My Cheating Wife - sex story

My Cheating Wife

This is a factual account of how I first discovered
that my wife had had sex with another man. I was on a
business trip, (in fact we had not seen each other for
several months), and agreed to meet my wife at the
airport in another town whence we would travel on
together for a holiday.

She arrived at the rendezvous the day before and booked
into a hotel, as we had agreed, to wait for my arrival
the next day.

Now she has never been a shrinking violet, and decided
to take in a nightspot. The details of that evening,
I don't know, but surmise that, of course, she met a
man, another out of town visitor, but from the same
city as ourselves and, knowing her, making it plain to
him that she would not allow any "nonsense", agreed to
spend the evening with him. That's just what she did.

They wined, dined, danced and enjoyed themselves, both
delighting in the adventure while secure in the know-
ledge that they would never be found out.

I'm still guessing that when he took her back to her
hotel, he waited long enough for my wife to collect
her key, then left. All very correct, and as agreed...

Except that he now knew her room number. AND...Except,
that he turned up at her door some time later... and
she let him in!!

It is quite apparent that they had sex together, and
she loved it.

I also know that he loved it too! (which doesn't sur-
prise me).

I duly met my wife at the airport the next day as
arranged, and we traveled on to our destination and
holiday just as planned. The idea of her arriving the
day before, and staying overnight was to make sure she
had a rest before the holiday started, but it was
apparent to me all during that day that she was worn
out. I also came to realize that she was on an unusual
mental high. Sexually excited in a way that I had not
seen for years.

Naturally, I assumed this was in anticipation of being
with me on holiday. It never occurred to me then that
she was actually getting over a night of great sex in
which she had had several orgasms.

This excitement gradually subsided during the day,
which I put down to her being tired. She told me she
had been "out" the night before, and had "enjoyed"
herself, both of which I approved of, but, at that
stage I never suspected a thing... even though I could
plainly see how excited she had been.

You can imagine my disappointment at the end of the
day when she went to bed and slept solid through the
whole night! Remember, I was under the impression that,
like me, she had not had any sexual relief for months.

I found out about it some weeks later. I'm guessing
again, but it seems my wife's "Fling" never did dis-
cover her real Christian name, but did collect our
surname and address from her suitcase tag.

She must have made quite an impression and been quiet
an event in his life, because he did the unforgivable
and wrote to her!

Our mail one-day contained a typewritten envelope
addressed to neither of us in particular, and without
a second thought, I took it into my study with the
rest of the mail and in due course, opened it.

Remember that the man's sole knowledge of my wife had
been gained during maybe three hours socializing in
places not noted for their bright lights and maybe
eight hours in a hotel bedroom given almost exclusively
to sex. He knew very little about her except what she
looked and felt like naked, the sound of her voice,
the fact that she came from the same city as he did and
had been the answer to most of his sexual dreams.

His name was David Shubbert, and my wife had made such
an impression on him that he was hoping she would join
him again to relive the experience.

There was absolutely no doubt about his having seen
her naked and having had sex with her. The details in
the letter were quite explicit!

In all I think my wife would have been rather put off
by the details in the letter rather than excited by it.

However, she acts physically, she doesn't have the sort
of mind that delights in erotic writing. It is far more
likely that she would have hated the letter and simply
destroyed it.

The rest of that morning was the worst few of hours in
my life. Luckily, I had the house to myself for the
rest of the day, and had myself sorted out by the time
my wife came home in the evening.

Much to my surprise, when I had managed to control my
immediate anger and jealousy, I had to admit that my
wife had done no more than I was prepared to do myself.
With that idea in my head, I could live with the
situation, but as the day wore on I found myself becom-
ing more and more aroused as I thought over the scenes
"David" had described in his letter.

By the end of the day I had to admit to myself that the
image of my wife having sex with another man was highly
erotic to me. The remaining part of that day was spent
deciding what to do about the situation.

In the end, I typed another envelope, sealed the letter
inside it, and re-posted it in the G.P.O. so that it
re-arrived, unopened a couple of days later with a non
specific franking over the stamp. That gave me a day
two or three to think, and by the time I put the letter
on my wife's desk I had decided to say nothing to her.
But wait to see what developed.

You will probably guess. Nothing developed from that
incident. My little woman would really make some kind
of poker player! Not by the least sign that I could
detect did I find out when she opened her letter, or
what effect it had on her... ever! But it certainly
effected me...

My strongest, and most recurrent sexual fantasy is
now the thought of watching my wife have sex with
another man.

As time passed, I came to realize that I was gaining
a great deal of pleasure in fantasies about her activ-
ities. Most of them in some detail, and prompted by the
original letter from David.

I was never brave enough to reveal my knowledge, and
after a year or so, and my discovery of her second
indiscretion, I started to realize that my thoughts
were more than a fantasy... I wanted to see it happen
in the flesh.

I hope to arrange someway to watch when she inevitably
strays again. I can't wait to she her beautiful body
being used by another man. I cream my shorts if I think
long enough about what it would be like to see that.

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