My Next Door Neighbor And Daughter - sex story

My Next Door Neighbor And Daughter

I lay there on the bed as I watched her mother
explain to her on how to fondle and suck my

Yes I was going to enjoy it. I knew she was
a virgin her mother had told me she was. She
had also told me that her daughter wanted to
know what it was like to be fucked and to suck
a man's cock. I was more than willing.

The girl had sat there on the side of the bed
as she watched her mother licked and suck
my cock, then straddle me and drop herself
on my stiff cock. She had watched her mother
fuck herself on my cock until I filled her womb
with my sperm.

Then her mother watched as the girl fondled my
cock and licked it clean of her mothers juices.
The girl then opened her mouth and took it into
her mouth. For a virgin she done a pretty good
job of sucking my cock. I didn't cum in her
mouth I wanted it in her virgin cunt.

After sucking my cock, she straddled me, just
like her mother had done. Her mother even held
my cock up and rubbed it up and down her
daughters virgin cunt until I told her to fuck me.

Mama then held my cock straight up letting her
young daughter press her cunt opening down on
my cock.

I was watching her hold my cock at her daughter
opening. Suddenly the girl dropped herself down
on my stiff cock.

She cried out when my cock suddenly plunged up
into her tearing her virginity away from her. Yes,
I felt my cock head tear through her hymen and
plunge up into her virgin cunt until the head of it
was pressing hard against her cervix.

She sat there for a minute biting her lip because
of the pain of my taking her virginity. Finally
she began fucking her young cunt up and down on
my cock. Her young cunt squeezed my cock with
it's virginity her cunt muscles pulsation sending
waves of pleasure through me.

I had never fucked a virgin this young before. I
was loving it. I was even watching my cock slowly
slide in and out of her cunt as she fucked me giving
me her virginity.

Before long my cock was sliding in and out of her
smoothly as her cunt lubricated with her own juices
and my precum.

After several minutes, she was bouncing up and
down on my cock loving the feeling of her cunt
being full of cock and the feeling of it plunging
in and out of her.

She fucked me, with me also playing with her
small beginning to develop tits and she did.

Yes, I was loving this little one as she fucked
herself on my cock giving me her virginity. I was
sure glad that they had both agreed that I could
fuck either of them whenever I wanted too. I
would be fucking both of them a lot.

Yes It would be easy to do with them living right
next door to me.

The nice thing about it to was that it had been her
husbands idea to buy the house next door to me.
They would be able to come over and suck and
fuck me very often. Especially since he would
spend many a day or even a week out of town
because of his job. Yes, I would be taking care
of their sexual desires while he was gone.

Sometimes I would even take care of his daughters
desires when he was home and she could sneak

Her mother watched as her daughter fucked
herself on my cock, plunging it in and out of
her almost in a rhythm.

I was thinking about how she had came to me and
and ask me how I would feel if I could fuck an
young girl of twelve years old. I looked at her and
finally told her I would love it but I would have to
be able to fuck her mother also.

She grinned at me and told me that could be
arranged also. She had then told me that she herself
wanted me to fuck her daughter and satisfy her
curiosity about what it was like sucking a cock and
being fucked.

When she went home and told her daughter that I
would do it, she then brought her over and told me
yes, the girl wanted me to show her how to suck and
cock and how to fuck. The girl looked at me
shyly then said yes she wanted me to teach and
show her.

After I told her I would love to, she hugged and
kissed me. As she did I reached up and squeezed
her small firm breast. She grinned and told me
like me doing that.

Well, I unbuttoned her blouse and bared her
small breast. Right there in front of her mother,
I sucked her small nipples and then sucked as
much of her small breasts into my mouth that
I could. I sucked them hard leaving a large
red hickey on both of them knowing that they
would be there for at least a week or more.

She grinned when she saw what I had done.
She told me that it had really felt good having
me play with her tits and sucking and biting

Well I did too. As she watched then, I unbuttoned
her mothers blouse and fondle them, then licked
sucked and bit her breasts. Yes I leave my teeth
marks on them and a large red hickey on both of

"How am I going to hide that from my husband?"
she ask when she saw what I had done.

I just grinned at her and bit them both again.

Finally they buttoned their blouses and both
of them kissed me passionately as each watched
the other.

I knew I was going to have an enjoyable time
in a few days and I did.

Yes, that was when her mother fucked me showing
her how to fuck and then helped me fuck her
daughter and take her virginity.

After several hours hey went home, both of them
with my sperm filling their wombs.

I stood there watching them both walk home with
my sperm in their wombs, knowing they would be
back soon to again feel my cock fucking in and out
of their cunts.

Yes, I was sure glad that my sisters husband had
bought the home next door. Yes, my sister and
her twelve year old daughter were going home
with their cunts and wombs full of my sperm.

I knew that my young niece would be back the
next day to again feel my cock in her mouth and
her tight young cunt. She told me she would be
when they left.

I knew that her mother wouldn't be over because
her husband would be home. Her daughter was
just going to tell him she was going to spend most
of the day helping me clean my home and that I
was going to pay her for it.

I knew I wouldn't be able to fuck my sister again
for at least a week when he would be gone over

But the girl would be coming over almost everyday
to enjoy her new found sexuality. She loved having
a cock in her cunt fucking her.

Yes, I was going to really enjoy having my brother
in law and my sister living next door to me.

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