Oh please, Max, just a little more - sex story

Oh please, Max, just a little more

Running padded fingers through my luxurious belly fur, I peer into the tall mirror tacked to the closet door across from my bed. My purple eyes sweep my body. Pulling at the scrunchie, purple hair tumbles around my shoulders.

Damn, I'm so hot, I turn myself on standing naked in front of the mirror, posing for myself. My fur is thick and white with a silver diamond on my back. My floppy ears always got me teased in school, bullies claiming I'm not a pure wolf. Even with proof it didn't seem to matter. It's why my older brother ended up becoming a cop, always jumping to my defense.

Cupping my ample breasts and teasing my nipples, I sigh softly. I've been horny all day while out looking for work. It didn't help I had come into heat while on the bus standing between two very hot canines who had sniffed loudly and leered, making me even more aware of my situation. I had instantly soaked my panties thinking of being fucked by both of them, spitted right in the middle, my fertile pussy being ravaged....

Oh man, I had practically ran home and stripped, the idea of getting pregnant by strangers making me whimper with desire. It's really not that weird. That's how my brother and I were born, from different fathers. And my heat is making it difficult to care that much about consequences, so I can certainly understand why. It helps that any unwanted children can be given to any one of dozens of top notch orphanages. Sometimes, my siblings and I had even been disappointed we weren't raised in an orphanage. Those kids got the best of everything.

Glancing about, I start tossing stuff around to find my vibrator. Since I live with my brother, being unemployed at the moment, I try to keep my toy hidden. But where the heck is it? No, seriously, where the fuck...?

Oh my god, I need to clean my room! Now is not the time for it, though. I'll get to that tomorrow. Yeah, tomorrow. Right now, I'm on a mission. If I don't find it, I just might spread my legs for the first hot canine I see out my window. I know the neighbor's had his eye on me....

Ah ha! Oh my precious pulsating flourish furnisher, I hope you're ready for the weekend. Several days of heat every 6 months can certainly put a toy through its paces.

Sitting on the edge of my bed, I check the time to make sure my brother won't be home for awhile. This is the first month for us living together. By my first heat, he had already been out of the house. While he had promised to respect my privacy while I was in heat, I don't exactly want him coming home to me moaning like a porn star.

Speaking of porn, I have a really hot BDSM orgy playing on my computer next to my bed. The women of various species were all in heat, tied up- or down- in various ways, blindfolded and helpless as each was fucked unprotected multiple times. Every single woman was definitely knocked up by the end of this video.

Shit, that thought is such a turn on right now. I've always locked myself away during my heats. I don't really want to stop my life for a few months to carry a litter.

Staring at the porno for a few moments, I don't need to worry about working myself up or even any lube. I can feel the moisture soaking my thigh fur. Glancing at the mirror, I open my legs wide and spread my slippery folds back. I'm already panting as I work my clit and go back to watching. I wish I could be the lucky coyote bitch in the corner getting it deep by her third partner, a really hot and burly hyena I've seen in other pornos. He's probably got a lot of kids.

My fingers just aren't enough. Lying back on my bed, I spread my legs wider and start to slowly rub my vibrator against my button, the pleasure already welling up in my body.

The coyote bitch is moaning shamelessly as she's told what a dirty girl she is. Now I'm moaning along with her, my fingers easily sliding into my soaking cunt, wishing so much it was that hyena's cock. Hey, I'm a dirty girl, too, tall, buff and handsome! She starts cumming, and I want to be in outer space, too! Humping harder and harder, I'm getting so close. So close; so close.

Something cold touches my crotch.

With a startled yelp, I sit bolt upright, equally surprising my brother's long haired purebred German Shepherd. I blink in a hazy confusion. Normally, he takes his dog with him, but I guess today he had been left behind and was probably hiding in the back yard when I got home. But how the heck...? Oh, my door wasn't latched!

Trying to catch my breath while gritting my teeth, I chide the mostly black dog like a child. "Max! Bad dog. You know you're not supposed to be in here. Get out! Out!"

I know I don't sound the least bit convincing. I mean, I was just about to climax, and I'm still so close. Close enough that when he whines and paws at my leg, I bite my lip and can hardly resist the temptation. Maybe I can let him have a lick? Just a little something to assist with my intense lust?

The second I start relaxing as I consider it, he nuzzles in, forcing his way between my thighs, his shoulders preventing me from denying him again. Instantly I'm rewarded when he stuffs his cold nose against my pussy right on my swollen clit, forcefully inhaling so that a shudder and a moan escape me.

Before I can make up my mind about whether this is really a good idea, he starts to lap eagerly at my slit. His big tongue is so much better than my vibrator, holy shit. Like a hot, moist blanket that could reach inside me. I've been suffering through my heats all wrong! I should have gotten my own dog!

Now his tongue is going deeper, lapping up all the nectar I'm making. How long is his tongue, anyways? I never thought it could go so deep.

The erotic moaning in the porno isn't nearly as loud as I'm being right now. Lying back on my bed, I spread my legs wider, figuring I can let him get me off and then kick him out. There's no way I can really stop him in this moment. I'm loving it too much. Even my tail starts wagging, my hips thrusting against Max's face.

Oh how I wish his tongue would just stay in there as my pussy walls undulate with climax. My mind is so hazy as he becomes even more eager, perhaps knowing he is being a very good boy....

Was being a very good boy.

Planting his paws on the bed and standing over me, I have merely a second to realize what's about to happen. His tip jabs my thighs a few times. I can't close my legs as his powerful hindquarters are in the way.

"W-Wait! Max! N-No! Bad dog!" I cry, trying to sit up, but this mountain of a dog is unmovable.

The thing is, Max is a really big dog and a really smart one. Perhaps he even has some anthro-Shepherd in his bloodline, which would still qualify him as purebred. Despite my attempts, I still haven't gained his respect. I try to be confident like my brother, but his dog has always eyed me like he knew I wasn't going to resist once his search found its mark.

Like I said; really smart.

Growling deeply, he leans forward and thrusts into my yielding flesh. I gasp and shiver, suddenly so very full. His paws grip at my sides as he starts to pound my pussy with a rapid and single minded purpose. I grip his fur, moaning desperately as that knot starts swelling and grinding against my clit.

This is my last chance to stop him. Feral born are a thing, usually just smart enough to do menial tasks. Maybe I'd be lucky and his precum wouldn't take. Not even that is a guarantee as he has already sired a dozen litters, so brother's told me.

"B-Bad dog," I moan, my hips humping up to meet him and my hands not doing anything to push him off. Every bit of me is melting, cumming on his madly thrusting cock. He growls at me again, leaning into his task, his panting hot against my ear while his paws dig into my hips to claim me as his bitch. Overwhelmed with the desire to be bred, I sing for him and spread even wider and his knot slams into place.

His hot jizz sprays deep into my waiting womb, leaving no doubt that I'm going to be carrying his litter. And just to make extra sure, not a drop could get past his monstrous knot.

Staring up at Max as I try to catch my breath, I realize my brother is going to ask questions. A litter of half Shepherd feral born is definitely going to tip him off. It's kinda frowned on, especially with a police dog, no less! I'll have to think of something. Maybe I can just claim it's a different Shepherd I fucked? Yeah, cuz that'll go over well.

Max looks down at me and licks my face. Turning my head, the reflection in the mirror makes me horny again. His tail is wagging as his perfect balls still pulse more seed into me. Just like in the porno that's still playing (that one in the corner now being knot fucked by her fourth breeder) I could see my legs spread wide and helpless to a massive animal. Well, that coyote bitch isn't going to have all the fun. If I'm going to be making puppies, I might as well enjoy it.

Caressing his sides, I wrap my legs around Max's hips and start humping him. There's only the barest give to his tie and it's perfectly positioned inside me.

Again and again I bring myself to orgasm, milking his cock for every drop I could hope to get. All the while Max stands there, his tongue hanging from the side of his muzzle with a pleased dog grin. Every time my moans get particularly loud, he looks down and licks my face.

By the time I'm exhausted, the movie's over and starts again. Shit, I have it on replay. Hopefully I can turn it off soon, otherwise I'm going to be wanting another fucking.

A few minutes later, Max finally softens enough to slip out. Another moan escapes me as all his hot fluid gushes from my used pussy. I want to get up and turn off the movie, but it just feels so good to have a virile load dripping down my ass and tail.

Slowly sitting up, I practically swoon at the sight of the enormous cock that had been pleasuring me for the past half hour. Gulping, I honestly can't wait until he's ready again. Since my motherhood is a done deal, I might as well get the most out of it, right?

Max sits in the corner and starts licking the sheen of our combined love making from his gender. With a lustful sigh, I figure I could wait for him to be ready again while taking a shower.

Hopefully my brother won't be home before I can get another filling. I should only be fucking his dog when he wouldn't know. I bite my lip, the thought of such a dirty little secret nearly too much to bear. I'm going to have to masturbate in the shower....

My legs are tired from all that work, and I wobble a bit as I gain my balance.

The door swings open and all the blood drains from my face. There's my grey and white brother, in uniform, a lecherous grin on his face and his cell phone in hand. His grin gets even wider (if that's possible) at my stunned and dumbfounded expression. I hear the shutter sound from his phone and he snickers with glee.


"I was just home for lunch, but lo and behold, not 5 minutes and my dog's fuckin' my gorgeous sister. He's had you pegged for his bitch from the start." He stalks towards me, his grin now sinister. "And so did I."

I stutter helplessly, not sure what to do or say. He stands before me in a flash, smirking. "You're dripping all over the floor, little sis. You should let him clean you up."

"I-I w-was going t-to shower..." I manage to stammer before I find myself turned and pinned to my own bed in a well practiced motion. Equally practiced is how he slaps the handcuffs on me.

He leans over me, and I can't help but feel turned on, naked and defenseless on my knees with his body pressing me down. "Taking a shower now would only be a waste, sis," he says dark and gravelly against my ear. "You're heat's only just started, and I don't want to waste any time. Max already has a head start."


The brilliant screen of his phone is thrust into my view. The video starts at the moment Max had penetrated me, showing me in full enjoyment of his pounding.

"I wonder what an employer would think if I posted this on the net? You can definitely kiss any 'influencer' chances goodbye."

"Y-You wouldn't dare!" I whimper.

A most wicked grin splits his muzzle. "What makes you think so?"

A tremor rushes through my body. I don't want to call his bluff. I don't really know if he's actually bluffing. I know better than to dare him about anything.

Before I can decide what to do or say, Rohan smirks and calls Max over. The Shepherd gleefully obeys, his tail wagging.

I yelp when my brother takes hold of the base of my tail, jerking my ass up and exposed for the animal. With his other hand, he keeps my head pinned to the mattress. "Clean up, Max," he commands and his dog does exactly that.

It takes no more than a few strong licks to have me panting. I bite my lip, swallowing a moan. I don't want to be giving in so easily but damn Max is so good with his tongue.

"P-Please, R-Rohan...." The moan slips out anyways. Seriously, I meant to complain.

His iron grip in my hair jerks my head up off the bed and he plops himself in front of me. He lays back so his shoulders rest against the wall. He had opened his pants, his glorious cock free and throbbing in front of my face. Grinning, he holds his phone up and I hear it ding as he starts recording. "That's right, you are going to please Rohan. Now, be a good girl and suck my cock. I've been dying to know how your tongue piercing feels."

He jerks me to put my muzzle against his gender. At that moment, Max's tongue laps deep and I gasp. It's more than enough for him to pull my hair, slipping his tapered tip between my lips. He groans as he shoves me down his shaft until my nose is buried in the thick fur at the base. "Ah, fuck. It's even better than I thought."

My ears are burning to that. I'm so turned on again hearing his pleasure as he pumps my head on his dick.

Well, since this is happening, I might as well make it good for him the way Max is making it good for me. Peeking up at Rohan, a shiver rolls through me at the smirk on his face. "You're so fuckin' hot, little sister. Such a good bitch, slurping my cock. I'm about to fuck you with it, slut. Can't let Max have your first litter all to himself."

As helpless as the women in the porno still running in the background, I can't stop the moans that start coming out of me. I'm feeling close again, my hips squirming as release is welling up in me. The idea of my brother dumping a load in me is making me hot. He is a perfect sire; tall, strong and handsome. He could have the pick of anyone, and yet he was picking me.

Relief was so close. Oh please, Max, just a little more.

Rohan taps his screen, halting the recording. Removing his shaft from my mouth, he steps aside and shoves my head against the mattress again. A nudge was all Max needed to move out of his way, returning to the corner to watch his master rut me with a great big doggy grin.

"I'm going to fuck you, sis," my brother says as he gets on his knees behind me, jerking my ass up high by my tail. "I've been waiting so long for this, and now I'm going to fuck you like the bitch in heat that you are."

I feel his tip against my sopping wet pussy and a last shred of sanity grips me. "Rohan, p-please...."

He growls, thrusting into me. I'm already so wet and stretched there's no resistance to his penetration. There's nothing at all I can do as he presses my head down harder and uses his leverage to hilt in my needy hole. "There's no turning back now, sister. I might as well finish."

With a vulgar moan, my eyes roll into my head as he jerks me back at the same time he slams forward. Without mercy he pounds me, his fingers curling around my hips to hold me close so he could push every drop of precum into me. "Fuck, I've wanted to do this so long. You feel so good. I'm gonna fuck you and dump my load in you, sis. That's your purpose from now on. Just a cum dump for me and my dog."

I don't even know what I'm trying to stammer out, but it's certainly not words at this point. Bound, helpless, and being bred against my will. He's making my wildest fantasies come true and I can't resist. I'm bucking back against him, loving every moment that his knot plops in and out of my slutty pussy.

Barely giving me a moment to catch my breath, his strong grip takes me by the upper arms and he sits back on his ankles, sliding me straight down his cock to his soaked sheath. My legs are spread too far to be of much use, trembling with weakness already. He's just so deep.

"Your pussy feels so amazing, sis, I'm not gonna last very long," he brags in my ear. "Even after taking Max you're still so tight. A perfect breeder." He starts bouncing me on his lap, his knot making as lewd a melody as I am. "And you're all mine, slut. Every last inch of you. I'm claiming this hot body for myself. Maybe I'll give you a break after a few litters, but I doubt it."

A-A few? As in, more than one? Why is that making me so horny?

I've melted, a puddle of carnal fur in his grip. He snickers just so smugly between his panting. "That's right, slut, submit to your purpose. I've known you wanted this since the day you moved in. Always staring when you think I don't notice. And now you have it. I'm about to fill you up, little sister. Ah fuck, take my load, slut!"

He slams me down his shaft and moans along with me. I feel his knot swell, locking him in as rope after rope of his seed coats my fertile womb, mixing with his dog's, giving them both a chance at the eggs inside me waiting to become pups.

I feel so much fuller than I had with Max. I look down and realize why. Rohan's knot is so much bigger than his dog's, visibly pushing out my belly under my navel. There's a perfect bulge above the knot and I squirm and whimper lustily, knowing that it's from how much jizz he's pumped into me. Hell, he's still going! It's making me pant again, knowing that every throb is another squirt, and all of it is stuck inside me, washing away every last shred of doubt to the inevitability of my motherhood.

Rohan groans again when he's finally spent. He hasn't had a girlfriend in months, it's no wonder he had so much built up. He's knocked up every one of his girlfriends so I know he's as virile as his dog.

His snickering makes me shudder. Laying me back on the bed, he spreads my knees further apart, and I can feel his smug gaze on my ass as he admires the view of his dick vanishing into my puppy hole. I hear the shutter sound of his phone as he takes pictures and I try to tuck my tail.

"Oh no, sis," he growls, jerking my tail aside. "From this day on, you're my bitch. We're gonna make a fortune selling your breedings to the masses. All you have to do is lay there and get fucked."

"B-But, Rohan, I..."

He growls and thrusts, cutting me off. "Didn't you hear me, sis? I said all you have to do is lay there and get fucked."

Just like with Max, his knot's got just enough give to grind inside me. His sheath is drenched with my nectar and it's rubbing my clit just right. This just isn't fair. I don't stand a chance. I'm milking him in seconds, my wanton moans unhinged at this point.

My brother's devilish snicker is the last straw. He can hear the change in my sounds, that I've given in; that I'm his willing bitch. Nothing more than a puddle under him. "I knew you'd like it, sis. You're just like mom. Only thing she was good for was makin' babies."

I have no idea how long he's had me in outer space. When I've come back to earth, though, I feel his fingers glide through my fur as he caresses me. "God, I love you so much, sis. I've wanted you so bad and now you're my slutty little breeding bitch, aren't you?"

Dazed and tired, I nod in agreement. Honestly, who would I be kidding to say no? It would be a lie. I really did want this. I've had the biggest crush on him for years but I've been too afraid of the tabooness of this to dare to initiate. Guess I didn't hide it that well.

He looks up at the porno which has started over again by now and laughs. "Hey, I know that guy! He goes to the same gym as me." Then he leans over me again, his voice dark and gritty against a floppy ear. "Maybe I'll invite him over for your next heat." He snickers as a shudder runs tip to tail.

After a moment of petting my ass and thighs while I'm still trying to catch my breath, he sighs heavily. "As much fun as it's been, sis, all good things come to an end. It's the part I hate most. All this perfectly good cum just gets wasted on the floor. Ah well. I'll be putting a lot more in you, anyways."

With that, he pulls his knot free of me. The searing flood of his cum streams down my clit and thighs, dripping to the hard wood floor. I'm practically cumming from the sensation. I hear him snap another picture of my sloppy, gaping pussy that he's used so thoroughly.

"Clean up, Max."

I whimper, but I don't have a chance to even lift myself off the bed before Max's wondrous tongue was dealing with the mess all over my legs and slit. My brother pulls his slacks together, smirking as he watches. He takes another picture before acting like he was going to leave.

"W-Wait! Rohan! W-Where are you...?"

His grin is ear to ear. "I'm going to make a snack and call off the rest of work. Good thing it's my weekend. As for you, sister, seems Max is ready to go again, and once he's done, I'll be ready to go again. You've got a long weekend ahead of you."

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