One by One (M+F, oral, anal, toy, voy, exhib) - sex story

One by One (M+F, oral, anal, toy, voy, exhib)

By the time Fiona had reached legal age she had been nightclubbing for two
years. Her cheeky smile and slender yet voluptuous figure combined with her
vivacious extraverted personality could win anyone over. Most of the
doormen knew her intimately and her reputation for being an easy lay was
whispered about by both regular patrons and nightclub staff.

Fiona didn't care, as far as she was concerned what she was rumored to be
was who she was and she quite openly admitted she loved to suck and fuck
cock. There were some who pursued her relentlessly and found she wouldn't
give them the time of day, and others who merely had to look her way and
would find themselves out in the car park with their cock in her mouth,
receiving a serious suck job.

Fiona's biggest thrill was when an all male strip club began to do shows at
the nightclub one night per week. She was always at the front row, flashing
plenty of cleavage in her tightest outfit. Her face would be flushed and
her eyes sparkling at the feast of naked flesh before her, thrilling at the
gyrating thrusting near naked bodies of the men on stage.

Quite often because she looked so excited she would be chosen to go on stage
and perform a part with one of the strippers. During these games Fiona took
every single chance she got to touch their bare muscular bodies, her breasts
heaving with excitement her panties quite wet. when she wore panties that

After many weeks of this obvious aroused behavior, Fiona got to know some of
the strippers by first name. She would stroke and touch their bare muscular
chests as she spoke to them, her lustful eyes expressing her deepest desire
to be caressed inside and out by these well oiled muscular male specimens.

On a particular night one of the more well known strippers asked Fiona to
come back stage after the show for drinks. Fiona was so excited, she got
herself so worked up that she had to take off the panties that she was
wearing because they had become so wet with her cunt juice that the
discomfort was unbearable.

The night wore on slowly for Fiona, who practically followed the last act
back stage when they had finished. Walking into the guy's dressing room she
was welcomed by Adam who had invited her, he kissed her lightly "you are
going to be our special guest of honor tonight Fiona, we are all very
grateful for your support".

Turning to the other eight guy's who were in various stages of undress, he
called their attention to the slender brunette by his side "everyone. this
is Fiona. Fiona, this is everyone, I'm sure you already know most of their
names" he smiled down at her. As she stood smiling and nodding to the men
that Adam was introducing her to she felt his hand slip up under her shirt,
softly cupping her breast and fondling her rapidly hardening nipple

As Fiona caught her breath with the pleasure that ran through her, Adam
turned her and kissed her lips slowly. He rocked the length of his muscular
body, moving her along with him as his hand slid up her skirt raising it
above her hips. He grasped her buttocks with both his hands and molded his
pelvis against hers suggestively, as if to let her know exactly how hard his
cock was for her.

All this was done quite openly in front of the others, as if Adam was
helping her to perform some kind of erotic strip of her own. Eventually
Fiona felt other hands move over her body, her skirt pulled down to the
floor and removed, her top unfastened slipped away, leaving her naked and
exposed. Having so many hands upon her naked flesh was the most erotic
experience for Fiona; she could feel her whole body come alive with tingling

A hard body pressed against her from behind, sandwiching her against Adam,
the two of them rotating their hips so she was moved between them in the
most erotic fashion. Her breath caught in her chest, it was as if they were
dancing with her, a slow sexy thrusting exotic dance. The hands that
stroked and caressed her body as they moved made her sigh with ecstasy,
relaxing against the two men who held her.

She felt a naked stripper behind her slide his cock between her buttocks,
not entering her but moving in and out of the crack between her legs. Adam
released himself from his pants, his long cock pointing straight at her wet
shaven pussy. He slid it's shaft between the slippery lips of her pussy,
sliding along the length of her slit spreading her open with his rock hard

Both cocks moved back and forth in a seesaw motion, setting Fiona's passions
on fire, they made her feel like a sex goddess wanted and desired by all
those around her. She moaned and kissed Adam, the man behind her massaging
her breasts expertly, teasing and pulling at her solid nipples. The
combination of both naked men tantalizing her while they ground themselves
against her bare skin. The others in the room watching made her cunt so
slippery both the cocks plunging back and forth slid along her folds easily.

"She's ready Scott" Adam murmured and Fiona felt herself being held steady
as Adam buried his wedge of man meat deep inside her hot swollen pussy. She
gasped and moaned loudly as the hard rod of man muscle invaded her silky
depths, she was so horny his entry into her fuck hole almost made her cum on
the spot.

Just as Fiona was getting used to the plunging rolling motion of Adam
driving himself up inside her, she felt Scott nudge the hard bulge of his
penis against the tight hole of her arse. She moaned "no!" and tensed a
little at the idea of both of them being inside her at the same time,
something she had never experienced before.

"Relax Fiona, we will make sure you never forget this night" Scott murmured
in her ear as he stroked her sides gently. With a little effort Scott
finally nudged himself into her arse, slowly moving his rigid shaft into the
depths of her bowels as Adam moved out of her slick pussy. As one entered
the orifice his cock occupied other exited, and so began for Fiona the
fucking of her life.

Fiona's body rocked and plunged between the two men, the only reason she
remained standing was because she was impaled like a rag doll between them
on their cocks. Her moans and cries of pleasure as she reached a shuddering
orgasm accompanied by the cheers and clapping of the other strippers in the
room, along with the heavy booming music that filtered into the dressing
room from the nightclub that raged on outside the door.

Fiona felt Scott cum deep inside her arse, the hot spurts of sperm spraying
against the sensitive walls of her anal passage. When he withdrew from her
arse, she felt Adam start to thrust into her with greater force, he
continued until he had spent his load deep inside her orgasm-swollen cunt.

Fiona was moved gently but firmly over to a bench and bent over so her pert
little buttocks faced upwards, her head hung over the other side of the
bench supported by her hands that gripped the edge of the bench. As Fiona
felt hands spread her arse cheeks and the hard shaft of another cock slide
into her waiting cunt a cock was presented to her pretty little mouth "here
suck this" a voice above her head ordered and Fiona obliged with pleasure.

The cock in her mouth was thick, smooth and already hard for her, she loved
it that the mere presence of her in the room was getting all these hot
looking men horny for her. The cock in her cunt was thick and rock hard;
she could feel its width stretching her cum soaked cunt open as it squeezed
inside her. The pleasure was unbelievable and Fiona's tongue made slow
erotic love to the cock in her mouth, bringing forth moans of pleasure from
the man standing in front of her.

"My god our pretty little backstage slut has an excellent tongue. Adam, she'
s the best little cocksucker yet" he groaned as his cock throbbed and
plunged into her throat shooting thick cum down her so she had no other
course but to swallow or choke. Fiona moaned and swallowed because she
loved cum, but most of all she loved being called a slut and being fucked
hard like the cock in her cunt was doing right at that moment.

The guy slamming up against her backside groaned loudly as he removed his
cock, spraying her smooth rounded buttocks with a hot spray of jism. The
cock in her mouth was removed and she was turned over, her legs spread wide
and bent up so her knees were up by her shoulders. A blonde suntanned body
coated in oil looked down at her and grinned sexily while guiding his long
thick cock into her waiting cunt.

Fiona moaned when she felt the extraordinary length of him fill her
completely, the tip of his cock nudged at the opening to her womb. As he
started to fuck her, Fiona learned the fine line between pleasure and pain
and it made her start to howl loudly until another cock filled her mouth.
She grasped the shaft with one hand and sucked him deep into her throat as
if to pacify herself, she was still wailing but the man meat filling her
mouth muffled the sound.

Completely bent in half the blonde Adonis pinned her hard against the table,
almost pushing the table over with the force of his onslaught into her
pussy. Fiona couldn't move, and as she thought she was going to pass out
from the pleasure she felt a masterful set of fingers upon her clitoris.
Her body shuddered and shook beneath him as he brought her to a powerful
multiple orgasm, her body continuing to be hit by wave after wave of
pleasure as the cock inside her battered against her cervix.

The cock in her mouth exploded suddenly, covering her lips and face with
large globules of white semen. Fiona gasped and cried out as the cock
inside her squirted its fertile load up inside her womb. Both cocks were
subsequently removed and she watched as one of the guys opened a bottle of
champagne. She was drenched in the cold liquid when it squirted out of the
bottle, two of the guy's immediately starting to suck and lick at her
champagne coated nipples.

Fiona was given a swig from the bottle, the cool champagne soothing her
abused cum filled mouth. The rest of her body was doused in the bubbling
liquid running down over her hot swollen pussy lips, cooling her down. The
bottle was passed around and Fiona found herself being turned over onto her
stomach again, this time along the length of the table, her legs spread

She was being stroked again, her cunt-slit and butt-crack gaining most of
the attention, she was presented with another cock to suck, which she did
with great enthusiasm. As she concentrated on tantalizing the bulbous head
within her mouth she felt something cold rubbed against the opening of her
cunt, she gasped as she felt the cold neck of the champagne bottle being
inserted into her cunt.

As she tried to empty her mouth in order to complain she felt the cock in
her mouth pushed further inside her by hands that held the back of her head
firmly. She wriggled and tried to move away from the intruding bottle, but
her legs were held fast by many hands. All she could do was lie there and
let them fuck her horny cunt with the champagne bottle.

She moaned as the thickness of the bottles neck increased within her the
further it was inserted, she was opened right up inside and stretching even
further to accommodate the glass intruder. She could feel them start to
pull the bottle out then fuck it up inside her, wedging it into her slippery
cunt even further still. She moaned deeply as the hands holding her legs
spread them wider, allowing the bottle to nestle deep inside her cunt.

When it would go not further the bottle was tilted and only the fact that
Fiona had a wedge of man meat deep down her throat stopped her from
screaming as the last of the cold bubbly liquid inside the bottle met the
hot walls of her fuck tunnel. Fiona's body almost lifted off the table, as
it bucked trying to rid itself of the cold intruder inside her.

The bottle was removed, and the remnants from the bottle warmed by her cunt
ran out of her pussy and onto the table. She was slid down the table until
her hips hung over the edge, the cock that had been inside her mouth
spurting directly into her face as another cock slammed into her champagne
drenched cunt.

She grunted at the force with which she was entered and moaned as she felt
the bottleneck slide into her arse, the party was starting to get out of
hand. Instead of feeling like the special guest of honor Fiona felt like
she was being used more as a fuck juice receptacle.

She lay there on her stomach as she was fucked hard and mercilessly in the
arse by the bottle and up her cunt by the hard cock that invaded her, both
vacating her simultaneously and she felt herself being lifted off the table.

Turning around she found herself looking into Adam's eyes "sorry Fiona, Chad
is usually more interested in men, he doesn't really know how to treat the
ladies properly, I didn't realize he had gotten to you in all the
excitement". Adam had leaned her up against the wall, his cock pressed
hard against her pelvis as he spoke to her, she realized he wanted her again
and she was ready.

Her hand moved down to grasp his cock and he moaned deeply as he moved
against her, lifting her leg up she guided him as he slowly pushed himself
inside her; he rode her up against the wall as the others watched. Some
drank champagne; a couple of other's stroked their hard cocks as they
watched their slut being banged up against the wall by Adams strong
penetrating thrusts.

Two more moved in to use Fiona as Adam finished, filling her clenching cunt
with his cum for the second time until there were rivers of cock juice
running down her legs. They moved her to a couch, Fiona straddled Jason's
thick black cock as Dave fucked her wide open arse. The two burly men buried
inside her at the same time brought Fiona to a swift and generous orgasm.
Her yelps of pleasure driving the men on, franticly fucking her sandwich
style between them, until finally they collapsed together in a heap on the
couch. Arms and legs entwined, Fiona was a mess of cum and sweat.

By the time they had finished with her Fiona was trembling continuously from
the battering her body had received and Adam put his arm around her
comfortingly as he passed her clothes to her. "I think you've had enough
Fiona, we have really enjoyed your company and as I said we really
appreciate your support".

Fiona dressed and tidied her hair and makeup before leaving the dressing
room, many of the strippers had left already except for Adam and a couple of
others. She walked out without saying a word, her cunt and arse both
burning and swollen from overuse, but she felt like she had definitely had
an evening she would never forget. In the car park she smiled to herself as
she realized she was the 'Backstage Slut' to not just one but a whole troop
of male strippers.

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