My husband and i have an argument - sex story

My husband and i have an argument

Hi, my name is Megan. For those of you who stay in
correspondence, I apologize for my absence and this
story should explain why; I've been very busy.

A few weeks ago, my husband and I had a huge argument.
I grabbed some clothes and have not been back. I went
to Denise's house. Denise and I were roommates in
college and have remained close friends.

I paced back and forth on her front porch. I didn't
know what to do. Who to turn to. I was a literal mess.
She opened the door and I just grabbed her, head on her
shoulder letting the tears run freely. She just held me
and I began to bawl. I cried myself to sleep in her

When I awoke, Denise had wrapped me up with a sheet.
She looked up from her seat in the den.

"Good morning sleepyhead. Feeling better?" She asked.

"A little yes. Thank you," I responded still groggy.

"Hungry? I fixed some breakfast." She told me. I nodded
and she got up and walked over to me. Denise looked so
beautiful, like an angel as the sunlight cast though
the kitchen window behind her and seemed to make her
glow. She was wearing her robe and little else. She
stopped in front of me. "You can stay as long as you
need ok hun?" She said softly. I wrapped my hands
around her, sliding them inside her robe and laid my
head against her belly. The robe parted. Her soft skin
felt so nice.

"Thank you." I said again as I drew away from her and
started to cover her back up when she stopped me.

"You know how we always walked around naked. Without a
care, in our apartment?"

"Yes. I remember."

"Well, I still enjoy my freedom walking around here
naked, so you better get used to it."

I laughed. "I might have to join you."

She shrugged her shoulders and grinned. Denise removed
her robe and went and sat at the table. I watched,
mesmerized at her beauty. Her blonde hair came down to
her shoulders, her breasts turned down a little more
than I remember, large areoles and nipples. She had put
on a little weight since college, a small pudgy belly.
My eyes ran down further, to her cleft. It was hairless
and bare like mine and I found myself wanting to touch
her. I shrugged it off and joined her at the table.

Later that day we were both laying out nude under the
warm summer sun, when Denise sat up and looked at me.
"I've seen the way you look at me."

"I'm just… It's been so long since I've been with
someone so free spirited." I said. She laughed.

Later that night, we were sitting there watching a
movie and drinking. I wasn't drunk, but I had a good
buzz going. I found my hand rubbing Denise's thigh. She
turned and looked at me. "What are you doing?" She
giggled jokingly. I, without thinking, leaned in and
kissed her, my tongue slipping inside her mouth. To my
surprise, she did not pull away. Her tongue found mine
intertwined in a passionate kiss. Our breasts touched
and I could feel gooseflesh develop along my sides.

I kissed her neck as she moaned and laid back. My hands
cupped her perfect breasts and my lips followed my
hands, kissing her breasts. I took my time and Denise
ran her fingers through my long brown hair. I kissed
down her belly, teasing as I very subtle kissed her
clit, before moving to her inner thighs. She spread her

I kissed her thigh to her calf, her ankle to her feet.
I kissed and ran my tongue along her arch to the ball
of her foot then her toes, taking each toe in my mouth.
She only giggled. I took my time kissing back up her
shapely legs. I paused, and took in the smell of her
sex. I leaned in and kissed her labia, easing a finger
inside her as I ran my tongue along her cleft and over
her clit, sucking the little nub in my mouth.

She wriggled over to where she was lying down on the
couch and started pulling my leg. I obliged moving over
her in a 69 position. I felt her tongue enter me and I
went crazy. I need this so very bad. I ran my tongue
all over her, from ass, over her mound, inside her and
over her clit.

I felt her body begin to tremble but I didn't' let up.
I could feel myself building up, but more so I believe
in knowing how close she was. I fingered her as she
rubbed my clit, but when the moment finally came, our
shivering shuddering bodies could do no more than just
hold each other. It was the sweetest orgasm I've had in
a long time.

I fell asleep sweaty in her arms, the smell of our
excitement filled the room.

I have been here for two weeks now and we enjoy sex
almost daily. I dread the day I have to leave.

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