My Sticky Vicky - sex story

My Sticky Vicky

I remember the first time we got together sexually. I
got her partially undressed, and had all my clothes
off. She was standing in the kitchen, wearing only a
white shirt completely unbuttoned. Her eyes were wide
and bright, and her small but firm breasts were beauti-
fully framed by the open shirt. Vicky's medium length
"dishwater blonde" hair was just long enough so that
the ends rested on her shoulders. She had just put a
little olive oil on her hands, and grasped my erection
and was expertly pumping it.

I thought that Vicky was going to stop stimulating me
before orgasm so that we could go to the bedroom. But
she just kept pumping, giving me that smile that drives
me crazy.

When I felt my orgasm go past the point of inevitabil-
ity, she pointed my squirting member toward her upper
thigh, close to her pubic mound. My ejaculation
squirted onto her smooth bare skin.

When I was spent, and my knees were weak from the
intensity of the thrill, Vicky milked the remaining
drops of cum onto her hand. Then she started playing
with the gooey substance that was slowly dribbling
down her leg. It became stickier as she kept playing
with it, until finally she spread the goo over her
legs and massaged it in while I excitedly watched.
Then she took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom.

Intercourse is about half of our sex-play. The other
half is Vicky milking me. She tells me that she loves
to see a hard penis throb and squirt. Seeing and
feeling it discharge its load of semen is very sexy,
she says, and makes her appreciate what is going on
inside her when we have intercourse.

It's incredibly sexy for me to think of that too. When
I'm inside her, Vicky will sometimes whisper erotic
things to me such as, "I want you to squirt as far as
you can up inside me. Make your cum shoot waaaay up
there!" That almost always sends me over the brink
into an explosive orgasm.

One time Vicky got me extremely aroused, and she said
that she wanted to have me come inside her, but that
she also wanted something special (wouldn't tell me
what it was) and asked me if I'd promise to follow
through. I was so aroused that I'd promise anything
(and did promise) to get in her portal of sensuality.

After I spurted uncontrollably inside Vicky, she
straddled my mouth and told me to suck her clean, and
reminded me that I had promised to follow through. I
was kind of surprised, but a promise is a promise, and
I started to suck on her pussy, taking in the mixture
of our love juices. She climaxed almost immediately.
She stayed where she was, with me licking and sucking
on her until she had two more orgasms.

Another time, Vicky called me at work after lunch, say-
ing that she had some free time, and asked if I could
come over to her house for an afternoon rendezvous.

When I got there, she had some coffee brewing. After
some preliminary small talk and erotic foreplay (I
noticed that she was not wearing panties under her
dress), Vicky poured herself a cup of coffee, slowly
and deliberately brought me to an erect state, and had
me ejaculate into her coffee. Then I crawled under
the table, and tasted the sweet fragrance of her creamy
pussy, licking and sucking on it while she sat at the
table sipping her coffee. A couple of times she put
her coffee down and climaxed.

Spanking figured in to our sessions occasionally. My
buttocks are an erogenous zone, and when I'm over
Vicky's lap, the harder she spanks, the harder I get.
Usually she uses spanking as a warm-up activity before

One time, however, I had a surprise. I was across
her lap, with my engorged member between her legs,
pointing down toward the floor. After several swats
with her wooden hairbrush, Vicky placed a plate on the
floor, directly underneath where my erection was
pointing. Resuming the spanking with sharp brisk
strokes, she told me that she was not going to stop
until I squirted.

Now the spanking really had a bite to it and I was
pleading with her to stop, but she just giggled, all
the while continuing to spank me in a steady flurry of

I was getting more aroused by the minute, and started
to thrust my pelvis into her lap with each stroke of
the hairbrush. Vicky squeezed her legs together a bit
more, while continuing to spank and giggle, and the
feel of her smooth silky legs brought me to an incre-
dible climax.

Only then did she stop spanking me, and milked the
remaining drops of ejaculate onto the plate. Vicky
had me smear my gooey emission onto her legs while
she sat in a pigeon-toed position, with her knees
together, feet apart and her toes pointed in. When
I'd finished with the task, I was quite aroused, and
Vicky lubricated her hand with her own pussy cream,
had me kneel in front of her, and exquisitely pumped
me until I spurted uncontrollably on her legs. After
massaging the semen into her beautiful bare legs, she
left that "cream" on her for the rest of the day.

Light bondage play is something that Vicky likes, both
as the domme and as the sub. I remember once she tied
me so that I was naked and spread-eagled on the bed,
and proceeded to slowly, mercilessly, and coyly tease
me into such a state that I almost went crazy with wild
desire. She'd manipulate my erection and testicles
until pre-cum would start seeping, and then performed
a light tickle-touch on me for several minutes. Mean-
while, I'd struggle at my bonds to try to get Vicky to
provide some relief. Then she would repeat the manipu-
lation followed by the teasing touch, over and over.

After a long while of this, she put some lubricant on
her hand and held her partly closed fist just at the
tip of my throbbing erection, and said that I'd have
to do all the work. Still tied and spread-eagled, I
thrust my hips up and down, and as I got close to the
brink of orgasm, she pulled away for a few moments.
She repeated this a few times. I was begging her to
let me cum, until finally at long last she crouched
over me and took my stiff member in both hands. She
opened her mouth wide, and I squirted and spurted jets
of sticky semen into her waiting mouth. A few minutes
later she untied me and we had sweet, sensuous inter-

The tables were turned about a week later, when I tied
Vicky to the bed, face down. First, I gave her a
feather-light massage, getting her to "ooh" and "ahh."
Then I gave her an abrupt spank on her bare bottom.
Just one spank, followed by more massage, then one
spank, then more massage.

The result was that she got to anticipating the spanks,
and got turned on by them. I continued this for some
time, giving her harder spanks until she was squirming
with arousal. Then I turned her over on her back and
bound her spread-eagled, her legs well apart and her
arms spread wide. After giving her pussy oral atten-
tion, I entered her and gave a few deep, slow thrusts,
and then pulled out. Over and over again, I alternated
between eating her pussy and thrusting a few times with
my hard erection. Finally I could stand it no longer
and I spurted onto her stomach and chest. When I untied
Vicky, she played with the gooey ejaculate.

There was a memorable blowjob that Sticky Vicky gave
me once. First, I have to say that I don't find BJ's
to be particularly a turn-on, but the way she did this
one was simply exquisite. Vicky brought a bowl of ice
cubes into the bedroom, and had me undress and lay down
on the bed. Then she put an ice cube in her mouth and
swished it around for a moment and took it out. Immedi-
ately she took me in her mouth.

The coldness of her mouth was a nice contrast, and I
instantly became quite hard. When her mouth had warmed
up, she withdrew and put an ice cube back into her
mouth and got it cold, and took me in again. After
a few repetitions the warm/cold BJ, plus the slurping
sounds that she made while sucking on me, caused me to
blast off with an incredible orgasm. Vicky kept her
mouth closed around my cock while it pulsed and pumped
into her mouth.

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