My fantasy - sex story

My fantasy

Growing up you sometimes remember some weird things. I remember the first time I saw a girl with a shaved pussy. It was my sisters friend Becky. She and my sister were laying out in the backyard of our house trying to get a tan. I was not trying to be caught checking out Becky. But she decided to make it so she did not have any tan lines. My sister Linda told her that she would have to be careful doing it. She didn’t care if she was seen. She started out on her back so all I could see was her nice shaped ass. When she decided to turn over was when I saw that she did not have any hair on her pussy. I knew that since she was in college she should have some. But didn’t know that some girls shave down there. Right when I saw that my dick was as hard as it has ever been. The visual of her shaved pussy helped me get off.

From that first time I was hooked and was hoping that I would be able to meet a girl that was shaved. The first time I had sex she didn’t shave and wouldn’t when I asked. But it was still great losing my virginity. Only wish I had remembered her name.

When I got to college and attended my first dorm room party I finally got to see more than one. Almost all of the girls there were shaved. I guess it was a sorority thing. There was two girls that were being initiated and had to have the sorority sisters shave them. And we got to watch. The girls got naked and all of us guys were just yelling lose that hair... Then the shaving began. I could not believe that I was watching this in front of me. There was no way to hide my erection. And some of the other sorority girls were noticing our bulging pants. I was treated to an amazing blowjob by one of the girls. She swallowed my whole load. But didn’t get to fuck any of them.

About a month after that party I was going back to the dorms to study for my midterms. I saw one of the girls that had to shave. She didn’t recognize me. I said Hello and she just walked by not saying anything. She seemed to be in a hurry so I didn’t say anything. Back in my dorm I started to study and my mind just wandered to that night of the girls getting shaved.

Happy that I passed all of my exams. I was heading back home to visit my Mom and Dad. And spend the break not studying. My sister Linda was also back home. She was three years older than I was so she was finishing up and getting ready to graduate in the spring. My parents were happy. She decided to go to graduate school after she graduates. My plans were just to finally get to fuck a girl with a shaved pussy. My only goal while on break.

Waking up early one morning I decided to do some laps in the pool. I haven’t done that in a while. But I wanted to stay in shape while I was home on break. The last time I was near the pool was when Becky was suntanning naked. Still remember her shaved pussy. I finished my laps and sat on the side of the pool. And my sister came out to tell me that breakfast was ready. I got out and headed into the house to shower and eat breakfast.

Coming down the stairs I could hear another voice in the kitchen. I recognized it right away. It was Becky. Boy did I more fast down the stairs. Then was shocked to see that Becky was not alone. She was with Jim. He was one of my teammates on the football team. He and Becky had gotten engaged. Boy that fantasy of fucking Becky went out the window.

After breakfast I decided to go for a drive. I headed to the beach to see if any of my friends were there. I walked on to the boardwalk and looked but no one was there. I sat on a bench to rest and just watch the ocean. Really not paying attention to people going by I didn’t see her come up to me. It was the girl from the sorority house. She said she was sorry to not have said anything to me when I saw her. She introduced herself to me. “ Hi my name is Becki. I couldn’t believe it she was also named Becky but she had an i at the end of her name but she was still a Becky. I told her my name was Brian. And we talked for about an hour. Then we exchanged phone numbers and she told me to call her. I headed back to the car and the drive back was a little bit better.

Relaxing at home and packing getting ready to go back to school I got a text from Becki. She said that she would see my when I get back to school.

When I got back to the dorm room my roommate Josh was not there yet. So I just unpacked and then texted Becki. She asked if she could come over and I sad sure. My roommate was not there so no one would be there to bother us.

She knocked on the door and I was happy to see her. We talked for a bit and she and I were both kind of nervous about talking about some things. What caught me of guard was when she told me that the night that she was shaved for the sorority. She noticed when I was getting a blow job by one of the other girls was how big my cock was. I told her that I was hoping to be able to get one of the girls to let me fuck them. I said I had a fantasy about shaved pussy since seeing my sisters friend naked and totally shaved. She told me that she could show me hers. And I will say my dick seemed to be harder than it was the night she was shaved. It was that night I experienced what I was hoping to.

We started dating that day and she is still the girl that I always want to be with. She continues to shave her pussy and sometimes lets me help. And she knew that when she was finished. I would fuck her really good. Having my fantasy fulfilled was wonderful. And being able to keep fulfilling it is going to be amazing.

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