New Best Friends - sex story

New Best Friends

Sarah is a high school girl who's having a rough year. She comes from a very wealthy family - making most their money from oil - but at the moment it's just her and her dad in a big house, though, her father is rarely home either constantly going on business trips. Although generally considered attractive, she doesn't have many friends and as a result feels very lonely. One bright August morning, one in which her father is home temporarily, she begs him to let her have a dog, only then can she find a little solace and connection. It doesn't take much to get him to agree, saying no was never a problem over the phone, but in person, be it guilt or annoyance, he couldn't say no to her. It was a little more expensive but they were able to find the exact dog that she wanted - a 5 year old male Blue Heeler named Charlie.
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A great big smile ran across Sarah's face as her new dog Charlie came walking through the door. The previous owner, Ben, holding his leash rather taut, but not too tight. Charlie had a habit of getting very excited and hyper when meeting new friends - or in this case family members - and, thus, Ben wanted to keep him relatively at bay. He was terrified that Charlie would jump up and break something expensive, he'd never been in a house so big and lavish as this one, and he didn't want to be on the hook for replacing something god knows how expensive. Unfortunately, Ben was moving out of North Carolina and couldn't care for Charlie anymore, he was a military man and decided it'd be best to find Charlie a good home rather than take him across the country.

Charlie was the most beautiful Blue Heeler Sarah had ever seen, somehow the pictures online still didn't do him proper justice. He was a dark blue/gray, a coloring almost as if he were a black dog covered in snow, with red patches here and there, and the most adorable black mask around each of his eyes. He was the perfect size for her, herself not being very tall, only around 5'1" with a runner's body, he stood not too tall but not too small either. And he was well trained, certainly not a service dog but he could understand simple commands, he was clearly home taught. He was all around the dog she had dreamed of plus much more.

Sarah had decided two months prior that she needed a dog. At school she wasn't very popular, much less popular than she once was - never being the belle of the ball per say, her social status wasn't too tall to come crumbling down. Going to school in rural NC, her previous friends didn't take too kindly to the news that Sarah believed herself to be gay, some stuck around for a while but it didn't take too long for her to become mostly alone save for some passing "hellos" with few. She did her research on dog breeds to find which one she wanted before coming down to a few choices, mainly between a Blue Heeler and a Beagle. After looking through some pictures she found Charlie and was sold immediately. "He's unbelievably perfect!" she exclaimed upon seeing the ad on Craigslist. She contacted Ben and he agreed to hold onto Charlie until Sarah's father came home - he's always on business trips out of town, leaving Sarah mostly home alone except for the occasional housekeeper a few times a week.

Sarah and her father approached Ben and Charlie who were let in by the housekeeper. Upon reaching them Sarah immediately fell to her knees and embraced Charlie, who was more than happy to reward her with love in return. Although she didn't notice, both Ben and her father instantly broke out into laughter at the sight, they both knew right then and there that they had made the right decision uniting the two of them. The four of them walked to the backyard where it was safe to remove the leash, and allow the two men to finish off the transaction. Sarah tasked herself with showing Charlie around the yard, it was impossible to say which of them was more excited for the experience.

After the deal was done, Ben was paid and he tracked down the new best friends to say his final farewells to Charlie before going on his way. It was quite easy to tell that the two were close and this decision didn't come easy for Ben, but sometimes the circumstances aren't right. In such cases you're lucky to find a new owner of the caliber of the family he found.

It was late July and summer was winding down, only about a month left until school starts back up, but at this moment that was hardly what was on Sarah's mind. She felt an immediate connection with Charlie, one unlike which she'd had not known for quite some time, if ever, a warm, fuzzy feeling - a feeling of unmistakable love. That night Sarah let Charlie sleep with her in her bed. It was obvious that the two were already inseparable.

Just about a 3 week later Sarah's father was saying his goodbyes before he left again, this time destined for Texas. Unlike usual, Sarah wasn't dreading this day as much, now she wasn't going to be alone in the house, now she had Charlie to accompany her. Before she had always felt that the bigger the house the more lonely you'd feel if you're the only one around, but this was no longer the case. Her father finished his goodbyes and set off to the airport. Charlie had only joined the family a week prior but a routine had already been established and they need it like the back of their hands. As soon as her father left she took Charlie out for a walk around the neighborhood, it was perfect to keep him calm and relaxed, otherwise he was always full of energy.

Upon returning they retired to their shared bedroom, Sarah took her place on the bed, while Charlie took his place on his own bed set up in the corner - it was a crude construction of Sarah's own doing, it was merely a few pillows and blankets that she had found around the house. She had gone out a purchased a proper bed for him but he seemed to enjoy the franken-bed more, so she allowed him to keep it. Sarah flipped on the TV and flipped through the channels until she found a movie - "Basic Instinct." The movie hadn't just started but it wasn't too far in so Sarah stayed and watched. She had seen the movie once before, and she liked it for the most part.

Sarah had been watching for about half an hour and the constant sex was getting to her, she was horny. Every scene was adding on but the lesbian scene sent her over the top, she needed to touch herself. She got up from the bed and locked the door - of course she didn't need to, but she felt more secure this way. On her way back to the bed, without stopping, she removed her pants and panties in one motion, leaving them disheveled across the floor. Before even reaching the bed her hand was plastered to her pussy lips, already wet, but from previous experience it was only the beginning.

The movie was no longer on her mind, whenever she touched herself she always thought of the same thing. Sarah was not a virgin, the reason she believed herself to be gay was because she, unbeknownst to her father, had a fling with her 2nd step-mother two years prior. It was only two occasions, but that was enough to stick to her mind. She was rather noisy when she touched herself, especially when she knew she was alone, no sense in holding back in such occasions. At this point she was fully naked from the waist down and he shirt pulled up to her neck so she could hold steady on her beautiful breasts, they weren't huge but there was more than enough to get a handful for support. Moving more quickly now she was rubbing her clit intensely with her juices dripped over her blankets. Louder and louder she moaned a heavenly song for only herself to hear, occasionally she would let a curse word slip between her lips.
"Oh, fuck!" she squirmed as her arm started to tire, but wouldn't dare stop.
She stopped for a moment to lick her fingers, mostly to take a split second rest before diving back in.
"Shit!" she was practically screaming at this point but her cadence only increased intensity.
She could feel the warmth that the friction to her puss lips created, the warmth only contributed to the feelings of lust she felt as she continued to rub. It was time now to start inserting her fingers into her pussy, she slowed down to catch her breath, but the rest didn't last long. She was experienced and started playing with her G spot, she knew she was about to orgasm and she was ready.
"Oh, that feels so fucking good!" she said to herself.
With one more loud moan her body jerked forward and back. It was an intense orgasm, something she was no stranger to, she had become quite good at hitting all of the right notes so-to-speak.

As she laid there exhausted, her arm aching and still desperately grasping at each breath, she managed to turn her head to the side. What she saw surprised her: Charlie had gotten ahold of her soaked undies and was licking them profusely and excitedly. She wanted to muster up the ability to stop him, but after such an intense orgasm she could barely muster the will to speak beyond a hushed tone.
"No, Charlie, stop boy," she struggled to get out between breathes. Charlie paid her no mind and kept licking. She tried it over and over, all in all about 5 times but Charlie was too preoccupied to care, he was in a frenzy. But strangely enough Sarah began to enjoy it. Even as she regained her composure and caught her breath, restoring her ability to stop him, she let him continue. It was a bizarre feeling, something Sarah had never encountered, but something in her was sort of turned on by it. Just how vigorously and thoroughly he licked, he was determined to get as much of her juices as he could.

In a strange way, she felt wanted.

She was staring, consciously she wanted to rid herself of the thought, but she just stared, mute. She noticed that she was getting wet again, but refused the feeling. She got up off the bed, grabbed a fresh pair of underwear and departed for the bathroom connected to her room. She rolled up some toilet paper around her hand and tried to dry her pussy, but all she got was soaked toilet paper. Finally after two handfulls of toilet paper she succeeded in drying off her pussy for the most part. So she slid on her fresh undies and walked back into the bedroom.

Charlie was no longer glued to her underwear, instead she returned to him standing on the bed vigorously licking the covers. She had practically left a puddle of her juices for him to eagerly clean up. Again Sarah was frozen, she caught herself biting her lip and feeling her left breast that was still partially exposed from the raised shirt. She recognized that she was turned on - very turned on - even as she tried desperately to stop lusting after Charlie, she couldn't stop. She just stared at him cleaning her mess.

It was then that she realized that her dear Charlie was aroused. She had no idea that he wasn't neutered, it had never come up in her conversations with Ben, she didn't even think to ask. Seeing Charlie's dick didn't help to quell her appetite. She could feel her underwear starting to stick to her pussy, she looked down and the front of her undies were a decidedly darker shade of blue compared to the rest. But again, she resisted, grabbing a pair of athletic shorts, she left the room and went down the stairs. She could still hear the lapping of Charlie's tongue as he finished his treat on the bed until she made it all the way downstairs.

Sarah did what she could to occupy her mind. She started cooking some dinner for herself and was able to divert her attention momentarily, but once Charlie emerged from upstairs the thoughts flooded back into her mind. She knows it's wrong, that she can't be lusting over her dog. Charlie approached her, she could tell that he smelled something. His nose got close to her leg and he took a few tentative sniffs before given a small "test" lick to the side of her leg, he moved on, that wasn't what he was after. Sarah wanted to stop him but she couldn't, she just hoped that either he was looking for something other than her damp underwear or he wouldn't find them. Soon enough he neared her vagina, but before he reached it Sarah snapped at him.

"No Charlie! Bad!" she snapped, immediately regretting it.

Charlie was noticeably startled and frightened. He backed up, slouched over, tucked his ears back and looked up with big brown puppy dog eyes. Sarah couldn't resist, she felt terrible for snapping at him. She bent down at the knees, unconsciously spreading her knees apart and started to pet him and reassure him that he did nothing wrong. Just then Charlie seized the opportunity, jumped forward and buried his nose into her crotch. Through her athletic shorts he gave three quick licks before Sarah could jump up out of the way. Charlie looked up, excited and licking his nose.

"Go." Sarah said sternly, pointed toward the living room. Charlie reluctantly obliged.

Sarah poured Charlie a new bowl of food and they ate together in the dining room. The time was nearing 10pm and Sarah decided it was time for bed.

"Come on boy! Bed! Come on!" She called out, Charlie came trotting out of the family room and ran up the stairs into the bedroom. As she entered the strong odor of her juices mixed with saliva filled her nose, it didn't bother her, in fact she cracked half a smile as she got a whiff. Sarah removed the end blanket from her bed, it was still soaked in a mixture of her pussy juices and Charlie saliva, as she carried it Charlie was jumping up and down trying to get ahold of it, he wasn't done with it. She successfully stored it in the closet despite Charlie's best efforts.

She removed her athletic shorts, as she bent over to get them around her feet her nose neared her panties and got a smell, she had never changed her wet panties from before. She liked the smell of herself but she didn't linger, she was interested, but only slightly. She pulled on her pajama pants and climbed under the covers.

Sarah called for Charlie: "Come on boy!" as she patted on the bed beside her. Charlie jumped up and laid down on his side, leaning against Sarah's hip. She reached over to the side table nearest here and flipped off the light, as she turned to the other side table to turn off the second light she got a glimpse of Charlie's sheath no more than two and a half feet from her hand.

She reached out and flipped off the second light. The room was dark, only slightly illuminated by the street light outside.

Reaching over, she started to rub Charlie's stomach. He slightly adjusted to the affection but didn't get up. Curiosity getting the better of her, she started to get more bold. She continued to rub his stomach but every time she pulled back she made slight contact with the sheath, Charlie took notice and started to sit up. Her stroked of his fur became smaller and smaller until she was barely abandoning contact of his sheath, and the red head of his dick started to poke out just slightly.As she did this, the remaining hand subconsciously found her pussy.and as her pets on Charlie became smaller, her stroking started to work in unison.

Sarah could not stop what she had started. By now she was focusing solely on the sheath, playing with it until his dick was fully revealed in all it's glory. Sarah grabbed it and stroked it for only a second until Charlie worked his own mouth around and started to lick it. She was transfixed, the playfullness and feel of his cock turned her on. Remembering what had happened earlier she stood up and removed her clothes, as she did Charlie, too, stood up on the bed and jumped down, breathing hard and tongue hanging out. She walked over to the closet and removed the cum and saliva covered blanket, carrying it back to the bed and spreading it out, thinking to herself: "whatever we do from here on out will be on this blanket."

She laid across the blanket naked and beckoning for Charlie to join her as she rubbed her pussy slowly. Without hesitation Charlie joined her, the room still rather dark. As he jumped on the bed, Sarah removed her fingers from her pussy, licked them once and held her hand out to Charlie. As he happily licked her fingers she slowly led his eager tongue closer and closer to her face until it reached her open mouth. She wanted to kiss Charlie badly and he accommodated her, sticking his tongue into her mouth, her fighting back with her own tongue. To an outsider it may not have seemed like much, but to Sarah it was the most passionate kiss she had ever had.

Finished kissing, she sat up and motioned at her pussy. Charlie recognized the hint almost immediately, making his way down to her pussy and started to lick - to Sarah it was incredible, as incredible as she had imagined while watching him vigorously lick her underwear and blanket. His long tongue massaged her pussy lips from top to bottom, even momentarily accommodating her asshole. Sarah reached down off the bed and grabbed her underwear lying on top of her discarded pajama pants containing the dried juices of earlier mixed with the new juices, she shoved the undies into her mouth and relished the taste of herself. Charlie showed no hints of slowing down his eager licking, Sarah was about to explode in orgasm - one that felt much larger than any she's felt before.

The underwear in her mouth muffled her screams but she was exploding with passion and pleasure as she reached orgasm. Her bodies jerked violently as she struggled to comprehend the feelings that she was going through, clinging to her owns breasts for safety. After 15 seconds of exhilaration her muscles relaxed and she laid there. Charlie just looking at her from the other side of the bed. She opened up a smile, leaned forward and kissed his head, "I'm not ready to take your cock yet, but someday soon, I promise"

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