Mom gets what she wants - sex story

Mom gets what she wants

Last night had to be incredible for my wife Maggie. We had discussed certain sexual situations over the years, but everytime I tried to encourage her, she would back out. So, I figured I would help her out to get over whatever was holding her back.

So, I started talking more to a certain special someone in her life. One I knew if she let go of her inhibitions, she would let him do anything to her and she would do anything for him. And I had seen him check out her ass and such but never had they done anything together. So, over the last month, I had layed out hints for him. Just subtle stuff now and then.

I mean, over the years, I had put the two in situations, that if either had not been so scared, they would have come together and cum together so to say. It was easy since Jessiah had lived with us off and on since he turned 18. Before that he always lived with us. But, even then I could see and feel their attraction for eachother.

We had been living in a room at a friend's house and when I was away for my National Guard shit, he spent a lot of time in Maggie's room. Our friend, someone who was attracted to this young man, had said, a few years later, she was jealous of her and thought then that they had a "closer" relationship then what most people have. I knew they didn't but, I also knew they would if again, they could let go and be themselves.

So, back to where we were. It had been a normal day. We had supper and watched TV before bed. Maggie and I showered together. I made sure to get her all hot and bothered but resisted the urge to ram my cock in her tight cunny hole.

"Nope, not tonight. Tonight, that honey pot is someone else's love." I thought to myself.

We got out and I talked her into some nice satin and lace lingerie she bought to wear for me but, hadn't had the chance yet. Garter belt, bustier, panties and stockings. All matching. Pink bows and ruffles. I figured it was kind of pure for her to wear innocent white their first time.

I used our soft cuffs and cuffed her to the bed and blind folded her. I told her to give me a second. I put some headphones on her for music she liked and covered her up. I wanted to make sure she couldn't hear us talk. I went to the door and there was Jessie waiting in his fuzzy pj pants and tshirt. His pants were already pushed out like a tent. I showed him in and asked,"Are you ready for a night of fun?"

He just nodded with a big grin.

Well, go uncover your present.

He looked at me, like,"Are you sure?"

I nodded.

He peeled back the covers slowly. His mouth open in awe. Subconsciously licking his lips as he revealed the body of the woman that gave birth to him 30 years ago. She squirmed a bit but, was lost in her own world of anticipation and lust. When he finished, he stood there taking in her beauty. Then turned to me, not knowing what to do next.

"Well, do you like the taste of pussy?"

"Yeah, of course."

"Well, I would spread them nice legs and untie those ties on her panties and go to town. He got to the edge of the bed and pulled his shirt off like it was hot and he was about to go to work.

He ran his fingers up her legs as she shivered and slowly parted her thighs. Kneeling between them he started untieing her bows to get to her lips. He laid on his stomach and gently kissed her thighs before placing a kiss on each lip.

I watched as he did everything almost like I do. He looked up and saw me grinning.

"I learned from the best. I figured you left your door open on purpose. But, was not sure. So, I made good use of it the last 15 or so years."

Maggie started gyrating her hips.

"Well, don't keep mom waiting too long."

With that, he gave her one good lick before starting to eat her out.

He musta been doing real good, cuz soon she was moaning and squirming everywhere. He actually made her cum. And he lapped it all up. I have never done that.

When he finished he stood up and dropped his pants. Out came his magnifiscent cock. He was better endowed then me. My wife didn't think so. She said,"He is not as big as you." She was about to find out. We had accidentally seen him a few times. And once when he was drunk and whipped it out and passed out. Told my wife to help him out, but she was too scared.

He asked the best way to get a blowjob with her cuffed. I told him to straddle her head and kneel with a leg on either side and feed it to her.

So, he did and quipped,"Good, then I can eat that deliscious pussy somemore."

With that he got on the bed and rubbed the head on her lips. She licked the tip and then he layed on top of her feeding it to her as he wrapped his hands around her thighs and got back to desert. He gyrated his hips as she squirmed under him.

He slowly fucked her face. She was trying to free her hands. He had her lift her ass as he pulled off her panties. She obliged. I mentioned to him, she never wore this outfit before. So, I went and uncuffed her. She knew then there was 2 people in the room with her and started pushing up on his legs to get his cock out of her mouth to talk. She pulled off the blindfold and I made sure I was there to greet her.

Finally, he lifted up, but he kept eating. She made sure to suck the shaft as he pulled it out. With that she licked her lips and asked who it was.

I asked, "Are you enjoying it?"

"Yes. But who is it?"

"You will know soon enough." I grinned.

"You better get back to work. He looks like he is getting impatient."

With that, she pushed up on his hips again. And wrapped a hand around her son's cock and guided it back home.

He started really fucking her mouth while she sucked with fervor. Soon, I saw his ball's swell.

I thought, "Shit, forgot to tell him she hates cum in her mouth."

By then it was too late. He arched and rammed his cock as deep as he could in her mouth and her eyes opened wide. After the first shot, she realized he wasn't going to stop, so she sucked the cum out and swallowed it.

Then she pushed him off and got up and kissed me.

"There asshole. How does that taste? You know I hate that shit."

Smirking I replied, "Good."

"Fuck you."

Then she turned to give the man who gave it to her a piece of her mind.

"And you you..."

She fell silent, seeing who it was.

Jessie smiled with her look.

"Me what?"

Not losing her composure completely she acted non challant and replied,

"You ever cum in my mouth again, I will bite your dick off."

"Does that mean you will suck my cock again?" He grinned.

"I don't know yet. But, what I do know, Is I got a fire between my thighs that needs put out."

As she said this she laid on the bed, spread eagle.

He stood there not sure what to do.

She looked in his eyes and said,"You better get your cute ass over here or I am gonna have your father finish what you started."

Jessie didn't have to be told twice. He crawled between her legs and lifted them up. She grabbed his cock and guided it home. He started to sink in and she wrapped her legs around his waste and arms around his neck. Pulling him to her, they shared their first kiss as lovers.He then slammed it into her and she broke the kiss, winced and gasped.

"OK, not so hard yet. Obviously your father was right, you definately got a few inches on him."

"Sorry, mom."

"It's ok."

With that he started slowly pumping his cock in and out and she would raise her hips to meet every thrust as they got back to kissing. Now and then she would shoot me , that glance. Somewhere between your an asshole and thank you.

"OK, Jess, we can't do this position all night. What do you want?"

He leaned up, "I like doggie style."

"Good, so do I."

He got off and she released him from her grip. Getting on all 4s in front of him he put the tip at her opening and slid it in.

"Hey, do you mind if I suck your Dad's cock? Or is this our time?"

He looked at me, "Yeah sure. I mean, he gave us this gift, right?

She patted the bed in front of her and I kneeled and let her nurse on my cock.

She looked me in the eyes and licked the tip before closing her eyes and swallowing my cock. Slowly it disappeared. Soon, she was in rhythm with Jessiah's thrusts. After a good 5 minutes he was plowing her so hard she couldn't keep up. She just had her head down and my cock in her hand.

She finally looked up, eyes half closed and said,"Fuck I need to cum."

I reached over and pulled her egg out of the drawer and she pushed back at Jessie a few times.

"Hey son. I need to come. You need to lay down."

With that he did as she requested and laid back on the bed. She stood up and stood above him. Crouching down, she took his cock and positioned it as she slowly eased herself down the full length of his shaft.

She looked at me and then looked down at Jessie. He had his eyes closed as she sank to his balls. She reached down and touched his face gently and he opened his eyes. As they met, she whispered, "I hope this never ends between us 3."

"It won't." He said dreamily.

With that, she started milking his cock with her tight pussy. Bending down they shared a long kiss as I gazed on. I was still holding the egg and when she broke the kiss, she pushed herself up with her hands on his chest. She asked me to unclip her bustier to free her tits and then asked me to give her the egg. I did and she slid the egg right between her lips and started gyrating on his hips. Slowly fucking her son.

He wrapped his hands around her thighs and she put her feet under his thighs for support. Putting her hands on his chest she started fucking his cock harder.

Soon her titties were bouncing and they were fucking eachother to the brink. Had his hands clenching her ass as she racked her nails down his chest.

Then I saw her close her eyes and thought he better hold on, cuz he is about to get a fun ride. She started panting and moaning and growling and erupted. He clenched her ass and screamed "Mom, I am cumming."

She was too much in her own oblivian and he pushed so deep as he could into her. Both their bodies started quaking and shaking as they both exploded with eachother.

It went on for what seemed an eternity. Then she just collapsed on top of him and they literally passed out. He had his hands gently on her thighs hooked in her garter straps. She was curled up on her chest. Stocking clad legs still jammed under his thighs.

I figured I would let them be and went and jacked off to the sight I had just seen. When I returned he had awoken and rolled her on her side. Curled in his arms still. He looked at me as I walked in.

"Do you want me to leave so you can sleep with her?"

"No son, this is your guy's night. I will sleep on the couch."

"Well, good. My cock still hadn't withdrawn from her tightness."

"No problem. I love you and will see you tomorrow. I will make coffee in the morning."

A few times that night, I heard them playing with and enjoying eachother.

As I promised, I had coffee ready by 8am. They didn't roll out of bed till 10am.

She came down wearing his tshirt. Like any good woman would. She smiled and grabbed a cup of coffee as I looked up from my phone.

She said,"Thank you."

"For what?"

"For giving me that gift."

I just smiled. She gave me a long kiss.

As Jessie walked in she was leaning against the counter.

He looked at me and acknowledged me with "Dad."

"Hey", I said.

With that he went over and leaned into his mom as he grabbed his cup of coffee. As he pulled back, she leaned in and they shared a good morning kiss too.

When they broke the kiss she had started grinding against his thigh. He was wearing his fuzzy PJ's. I said,"You better go take care of that."

He smiled and scooped her up and went to the living room and they fucked one more time before getting ready for the day.

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