Lowering my mouth to her labia, I used my lips to gently maneuver her pussy lips to the side so that I had full access to her clitoris. I then started softly sucking and then stroking this tender piece of meat with long licks. As I lapped her vulnerable organ, I could feel her juices start to trickle, slowly at first then with a steady flow. Inevitably, as I licked, mom started moaning loudly and pushing her pelvis up, grinding her pussy on my tongue.

As soon as mom began thrusting, as if in response, I slipped my hands round under her ass. Grasping a chunk of big buttock in each hand, I pulled her loins up so that I could squash my tongue even harder against her clitoris.

I signaled Jimmy to cut her bonds. They had done their job in allowing me to get my mouth to her pussy and now, as I’d hoped, she immediately put her hands down to grasp my hair and pull my head harder into her sex. I wanted her to feel, as far as possible, that she had consented to everything that was happening.

I could tell mom was starting to head towards an orgasm, so I covertly signaled to Jimmy again. Responding, he said “Now you’ve got to fuck her.”

I pulled up from mom and cried “I can’t do that!” As my towel had fallen off, the moment I had pushed back from mom, with my huge erection it was obvious to all that I was certainly physically capable.

“OK,” said Jimmy “I’ll just show dad the evidence.”

“No,” I said “you win.”

As I moved over mom and started pushing my hot boner between her pussy lips, I said “I’m sorry mom, we’ve got to try.”

As I said it, I was thinking that it sounded a load of baloney. I knew that afterwards mom would have strong suspicions, but then she’d never know for certain. Anyway, at that moment, I didn’t care about anything except that I was going to fuck her.

As I pushed my mushroom head firmly through her juicy entrance, mom shrieked “Aaaaargh!”

Although I had got her well lubricated, I was obviously bigger than she was used to and I had to push quite hard as I sunk my hard meat about three inches into her hot vaginal sheath. At the same time I entered her, I pulled her legs around me with her heels against my back.

Once in, I started pulling back and, as I’d hoped, felt mom’s heels on my back automatically pulling me back in. As I went in, I pushed in a further inch as if she had caused me to do so, extracting a loud moan from mom.

We carried on with me pulling backwards and mom’s heels moving me forwards, with mom moaning loudly with each of my further intrusions, until I was virtually fully impaled.

Hoping that she would now believe that, despite my best efforts, I had lost all control, I shouted very dramatically “Ooooh mom!” and plunged my throbbing hard love lolly into her as deep as I could.

Grasping the sheets, mom screamed “Aaargh!” Mom was clearly unused to such a big male organ inside her. Her cunt was juicy but tight, exquisitely gripping my sensitive man meat.

I determinedly undid her bath robe, pulling the cloth to the sides and exposing her big full tits. Gripping her legs, I pushed them wider and back over her head. Raising my hips, I was now able to stab my meaty weapon down deep into her. I slammed into her again and again. She was breathing quickly, making little mewing sounds, eyes wide.

Wanting to see her melons wobbling to my thrusts, I moved her legs down and, keeping a steady rhythm, watched her succulent breasts swaying and wobbling. Finally I grasped her breasts with my hands.

I now had a stable position in which to continue fucking her “Thock – Thock – Thock – Thock.” My cock felt exquisite sweet sensations, sliding in and out her hot vaginal sheath.

I speeded up “ThockaThockaThockaThocka.” Mom was making squeaking noises in time with my fuck rhythm and I could sense that she was starting her orgasm. Her cunt muscles were contracting around my randy root.

Suddenly, she desperately pulled my head down and brought my mouth to her right tit. I guzzled on the areola and chewy nipple, as mom and I both orgasmed together.

My cum jetted in fiery spurts up mom’s love channel. Her cunt was strongly contracting, milking me and sucking spurt after spurt of my jizz until we both lay there spent.

Jimmy woke me out of my pleasurable haze by calling me over to him. He pretended to whisper to me so, whatever I did, mom would assume I was under instructions.

He walked over to the bed, where mom was looking shocked at what she’d just done with me. After watching mom and I, Jimmy’s erection had returned and he’d walked towards the bed smiling and lasciviously stroking it. Lying down beside her, he told her to mount him.

Mom looked angry with him and I thought for a moment she was going to tell him to “fuck off.” She glared at him for what seemed a long time, but I guessed that she was thinking things through. She had already given a blowjob to her nephew and fucked her son. If she stopped now it would all have been for nothing. She would lose her job and her financial security. In reality, she realized that she had committed herself to full sex with Jimmy the moment she had licked his cock.

She’d discovered that her son clearly found her sexually attractive and she guessed that Jimmy, knowing that, had always planned to make me do things to her. She assumed that this session with Jimmy must be the final one for the evening and she knew she had to go through with it. She had seen Jimmy giving me instructions and she guessed that I would still be required to play some kind of part, but she couldn’t imagine what that role would be. She loathed her nephew and hated knowing he would love her riding him, especially as he would have complete access to her big hanging breasts as she fucked him.

I saw her grit her teeth in resolve as she removed her bath robe completely and mounted him, holding his penis and guiding it into her vagina. I knew that she would be desperate to finish the evening and would be remembering how Jimmy had managed earlier to delay cumming as she had sucked him off. She was therefore going to have to try and think of how she was going to quickly bring him to orgasm.

Now straddling him, her lush body impaled on his hard meaty pork sword, mom started fucking him with a slow constant rhythm.

“Auntie, ride me like a donkey.” Jimmy cried as she rhythmically pumped him, his throbbing cock sliding forwards and backwards in his Auntie’s moist cunt.

Mom hissed “I hate you, you little bastard!” but, as she said it, she arched her back, making her big melons an invitation for Jimmy’s eager hands. He grasped them and mauled them, squeezing the plump areolae and tweaking the nipples in his fingers.

Mom suddenly leant forward and grasped the bedrail at the head of the bed. Her succulent breasts were inches from Jimmy’s face and he automatically sucked a teat into his mouth.

By leaning forward with her ass higher, she was now able to slide herself with long strokes up and down Jimmy’s hard meaty shaft. She was sawing him,in one movement raising herself almost to exit, squeezing his tender helmet with the muscles at her entrance, then plunging deeply down again so Jimmy’s cock was fully enclosed.

Suddenly I recognized a familiar sound “kerdoink – kerdoink – kerdoink” and realized that I was witnessing what dad referred to as the Pamela Special. I could see why dad enjoyed it. Mom was lifting her beautiful big yummy ass, then slamming it down, raking Jimmy’s penis with her gripping vagina.

Jimmy was in heaven. He had the woman on top as he wanted and she was doing all the work. He had rested his hands behind his head so he could concentrate on enjoying mom fucking him while he suckled on a teat. Every now and then he would open his mouth and mom would twist slightly so that he could suck the alternate teat.

Then I realized that the Pamela Special was succeeding in bringing Jimmy to an early orgasm. Quickly I jumped on the bed, pouring oil over mom’s big ass.

As her ass moved up and down, I let my fingers slide up and down the crack between her buttocks. Mom didn’t let my actions slow her down, until I suddenly thrust a well-oiled thumb into her sphincter.

Mom gasped and slowed. Initially I had pushed my thumb in up to the knuckle, but I now pushed it fully in. I had her pinioned on my thumb and started pushing her up and down, so that she was continuing to fuck Jimmy.

As the plan was for the thumb to be followed by me fucking her in the ass, I started twisting my thumb, working and stretching the opening.

Mom was feeling the effects of this very active butt plug and it wasn’t long before her orgasm commenced. As her asshole started to spasm round my thumb, her vaginal sheath contracted round Jimmy’s penis. As his man meat was squeezed, Jimmy went into his orgasm sending spurts of cum up his Auntie’s love channel. I knew mom would hate having her orgasm as she’d know that it would relax her upper vagina sucking her nephew’s sperm up inside her.

For a few seconds, I held mom pinioned in position as Jimmy rolled out from under her. Then, removing my thumb, I replaced it with a stab of my well lubricated fuck weapon. I pushed hard as my man meat slid up her tight asshole.

I grasped her big buttocks as I fucked her, feeling her butt muscles. Mom was gripping the bedrail hard. I had felt her body stiffen with pain as I’d entered her, but as I continued to thrust in and out her moans told me that she was moving from pain to pleasure.

I slapped her cheeks in turn, the red welts standing out against the peachy skin.

Using the bedrail for leverage, she began to match my movements, thrusting her ass back. I grabbed mom’s hair, wrapping it round my fingers and pulling it taut so that her face was looking upwards. Her back arched in response pushing out her big round buttocks. For about a minute, I slammed into her ass, stabbing my meaty dagger fiercely in and out of her asshole “ThockaThockaThockaThocka.”

As I felt my orgasm starting, I pulled back mom’s hair strongly, dragging her back from the rail. Now she was upright, I reached my hands round and grasped her breasts, squeezing the nipples hard. Mom shrieked as she orgasmed, her anal muscles contracting round my love lolly. My hot fiery cum jetted up her anal sheath and we collapsed together on the bed.

Jimmy dressed quickly and said “See you next Monday evening.” then left.

After going in the bathroom, I went straight to my room and didn’t see mom again until the next day.

The following morning and the rest of the week, mom mostly ignored me, putting my meals on the table, but not meeting my eyes and hardly saying a word.

When Jimmy and I met up, he was ecstatic and wanting to plan the following Monday evening. I was feeling guilty and told him I didn’t want to start the planning until the following Monday lunchtime.

At work, the rest of the week passed by peacefully. Mom was subdued, but nobody seemed to notice. Jimmy spent most of the time reading the Kama Sutra, working on the best positions for his next session with mom.

Dad got back very late on the Friday, too tired it seemed for a Pamela Special. The rest of the weekend he worked all the time on a presentation required for the Monday, going to bed late and clearly too knackered for sex.

The Monday morning eventually came. Dad had to rush off to give his presentation. Mom went to work on her own as Uncle Stan had asked me to pick up a package on route. When I arrived I found the place in an uproar.

A white faced Jimmy pulled me into a store room to tell me what was happening.

“You left the pictures of your mom taking the money on the camera security screen. Dad saw them this morning.”

Uncle Stan had never before tried to use the equipment, so it hadn’t occurred to me to remove mom’s images.

Jimmy continued “Your mom’s been sacked. She’s already gone.”

Jimmy looked worried. He was praying that his dad would not think he’d known about the images.

I couldn’t care less about Jimmy. I thought that Stan would think it was just me who had found the images, and I was right. Although Stan was curt to me, he obviously felt that I could hardly report what I had found on the images to him, giving up my own mom, so it appeared I still had a job.

I was worried about mom all morning. At lunchtime, I said I was feeling unwell and went home to check she was OK.

As I started going upstairs, I heard a familiar sound “kerdoink – kerdoink – kerdoink.” I thought dad must be home and as mom’s door was open I was curious to see them at it. It seemed a strange thing for her to want to have sex when she’d just been fired, but I thought maybe she thought it would be the****utic. I crept up and peered round the door. There to my great surprise was mom and Uncle Stan.

On the whole, this seemed like good news. After all, Uncle Stan could hardly fire her after this. I remembered that I’d heard someone say that Stan would be dropping off mom’s dismissal papers to her, but I hadn’t realized it would be so soon. Mom had clearly found a way to keep her job and Uncle Stan was enjoying the Pamela Special.

He was using the Jimmy technique of sucking mom’s teats as she fucked him, but his hands, rather than being inactive behind his head, were each grasping a lump of ass flesh. He was enjoying the moving sinews in her big buttocks as they rose up and down. Uncle Stan was clearly a man who loved big tits and who also loved a big ass. With his own wife being so scrawny, fucking his voluptuous older sister must have been his fantasy for years.

Mom was clearly giving it all she’d got. When Uncle Stan started stiffening showing his orgasm starting, mom seemed to fuck him even harder, wanting to drain every drop of her brother’s cum.

I hid in my room as they dressed. As Uncle Stan was going down the stairs he said “Right, I’ll come round every Monday and Thursday evening. I’ll make sure Pete won’t be here. I’ll arrange to raise your pay by twenty percent as soon as I get back to the office, so hopefully you’ll not feel the need to pilfer any more ten-dollar bills.”

As he left, mom saw me standing in the doorway of my room. She just shrugged and walked away.

The next morning Uncle Stan called me into his office and told me that I would now be working every Monday and Thursday evening, for no extra pay, but I could have time off in lieu. I suppose that with the extra he was paying mom, he thought he couldn’t afford to be more generous.

As I arrived home on that Tuesday evening I felt very put out. After mom and I had our usual showers and mom was having a drink in her bathrobe, I approached her.

“What happened when Uncle Stan came round to give you your dismissal papers?” I asked.

Mom half smiled. “I’d always thought that there was a reason that the uniform he gave me was too small. I could sense that he had a thing about my fuller figure, as his breathing changed when my breasts swayed in front of him.”

She continued “When he came round, I thought I had nothing to lose, so as soon as he was in the door, I walked up to him, unzipped him and grasped his manhood inside his pants. Fortunately for me, his reaction was as I hoped and a few minutes later he was almost sobbing when I took my clothes off.”

Looking annoyed I said “So everybody’s happy except me. Uncle Stan’s got his twice-weekly sex session. You’ve got your pay rise and, provided he never knows about Uncle Stan, Dad will be pleased that your work is being recognized and there will be extra money coming in, and he’ll still enjoy his home comforts every Friday. I’ve got to work two evenings and have got nothing out of this.”

Mom looked quizzical “I wouldn’t say you got nothing out of it. You seemed to particularly enjoy some of the things you were compelled to do to me.”

I looked down at the floor uncomfortably.

Then mom continued ” However, I wouldn’t want your father to find out about Stan, so I suppose I’d better buy your silence.”

With that, she took me by the hand and started leading me upstairs, adding as we went “After all, I’ll still have Tuesday and Wednesday evenings free.”

A little later I was enjoying the Pamela Special. I could understand why Jimmy couldn’t hold back his orgasm. Mom was riding me hard, slamming herself up and down my sensitive boner. Like the others had done, I was suckling voraciously on her teats. I was also using the Stan technique of squeezing a chunk of ass flesh in one hand. However, unlike Stan I had the middle finger of my other hand firmly inserted in mum’s asshole, twisting it and stretching it ready for the ass fucking or, as I now liked to call it, the Pete Special, which would be the next stage of the evening proceedings.

I felt my first orgasm of the evening start and my fiery spurts of cum being extracted by mom’s sucking vagina. There was no pause in her riding action as she carried on draining me. However, strange as it seems, my mind wandered a little. As mom continued pounding, I was thinking that it was funny how some sounds that at first annoy, can become pleasant and reassuring “kerdoink – kerdoink – kerdoink.”

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