Myra, the Generals Wife and the Pilot - sex story

Myra, the Generals Wife and the Pilot

I flew into Clark Air Base, Philippines from the States and after the shut down process I decided to visit the Officers Club for a much needed drink. As I sat there enjoying my Scotch and Soda a stunning young lady walked in, she stood about 4’6”, beautiful body, nice tits and ass.

She went directly to one of the tables and sat down; I told the bartender that what ever she wanted to drink it was on me. A few minutes later he came back mixed a Scotch and Rocks and carried it back to her; she looked up at me and smiled. When the bartender came back he told me that the lady asked if I would join her. I got off the stool and walked to her table sat down and introduced myself; I’m Captain Jason and I just flew in from the States. She told me her name was Lieutenant Myra and she also just arrived from Japan where she had been assigned.

Well Lieutenant we have something in common, fellow travelers. We sat through a couple more Scotch’s and decided to go into town for dinner. After dinner I asked where she was staying and she told me the BOQ Building #1; that’s great because I’m also in that building, stood and we left heading for our quarters. Once there I invited Myra to my room for a nightcap, she accepted and off we went. I fixed the drinks and that’s when Myra said that she wished these buildings had A/C and asked if she could remove her jacket? Laughing I told her she could remove everything if she so desired; she got up and started stripping while I turned on the floor fan and ceiling fan to cool things down. She went into the bathroom and when she came out, I gasped.

What stood before me was one beautiful woman with nothing on. Her breasts were small but firm and her pussy was clean shaven and she smelled like a dozen Roses. I walked to her and bent over and gave her a kiss which she returned and then she started helping me out of my uniform so we would be alike, naked as the day we were born. As she was removing my pants she smiled because my cock was sticking out through the opening in my boxers. While squatting she leaned in and gave the head a quick kiss and licked the pre-cum that was oozing out.

When we finished undressing I picked her up and carried her to the bed where we would be more comfortable. As I lay her down I started kissing her face, neck, and those lovely tits working my way to her garden of pleasure. Myra was moaning and when I achieve my objective she gasp as my tongue licked her clit. I continued flicking my tongue across her clit and sucking her naked pussy, she was really moaning and wiggling all around trying to dislodge me, so I grabbed on to her thighs and held her fast.

As I was licking her pussy I ventured down to her ass and planted tongue kisses on her rosebud, it began to open from all my stimulation and I stuck my tongue inside about an inch, this really got her going. Myra said; Jason stop; go back to my pussy, I want to flood your mouth with sweet cum that I know you will like. I left her ass and when I reached her pussy I placed my mouth over the opening and drove my tongue inside and stuck two fingers up her ass. That’s all it took, she did flood my mouth with her sweet tasting cum, and she was squirting it straight into my mouth and down my throat it went.

She never screamed or yelled through out her climax, all she did was moan, she did say however; “Jason you Bastard, suck that pussy and drink my cum it’s coming straight from my fountain of joy” Suck it, OH God suck it!!! I was doing my best to keep up with her body movements, it was like she was in a Rodeo riding a bucking bronco, and it was all I could do to hold her as I sucked her pussy dry. When she pushed my head away from her pussy, I removed the two fingers from her ass and moved up besides her placing my arm around her and we cuddled, I knew she needed to rest and settle down before we continued our fuck fest.

As we lay together her little hand snaked towards my rock hard cock and when she grabbed it she look up at me and said I’m unable to wrap my hand around you, damn you’re big, I don’t know if I can handle that much meat, but, God Damn it I’m going to try, but you will have to be genital and go slow so I can adjust to the size.
I told her there was not going to be a problem, and knowing that you will be able to take what I have to offer, later we could try the back door and see if it will fit there too. She looked at me and said; you’re a backdoor kind of a guy? No Baby, I’m any door kind of guy. Why don’t you slither down and introduce yourself Baby girl. Make sure and give him a great big wet kiss while you’re visiting. Within seconds her mouth was covering the head of my cock and her tongue knew exactly what to do, drive me crazy.

She was on her hands and knees with her ass facing me and being the Bastard that I am, I went about fingering her ass and pussy during her get acquainted party with my cock. She started moaning as the sensations of what I was doing traveled up her body to her brain, she took another couple of inches of dick in her mouth and down her throat. I was driving my finger in and out as fast as I could, trying to bring her off once more. Myra took her mouth off my cock and said: Holy Mother of God!! Flipped around and placed her pussy over my mouth and started squirting her cum straight down my throat while holding my mouth tight against her cunt.

After her second cum she sled down and grabbed my cock and placed it at the entrance of her love tunnel. Once the head entered she held fast so she could adjust, after the adjustment period she sat down and took everything I had, all 8”. I looked into her face and saw eyes closed and mouth open as if she was experiencing pain, but, that was no where near what she was truly feeling; pleasure. When she started moving up and down I placed my hands under her ass cheeks and began fucking her. We established a rhythm and she placed her hands on my chest and bent over a little so I would really be able to drive it home.

Drive it home is exactly what I did. As I was getting close to Cumming she also was getting close because she grabbed a handful of chest and tried to tear the skin with her nails. As the first shot left my cock and hit the inner most part of her pussy she said very quietly; Oh Fuck me!! Damn you Jason!! Holy shit I’m Cumming!! She shot her cum all up on my chest.

I kept shooting and she kept squirting till we both were drained and then she fell forward leaving some of my cock still buried inside her cunt. As she pulled free of my cock it made a plopping noise and cum ran freely from her cunt all over my dick and balls. She rolled off me and told me that getting fucked by me was the best fuck she has ever had. I laughed and told her; I bet you say that to all the guys you fuck. She reached up and pinched my nipple and called me a Bastard.

We lay there for a few minutes more then got up to take a shower. I was washing her back and butt when I pulled her close to me and let my dick lay in the crack of her ass as I played and pinched her nipples. Myra leaned into me while rubbing her ass crack up and down my cock. She turned and grabbed my dick and said; Jason you are one horny Bastard, when was the last time you had a piece of ass? Damn it you are going to kill me, I have never fuck or cum this much at any one time, it usually is; “whim, bam, thank you ma’am”. I have to tell you, I do love what you’re doing, let’s see if we can fit that big Bastard up my ass, soap it up good and soap me real good too.

She turned and I began soaping her ass so that would slide right in nice and easy. During the soaping I inserted three fingers into her rosebud so she would be open when I rammed my cock in. She turned and placed her arms around my neck and jumped up and locked her legs around my body, I reached under and placed the head at the entrance and when it slid in she bit my shoulder, so I said; Fuck it, here is the rest of my dick and moved my loins forward sinking all 8”. Myra bit the other shoulder; it was like she didn’t want to play favorites. I started sliding my cock in and out of her ass canal building a rhythm and listening to her moan and saying; for the first butt fucking she has ever experienced she was loving it.

OH my God what a turn on!!! Jason you can butt fuck me any time you want, this is so good and I love it. OH Shit!! Jason I’m Cumming and I told her that I was too, get ready I’m going to fill your ass canal with more cum than you can fathom, here it comes, when the first shot hit her ass walls she went berserk and really bit down hard on my shoulders. After I finished unloading I let my cock fall from her ass and just held on to her till her breathing return to normal. She slid to the shower floor after un-wraping her legs while still holding on with arms around my neck, and her head on my chest. Then out of the blue she asked; Jason how long are you going to be here, I told her I leave going back to the States day after tomorrow, why? How are you traveling? I have a Lear Jet and was sent her to pick up General Ellsworth’s wife and take her to the States, Why? I’m heading for the States and my new assignment at the Pentagon in Washington, D. C. Holy Shit!! Myra that’s where I’m headed, you want a ride, maybe we can become members of the mile high club and laughed.

The whole time we were talking she had her hands on my cock and was massaging it to hardness once again. She told me that she wanted one more fuck before we hit the sack, so she bent over and told me to pick whichever hole I wanted. I told her to turn around squat and take him in your mouth, I’m starting there, when she placed her lips around my cock I held her head still and started fucking her mouth. After a few minutes of fucking she grabbed my thighs and dug her nails in hard and shuddered, I pulled free and when she stood she call me a Bastard and told me that it was the first time she ever came sucking a guys dick.

Ok, now bend over your pussy is next, when I entered she was so wet that I slid all the way to the base of my cock and began fucking her, again, it only took a few minutes and she groaned and came squirting all over the shower floor. That’s when I pulled out and headed for her ass while she was still Cumming, driving home in one push and went about the pleasure of fucking her ass. I told her that I was Cumming and unloaded shot after shot in her ass canal bring on another climax from her.

When I had finished I helped her up since she was so weak in the knees and hugged her close to my body. She looked up at me and said; Holy Mother of God!! I have never cum so much!! Not even when the Air Force Recruiters gangbanged me before I left for training; that was good, but Jason not as good as what you gave me. Shall we go to bed I want to sleep here, you never know what might come up.

That night around midnight I woke with Myra’s mouth locked on my dick and her tongue going wild. I reached for her legs and pulled her to where her pussy was directly over my mouth and I went to work, I wanted her to cum before I came. After sucking for several minutes I reached up and jammed three fingers in her ass which brought on her climax, she was still sucking my cock but she released it and put her head down next to my balls and in a muffled tone said; Jesus, fucking Christ!!! I’m Cumming and out it flowed straight into my mouth and down my throat.

After she settled down she raised her head went back to sucking my dick, it was her mission to make me cum with her talented mouth and tongue. I gave her warning that I was close but that only caused her to suck that much harder. As I started unloading cum in her mouth I heard her gag but she kept at it till she had all the cum expelled from my dick. When she felt she had all I had to give, she brought her face up in front of mine opened her mouth so I could see the cum she had collected then swallowed.

I told Myra that I was changing her name to cum freak. She looked at me and then began hitting my chest and arms and telling me that I was really a bad boy to say such a thing and laughed. We went back to cuddling and feel asleep, but it wasn’t long before the alarm sounded and she got up and went to her room. I got up and took a shower put on my flight suit and headed for the air field to check the plane over before tomorrow’s flight.

I went into the flight control room to check the weather for tomorrow’s flight and there stood Mrs. Ellsworth, she walked up to me and asked if I was her pilot? I told her; yes, I was. She asked what time she needed to be at the air field in the morning. I told her that 0700 would be fine, we would be flying from here to Japan, refuel and then to Hawaii for another refueling, then on to Texas where we would refuel for the flight to Washington. She told me that would be fine and that’s when I asked her if it would be alright with her if we gave a Lieutenant a ride, she was also going to Washington. Mrs. Ellsworth said that would be fine she could use the company for the long flight; see you in the morning and she left.

After leaving the control room I headed for the BOQ and when I opened the door to my room there stood Myra naked. She saw the surprised look on my face and said come in Captain; I wanted you to see what you abused last night in the light of the day, you like? She flew into my arms and was showering me with her kisses and opening my flight suit so she could see what had given her so much pleasure last night. When she had my suit off she crawled up to where my cock was peaking out my boxers, kissed the head and said; you were such a naughty boy last night, I forgive you and I still love every inch of you.

I pulled her up so she was lying on my body and maneuvered her in such a way that I slipped into her wet cunt, she gasped and looked me in the eyes asking just how the fuck did you do that? Are you complaining? Hell no!! OH shit, what are you doing? I’m flexing my cock inside your pussy, you like? Here I thought I would greet you naked, get you naked and we would lie on the bed and cuddle, but fuck no, you have to start with flexing your cock in my cunt; Holy Shit!! You’re making me cum with what you’re doing, “you pussy eating Son of a Bitch, I’ll make you pay for this”.

While still flexing my cock in her cunt I raised her up a little so I could suck her nipples as I stopped flexing and started fucking her, this drove her insane with pleasure. She was only able to take a few minutes of me fucking her before she was Cumming again.

As she came down from her high she said the three nastiest words in the English language; “I Love You”. OK, you little shit just how much do you love me? Enough for me to fuck your sore ass again, I love that ass you got; it’s so tight and is able to take my 8” with ease. Now it’s your turn to remove your pussy and stick me in your ass where I intend to fuck you blind, and load your bowels with so much cum that you will scream to high heaven.

That’s the way it went for the rest of the afternoon and into the night. I told Myra that we needed sleep since we had to be on the flight line at 0700 for our flight to the States. She kissed me and leaned down and kissed the head of my dick and then rolled over and we went to sleep. The alarm sounded at0500 and I took a shower then she took one, we knew if we took a shower together we would be late. Upon our arrival at the plane I had Myra load our bags and get on board while I went and made a last minute check of the weather. As I entered the control room Mrs. Ellsworth was there so I had one of the Sergeants escort her to the plane along with her baggage.

When I stepped into the plane I found that Myra and Mrs. Ellsworth had already introduced themselves and were chatting like a couple of magpie birds. I told them to buckle up as we were ready for takeoff. As I reach my assigned flight level I turned the auto pilot on and told my co-pilot take over and went in the back to see if the ladies wanted anything.

I told them that the flight time to Japan would be about 2 ½ hours and we would be on the ground about 45 minutes; they would have to deplane while it was refueled. Mrs. Ellsworth asked if I would turn up the A/C she was extremely hot and felt like removing several items of clothing to cool down. She was not a bad looking woman for her age, still had the body of a young girl. Myra had hung up their jackets and both had a couple of buttons on their blouses undone.

I got on the intercom and told Warrant Officer Jackson to turn up the A/C. I looked at the two ladies and told them I was returning to the cockpit. Thirty minutes into the flight I once again went back to check on our passengers, as I entered the cabin area I found Myra on her knees fingering Mrs. Ellsworth’s pussy while she was sucking her nipples. They continued their fun even when I walked up beside Mrs. Ellsworth who reached over and began rubbing my dick through my flight suit. To see what might happen, I opened the flap and pulled my cock out, she took one look and started sucking like a baby would a bottle.

Mrs. Ellsworth placed her hand on Myra’s head and pushed, there was no resistance as Myra made the descent to her cunt, I watched her sucking and licking as Mrs. Ellsworth was sucking me. Unlike Myra, Mrs. Ellsworth was not quite, she screamed to high heaven that she was Cumming and held Myra’s head tight between her thighs and at the entrance to her pussy. She pushed Myra away and motioned for me to stick her with my cock, she placed her legs on the arms of the chair and as I started sliding inside her she yelled; Fuck me!!, God Damn it!!, Fuck me!! I was pounding her cunt like there was no tomorrow when she again screamed; I’m Cumming…………. When she finished she motioned for me to remove myself and when I did, she sat upright like Miss Prim and Proper as if nothing happened.

I looked at Myra and thought; “what the fuck was that all about”. Myra seeing the state I was in raised her uniform skirt and dropped her panties so I could fuck her, and we would become member of the mile high club. As she held on to the back of one of the seats with her head bent in the crux of her arm I saw Mrs. Ellsworth out of the corner of my eye get up drop to the floor and crawl between Myra’s legs and start licking her pussy. Between my fucking and the licking she was getting, Myra came so hard that her legs buckled, but she was flooding Mrs. Ellsworth’s mouth with so much cum that it was running down her chin and neck on to her blouse.

I told Myra to get ready I was going to fill her cunt when I felt Mrs. Ellsworth’s hand on my cock pulling it from Myra’s pussy and sticking it her mouth as my first shot left my cock, she kept sucking till she was satisfied that she had all my cum and then swallowed, got up off the floor of the plane and sat back down in her chair licking her lips. Myra and I looked at each other then at Mrs. Ellsworth who was smiling like the cat that ate the canary.

I put my dick away and returned to the cockpit to prepare for landing in Japan. Once we were airborne again and leveled off I proceeded to the cabin area. As I closed the curtain separating the cabin from the cockpit I turned and there was Mrs. Ellsworth completely naked and Myra was getting into the same condition. Watching both ladies I began wondering what was going to happen next, I didn’t have to wait long, Mrs. Ellsworth lay on the floor and Myra crawled on top of her then both began eating each others pussies. Myra had Mrs. Ellsworth’s legs pined under her arms so she would have free access to both her cunt and asshole.

Myra was licking Mrs. Ellsworth’s asshole when she motioned for me to come forward and watch. Mrs. Ellsworth’s asshole had opened where a person could fit their fist inside, instead I dropped my flap and pulled out my cock got on my knees and stuck it to her, I sank straight to the bottom and got a grunt out of her, then she started with: Fuck that ass you Bastard!!! Fuck me hard Captain!! I want to feel you’re cum shooting up in my bowels. As I was pounding her ass Myra was still licking her pussy and we brought her off together with her screaming: God Damn you Sons of Bitches!!! “You both will never hear the end of this, “Motherfucker!! fuck my ass, and Bitch lick my pussy, I’m Cumming………”

When we finished I helped Mrs. Ellsworth get up and to her chair, as she sat down, she looked at my dick and then at me and said; “Captain you cock is fifthly, here let me clean you, and stuck my dick in her mouth and licked me clean”

Myra and I never did get to just fuck each other; every time we tried, Mrs. Ellsworth joined in our fun and took over making sure we satisfied her every desire. I whispered to Myra that she was one depraved Bitch; her husband the General probably hasn’t fucked her for a long time.

That’s the way the trip across the Pacific progressed, Myra and I satisfying Mrs. Ellsworth however she want to be fucked or sucked. I told the girls to get dressed we would be landing soon in Hawaii. Once I touched down and taxied to the refueling station I had the ladies wait in the office while the plane took on fuel. After refueling we were once again in the air winging our way to Texas.

I turned the controls over to Jackson and entered the cabin area. This time I saw Mrs. Ellsworth with a strap on fucking Myra, she motioned for me to come forth and let Myra suck my dick while she fucked her. Myra’s body was trembling with sensations soaring though out her body as she was Cumming, then Mrs. Ellsworth stood up took the strap on off and handed it to Myra and watched as she put it on, then she got on all fours and Myra started fucking her while she took over sucking my cock.

I made a grab for Mrs. Ellsworth’s head and held it in place as I began fucking her mouth; I nodded to Myra indicating that I was Cumming so she sped up her movements making sure that Mrs. Ellsworth came and the same time that I was unloading in her mouth, it worked; Mrs. Ellsworth clamped her lips around my cock and moaned causing sensations to travel through my body via my dick. When we were through Mrs. Ellsworth looked at both of us and said, of all things, thanks. It’s been a very long time since I had sex like that and I really want to thank both of you very much.

She got her bag down from the overhead and went to the toilet and when she returned she was immaculate, as if nothing ever happened. When we landed in Texas and then flew to Washington and landed, I taxied to the hanger where Mrs. Ellsworth was met by her husband’s aid, she waved goodbye and left in the sedan that was waiting.

Several days later I was called in to my boss’s office where I was promoted to Major years ahead of my peers. I called Myra to tell her the good news and when she answered the phone she said; Captain Myra how can I assist you? The first thing out of my mouth was, you too, I was just promoted to Major. What say I pick you up at 1900 and we will celebrate our newly found wealth, and toast Mrs. Ellsworth.

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