Peeking wife swappers - sex story

Peeking wife swappers

As soon as they got inside their, apartment, Jackie began tearing the clothes from her hungry body. Max stripped in record time too, and followed her into the bedroom as he flung clothing right and left. Jackie twisted out of her panties and leaped onto the bed, turning to face him with an urgent, wriggle.
"Don't stop for anything," she whispered, falling onto her back and spreading her thighs wide for him. "Just give me that sweet, wonderful prick and I'll be happy!"
Max had rarely seen her in so hungry a mood, nor had he ever felt her sex so hot and demanding as it closed around the knobby head of his prick. She flung her hips up, literally gulping his cock into her carnal canal, and let out a long, throaty moan of sensual joy. On and on his tool slid into her well-oiled socket, cleaving the knotted, passion-heated flesh in a way that soothed the animal hunger of her loins as nothing else could.
Jackie's passion-clogged, tense loins uncurled suddenly in a surge of orgiastic emotion, convulsing as rapidly and stroking Max's straining prick as if a giant hand were squeezing it. He strained and heaved as he thrust himself into her frothing wound, trying to duplicate her climactic joy. But her mouth had already robbed him of the power to respond. He contented himself with maintaining a steady thrust and withdrawal that sent his hard prick pistoning in and out of her sweaty love glove. Jackie cooed and sang out her, delight at the sensations radiating outward from his broad, burly tool. Her thighs gripped him like a death grip, and her hands clasped the muscular black above her with a fierce strength.
When she lay still at last, her eyes brimming with the tears which a strong, utterly satisfying orgasm always brought, Max pulled her over so that they lay side by side, his upright staff still lodged in her tenderest flesh. But suddenly Jackie pulled away from him and turned over. She fitted her buttocks neatly against his belly. Max knew what she wanted, and gave it to her, sliding his slimy prick into the notch it had just vacated.
"That's good," she purred as she felt the thick tube pierce the semi-relaxed mouth of her cunt once more. "Let's just lie here like this a while and talk. And look at ourselves!"
There was a mirror near the foot of the bed, placed exactly right to allow them to see the exciting way his prick bisected her thighs and disappeared between the pink, distended lips of her pussy. It was a sight neither of them ever found tiresome. Jackie reached down to toy with those pink lips, pulling the dark fur away and pressing the soft, juicy flaps against his sturdy rod. Max lay quietly, enjoying the sight and feel of it.
"Did you know Pris was that way?" he asked. "So forward, I mean, so uninhibited?"
"Oh, she was always pretty wild in college, as I said, but never anything like this," Jackie answered. "Gee, she was sure giving you the once-over! Like a farmer appraising a stallion!"
"She does have an inquiring eye about her," Max admitted. "But for that matter, so does Hal. Did you notice the way he was eyeing you?"
"Of course, darling," Jackie said with a soft giggle. "Did you mind? I rather liked it, myself. It's vain, of course, but hardly any woman minds being looked at like that, so long as they only look, of course."
"No, I didn't mind. In fact, I thought it was rather a compliment to both of us that he was so taken with you. And did you see the size of that prick? Those briefs of his didn't conceal a thing!"
"I know," Jackie said, suddenly clutching Max's thick tool with her fingers and thrusting her loins against it. "I believe it might be nearly as big as this wonderful pole, if such a thing is possible."
"It, isn't all that big," Max insisted, with his usual response to her praise of his great prong. But it pleased him to be complimented on his unusual size. "You must have had bigger ones before I met you."
"That's not so!" Jackie cried indignantly. "Yours is far and away the biggest. And the nicest, too. I've told you that a million times. But what about Pris? Didn't you think she was good looking?"
They discussed the Hudginses for a while more as they lay in their intimate position, and finally Jackie it took the bit in her teeth and asked him if he wouldn't like to be lying with Pris in just that position.
"I'd rather be with you," he told her.
"How about if she was here watching?" Jackie asked.
"What an odd thing to say!"
"No. I'm serious," she insisted. "Didn't you hear her when she said it's a lot more exciting when someone's watching? I don't know if I could ever get my nerve up for something so daring, but it does make my blood race to think about it."
"Seems to make more than your blood race," Max murmured, stroking her swollen clitoris with the tip of a finger and suggestively working his prick back and forth in her slick grip.
Jackie answered by seizing his wrist as she slowly turned onto her belly, bringing him up onto her back. Pressed tightly against the bed, she arched her torso to allow him to cup her breasts in his hands. Then, securely impaled, she began clenching her buttocks, rhythmically. The slight contraction of her muscles was enough to work his prick to and fro in her cunt and also to press her passion-stiffened clit against the sheet beneath.
Max seized her fiery-hued nipples in his fingers, kneading them forcefully and bringing a cry of sensual agony to her lips. He knew her likes well enough to know that the peculiar pain only intensified her desires, and he continued to worry the firm little cones between his fingers.
Suddenly he stiffened his entire body, feeling the first twitch of the imminent explosion. His heavy balls, now recharged, tightened and heaved, then spat forth a steaming load of sperm. Jackie had felt the distended eggs constrict, tremble, and begun twisting her hips vigorously. The movement caused her cunt to grab his stiff prick and rub its head over her most intimate flesh. Max groaned and gathered her close to him, and she answered with a throaty cry of victory as she felt her own loins join his in another song of sensual completion, pulsing and heaving in time to their shuddering gasps of joy.
"Darling?" Jackie lifted her head slightly, after a long pause, and addressed her husband, still stretched out atop her limp body. "Let's, have them over some evening next week."
"Pris and Hal, silly! Maybe Wednesday or Thursday? For a cookout and maybe a swim, if it isn't too cool that night."
"Okay," Max mumbled.


Pris accepted the invitation when Jackie extended it the next day, taking the Wednesday option. Max frowned for a moment when Jackie told him that evening.
"It's just that…" he began, hesitating when he tried to give a sound reason for his reaction to the news. "I don't know. I guess there's no good reason. They're a nice enough couple, so let's go ahead. I guess I want you all to myself too much."
Max and Jackie were already in their bathing suits that Wednesday evening, and tending their charcoal brazier when the Hudginses arrived. Hal immediately dashed upstairs to change, but Pris lingered by the brazier to exchange a few words with Jackie. She went up to change after a few minutes, and had hardly disappeared into the apartment when Jackie discovered she needed more ice for the drinks.
"Be a dear, would you, and get me a couple more trays?" she asked Max. "So dull of me not to think of it!"
Max loyally agreed, and took the ice bucket upstairs. He walked briskly through the apartment, ignoring the half-open door to the spare bedroom where Pris was changing, and went into the kitchen. On emerging, he saw with astonishment that Pris was just coming out of the bedroom… entirely naked!
"Oh, I thought it was Hal," she said, smiling brightly and completely ignoring her nakedness.
Max couldn't speak for a moment; the breathtaking beauty of her bare breasts, full and shapely, claimed his total attention. Then he forced himself to answer, mumbling some inane, remark about needing more ice.
"Well, while you're here, maybe you'd help me tie up the sides of my suit," Pris said, turning toward the bedroom. "I can never manage that properly. Guess I'm just uncoordinated."
Uncoordinated she might be, but shapely she decidedly was! Max felt his prick swelling like skyrocket, brought to stiff life by the flat belly, the long, tapering thighs, the tiny patch of reddish brown fuzz that accented the long, scarlet-hued slit running down from her prominently sculpture love-mound. He set the ice bucket down an followed her into the bedroom, standing awkwardly while she pulled the linked triangles of the bikini bottom up between her legs.
She directed him to catch the two straps on her left side and tie them. Max trembled visibly as his fingers brushed the ivory-smooth skin of her flank; his hands longed to plunge down and bury themselves in that gaping womanly well, but he fought back the impulse. After tying the strings joining the front and back portions of her bikini at each side, he took up his ice bucket and marched down to join Hal and Jackie, shaken to the core by the powerful beauty of Pris Hudgins' body.
They ate at the poolside, mixing good food and bawdy conversation with dips in the water between courses. They were all sitting at the table, plates clean, when darkness closed around them. Suddenly Pris made a pointed remark to Hal about the skimpiness of his bathing briefs. They were cut along the same lines as the pair he'd worn previously, though colored differently. Several times, Jackie's sharp eye had caught the tell-tale outline of his thick tool, lying stretched across his belly; she could have sworn that once or twice she saw the ungainly bulge twitch as if it were erect and anxious to be encased in a hot box of womanflesh.
"I can't help it," Hal laughed. "It's you damned women, so good-looking, and wandering around in suits that don't do a thing to hide your beauty. No wonder I stay horny all the time!"
"That guest bedroom can be used for more than just changing," Jackie blurted out, managing not to blush at her daring remark. "Feel free to use it if you like."
"We might just have to," Hal told her. "How about it, love machine? Shall we go rip off a quick one while we're changing?"
"It seems so uncouth, sporting like that while our hosts are down here cleaning up the mess," Pris remarked. Then, looking up with a bright gleam in her eye, she added, "Tell you what: suppose we help you clean up real quick? Then we'll try that bedroom, but on one condition. That you two stand by and watch. God I feel like an utter bitch tonight, and I know that having you watch would make it just unbearably good! Won't you say yes? Please? Just as a favor to me, for old time's sake?"
Jackie could hardly have resisted so poignant a plea, even had she been less eager in her own right to watch the coupling of another man and woman, especially so handsome and sensual a pair as this. She prodded Max into agreeing, and they set to work on the debris of their dinner.
Jackie remarked to herself that she'd never cleaned up after dinner with such a compelling sense of urgency. The dishes were put away in no time, as were the brazier and the other equipment, and Pris led them gaily into the guest bedroom.
"I suppose there are people who'd call this perverted," she said with a careless laugh as she turned to face them, once they were all in the room. "But I call it just plain good fun! And damned exciting fun, too! Come here, Hal; I want to feel that thing up against me!"
They closed in a lustful embrace, and Pris made no pretense of modesty, opening her knees and pressing her bikini-clad crotch against the rigid bulge in the front of her husband's bathing suit. She kissed him with a fierce urgency, their tongues openly darting back and forth, and rubbed her loins against him in a provocative parody of the sexual act.
Hal's hands slipped down her sides to the knots fastening the bottom of her bikini, and he undid them. Pris stepped back enough to allow him room to pull the skimpy garment from between her legs and cast it aside, then forced her wet, hungry pussy against his thigh. She unfastened her bra herself and shrugged out of it, never taking her lips from his.
Jackie seized Max's hand and held on tight. They were only five or six feet from the lascivious couple, and it seemed that Pris' desperate hunger crackled outward like a magnetic field, affecting everything within reach. Jackie felt her own sex come alive, beginning to throb and ache in the deliciously agonizing way she loved so well. Hardly knowing what she was doing, she guided Max's hand down the front of her bathing suit and forced it between her thighs so she could feel its comforting pressure on her tortured flesh.
Suddenly Pris moved back from Hal and fell to her knees. She ripped the briefs down from his youthful, trim hips, clawing at the nylon garment in her eagerness to get at his staff of life. Hal's position allowed Jackie full view of the instrument about which she'd been wondering, and she saw with a sudden rush of emotion that it was indeed a terrible, woman-inspiring tool. Though it wasn't quite the equal of Max's monumental plunger in length, it easily surpassed that familiar rod in girth. Jackie guessed it at three fingers in diameter. She shuddered with sympathy for Pris, who would have to endure being split and reamed by its huge width. Strange to say, Pris seemed to welcome so terrible a fate. Still on her knees, she bent forward and kissed the savage stem, running her lips up and down its rigid length, then stretching her mouth wide to take the great, swollen head inside.
Hal seized her head between his hands and flexed his knees, then began working the great prick in and out of her mouth with deliberate speed. Pris closed her eyes and a look of utter joy and happiness transfigured her face, so that she was even more beautiful than before.
She could not long endure that brutal pleasure, however, and soon moved back to fall on the bed. Her blue eyes gleamed intently as Hal moved over her, prick in hand. She opened the lips of her pussy herself, as he guided his thick stopper to the mouth of her cunt.
Jackie felt her knees tremble, and feared that her legs would collapse on the spot when she saw the broad, arrow-shaped head of Hal's prick slide into the soft, wet, pink notch her friend held ready for it. Hal's body closed off her view then, as he pressed forward, but Pris' grunts of lustful happiness told them all that she was thoroughly pleased with what was happening to her. Her legs slid up, grasping her well-built husband's body and gathering him close; her hips began bobbing up and down slowly as she writhed and rubbed her sex into the stiff pole bisecting the walls of her strained cunt.
Jackie couldn't keep her hand from wandering to the front of Max's bathing suit. Of course his prick was iron-hard, and swollen almost to the bursting point. Even through the wet suit, its manly warmth reached her hand. Suddenly she turned from the brazen scene before her and walked away, leading Max into the living room. Almost blind with feverish lust, she stumbled to the sofa and beckoned him on. At the same time, she peeled her swim suit off, desperately eager to be naked.
Max fully shared her sense of urgency. His suit went flying aside as he lowered himself between her raised thighs. His prick slid into her wet, hot cunt easily, guided by a kind of sensual radar which was operating at peak efficiency.
Jackie sighed heavily as she felt the delicious prong separate the lips of her pussy and then dilate the mouth of her cunt, stretching it wide and then invading the delicate sanctum. A searing blast of sensual feeling overwhelmed her for a moment. Bringing her heart almost into her throat, but she overcame the rush of sensation.
"Let me get on you," she whispered. "I feel like I could go forever tonight!"
Max silently obeyed, rolling over without breaking the passionate connection they'd formed. Jackie gasped, and almost cried aloud, as the shifting caused his prick to nudge the tender meat of her cunt in a brutal way, though she relished the sensation the move brought at the same time.
Settling herself above him, she lifted her torso and guided one of her swollen nipples into, his mouth. Her hips were already grinding, sending her liquid-coated cunt sliding up and down the long, thick shaft it enclosed. She had long ago discovered that this position gave her maximum freedom of movement, and while she didn't ordinarily want that freedom, there were times when she desired it more than anything else in the world. This was such a time.
By moving far back on his body, she gained a desirable angle that brought her quivering clitoris into intimate contact with the hard shaft of Max's prick each time she lifted her body, drawing it out until the knobby head was barely lodged in her melting, love-slick cunt. Twice she endured that long, agonizing withdrawal, feeling her belly grow tighter and tighter, and then came the sudden, wheezing, all-encompassing explosion.
Jackie groaned suddenly, as if hit by a sharp pain, and drove her loins down fiercely on Max's spike, whimpering out a message of sexual fulfillment. He struggled to lift his buttocks off the sofa, thrusting his spurting prick deeper into the shuddering crevice and then fell back, unable to bear more of the singular thrill it gave him.
"Masterfully done!"
Jackie heard the voice as though it were coming through a fog bank, her senses dulled by the flooding pleasure that had overwhelmed her. She blinked her eyes, focused, and saw Pris standing beside the sofa.
"Hey!" she cried out, suddenly realizing where she was and – more importantly – where Max was, "Hey, that's no fair, you peeking on us!"

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Peeking wife swappers

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