My Fucker Friends - sex story

My Fucker Friends

"You decent", I yelled as I stormed through my neighbor, Lisa's back door.

"I've got some juicy gossip that just won't wait. Where are you"? Lisa is a fabulous looking twenty-five year old, where I'm a little puffy around the edges and a few years older, but we hit it off great from the day she moved into the townhouse next to mine. We have been daytime lovers while her husband's at work.

"I'm in here", Lisa shouted over the stereo. I stepped into the bathroom, then sat on the floor, resting my head on Lisas' knee. "Whats going on?", Lisa asked . "You know the new woman down the street?" I asked, as Lisa stood up reaching for the toilet paper. "No don't, let me," I quickly said. Lisa stood up placing trimmed bush in front of my face, as I licked her clean. Lisa stood motionless for a few moments while I licked and probed her with my tongue. She slowly started to sway her hips back and forth as I continued my duties.

"So what were you so excited about?" she asked. "I almost forgot my gossip. You taste so good", I said. "Well what is it?, Lisa asked as she went into the bedroom to get dressed. "Look here", I said, as I pulled my skirt up and put one leg up on the mattress. Lisa got on her knees, as I pointed to the soft red oval on my inner thigh. "Her name is Marsha, and she sucks", I said delightedly.

We had been hoping to find someone new to join us for quite some time, thinking the more the merrier. "I hope you don't mind, but I've invited her over for coffee, she should be here shortly", I said. The door bell rang, "get dressed, I'll make the coffee", and I ran to the front door. I opened the door, let her in a proceeded to make a fresh pot of coffee. Marsha sat at the table as I poured a cup for her. Lisa made her grand entrance, wearing a pair of too small shorts, and a halter top. I could see that Marsha was immediately taken by Lisa's stunning good looks. We all sat down, I made the introductions and we made small talk for a while. Marsha has short red hair, freckles and hard body with small breasts. I could tell almost from the start that she worked hard to keep herself in shape, while Lisa was just blessed with a great shape. Myself, being a mother of two, I don't look nearly as good as they do.

Lisa was blunt and to the point. "I'm a lesbian," she said proudly "are you?" Marsha's answer was a simple "no, sex is sex" she said, "it doesn't matter who, what, when or where as long as we all get off," she said. I could tell that Lisa was really enjoying Marsha's straight-forward answers. Lisa stood up and walked up behind me, placing her arms around my neck and giving me hug from behind. She placed one hand down my blouse and started to lick my ear. Marsha just stared and watched as Lisa played with me. With her other hand Lisa started to undo the buttons on my blouse, the she decided to just rip it off, grabbing it by the collar and pulling. Lisa then undid the front clasp and started to massage my breasts. All the while Marsha just looked, and stayed silent. I was getting excited, and I knew where this was leading. Lisa said we should go to the den.

Marsha and I followed Lisa down the stairs, by the time we got downstairs, Lisa had untied and removed her top and undid her shorts and kicked them off. My blouse, already torn was also the floor, as I tossed my bra into the pile of Lisas' clothes. Marsha walked up to Lisa, kissed her and said, "I've already tasted her, let me taste you". Lisa layed down on the floor, spread her legs and put her knees up, Marsha crawled between them, pressing her face against Lisas' trimmed bush. Marsha was on her knees with her butt in the air. I stood watching while Marsha gave Lisa the "licking" of a lifetime, Marsha knew all the moves, she had already proved it to me. After a few minutes of Marshas' furious work, Lisa erupted, like I had never seen, she screamed, "yes, fucking yes," Marsha said.

"Oh you're a nasty bitch, you need to have your mouth washed with cunt cream. Marsha stood, positioning herself over Lisas face and slowly lowered herself onto Lisas' it, first rubbing her moist pussy over her nose, before firmly planting it on her mouth. Marsha kept moving, first putting her pussy, then her butt over Lisas' face. I was amazed at how well they performed together, it was as if they had been lovers for years.

Lisa had initiated me into "lesbian love" about a year earlier. At first I was a little uncomfortable with it, but had quickly gotten into it. Lisa was always the dominant one, always telling me what she liked and how to do her. Now for the first time, I felt I was being "cheated on". I watched as these two very attractive women made love to each other. Lisa and Marsha took turns with each other, one trying to outdo the other, as I just stood there watching. I wanted to join in, but Lisa had never given me permission, nor had Marsha.

After they given each other several orgasms they had collapsed on top of each other, gently caressing each others wet pussies. I just stood standing there, holding my skirt up, frigging myself as these two beautiful naked women held each other.

Lisa put her arms around Marsha, gave her a big kiss, and said to her, "watch this". With that she stood up, grabbed my hand and led me onto the tiled part of the floor. Marsha followed. Lisa had me lay down on my back, Marsha stood in next to me. Lisa said to Marsha, "watch this bitch, when I'm done, you can have her". With that said, Lisa proceeded to lower herself onto my face. We had been through this many times previously, and I knew exactly what she wanted. I started to tongue her as good as I could. Lisa kept sliding her lips over mine, with each flick of my tongue, her lips parted a little more, giving me a better taste of her. Finally said "it's time, don't make a mess". I opened my mouth as Lisa grabbed my ears. Slowly at first, Lisa let a few drops of her golden liquid flow, then a few more. I knew I had to get it the first time, or I would be in big trouble, and I knew Lisa wanted to impress her new friend, as did I. Much to my surprise, Lisa was very much in control of herself, letting out only what she knew I could handle. When Lisa finished with me, she asked Marsha if she "cared to use her". Marsha just giggled in delight and said "yes". Marsha was a bit more aggressive. She spread her lips with her fingers, and sat down on me. At first it was a few sporadic drops, then a furious flow, which I couldn't contain. Lisa was furious, she grabbed my blouse and skirt, which was piled on the floor and said, "wipe it up bitch, (I love it when she calls me that), and put them on. I used my clothes as a mop, then put them back on as Lisa instructed. Marsha giggled and I heard to say to Lisa, "she's a bigger pig that you said she was".

It was then that I realized that Lisa had set me up, she knew Marsha before I met her, but I didn't care, now I had two women to serve. Lisa moved over to the easy chair and kneeled on the floor and invited me to "do me again". Lisa was on her knees, head resting on the chair, her hands spreading her ass cheeks. She simply said, "I'm waiting". With that I got on my knees behind her a gently began to lick her ass. I did as I had done in the past, spread her cheeks and licked around the little brown "rosebud", each time time trying to get my tongue a little deeper. "Use your finger, you dumb bitch" Lisa said. Immediately, I put my fingers into my more than wet pussy. Then I put one, then two fingers into her. sliding them around and trying to open her even more, finally I was able to insert my third finger. I slowly removed one finger at a time, making sure she didn't close on me. Lisa was anxious, I could tell. She was totally relaxed. I finally removed my third finger from her ass. Marsha was watching everything that I did now. I wanted to impress her, and do her too. Slowly I inserted one, then two then finally the third finger into my mouth, slowly licking them clean before before I buried my tongue into Lisas' beautiful, wide open sphincter. I kept forcing my tongue in and out, while I played with her clitoris. Lisa was in heaven, and so was I.

Marsha seemed to enjoy watching what I did to Lisa. She meekly asked "would you do me too"? I couldn't wait. I asked Lisa if I could "borrow her plug". She went upstairs and returned with her complete set of plugs. I positioned myself behind Marsha while Lisa lubed the smallest plug with her mouth. Then she gently slid into my ass. While she got the next one ready, I started on Marsha.

Lisa had four plugs that I had given her as a Xmas present, each one bigger than the next. Each time she put the next one into me, I slid another finger into Marsha. I had four fingers inside of Marsha, and she was fully stretched when Lisa said that it was "blackies" time.

I prepared for the worst. "Blackie" is Lisas strapon. Ten inches by four, and she loves to do me with it. Lisa pulled my soaked skirt over my back while I buried my tongue into Marshas' shithole as deep as I could. It only took a moment before I lost my concentration on Marsha. Lisa had buried "Blackie" into me as deep as deep as she ever had. I fucked Marshas ass with my tongue, while Lisa did me with "blackie" I frigged myself with my free hand. It only took a moment before I collapsed in Xtasy. Lisa pulled that big strapon out of my ass and told me to swallow it. I slowly got up, then fell to my knees as Lisa made me swallow the black strapon she had just pulled from my ass. For the next few minutes, Marsha watched as I sucked on the the big plastic penis that Lisa had so graciously used on me. When Lisa felt she had used me enough, she let me stop.

When all was said and done, I asked Lisa why she had set me up like this. She said that she knew that I would do anything she wanted, and that Marsha was an old friend who didn't believe that she knew a "pig" like me. Marsha had actually owned the house she had moved into after renting it out for two years. I asked Marsha if I had pleased her. She said that she was very happy to be in the neighborhood again and would really enjoy using me as long as Lisa permitted. Graciously, Lisa said that we could could get together as often as we liked and that Marsha could "borrow" me whenever she felt the need.

I told Lisa that I was very grateful that she was willing to share me with someone and that I would not let her down. With that said, Marsha said that she had to go, she had an appointment. She gave Lisa a kiss, I was hoping for one too, but Lisa said that I could "suck her" instead. I sat myself on the floor, back against the wall. Marsha stood in front of me, pressing her lips against mine. I licked her as fast I could, hoping to give her pleasure, but she said she had to go. Lisa said to "get ready". I laid down, waiting for Marsha to flood me one more time. Before I knew it, Marsha let loose, spraying me, the floor, and the walls. It all happened so fast. Marsha apologized to Lisa, Lisa said that it was "OK, the pig will clean it up". Marsha left for her appointment......and I got to clean things up.

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