Mother, daughter models - sex story

Mother, daughter models

Scott Nelson felt a tightening in his groin as he watched Brenda casually undress. When she pulled her sweater over her shoulders, her young tits bobbed freely on her chest. She'd been braless, and that in itself was exciting to the forty-eight-year-old man. Her tits were like ripe pears perched on her slender chest, firm and a luscious pink.

"Christ," Brenda sighed, "the way you're staring at me I feel like some damned strip queen! Pull those threads and let's fuck, Scotty."

Her remark brought an end to Scott's momentary paralysis and he began unbuttoning his shirt. He couldn't get over the way the younger generation accepted sex so matter-of-factly! And the language they employed! "Let's fuck," she'd said! And not over forty-five minutes ago they had been perfect strangers.

Scott had met Brenda in the laundromat located on the fringe of Highland Park near SMU in Dallas. Alone in the laundromat, they began chatting and soon left together to go to her place. A laundromat was the last place Scott Nelson had expected to pick up a piece of ass, but he'd been forced to give up hunting in the bars because he was down to his last few dollars.

This whole experience was exciting to him. He guessed that Brenda was twenty-one or twenty-two. She had a nice body and pretty hair, but her face wasn't going to win any awards. She was attractive enough, but by no means a beauty.

What excited Scott was the way they had casually fallen together. They'd been talking about modern psychology when Brenda invited him to her apartment. The discussion continued there with mild sexual overtones, and then Brenda had casually asked if he'd like to ball. Just like that! No big seduction scene, no vague but exciting promises, no ridiculous protestations of eternal love. "Let's ball," she'd said.

Scott's balls contracted when he saw the twenty-one-year-old girl pull her jeans down. She wasn't wearing panties and her bushy young cunt looked like a luxurious garden between her white thighs. Her pubic hair was jet black in contrast to the bleached blonde tresses on her head, but that didn't bother Scott. Brenda was the youngest piece of ass he'd had in some twenty years!

He had, in fact, been a little worried about his sex drive in the last seven months since his divorce from Joyce. Scott had been laying divorcees in their thirties and forties as he wandered around the country desperately trying to establish himself in his new career. The majority of them were tired losers and Scott had been experiencing a seriously declining interest.

"Hey, you haven't got a bad body for a guy your age," Brenda exclaimed, openly staring at his rigid cock when he pulled his shorts down. "I've never made it with a guy your age, but I've always said that age doesn't mean a damned thing. A cock is a cock, you know what I mean?"

"Sure," Scott said with a smile to hide the pain of her remark. Scott was very sensitive about his age, particularly around younger women. He worked out regularly to maintain a trim, muscular body. He dyed his hair and sideburns once a week to remove any trace of gray. He dressed young and took great pains to appear youthful in both body and mind.

The results were satisfactory from Scott's view. He knew that he did not look his forty-eight years. He could pass for his late thirties or very early forties. At the same time, he sure as hell could never pass for thirty again!

"Ummm! This cock looks good enough to eat!" Brenda remarked with an obscene lick of her lips as she walked over and took his rigid shaft in both hands.

Before he could think of a reply, Scott saw the young girl slowly drop to her knees in front of him. She held his aching prick in her hands and slowly brought her face to his crotch. Her tongue darted out and began licking the surging shaft she held in her hands.

"Wow! That's good!" Scott moaned as he saw the young girl's pink lips surround his throbbing meat.

For twenty-one-year-old Brenda White, this was a trip. She knew the man was old enough to be her father, but that didn't matter. Brenda truly believed that a cock was a cock. And she liked this guy. He had a nice body for his age, even better than some of the slobs she balled here in her apartment house. And he was pleasant and fun to be with.

Brenda had always wondered what it would be like to make it with an older man. She'd been approached several times by lusty old professors, but that wasn't what she wanted.

His cock was really throbbing in her mouth now. Brenda wrapped her tongue around it and began milking it in and out of her throat. The way it was expanding and contracting she knew that she could make him get off in a matter of minutes this way, but did she dare? At his age this one shot might be his only shot! And having his prick in her mouth was making her pussy ready to be stuffed! She could feel her own juices beginning to flow between the lips of her cunt.

"Ummm! You have a delicious cock, Scotty!" Brenda sighed as she let it slide out of her young mouth. "Come on, let's get on the bed."

"You're a mind reader!" Scott laughed, leaning down and pulling the luscious young girl to her feet.

"Got hot nuts?" Brenda laughed as they walked over to her bed.

"How'd you guess?" he laughed.

"When I had it in my mouth," she laughed, "it felt like it was ready to fuck."

"You can say that again!" Scott remarked. The sight of her swaying ass and her slender young legs made his balls churn with desire as he followed her to the bed.

"But you're going to get me turned on first, aren't you, Scotty?" she asked as she stretched out on the bed.

"Sure," Scott replied, stretching out beside her. "What do you like?"

"I'd like you to eat me, Scotty," Brenda purred seductively. "You like to lick cunt, don't you?"

"Sure," Scott replied readily.

Brenda spread her thighs and reached down with her graceful fingers to spread the lips of her pussy while the older man kneeled between her legs.

Scott had to hold his breath for a long moment to keep from coming when he stared down at the twenty-one-year-old girl's pretty pussy. She had a thick bush of black pubic hair, but when she spread the lips of her pussy he save the pink flower of her young meat bloom before his eyes.

Her language and attitude really turned him on! This younger generation certainly wasn't shy! "I'd like you to eat me," she'd said! And then she opened her pussy with her hands for him!

The odor of her cunt was strong and his nostrils flared wide when he leaned forward to bring his mouth to her flower. It was a reminder that she was no virgin, that her sex had seen plenty of action, but Scott even found that strangely exciting in its own way. He slid his tongue into her pink crack and began lapping her gently. When he flicked the tip against her already erect and quivering clitoris, she moaned.

"OH! OOOoohh!! You really know how to lick a cunt, Scotty!" she moaned.

The flavor of her cunt was as strong as the odor and had a distinct salty bite. Scott's nuts were straining and he licked her clitoris as firmly and rapidly as he could to get her on. When she began writhing beneath his mouth, Scott quickly pulled his tongue out of her slit and crawled forward with his aching prick in his hand.

"God, yes!" Brenda sighed excitedly. "Let's fuck! Shove that hard cock up me and make me feel it, Scotty!"

Scott needed no urging. He aimed his swollen cockhead at her hole and lodged the inflated tip inside her warm, young body. Then he jerked his hips and lunged his meat to the very depths of her womb.

"AAaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!! Like crazy! OOOOOHH! I like that, Scotty! Make me feel that cock!"

Brenda threw her legs up and around his waist and locked her heels behind his pumping hips. She would have rather had him eat her off first and then fuck her, but she knew that the older man was too aroused for that. His prick felt good inside her! God, how she loved to fuck!

Scott's balls almost exploded on his first stroke inside the young girl's vagina and he had to grit his teeth and slow down in order to get control of himself. He hadn't been this hot in he couldn't remember when! Each stroke inside her tight little twat made his balls cry out for release!

While he fucked her slowly but finely, Scott saw her hand snake down to her pubic mound. Her fingers began massaging her clitoris as he fucked her. Scott had never experienced anything like this before!

She made no pretenses! She was so damned natural. She did whatever she felt like and she was going to give herself a good come in just the way she wanted it!

The whole thing was a mind-blowing experience for the forty-eight-year-old man! He stopped gritting his teeth and began fucking her for all he was worth. His balls slapped loudly against the cheeks of her young ass as he lunged in and out of her pussy.

"Yes, Scotty, yes! FUCK ME! OH, DEAR GOD, FUCK ME!" Brenda began chanting. "I want to feel your come squirting inside me. Fill me with your come!"

Brenda began digging her heels into his plunging hips to urge him on.


Her scream rang in his ears until the explosion inside his balls roared through his entire body. She was expanding and contracting her vaginal muscles to milk his straining, spurting prick inside her and Scott's orgasm seemed to last forever. He kept driving his cock into her hot box even after his balls were milked completely dry!

"Ummm, Scotty, that was sooo gooooood!" Brenda purred as she lay trembling beneath his spent body. "We've got to do that again."

"Just give me a few minutes to regroup the troops," Scott laughed.

"Oh, Scotty, I didn't mean now!" Brenda smiled. "My roommate will be home in a few minutes and he's the type that might get all uptight about me fucking another guy. Maybe later this week."

"Name the day," Scott said quickly. He knew that he had to have more of this fantastic young girl.

"Oh, I hate structured dates," she sighed. "We'll just meet at the laundromat again and get it on, okay?"

"Okay," Scott replied with a smile to hide his disappointment. She was putting him off.

"But I guess I'll have to wash again on Friday afternoon," Brenda smiled, reading the older man's thoughts. "And I usually head for the machines at about two o'clock."

"I guess that's when I'll have to do my washing again," Scott smiled in return. "Brenda..."

"Hush now and get dressed. We don't want... Mickey to find you here," she said, placing her... finger over his lips to forestall what she knew was going to be some silly statement about loving her. She didn't want to hurt the older man.

"Okay, okay," Scott sighed.


Scott Nelson cursed as he made a second attempt to park his car with the U-Haul trailer hooked behind. You'd think that after four months of hauling this damned trailer around the country, he thought to himself, that I'd be able to park it better than this.

When he found that the U-Haul people had the police in three states looking for the trailer, Scott had painted it a dull gray and carefully disguised the license with a thick coat of grease and mud.

Scott had no intention of stealing the trailer. He would return it and pay what he owed on it just as soon as he got settled somewhere. Inside the trailer were the keys to Scott's new career as a commercial photographer.

Photography had once been his hobby and he had invested thousands of dollars in equipment. His pride and joy was the huge special tank for developing color film. Scott had paid almost thirty thousand for that one piece of equipment and had been shocked to learn that on the used market he would be lucky to get six thousand for it.

But Scott Nelson wasn't about to sell his equipment. He'd spent fifteen years working in an accounting office and saving every dime he could for his hobby. When he and Joyce broke up, Scott had resigned his accounting job to set out to pursue his life-long dream -- to become a commercial photographer.

The first several months had been an adventure. He'd done some marvelously creative work in Omaha and Denver, but the financial rewards did not break him even. So he picked up odd jobs here and there while he sought an avenue to make photography pay off.

The past month had been a nightmare! He hadn't been able to find one assignment, and odd jobs had been almost impossible to find. As a result, he'd landed in Dallas with less than three hundred dollars to his name. For the last week he'd been sleeping in the car to save money. And for the first time Scott Nelson was considering selling his equipment and looking for work with an accounting firm.


"Scott! Scott Nelson!"

Scott turned as he climbed out of the car and found himself staring at one of his oldest friends, Harry Halliday.

"Harry!" Scott exclaimed, walking over and shaking his friend's hand earnestly. "My God, Harry, what are you doing in Dallas?"

"I was about to ask you the same thing!" Harry responded with a broad smile. "Hey, let's have lunch together."

Scott hesitated, thinking of his seriously depleted funds, then agreed. He hadn't seen Harry Halliday since Chicago! Harry had been a junior executive with a sporting goods manufacturing company and on his way up the corporate ladder. Harry was close to Scott's age, but looked much older now.

The two friends walked down to the Golden Pheasant restaurant and sat down to a dry martini and lunch. Harry explained that he was still with the same company, but that they had moved their offices to Dallas.

"Say," Harry remarked as the waiter removed their salad plates, "you may be the answer to my dreams, Scott. Do you still tinker with photography?"

"It's my business now, Harry," Scott replied with a smile. "I'm a free-lance commercial photographer now."

"Great!" Harry said. "I'm looking for a creative photographer who I can trust. We've got a new product, a super golf cart that's really revolutionary. It's about ready for the market and we need to create some classy brochures. Sound like something you might take on?"

"Well..." Scott hesitated momentarily. He'd take on anything, but he knew that he couldn't appear too anxious, even with his old friend.

"I'll level with you, Scott," Harry continued, misunderstanding Scott's hesitation. "When I said that this golf cart is revolutionary, I meant just that. Our competitors would love to get their hands on this, believe me! We know they'd love to rip us off, and they will just as soon as they can work out our new principle. So we're keeping it under tight wraps. The man we hire to do our photography has to be one hundred percent trustworthy. You can see why I have been hesitant to contract with anyone for the work."

"I understand, Harry," Scott laughed. "Unfortunately, some of the men in my new profession have been known to sell industrial secrets."

"Exactly! And with us that would be a disaster. Do you develop your own film?"

"Sure! I carry my lab with me," Scott said. "What did you think I had in that trailer... broads?"

"Both color and black and white?" Harry persisted, after a laugh.


"Honestly, I think fate shoved us together this morning!" Harry said enthusiastically. "We're already months behind getting the material on this prepared. What brought you to Dallas, Scott, an assignment?"

"Well, as a matter of fact..."

"Look, Scott, I can understand you have to honor your assignment. What I'm wondering is if you can put it off for a while and take us on immediately?"

"Well..." Scott began slowly. "I'd have to return the advance they gave me," he said hesitantly, hoping Harry wouldn't see through this minor ploy.

"Of course! We wouldn't have it any other way! Look, Scott, I'll give you a five thousand dollar advance this afternoon. Would that be enough to entice you?"

"You drive a hard bargain, Harry," Scott remarked, hoping he had been able to control the elation in his voice. Five thousand dollars! "You haven't even asked me what I'll charge you for the work."

"Scott, we'll pay you the same as we've been quoted by the top photographer here in Dallas. Is that fair?"

"Sure, Harry," Scott smiled. "But you'll never know if you could have hired me cheaper."

Both men laughed heartily and Harry Halliday picked up the check. He gave Scott a card and told him to come right over to the office to pick up his advance.


Scott Nelson looked at the sky as he unlocked his car and gave a silent prayer of thanks. Harry's assignment would undoubtedly be dull and uncreative -- after all, what could you do with a golf cart, but it was at this moment in Scott's life a true lifesaver!

The H. E. Merrill Custom Sporting Goods Company, Inc. offices were located in a semi-modern building in an industrial center near the Preston Hollow section of Dallas.

When Scott arrived, he was ushered into Harry's office and he noted on the door that his friend was now executive vice president of the company. Harry met him with a check for five thousand dollars in hand.

"How's that for service?" Harry smiled. "Look, I'd like to take you on a tour of our plant, but they've just called an executive meeting. So how about in the morning?"

Scott said that would be fine, picked up a couple of brochures on the company's products and climbed back into his car. He drove downtown to the Republic National Bank in the hub of Dallas and opened a checking account with the Merrill Company check.

It was almost six o'clock when Scott finally located the perfect apartment house. The rent was reasonable, six hundred dollars for a one bedroom furnished apartment, and the manager included the use of an unused storage room near the laundry area for Scott's equipment. There was even running water for his tanks.

The two months rent and three hundred dollar security deposit made a sizable dent in his new bank account, but Scott for the first time in months felt that he had a real workable setup for his equipment and a nice place to live.

The apartment house was by no means luxurious. It was an average unit, perhaps a little rundown from better days, but still quite respectable. There was a swimming pool behind the car ports and each unit was air conditioned against the almost incredible summer heat.

By the time he had unloaded the trailer, Scott was exhausted and lacked the energy to set his equipment up. He looked in the phone book and found Harry's number listed. Scott called Harry from a pay phone down the street and explained that he would need an extra day to get all of his equipment arranged and working. Harry agreed immediately and told Scott to come in the day after tomorrow.


Early the next morning Scott tackled the old storage room. He mopped it out and then began arranging his equipment. Garden hose he bought at a local hardware store served for the drains he needed, and he rigged his own makeshift lighting and electrical connections.

Scott was surprised to find the apartment almost completely deserted during the day. Even the manager worked. He was used to being alone when he looked up to find a pretty young girl standing in the doorway to the storage room.

"Hi!" she said a little shyly.

"Well, hi!" Scott smiled. "My name's Scotty. What's yours?"

"Kathy. Kathy Marsh. I live in number twelve. What are you doing?"

"Well, Kathy, I'm setting up a developing lab. I'm a commercial photographer and this is where I'll develop all the pictures I take. Say, you don't happen to have some friction tape, do you?"

"I think my mother has some. I'll get it," she said, turning and trotting away.

Scott smiled after the girl. She was young, probably thirteen or fourteen, but one of the prettiest little girls he could remember seeing. She had a sweet, angelic face that he knew would photograph beautifully. Her hair was golden blonde and she wore it long and straight. It served as a halo around her gorgeous face.

When she returned with a small roll of friction tape and shyly handed it to him, Scott became very aware of the young girl's body. She was in that blooming stage that made men turn when she passed. Her breasts were full and firm on her slender chest and the forty-eight-year-old man could swear he could see her pointed nipples pressing against her sheer blouse. Her waist was narrow and her hips full and flared. Scott appraised her long, slender legs and felt a small twitch in his balls. She was a beauty -- a real beauty!

"Are you going to work here during the day?" the pretty young blonde asked.

"Sometimes," Scott replied as he peeled a piece of tape and sealed a connection on his developer.

"I'm glad," Kathy said softly. "I get lonely here during the day with nobody around. Maybe I can help you?"


Scott wanted to tell her that he really didn't need any help, and that with her body she'd be more of a distraction than a help, but when he saw the pleading, anxious look in her eyes he didn't have the heart.

"Well, I guess I could use some help at times, Kathy," he smiled.

"Ok, great!" the pretty child said eagerly.


The security under which Merrill kept its new golf cart approached that of a secret weapon during wartime, and Scott Nelson was tired of having a security man leaning over his shoulder with every shot he took.

Scott's first request had been to photograph the machine out in the natural sunlight, which would have solved a number of his lighting problems. Larry Halliday had regretfully denied Scott permission to move the cart outside, explaining that the security problem was too much of a risk for them at this stage. The key to the new design was immediately recognizable on the instrument panel of the dash, Larry explained, and Scott had spent the entire morning experimenting with angles that would show the sleek new lines of the golf cart without exposing the dash instrumentation.

After running a series of what he called "trial shots", Scott quit and returned to his apartment house to run them through the tanks in order to see what he had.

The red lights came on for the color tank to indicate that the temperature of the chemicals had reached the required level and Scott began loading the three rolls of film he had shot.


Scott turned to see fourteen-year-old Kathy Marsh standing in the doorway.

"Hi, Kathy," he returned, finishing the load of the film in the automatic machine.

"What are you doing?" the pretty young blonde asked as she walked into the room.

"An exercise in futility," Scott remarked with a sigh.

"What?" the young girl asked with a perplexed look on her pretty face.

Scott set the controls and turned to explain to Kathy that he had spent the morning photographing a new product from various angles. He told her that he had to be certain a particular part of the new product did not appear in the photographs.

"And that's damned near impossible!" he concluded. "It's like trying to shoot a nude girl with all of her pretty features hidden behind a tree. I know they'll be lousy."

"I don't see how you can tell without seeing them," Kathy remarked.

"In my business, Kathy," Scott said with a smile, "you get a sixth sense about things. You see a beautiful tree and you immediately know that you can't get a decent picture of it because the angle is all wrong. Or I can see a gorgeous girl and right away know that she won't photograph worth a damn."

"How?" the fourteen-year-old girl asked.

"I don't know," the forty-eight-year-old man replied with a chuckle. "It just becomes instinctive, I guess I can see an average looking girl and know instantly that she'll photograph like a million dollars. It's a quality. They call it photogenic. You, Kathy, will photograph like a million. You have that quality."

The buzzer sounded, indicating that the developing cycle was complete and Scott jumped up to flip the automatic print button on the expensive machine.

"Now we'll see what we got," he sighed.

"You see!" Kathy said. "You're not sure they'll all be bad!"

"Honey, I can still believe in miracles," Scott Nelson laughed.

"I'll just bet that you got some swell pictures," Kathy said doggedly.

"Well, we'll see now," Scott returned as he picked up the small prints that began coming out on the tray. They were still damp and he handled them on the edges as he hung them on a small line.

"Look at that crap!" Scott sighed. "Christ, it's even worse than I thought it would be!"

"But... but they look good to me," Kathy said as she brushed against him leaning in to inspect the photographs.

"Crap, Kathy, pure crap!" Scott said, going into detail to explain what was wrong with each photograph. "Of course, I can correct the exposure problems and jazz up the lighting, but that doesn't solve the basic problem."

"I don't understand what the problem is," Kathy remarked. "These pictures show the machine -- whatever it is -- very nicely."

"Granted," Scott sighed, "but they lack glamour. They have absolutely no sex appeal at all, and that, Kathy, is what advertising is all about and what my client expects from me."

"Why don't you have a naked girl sitting in it, then?" Kathy said with a girlish giggle. "That would give it sex appeal, wouldn't it?"

Scott was about to reply when an idea flashed across his mind.

"A girl! That's it!" he exclaimed excitedly. "Animate the damned thing with action!"

"A naked girl?" Kathy asked a little breathlessly.

"No, not naked, Kathy," Scott laughed. "But you've given me an idea. In fact, you may have solved the whole damned problem for me! I'll use a model, maybe two, and suggest action. Arranged just right, the model's body could cover the instrument panel -- particularly if the has a good set -- a big bust, I mean. I can angle down so they're covering the dash. You know, Kathy, I think this might just work!" His voice was excited as he explored the possibilities.

"I'm glad," Kathy said, reacting to the way he placed his strong, masculine hand on her arm as he spoke.

"I really think you have solved it for me, Kathy."

"Have you... have you ever photographed... well, I mean, a naked girl?" the young child asked haltingly.

"Of course," Scott replied.


"Plenty," Scott lied in an offhand voice. He had professionally shot three nudes in his brief career, all models.

"Were they pretty?" the young girl asked eagerly.

"So-so," Scott responded.

"As pretty as me?" she demanded in a soft voice as if she dreaded the answer.

"No, Kathy," Scott laughed. "When I said that you're a beautiful girl, I meant it. With some training, you could make a top model."

"Would I be a good nude?" Kathy asked quickly, forcing herself to mouth the words before she lost her courage.

"I think so," Scott replied with a smile. "At least, if your body is as mature as it looks," he added. "Today it's almost impossible to tell how developed a girl is with all the devices they can use under their clothes."

"I... I don't... I don't wear anything under my clothes!" the fourteen-year-old girl blurted out with a blush. "And everybody says I'm a fully developed woman! Would you... would you take pictures of me... nude?"

Scott Nelson felt his balls tighten into knots as he stared at the young girl. Was she serious, he asked himself? Christ, the trouble they could get into if they were caught or if anybody ever found out! Yet the forty-eight-year-old man couldn't remember ever seeing a fourteen-year-old girl naked!

"Well?" she asked.

Scott Nelson hesitated. He knew that he was playing with dynamite! But what harm could come of taking a few shots of her in the nude? His balls ached to see her nubile young body!

"When?" Scott asked with a smile.

"Now," Kathy responded quickly, knowing that she would lose her nerve if they didn't do it right this minute.

"Well, okay," Scott laughed. He walked over and threw the bolt on the door so that nobody could walk in on them unannounced. "Kathy, we must never, never let anybody know about this. I'll take them and develop them and keep them down here. Nobody is to ever, ever find out. It's just between us. Okay?"

"Okay," Kathy agreed quickly.

"You take your clothes off and I'll set up some lights," Scott said.

The bright crimson color of the young girl's cheeks made him smile as he turned away to set up a couple of pan lights. She was so terribly young and innocent.

Fourteen-year-old Kathy Marsh took a deep breath and forced herself to begin taking off her clothes. She was so embarrassed she thought that she would die! Never in her life had she let anybody, man or woman, see her naked! Even her mother hadn't seen her completely naked in years! And here she was brazenly stripping in front of an older man, almost a complete stranger.

At the same time the young girl was strangely excited. Part of it was the naughtiness of what she was doing. That was kind of thrilling. And then there was Scott Nelson. She had been secretly in love with him from the first moment she saw him. She knew that her mother would dismiss it as a adolescent crush, but to Kathy it was more than that. Scott Nelson was in part the father she'd never known.

Kathy's parents had divorced when she was three years old and she'd never seen her father again. He was nothing more than a blurred distant image in her mind now.

She felt her breasts tingle as she pulled her sweater over her head and the sensation seemed to sweep through her young body. Would he like her body? She so desperately wanted him to like her body! She wanted him to see her as a mature woman!

When she tossed her sweater on the chair near the developing machine, Kathy saw Scott staring at her and her breath caught in her young throat! The look in his eyes both scared and excited her. It was an animal-like look that seemed to devour her!

The forty-eight-year-old man felt his balls throb as he stared at the fourteen-year-old girl's chest. She had the bloom of youth that he had read so much about. Her breasts were perfectly formed, like two cones sticking straight out from her chest! Her nipples were bright pink and fully erect, pointing at him daringly as his eyes feasted on her breasts.

Then, while he watched open mouthed, the young girl began pulling her skirt down. He saw her small tummy and then the creamy white flesh above her protruding pubic mound. When her pale blonde pubic mound came into view, Scott could feel his cock straining against his slacks.

Her sparse growth of pubic hair was like a silken tassel between her lovely young legs. The lips of her cunt were plainly visible beneath the golden shafts of wheat, pink and narrow and virginally fresh and enticing.

Kathy was blushing so she wanted to die! The way he was staring at her! His eyes seemed to alternate obscenely between her breasts and her most intimate region between her legs. She trembled as she quickly stepped out of her skirt and stood before the older man stark naked.

"Is... is my body pretty?" she asked in a halting voice as she did a slow turn before him.

"Gorgeous!" Scott muttered. His cock was straining against the fabric of his slacks and threatened to break through when his eyes were filled with the luscious vision of her soft, rounded ass. The cheeks of her buttocks were like two small balloons that stuck out saucily from her back.

"Really?" she demanded, her chest swelling with pride from his obvious admiration.

"Really, Kathy!" Scott said honestly. He couldn't remember seeing a more beautiful female body in his life! She was a sensual dream! "You're one of the sexiest women I've ever seen. Much sexier naked than with your clothes on."

"Do you mean it?" she asked with a tiny, proud giggle. When he called her a woman, the girl's chest almost burst with pride and happiness!

"I mean it," Scott assured her. "Now, let's take some photos of you. Stand over here between the lights."

While she still felt awkward and nervous about being naked in front of the older man, Kathy was gaining confidence by the minute. She walked over and stood between the lights. She moved as he directed her until the lighting was perfect on her naked body.

Scott focused and shot several pictures.

"Turn a little to the left, Kathy," he said. "And push your chest up. Make those lovely tits point upward, honey."

The word sent a tremor running through the young girl's body. She'd heard it at school of course, but never from an adult like this.

"That's it. Now cup your tits in your hands, Kathy so that your nipples pop out. Make it very sexy, like you're playing with yourself and enjoying every minute of it. Lick your lips so they'll shine. That's it!"

When Kathy cupped her breasts in her hands and squeezed them slightly so that her nipples popped out, a strange, exciting feeling coursed thrillingly through her body. She felt so terribly grown up and naughty! How she loved it!

The young girl also saw the bulge in the older man's pants, and that thrilled her!

Scott had her turn around and look back over her shoulder so he could get some shots of her luscious ass. Her long, sculptured legs had just enough baby-fat on them to make them a gourmet's feast!

"Want me to get some shots of your cunt, Kathy?" Scott asked brazenly. At this point he didn't give a damn if he shocked the young girl. He wanted a full set of photos of her incredibly luscious body!

Kathy blushed a bright red when he said that word! Was this the way men and women talked? Some of the girls talked like that at school, but did men and women use these words? She hesitated a moment with her young heart in her throat, then nodded her head.

"Sure," she said in a tiny voice.

"Here," Scott said, pulling the single chair in the room over between the lights. "Sit in the chair and spread your legs wide apart, Kathy."

The young girl's heart was pounding in her temples as she watched the older man kneel down on the floor in front of the chair. She sat down on her sweater and slowly forced herself to spread her legs apart.

That animal look was in his eyes as she saw him stare at the virgin young garden between her legs.

"Spread your thighs, honey," Scott urged, his balls surging as he stared into the child's flowering twat. As her thighs opened, Scott could see the entire cleft of her sex from her cute little asshole up to her small, button-like clitoris. He forced himself to bring his camera to his eye and he shot two pictures of her pussy.

"Now open the lips of your cunt, Kathy, with your fingers."

Kathy's breath caught in her throat and her heart seemed to fall to the pit of her tummy at his suggestion. She wanted to die of embarrassment as her hands seemed to automatically move to her sex.

"That's it!" Scott exclaimed as the tips of her young fingers reached and spread the lips of her sweet, virginal pussy. "I'll get a couple of good close-ups!"

Scott shot two medium close photos and then moved in to hold the camera less than twelve inches from the fourteen-year-old child's cunt. The fresh scent of her sex waft to his quivering nostrils as he took three close shots of her slit.

"Christ, that looks good enough to eat!" he exclaimed.

"WH... WHAT?" the girl asked nervously.

"I said that your cunt looks good enough to eat," Scott laughed. "I'll bet you love to have the boys lick it for you."

Kathy was so shocked she couldn't speak! She'd heard two of the girls at school bragging about how their dates had eaten them, but she'd never believed a word they said!

"May I kiss it for you?" Scott asked, alarm bells ringing in his conscience as the words escaped from his throat.


Goosebumps broke out all over the fourteen-year-old girl's flesh. Her heart was beating in her ears and her body trembled as she watched the older man place his camera on the floor and lean forward to place his face between her legs.

Kathy wanted to speak, to tell him not to kiss her there, but the throbbing lump in her throat prevented the child from issuing a sound!

The innocent young girl was scared half to death, but she couldn't move! Her body seemed frozen. Her fingers continued holding the lips of her cunt open as she watched him bring his mouth to her sex. She was so frightened she didn't want him to touch her, but she couldn't stop him!

Forty-eight-year-old Scott Nelson knew that he was lighting the fuse on a keg of powder that could blow him sky high. Playing with a fourteen-year-old girl! If they caught him, or ever found out, he'd be behind bars the rest of his life!

He couldn't help himself! His nose quivered with excitement as he brought it close to the beautiful child's twat. The sight and smell of her pussy was too much for him! His balls were thundering and his entire body was quaking with desire. He had to taste her!

He slithered his tongue between his lips and dipped it into the honey coated meat of her sweet cunt.

"OH! OOOooohhhhhh!!" Kathy moaned.

The child saw the older man's tongue dart into her sex and that alone made her tremble with excitement, but when she felt the tip of his tongue touch her secret button her whole body seemed to catch fire!

She liked it! Oh, Lord, she thought, I LIKE it! Before she felt his tongue on her flesh, the innocent virgin had thought it would be dirty and unpleasant having him kiss her where she peed -- but she liked it!

"OOOOooooooooohhhh!" she crooned when his tongue began daringly flicking back and forth over her most sensitive spot. She felt her young muscles become taut with excitement. Her flesh began quivering and small darts of fire swept through her innocent body.

Kathy's eyes seemed glued to the sight of the older man's face at her crotch. He was looking directly up into her eyes while he licked her and the devilish expression in his eyes thrilled her all the more.

"OH!" Kathy gasped when he ran his tongue down the length of her slit. Now he was licking her... her asshole! She could feel his tongue going round and round her asshole and... and it felt good -- naughty and good!


When his tongue suddenly pushed its way into her vagina, the innocent girl's body strained. Her hips began writhing on the chair while his daring tongue probed the inside of her sex.

The fourteen-year-old girl's heart was beating much faster now. She could feel it. And her flesh felt hot and flushed. She had never played with herself, and this was the first time in her young life that her passions were given rein in her body. The feeling both frightened and thrilled her at the same moment.


Now he was back on that sensitive spot again, his hard tongue caressing and massaging her button relentlessly!

"Do you like this, Kathy?" Scott asked between flicks of his tongue against her quiveringly erect clitoris. He knew the answer. Her entire body was writhing beneath his oral attack on her virginal sex. But he wanted to hear her say it.

"Yes," the child responded in a very small voice.

"You like to have me lick your cunt?" Scott pressed.

"Oh, yes!" she exclaimed as he massaged her clitoris vigorously.

"Tell me!" he demanded, removing his loving tongue from her crack for a moment.

"No, don't stop!" she cried. "Please don't stop!"

"Tell me what you want me to do, then," he smiled.

"What you were doing," the innocent young girl said with her cheeks turning scarlet. "Lick... lick my... lick my cunt!"

She had to force the words from her throat, but just the sound of them escaping from her lips thrilled her. It was exciting to talk like that, to use the words when they meant something.

"OOOOooooooooohhhhhhhhh!!!" she moaned when his tongue once again dipped into her pussy and caressed her clitoris lovingly. Her body began trembling like a leaf in a storm and perspiration broke out on her forehead, her shoulders, her arms and her thighs. She was so hot it felt like she was sitting in an oven!

Love filled her inexperienced body as she stared down at the older man's handsome face in her crotch. She saw his tongue moving inside her crack and she could feel it at the same time. She'd never felt this good in her short life! It felt like her head was going to explode!

He was so handsome. So kind and handsome! And he was kissing her the way a man kisses a woman. Instinctively, Kathy understood that. She placed her small, young hands on the top of his head and ran her little fingers through his hair while he licked her.

Things the virginal child did not understand were happening inside her trembling body. Her lungs seemed to be tortured for air and her breathing was heavy. Her flesh was on fire and her muscles were straining. Her whole body seemed to be filled with love, love and animal passion!

Then small explosions began ripping through her body and she seemed to be climbing higher and higher on a magic ladder!

Scott Nelson's balls felt like they were going to explode at any minute as he lapped the pretty child's cunt. How sweet her virginal juices were! And how naturally excited she was. This was no put-on to make him feel good. The girl was so excited she could hardly control herself!

He darted his tongue to her hole and rammed it inside her. Scott felt her vaginal muscles expand and contract as he tongue fucked her before returning to her excited clitoris. She was moaning and crying like an animal and Scott wondered if the child had ever experienced an orgasm before in her life. She was close now and he was going to give her a climax to remember!

"I... I'm... OH! OOooooochhhhhh!! I'm..." Kathy cried just before she felt a tidal wave form inside her body to sweep through her with a force she never suspected existed in her body. "AAAAAAAAAAA Aaaaaaaaasiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!"

Her climax burst upon her and made her entire body quake. It was as if she had just been plugged into a charge of electricity that flowed through her without check. She could feel it everywhere in her body. Her toes shook and tried to dig into the old carpet Scott had installed on the floor to minimize dust in his shop.

The nipples on her young breasts were so hot they felt like coals on her chest! Tears of joy welled up in her young eyes and began running down her cheeks. She could hardly get her breath!

And still his fantastic tongue kept licking her! He licked her until the virginal flesh of her cunt hurt, but even the pain felt good!

"Did you like that?" Scott asked as he removed his dripping lips from the fourteen-year-old virgin's pussy.

"Oh, yes!" the inexperienced child gushed. "Do... do men always do that... to women?"

"Not always," Scott laughed as he remained kneeling between the child's gorgeous thighs. "Only when a man really likes a woman and wants to show her he loves her."

"Oh!" Kathy gasped. "Did... did you like doing it to me?"

Scott laughed and pulled himself slowly to his feet.

"What do you think this is Kathy?" he laughed, pointing to the straining bulge in his pants.

"OH!" Kathy blushed when she saw the huge protrusion at the forty-eight-year-old man's crotch.

"Licking your cunt really gave me a bad ease of aching balls!" he sighed.

"And... and what does a woman do to the man she wants to know that she... that she likes him?" Kathy asked in a halting voice.

"Many things," Scott replied with a smile. "If she really likes him, she'll suck his cock and give him a good blow-job."

"Take his... take his... cock into her mouth!" the fourteen-year-old girl gasped.

"Sure!" Scott replied with a broad smile. "Haven't you ever sucked a boy's cock, Kathy?"

"No," she replied in a tiny, embarrassed voice. "But... well, but I want to... now. I mean," she went on in a hurried, excited tone, "if you'd... well, if you'd like me to suck your cock."

The forty-eight-year-old man's balls thundered in his ears as he heard the fourteen-year-old girl ask him if he'd like her to suck his cock! He knew that if anybody ever found out that he'd let her give him a blow-job, they'd send him to someplace like Devil's Island and forget about him, but the thought of her sweet, young mouth wrapped around his hard dick was too much for him.

"Would you like me to suck your... your cock?" Kathy asked again, the words coming from her mouth sending a tingling sensation racing through her body. "I don't know how," she added quickly. "I mean, you'll have to teach me how. Do you want me to?"

"Are you sure want to?" Scott's conscience forced him to ask. "Are you sure you like me enough?"

"Yes!" she said quickly and firmly. "If you'll teach me."

"God, yes, I want you to!" Scott said, quickly reaching down to unzip his slacks and pull them and his shorts down.

"OH!" Kathy gasped when her eyes were suddenly filled with the vision of his huge organ. It was so long and so thick!

Kathy had never seen a naked man before and her young eyes were glued to the huge appendage at his crotch while he bent down to kick off his shoes and step out of his pants and shorts. It looked like it was as long as a ruler! The shaft was rigid and she could see the rope-like veins that ran down it throbbing. The head was swollen and looked like a huge pink heart.

"Here," Scott said as he quickly set his self-advancing camera on a tripod and attached a remote control shutter button, "I'll even take some photos of you sucking my cock. Okay?"

Scott quickly focused the camera and returned to stand naked before the child seated on the chair before she could speak. He held the remote control in his hand and deliberately moved forward until his surging, aching prick was poised just inches from the innocent child's lovely mouth. He silently squeezed off a photo of the two of them like that.

Kathy's crush on the older man could not have been stronger. Her body tingled deliciously every time she remembered the great joy he had just given her with his tongue. But she was beginning to doubt the wisdom of her offering to suck his cock.

His long and incredibly thick organ was sticking in her face and she thought it was almost as large as her arm! The strong odor of his sex poised just below her nose made her nostrils flare wide open. It smelled sort of like a big sour pickle.

Her first view of the male genital organs both intrigued and frightened the innocent young child. The base of his penis was surrounded by a thick brush of salt-and-pepper colored wiry hair. His balls hung down like big, bulging pouches beneath his rigid, straining penis and swayed slightly as he stood before her.

What frightened her was the size of his cock. It was so huge! How would she ever be able to take it in her mouth?

"Take it in your hands, Kathy," Scott said in as calm a voice as he could muster while he stood watching the pretty girl's face just inches away from his aching prick.

Kathy slowly reached up and took his long prick in her hands. Just touching his hot, throbbing organ made her tremble with excitement! It was so thick her fingers wouldn't go all the way around it! And it was coated with a thin layer of cream that made it both sticky and slippery at the same moment. A tear hung from the tiny slit at the tip of his shaft and that fascinated her.

She loved the way she could feel the blood pounding along his veins!

"Are you... are you excited?" the fourteen-year-old innocent girl asked.

"God, yes!" the forty-eight-year-old man replied with a sigh. "Now kiss it, honey."

Holding his surging shaft in both hands, Kathy slowly moved her innocent lips forward and brought them into contact with the swollen bulb at the end of his trunk. The moment her lips touched his hot prick, the child felt a salty explosion on her taste buds.

For a moment she thought that she was going to gag, but then she found that the taste of his sex wasn't at all unpleasant. It was strong, but the flavor was in itself a little exciting.

Scott Nelson's balls roared the moment the pretty child's lips touched his cock and he had to grit his teeth to keep from coming right then. Christ, he said to himself, I haven't been this hot in years! He squeezed the bulb in his hand silently and took a photo of the beautiful child kissing the swollen head of his cock.

"Now lick it, Kathy, like I licked your cunt."

Kathy squeezed his thick organ lovingly when she remembered the feeling of his tongue inside her slit. She slid her tongue between her lips and began coursing it around his thick swollen bulb.

"Just pretend you're licking an ice cream cone," Scott murmured as, he felt her darling, warm tongue begin sliding around his aching prick. "Yes! Oh, yes, Kathy! That's it!"

Kathy became more confident with each swipe of her tongue on his warm meat. This is fun, she told herself, licking his penis like a lollipop. And she was getting to like the taste of his prick. It made her flesh tingle with excitement. Her hands could feel the surging of his passion along his mighty shaft and it made her feel very important to excite him this way!

"God, that's good!" Scott sighed as he watched the darling young girl lick his cock while she held it tightly in her small hands. He loved the way she pursed her cute young lips to plant a kiss on the swollen head each time she licked the length of his straining shaft.

"Am I doing it right?" Kathy asked.

"Yes!" Scott gasped. "Now lick my balls, honey."

Once again, Scott had to grit his teeth to keep from popping his nuts when the beautiful young girl dropped her cute mouth to his bloated testicles. The head of his prick buried itself in her pale golden blonde hair and the shaft was pressed against her cheek as she brought her lips to his nuts and began caressing his balls with her lips and tongue.

Kathy ignored the irksome hair around his balls as she began licking his wrinkled sac. She could feel his juices bubbling around beneath her probing tongue and this thrilled her. She also liked the feeling of his throbbing shaft pressed against her cheek. She could tell that the older man was very excited from the way that his breathing had become a series of pants. If she could excite a man like this, it meant that she was a fully developed, mature woman!

"Now take it in your mouth, Kathy, and suck on it!" Scott said as he began to worry about holding out against this precious girl's caresses.

"I... I don't know if I can. It's... it's so big!" she said.

"You can, honey," Scott reassured her. "Just open your mouth wide and take it inside. Then move it in and out slowly until it explodes and sends its load of heavy cream down your throat. Swallow that cream, Kathy, to show me how much you like me."

Kathy was scared now. She honestly didn't know if she could do this. Bringing her lips to the very tip of his long, thick organ, the innocent young girl forced her jaws apart to open her mouth as much as she could.

She held his straining prick in both hands as she slowly began drawing the huge head between her lips. It was so thick she had to force her jaws to stretch until they actually ached! She started to gag until she found that she could breathe through her nose.

Scott squeezed the bulb in his hand to take a shot of her mouth impaled on the head of his cock. He watched her lips compress as they stretched around his thick prick. The touch of her velvet lips and the feel of her warm mouth surrounding his aching prick made his muscles go taut!

"That's good, Kathy," he said reassuringly. "Now take it all the way into your mouth, darling."

Kathy thought that the corners of her lips were going to split! Her jaws ached and she wanted to tell him that she couldn't do it, but when he told her that she was good, she wanted to show him, and herself, that she was woman enough to do what he wanted.

She drew the huge heart-shaped bulb at the end of his shaft deeper into her mouth. The innocent young girl forced herself to breathe evenly through her nose so that she wouldn't choke on the huge, throbbing meat that so completely stuffed her young mouth.

The forty-eight-year-old man placed his free hand on the back of the fourteen-year-old girl's head and pressed her face forward as he inched his hips toward her to shove his straining cock deeper and deeper into her incredibly sexy mouth.

"Oh, wow, is that good!" Scott gasped when she managed to at last take the full length of his hard prick into her throat. The sight of his thick dick spearing the pretty child's face was enough to make him explode, but he held back. "Now move it in and out of your mouth slowly, darling," he sighed. "Pretend that it's your cunt wrapped around my cock and that we're fucking!"

The thrill of what she was doing, combined with the exciting words he used, made Kathy forget her discomfort and she began moving her lips up and down the length of his prick. Every time she brought her head back, he shoved forward to run his hard rod deep into her throat and she loved it! His excitement was beginning to fill her body and she could feel her sex becoming hot again!

Scott squeezed the bulb in his hands several times and then dropped it to the floor to concentrate on the fantastic blow-job the fourteen-year-old girl was giving him. He placed both hands on her bobbing head and began slowly fucking her darling young mouth. His balls slapped loudly against her pretty chin each time he sent his steel rod to the depths of her sweet mouth. Scott knew that he couldn't hold back any longer. His balls felt like the vortex of a whirlpool!

Kathy instinctively knew that he was reaching the point of exploding. She could feel it in the way his veins pounded against her tongue and the roof of her mouth. She had no idea what to expect, but she remembered how wonderful it had been when she exploded a few moments before and she instinctively began moving her mouth faster and faster on his cock.

"Holy Christ! AH! NO-O-O-W-W-W!!"

It happened the moment he spoke. Kathy felt his prick swell up inside her mouth. There was a rushing sensation along the length of his shaft, and then she felt his hot sperm begin splashing against her throat as he exploded in the depths of her oral cavity.

For a moment the innocent young girl thought that she was going to choke! Her mouth was suddenly flooded with his swirling hot cream. It began trickling down her throat until she remembered to force herself to swallow it.

What surprised her was that it seemed to keep coming. One spurt after another filled her mouth and she had to swallow rapidly to keep up with the fire-hose caught in her throat.

Kathy felt her nipples pop erect as his come gushed into her throat. And the place between her young legs was burning! She sucked and sucked until not another drop would come from the slit at the end of his prick.

"That was great, Kathy!" Scott sighed as he slid his now rapidly deflating organ from Kathy's hungry mouth.

"Did I do it right?" the girl asked, wiping the drops of come from the corners of her mouth with her little hand.

"God, yes!" Scott said.

"Did it make you feel good?" Kathy asked, wrapping her fingers around his now partially deflated prick.

"Kathy, you could suck any cock like that three times a day for the rest of your life!" Scott chuckled.

"Can I? I mean, well, I'd like to suck you like that every day," Kathy said quickly.

At that moment there was a loud knocking on the door of the storeroom Scott had converted into a photo lab.

"Mister Nelson! You in there, Mister Nelson?"

Scott's heart fell to his belly when he recognized the apartment house manager's voice. Panic swept through his body as he looked down to see the naked young girl holding his cock in her warm hands.

"Mister Nelson?"

Scott placed his finger to his lips to warn Kathy not to make a sound. Then he pointed to her clothes urgently while he dressed as quickly as he could.

"Just a minute, Mister Wilson," he called through the door. "I'm developing some film."

He pushed Kathy quickly across the room and made her stand directly behind the door so that she couldn't be seen when he opened it. Then he opened the bolt and swung the door partly open.

"Hi," Scott said in as normal a tone as he could.

"Sorry to bother you, Mister Nelson," the manager said with an apologetic smile. "I just wanted so see if you were working down here. I've got to turn the water off for a while. Somebody overloaded one of the washers, and I'll have to work on the lines."

"That's all right, Mister Wilson," Scott replied with a smile. "I'm finished for today, anyway."

"Fine. I'll get on it right away, then."

Scott Nelson's heart was in his throat while he watched the manager walk away. How close he'd come to being caught getting a blow-job from a fourteen-year-old girl!

As soon as Wilson was out of sight, Scott motioned to Kathy and the girl slipped around the door and ran silently down the hall.


"I see your point, Scott," Harry Halliday commented, rubbing his chin with his hand. "I must admit, however, that I have mixed emotions about it."

"From every standpoint, Harry," Scott insisted, "it makes sense. It gives us glamour where we need it. Brings the product alive, so to speak, and makes for an identifiable market. It'll sell, Harry, you know it will. And we can cover up the instrument panel without being too obvious."

"But at the same time, Scott, we'll be bringing somebody else into the act and thereby increase our security risk," Harry remarked.

"A professional model, Harry, for God's sake!" Scott said. "Professional models don't have brains. They have bodies and faces."

"Just the same," Harry Halliday persisted, "it is a security risk. Look, Scott, I understand your problems. And, to be perfectly honest, I like your new approach. Just give me some time to chew on it and get some reactions from the powers above, okay?"

"Okay, Harry," Scott said with a sigh, "but please give it the old college try. I need all the help I can get. Say! The instrument panel is our one risk, right?"


"Well, how about shooting without the panel on the cart? Or maybe with a mock panel?"

"We thought of the mock panel, Scott, and decided it was too much of a risk. Our competitors will put anything we put out under a strong magnifying glass, and if they see that we're using a mock panel, they'll know something is up. We know how they think because our people think the same damned way."

Both men laughed and Harry assured Scott he would consider the use of models for action photographs of the new golf cart. Scott went back to the tight security area where the new golf cart stood waiting teasingly for him to solve its problem.

Scott walked around the golf cart for the better part of a half an hour, studying it from every angle and trying to tune in the possible solutions to his problem. Then he shot two rolls from a variety of angles he hadn't shot the day before. He did a series from on top of a ladder to see if shooting down would help.

He could tell from his view finder that the above shots helped glamorize the golf cart, but they were also critical as far as exposing the instrument panel.

His frustration grew as he finished his third roll of film for the morning. Scott even toyed with the idea of using a critical focus that would throw the dash area out of focus in the photograph, but the size of the golf cart and the distances involved made that all but impossible.

It was when he was sitting on a crate sipping a steaming hot cup of coffee that the idea hit him. He remembered a technique that had been pioneered by a famous photographer in Dallas many years ago. The famous photographer had died and his technique was little used because of the patience and time required for the intricate lighting and critical exposure, but Scott became excited as he thought about it because it might just work.

The idea was simple. You lighted the entire setting with blue lights, like a Hollywood winter scene. Then you used a high powered bird's eye with a white light to spotlight the area to be emphasized in the final photo. The bird's eye had to be powerful enough to wash out the blue in that one spot, and that spot shouldn't be more than twenty percent of the total photograph.

In the final print you had a dramatic effect. The photo was in tones or rich yet subdued blues, and the spot area was in full, bright color.

Scott remembered that the technique had been employed to dramatize a line of sporting goods, an auto air conditioner, and even stereo components in a living room. The more he thought about, the more he was certain it would work.

The problem was that he'd never be able to explain it to Harry Halliday. Harry would have to see it to understand and appreciate it. The beautiful point was that the blue lighting would obscure the instrument panel to the point that an industrial spy with a microscope or loupe would climb a wall!

Scott finished his coffee and once again began pacing around the golf cart. There was an excited spring to his step now. The possibilities were endless with this new technique he had in mind! It wasn't really necessary to use blue. Green or red could be employed with the same effect. In fact, green might be better. Green had an outdoors connotation that would compliment the golf cart.

At noon Scott received word that Harry would be tied up in a conference until late in the afternoon and the photographer decided to call it a day and develop the rolls he had taken and work on his new idea.

On his way back to his apartment house, Scott stopped and bought a roll of special color film and some blue gels for his lights. He wanted green, but the film he'd have to use was a special order item and had to be refrigerated, so he decided to use blue for his tests.

In his small lab in the storage room at the apartment house, Scott set to work. First, he loaded the rolls he'd shot into the developing machine. Then he began setting up a small studio in the corner of the room. Using four pans and two kliegs, he lighted the corner in subdued blue. Then he set up his most powerful bird's eye. He placed a portable radio he'd brought down from his apartment as the test product on a small table and concentrated the white spot on it tightly. The damned bird's eye tended to bleed back on the wall and Scott borrowed a ladder from the storage room next door to raise the bird's eye as high as he could.

The result was far from perfect, but it was the best he could do with the low ceiling. In the Merrill factory, he would have a twenty-five foot ceiling to work from.

Scott was loading the special film into his camera when the door opened quietly and Kathy Marsh walked in.

"Hi," she said a little shyly.

"Hi, Kathy," Scott responded in a preoccupied tone of voice while he finished loading the film.

He wasn't at all comfortable about having her here in his work room after the close call they'd had yesterday. Scott had spent a somewhat sleepless night worrying about what would happen if his escapade with the fourteen-year-old girl ever got out.

Scott was about to tell her that he was busy, but he reminded himself that it certainly wasn't the little girl's fault.

"What are you doing?" Kathy asked.

Kathy was afraid to mention what had happened yesterday. She wanted to talk to him about it, tell him how much she liked everything they did, but instinct warned her to let him bring it up. When old man Wilson had knocked on the door, Scott had been in a true panic and she knew that he was worried about the fun they had enjoyed together.

"I'm still trying to solve that damned problem," Scott replied. He went on to explain the technique he was testing.

The young girl didn't understand everything the older man told her, but she nodded her head as if she did. It was so complicated!

Scott set his camera on a tripod and focused on the radio. He shot a time exposure, but wasn't at all satisfied.

"That damned light is bleeding all over the wall!" he sighed.

"Would it help if I held the radio?" Kathy offered.

"Hey, that might work!" Scott exclaimed. "And it will give me something to use to argue with Harry about using a model."

"Should I run upstairs and change clothes?" Kathy asked.

"No," Scott responded quickly. "These are just test shots. What you're wearing is fine, Kathy. Here, we'll get rid of this table and have you stand in a three-quarter profile and hold the radio."

Scott positioned the girl and then climbed up the ladder to set the bird's eye spot. Kathy was wearing a short miniskirt that accentuated her legs and a tight sweater that showed off her lusciously ripe young tits.

"Hold that radio up to your chest, Kathy," he called down as he set the spot. It wouldn't hurt to catch the ripe points of her tits in the photograph next to the radio. He tightened the bird's eye until just the radio and part of Kathy's left tit were in the spot. The girl's body behind the radio caught the spot and kept it from bleeding on the wall.

"Now, Kathy, you'll have to hold perfectly still," Scott said. "I'm going to use a slow shutter, so don't move. I'll count to three. Hold your breath if you can. And smile, Kathy. That's better. Lift your chin a little. A little more, honey. That's it. Now get ready."

Scott counted to three and pressed the shutter control.

"Before you relax, Kathy, let my try one from over here. Now smile. That's it. Get ready."

Scott shot six exposures from various angles, then climbed the ladder to take some shots from above the young girl. This angle was even more dramatic and Scott was anxious to see how they turned out. He finished the roll moving the ladder around and shooting down from different heights and angles.

"Okay," he said as he shot the last exposure on the roll, "let's see what we've got. Fir

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