My wife's common use (wife,cuckold,couple,wife sharing)

My wife's common use

I walked into the executive offices and looked at the managing
director's PA. She was a slightly plump very pretty blonde in her early
twenties, dressed in a smart business suit with a white blouse and dark,
sheer, hose, probably tights. I knew that I would have three days at the
company and I needed somewhere to stay and some amusement. To fill in time
before my meetings started, using my security clearance I checked the
personnel records and made a note of her address. I also discovered that
her husband was an accountant working in the same company. When the
managing director took me on a tour of the building I made sure that I
spoke to the young husband who seemed flattered by my attention.

At the end of the afternoon I wished the pretty PA good-night and
returned to my hotel where I had a shower and mentally prepared for the
events which were to unfold over the next couple of days ...

Chapter 1

At precisely six thirty I walked up the garden path and rang the bell.
Almost at once Derek opened the door recognising me immediately with
surprised shock. I gave him one glance and walked past him into the hall.
On my right through an open door I could see Susan standing in a
comfortably furnished sitting room dressed in a low-cut tight-fitting black
cocktail dress which outlined her breasts beautifully. It was about three
inches above the knee. Her neat legs were encased in sheer black nylon
with shiny patent shoes with about a four-inch heel. She had had her hair
styled and it fell in soft blonde waves to her shoulders. They were
clearly about to go out for the evening. I smiled at her and without
hesitation walked up to her and took her in my arms turning her around so
that I could watch Derek while I played with her. I put my lips to hers
and pressed slowly and insistently with my tongue against her closed lips.
She pulled her sweet mouth from mine. "Please don't" she whispered "you
can't!". I pressed my lips back on hers more insistently, her lips parted
and I began to explore her mouth again in a slow deep kiss while I dropped
my left hand to her arse and began to knead her plump little bottom. I
raised my right hand to her left breast and began to deliberately feel her
through her thin dress. Her eyes opened wider but I just held her and
carried on exploring her charms.

Derek took a deep breath and stepped forward. "Wait a minute you
bastard.." he began. I let go of Susan and met him as he came towards me.
Without warning I slapped him hard across the face and punched him deep in
the solar plexus knocking all the wind out of him. He gave a deep gasp. I
pushed him down on to the sofa where he sat clutching his stomach. "Just
you sit there and don't move till I tell you" I snarled. Susan was looking
at me in horror. Derek gave a shout, struggled up from the sofa and rushed
towards me again. I punched him hard in the stomach and seized him by his
rather long soft hair. I slapped his face hard, back and forth. "Please
stop" Susan screamed. I threw him back down. "Now stay there like I told
you" I snarled again. I turned back to Susan and pulled her towards me.
My lips met hers again and her mouth reluctantly opened under my demanding
caress and I could feel her beginning to pant with fear. I was in no hurry
now. Susan stood rigid with shock as I gave her another deep kiss while I
felt her buttocks and, watching Derek looking at me with hatred and fear in
his eyes, I winked at him and began to thoroughly fondle his wife's cute
breasts through the thin material of her dress. I took my mouth from hers
but kept my hand on her plump little bottom, moving my hand into the cleft
between her cheeks. I pressed slowly but insistently and she reluctantly
opened her legs a little. "Please let me go" she begged quietly. I smiled
at them both. "That's a good girl" I said continuing to knead her neat
left breast. I suddenly let her go and stepped away from Susan, leaving
her gasping. I walked over to a big leather chair and sat down

I looked at Derek. "Get me a beer" I ordered. He looked bewildered and
did not move while Susan stood where I had left her. "Susan, you stay just
as you are" I said, and looked across at Derek. "Don't make me have to
tell you again" I said with some menace. That was enough. He got up and
went to the fridge where he poured my drink and brought it to me. I let
him put it down on a small table by me and sat looking up at him
thoughtfully. "Derek" I said quietly " I've been in your house for less
than ten minutes. In that time I have kissed your wife, felt her bottom
and fondled her breasts while you just sat and watched. You're not much of
a man are you to let me do that, are you?" He looked down at me miserably
and then across at Susan. "Well?" I asked "I'm waiting". "No, not much"
he said quietly. "And you're not good enough for Susan are you" I asked.
"No" he muttered. "Fine" I said briskly "since you're not much of a man
you shouldn't be wearing men's clothes. Go upstairs, get undressed, put
one of Susan's nightdresses on and come back down here". He looked at me
with shock in his eyes and Susan just gaped at us with her mouth open.
"Get on with it Derek" I dismissed him. "I won't tell you again". He
slowly walked out of the room.

I motioned to Susan. She came over and stood in front of me trembling.
"Susan" I said, "take off your dress". "I just can't" she whispered
wretchedly "it would be so wrong, so sinful to make me betray Derek after
what you are making him do". "I think you can, you know, and you better do
it quickly" I said putting some quiet menace into my voice. She sobbed and
reluctantly reached behind her for the zip and pulled it down and worked
the dress down over her hips so that it fell round her ankles. I smiled up
at her. She was an erotic sight in a sheer thin black bra through which I
could see her nipples protruding, high-cut thin black panties pulled deep
into her cunt the fleshy outer lips of which I could see clearly defined
through her sheer black tights. "Well Susan, don't you look sexy" I asked,
mockery in my tone. She looked miserably down at me in acute

The door opened and Derek came in. He looked rather foolish but very
cute in a peach coloured shortie nightie which reached to just below his
hips and a pair of matching clinging panties that clearly defined his prick
and balls. There didn't seem to be much there! He was blushing with
humiliation at having to appear like that in front of Susan. He stopped
short and gasped when he saw his half-naked wife standing in front of my
chair. "Come over here" I ordered. He approached me gingerly. "Take off
your panties, you won't be needing them". He silently complied and stood
awkwardly, not knowing what to do with his hands. I motioned for him to
lift the hem of his nightie, which he reluctantly did. I looked at his
little boy's cock. It was no more than three inches long and quite thin.
His balls were tight with fear. "Well", I said "if that is all Susan has
been getting she is in for a treat. Just you kneel down where I can see
you in front of me and keep watching us. Don't turn your eyes away for a
moment". He walked past Susan and knelt down by her as I had ordered. I
reached up and took Susan's hand and drew her trembling body down on to my
knee. I sat her with her knees pointing to the right towards her husband
and I motioned for her to put her right arm round my neck. I put my left
arm round her under her armpit and straight on to her breast which I began
to feel slowly and deliberately though the thin material of her bra. She
became tense and rigid on my lap and gave a loud gasp, followed by quiet
sobbing but I felt her nipple begin to erect under my palm. "Give me a
nice kiss, Susan" I said quietly. She looked at me helplessly and
reluctantly raised her lips to mine and I began to thoroughly explore her
hot little mouth while I was feeling her. She began to pant into my mouth
and I could begin to smell the unmistakable tang of a woman excited despite
herself. I removed my lips and smiled down at her furious young husband.
"I think that your wife is beginning to like this Derek" I said maliciously
"can you smell her?". Susan blushed a fiery red but I did not release her.
He didn't answer but looked as though he was about to cry. I put my right
hand halfway up the inside of Susan's plump right thigh and gently spread
her legs. She watched me tensely but was too afraid of me to stop me. I
lowered my lips to hers and began to kiss her again while I moved my right
hand slowly up the inside of her right thigh towards her quivering cunt
enjoying the sensuous feeling of the sheer tights on my roving hand. I
could see her looking past me at her husband as, keeping my left hand
firmly on her breast, I moved my right hand up between her thighs and
cupped her cunt through her tights and panties. She gasped into my mouth.
I took my lips from hers and looked down at Derek. "Please don't" Susan
begged "no-one but Derek has ever touched me there. It is a great sin".

"Your wife has a lovely cunt" I said "and I think that, from the smell
of her, she likes having it felt". Susan gasped and the blush spread to
her shoulders as I moved my hand into the waistband of the tights and
slowly but insistently pushed both tights and panties down her thighs. I
moved her thighs further apart and, looking down at Derek, I pushed two
fingers deep into Susan's cunt and began a slow finger-fuck. She gasped
again but did not dare to close her thighs. Her clinging cunt rapidly
became moist and she began to breathe quickly and shallowly. I could see
the blush beginning to spread from her cheeks and shoulders towards her
breasts as I carried on finger-fucking the horrified sobbing little blonde.
She gave a sudden shudder and came in my hand. "There you are, Derek" I
said "That was pretty easy". I let her rest for a moment. I still had one
hand on her breast and the other on her soft hairy mound with my fingers up
her cunt. She calmed down and looked miserably down at her humiliated
husband. "I'm so sorry, Derek" she said "I just couldn't help it". I
smiled at them both. "It didn't take much though , did it?" I asked.

I relaxed and picked up my drink. "Take off your bra, Susan" I ordered.
She hopelessly reached behind her and opened the catch, quietly sobbing,
and slid the bra down her arms dropping it beside her on the floor. I
looked down at her medium-sized breasts. They were a nice shape with
uptilted nipples surrounded by rather large dark pink areolae and hardly
any sag. "Your wife has beautiful breasts Derek, don't you think?" I
asked. The young couple looked at one another and Derek quickly wrenched
his eyes from those of his young frightened wife. "Well?" I asked. "Yes
she has" he reluctantly muttered. I swung Susan round so that her back was
to me and her open thighs on either side of mine. Her husband was looking
straight up into her wet cunt. I could smell the sweat from the miserable
young wife as I pulled her back against me and kissed her shoulder and neck
under her hair. I looked straight down into her husband's eyes as I put
both arms under hers and cupped her bare breasts. I began to thoroughly
feel her as I looked down at her husband. "You're right, your wife has a
choice pair of tits, Derek" I said, deliberately crudely. "I think, going
by her nipples, that she likes having them felt". She gasped and tensed
again on my lap as her nipples erected involuntarily under my touch as I
casually pulled and twisted them. Susan gave a gasp of mingled pleasure
and pain. "I could play with your tits all day darling " I said. "Let me
go please" Susan whispered wretchedly blushing at the endearment and
looking down at her helpless husband "I've never done anything like this

I moved Susan around so that she was back in her original position on my
knee, put my hand back on her cunt and began a gentle finger-fuck and
lowered my mouth to her left breast. I began to deliberately suck her
breast teasing her nipple with my teeth while I watched her husband squirm.
I moved from one breast to the other sucking hard until both nipples were
fully erect and despite herself Susan was breathing heavily again. Derek
watched his wife unhappily as I played with her. She was beginning to
sweat and was getting excited again in spite of her repressions. I gave
her another deep kiss as her husband knelt and watched his blonde c***dhood
sweetheart virtually naked on another man's lap with his fingers up her
cunt. I took my mouth from hers and smiled down at Derek. Susan's legs
parted further and she threw her head back against my shoulder and gave a
deep groan as I buried three fingers deep in her wet cunt. "I think she
likes that" I said. I let her relax, fingering her cunt with the other
hand gently fondling her soft springy breast. "Please forgive me Derek"
Susan begged "I can't help it. He is making me do it".

"I think that it's time we went upstairs" I said. "Derek, you go first,
lie on your bed and wait for us". I watched him reluctantly obey. When he
had gone I motioned for Susan to stand up which she did on shaking legs.
She was now just dressed in high-heeled shoes with her black silk panties
and tights pushed halfway down her plump young thighs. She looked
fantastic, her lowered knickers giving her a kind of exciting slutty air. I
picked her up in my arms with one hand round her, under her armpit and
holding her breast and the other under her knees. I put my lips to hers
and gave her a hard kiss while I squeezed her breast more firmly. She
gasped into my mouth, widened her blue eyes and began to pant harshly
again. I carried the virtually naked sexy young blonde up to the bedroom
that she shared with her husband. I pushed the door open and gently laid
her down on the bed beside her humiliated and helpless husband. I began to
undress and when I was naked I sat on the bed and looked at them both.
Unlike her husband I have an eight inch prick which is fairly thick and the
circumcised head looks like a small orange. Susan looked at my cock and
gasped. My body hair is pretty thick which contrasted with her virtually
hairless husband. I had a real surprise for them both now though.

While I had been playing with his wife downstairs I had been looking
Derek over more closely. He had a delicate, almost feminine, face and the
swell of what could have been an immature teenager's budding breasts
obvious under his nightie. His nipples made prominent little peaks in the
sheer fabric and I could see clearly the circular dark areolae surrounding
them "I've got another little girl here" I thought with pleasure. I began
to change my plans for the evening and night. This would be much more
unexpected and traumatic for them and much more pleasurable for me. I
began to see how I could really change their lives and the thought
intrigued me.

I looked at Susan. "Go down and bring my beer up leaving your panties
just as they are" I ordered her sharply. She jumped off the bed, watching
me warily and tip tapped out of the room on her ridiculously high heels
with her black tights and panties clinging halfway down her sexy thighs. I
sat down beside Derek and looked him over. He looked at me quickly,
blushed and dropped his eyes like an embarrassed schoolgirl on her first
date. "Excellent" I thought, "What have we here then!". He looked quickly
at me, but seeing my eyes still on his face dropped his eyes to his lap
where he was twisting his hands together. He began to look more and more
uncomfortable and I could smell the tang of his sweat.

Susan came back into the room and gave me my drink. I put it on the
bedside table beside Derek. She stood beside me and I could distinctly
smell her cunt, excited despite herself, although she was trembling with
anxiety. She as in for as big a surprise as Derek. I looked up at her.
"Go and lie down beside Derek" I said. "You can keep your shoes and
panties on for the moment but leave your panties where they are". She
looked puzzled but obeyed. When they were both settled I gently began to
pressure Derek. "Look into my eyes" I said quietly "don't take your eyes
from mine or it will be the worse for you". His eyes looked into mine and
I could see the uncertainty in them. He had light hazel eyes with delicate
lashes and eyebrows that were a little thick for a girl. That could be
easily sorted.

"I don't think that you are a man at all Derek" I said "I think that you
are a girl and I am going to prove it". He looked more scared and confused
than ever. "Have you ever been felt by a proper man?" I asked him. He
shook his head violently. "I am not gay" he said in a quavering voice "I
have always liked girls". "We'll see" I said, "put your hands by your
sides on the bed and don't move them or I will slap you. I would punch a
man but I'd slap a girl. You are much more of a girl than a man and when I
have finished with you you'll be a proper girl like Susan". I could see
that they didn't follow me and both of them were looking at me wide-eyed. I
lay down on the big bed by Derek and I could feel him beginning to tremble.
I casually put my hand on his thigh and pulled up the hem of his nightie
until it was at the level of his belly button exposing his balls. I moved
my hand up his smooth thigh until I was cupping his balls and his little
prick. His hands clenched in the bedclothes and he blushed with shame as I
began to thoroughly explore his balls and cock while I looked into his
frightened eyes. His prick rapidly became erect under my expert fondling.
"Well, look at that" I said to Susan "little girlie Derek likes being
touched up by a proper man". His young wife lying beside us gasped with
shock and horror as she saw her husband's response to my fingers. I began
to slowly wank him as he shivered beside me. I could see that his nipples
were erect and the swellings on his chest were pressing through the nylon
of his sheer nightie. I wanked him gently until I could feel his moist
pre-cum on my fingers.

I just lay still with one hand holding his stiff little prick and put
the other hand behind his head and firmly pulled his lips on to mine. He
tried to pull away but I was far too strong and just held him. I began to
roughly kiss him pressing my tongue insistently to his lips and looking
into his frightened eyes. He held out as long as he could then his mouth
suddenly relaxed and I knew that I had him. I winked over his shoulder
into Susan's shocked eyes and began to explore the mouth of her young
husband. Now that he was compliant even if not relaxed I enjoyed giving
him the first of many deep sexy kisses from a proper man as I gently wanked
him. I sucked deeply on his tongue treating him as I would any attractive
girl. I did not want him to come yet so I took my lips from his and
whispered "Did you like that girlie?" He blushed and dropped his eyes just
like a virgin. "Please don't call me a girl, I am a man and I am not gay"
he whispered. I looked into his eyes. "Only a submissive frightened
little virgin girl like you would let herself be kissed and touched up like
you have just been" I said. "A proper man would not have let it happen".
He looked crushed. "Please don't do this to us" Susan whispered "what you
are making us do is a great sin". I just laughed.

I released his prick and stood up. I picked up a large soft cushion
from a chair by the bed and looked down a Derek. "Lift your bum, there's a
good girl" I said. He was too shocked not to comply and I arranged the
cushion under his arse so that it was tilted up off the bed. "I'm not a
girl" he muttered "don't keep calling me that".

"I told you, you are much more of a girl than a man and I am going to
make a proper girl of you. I think that you need a new name. From now on
we will call you Debbie. Would you like that?" He just looked helplessly
at me. "Did you hear that Susan?" I asked "from now on this is little
Debbie". I could see that they didn't believe me, that they thought that I
was acting. They still had a lot to learn.

"Pull your feet up to your arse, Debbie" I said "and spread your knees".
He was so frightened now that he did what I ordered immediately. I could
see his plump thighs splayed out and his little prick jutting out over his
almost hairless balls. Looking further back I could see the dimple of his
arsehole. "Take your tights and panties off and put your legs in the same
position, Susan" I said. She looked wretchedly at me but slowly slid the
silk underwear down her legs and dropped it on the floor then lay back,
pulled up her heels and splayed her sexy plump thighs. I glanced down at
her blond hairy fleshy cunt enjoying seeing the young husband and wife in
such a submissive pose before me wantonly displaying their sex.

"Do you know how men make love to one another?" I asked Debbie. He
shook his head. "One man gets on his hands and knees and the other goes
behind him and puts his prick up his arse and fucks him". "You can't do
that to me" he whispered in horror "I told you, I am straight, not gay and
that would be sinful". "Don't worry, I won't." I said. "I said that was
how men make love. You are not a man. You are a submissive girl and that
is how you are going to be fucked. You are never going to forget this. I
will come between your legs with you lying on your back with your thighs
spread like the frightened little virgin you are and I will shove my prick
right up your hole. Then I am going to fuck the arse off you and you will
never be the same again". He looked up at me aghast but did not dare to
move although I could feel him shaking as he lay by his frightened young

My prick was only semi-erect and that would not do. I walked round and
sat by Susan. "Give me a nice wank" I said " and get me ready to fuck
Debbie". Susan reluctantly put her hand on my prick and began to slowly
and deliciously toss me off. I looked at her and smiled. "You are good at
that aren't you?" I leaned down and began to kiss the terrified blonde. I
looked across at her angry young husband while her little hand tightened on
my prick and she began to wank me harder. She worked up a nice rhythm and
I could feel the precum oozing from my prick. I could smell her excitement
as, despite herself, her cunt moistened. I took my lips from hers. "That
will do nicely" I said and moved back to kneel between Debbie's legs with
my knees pressing his splayed thighs further apart. I casually put my
fingers in Susan's sticky cunt and she gasped loudly as I transferred the
cunt-slime from her to my prick and made sure that it was nice and greasy.
I took more of her juice on my fingers and began to smear Debbie's arse.
He gave a loud sob. "Please don't, you can't, it's horrible" he pleaded.
"Watch this, Susan" I ordered. "Watch me turn your husband into my own
special girl". Debbie began to sob quietly and helplessly and Susan,
seeming now to lack all resistance, propped herself up on her elbow and
watched us.

With no more messing about I put the head of my big stiff pick against
Debbie's virgin arse and gently pushed. He looked up at me, sobbing
quietly and biting his bottom lip. Suddenly I felt the anal sphincter give
and the head of my prick entered his arse. I pushed it in about two inches
and he gave a deep shuddering gasp. Susan looked on horrified as I began
to gently fuck her young husband using about three inches of my prick. I
lay more forward so that we were almost in the missionary position and I
began to fondle his plump little chest. I could feel his nipple pressing
against my palm through the nylon so I took it between finger and thumb and
began to slowly twist it. He was sobbing loudly. Suddenly I felt the
walls of his arse become much more moist, compliant and relaxed and I
slowly pushed until I was sheathed in him to my balls. I lay on him,
holding his nipple and looked into his eyes. "I have just taken your
virginity, Debbie" I said "and it wasn't difficult was it? You didn't put
up much of a struggle, I must say!" He closed his eyes, shaking. I gently
slapped his cheek. "Open your eyes, and keep them fixed on mine" I
snapped. I began to kiss him while I felt his nipple and began to fuck him
more vigorously using all of my prick. His eyes widened and he began to
pant under my lips. I took my lips from his and looked into his eyes, "Put
your legs round my back Debbie darling" I said "and start moving your hips.
I am doing all the work here". His terrified eyes stared into mine as
tears began to stream from his eyes but he reluctantly wrapped his plump
legs around me just above my arse and began to pull me into him. His hips
began to move with me and we began a nice slow rhythmical deep and
satisfying fuck. He was gasping with each stroke of my prick. He clasped
me with his thighs as tightly as any girl and his hips moved sweetly in
rhythm to my deep thrusts. I lifted myself a little so that I could get my
hands on his chest and I began to feel him again playing with his nipples
while I fucked him. "You have quite a pretty pair of little tits here, you
know" I said to him. He blushed furiously. "I am going to do something
about these. When I have finished with you, you will need to wear one of
Susan's bras."

"All the time his legs were clasped round me and I was fucking him hard.
For the time being Susan was forgotten. I looked into his eyes. "Are you
enjoying this?" He was silent. "Come on" I said. He hesitated then
suddenly gasped in a high-pitched breathy voice "No, I hate it. You know I
am not gay and you are forcing me. I think that you are horrible". He had
given me another idea. "That's a nice voice you just used then, perfect
for Debbie. I want you to speak like a breathy teenaged girl all the time.
Practise it carefully because if you don't speak like that from now on
you'll be spanked like any other naughty little girl". He had stopped
sobbing and was looking up at me with hatred and fear in his hazel eyes. I
thought that it was time to bring this to a close. I had got all that I
was going to get and more than I had expected. I moved up to his lips
still twisting his nipple gently. "Kiss me Debbie, I am going to come
inside you" With no more ado I pressed his lips on his and pushed my tongue
imperiously into his soft mouth sucking on his tongue. I began to slowly
increase the vigour of my strokes and I could smell him sweating under me.
I felt the familiar tingle begin in my balls and my cock hardened as the
ejaculation approached. I shot a load of cum deep up his arse and just lay
still on him, feeling his cute little tits and kissing his soft girlie
lips.. His unclasped his legs from my sweaty hips legs and lay impaled on
my softening prick a well-fucked deflowered virgin .

I raised my lips from his and looked across at Susan. She was watching
her shamed young husband in horror. "What do you think of little Debbie
now?" I asked. I pulled my prick from his arse noting with amusement that
he had come all over his belly, staining his nightie which I considerately
pulled down. I moved between them and lay down on my back with my hands
behind my head. Debbie lay with his knees splayed out clearly in shock
from the experience he had just endured. "Funny, isn't it Susan?" I said.
"You have not been fucked yet but I have had a great ride from Debbie!".

I looked across at Susan. "It would be nice if you cleaned my prick and
balls with your tongue" I said, " and when I am nice and clean again you
can suck me off while you give me one of your nice wanks until I am ready
for you". "I couldn't" she whispered "it's so horrible and dirty. I never
even do that with Derek". "I laughed. "Just get on with it and shut up,
you little slut. I don't want to have to tell you again". She slowly
moved down the bed to my thigh and began to clean my prick and balls with
her tongue. I turned to Debbie. "You look hot and sweaty and you have
stained your nightie like the dirty little girl you are" I said, "you can
take it off". He looked at me with hate and shrugged off the damp and
sticky nylon. "Aren't you going to thank me for the fuck?" I asked with
quiet menace. "Thank you" he breathed reluctantly, just like a teenage
girl. I felt my prick being enveloped in Susan's soft mouth and I looked
at the sweet rosebud of her lips stretched around the shaft. She was an
expert cocksucker I could tell instantly. She ran her tongue around the
bottom rim of my knobhead very delicately and began a slow rhythmical
sucking, drawing my prick deep into her hot little mouth and combining it
with a gentle wank. It felt really great and I looked down at the exotic
blonde with her hair tumbling in soft waves over her shoulders. "Watch how
Susan is sucking me off" I said "you will be doing that soon". He looked
at me in shocked disbelief as his hot little cocksucker of a wife worked on
my prick.

I was fascinated by the plump little swellings on his hairless chest. I
motioned to him and drew him into my arms. I began to feel his little tits
with one hand while I slipped the other between his legs and began to
finger-fuck his slimy arse. I drew his nipple into my mouth and sucked
deeply on it. He gasped. "Do you like that Debbie - and remember the
voice?" I asked "No, I hate it. You are hurting my chest" he said in his
high girlie voice. I just looked into his eyes and carried on fondling his
little chest mound with one hand while I twisted his nipple. The more I
drew his attention to his plump chest, comparing it to a girl's the more
off-balance and uncomfortable he would become. Although I was lying
fondling Debbie and gazing into his soft feminine-looking eyes if I glanced
down I could see Susan's wide sexy blue eyes watching me as she clasped my
shaft in her cute rosebud lips and reluctantly but expertly sucked my
sweaty prick, tossing me off into her pretty mouth. I put one hand in her
soft hair and drew her mouth from my cock. "You can stop sucking me off
now but keep on giving me a nice wank while I carry on playing with your
husband's sweaty arse hole"

"I think that it is time I explained a few things to you two" I said
conversationally. "I need somewhere to live while I am in England so I am
going to move in here. You will continue to go out to work as usual but
when you come home things will not be the same as they were before because
now I am in charge it will be your occupation in life to please me and,
believe me, if you fail, I have ways of making you both very sorry indeed.
Let me explain some rules. Firstly, you both belong to me now and you will
not have sex with each other again ever, only with me or with anyone I tell
you to. Furthermore you will never again wank either yourselves or each
other. In fact unless I tell you to won't even touch each other again. If
I find that you have been disobeying me you will both be very sorry". I
heard them gasp and saw Debbie go pale.

"There will be some dress rules too. At first anyway you can dress
normally when you go to work. When you come home, Susan, you will change
into a suspender belt and stockings. You will buy some really short
mini-skirts, at least six inches above your knee so that they only just
cover your stocking-tops, and you will never wear panties when you are in
the house. You will always wear high heeled shiny shoes, in fact, come to
think of it the shoes you have on now are not high enough. Get some five
inch stilettos. You will never again wear a bra at home but you can get
some tight-fitting sheer thin silk tops that button down the back and that
cling to your breasts but have a nice low neck-line showing me your
cleavage. They may be hard to find but that's your problem. You better
have all this stuff when you come home tomorrow night".

"Now you, Debbie. When you come home you will change into the girlie
clothes that I think suit your personality. Susan's suspender belts will
fit you so you can share those. Make sure that you have enough, buy some
tomorrow if you have to. You also will never wear panties at home. Get
some dark stockings that fit you properly and some pretty coloured short
summer dresses that cling to your chest showing me your sexy nipples. I
want the dresses short enough to just cover your stocking tops and thin
enough that I can see your nipples. They may be hard to buy I want you to
get some high heeled shoes as well, although until you get used to them you
only need a three-inch heel".

"You will pluck Debbie's eyebrows, Susan, so that they are nice and
feminine like yours. Shave all the hair off his prick, balls and round his
arse and he is to do the same to your cunt. I want you both completely
clear of body hair by tomorrow night. That means, Debbie, that sometime
tomorrow you get your legs waxed. I don't care when or how you arrange it
but it all better be done by the time I see you both tomorrow evening.
While you are at it, Debbie, get your hair lightened and streaked blonde
but don't have it cut. I am going to let it grow nice and long. Finally
Susan, before I come home tomorrow evening, you will make Debbie up like
the sexy girl that he really is - plenty of lipstick and a proper complete
eye make-up job." I looked from one pair of shocked and horrified eyes to
the other.

"Are you on the pill Susan?" I asked. "She nodded. "Well keep taking
them, I don't want you pregnant yet. Go and get another prescription. I
need them for Debbie. I am going to put him on double-strength hormones
and in a few weeks you will see a real change in his breasts and hips."
They both looked at me in disbelief and finally Debbie made a show of
resistance, pulling away from me so that his arse left my hand. "We won't
do it, you bastard, why should we?" he quavered "and you can't make us. I
won't take any pills either".

I sighed and turned to Susan. "I thought that it might come to this in
the end. Go downstairs and get me another beer. And when you come up,
bring the case that I left in the hall by the front door". After pausing a
moment she got off the bed and went out. We listened to the tapping of her
high heels as she went downstairs. Debbie looked at me defiantly, clearly
thinking that he had made a stand. I shook my head. "You just made a big
mistake Debbie" I said quietly. "Don't call me that" he said, gaining in
confidence" My name is Derek and I am not gay in spite of what you made me
do. I couldn't stand it or you and that makes me straight. I will make
love to my wife if I want to and you can't stop me". As he gained in
confidence I noted that he had dropped the little teenager's voice and that
his voice had dropped in pitch again.

Susan came in and put my drink down. I got off the bed and took my case
from her and put it by the small chair. I just stood with one arm round
her shaking waist casually fondling her breasts as her young husband looked
at me impotently with hate in his eyes. I slapped Susan lightly on the
bottom. "Go and lie down on the bed like you were before with your knees
spread". She glanced at her husband and lay down beside him pulling her
heels up to her arse and spreading her thighs. Her blonde cunt slightly
gaped as her knees splayed. "That's a good girl". I said. "Just you stay
like that until I tell you to move". I sat down on the chair and looked at
Debbie. "Come over here" I said quietly. He just lay and looked across at
me defiantly. "If I have to come and get you you'll be really sorry" I
said menacingly. He got up and reluctantly came to stand in front of me.
"Now Debbie" I said "you have been a naughty girl. You have defied me and
you have forgotten to speak with the girlie voice I told you always to use
in the house. I warned you before that naughty girls get punished but you
wouldn't listen. "I am not a girl, you bastard" he snarled. "You are just
making it worse" I smiled.

I reached in my case and took out a long thin cane. "I am going to put
you over my knee and give you a good thrashing" I said "I'll beat all the
defiance out of you". I reached out and took his hand but he jerked it
away. "Right" I said "I've lost patience now". I slashed him across the
upper left thigh. He gasped and jumped and looked with horror at the weal
where the cane had marked his plump flesh. "Lie over my knee or I'll hit
you across the balls". He took one look at my eyes and lay down on my lap.
I rubbed my prick against his little cock and balls and could feel it
beginning to stir. I began to cane his plump arse methodically
criss-crossing the stroke and gradually hitting him harder until the cane
fairly whistled through the air.

I knew that he would not be able to stand it, no one could. At first, I
could feel his thighs and hips twitching and rubbing deliciously against my
erecting prick. Then he began to cry, great racking sobs shaking his
slender body. As I carried on thrashing him he began to sweat and a
wordless moaning accompanied the strokes of my cane. Susan watched in
horror. "Please stop" she begged "we'll do anything you want". "Is that
true, Debbie? I asked. I think he had learned his lesson. "What is your
name and whose little girl are you?". I heard the breathy teenage voice
again. "My name is Debbie and I am your little girl". "You won't touch
Susan again, will you Debbie?" I asked. "No, I promise, I won't" I heard
the girlish voice quiver. "You will remember this lesson won't you and so
will Susan?" I said. "Don't forget, what I am doing to you now I can do to
her as well and I will if I have to"."Oh, God. Yes I will remember it.
Please stop caning me." "Just remember" I said "you do everything I tell
you immediately and without question and you never contradict me".

I put my cane down and began to fondle his hot bottom moving his prick
and balls against my erect knob. I slipped a finger up his arse and began
to finger-fuck him. He gasped. "You have a cute little arse already but
after some hormones it will be really plump and girlie" I said. I began to
feel in his arse for the bulge of his prostate and began to squeeze it more
deeply. He gasped loudly. "You smell, Debbie", I said "and it is getting
time that we had some sleep anyway. Go and have a nice shower, use some of
Susan's best talc so that you smell nice and feminine and put a clean
nightie on. When you are ready, come back and sit in this chair. Susan
and I are going to be busy". He got off my lap and went to he bathroom
without looking back at me.

I got up and went across to the bed. I sat down beside Susan and began
to finger-fuck her gaping cunt. She gasped, tensed and blushed. I bent
and looked into her wide baby-blue eyes. "Toss me off, Susan, and get me
ready. I feel like a nice slow fuck". She looked up at me, bit her bottom
lip and began to wank my big prick nice and firmly. I could hear the noise
of the shower. Susan continued to toss me off expertly. A thought
occurred to me. "Did you have many boyfriends before Debbie", I asked
suddenly. Susan began to blush furiously and bit her lip harder. "There
is something here" I thought. "Derek was my first boyfriend" she said
quietly "we were c***dhood sweethearts. I was a virgin when we were
married and my family were very strict". " So where did you learn to suck
cock and to toss men off as well as you do? It certainly wasn't from
Debbie". "Please don't make me tell you" she begged. "Susan" I said
quietly "have you forgotten so soon what I just did to Debbie? You two
have no secrets from me". Her cunt was very wet under my probing fingers
and she was beginning to pant again. "It was my Daddy" she whispered,
blushing with shame. "I am an only c***d and when Mummy became ill, Daddy
said he needed me to take her place. Every night after she went to sleep
he came to my room. He wouldn't make love to me properly because he said
that that was sinful but he showed me how to suck his knob and to wank him"
Well, well" I thought, "good for Daddy".

Derek came in and went to the dressing-table. He took out a pale yellow
shortie nightie and put it on. He looked across at me. "Don't bother
about the panties Debbie" I said again, humiliating him further, "you won't
be needing them. Just sit down like a good girl while I fuck your darling
little c***dhood sweetheart". "You just can't make love to me" whispered
Susan "I am married and that would be adultery. It is a great sin. Please
don't make me do it". I laughed. "I have already fucked Debbie, so we are
storing up the sins. Now it's your turn". I lay on my side alongside the
pretty little blonde and looked across at her husband who glared back with
hate-filled eyes, too afraid to protest. I drew his sexy young wife into
my arms and slid my eight inch prick straight up her wet and clinging
little cunt. Despite herself, she took my whole prick with no problem at
all and gave a deep gasp. I slowly began to fuck her while I kissed her
deeply and worked on her hot little tongue. I looked into her cloudy blue
eyes and then glanced across at her husband. He was sitting tensely
watching us. I felt Susan beginning to pant into my mouth as her hips
began to move rhythmically thrusting her pubic bone into me and pushing her
cunt as deeply on to my prick as she could. Her plump little thighs went
round my back without my having to tell her and she clasped me tightly. I
felt her heels pressing into my bum and her nails began to claw my
shoulders. Her breathing became shallower and faster and a blush started
on her neck and spread to her chest. I took my mouth from hers and she
threw her head back and began to gasp loudly. I moved my hands to her
plump tits and began to squeeze them in time with my thrusts. "Oh
God!!!"she gasped "this is so wrong!". "Watch your wife Debbie" I said.
"I am going to make her come". Just then Susan gave a shuddering gasp and
became rigid as an orgasm swept through her reluctantly excited body. I
had not come and lay with my stiff prick buried in her cunt gently fondling
her beautiful breasts while I watched her husband as he glared angrily but
helplessly at me. When she had calmed down I patted her bottom gently.
"That was lovely, Susan darling." I said "you are a choice little fuck. Go
and have a nice shower and make yourself smell nice, then come back to bed.
You won't need a nightie". Her will seemed broken, for the time being at
least, and I watched her neat little bum twitch like a ticking clock as she
trotted off obediently for her shower. She passed her husband without
looking at him.

I looked across at Debbie as we heard the noise of Susan's shower. I
didn't say anything but just lay watching him. He was getting more and
more nervous and spasmodically crossed his legs. "That's another rule
Debbie" I said "you never cross your legs when I am in the room. Uncross
them and spread your thighs so that I can see your little prick and your
arsehole". He looked at me with hate and rage clouding his hazel eyes but
did as I told him to.

Susan came back into the bedroom looking fresh and clean and smelling
sweet. She had brushed her luxurious blonde tresses and they hung over her
shoulders in soft waves. It was getting very late. "I think that it's
time for sleep. You two have work in the morning. Susan, don't forget
your pill and give two to Debbie. He is on double strength for the time
being". All the fight seemed to have been beaten out of Debbie who
resignedly took the pills. I made sure that he swallowed them.

I lay in the middle of the big bed. After my efforts of the evening I
knew that I smelt sweaty but I didn't let it bother me. They were there
for my pleasure not the other way round. "OK, I'll sleep in the middle so
that if I feel horny in the night I can have which ever of you I fancy.
Susan, come and lay beside me" The little blonde walked to the bed with
dragging steps and lay down by me. I could feel the sexy soft waves of her
hair brushing my naked shoulder. "Now you, Debbie, come and lay on my
other side". He reluctantly got up, crossed to the bed and lay down on his
back trying not to touch me. "You may have both wondered why Susan does
not have a nightie on and Debbie does" I said casually. "That is easy, I
like looking at Susan's naked tits and cunt, but for the moment Debbie
looks much more exciting and attractive in his little girlie nightie. It
makes his pretty little nipples stand up beautifully and I can see definite
signs of his tits. I also like the way the material outlines his little
baby prick". I watched Debbie blush angrily but he had no answer that he
dared to make.

"OK Debbie", I said "switch the light off and let's settle down" He
switched off the main lights and the bedroom was just then lit by a
romantic subdued glow from a hidden source. "That's really nice" I said "I
am going to enjoy living here". I had not come since I had taken Debbie's
virgin arse earlier and now I felt horny again. It would have to be gentle
though because I was shattered. "Susan, I said "You can go to sleep. I
don't need you at present. Just make sure that you don't touch your cunt.
If I find you wanking I'll warm your cute plump little bottom". "I turned
to Debbie. "OK, girlie, I feel like a little more fun, how about you". He
looked sick and miserable. I put my arm round him and drew his sweet
feminine-smelling young form against my hard body, pulling him to me so
that our cocks met but our upper bodies were still apart. I knew that he
could smell my sweat but I didn't much care. I looked into his eyes and
began to gently rub my big man's prick against his little boy's organ. It
felt incredibly sexy through the nylon of his little nightie and I rapidly
became erect. I felt his little pencil-prick becoming hard under the silky
fabric. I smiled at my young male plaything. "I think that little Debbie
likes this, he is getting excited" I whispered. I was pleased to hear him
answer in his breathy teenage almost falsetto voice. "I don't, I hate it,
and you". He had learned at least one lesson tonight. I didn't care how
he felt about me. I enjoyed his hatred and fear more that if he had been
willing. I gently continued rubbing our pricks together in a handless
mutual wank. I was enjoying it even if Debbie was not.

I slipped one hand behind him and began to cup and fondle his soft sexy
buttocks while pulling him on to my cock continuing the gentle prick-wank.
With the other hand I began to feel the soft mounds of his budding breasts.
His erect nipples rubbed deliciously against my hand through the sheer
nylon. I felt his little arse twitch and he groaned. I knew that, in
spite of himself, the gentle stroking I was giving his little knob with my
prick was getting to him. "Do you like that, sexy little Debbie" I asked
quietly. He groaned again. I could hear Susan breathing heavily and
sobbing quietly behind me as I played with her young husband. I could feel
her soft hair on my back but she knew better than to interfere. I looked
into Debbie's reluctant eyes and put my lips to his in a dominating kiss
that brooked no refusal. His lips opened under mine and I began a long
soft sexy deep kiss that must have seemed unending to him. I did not allow
his tongue to move forward but took immediate possession of his mouth and
began to thoroughly explore it with my demanding tongue. I was looking
into his wide and startled eyes all the time and I began to increase the
pressure of my hand on his cute little bottom, pulling him even closer onto
me and rubbing his little cock just a little more firmly with my prick and
balls. I felt his arse twitch convulsively and he gave a breathy squeak
into my mouth. I knew that he had come all over his plump thighs and
belly, dirtying his clean nightie. I took my lips from his and smiled at
my young conquest. "I told you that you would enjoy it" I said, my hands
still occupied with his arse and his little tits. I heard Susan's gasping
horrified breathing, aghast at what was happening but knowing that she was
unable to prevent it.

"It's a pity that you have dirtied another nightie Debbie" I said "you
will have to sleep in it now" He looked at me miserably. I had decided
what would get me nicely off to sleep. "Do you have a wank when Susan is
out?" I asked him suddenly. For the time being at least I had broken his
spirit and he knew better than to lie. "Sometimes" he whispered. "Right"
I said "I feel like a nice wank before I go to sleep so get on with it". I
pulled my body from his to give him access to my prick and balls. He did
not move. I just looked at him and he hesitantly reached out, put his hand
on my prick and began to toss me off. He was not bad at it and worked up a
nice rhythm gripping my thick shaft in his soft little hand. I smiled at
him. "You are quite a good little wanker Debbie, much better than I
expected. Just go a bit faster". He gripped me a little tighter and
lengthened the stroke and began to wank me harder. "That's just right
Debbie" I said "that's how I like to be tossed off. Remember it because
you will be doing it often enough and I don't want to have to remind you
each time".

I pulled him towards me. "Don't stop what you are doing" I said. I put
my hand behind his head into his soft hair and pulled his face to my sweaty
chest putting his mouth to my erect nipple. "Just you suck on that, you
sexy little bitch, and keep wanking me" I felt his lips close around my
erect nipple and I pressed it into his mouth. "Get sucking" I commanded.
My hand was still between us and I was feeling his immature teenage-girlie
tits. I worked his nightie up at the back and put my hand on his cute
plump arse while he was sucking my nipple and vigorously tossing me off. I
moved him to the other nipple taking pleasure in the complete control of my
reluctant young partner. I knew that this would not last long as I could
feel the familiar hot tingle in my balls. Debbie's eyes widened and he
reflexly sucked harder on my erect nipple as he felt the spasm in my prick.
I pressed my middle finger slowly right up his moist arsehole to the root
and held his bottom on my splayed hand as I ejaculated deliberately all
over his belly and thighs, soaking his nightie and his side of the bed with
my copious cum. "Now you'll have to sleep in my cum as well as your own" I
said. I could hear Susan's shallow breathing behind me and I knew that she
was not asleep. "OK you, two" I said "time for sleep". I released Debbie
giving his arse a short finger-fuck before I let him go. He lay on his
back in the pool of cum with his soiled nightie sticking to his belly and
thighs as I put the finger that had been up his arse to his lips. "Suck
that" I commanded. He just looked sick and shook his head. I pushed it
into his reluctant mouth and worked it round until it was clean then I
dried it on his hair. He looked at me with bleak hatred. "During the
night stay where you are" I said "you can wait until I wake up if you want
to go to the toilet. Just lie still, hold it until morning and don't
disturb me or it will be the worse for you". I relaxed back and rapidly
fell asleep leaving the young couple whose world I had turned upside down
in twenty four hours to their own thoughts and fears.

As always, I awoke early and horny, the next morning. Susan and Debbie
were as I had left them and I knew that they were also awake. When they
felt me stir Susan said quietly "We both want to go to the toilet". I just
grunted. "You'll both have to wait. There is plenty to do first. Debbie,
you can go down and make me a nice strong cup of coffee and don't be all
day. When you come back, sit on that chair until I am ready for you". He
got off the bed and went out, his nightie clinging to his sticky thighs. I
turned to Susan and began fondle her breast with one hand as I kissed her.
"You are a very pretty girl, you know" I said "just what a man needs in his
bed in the morning". I carried on feeling the reluctant blonde slowly
deepening my kiss until I heard her husband come in with my coffee. He put
it down beside me and stood angrily watching me fondling his c***dhood
sweetheart. I took my lips from his young wife's sweet mouth and let the
young husband watch me put my other hand between his wife's plump thighs,
finger-fucking her casually as I looked up at him. "Sit down, Debbie" I
ordered and I knew that he would comply. I let him watch me play with his
wife for a while, enjoying his humiliation. Susan squirmed in my arms and
I could smell her cunt. "You don't need to watch us Debbie" I said "you'd
be better employed downstairs cooking my breakfast. I want a nice full
breakfast, ham and eggs and all the trimmings with lashings of coffee. Go
and get on with it and call me when it's ready". He got up and went out
with a last look at his wife in my arms. I reached over and drank some

I smiled at her. "Do you fancy a nice fuck, Susan?" I asked. "Please
don't make me" she whispered "you've had me once against my will and I feel
so dirty and ashamed". "Excellent!" I thought "you just keep on feeling
like that and it will be great". I lay on my back and moved Susan so that
she was sitting astride me and I gently lowered the horrified little blonde
on to my prick pushing it slowly but smoothly up her moist tight furry
little cunt. "Now, you fuck me" I said. She had possibly never been in
this position before because she just sat on my cock and looked helplessly
at me. I put my hands on her full firm young breasts and began to twist
her erect nipples. She gasped. "Now, move your arse" I ordered. She
began to sweetly move up and down on my stiff prick, supporting herself on
her knees and leaning slightly forward against my hands as I continued to
fuck and feel her. I could see her beginning to flush and I could smell
her sweat so I pulled her down on to me and gave her a deep kiss as I felt
her come. I had not come but I was saving it. I lifted her from my prick
which slid easily from her moist hole and laid her panting hot young body
beside me. "Susan, that was lovely" I said "It was so, so wrong" she
answered miserably". "Go and have your shower and go to the toilet if you
want to. Then get dressed for work and come downstairs". She got up and
went to the bathroom and I lay back and finished my coffee while I smelled
my breakfast being prepared. I had not come yet and I still had plans for

I got up and went downstairs. Debbie was standing at the sink washing a
cup, his arse cutely outlined by his sweaty nylon nightie. I walked up
behind him and put my arms under his on to his budding breasts and I began
to feel him while I kissed his neck and rubbed my prick against the crack
of his soft bum cheeks through the sheer material. He shuddered in
distaste and horror. His sexy body had already given me a raging hard-on
and when I moved a hand from his tit to feel his cock and balls through his
cum-soaked sweaty nightie I could feel that he was also stiff. "What about
my breakfast?" I asked. "It's keeping warm in the oven" he muttered.
"Good" I said "I've just had Susan but I still need to work up an appetite.
Do you fancy a fuck?" He looked aghast. "Please, no, not again" he
whimpered in his little girlie voice. I took his hand and led him to the
table where I sat on an upright chair and drew him to me so that he was
standing facing me with his thighs outside mine and his arse cheeks spread.
I knew that he would be tight and tense so I took some butter from the
breakfast table on my fingers and slowly began to work it in to his arse
hole greasing his channel ready for me. He closed his eyes and gasped. My
hard-on had begun to relax. "Look at me Debbie", I ordered. "Take some
butter and spread it on my prick, giving me a nice wank while you are at
it". He reluctantly smeared his fingers with butter and began to toss me
off. I rapidly became stiff again. I pulled him closer giving me good
access to his greasy hole and pressed my thighs against his so that he was
forced to spread his legs wider, opening his arse to my prick. "Guide my
knob into your arse Debbie" I ordered. He gave a convulsive sob but
compliantly took my stiff prick in his greasy hand and brought it to his
spread arse cheeks. I put my hands on his waist and pulled him down on to
me, smoothly pushing my big stiff prick right up his greasy reluctant arse.
He gave a gasp of pain and anguish but it was too late. I was in him to
the balls and it felt great. The moist sweaty walls of his arse gripped my
prick sweetly.

As I was taller that he was, sitting astride me he could easily reach my
nipples. I moved his face to my sweaty chest. "Get sucking, Debbie
darling" I ordered" and fuck me using your legs to push". I felt his lips
quiescent on my nipple. I slapped his arse suddenly and hard. He gasped.
"Get sucking" I repeated "and move your sexy little bum". I began to feel
waves of sensation from my erect nipple as Debbie began to move on my
prick. He quickly got the hang of the rhythm but I controlled his movements
until I had him giving me a deep satisfying slow fuck while pleasuring my
stiff nipple with his hot reluctant pouting young lips. I was enjoying
myself and I just sat while the unhappy husband moved rhythmically on my
stiff prick and sucked first one hard nipple and then the other as I
directed his head. I heard Susan's heels as she came down the stairs and
entered the kitchen. She looked at us in horror. "Oh my God" she said
"that's awful. You just can't do that to him". I smiled at her over her
husband's shoulder. He knew better than to stop what he was doing. I felt
his hot lips drawing on my stiff sensitive nipple as I fucked deep into his
now yielding arse. I indicated a chair by the table. "Sit there until I
am finished" I said. She dumbly sat and watched as I her carried on
shafting her humiliated young husband continuing my mockery of their
marriage. I felt the heat in my balls and drew Debbie's head up. I looked
into his hate-filled eyes, pulled his lips to mine and gave him a slow deep
sexy French kiss while I shot my load into his soft arse. I relaxed,
cuddling the sweaty young body in my arms and fondling his plump buttocks
through the nylon as my prick softened. I slowly pulled my semi-erect
prick from his arse. He gasped as I pushed him to his feet. His face was
beaded with sweat and his hair was lank. I knew that we both stank, a
stark contrast to the fragrant Susan. He stood in front of me with cum
running down his thighs. I indicated a chair. "Get me my breakfast and go
and sit over there. I have some more rules to tell you about". He meekly
complied and stiffly sat watching me across the table as I began my
breakfast. I did not offer to let either of them eat or drink.

"Susan, as far as you are concerned things have not changed. You just
make sure that you do what I told you last night. What I have to say
concerns Debbie". They looked at me and waited. "Debbie, I said last
night that you could go to work dressed normally for the present but that
was before I realised how much of a girl you really are. You can go and
have your shower and go to the toilet if you want to but when you piss you
are to do it like a girl, sitting down. That is how you will always do it
in the future, and if you ever wonder why, just remember how you let me
fuck you like a girl. When are getting dressed put on the frilliest pair
of panties that Susan has and one of her sexy slips under your shirt. I
know that you like being a girl, you just showed me. Now go and get on
with it!" Debbie gasped with horror. "I couldn't" he muttered quietly "I
just couldn't. People will see. Please don't make me". I didn't even
bother arguing. "Just go and do it" I said. He gave me one more look, got
up and went out of the door. We could hear him slowly climbing the stairs.

I carried on with my breakfast while I gave Susan the once-over. Neatly
dressed in a smart dark suit just off the knee with a crisp white blouse,
dark sheer tights and shoes with about a two inch heel she had put her soft
blonde hair up, captured in a slide so that it was off her slender neck.
She looked business-like but cute and more than a little sexy. I drank
some coffee as I considered her. "I shall be coming in to the company
again today to see your boss" I said conversationally "so make sure you are
nice to me". She shuddered. "Please don't embarrass me at work" she
pleaded. We heard Debbie coming down the stairs. He came into the room
dressed in a dark suit and ready for the office. He did not get away that
easy. "Take your jacket off" I ordered. As he complied I could see the
lacy shoulder straps of a white slip when his shirt pressed against them He
had tried to wear his thickest shirt so that his shame would not be obvious
but I was happy to let him get away with that for now. "Drop your trousers
and let us see your panties" I said. He did not even bother arguing but
unfastened his zip and lowered his trousers to his knees displaying a pair
of frilly sheer silk pink panties which clung closely to his cock and
balls. I smiled at him, got up and walked across the kitchen until I was
standing just in front of him. "You look cute and sexy in your girlie
knickers darling, too good to waste" I mocked, reaching down and feeling
his prick and balls. Despite himself he hardened under my expert caress. I
gave him a last slow wank while I kissed him, opening his lips under mine
and sucking on his tongue slipping one hand behind him to fondle his arse
through the sexy nylon. He gasped into my mouth and I released him and
went back to my chair. "Dress yourself, Debbie" I said "you look like a
slut". He glared at me angrily but readjusted his clothing.

I looked at them both. "Give me a key to the front door and your car
keys" I commanded "I shall need a car while I an here. You two can use the
bus." Debbie looked at me with impotent hatred but complied. "Now remember
what I told you last night about how things are to be when I come here this
evening. If you have not done everything I told you to last night you will
both be very sorry. My caning of Debbie should have let you both know what
I am capable of. I will check on you both. when I come into the Company
today. You had better still be wearing your slip and panties Debbie,
because if I find that you have taken them off it will be the worse for
you. Now get off to work." They both looked at me and went out. I smiled
and went for my shower, already looking forward to the coming evening.

Chapter 2

At about six-thirty the following evening I let myself in the front door
and went into the living-room. I walked straight to the big chair that I
had used the night before, put my brief-case beside it and sat down. I
looked with some approval across at Debbie and Susan sitting together on
the settee but not touching. They had obviously heard the car and prepared
themselves for my arrival.

Susan was wearing a short red pleated miniskirt at least six inches
above her knees so that I could see almost the whole of her plump young
thighs although she had forgotten one of the rules and had her thighs
together with her feet resting flat on the floor. The low seat of the
settee meant that her thighs were slightly angled upwards as she sat. She
was wearing black stiletto heels at least five inches high nicely defining
her neat ankles and calves sheathed in sheer black nylon. She had on a
tight white thin silk blouse with a very low neckline that left more than
half of her breasts bare showing me a deep cleavage. Her prominent nipples
and dark areolae were very evident through the material. She had taken
great care with her make-up and had drawn her hair back into a cute
pony-tail. She looked like a stunning eighteen year old. "You look very
beautiful tonight, Susan" I complimented her "but" I added gently "you have
forgotten one of our rules. Spread your thighs darling". This instruction
accompanied by the endearment brought, as I expected, the first flush of
what was going to be a long night for the young couple. She spread her
thighs wide, knowing by now that protests would be useless and I looked
straight up between her thighs into her cunt. I saw immediately from her
hairless naked, slightly-gaping slit that my orders had been obeyed. "Lift
your little skirt Susan and show me your pretty undies" I asked. She did
as I had asked, looking with a cute embarrassed flush into my eyes. I saw
with satisfaction that she was wearing a black lacy suspender belt attached
to sheer black silk stockings and, of course, no panties.

I looked next at Debbie. "Get me a beer Debbie darling" I ordered. The
endearment brought a flush of anger to his cheeks but he got up and went to
the fridge, poured my beer and brought it to me. I let him put it down
beside me, noting that he was shrinking away in case I reached out for him.
I didn't mind that. Whatever he did he was mine whenever I wanted him.
"Just stand in front of me and let me look at you" I said. He did as he
was told his hands clenching and unclenching by his sides. I slowly looked
him over from head to foot and back again, my deliberate scrutiny
increasing his discomfort every second. He looked very different from the
young accountant I had seen at his desk in the company that day. He was
wearing a yellow cotton sun-dress with a short flouncy skirt at least six
inches above his knees. It had a low neckline and a very tight bodice
outlining his cute little breast-mounds. It would be too much to expect a
cleavage but his prominent dark areolae showed clearly through the thin
material and his nipples were very evident. His wavy hair had been
streaked bright blonde and Susan had obviously spent a lot of care on his
make-up. She had plucked his eyebrows and made up his eyes very carefully
with eyeliner, mascara and false eyelashes. A touch of rouge and deep
scarlet lipstick completed the job. He had on shoes with about a
three-inch heel which neatly delineated his calves and ankles and caused
his plump arse to protrude a little. "You look very sweet, Debbie darling"
I said maliciously "I'd like to see your pretty undies also. Lift up your
cute little frock like the good obedient little girl you are". He flushed
deeper with anger at this but I just smiled. In spite of his rage there
was no real resistance left as he raised the hem of his dress. Like Susan
he was wearing a sexy lace suspender belt but they had chosen a white one
so that it would not show under his yellow dress. It supported black sheer
silk stockings the tops of which I had seen as he moved towards me his
frock was so short. He was not, of course, wearing panties and I was
interested to see that his little prick was erect above his cleanly-shaved
balls. "Are you excited displaying your little girlie body to your man
Debbie?" I mocked. He just looked miserably at the floor. "Go and sit by
Susan again" I said "and remember, legs apart". I looked at the pretty
pair side by side displaying their sex and mine to do whatever I liked

It was interesting that they appeared to have carried out my
instructions exactly and were complying with my wishes so submissively that
I had not had to make even the mildest threat. Perhaps they had had a talk
during the day and decided their policy. As long as they did as I
commanded I didn't care much. During my visit to the company that
afternoon I had seen Susan who had been in a clear state of anxiety
throughout the time I was there but I had behaved impeccably and not
embarrassed her at work (yet). I had not even bothered checking up on
Debbie. I knew that my threat alone was enough to ensure that he carried
out my orders exactly.

I took a crumpled but clean shirt from my bag and tossed it to Debbie.
"Make me a sandwich and a pot of coffee, Debbie, and then iron that for me
will you sweetheart" I said "while I go for a bath. Susan can take it easy
and watch TV because you will be doing the housework this evening. I'll be
down in a while. Just make sure that everything is ready". He looked
angrily at me, holding my shirt in his outstretched hand but I ignored him,
passed the young couple and went for a long hot bath. I had had a hard day
of long complex and difficult negotiations with their managing director and
his board and I needed to smooth away the resultant strains before I could
give my full attention to their continued debauchery. I took my time and
had a long relaxing hot bath followed by a cold shower, knowing that the
longer I spent upstairs the greater would be their anxiety. I dried myself
but did not bother with talc or deodorant, they could smell me as I was,
and, anyway, they would be sweating themselves before too long. I did not
dress but went downstairs naked and walked into the sitting room. They
both gasped at the sight of my naked hairy body and my semi-hard
threatening prick. There was a pot of coffee and a plate of sandwiches by
my chair and, ignoring Susan sitting pretending to watch TV but too tense
to concentrate, I sat down, poured myself a cup of coffee and began to
enjoy my sandwiches while I watched Debbie clumsily ironing my shirt, a
task he had clearly not performed often before. He finished just as I
finished my snack and looked across at me. "Put the ironing-board away" I
said gently " and go and sit by your wife. Susan, turn the TV off there's
a good girl". She hastened to comply and Debbie went and sat beside her. I
was pleased to note that they now automatically sat with their thighs
splayed. I began to think that it was time for a little fun. The settee
was a large well upholstered three-seater affair and very comfortable. I
motioned for them to separate and then walked over and sat between them. I
noted that they shrank away from me hoping that I would not notice. It
didn't bother me.

"I want to know a little more about you two I think" I said "but first
things first". I turned to Debbie, put my hand up his dress and began to
feel his prick and balls. I slipped my hand between his parted thighs and
gave his arse a quick finger-fuck. He gasped loudly and I moved back to
his balls which I gently fondled and he immediately became stiff under my
fingers. He was looking straight ahead, his cheeks red, and seemed to be
holding his breath. I began to give him a nice gentle wank. I felt a
shudder go through is slender sexy body. "Come on, Debbie darling, toss me
off like a good girl. You do it so well". He reached for my prick, took a
firm grip and began to give me a delicious deep slow wank." A little
harder, sweetness" I breathed into his sexy ear. He increased his stroke
until it was just perfect. Surprisingly, as I had discovered last night,
he was a really expert wanker. We just sat side by side as though Susan
was not in the room tossing each other off, me gently and him more firmly.
I put my arm round him under his arm and began to feel his soft little
breast-mound through the sheer silk material of his sexy frock
alternatively fondling his tit and squeezing his nipple. He gasped loudly
again. "Please stop" he said suddenly "I am going to come". I didn't want
that yet so I moved my hand from his prick and put it on the inside of his
splayed thigh and began to play with his stocking tops and suspenders while
I carried on fondling his tit. "How long were you engaged?" I asked.
Three years" Debbie answered in the high-pitched breathy girlie voice that
seemed to be coming easier to him. I said quietly into his ear, "Did you
fuck Susan before you were married?" I heard her gasp of shock beside me.
"No, of course not" he said "we were virgins when we married". "You must
have done something" I said incredulously. "We used to kiss when no one
was about" he said miserably "But I respected her and I didn't kiss her
before we were married like you do". "Like this, you mean?" I took my hand
from his thigh, turned his face and put my lips to his in a long deep
exploring kiss. His hand tightened a little more on my shaft and he
carried on wanking me as I possessed his mouth, looking deep into his sexy,
girlie, made-up eyes. My prick felt delicious in his hand and I just let
him carry on wanking me as I continued to ravish his reluctant mouth with
my demanding tongue. He began to gasp and I knew that, despite himself,
the sensations from his nipple and from the kiss were getting to him. I
moved my lips from his and murmured into his ear "Did you ever put your
hand down Susan's dress and feel her sexy tits?". "You're a crude a****l"
he muttered "of course I didn't". I heard Susan's loud uneven breathing
beside me. "Did Susan ever give you a wank or suck you off?" I asked.
Debbie looked absolutely shocked and I heard Susan stop breathing. "Ah!" I
thought "so he doesn't know about Daddy". "You are horrible" Debbie said
breathlessly "I hate you. Of course we didn't do anything like that". I
winked at Susan and saw her relax a little as she thought that she could
keep her shameful secret. Well she could, for the present anyway. I was
really enjoying my wank as Debbie carried on with his firm long strokes and
I breathed into his ear "So for three years all you did was to give such a
sexy fiancee immature teenage kisses. No wonder she appreciates me". He
looked at me angrily, flushing deeper but not daring to speak or to stop
wanking me off.

I decided to have a real rest and let them get on with things. I lay
back against the soft cushions. "Debbie, you keep on tossing me off just
like that but fondle my balls with your other hand. Start sucking on my
nipples using your lips, teeth and tongue to gently tease them until I tell
you to stop. Work on both of them in turn". I watched as he put his ruby
lips to my nipple and began to suck it. I began to feel waves of pleasure
emanating from my nipples as he worked on them vigorously and I felt him
fondling my balls. I looked at Susan. "I don't want you to feel left out,
darling" I said "just suck me off nicely. Let Debbie toss me off into your
sweet mouth". She looked helplessly at me and said "Please, no. Don't
make me do it again. It's dirty and sinful". I stroked her soft hair and
looked into her blue eyes. "Just get on with it Susan" I said quietly.
She moved reluctantly down and I felt her soft hair on my thigh then my
knobhead was enveloped by the delicious moist warmth of her mouth as she
began to expertly suck me off. My body was flooded with delightful
sensations. Debbie had been tossing me off long enough that my prick was
alive with a pre-orgasmic glow and this was enhanced by Susan's rhythmical
sucking in time with Debbie's wanking hand. Every so often the expert
little cocksucker would pause and run her tongue around the sensitive rim
of my knobhead and then she would restart her rhythmical deep sucking. The
waves of pleasure from my knob, balls and nipples flooded my body
completing the relaxation that the bath had started.

I looked down with pleasure at the young couple that I was forcing to
service me. They appeared cute but vulnerable in their sexy revealing
clothes. Their short skirts had ridden high on their plump thighs giving
me a delightful view of their stocking-tops and suspenders. Even though I
had good staying power I knew that with all the sensations I was receiving
I would not last much longer. The characteristic warm feeling began in my
balls and felt my prick spasm. I put my hand firmly on Susan's blonde head
and pressed my prick a little deeper into her mouth. Looking straight into
Debbie's wide sexy hazel eyes, I whispered "I'm going to shoot a load of
hot cum into your wife's mouth". His eyes widened but he did not dare to
stop tossing me off. I let him bring me to a powerful ejaculation. I went
rigid as I shot my steaming hot cum straight into his young wife's mouth.
Susan kept her mouth on my softening prick not daring to move although a
thin stream of white cum ran from the corner of her red lips. I just left
her there and drew her young husband's head up from my sweating chest and
took possession of his mouth again. As I relaxed and came down from the
high of my powerful ejaculation I enjoyed the dual sensation of the wife's
hot mouth enveloping my semi-erect prick as she reflexly licking round the
rim of my knobhead while she gently continued to suck me off and the warmth
of her young husband's mouth which I slowly and luxuriously explored. He
had a sweet mouth which I never tired of kissing. To entertain myself
while I recovered I gave Debbie a gentle wank as I kissed him and then
moved back and began to fairly vigorously finger-fuck his arse hole with
two fingers. I had still kept my hand on his girlish breast mound through
all this and I began to fondle him again and to squeeze his nipple. He
gasped both from the pain of my fingers stretching his hole and from the
warmth flooding him from his nipple. When my glow had subsided I took my
lips from Debbie's and moved my arm from round him, freeing his tit. I
took my fingers from his arse and just put them straight into his
unsuspecting mouth. "Suck them clean" I ordered. As he was doing so I
raised Susan's sexy little head from my prick and gave her a gentle kiss,
tasting my cum on her lips. "That was lovely, darling" I said. She
shuddered and sat back with a sigh, her thighs splayed, her blonde tresses
wild and her breasts heaving under her thin silk virginal white blouse.
Not surprisingly at this erotic sight my prick was becoming hard again.
"Go and make some fresh coffee for me, Debbie" I ordered "I'll just play
with your wife's sexy little body for a while". He looked at me, eyes
filled with hatred and fear, and went to the kitchen.

I put my hand on Susan's hairless c***dish-looking cunt and, as I had
expected, the excitement of sucking me off had, despite herself, left her
moist and receptive. "Give me a quick wank to get me ready darling" I
said. She automatically reached for my prick and began to toss me off. In
seconds I was hard and ready. I indicated for her to stand and to sit on
my lap with her back to me. As she moved back towards me her thighs were
splayed outside mine and her hairless slit gaped open. "Please don't" she
whispered and began to cry quietly "how long are you going to keep
torturing us? We just can't keep sinning like this". I ignored her
protests and drew her down on to my lap slipping the length of my big prick
straight up her moist receptive cunt until I was buried in her to the
balls. She gave a loud gasp. I kissed her neck as I put my arms round her
slender body under her armpits and began to fondle her breasts through the
thin silk of her blouse. I did not even try to move. It was enough to
relax with my stiff prick rammed hard up the pretty young blonde wife's wet
cunt and to know how ashamed and dirty I was making her feel. I put my
index finger to her ruby lips and she automatically sucked on it.

Debbie came in with the coffee. He looked across at us "God! Not
again, you bastard. Why don't you leave her alone". I nodded to the
settee where he had been sitting before. "Shut up, Debbie" I said "put the
coffee on the table and come and sit down". He obeyed me but I could see
the anger and tension in his eyes and body. I took my finger from his
wife's mouth and moved my hand between her plump gaping young thighs and
put the finger that she had moistened into her cunt in front of my stiff
prick, straight on to her little clitoris which I felt immediately begin to
erect. I gently rubbed it while I felt her plump springy breast more
firmly through the thin material of her sexy blouse. Her nipple was
protruding like a bullet through the sheer blouse into the palm of my hand
and she gave a sudden groan. I watched her neck and shoulders flush and
felt her body tense clutching my deeply-embedded prick more firmly and
deliciously as, despite herself, she came. "I'm so, so sorry Derek" she
sobbed "I just can't help it. He is making me do it". She began to cry
quietly. I had not come so my prick was still as hard as a poker rammed
deep up her. I pulled her back so that she was resting against my naked
hairy chest with her legs widely splayed and her cunt-slit clasping my
thick prick. I kissed the soft skin of her slender neck, put both arms
round her under hers on to her breasts and began to thoroughly feel her
while she recovered. She quietly sobbed and I knew how ashamed and guilty
such a well brought-up girl must be feeling. She would be even more
ashamed, I thought, if it hadn't been for Daddy!

"I wish you'd leave us alone" Debbie muttered looking as though he was
about to cry as I fondled his young wife while he watched. "Shut up,
Debbie and keep watching us. You two were engaged for three years. If you
had been any sort of man you would have been fucking Susan all that time.
You gave up the chance so you can just watch me now". Susan was lying back
against me, submitting reluctantly to my caresses, and quietly weeping. I
put my hand to her face and moistened my finger with the tears from her
soft cheek and put it back between her thighs on to her stiff little
clitoris, beginning to work her up again. It did not take long. Her
splayed thighs began to tremble, her flush deepened and she came again in
an even more shattering orgasm. "Oh, Derek, please help me" she sobbed as
I pulled her against me feeling her breasts more firmly. I glanced at him.
"Well, Debbie, you heard your wife". "I'm sorry Susan", he sobbed in a
broken breathy voice "I would help you if I could but there is nothing I
can do". "That's a sensible girl" I smiled. A tear ran down Debbie's
cheek while Susan sobbed loudly impaled on my thick prick. I carried on
gently feeling her and moving my prick slightly in her wet cunt (into which
I had not yet come this evening) and whispered in her ear through her soft
hair. "You are beginning to smell, Susan darling, after all your orgasms".
She sobbed harder and blushed deeply, agitating my prick beautifully.
"Your sweat has made a mess of your pretty clothes as well. Go upstairs,
have a nice shower, wash and dry your hair and put on a nice clean nightie.
If you want to take a cup of coffee you can". She nodded gratefully. I
looked at Debbie. "Pour Susan some coffee, there's a good girl, then come
back here and sit down" I ordered. He flushed and looked angrily at me but
complied. I pushed Susan up off my thick erect prick and she went and
picked up her coffee. "We will be down here a bit longer Susan. When you
are ready just lie on the bed and watch TV until we come". She picked up
her coffee in a trembling hand and went upstairs.

I looked calculatingly at Debbie who looked back warily. "Do you
remember last night I told you to watch Susan sucking me off because you
would be doing it soon? Well I hope you took notice, because this is the
time to prove it". He looked aghast and disbelieving. "You can't make me
do that. I won't. It is what queers do". I just smiled. "It is what
proper girls do for their men" I said firmly "you have seen Susan do it,
now start licking my prick and balls". He shuddered and shrank away from
me beginning to cry. "I just can't" he sobbed. "Oh, I think you can,
Debbie darling" I said, putting one hand round his shoulders and moving his
face towards my sweaty groin. Even now he tried to pull back as he smelt
the male tang of my sweat. "I don't want to have to slap you" I warned. I
felt his breath on my balls and the softness of his tongue as he began to
lick me. I put my hand on his soft blonde-streaked hair and pressed his
head into my groin. "Lick me harder" I commanded harshly "go all over my
prick and balls". I relaxed back, enjoying the sensation while the shamed
young husband cleaned up my sweaty balls and stiff prick with his reluctant
tongue. I noticed that he was carefully avoiding the threatening swell of
my knobhead. "Time to put a stop to this "I thought. "Debbie" I said
gently. He looked up at me, clearly hoping that I was going to let him
stop. He should be so lucky! "You have cleaned up my sweat nicely like a
good girl. That feels much better. Now, kneel between my legs facing me".
He knew better than to hesitate and I looked down at the crushed young
husband kneeling in his sexy summer frock submissively between my powerful
male thighs. To my pleasure, as he bent forward, I could see down his
frock to the suggestion of a slight cleavage. He was quietly crying. "Now
take the end of my prick into your mouth and suck me off". He looked
hopelessly up at me. "Please don't make me do this" he begged "I'll do
anything". "Just do it" I snapped and watched him take a prick between his
lips for the first time. I reached down and put my hand on his soft blonde
hair pushing his mouth firmly on to my prick. "Toss me off gently into
your mouth" I ordered "and suck my in time with as you wank. Look at me
while you are doing it and don't dare move your eyes from mine. Just keep
on sucking me off until I tell you that you can stop". He got the message
very quickly and before long I was looking down at my new little cocksucker
with his ruby lips firmly closed around my thick shaft, his wide hazel eyes
fixed on mine, tossing me off into his mouth and giving me a really pretty
competent blowjob. "Every so often, Debbie, pause in sucking but keep on
wanking. Draw your lips back so that only about an inch of my prick is in
your mouth and run your soft tongue over the bottom rim of my knobhead".
He complied and a delicious wave of sensation flooded through me. "That's
wonderful, Debbie darling. You are a really good little cocksucker". He
mechanically went back to tossing me off into his mouth and sucking me off
with just the right degree of suction as the blush deepened on his cheeks.
I just lay back and watched him humiliating himself as he sucked off a man
for the first time enjoying the repugnance and hatred in his eyes. He was
doing such a good job that I could feel the pressure beginning to build in
my balls again. "Take your mouth off my prick, sweetheart, and stop
wanking me. Just relax holding my prick" I said quietly. He looked at me
in relief.

I let him kneel there holding my prick while I lay back and closed my
eyes. I had come close to ejaculation and I needed time to control myself.
When I had recovered I looked down at the young husband still kneeing
between my legs holding my stiff prick. "Fucking your wife has made my
arse all sweaty" I said conversationally "just clean that up as well would
you". I lay back, spread my thighs wider and pushed a cushion under my
arse so that he had complete access to my hairy hole. "Oh God!" he gasped
"you can't want me to do that. It is completely perverted. No one would
do it". "You will Debbie darling" I said "you know what I will do to you
if you give me any trouble". With a sob he moved his head forward behind
my balls and I felt him begin to lick my perineum, moving reluctantly
towards my sweaty arse. He needed encouragement in something that he had
never imagined having to do even in his darkest dreams so I put my hand on
his head and pulled him firmly between my thighs until I felt his lips on
my arsehole. "Now Debbie, just French kiss my hole, running your tongue
around the rim and pushing your tongue as deeply up me as you can". He
sobbed but complied and I relaxed back as he sucked and kissed my sweaty
hole pushing his hot tongue deep inside me. He was crying quietly. The
sensation was incredible as I looked down at the completely straight sexy
young blonde man now dressed in a cute summer frock, on his knees with his
dark nylon clad legs stretched behind him between my spread thighs sucking,
kissing firmly and deeply tonguing my sweaty arse. I lay back and watched
him as he humiliated himself, destroying the last vestiges of his
self-respect, enjoying the sensations that spread from my arse hole through
my body. I made him do it for what must have seemed hours to him but I was
enjoying it too much to let him stop. Finally I patted him on the head.
"That's fine, Debbie, my hole is nice and clean now. You can go back to
sucking me off". This was clearly the lesser of two evils for him as he
quickly moved from my arse, looked up into my eyes, and took my stiff prick
deep into his hot mouth between his ruby lips. He began to automatically
toss me off as he sucked me. He really was very good at it. I put my hand
on his head and gently moved it back and forwards so that he was fucking my
prick with his mouth. I took my hand away and he had clearly got the
message as he continued fucking my hard stiff prick with his ruby lips as
he sucked me harder tossing me off into his soft young mouth his head
bobbing backwards and forwards. He had become such a natural cocksucker
that I knew that I would not last long. As I felt the pressure in my balls
I held his head with both hands and pushed my prick deeper towards the back
of his throat. My prick hardened more and I came in a shattering
ejaculation which flooded my body with waves of sensation. I felt the jets
of hot cum drowning his mouth and throat as I held him firmly on my prick.
He gave a loud gasp as he felt the hot cum and blushed deeply. I knew then
that he had come as well, despite himself, shooting cum all over his pretty
dress. I looked down at the humiliated husband with his sweet lips around
my softening prick. "Still think you're straight then?" I mocked. He
shuddered, tears rolling down his flushed cheeks. I just lay and relaxed
letting the sensations of my orgasm die away.

I pushed him gently off my cock. "Stand up, Debbie" I ordered. He
stood in front of my reclining relaxed form on shaking legs. "You smell
sweaty, darling" I said "your pretty frock is sticking to you and you have
soiled it where you came when you were sucking me off like the obedient
little cocksucking girlie you have become". He looked angrily but
impotently down at me. I swung my legs around up on to the settee and lay
relaxing and looking at him. "Pour me some coffee, Debbie darling" I said
" then make a fresh pot and some more sandwiches". He did not even argue
but got me my coffee and went to the kitchen where I heard him doing as I
had commanded. I enjoyed my coffee, feeling the strength returning. In a
few minutes he came back in carrying a tray. I enjoyed the slutty sight of
his soiled clothes sticking to his belly and thighs. "Time to go upstairs
and join your wife" I said "bring that with you". I got up and walked up
the stairs leaving the young husband in my wake carrying my supper. I went
into the bedroom and Susan looked anxiously up at us. Husband and wife
exchanged glances and I knew that Susan was wondering what had been
happening downstairs. I let her wonder! I switched off the TV and turned
to Debbie. "That's a good girl" I said, patting his sexy bottom "Put my
sandwiches down on the bedside table and go and have a shower. Use Susan's
talc so that you smell sweet and girlie, put on a nice clean nightie and
come back to bed". I ignored him, knowing that he would do exactly as he
was told. I heard him take a nightie from the dressing table drawer and go
into the bathroom. I went to the bed and stretched my sweaty male form
alongside the fragrant little blonde wife. I glanced down at her. She
looked very young in a pale yellow low-cut short nightie clinging to her
plump breasts and a matching pair of panties which fitted tightly to her
buttocks and cunt outlining the nude fleshy contours of her shaved lower
lips. She had repaired her make-up and looked very pretty. I could smell
the freshness of her hair which she had carefully brushed again into a cute
pony-tail. Turning from her I ate my supper while she lay anxious and
tense beside me.

The bathroom door opened and Debbie slowly came back into the bedroom.
He was wearing a short peach coloured shortie nightie with matching panties
and I was interested to see that his little prick was already stiff from
the feel of the sexy feminine material. He looked and smelt clean and
fresh and I had fortunately not done too much damage to his make-up. I
smiled at him and moved over into the middle of the bed closer to Susan who
I felt shudder. I patted the bed beside me. "Come to bed, Debbie darling,
there's a good girl". He flushed with anger, clearly never going to get
used to my calling him a girl, but he did as I commanded. I stretched out
between them enjoying the clean smell from their freshly-showered and
talced bodies and knowing that they must be smelling the sweat from mine.

I felt very relaxed and was enjoying my evening. To entertain myself I
ignored Debbie and turned to Susan and drew her fragrant young body into my
arms. I began to very gently kiss her not using very much tongue, putting
one hand on her soft springy breast and the other up under the hem of her
nightie gently parting her legs and cupping her cunt through the nylon
panties. I continued to kiss her while feeling her breast and cunt until
she became moist under my palm. I moved my mouth to her ear and said very
softly "Doesn't Debbie know about Daddy then?". She gave a gasp and
whispered "Oh God! please don't tell him. No one knows". Debbie didn't
know what I was doing to his wife as my back was to him but he felt
motivated to a routine protest. "Leave her alone, you sick bastard" which
I naturally ignored. "Shall we tell him darling?" I whispered maliciously.
"Oh God no, please" she pleaded "I'll do anything you ask but please
don't". "I'll hold you to that later" I smiled. I lay back, slipping my
hand down into the elasticated waist of her panties and slowly caressing
all around her bare cunt. She gasped as I began to gently finger-fuck her
as I worked her up for her next ordeal. Her cunt was now very wet. "Pull
your heels up and spread your thighs, Susan" I whispered into her ear. I
could feel her shaking as she did as I asked. I moved down the bed until I
was between Susan's plump splayed thighs and smiled up into her
anxiety-filled eyes. "I think that you are going to like this, darling" I
said. It was as though Debbie no longer existed. I concentrated solely on
his wife but I could hear his ragged breathing and from the corner of my
eye I could see him spasmodically clenching and unclenching his fists in
impotent shame and anger as he watched me playing with her but knowing that
he did not dare to interfere.

I pressed my lips to her fleshy hairless cunt-lips kissing her through
the nylon panties soaked with her reluctantly-excited woman smell. I
enjoyed sucking them for a moment but they were clearly in the way. I
propped myself on my elbow beside the aroused but frightened girl. "Take
your panties off darling" I said and watched as she slid them down her legs
and dropped them on to the floor. I put my hand on the soft flesh inside
her thigh. "Heels up again and thighs spread, Susan" I said gently. She
mutely complied and I moved back between her plump trembling thighs.
Without hesitation I brought my lips to her cunt and began to deeply French
kiss her fleshy lower lips pushing my tongue up her clinging channel. She
gasped and I felt her thighs tense and her heels press into the bed. I had
my hand on the inside of her thigh and from my gentle pressure she knew
that she had to keep her thighs widely spread. I continued exploring her
sexy cunt at my leisure enjoying her horrified reluctance but enjoying the
taste and smell of her even more. I gave her a thorough tonguing sucking
every part of the fragrant lips until, at last, I brought my tongue just
inside the top of her gaping sloppy slit and began to gently tease her
clitoris. "Oh God!" she gasped, putting her small hand on my head "you
mustn't do that". I ignored her, of course and gently sucked the small bud
with my lips and tongue. Without warning she gave a great gasp and
convulsed, clutching my head between her fleshy thighs as she experienced
the most shattering orgasm she had ever had. My face and lips were wet
with her fragrant juices as I continued sucking her cunt. She gave another
deep sigh and lay trembling, her heels drumming against the bed as I
continued to suck her sweet young cunt. She began a low wordless moaning.
"Stop it for God's sake" her husband pleaded "can't you see she can't stand
it?" I ignored him and slowly and deliberately again began to tease her
erect little clitoris. She had not recovered from the last orgasm before
the next one hit her. She burst into hysterical tears and clasped the
bedclothes in her little fists her thighs slackly splayed. "Please leave
her alone" Debbie begged. Susan's soft body was trembling violently and
she was weeping hysterically under the influence of feelings the intensity
of which she had never experienced before. She was bathed in sweat and her
nightdress clung revealingly to her sticky body. I moved up the bed and
propped myself on my elbow with one hand fondling her sweaty breast through
the nylon as she slowly brought herself under control. Her deep gasping
breaths began to calm down and her hysterics muted to a gentle persistent
sobbing as tears rolled down her lovely cheeks. I kissed her gently on the
ear under her wet sweaty smelly hair. "One more thing darling" I whispered
into her ear. I put my hand between her gaping thighs on to her wet and
sticky cunt and smeared cunt-slime on to my middle finger and without
pausing I slid it up her arse which I was not really surprised to find
slacker than one would have expected in a well brought-up girl. She gave a
deep gasp and stopped breathing. The flush left her and she went as pale
as a ghost lying rigid impaled on my sticky motionless finger. "Daddy?" I
whispered into her ear. She gave a deep shuddering gasp and began to moan
quietly. Eventually she just nodded dumbly, still very pale and shaken. I
had rooted out her last shameful secret. "Don't worry, Susan darling" I
whispered into her pale shell-like ear "it will be our secret". She gave a
deep sigh and the colour returned to her cheeks as she began to calm down.

I pulled my finger gently out of her arse and relaxed on my back. The
exhausted girl lay panting beside me absolutely drenched with sweat, her
nightie plastered stickily to her body. Her normally lovely hair spread
dankly across her neck, shoulders and over the pillow where it had come out
of the pony-tail during her exertions. She lay motionless trying to
recover her composure with her heels drawn up to her arse, her thighs
spread wantonly apart and her cunt gaping open.

I had not come since Debbie had sucked me off downstairs in spite of
what I had been doing to the young husband and wife so I was beginning to
feel like some more fun. I kissed Susan's sweaty cheek gently. "Go and
have a nice shower and wash and dry your hair, darling. Make yourself
smell nice and sweet again and then come back to bed. You won't need a
nightie". I squeezed her little hand and patted her on the bottom as she
got off the bed and went slowly to the bathroom. She looked physically and
mentally exhausted.

I turned to Debbie and was pleased to find that although he had been
emotional and angry from my treatment of his wife he still smelt sweet. I
put my hand straight up the hem of his nightie and cupped his prick and
balls through the sheer nylon of his panties. I squeezed his balls gently
and as usual, he rapidly became stiff under my exploring hand. I began to
gently wank him through his panties. I pulled him to my chest and he
automatically began to suck my nipple. He was learning fast. I let him
move from one nipple to the other and noted that he was becoming much more
skilful and instinctive in the use of his lips and tongue. Sensations
flooded me from my nipples. I could stand quite a lot of this! I lowered
my lips to his ear. "Don't stop what you are doing, sweetheart, but take
off your sexy little girlie panties". I released his prick and, keeping
his lips on my erect nipple he shuffled off his panties. "Now start
wanking me off" I commanded. He reached for my prick and began to toss me
off at just the right speed and with exactly the proper pressure. His lips
sucked hard on my nipples. "Well done, that is lovely darling" I
whispered. "I fancy a fuck but we are going to need some lubrication". He
gasped with horror against my nipple but continued his vigorous suction. I
grasped his hard little prick and casually wanked him to a quick
ejaculation all over his belly. He gave a deep gasp. "Just what I need" I
smiled. I moved him from my nipple and rolled him on to his back. I was
in no mood to wait now. "Heels up and thighs apart darling" I ordered. He
dumbly did as he was told. I smeared the cum from his belly all over my
stiff prick so that it was nice and greasy and slowly shoved it up his arse
until I was sheathed in him to the balls. I lay forward on him with my
hands covering his little tits, feeling him gently through his nightie. I
put my lips to his and his mouth opened under mine. I began to give him a
long deep kiss and to slowly fuck him. He was beginning to know what was
needed and he clasped me around the hips with his plump thighs. I
increased the speed and depth of my stroke and his hips began to move with
mine. I took my lips from his and whispered into his ear "Who said he
wasn't queer then?"

I heard Susan come into the room and I took my lips from her husband's
and smiled at her. "Just sit on the chair darling while I am fucking your
husband. We won't be long" I said casually. In spite of all she had
experienced in the last forty-eight hours Susan's mouth opened with shock
and she sank down on the chair watching in horror as I had my way again
with her young husband. I began to kiss him again and to move more deeply
and roughly until I was giving him a really savage fucking and having a
lovely ride. The bed was creaking loudly as I pressed my tongue deep into
his mouth, squeezed his tits firmly and ramming my thick stiff prick as
hard as I could deep into his arse. He moved under me meeting my thrusts,
wide-eyed and gasping. Our sweat was mingling sticking his thin nylon
nightie to us. I just rode him as roughly as I felt like without
considering his feelings until I came deep into his arse. He groaned
loudly and let his thighs fall from round my hips. "You've just been well
fucked again haven't you" I taunted "I thought you said that you were
straight!" I gave his tits a last squeeze, pulled out of his greasy hole
and lay back on the bed getting my breath back as he lay panting beside me.
The room smelled of sex and I know that clean fresh Susan could smell us

I was getting hungry again. "Go downstairs and make us some coffee and
sandwiches Debbie" I said "make enough for three, I'm sure that you must
both be hungry". This was the first bit of real consideration I had shown
them and I saw them look at each other with hope in their eyes. Debbie got
off the bed and went out, his soiled nightie sticking uncomfortably to his
sweaty body. I got off the bed and walked to the bathroom. I stopped and
gently caressed Susan's soft clean hair. "I am going for a shower darling.
You relax and watch TV. When Debbie comes back tell him to make the bed
with clean fresh bedclothes". "I don't mind doing it" she whispered. "Ah!
but I mind you doing it" I said "I told you earlier that Debbie was doing
all the housework this evening. Just tell him what I said". I strolled
into the bathroom and had a nice refreshing shower. I washed my hair and
dried it with Susan's hairdryer which I found on an extension lead in the
bathroom. I did not hurry knowing that they would have to wait for me.

When I was fresh and clean I walked back into the bedroom. The coffee
and sandwiches were ready as I had ordered and the bed had been freshly
made. I want and lay down. "Pour Susan and I coffee, Debbie" I suggested
"and pass us each a sandwich" I patted the bed and Susan came and sat
beside me propped up on the pillows as Debbie served us". "Thank you,
darling" I said "now go and have your shower. Wash and dry your hair and
make yourself smell nice and feminine. You wont need a nightie. You can
have your supper when you come back". He went out and I smiled at Susan.
She looked back uncertainly.

"So, Susan" I said "how old were you when Daddy started fucking you up
the arse?" She looked shocked and went pale, glancing nervously at the
bathroom. "Don't worry, darling, Debbie can't hear you".

"I was fifteen" she said shyly "he had me almost every night until I
went to University when I was eighteen". "God!" I thought, "lucky Daddy,
no wonder her arse isn't as tight as it might be". This had clearly been
troubling her and now that she had started talking about it she couldn't
seem to stop. "Mummy was blind" she said "and Daddy used to feel me when
she was in the room. He sometimes made me suck him while they were at the
dinner table. Once he made me sit on his knob while they were watching
television and he put his hands on my breasts the way you did". "What a
old perve" I thought. I highly approved of Daddy, a man after my own
heart. "Shh" Susan said suddenly. Debbie came into the bedroom and sat on
the chair slowly eating his supper and watching us.

"Don't forget your pill, Susan" I said " and give two to Debbie". He
looked at me with resistance building in his eyes but I just stared at him
until he put the contraceptive pills in his mouth and washed them down.
"Good girl" I said "you'll get used to it!"

Even I was getting tired after my efforts. "Come to bed, Debbie
darling, and put the light out. It is time for some sleep". He walked
over and lay down beside me switching out the main light so that the room
was just lit dimly and romantically from the hidden lights. I gently
kissed Susan and Debbie gently. "Good-night darlings" I said and quickly
went to sleep leaving the naked husband and wife lying awake on either side
of me.

I awoke a couple of hours later and rather to my surprise both Susan and
Debbie were asleep. Had I found them awake it would have been more what I
expected. I turned to Susan, put my hand between her plump young thighs
and began to work her up with my finger. I knew that this would wake her
and, sure enough in a moment, she sighed and opened her blue eyes. They
slowly focused on mine as she realised what I was doing. "Please stop" she
gasped. We could both hear Debbie quietly snoring. I kissed her gently
and whispered into her ear. "Give me a nice wank, Susan darling". She put
her soft hand on my semi-hard prick and began to toss me off. This rapidly
stiffened me up. I gently kissed her again, just brushing her lips with my
tongue. I did not want to make her come yet so I kept away from her
clitoris and lightly felt her hot wet cunt. "You know what we are going to
do now, don't you darling" I whispered into her ear through her soft silky
hair. "I am going to remind you of when you were a teenager and of all
those nights that Daddy was in your bed". She looked dumbly into my eyes
and protested "Please, please don't. It was so wrong then and I've never
done it since". I moved my hand from her cunt to her soft arse and began
to lubricate her hole well with cunt-slime. I gave her arse a finger-fuck
so that it would be as loose as possible. When her hole was nice and
greasy I moved my hand back to her sopping cunt and began to transfer
cunt-slime to my prick making it nice and greasy. I looked deeply into her
baby-blue eyes. "It's time someone had your arse again, Susan, and it
might as well be me". I gently rolled her on to her back. "You know the
drill, darling" I whispered "thighs widely spread". She complied and I
pushed a pillow under her arse giving me ready access to her hole. I moved
quietly between her legs so as not to disturb Debbie and put the end of my
stiff prick against the dimple of her greasy arse hole. I gently pushed
and without difficulty my stiff prick went about four inches up her. I
smiled into her wide eyes. "That was easy, darling, take a deep breath."
She breathed in deeply and I pushed my prick right up her moist arse until
I was sheathed in her with my hairy balls resting against her smooth shaven
cunt. "Put your legs around me precious" I whispered. She wrapped her
thighs around my waist. She put her thighs rather higher up my body than I
expected and this pulled my prick further up her hole. I wondered if she
had learned that trick from Daddy! I took her in my arms and rolled on to
my side so that she was facing me with my prick right up inside her arse.
"This is so wrong, so sinful" the little blonde whispered mournfully. I
just smiled into her baby eyes and began to gently fuck her clinging arse.
Her arse was so smooth that I came up her fairly soon. I gave her a gentle
kiss, pulled out my prick and settled down to sleep leaving Susan to her
thoughts and memories.

I awoke early as yesterday to find them both awake. I did not touch
either of them and their anxieties began to build. I could feel the
tension in the air when I said casually "I shall be leaving today but
before we part there are some things we need to get straight. First of
all, Susan. You can continue to go to work dressed as you normally do
although it might be nice if you gradually shortened your skirts until they
are about three inches above the knee. We can discuss any other changes
when we next meet". I saw them look at each other in startled horror that
the end of their ordeal was apparently not yet in sight.

"Debbie, it is a little different for you. I have found out over the
last couple of nights that you are much more of a girl than I had realised.
Since you are a girl you will dress like one. For the time being you may
wear a suit and shirt with men's shoes for work but depending how you
change we may modify that when we meet again. You will always wear under
the suit frilly panties, a suspender belt and stockings and a nice smooth
slip. It is your business how you stop people finding out about it,
finally, don't forget to take your two pills every night. I expect to see
some results when I next visit".

"Now, both of you. When you come home in the evening and at weekends
you are to change at once into clothes exactly like those you were wearing
last night. This is an absolute rule and there is no to be no relaxation
or deviation, except that one night a week and one weekend a month you can
dress as you like if you want to go out or to have friends over. When you
are alone together in the house you are to dress exactly as I have ordered
always. You will remember what I said about sex. You are not, under any
circumstances to touch one another neither will you play with yourselves.
If you feel horny you can save it for my next visit. From now on you will
live as brother and sister keeping yourselves for me. I don't care if you
continue to share the same bed but if I find that you have not been
following my orders it will be the worse for you both, and you have seen
what I can do".

"Now I am going for a shower. You two can go down and make my breakfast
It is still early so you will have time to get ready for work after I
leave". I could see that they were both still very on edge after the last
two nights and expected me to make some sexual demand on one or both. I
enjoyed surprising them as I watched the naked pair leave the bedroom and
went to the bathroom. I dressed, collected my case and phoned for a cab on
my mobile before going downstairs.

I ate breakfast and tossed the naked blonde the car keys, just as the
doorbell rang. "I called a taxi " I said casually "and that will be it so
I will be on my way. I'll keep the front door key so that I can check up
on you whenever I like. You will never know when I am going to come so
make sure you obey me. You know what will happen if I call and find that
you have not done exactly as I told you".

I smiled at the dumb-struck pair and went out happy at having added
another young couple to my collection.

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