Night at the Movies - sex story

Night at the Movies

My problem was that I was too shy.

Take the time when Mum and I kissed under the mistletoe at Christmas. Admittedly, she'd had a few glasses of wine, but we'd never kissed like that before. She pulled me under the mistletoe, laughing, and took my face in her hands and kissed me on the lips. She was wearing a shortish skirt and a sleeveless silk blouse, with a sprig of holly in her hair, and it felt marvellous when I put my arms round her.

But then I felt her soft lips moving on mine, and her bare arms slid around my neck. Involuntarily, I held her closer, and her body moulded itself to me. The kiss lengthened — it must have gone on for over a minute, which is a long time when you're kissing your mother, and it would have been impossible for her not to have felt my growing erection pressed against her belly. Her eyes were closed, and then the tip of her tongue roamed over my lips.

Eventually we broke apart — I saw that her face was flushed, and her breathing had quickened, her breasts heaving slightly against my chest. Her eyes opened, and she looked at me almost questioningly — and I released her.

Why didn't I kiss her again, using my own tongue to probe her mouth, perhaps fondle her breast? I asked myself that question again and again, but the moment had passed, and we were back to normal.

And then there was when we fought, laughing, over the last slice of toast at breakfast one morning. All she had on was the housecoat she usually wore, and when she hid the toast behind her back I grabbed her, trying to reach round her, and her soft body squirmed against me. I started to tickle her, and the squirming intensified as she shrieked, and then her face was inches from mine, and suddenly we stilled, looking at each other. Why didn't I kiss her, and feel her body?

She often went out in the evenings, and sometimes when she got home she'd come into my bedroom and sit on my bed and talk to me. Instinctively, I knew that this was when she'd had sex, and I was captivated, thinking about what she'd been doing — all right, being fucked.

One night, she came home very late, and I woke up when she switched on the light and stood looking at me. I remember she was wearing a very short, very low-cut plum-coloured dress, and when she perched on the edge of my bed her dress rode right up over her thighs. I mumbled something inane, asking her if she'd had a good time or something, and she took my hand.

'Yes, darling — but I missed you. Cuddle me, dearest!'

I sat up in bed and she snuggled against me, resting her head on my shoulder as I put my arm round her. I could smell her perfume, and looking down I had an unrestricted view of her deep cleavage. Then she tucked her legs up, her thighs gleaming, and my penis stiffened painfully. All I ever wore in bed was my pyjama trousers, and Mum sighed and ran her hand over my bare chest.

'You're lovely and smooth, darling — your skin is so soft — it feels wonderful... '

Why didn't I put my hand on her leg, or reach into her dress to fondle her breast, or kiss her?

Looking back, it was obvious that she was offering herself to me again and again, and all I had to do was reach out and take her. God knows I wanted her — I had for as long as I could remember — but I did nothing.

But it seemed that not everyone was as shy as me, and I wasn't the only boy she offered herself to. I had a friend called Doug, who often came to the house. He was there one afternoon after school, and I suddenly realised that my mother was sitting in an armchair opposite him and letting him see her legs. She was wearing that housecoat of hers again, and a few of the bottom buttons were undone, and she kept crossing and re-crossing her legs, very slowly. Even from where I was sitting to the side of them, I could see high up the inside of her bare thighs, and Doug must have had a perfect view of her panties.

Mum had started to make tea, and she asked Doug to help her carry the things in from the kitchen. They seemed to be gone a long time, and when they came back Mum's eyes were sparkling, and she kept running her tongue over her lips. The housecoat had a fairly low, square-cut neckline, and when she bent over in front of Doug to hand him his tea he must have been able to see her breasts quite clearly.

Afterwards, I asked him if anything had happened, but he said no, although he'd looked away guiltily when he said it.

Then somebody told me they'd seen my mother kissing a boy from another school, and that he'd been feeling her tits. I accused him of lying, but he swore it was true, and then we got into a fight. I ended up with a black eye and a split lip.

When I got home Mum asked me what had happened, but I wouldn't tell her, and then she bathed my lip as I sat in the kitchen. She had on that housecoat again, but when she bent over me I discovered she wasn't wearing a bra, and the sight of her naked breasts made me forget my injuries. After she'd cleaned me up, she kissed me softly on the corner of my mouth — I thought of the boy feeling her tits, and for a moment I was tempted to follow his example — but I didn't.

Thursdays were the nights when Mum usually went to the cinema with her friend Doreen. I sometimes asked her what she'd seen, but she was always vague, simply saying it was a good film. Then, one day I noticed a card on the stairs — it didn't belong to me, and it was obvious that my mother had dropped it accidentally. I picked it up, and saw that it was a membership card to an art cinema club in the neighbourhood. My eyes widened, because it was known to show mainly pornographic films, usually foreign. I'd never been there, because I was under-age, and you had to be eighteen to become a member, but I certainly knew its reputation.

Almost without thinking, I slipped the card in my pocket — I think I thought I might use it to try to get in and see one of the films I'd heard about. It was only later that I wondered if it really belonged to my mother, or if it were something she'd found.

Then I forget about it until a few days later — my mother was in the bath, and I saw her purse on the table. On impulse, I picked it up and opened it — I'd never looked in her purse before, but there, along with the usual credit cards and things, was another membership card — obviously a replacement. I also noticed a packet of condoms, and I immediately thought of my mother being fucked, and visualised her upstairs, lying naked in the bath...

The next night was a Thursday, and I wondered. She usually went out about seven to meet Doreen, and I made some excuse about spending the evening with a school friend, and left the house about six-thirty. I made my way to the cinema — there was a coffee bar almost opposite, and I bought a coffee and sat at the window.

Sure enough, a little later I saw my mother coming along the street. She was wearing a short grey skirt and a peach-coloured sweater, with a white cardigan thrown round her shoulders, but there was no sign of Doreen. As she reached the cinema, a boy of about my age approached her and said something. Then he seemed to be offering her some money, but she shook her head and smiled, and went up to the box office window. The boy held back, and I realised that he must have asked her to help him get in, and then they disappeared through the door, which obviously led to the auditorium.

I finished my coffee and crossed the road to the cinema. I produced the membership card, keeping my head down as I asked for a ticket, but the bored-looking girl didn't look at me, but just glanced at the card and took my money before returning to her magazine.

Once inside, I glanced around — it was very dark, and I found a seat near the back. As my eyes became accustomed to the gloom, I saw that the cinema was very small, and less than a quarter full. There were no ushers, and it was apparent that there were no restrictions on behaviour, and the age limit didn't seem to be enforced either.

As I looked around, I saw a man with his cock out, idly brushing his thumb back and forth across its head. Another man was having his cock rubbed, very slowly, by a girl young enough to be his daughter, and two women were kissing and fondling each other — one of them had her hand up the other's skirt, both of their thighs gleaming softly in the dim light. Further along my row I saw a boy with a man's head buried in his lap, and I watched, fascinated, as he sucked the boy's cock.

Then I saw my mother's white cardigan a few rows down. I moved down to the row behind her and sat a few seats to the side, and I saw that she was sitting with the boy, and that the row was otherwise empty. She was fixedly staring at the screen, and for the first time I looked at the film.

It seemed to be Scandinavian, black-and-white and grainy, with English sub-titles, and as I watched a group of naked boys and a few naked women were running down a beach and into the sea, and several of the boys had erections. But then my attention returned to my mother — she'd shrugged the cardigan off and spread it across the boy's lap, and I saw her slip her hand under it.

The boy put his arm round her shoulders, and she turned her head towards him and they started kissing. I saw him grip her breast, and Mum's hand moving under the cardigan, and I imagined her fondling his cock, and felt a pang of jealousy mixed with excitement.

They must have kept it up for almost half an hour — I saw my mother's head moving from side to side as she kissed the boy hungrily, and she took his hand from her breast and dragged it up under her skirt. I was tempted to take my cock out and masturbate — I wouldn't have been the only one, but the others were watching the screen, while I was concentrating on my mother making love to a boy.

Then, to my disappointment, they got to their feet and headed towards a dimly-lit exit sign. It probably led to a side alley, and I wondered if I could follow them without being seen. But then I noticed that my mother had left her cardigan behind, and I thought that perhaps they would come back. My emotions were in turmoil, because I was sure the boy was fucking her. I glanced at the screen — A naked woman was kissing an equally naked young boy, who was squeezing her breast as she ran her hand down her body, and the caption read 'You've got a beautiful young cock, darling — I must have it!'

But I was thinking of a beautiful young cock embedded in my mother's vagina...

Then, to my relief, my mother emerged from the exit — if they'd been out in the alleyway, they must have propped the emergency exit door open. But she was alone — the boy must have left, and Mum found her seat again and picked up her cardigan.

Once more she concentrated on the screen — the woman was stroking the boy's cock — and I saw Mum start fondling her breast as she watched. That decided me, and I climbed down over the seats and sat down beside her.

She ignored me, her attention focussed on what was happening in the film, and I sat there, wondering what to do. Finally, I plucked up my courage, and put my hand on her thigh. I discovered her legs were bare, and the feel of her warm, silky-smooth skin felt wonderful. Still, she gave no sign of noticing, but then her hand covered mine, and she slowly moved it up and down her thigh. Then, to my amazement, she lifted it and brushed it against her breast, still staring at the screen. I followed her gaze, and saw a woman, straddling a boy. He looked about twelve, but his cock was enormous, glistening as the woman rose and lowered herself on it while her crushed her breasts with both hands.

I couldn't take it any longer, and, like Mother's boy had done, I put my arm round her shoulders, stroking her bare arm. At last, she turned to face me, and her eyes widened, and I heard her catch her breath when she saw it was me. It was too late to turn back, and suddenly my desire overcame my shyness, and I covered her mouth with mine.

For a moment, she remained motionless, and I feared the worst, but then her mouth opened, and she responded passionately. The next few seconds remain a blank in my memory, but then we were kissing feverishly, our tongues probing each other's mouths, and I clutched her to me tightly.

With my free hand I gripped her breast, but then she removed it and slipped it up under her sweater, and I discovered that she wasn't wearing a bra, and I wondered if she'd taken it off for the boy. The kiss went on and on, wetly, eagerly, frantically, while I kneaded her breast in a frenzy of happiness and lust.

Then it was my turn to have the cardigan spread across my lap, and my mother fumbled with the zipper of my jeans until she could insert her hand and grope for my rigid cock. At last her fingers closed round it, and she gasped in my mouth before kissing me with renewed passion.

She broke away for a second, panting. 'Feel me, my darling! Between my legs!'

I needed no urging, and slipped my hand up under her skirt. She was soaking wet, either with her juices or the boy's semen — I didn't care, and pushed my fingers inside the leg of her panties — and into her vagina.

I found her clitoris.

I teased it, squeezing it, pulling it, rolling it between my finger and thumb...

We were still kissing passionately, and then my mother shuddered — and kept shuddering, her fingers still busy with my throbbing cock, and I groaned.

'Come if you want to, darling, ' she gasped. 'I don't mind — I — I want you to!'

She arched against me — and I lost control.

I literally exploded in the palm of my mother's hand, still inside my jeans. I forced my fingers deeper into her — she was writhing, we were kissing madly, and I kept spurting frenziedly.

Mum broke away, gasping for breath, but still fondling my softening cock with wet, sticky fingers.

'Oh, Christ, darling — that was wonderful! Don't worry, dearest, I'll soon get you hard again!'

And she did, her fingers caressing my balls, and roaming over my belly, smearing my semen over my flesh.

'There's so much of you, dearest! I want to lick it off you... ' she whispered, and then we were kissing once again. I transferred my hand back to her yielding, naked breast, this time concentrating on her engorged nipple, squeezing it, tugging it, longing to take it in my mouth and suck it.

Then my mother released my cock, and withdrew her hand.

'No, Mum!' I moaned, 'don't stop!'

She kissed me tenderly.

'It's time to go home, darling — I want you inside me!'

We emerged into the street, and she pulled her cardigan around her shoulders. I put my hand round her waist, under her sweater, feeling her bare skin, and further round, until I was cupping her naked breast, my thumb and forefinger fondling her rigid nipple. The streets were deserted, and we kissed each other as we walked, our tongues intertwined. My flies were still undone, and Mum slipped her hand inside my soaking underpants and squeezed my cock. We came to a narrow passageway between two shops, and my mother pulled me into it.

'I want to kiss you, darling!'

I was mystified — we were kissing, but my mother laughed throatily.

'Not like that, darling — like this!'

She sank to her knees in front of me and pulled my cock out, and began kissing and licking it. Then she unsteadily got to her feet.

'I can't wait until we get home, dearest! Fuck me here!'

She reached under her skirt and tore off her panties — they were nothing more than a scrap of lace, and she dropped them to the ground and hoisted her skirt up around her waist. She drew me to her, guiding my cock to the lips of her vulva, and then she threw one bare leg around me, and I entered her.

I think we were both overwhelmed by the sensation — neither of us moved for a moment, and then I started to fuck her furiously. She threw her arms round my neck, and we kissed passionately, while my hand found her bare breast and I gripped it brutally.

It didn't take long — both of us were already on the brink, and I erupted into her.

She gave a muffled scream, and clung to me, digging her nails into my arms and grinding her breasts against me, and then we kissed, passionately, until at last my mother let her leg slide down me as my cock softened and slipped out of her.

'Let's go home, darling!' she whispered. 'And do it properly!'

We were in no hurry, though, and we resumed kissing and fondling each other as wee walked. My mother giggled.

'Your stuff is trickling down my leg, darling! It's lovely!'

We went straight to her bedroom, and once again we kissed lingeringly while I fondled her breast inside her sweater, and she rubbed herself against me. When we broke apart, she slowly pulled her sweater up, her breasts lifting enticingly, and tugged it over her head. I was already unfastening her skirt, and it fell to the floor, and she was naked apart from her shoes.

I carried her to the bed, and she propped herself up on one elbow to watch me strip my clothes off. I was standing beside the bed, and Mum leaned forward to kiss my rigid cock, her hand caressing my balls, and then I was stretched out on the bed beside her. It wasn't long since we'd fucked, and the initial urgency had abated, and for the first time I was able to stare freely at my mother's naked body. I'd had glimpses before, perhaps not all of them accidental, but now she was spread out before me, welcoming my gaze.

I'd never seen anything so beautiful in my life — her full breasts were capped by the largest aureoles I'd ever seen: they were heavily stippled, and from them her rigid, rubbery nipples, the length and diameter of the top joint of my little finger, jutted proudly.

The base of her slightly rounded belly was crowned by a luxuriant clump of curly hair, matted by her juices or semen, and I stroked it reverently. Then I directed my attention back to her breasts, and for the first time noticed marks on their yielding softness. I touched them with my finger, and my mother smiled.

'I asked him to be rough with me — I like being hurt sometimes!'

I swallowed. 'I'll hurt you if you like, Mum — and do anything else you want me to!'

'Dearest — you can do what you like! Spank me until the wonderful pain is too much for me, and I beg you to fuck me! And I'll suck you until you come in my mouth, choking me until I swallow every drop, and make you come with my tits until you spurt up under my chin and over my face, and fuck me up my bottom, and pee on me if you like, but for now, just fuck me, darling!'

She parted her legs invitingly, and I slid on top of her. She guided my cock to the lips of her vulva, rubbing its head back and forth a few times until she held it against her wetness, and looked at me expectantly.

I eased my cock into her very slowly, wanting to savour every second, every millimetre of penetrating my mother. That first time in the passageway had been a frantic release of lust for both of us, but this was different — it was the closest thing to heaven I could imagine.

It was as though an electric current passed between us. My mother felt it, too, and she moaned softly, and put her legs up onto my shoulders so that I could enter her more deeply. I started to move inside her, withdrawing almost completely before pushing into her again. I stroked her bare legs, turning my head to kiss the inside of her thighs, and she raised her body to grind her breasts against my chest.

Then I lowered my head to kiss her, and I felt her tighten the muscles of her vagina around my cock. I fucked her slowly for several minutes, wanting to make it last, but my mother's excitement was mounting rapidly, and she started to writhe beneath me. But I was determined to hold back until the last moment, and I fucked her steadily, seeing her body start to perspire, and I ran my hands all over her damp skin. I gripped her soft bottom, lifting her up to meet me as I drove into her, and she started to make little noises in her throat.

She began to shudder uncontrollably, clinging to me, and I started to speed up. She began to buck beneath me as the first wave of her orgasm swept through her. Now I was pounding into her, ramming my cock violently into her vagina, our damp bodies making squelching sounds as we ground against each other.

I felt the pressure building up in my loins, and my mother reached behind me to caress my balls. She stared at me with heavy, lust-filled eyes as her body jerked spasmodically, dragging my head down to kiss her fiercely, and then I erupted into her

She screamed, her head thrashing from side to side — she was writhing frenziedly, and I had to grip her hips to prevent myself from slipping out of her. My semen was spurting into her liked a jet from a water cannon, and suddenly Mum went limp, and her eyes rolled up into her head, and her legs slipped from my shoulders, and I realised she'd fainted.

Amazingly, my cock didn't soften, and I kept fucking her limp, lifeless body, kissing her slack mouth, feeling her slippery breasts, stroking her back, reaching under her to fondle her bottom, wishing that this moment could last for ever. Then my mother's eyes slowly opened, and at once her body started jerking again. She looked at me wildly, gasping for breath, jolting as I rammed my cock into her again and again.

'Oh, Christ, darling, you're killing me! Don't stop! It's wonderful!'

She dragged her nails down my chest, drawing blood, then raised her head to lick the droplets and suck my nipples, her hands all over me, and I pushed my fingers into her to work on her clitoris while I kept fucking her. She was sobbing uncontrollably, and I though for a moment that she was going to faint again, but then she kissed me passionately.

'Now, my darling! Now!'

Once again my semen exploded into her, and once again she screamed, clinging to me and trying to drag me deeper into her and wrapping her legs around me, as our bodies slapped together. She grabbed my hand and sank her teeth into it, and then kissed me again, biting my lip until I tasted blood, and then at last my loins emptied.

We collapsed into each other's arms, still kissing, both fighting for breath, until at last our bodies relaxed and our heartbeats slowed, and my limp cock slipped out of her. She fondled it with gentle fingers, and smiled at me dreamily.

'Dearest — I've never been fucked like that before — I can't describe it — it was — it was — marvellous, and what I've wanted for so long.' She kissed me, gently this time. 'And I know you wanted me, but you wouldn't do anything, and I didn't want to make the first move. Then — I thought if I left that membership card where you'd find it, it might do the trick... '

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