My dirty neighbour - sex story

My dirty neighbour

Come on Maddi, time for bed!” I call out from the kitchen.

I was spending another night babysitting the children of one of my mums close friends, who lived just up the road from my house. She was married but her husband went away for weeks at a time for work. So it wasn’t uncommon for me come over and mow the lawns or help her children with their homework. Being an only child and had always wanted siblings, and was always more than happy to drop by and spend time with them.

Maddi was a little ray of sunshine, always being able to bring a smile to your face with her innocent humour. Yet she had a maturity that well surpassed her 10 years of age. Her brother Arno was a mischievous little 4 year old. Who looked up to me like a big brother, always running to the door shrieking to give me a hug whenever I came by.

Maddi came bouncing down the stairs. “James will you read me a story before I go to bed?”

“Did you turn the light off upstairs?” I replied.

Rolling her eyes she quickly pranced back up the stairs and returned after a few seconds.

“Now can you read me a story?”

“Oh, I don’t know Maddi,” I say, glancing at my watch. “It’s pretty late.”

“Pleeeaasssee?” she asked drawing out the word and giving me puppy dog eyes.

“Fine, fine.” I say laughing. “But it had better be quick.”

“Okay, i’ll go choose a book” she says, running off.

As she walks away I notice how her eyes are almost identical to her mothers. Soft and caring, but with a glimmer of intelligence that make her seem so beautiful. Shaking my thoughts, I go to her bedroom where she is eagerly waiting with a book on her bed.

After i finish reading to her, I tuck her into her bed and kiss her on the forehead.

“sweet dreams”

I whisper on my way out, being careful not to wake her brother who is sound asleep in the bed across the room.

Going back to the kitchen I finish rinsing the dishes and wiping down the benches. Just as I finish, Emily’s car pulls into the driveway. Getting out of the car, she opens the boot, on seeing it full of groceries I open the front door and go to help her.

Turning around at the sound of my footsteps, she smiles and hands me a couple of bags.

“So, how were the ferals tonight?”

“Like little angels,” I reply smiling as I walk up the stairs and open the door for her.

Laughing she was past me into the house. I cant help but glance down at the firm curves of her ass underneath her skin tight yoga pants.

“I don’t know how you get them to behave so well for you” she sighs, looking back over her shoulder at me.

My eyes snap up to meet hers, “sorry what?”

Turing around and smirking at me she places her hands on her hips, “I said I don’t know how you get them to behave so well for you.”

“Well.. uh..” I begin.

“The secret is to give them plenty of rewards and leave the punishing up to you.”

“Huh!” she exclaimed, raising her eyebrows.

“Yeah I guess I see how that would work”

“Anyway how was yoga?” I ask as I close the front door and follow her inside.

“Oh it was fantastic" she responds. “It felt so good to stretch myself out again”

Placing her groceries down on the bench she turns around and stretches her arms over her head. As she leans back with her eyes closed she pushes out her chest slightly, causing her breast to strain against her bra. Lowering her arms she smile as she walks over and gives me a tight hug.

“Thank you so much for looking after the kids. I never get to go out when Peter isn’t here. I just couldn't wait another week for him to get back”

The feeling of her still slightly damp sports bra pressing against me under her tank top as well as the scent of her flowery perfume mingling with her sweat sends blood rushing down to my groin.

“Mmhhhh anytime Emily” I say, quickly pulling away from the hug.

Now as much as I enjoy our hugs, You stink!” So how about you jump in the shower and I’ll put this shopping away.”

“Smartass!” She exclaims laughing before gently punching my shoulder.

“Okay I’m going to jump into the shower, thanks again for looking after the kids.”

“You know I love looking after them, is it alright if I head off after I put this away?”

“Of course, goodnight.” She says, leaning in and kissing me on the cheek.

“Night” I reply placing my bags on the bench and starting to unpack and put them away.

A few minutes later I hear the shower turn on and although I try not to, I can’t hep but imagine what she looks like naked.I try to focus on putting the shopping away and am almost finished, but I keep going back to the same image. I imagine the steam swirling around her legs and the water running down her body. I imagine me being in there with her. standing behind her, reaching around and massaging those beautiful full breasts. I Imagine her moaning my name as she backs her incredible ass into me. Ohhhhh… James.

“James?” Her voice calls out from the bathroom

“Yes?” I call back, snapping out of my daydream and clearing my throat.

“Sorry would you mind passing my the razor out of one of the shopping bags? I forgot to bring it in here with me”

“Um… sure”, I reply as I dig though the shoppings bag until i find a fancy looking pink razor encased in plastic.

“Do you want me to open it for you?”

“Oh yes thanks”

Reaching into the second kitchen drawer I find a pair of scissors and cut open the packaging.

Walking down the hall to the bathroom, I knock on the door.

“Hey Emily, is it alright for me to come in?”

A muffled“ yes yes come in.” comes from the other side of the door.

Opening the door I turn around and cast my eyes down at the floor as I slowly walk backwards and hold out the razor towards her.

Opening the glass door of the shower she reaches out and takes the razor from me.

“Not peeking are we? Such a gentleman.” She teases in a voice dripping with seduction.

Laughing I walk back to the door and pull it closed.

“Okay I’ll be heading off now, I’ll see you later”

“Okay bye” she calls out.

Returning to the kitchen I grabb my phone off the bench and am about to head out the front door when I notice a small slither of light spilling out into the hallway. I realise that I hadn’t fully closed the bathroom door.

Curious as to what I might be able to see though the small opening in the door I creep closer. The soft padding of my footsteps being muffled by the constant pattering of the shower. When I put my eye up next to the door I have to hold back the sharp breath that rises through my throat. Emily was bent over away from me reaching down and rubbing shaving cream onto her calves. Although the glass of the shower was fogged up I still had a pretty clear view of what was going on.

The sight caused a twitch in my groin that only got stronger as she ran her hands up and down her legs. before getting the razor off the shelf and dragging it slowly and deliberately over her skin.

From here her breasts appeared even larger than they did in a bra, easily a C cup. They fit so well above her cute toned stomach and her gorgeous shapely hips.

After she had ran the razor over her legs she turnes around to face towards me. I quickly duck back behind the door fearing that I had been spotted. However when I hear no reaction, I put my eye to the door again. I almost gasped when I looked back into the bathroom and saw her massaging shaving cream around the lips of her pussy. She again used the razor to shave all around her. Leaving only a small trimmed patch of light brown hair on the top of her mound.

I reached into my pocket for my phone to take a picture of her beautiful naked body. My hand shaking as I unlocked it. As I fumbled with the camera the phone slipped from between my fingers.


The phone fell flat on the floor loud enough for her to hear.

Putting the razor down she opens the shower door and pokes her head around the corner.

“James? James are you still here?”

She waits for a few seconds before getting out of the shower and walking towards me.

My brain is screaming at me to move, to get up and run. But between the now unobstructed view of her dripping wet body and the thought of being caught, I’m frozen to the spot.

She comes even closer to the door and I try to think of a way to explain myself. Just as I think she is going to catch me, she walks straight past me and goes to the vanity.

I want to sigh with relief but I don’t dare make a sound as I hear her rummaging around in one of the drawers. I hear her footsteps getting closer and I duck behind the door as she walks past me. Before she gets back in the shower she kicks her washing across the floor, which slams into the bathroom door. I jump back in fright and don’t dare peek again until I hear the shower start.

When I look back I see her running her hand up and down over some clear object.

My focus on whatever is in her hand is quickly broken as she reaches down across her stomach and starts slowly rubbing her pussy lips.

As she does this she tilts her head back and moans

“Mhhhhh Nancy, this is the best present you’ve ever gotten me”

My mind freezes up for a second. Nancy? As in my mother Nancy? What is she taking about?

It’s when she lifts her hand up and opens her mouth that I realise.

She's holding a glass dildo!

I see the light glistening off it as she dips it deep into her mouth

It has 4 or 5 pronounced bulbs running across a slightly curved shaft.

I begin to harden again as I watch her take 2 bulbs into her mouth, then 3 and then 4! until she’s is just holding onto the end of the dido.

Pulling out of her mouth she moans and traces the tip of it across her breast and down over her stomach. Until the tip is just barely touching the inner lips of her pussy.

She begins rubbing it around as she plays with her nipples, before bringing it down a little further and inserting the first bulb.

Im in disbelief as she moans and starts rolling it around inside of her.

By now my cock is painfully hard and straining to break free of my skinny jeans.

Reaching down I undo my belt and pull my pants down enough to free myself.

As I start to run my hand up and down my length, she slips a second bulb into herself. Moaning loudly she rocks the dildo back and fourth without pulling it out.

As I am stroking myself I notice the leg of her yoga pants sticking out from behind the door.

An Idea flourishes in the back of my mind.

Looking back at Emily, I see that she still has the two bulbs inside of her and is leaning back with her eyes closed.

Slowly and nervously, I open the door. reaching around I grab her yoga pants and carefully untangle her panties from them.

She gasps loudly, I quickly look over at her fearing I've been busted. Thankfully her eyes are still closed and I appear to have gone unnoticed.

It isn't until I crawl back outside and pull the door shut, that I actually look at her panties. I’m surprised when I look down to find myself holding a pair of almost completely sheer black lace panties. They have a beautiful floral pattern stretching across them, and are completely see through apart from the slightly thicker gusset. As i touch it I find it to still be slightly damp.

Another moan distracts me from my lust as I look over to see another bulb disappear inside of Emily. With shaking hands I bring the panties up to my face as I watch her pull the dido out before slowly forcing it back in.

I press the soft material against my nose, inhaling the musky aroma of her womanhood mixing with the tang of her sweat.

I continue stroking my hand up and down my cock as I deeply inhale her scent. Watching on as she slips the dildo in and out of herself and moans in ecstasy.

Taking the panties away from my nose I gently rub the smooth damp material up and down my shaft. Watching intently as she speeds up her thrusts.

“Ooooohhh fuck.”

She moans with her head tilted to the side. As she Leans back into the corner of the shower moaning. I watch on intently as she roughly gropes her breast before pulling on her nipple, causing her head to snap back with a sharp intake of breath.

I wrap soaked gusset of her panties around the head of my cock, relishing the feel of the wet lace gliding over me.

I can feel the pressure building up inside me as I start to get close.

I watch her frantically slamming the dildo into her beautiful pussy as she shudders and wraps her hand over her mouth. Screaming into her hand she bucks her hips and shakes as a powerful orgasm washes over her.

My own comes only a few seconds later, as I shoot load after load of my cum into her soft thin panties. The material quickly soaks through and my cum begins to roll down my shaft and pool around my hand.

Emily collapses onto the floor with a soft thud, looking completely drained. Running her fingertips up and down her arms she sighs and begins to stand up.

Fearing being caught I quickly stand up and shove the soiled panties into my pocket.

Walking quietly down the hall and out the front door I exit into the cold night air. On the short walk home I think of the events of tonight. Almost in disbelief as to what happened. I think on what Emily said about my mother and her “present.”

Walking in the front door of my house and through to the living room. I see my mother sitting on the couch.

“You’re home late” She remarks, looking up from her laptop.

“Yeah, Emily took her time ” I respond, trying to sound calm and casual.

“So did she enjoy yoga?”

“Yeah she did, she…”

I pause for a second

“She said it felt really good to stretch herself out”

Closing the lid of her laptop my mother snorted. Standing up and walking past me up the stairs she chuckles.

“I’m sure she did.”

My neighbour Emily

Chapter 2

Yawning I turned to the next page of my textbook. My eyes glanced over the page looking at the massive walls of text.

“Calculus permits us to take this limit, and indeed uses just this limit as the
definition of the derivative. We thus define the instantaneous velocity vector as
the time-derivative of the position vector”

I glance over at my clock and see that its already well past midnight. Sighing I shut the textbook and yawn. Exam week is in less than month and I’m still weeks behind on my study.

Standing up and stretching I look out my window at the sheets of rain that are hammering down on the rooftops of houses. I walk out of my bedroom and into the kitchen. Opening the fridge I grab a bottle of milk and open it up before taking a swig from it. I smirk thinking of how my mum would usually yell at me if she weren't at a conference for work.

Sitting down at the bench I open up my phone and begin scrolling through Facebook. Seeing posts from all of my friends showing them out drinking and partying. I see photos of girls from my school down at the beach in skimpy outfits trying to look sexy for the camera. But all I can think of is Emily and her body.

I think back to last week. The sounds of her moans as she pleasured herself. The sweet scent of her panties. Most of all her incredible body dripping wet in the shower.

Taking another drink from the bottle I stand up and am about to put it away when I hear a knock at the front door

Cautious as to who would be knocking on my door in the middle of the night I peek out of the window before going to the door.

To my surprise I see Emily standing in the rain wearing a deep red cocktail Dress. The rain has soaked her head to toe and her wet hair hangs off her face. I quickly run to the door and open it

“Emily are you alright?” I ask.

“What are you doing out in the rain?”

She steps inside and I realise that she’s crying.

“Emily what’s wrong?” I say softly.

She turn around and faces me.

“I… M-my… Is Nancy here?”

“No” I reply, shutting the door. “She’s at a conference and won’t be back for a few days”

“Oh.” She says looking down to the ground.

“I just, I really need to talk to her.”

“Well, how about I make you a hot drink and then we can have a talk instead” I respond.

“Oh, I don't know. Are you sure?” She asks, looking almost nervous.

“Of course, don't be silly”

Smiling at her I reach out and give her shoulder a quick squeeze.

“Whatever it is you can talk to me about it”

She looks up from the floor to meet my gaze and gives me a faint smile.

“Thank you”

Walking into the kitchen I grab the kettle and start to fill it up.

“Do you want tea?” I ask putting the kettle back on the stand and turning it on.

“Yes thanks, an I have a Black tea with…”

“…Extra milk and a pinch of cinnamon, as well as a spoon of honey?” I interrupt.

She laughs “You know me too well. Also maybe a dash of Bourbon?”

I nod my head in approval and open my mum’s liquor cabinet.

“We have Jameson whiskey or Jim bean” I say as I dig around.

“Jameson thanks” She says sniffling.

Getting the bottle out of the cupboard I place it on the bench before walking to the pantry and grabbing teabags, cinnamon and honey.

I go over to the fridge and begin searching inside for the milk.

“I could of sworn we had milk.” I mutter.

Emily snorts behind me. “On the bench nimwit”

“Ah, right” I chuckle as I walk past her into the hallway.

I return a minute later with a blanket and towel. I put the towel down on the bench in front of her and wrap the towel around her shoulders. She shivers as I walk around to the other side of the bench and start making her tea. After putting the teabag and water in I sprinkle cinnamon on top and spoon in some honey. I put in a small splash of whiskey and go to put the cap back on.

“Maybe… maybe just a little more?” She asks timidly.

I raise my eyebrows as I unscrew the cap and pour another splash in.

“Thanks.” She murmurs, as I pass it to her.

She wraps her hands around the steaming mug for a few seconds before picking up the towel and beginning to dry her hair. As she lifts her arms up over her head the towel covers her eyes and gives me an unobstructed view of her firm breasts. I couldn't see any evidence of a bra under the soaked fabric of her dress. I can very faintly make out the outline of her nipples through the wet fabric.

She pulls the towel off her head, making my eyes snap back to hers.

“I’m really sorry to bother you at this time of night.”

Emily says quietly as she stares at the steam rising off her mug.

“I’ just, I didn't know where else to…g…”

She breaks down into tears and her shoulders begin to shake.

“Hey” I say firmly

“You know you’re always welcome here, now why don't you tell me what happened”

Wiping her nose she nods her head and takes a couple of seconds and a sip from her drink.

“It’s Peter, He was supposed to take me out tonight, It’s our 15th anniversary”

He didn’t forget did he? I ask.

“Oh he didn’t just forget” She replies with a hint of malice in her voice.

“He’s also been having an affair with one of his co-workers and I found out tonight.”

“He confessed to cheating on your anniversary?” I ask incredulously.

“Oh no, that dirty fucker didn’t confess. I only found out when I found her fucking PANTIES in the backseat of my FUCKING CAR!”

Her sudden outburst turns into a quiet sob as she lowers her head into her hands. Her chest heaves as she tries to calm her breathing down.

“That’s awful Emily. I…I’m so sorry.”

Lifting her head up she takes another sip from her mug. She pushes her hair back over her shoulder. I frown as I notice a dark black bruise forming on her left cheek.

“Emily, Did he hit you?

“She looks down at the bench, avoiding my gaze. Well, yes but It’s my fault though, I pushed him to do it”

I feel anger boiling up inside of me but I push it back down for now.

“Emily, listen to me. You have done nothing to deserve that. You deserve an man who is faithful to you and treats you right.”

“No it’s my fault, I don't do enough around the house anymore and I never look pretty for him and I never cook for him and I…”

“Emily” I cut her off mid sentence.

“That is no excuse to treat you like he does. He is so lucky to have you, and if he’s too stupid to realise that. Well then you’re better off without him.”

“Oh and for what it’s worth, I think you are a beautiful woman.”

“Ha, sure.” She says waving her hand and blushing slightly.

We sit in relative silence as she finishes her drink. Once she’s done I stand up and stretch.

“Do you want to stay here tonight?” I ask

“Would that be alright” She responds hesitantly

“Of course, you can use our spare bedroom.

“Do you want to have a shower?”

“No I just want to sleep if that’s ok”

I follow her up the stairs, unable to keep my eyes of her amazing ass. Framed by the wet fabric of her dress which stuck to her like a second skin.

Taking her into the spare bedroom I pull back the quilt and wait for her to lie down.

“If you need anything let me know” I say quietly and go to leave.

“No, wait.” She says, reaching out and grabbing my hand.

Turning around I look back at her. Her eyes look worryingly up into mine.

“Please, can you stay with me, just until I fall asleep. I’m too scared to be alone”

I think for a moment, I’m not sure that me lying in a bed with Emily in a soaking wet dress is a great idea. Not wanting to upset her I lie down on the bed.

“Thanks you” she whispers. “I just don’t think I can…” She breaks down into sobs halfway through her sentence.

Reaching over to her I rub my hand over her shoulder and down her back.

“Shhhhhh, It’s ok” I say in an soothing voice.

After a few minutes she begins to calm down, until her breathing is slow and regular.

She lays still for a few more minutes before clearing her throat.

“James, did you really mean what you said before? About me being a beautiful woman.”

“Of course” I respond.

“I think that you are incredibly attractive, and one of the nicest people I know. Peter’s an idiot if he cant see that.”

“Oh, you’re too kind” she says.

Reaching a hand over the back of her head she places it on my cheek and moves backwards slightly so that her bottom is lightly pressed against my groin.

“Thank you for taking such good care of me, You’re such a lovely young man.

“Any time Emily”

Bringing my other hand up from my waist I drape it over her hip and place the flat of my palm against her stomach. I feel her body tense up, then slowly relax and fall further into my arms. Running my hand over the taught muscles of her stomach I hear her take a sharp breath in before letting out a low sigh. Slowly, she pushes herself gently against me. My hardening cock nestling in the cleft of her ass.

“Mhhhhhhh, my husband never holds me like this anymore.” She says softly, tilting her head back so that our cheeks touch.

I trace my fingers in circles over her stomach, running them around her navel and drawing lines between her ribs. Her breathing seems to deepen slightly as she pushes herself into me. Now rock hard my cock presses firmly into the wet skintight fabric of her dress. Slowly I circle my hand further and further up, until my fingers ever so slightly trace along the underside of her breasts.


She moans almost inaudibly as my fingertips graze over the front of her breasts teasing around her nipples but never quite making contact. Reaching over me she places her hand on my back and pulls me into her even further. All this time neither of us saying anything, her deepening breaths the only sound in the room.

After a few more minutes of teasing I finally run my fingers over her nipple, pushing it down to the side before letting it spring back. At the same time thrusting forward and pressing my cock against the crease of her skirt.

“Ahh” she moans, arching her back and pushing her hips into my groin. Reaching a hand underneath her. I cup one breast while I push and roll the nipple of the other. This elicits short, quite moans from her as she begins to buck her hips against me. Taking one of my hands back to her stomach. I press firmly on her waist and run my hand along her front and over her hip, feeling the band of her panties underneath the soaked fabric.

“I can’t believe what I’m doing” She whispers.

“Shh” I respond

“Im reminding you how you deserve to be treated”

Running my hand further down I stroke along the outside of her leg, sliding my hand up under the of her dress and gripping her hip firmly underneath my fingers. As i run my hands along the inside of her thigh I can feel the heat radiating from her sex. Teasing I lightly drag my fingers along the inside of her thigh and down to the back of her knee.

moving her hips towards me, she tries unsuccessfully to push herself against my evasive hand.

“Ohhhh…please!” She whimpers.

“Please what?” I reply coyly.

Turning over she presses her chest into mine and whispers hoarsely into my ear.

“Touch me”

Pulling my head back I press my lips against hers. Finally giving in I press my hand firmly against her panty clad pussy. Straight away I notice how completely and utterly soaked her panties are. I press the heel of my palm against her mound as my fingers stroke up and down over her pussy.

“Ohhhhhhhhh.” She moans as she rubs herself back and forth over my hand.

Slowly I start to reach a finger out to tease the skin just to the side of her panties. Stroking up and down and reaching just under the edge, before pulling back and tracing along the inside of her thigh.

Reaching down she lifts up my shirt and pushes the flat of her palm against my stomach. Her kisses become more passionate as she reaches down over my jeans, giving my length a firm squeeze. She fumbles with my belt for only a moment before undoing my jeans and reaching her hand into my underwear. She grasps my shaft, evoking a sudden intake of breath from both of us

“You’re so hard!” She exclaims.

I give no response but instead push her panties further into her sopping pussy, triggering a moan as she forces her hips harder against my hand. Sliding my fingers around the skin on either side of her panties. Until I lift the material up and finally slide my fingers down her dripping slit. She gives a sharp intake of breath as I work my fingers into her, feeling her tightness contract on my fingers. Lowering my head I lick around her breast to her nipple, rolling it with my tongue and gently biting. Her breathing becomes even more erratic as i stretch out my thumb to start slowly rubbing the folds around her clit, making them slide back and forth underneath my fingers.

Removing my hand from her panties sit up before kneeling behind her, wrapping my arms around her chest i pull her up so that she is kneeling in front of me with er legs spread. Cupping her breast I pull her back so that her back presses against my chest and her head is draped over my shoulder.

I continue to caress both of her breasts for a few seconds before reaching down underneath her dress and sliding her panties to the side. Teasing my fingers around her wet opening as i rub my underwear clad cock against the cleft of her ass.

I slowly slide two fingers into her causing her to arch her back and drop her head further over my shoulder. I take this opportunity to kill and lick along her neck to her collarbones and back up to her earlobes, her soft moans affirm her pleasure as she rocks her ass up and down against me.

while I slide my middle and ring finger in and out of her pussy, I place the rest of my hand flat against her lips and pull upwards

“Uhhhhh” She moans.

As the pressure causes her to lift her hips up and arch her back even more.

I feel her begin to shake and squeeze faster as her moans become increasingly desperate.

“Oh my fucking god” She whimpers.

“Oh your gonna make me cum”

She slams her hips against my hands creating a soft sucking sound as my fingers repeatedly exit then penetrate her steaming pussy. I meet her thrusts by pushing my hand harder against her, lifting her up off the bed and burying my fingers deep inside her.

I hold her there for a moment as she squirms.

“W-what are you doing?”

“Please, don’t stop” She begs

Slowly, I slide my fingers out of her, and trace them up and over her lips. Moving her her out of the way I kiss and lick along the back of her neck. She moans as I move to the side of her neck and suck hard just below her jaw. Moving to her back I grab the zip of her dress with my teeth and pull it down to the small of her back. Then working my way back up planting soft kisses along her spine. Shuddering as I bite softly on the lobes of her ears she reaches up and slides the dress of her shoulders. Reaching over her I run my hands over her breasts and down her stomach to her waist, using my fore arms to push the dress down.

Moving to her side I lay her down on the bed and swing my leg over her. Leaning in I kiss her passionately, our tongues fighting for dominance as we move against each other. Reaching a hand down under her dress, I trace my fingers along the outside of her panties. Feeling the heat pulsing from underneath. As I rub back and forth I shift down her neck to her collarbones. Before kissing along the top of her bra and running my tongue under the slight lift created by her cleavage. She moans her approval and runs her hands through my hair pushing me harder against her. I use my other hand to unclasp the front of her bra. Her breasts fall loose, still remaining quite upright and perky. With light pink nipples standing firmly apart from her pale skin.

She guides me toward her right nipple but I pull away slightly, instead licking and sucking around her breast. Going from her cleavage, up to the top to the underside and tracing circles around her nipple. Despite my resistance as she continuously pulls me towards the centre of her breast.

“Please!”, she whines

“Don’t tease me any longer”

Giving in a little I run my tongue once lightly across her nipple, pushing it down with my tongue. She tenses up but relaxes as I go back to teasing just around it. Catching her off guard every time.

As I run my tongue over her nipple and swirl it around she tenses before relaxing. Just as she relaxes I place my mouth over her nipple and suck hard as I press her panties firmly between her folds.

“Ahhhhhhhh” She gasps, as she presses her hips back against my hand, my thumb rolling around near the top of her slit. She eases up after a few seconds. At which point I assault her nipple with a quick series of gently bites, keeping my mouth suctioned over her breast.

“Oh fuck” She yells in a hoarse whisper as she convulses beneath me. Grabbing handfuls of my hair and pressing herself against me. I let her calm down a little before switching to her other breast and giving her the same treatment.

After a few minutes I begin to kiss lower, running my tongue down her stomach and around her navel. Shifting my weight backwards I Slide her dress off completely. Leaving her in nothing but a pair of soaked red panties as I kiss my way along her waistline.

“Oh my god, are you going to..”

“Are you…”

She seems a little lost for words as I run my tongue just under the top of her panties. I massage around her mound and hips with my hands. Pushing and pulling on her soft flesh. Before running my tongue along the inside of her thigh. tracing parallel to the leg of her panties. My passes get closer and closer until my tongue touches the fabric. I pull back and kiss along her thigh to the back of her knee. Switching to the other leg I tease even closer to her womanhood.
She groans as I lick around the skin just to side of her labia.

“No more teasing!.” She begs.

“I cant take it!”

Laughing softly I move my face to just in front of her panties, where I can feel the heat emanating from her sex against my face. Pressing my face against her panties I press my tongue flat against the fabric and inhale her scent.


She sighs softly as I Run my tongue it slow, flat licks over the outside of her panties. Tasting her sweetness as my tongue delves deeper into the gap between her lips. Pulling the band of her panties down I see she has thin layer of light brown pubic hair above the top of her slit. Staring only for a moment I kiss around and over her mound as my hands run over her stomach.

I pull her panties down over her thighs and toss them onto the floor. Standing I quickly pull off my jeans, revealing my very obvious bulge which her eyes lock onto. Leaning in I kiss my way down her leg as she lifts her hips to meet my face. I lick right next to her lips and breathe hot air onto her sex. She sighs as I place my tongue gently at her dripping hole, and lick slowly up to her clit. Now I can can fully taste her, she has a musky taste with a sweet edge. Not stopping until she reaches down and runs her hands through my hair, guiding me up to the top of her slit.

“Please, right there” She whispers.

I reach a hand up and pull back on her mound, stretching her lips out and pulling back her hood. My mouth makes a tight seal against her skin as i suck and gently lick her. Her moans only get louder as I use my other hand to rub a finger back and forth between her wet lips. Her hips start to push against mine, causing my finger to slip into the entrance of her tunnel. I keep lapping at her clit as I slide my finger into her hot body, feeling her walls squeeze it. I glance up and see her with her back arched, caressing her breast.

I feel her tense as I second finger

“Uhhhh” She sighs and pushes back against me, sinking my finger up to my second knuckle. I alternate between facing my palm down and pushing down as I slide my fingers into her. Letting them rest just underneath her cervix and then pressing down on the bottom wall as I pull out. Then flipping my hand over and stroking along the upper wall of her vagina.
As her hips begin to match my rhythm I switch from longer flat licks to flicking my tongue quickly over her clit. She jolts and bucks with a quick intake of breath. her thrusts and breathing become more erratic as I continue my oral assault. Her hands grip more firmly in my hair as she pushes my my face into her pussy and grinds against it.

“Ohhh, please, don’t stop.” She moans between jagged breaths.

“Ohhhhhh my god I’m cumming!”

Her thrusts become frantic until she presses her self hard into my face and falls quiet. Her body shaking as tremors rip through her. Her head thrown back as she screams in wordless, silent ecstasy.

“Uhhhh” She moans as her body releases and a new wave of pleasure tears through her.

Each new set of convulsions dripping more of her sweet nectar into my mouth. As she comes down from her orgasm I ease up on the pressure but still keep my mouth locked against her. Occasionally licking up her slit of licking across her clit with my tongue. Her body going into a mini-climax every time I do.

Eventually she pulls me off her.


“No more.” She pants.

“Oh lord.”

“Was that alright?”

I ask with a smile as I slide my body up hers and plant a kiss on her lips. I pull away but she reaches around my neck and brings me back in for more. her tongue snaking between my lips. She breaks the kiss and laughs.

“I don’t think I’ve ever came that hard in my life!”

I lie down next to her and hold her in my arms. She backs her self into me and sighs, pressing her ass against my still rock hard dick.

“Mhhhh, you better not lose that, I’m going to make you feel as good as you just did for me.”

She yawns as she takes my arm and places it over her. We’re both still hot but I’m not complaining.

"Yaaawn, I’m just gonna close my eyes for a sec, okay?”

“I just, yaaaaawn. I just need a minute.”

“Sure” I respond.

“Do you want me to wake you if you…”

I trail off mid sentence realising that she has already drifted off.

“Fall asleep” I finish.

I lie there with her naked body pressed against me. thinking about what just happened. While I certainly don't regret it I do feel a little bad due to her marriage. Albeit to a cheating scumbag, but still. I wonder how she will feel about it when she wakes in the morning. 

Realising there’s no point thinking on it I lay my head down next hers and drift off myself.

Keys: Fiction Male/Female Mature Oral Sex Romance

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