Present for a pervert teacher (teacher,school,fetish,job,work,teens)

Present for a pervert teacher

"God, you're beautiful, Miriam," Roger Trenton said in hushed awe as he stood near the lovely blonde woman. "You're the most beautiful woman I've ever known."

"Nonsense," Miriam Dodge softly giggled. "I'm a thirty-four year old English teacher past her prime. Flattery will get you nowhere, Roger."

"You know you're every bit as youthful looking as when you were twenty. Why, if I didn't know better, I'd say you could be my son Mark's older sister."

The handsome, dark-haired man spoke with genuine admiration in his voice as he rapturously studied her magnificently-proportioned body. She was sitting in a relaxed position on a striped blanket, their picnic lunch spread around her like an offering, and her hand was slightly stroking the heavily furred neck of Roger's German Shepherd dog, Buck. Golden sunlight of the abnormally hot Indian summer filtered through surrounding pines and gilded her already tanned form like an admiring spotlight from the Gods. From where Roger stood at the other side of the mossy clearing, the pretty school teacher was the ultimate he had ever desired in a woman, and his leanly muscular thighs throbbed to possess all of her ripely curvaceous flesh.

Miriam Dodge was wearing far less than she really thought to be proper, considering she had hardly known Roger Trenton for more than a month. He was the biology instructor and assistant coach at Logansville High School, and she had met him when she'd joined the faculty in late August, preparatory to the coming school year. Now, in the third Saturday of September, he had convinced her to share a picnic with him in the wooded foothills west of the small Northern California community. She had eagerly agreed, having had enjoyable evening dates with him almost constantly since they'd met. Unfortunately, she had discovered this morning that her only clothes casual enough for mountainous trails were terribly revealing. The thinly sheer blouse barely hid her high-set, widely-spaced breasts whose rose-tipped nipples were clearly etched in the flimsy fabric of her thin brassiere. The taut material tapered down over a thin, girlish waist and flat, smooth stomach to where her hugging pink shorts clung lovingly to her smoothly sloping hips, pulling against the gracefully jutting curves of her thighs. Below the cuff of the faded hot-pants, her legs were long columns of breathtakingly curved flesh which tapered gracefully into thin, well-formed ankles. And as she'd shed her pair of brown leather flats, her slim bare feet with their small toes peeked from where she had curled her ripely tanned legs beneath firmly rounded buttocks.

Miriam's long, satiny blonde hair framed a heart-shaped face that would cause any male to turn his head when she passed. Her azure blue eyes were set slightly apart and her dainty, pert nose was dotted with freckles across its bridge. Her full ripe mouth had the lower lips protruding slightly in an almost perpetual little-girl pout, which added a sensual look to her round dimpled chin and softly tanned satiny complexion. She was a mature blonde Venus that would attract admiring attention from the most discriminating men -- and envy from women.

She blushed under the frankly brazen gaze with which the older man roamed her lovely body and she squirmed slightly with embarrassment on the blanket. She was aware that her clothes were more suitable to the flat beaches of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where she had worn them up to her abrupt and shameful flight last June. Her first thought this morning had been to postpone her date with Roger until she could afford some new clothes, but then she had considered how much she wanted to be with him, and she had rationalized that the day was warm enough to allow her to appear so skimpily attired. Besides, she'd told herself as she'd dressed, she wanted to attract him very much and prove to herself that the evil curse she'd been living under had been broken by her flight across America to California.

"Darling..." Roger said softly, "Darling Miriam..."

"P-Please, Roger," she moaned. "Don't call me that."

"But I love you, Miriam. You certainly must be aware of that by now." He clenched his eyes tightly shut for a moment, brushing his hand through his thick black hair. "I think of you night and day, and if I don't say it I swear I'll go mad. Mad, do you hear? I... Love... You!" he said explosively through his teeth.

"You hardly know me, Roger," Miriam replied, swallowing thickly, her throat dry and constricted. "It's only been a month."

"I realize that," Roger sighed heavily. He bent down beside the murmuring stream and slowly revolved a bottle of red wine that was in the cold water, placed there earlier in order to chill it. His voice faltering, he managed to say: "I saw you that first day in the teacher's lounge and I said to myself then that you were the girl for me. I know it sounds foolish and certainly not very mature, but believe me, Miriam, I fell in love with you from the very first sight."

The lovely English teacher found that she was near to crying and she felt warm tears beginning to form around her eyes. She compressed her lips tightly, trying to control her own emotions, for she was truly attracted to this strong and virile man. Buck lifted his magnificent head and gently nuzzled her hand, licking her palm with a softly wet pink tongue as though he understood her distress. She glanced down at Roger's great and ever-present dog, managing to smile slightly in spite of herself.

"We... We better change the subject," she said tenderly as Roger turned and stood up with the wine.

"I'd hate to ruin your day with my maudlin feelings," he replied, his words abruptly clipped, his tone an articulation of his disappointment. "I must seem like an idiot to you now."

"No, Roger," she moaned weakly. "No, you're not. And... And it's not that I don't care for you. I do, I do very much."

"Then what is it?" he demanded, walking over to her.

"It's me," she whimpered, brushing the first real tear from her blurring eyes.

"Fine, just fine," he said sarcastically. He sat down beside her and viciously yanked at the cork of the bottle. "It's not me, which I can be glad about; the problem is with you. I'm not glad about that."

"Roger... Give me time. Please give me a little more time." She lowered her eyes dejectedly, slowly shaking her head as she bit her trembling lip. "Be gentle with me, Roger."

He studied her for a long moment, then reached out for her other, free hand. "Darling, I'm sorry." His deep onyx eyes softened and a warm affectionate smile brought white, even teeth into view. "I guess I'm being selfish. I thought I'd never love another woman after my wife Karen died eight years ago, but now I've found you. I... I want to marry you, Miriam, just as soon as I can."

She was unable to reply, only nodded mutely. She turned his hand so that her palm was against his and pressed gently, her own lovely blue eyes looking up into his. She searched his thin, expressive face with its prominent cheekbones and classic Roman nose, the finely delineated lips and deep dark eyes, and she intuitively knew at the bottom of her soul that he was sincere. He wanted to marry her, and, shockingly, she had to admit that she cared for him. He possessed an affable charm and forceful personality, and with his shirt off and his chest and back rippling with hard muscle, he was one of the most desirable men she had ever known. The urge to shout yes to him was nearly uncontrollable, but to care for him was one thing and to love him another. And then there was always the black and terrible cloud of her sordid, uncontrollable perversion hanging overhead...

Roger thought he could detect a teardrop forming in one of her eyes. "You told me about your ex-husband," he said in a soothing tone. "I mean, if you're reluctant because of your bad experience with him, I can understand. But darling, I'm not like him. I'm not the kind who will beat you or take a belt to you. I want to cherish you, not hurt you."

"If... If you were like that beast, I wouldn't be up here with you, Roger. No, it's not so much because of him..."

"What then?" he asked plaintively. "You don't even like me, is that it?"

"I didn't say that! I couldn't say that!" she replied sincerely. She tried to think of something to say, something besides the truth that would inalterably kill any chance of them ever being together. "It's a reason of my own, and I simply can't tell you... yet." A hurting lump crept into her throat, and she could only stammer, never having felt so inadequate in her life. "I... I wish I could explain better; but... but I simply can't, Roger. I'm terribly, terribly sorry, believe me..."

"Well, I guess if you say no, you mean no," he said, shaking his head sadly. He managed a feeble grin, even though his insides were churning in a bath of miserable dejection. "Have some more wine, at least."

Miriam watched him pour the wine into their glasses with apprehension. Already she'd consumed too much of the first bottle they'd shared during the picnic lunch, and she was feeling a little giddy and hot. She had to keep her head today, and behave properly... and spirits of any kind affected her quickly. "I really don't think I should have any more," she said as Roger pressed the glass into her hand.

"Don't be silly, darling," he responded in a falsely bantering tone. "Let's have a toast to the most gorgeous woman in the world, you!" He raised his glass and saluted the lovely youthfully appearing woman beside him. "May she soon become my wife."

"Oh, Roger," she murmured disconsolately, but she lifted her glass and touched his. She sipped the heady red Pinot Noire, feeling it slide smoothly down her throat to warmly comfort her knotted stomach. She sipped again without thinking and then again... before she had realized it, Roger was refilling her empty glass.

Miriam moved on the blanket so that she could rest her chin upon her drawn-up knees and lean dreamily against his chest. She wanted to let him know she was having fun and was pleased to be here with him, and for a short while they sat in silent pleasure, Buck on the other side of her as quiet as his master. She savored the sweet-smelling fragrance of the air and the featherish rustlings of the surrounding glade as a gentle breeze stirred the foliage. Above her, there was nothing in the sky except a dipping, caroling bluejay. Lazily she listened to the gurgling sounds of water over the rocks in the stream bed a few feet away... The deliciously dulling illusion of liquor pervaded her worry clouded mind as she continued sipping the wine in her hand. She was glad to be here with Roger in this almost idyllic paradise. The last time she had been in the mountains with a man had been on her honeymoon ten years ago with Gregory Dodge, high in the Catskills, and that had turned into a hell on earth...

She couldn't stop her thoughts from returning to that time so long ago, in spite of the fact that these memories were painful enough to make her outwardly wince. Miriam's mother had warned her about sex all during her formative years, instilling in her the warped fallacy that all men are nasty and brutish, and the result had been a sad farce of marital bliss. The wedding night had been one of stark terror for her as for the first time she'd seen a man's penis. Unlike the small non-violent appearing organs she had seen on younger boys in her childhood, the turgid, blood-filled shaft which had stuck menacingly out from the much older man's plump white belly had made her cower under the covers and whimper with abject fear.

Gregory had taken her with unfeeling brutality that night as he had on every other subsequent occasion he'd had the urge to use her innocent young body. He had been the beast her mother had warned her a man would be, pummeling and beating her with a vengeance. By the middle of the first -- and only -- year of marriage he'd all but lost interest in sex and had been content to continue with an orgasm a month.

She had been worried that she was somehow at fault and had sought help. After reading many sex and marriage manuals she had become increasingly aware of other women's problems and her own situation, learning two important facts. For one, she had realized that there wasn't another woman in Gregory's life, as she'd suspected; but rather a constant stream of whores and sluts that would allow him to brutally whip them. And two, there came the startling discovery that she was budding into a sexually responsive young woman. She didn't want sex all the time, but her education had made her aware of the damage her mother had done; and this awareness had peeled away the false veneer of her frigidity from her true self. She had needed loving and she had been refused it by her sadistic husband. In the end, there had been only one solution -- a lover.

To her bitter regret, young Miriam had not been able to respond to another man in the way she had hoped to. She had tried a number of normal, if adulterous affairs, but she seemed to subconsciously freeze up every time, and she could only accept her lovers in stiff and trembling rigidity. In desperation, she had hoped to direct her interests elsewhere, and had turned to teaching high school, for which she had earned a college diploma just prior to marrying. And it was then that all her nightmarish troubles had really begun.

The young boys in her class with their developing young muscles and leanly tapered bodies had struck an immediate chord in her own unsatisfied body. They were not men yet, and so to her inner mind they were "safe" for her to sexually respond to and enjoy -- and a slowly growing yearning for fulfillment from any one of these virile young teenage boys had gradually taken over her thoughts. In the absence of love and security in her own home, Miriam's lewdly compelling desires to seduce her boy pupils had grown greater, with more and more insistent demands for relief. She had fought and fought against her compulsions until that fateful day a decade ago when she had given up completely and surrendered to the maddening emotions that had conquered her mind.

She'd never even learned that first one's name, only that he had been the delivery boy for the grocery store. She had opened the door to him and it was as though an evil spell had taken control of her mind. Lecherously, she had opened the thin nylon folds of her dressing gown and displayed her naked vagina, already wet with her arousal, to him. She had leaned back against the door and groaned aloud as she'd seen his thin young penis throb larger in reaction against his tightly clinging work-pants. He followed her down the hallway like a small, panting young puppy and it had been no time al all before she had stripped his clothes away and together they had thrashed nakedly against each other on she and her own husband's bed. For long, interminable hours, it had seemed, she had taught him almost all there was to do with the slender, virile young rod of flesh between his thighs. The boy had been everything she had ever hoped a man would be, and her hungrily waiting vagina had opened eagerly to accept him as he'd crawled feverishly over her body. And, when her tightly working vaginal walls had milked the hot youthful stream of his virile young semen from his small rigid cock, she had known then that she had never wanted this sensation to end.

After the delivery boy, there had been a succession of other young adolescents, many of them from her English classes, until, inevitably, she'd been caught. Even now she relived in her dreams the horror of that disgrace, and how Gregory had driven her from their home and city. The divorce had been engineered quietly, but not without her losing her job at the school and having to leave that up-state New York town. She had migrated all along the eastern seaboard since then, working where she could find a school district which was not too careful with its credentials check... and all the while she'd continued her unnatural and uncontrollable seduction of all the tender young teenage boys she could find.

The last forbidden act had been committed in Florida. There had been no excuses this time; she had clearly picked the young teenager up and seduced him, and they had been caught by a state trooper, naked in a near-orgasmic session, in the rear of her car, her hungrily throbbing cunt filled with the hardness of his young male flesh. It had been three months now without another boy, the frightening scare of wildly driving from the Southern state before she could be brought to trial having been a coldly deterring memory. She had been using her fingers, finding no other way to fulfill her sexual passions, yet masturbation hardly ever released her drives as did the beautiful filling of her hungering vagina by a throbbingly virile boy-cock...

And then out of nowhere had come Roger Trenton, tall and handsome, and his tender fourteen-year-old son, Mark. Her uncontrollable, perverse hunger had confronted her with a question agonizing consequence: was it Roger or his son whom she wanted to possess? Or both? Oh God, she would leave Logansville before she'd ruin three lives instead of only one.

Suddenly she realized that Roger was drawing closer to her and was whispering wetly into her ear. "You drive me wild," cooing softly, "God, I want to touch you, kiss you, make love to you..."

"D-don't talk like that, Roger, please..." she moaned. "It's the wine that's gone to your head." Even as she spoke, she heard her own slurred voice, and knew that she too had become slightly drunk in spite of her vow to watch herself.

"No, it's you who intoxicates me, Miriam. And... by God, I am going to kiss you, right now!"

Before she could find the breath to protest, she was being gently twisted around and pressed tightly against his naked chest. She could taste the grape flavor of the wine as his lips enfolded over hers and his tongue slithered easily into her mouth, rubbing and searching ever so tenderly in the moisture for the softness of her own tongue. His firm manly body felt good against hers, its sinewy strength pressing against the pliant supple softness of her own breasts. Her lips parted and though still trembling, their glistening richness beckoned him to cover her mouth harder.

Her arms rose involuntarily to his neck and she pulled him closer against her sensuously responding body. She could feel his lips crush and suck at her mouth more urgently, and his hand sliding over her slim, softly trembling back. Her thoughts dulled by the alcohol and strained to the breaking point, her mind couldn't reject the lewd lascivious tinglings that were beginning to course through her involuntarily quivering loins. He felt so wonderful to her, and every delicious sensation and muddled thought worked to deaden the acutely painful horrors of her memory. Instinctively she began to respond to his subtle caresses and pressed her wanting body to him with every fiber of her strength. But all the while, in spite of the intensity of her response, there was a frightening hollowness alive in the pit of her stomach...

"Oh God, no Roger," she whimpered, haunted by a fear of what might follow. "We... have to go now. Late, gotta go home. Please, let me go!"

"Shhhhh, darling," he softly whispered in her ear. "You want me to hold you like this, darling, I know you do..."

"I don't! I don't!" she groaned helplessly in his arms. But her words seemed to have no effect, either on the heavily aroused man or on the ominously pulsing bulge that was beginning to strain up against her belly. For a terrified moment, the vainly struggling woman fought even more desperately to escape his unwelcome caresses, but then, almost as quickly as they had begun, suddenly her traitorously accepting body ceased its struggle. In spite of her resolve not to, she was beginning to respond to the urgent passion of his kisses and the gentle yet firm pressure of his kneading hand around her fully rounded buttocks. She wished in that wistful moment that she could truly loose her inhibitions and do what should come naturally to her as the mature woman she with all her heart and soul desired to become.

God, Roger was arousing her! Maybe there was hope yet, for she was starting to become aroused in the way a healthy female ought to! Perhaps she could become normal and not let her lewd, unspeakable desires for young boys ruin her future with Roger and his son, Mark!

His hands began to teasingly explore her body, caressing the hardening swell of her breasts. She felt her nipples throb painfully against the sheer netting of her brassiere, and she felt tiny little butterfly-like sensations fluttering lightly through her stomach.

"There now, you love me feeling your breasts, don't you darling?" he partially whispered as his hand continued to stroke her breast outside her blouse.

Miriam moaned in desperation. She couldn't fight him. He was too strong for her and now her own body was beginning to betray her. The effects of the drink, as usual, had caused it to turn into a loose bundle of raw nerve-endings and her mind was rapidly losing control over it. And still came the sharp thought that she didn't want to stop him or herself... that this time perhaps she would respond as she should to a man...

She made no effort toward stopping the hotly aroused older man as he slipped inside her blouse and parted the buttons with an outward pressure of his hand. He cupped her brassiere-encased breasts, sending tiny licking flames of passion over her flesh. Small pinpricks of delicious feeling raced through the softly pulsing tips of the firmly responding mounds as he eased up the flimsy cloth cups and rolled the hardening naked nipples teasingly between his thumb and forefinger. She felt the heat of his breath rushing against her ear as he moved his head to bring his lips down to again lock wetly upon hers.

Subconsciously she thrust her tongue hungrily at him and he sucked it deeply into the wetness of his mouth. Oh God! His kisses were like hot, burning fire to her!

He eased his head away and whispered: "Let me take your clothes off darling. I want to see all of you naked..."

Abruptly, realization of what she was doing struck her, and again the old fears and horrors returned. She thought about breaking away and running... running to get lost... but she doubted now that her legs would ever carry her!

"Come on, darling," he groaned in his all consuming desire for her.

Weakly she rolled her head back and form in limp protest but he moved over her regardless his arm embracing her as her hand went flat against his warm muscular chest, the soft patch of silk-like hair tickling her palm. His mouth was glued to hers once more, his tongue sliding between her lips and past the barrier of her small white teeth and she discovered she was sucking it and thrusting back her own tongue.

Unconsciously she let his hand slowly slide her blouse off and then his fingertips were raking the tiny, erectly throbbing nipples, squeezing and rolling them as he had done to her before.

Miriam's breath came in tiny mewling gasps, and the muscles of her body were as taut as bow-strings as she reacted involuntarily to the delicious teasing of Roger's fingers. She jerked as one of his hands left her throbbingly exposed breasts to trail a slow, tantalizing trail down her softly quivering belly to the zipper of her shorts. She felt the restraining hot-pants suddenly become free and she gasped breathlessly as she felt his hand working itself smoothly beneath the elastic waist band of her panties. It played for a thrillingly tormenting moment at the pubic curls rising from the crevice of her tightly clenched thighs, and then moved downward into the moistly ready vaginal slit. His fingertip teased hotly at the tiny bud of her clitoris and sent it quivering up into warmly springing life. Miriam jerked forward slightly as his hand curled further down into her sheer white panties and parted the soft fleshy lips of her vagina. Then, she groaned heavily up into his mouth as she felt it snake teasingly up inside the tight elastic opening of her cunt. Wild electric shocks of pleasure stabbed through her, and she ground up against Roger's hand, spreading her legs with unwanted passion as his thrusting finger slithered wetly and deeply up into her hungrily welcoming vagina.

Gently Roger pushed the aroused young woman down on her naked back, and she squirmed her buttocks around and undulated her thighs with rising passion as though her body was responding to some wickedly controlling mind other than her own.

She tightened her arms around him in alcohol-dazed passion as his hotly searing mouth and tongue pressed hard against her open lips. His tantalizing fingers continued to tease sensuously along her naked breast and then down over her belly to slide between her smooth inner thighs and vibrant mound of her wetly spasming pussy.

"Ohhhhh, Roger... Don't, Roger don't..." she moaned, but her feeble pleas for mercy were unheeded by the passionately aroused man.

"Ohhhhhhhh, Rogerrrrrr...!"

She gasped with shuddering excitement as she felt his strong hands slowly and steadily draw her wetly moistened shorts and thin nylon panties down over her tightly clenched buttocks. She couldn't help herself from clenching her thighs harder together so he could easily slip the unwanted clothing down... down over her softly trembling thighs and her legs... They lay useless now on the mossy ground beside her, a flimsy flag of her ultimate surrender. She could feel with obscene delight the cool mountain air softly caress against her naked inner flesh and moistly pink vaginal crevice as her legs parted to him in lewd, uncontrolled invitation. "Oh God!" she panted up into Roger's lust-contorted face, her desire racing away with her mind. "Oh, God, we mustn't... I'm-I'm so afraid!"

"We must, darling. You know we must, and you want me to touch you between your legs as much as I do." He groaned with the boiling urgency now to possess with his rigid surging penis the warm pink-rimmed vagina that was slowly and inexorably devouring his fingers up inside. Her nakedly exposed flesh was making him quiver with delicious animal-like desire as he ground himself as tightly as he could to her passion-throbbing body. His burgeoning hardness surged with small aching throbs in his pants while he slid along the hot smooth skin of her slowly undulating thighs. Jesus, he couldn't remember when a woman had excited him more! He had to have her! He had to fuck her now, or his balls would burst wide open!

Maddening patterns of indecently delightful sensations continued to consume the rapidly weakening Miriam. She could feel the fleshy blonde-haired lips of her moist wet cuntal furrow assaulted with his ever-burrowing fingers and she groaned from deep in her throat as his probing finger tips taunted every inch of the fully exposed wet, slit. She wrapped her arms around his neck tightly and whimpered moistly into his ear, trailing soft, hot kisses while uncontrollably rotating her passion-driven thighs in helpless response. She splayed her trembling legs wide apart until one shoe-less foot was on the grass and the other was grazing against the thick comforting fur of Roger's dog, Buck. She knew in dazed, subconscious anguish that his German Shepherd was eagerly watching his master enflame her naked loins with wantonness and craving, but somehow the forbidden pleasure of being viewed by the huge animal only increased her unwanted passions. She rolled her head from side to side and ground her warmly quivering buttocks down into the blanket in a futile effort to escape his insistently probing fingers, a soul-searing moan of self-loathing and indecision bubbling from between her tightly clenched lips. Yet Roger's hands never stopped teasing the sensitive surrounding little fringe of blonde pubic curls as he made ecstatic contact with the straining pink bud of her erectly throbbing clitoris.

"Ooooooh God, darling," she groaned helplessly into his open mouth. There was no escape for her now and her affection for the older man only incited her further. She wanted him! Oh, God, at last she wanted a man, this man! Ohhhhhh, how she wanted him! She was fighting a battle with herself that she had desperately desired to lose for years!

And then she heard a short, quick hissing sound and knew it was the unmistakable sound of his pants being unzipped! She could feel that his hand was away from her breast and he was struggling to lower his jeans. She tried to scream in protest, but her voice froze in her tightly constricting throat. Spread-eagled, she could only stare with tear-wet eyes up at the crouching naked body of the man over her. To her pain-flecked eyes, Roger's heavily pulsating penis hovered rigidly, menacingly there, the huge, sperm-swollen testicles hanging soft and sensate at its base.

It was at that moment the vision of her ex-husband, Gregory, loomed back up in Miriam's tortured brain. He was there leering nakedly over her again -- not Roger Trenton -- and the face she imagined above her was contorted with a contemptuous sneer of lewd hatred. She could feel the thick rubbery head of his cock press down against the nakedly exposed lips of her cunt and she knew it was burgeoning with sexual ecstasy -- an ecstasy she was still mortally afraid to accept!

She froze for an initial second and then her mind snapped with a spontaneous bursting of shattering force. "No! Oh, God, no!" she cried frantically. She came to life hysterically and squirmed and struggled with insane strength as she raked her fingernails into the flesh of his chest.

Roger grabbed her arms, pressing them down tightly to the blanket on either side of her wildly flailing head. "Miriam... darling... God, I want you!" he gasped desperately.

"Let me go! Let me go!" she babbled in near frenzy. "I won't let you! I can't let you!" She fought him savagely as he rolled over on top of her and guided his angrily throbbing penis toward her defenselessly open vagina. She tried to close her legs and lock her thighs together and cringe away from his relentlessly pressing hardness, but his strength was too great for her to resist.

"Miriam... Darling, I've got to fuck you...!" he breathed heavier, his chest a great weight upon her naked breasts.

"No! No! No!" she chanted in a high-pitched squeal, but the insanely struggling woman was unable to stop him from insinuating the huge throbbing head of his immense penis up between the softness of her desperately straining thighs. He ground his cock hotly down through the soft resilient curls of her tightly clenched vaginal slit, fighting madly to reach the mouth of the smoothly inflamed passage which she was holding from him between her tightly clamped legs. To Miriam's deliriously terrorized mind, Roger Trenton was now just like all other men who desired nothing more than to shove their lewdly brutal penises deep into her defenseless belly. She squeezed her thighs together until their muscles stood out in aching tautness and she squirmed and heaved against him in her wild efforts to dislodge his unwanted invasion.

"Good God, I can't wait any longer!" he cried out heatedly. "I'm going to cum and I want to cum inside you!"

"No, Roger!" she screamed in helpless torment. "I don't want it! Not ever... ever... ever!" She reached her hands down between their grinding sweat-slickened bodies in despairing panic and grasped the full throbbing length of his rock-hard shaft. She could feel the spasmodic throbbings against her tightly gripping palms and the wetness of the warm white seminal fluid that oozed in excited droplets from the blunt, lust-inflated head. She steeled herself to hold his penis back from between her desperately straining thighs in a final effort to keep its hardness from contacting the still fearfully cringing lips of her vagina.

"Damn it!" Roger shouted. "You can't stop me now, Miriam! Let go of me and let me fuck you! Ohhh, God, let go before I cum on your thighs!"

"No! Never! I don't want a man up in me!" She grasped tighter around the thickly ramming cock as he pumped wildly against her fear-clenched thighs. She squeezed and pulled with her tightly grasping fists until at last he gave forth a harsh half-strangling cry.

"Ahhhhh!" He shuddered violently. She could feel his penis expand and contract uncontrollably in her palms and she could dimly hear the heavy grunts of his frustrated passion pouring out from between his tightly gritting teeth. "Miriam! Miriam! I told you...! I... I'm cummmiiinnnng!"

His penis jerked spasmodically against her thigh and she could suddenly feel a great flood of hot wet liquid shoot out from the tip of the lust-bloated head. The white-hot sperm flooded down over and inundated the soft golden fleece of her pubic hair, seeping hotly on down through the still tightly locked crevice between her legs to moisten her tautly clenched buttocks on the blanket below. It felt as though she was being drowned by a seemingly never-ending torrent of creamy liquid fire as the heavily perspiring male body writhed and panted explosively over her hopelessly resisting nakedness.

At last, his testicles now empty, Roger collapsed on top of her in almost sobbing passion. They lay together in shameful silence for a long moment and then he slowly rolled away from her and sat up, not able to face her. Miriam placed an arm over her eyes and began to softly cry, while Roger, subdued of his sexual frenzy, was awkward with guilt and embarrassment as he tried to comfort her.

"I... I'm sorry, Miriam. Really I am. I... I don't know what came over me. I... I've never tried to force myself on a girl before."

"It's me," the lovely teacher sobbed. "I told you it was me. I'm more to blame than you because I should have stopped you sooner. You... you're a man, after all." She felt soiled and humiliated as if a thousand tiny insects were invading the very pores of her skin. "You're a man, but I..." she ended the sentence in a woeful sigh.

"And you're a woman," Roger muttered softly. "One hell of a woman."

Am I? she questioned herself mournfully. No... not in the sense Roger means it. If I was really a woman, I'd be loving him up inside me right now instead of feeling like this...

For an agonizing moment, Miriam debated whether she could unburden her troubled heart to Roger. But she knew if she did blurt out the truth it would twist whatever love he held for her into coldly repugnant hatred. He would reject her as all other normal people had when they'd discovered her horrible perversion. She rose in mute agony and recovered her white nylon panties and then spread her thighs slightly in a humiliated effort to cleanse herself. She wiped away the wetness of his sperm with them as best she could, trying not to show any outward sign of her inner misery. She threw the semen-drenched panties away from her, shivering thankfully as they landed out of sight behind a clump of shrubbery.

"I think we should go back to town, Roger," she said in a dull voice.

"Look, darling, we can stay and finish our picnic. I won't touch you again. I promise."

"No," she said, swallowing thickly. She slipped on her shorts without the panties and smoothed them over her still nervously trembling buttocks. "No, I really want to leave here. I can't stand the place anymore, Roger."

He shook his head sadly, realizing that he had drunkenly ruined his chances of making love to Miriam today by being overly insistent. He hadn't properly estimated the extent of passion he had aroused in her and had moved to fuck her before she was ready.

Christ, he wanted her all the more for this and he secretly promised himself that the next time he wouldn't fail. He looked sad-faced at Miriam, but even now his apologies were so shallow that he feared she'd see through it.

"Well... if you insist," he said. "But I want to see you again."

"I-I don't know, Roger. After what happened..."

"But that's just it darling. It happened. We both got carried away and it just plain happened. Don't let us ruin an otherwise wonderful relationship because of one mistake."

Miriam thought about it for a few minutes as she buttoned her blouse. She truly was attracted to him and believed that he was telling her the truth, and the gnawing desire to continue to see him overcame her fears and apprehensions.

"All right, Roger," she replied in a soft tone. "Not for a few days, though. I-I want a chance to rest and think things over."

"I understand, darling. How about next Friday night?"

"I'm afraid I can't. Our principal, Mr. Bixbee, has picked me to help him chaperone the Freshman-Sophomore dance at school. But Saturday would be good."

"Then Saturday it is, darling. We'll spend the whole day together if you like."

"I'll try to hold myself back," he offered good-naturedly.

"All right, Roger." She smiled tentatively and gently touched his cheek with her fingertips. "And you better."

"Hey, wait a minute," he kidded. "This isn't a forever promise. Every man has the right to unlimited tries. Particularly with the woman he loves."

She turned away from him, stooping down beside Buck so she could pick up the picnic plates and hide from Roger a sudden surge of tears that were blurring her eyes. Yes, try, Roger... Try and maybe some day I'll be the woman you think I am... Oh God, I pray I will...


The brilliant California sun streamed into the bedroom of Miriam Dodge's back-street cottage. She turned on her bed, sleepily shielding her eyes from the brightness that played over her face, and tucking the thin sheet higher over her otherwise naked body as a slight, cooling breeze blew gently over it from the partially open window. It was the morning of another beautiful, warm Indian summer day, but the troubled woman was too upset to enjoy the unseasonably delightful weather.

As she slowly came awake and the thickness of her sleep filtered from her mind, she realized that it had been the distant tolling of church bells which had awakened her. Now other sounds began to dimly reach her ears, and she could faintly hear the soft rustlings of the bushes beneath her window and the laughing shouts of boys playing in the field across the street. But then came the whirring of a hand mower cutting grass nearby, and she could feel blood rushing to her head and her body shiver uncontrollably beneath the sheet as if a cold wind had passed over her.

She tried to blot out the mower's sound, for it was her yard that was being cut as it was every Sunday morning -- and the amateur young gardener earning a few spending dollars was none other than Roger's handsome son, Mark Trenton. With every passing sweep he made, Miriam was reminded of what had happened with the boy's father the previous afternoon. She could again feel the heady influence of the too much wine she had drank... and her hungry response to the man's intense advances... and the rising fires of her own passion as she had surrendered to him while he'd slowly removed her clothes. Once more she could see herself writhing in naked passion upon the picnic blanket before him and his German Shepherd dog, and could feel the yearning passion as he'd softly caressed her naked breasts and genitals to a fever pitch of excitement... And then the unwanted panic gripping her mind as she'd felt his erect, throbbing hardness against her trembling thighs and the uncontrollable horror that had clutched her when she'd felt him spew his hot white semen over her fear-cringing vaginal lips...

Oh God, even when she loved a man she was unable to sexually respond the way she should. The threat of his love-making had turned her into a desperately terrified woman. It was still as it had always been with her; only the vibrantly eager penises of young boys could drive her insane with lusting desire, and she terrifyingly knew that what she'd not been able to bring herself to accept from Roger she would hungrily welcome from his teen-age son. And the lovely, handsome fourteen year-old youth was just a few feet away, innocently unaware of her unspeakable desire for him...

Miriam thrashed miserably on the bed for a few more minutes, but gradually she regained most of her control. She couldn't stay in bed, if for no other reason than Mark would soon be finished with the yard and she had to be dressed when he came to be paid. And besides, she firmly resolved, staying here was no answer; she had to bravely face her lewd weakness and learn how to conquer it somehow. Resolutely, Miriam rose up naked from her bed, her golden-tanned body gleaming radiantly from the streaming sun. She started across to the bathroom, trying to avert her eyes from the temptation to look out the window, but in spite of her best intentions, she found she was unable to keep from glancing outside. Her eyes locked in shameful hunger on the grassy field across the way, and she felt herself lingering in front of the window as she studied the lithe young adolescent bodies as they excitedly practiced football.

She moved to one side where she was partially hidden by the gossamer material of the curtains and continued her uncontrollably hungry gazing, her tiny pink tongue tracing nervously over her full glistening lips. Once again the old familiar desires for their nude young flesh spiraled electrically through her softly tingling nerve-ends, making her gasp with growing yearning. She had been able to somehow control her lewd passions up until yesterday, but Roger Trenton had built her seething frustration into a raging fire with his fingers and lips, and now the mere sight of all those tender young teenagers out there was enough to set her body wild with prurient desire.

Oh God, she had to get control of herself! Shuddering guiltily, Miriam forced herself to pull away from the tempting window, when she suddenly saw a glimpse of young Mark Trenton coming toward her. He was going to mow the lawn right by her window! Move away... she had to move away...! But the tantalizing sight of the innocent teenage boy temporarily hypnotized her into immobility, and she could only stand behind the thin gauzy drapes with unquenchable yearning.

God, he was a beautiful boy. He was wearing only a pair of tight, cotton-twill pants, his tanned satin-smooth back as exposed and naked as his father's had been the day before. The ripple of his developing young muscles and the glistening film of perspiration as he worked to push the mower brought tingling little quivers of wicked delight through Miriam's naked loins. She covetously watched the boy, the firm round flesh of her breasts and her buttocks quivering slightly from the slowly intensifying passions which were running rampant through her mind. She moaned pitifully under her hotly panting breath, and she could feel that once again her body was inexorably beginning to betray her, in spite of her most insistent promises to hold check on her forbidden hunger.

Miriam groaned with the humiliation of knowing that the mere sight of a young teenage boy could drive her to so high a state of helpless passion, and when she realized that Mark had stopped mowing and was staring directly at the window where she stood, her shame was complete. Yet even then she was incapable of stopping herself from smiling provocatively with a blatant taunt, before easing back out of his view. God, she couldn't let herself do it again! She had to get hold of herself! Quivering with self-loathing, she hurriedly rushed into the bathroom in an attempt to evict the inciting image of the supple-limbed youth from her tormented mind.

With franticness born out of desperation, she twisted the handles of the shower and stepped into the small stall. She sighed gratefully as hot cascades of needling water beat against her firm, round breasts and softly curling pubic hair, hoping she could wash some of the unseen mental stains off and down the drain. The hot spray was a masochistic delight as it ruthlessly pelted the white flesh of her breasts like dozens of tiny daggers, the pin-pricks not enough to really hurt, but enough to send her small, hardening nipples rising in taut erectness. She lathered a small washcloth and began a brisk soaping of her fevered skin as though she wished to punish her sinfully reacting body still further, but the smoothly sliding cloth only seemed to cause more teasing little sensations of sensual arousal. God, the shower was supposed to cleanse her of her sexual desires, not perversely stimulate them!

She shivered and undulated unhappily, moaning from the unwanted feather-like sensations, telling herself over and over that what she was feeling was wrong and crazy... But as she ran the cloth over her flat, rippling belly and down around the two ivory cheeks of her buttocks, small curling tendrils of lewdly sensuous fire began to lick wickedly at her throbbing loins. She slipped her fingers down between them pressing softly into them with the soapy material until its wet slippery smoothness tauntingly caressed the tiny hairless opening of her rectum.

"OOOhhhhhhh, God!" she groaned softly, feeling an intensely erotic spasm of excitement burn heatedly in her rapidly responding flesh.

"Ohhhhhhhh," she moaned again in unwilling defeat. But it was pointless to struggle against the deliciously searing flames, and she surrendered helplessly to the maddening, ever-rising sensations. Oh God! She was glad she was alone, guiltily; at least, she told herself. No one else would know of her weakness...

"Mmmmmmmm," she mewled aloud as her thoughts again wandered back to yesterday. But this time the images created no fear, they only fueled her unsated passions, and now she could excitedly imagine herself naked on the ground with the lust-raging body of Roger Trenton over her. Standing in the shower she could envision herself doing all the things that he wanted her to do, eagerly letting him make love to her in a hundred different positions, and accepting his hardness between her legs. But as the mental image of his rigidly throbbing penis began to slowly worm its way into her openly waiting vagina, her mind wavered with uncertainty and the picture began to slowly inexorably change...

Miriam began to dream of another penis... a penis belonging to a younger, more innocent male body... the lean, hard erection that lay heavily up between her open thighs now throbbed hotly from between the naked legs of Roger Trenton's teenage son, Mark. "Oh, Mark, oh God, Mark," she gasped, rubbing the cloth smoothly in her left hand as though it was the boy's rhythmically pumping organ. "Oh, Markkkkkkkk..."

She reached down between her legs with her other hand to warmly part the water-drenched curls of blonde pubic hair aside, sending another electrical spasm of delight coursing through her nakedly displayed body. The cloth teased its way up between the fleshy pink lips of her hungrily waiting vaginal slit, brushing lightly against her pink budding clitoris and sending it hotly jerking into hardened invitation for more. She swayed uncontrollably, building toward an explosive climax as she dreamed of Mark's boyish hardness delightfully sliding up into her soft, hair-lined vaginal opening and tenderly filling the yearning hole.

"Oh, Marrrkkkk..." she moaned passionately. "Oh yes, Mark, do it to meeee... little baby... oh, Mark..."

Marrrkkkk... echoed sensuously through the steam-filled bathroom...

And young Mark Trenton, his eyes bulging wide in disbelief rubbed his hands increasingly faster down over the rapidly rising hardness in his pants, his thin strong cock pulsing heavily with a stiff, uncontrollable ache. He had been standing in the doorway of the mist-shrouded bathroom for several minutes now, watching the nakedly twisting, woman with awe-struck fascination. His English teacher's wantonly contorted facial features were a reflection of his own budding young sexual fires which had been sent roaring hotly through his immature mind by the lewd sight of her mewling, writhing masturbation.

Christ! Mrs. Dodge bare-ass naked and fingering her snatch like she was going to blow her mind! Ohhhhh Jesus! So that's how girls do it to themselves! His mouth hung loosely open and his wildly peering eyes were like glistening hot marbles set in his red-flushed cheeks. He knew he shouldn't be watching and that she would be awfully mad if she caught him, but frig! He couldn't tear himself away! It was the hottest thing he'd seen; even better than the dirty pictures he had hidden in his bedroom!

Roger Trenton's young son stood rooted in mesmerized fascination while his slim virile penis jerked excited against his trembling abdomen. Man, his prick was as hard as a wooden ruler and longer than it had ever been before! He could only squeeze and fondle its blood-throbbing length in breathless agitation unbelievingly as he gasped at the erotic spectacle before him. He was barely able to stifle a loud groan as he pantingly watched the voluptuously curved woman gently spread the soft blonde curls of her pubic hair to either side of her fleshy vaginal lips and reveal all of her moistly smooth pink slit to his fevered eyes. Crap! He'd had no idea that a pussy would look so soft and glistening, and he could even see her tiny ass-hole as she slithered her wash cloth around and round, faster and faster in the heat of her sexual frenzy.

Mark breathed in twitching excitement as his hardened rod of youthful flesh painfully swelled in his pants. Ohhhh, shit, wait until he could get back home and take his pants off! He was going to beat his prick until he came twice, he was so excited! And he wouldn't be looking at those sex photos, either! Shit, he'd be dreaming about shoving his prick right up inside his English teacher, Mrs. Dodge, and making her moan and shake just like she was doing to herself now!

Miriam was oblivious to being viewed as she strained for her climax and deep breathless gasps of animal pleasure rose from her heaving chest. She splayed her quivering thighs wider apart in a desperate effort to bury the invading wash cloth deeper into the tightly pulsing passage of her wet vagina, her toes curling as she attempted to keep her balance in the slippery shower stall. She could feel herself spiraling toward the explosive orgasm she had to have and flailed her head from side to side as her burning mind thought sensuously of young Mark Trenton's tender penis spewing its fresh boyish sperm deep up into her belly.

And then... then she saw the slight motion out of the corner of her eye. She stopped her desperately working fingers as though they were made of stone and she slowly twisted around to face the door, afraid and yet feeling unexplained quiverings of excitement. Oh God, no! Not him!

"Mark!" she gasped in horror. "Wha...?"

"Oh no!" came a high-pitched moan from the boy. He could only stare at her in helpless immobility, his mind filling with uncertainty whether to try and say something or simply run away and hope she didn't tell his father on him. "Oh, Mrs. Dodge, I..."

The shocked and confused woman hunched automatically over with her washcloth still implanted lewdly between the open lips of her passion-drenched pussy, crimson shame flushing her breasts and face. She had been caught fingering herself with Roger's son Mark in her mind and now suddenly here he was in the flesh, nearly as naked as she, with nothing covering him but his worn and tattered work-pants. Miriam's shocked eyes slipped unconsciously to the crotch of his pants and the sight suddenly filled her with an overwhelming rush of passion. She could see clearly a stiffly slender roundness pressing outward against the soft faded material; little Mark had an erection from watching her play with herself!

She forced her head to turn away and she quickly shut off the shower so that her hands would not reach out of their own accord and release his swollen young penis from the tightness of his pants. God, the aching desire in her loins was too much to bear, and she prayed that the heavily breathing boy would not sense the tormenting passions that were gripping her own hotly aroused body.

"Mark," she managed to whisper in a trembling and faltering voice. "Mark, what... what are you doing here?"

"I, I heard you calling me," he whimpered timidly. "I, I was mowing the lawn and I thought I heard you calling my name."

"Oh, no," she groaned, squeezing her eyes tightly shut. She had been calling him... calling out his name in her passion...

"I... I know I shouldn't be watching you, Mrs. Dodge." Mark was near the verge of frightened tears, and his distraughtly quivering tone tugged with threatening excitement at the older woman's ever-lessening control. "G-Gee, but I couldn't help myself, honest!"

Miriam could feel a light tremor coursing through her thighs and with a lewd urge too powerful to control, she stood and exposed all of her satiny nakedness to the wide-eyed boy. She shuddered from her act, knowing it was perverted and would only lead to more temptation to reach out and touch his tender young genitals, but in spite of her revulsion she was incapable of stopping herself.

"G-Golly," Mark gasped in arousal. "You-you're the most lovely woman I've ever seen!"

She smiled coyly at him, the lewdly rising flood of her need overcoming her as she stepped purposefully out of the shower stall. Hungrily she studied his smooth teenage features and marveled at how handsome and masculine he was to be only fourteen, and felt the inflamed center of her loins tingling in wickedly lewd response to the sight of his viriley bulging young penis throbbing in his pants.

Get him out of here! Miriam heard a part of her mind frantically warn. Oh, God, get him out before it's too late! But her mind wouldn't function while she luridly basked under the blatant hot gaze of his increasingly bulging young eyes roaming hotly over her naked breasts and buttocks.

"Thank you, Mark dear," she heard herself tell him. "That's a nice thing to say."

"It's true, Mrs. Dodge! Oh gosh, I bet you're even prettier than my mother was!"

Miriam moaned softly, swaying slightly as she remembered with new-felt passion Roger Trenton's proposal of marriage... God, to be Mark's mother... I may love Roger, but I love his young son more... her pink vaginal slit throbbed teasingly against the soft silky curls of her pubic hair, and the small nipples of her firmly pulsing breasts tingled with hardness as she took another wet, shivering step toward the gasping, wide-eyed youth. "You poor dear," she cooed eagerly, "You must miss your mommy very much."

"Aww," young Mark murmured in blushing embarrassment, "It ain't so bad."

He manfully struggled to keep his wide-staring eyes off his curvaceous teacher's fleshy exposed slit of her pussy that was so teasingly close to him now... but even her warmly sympathetic face smiling down at him was enough to send his hard little cock jerking in his pants. Oh Jesus, his prick wouldn't go limp for anything, and if she got any closer and saw him with his hard-on, she'd be mad at him for sure! Shit, he shouldn't have ever stopped mowing when he'd seen her standing naked through the window, 'cause now look what's happened!

"I know you want a mother, Mark dear." Miriam's voice was sultry with her longing to hold the tender boy to her. "I know you miss a warm and loving older woman to comfort you, don't you?"

Oh shit, he did, he really did! Mark thought helplessly. He tried to say something to Mrs. Dodge, but his throat felt as though it was made of sandpaper, and all he could do was quiver with wildly throbbing sensations he had never felt before in all his young life. Jesus, what was she trying to do to him? In another second he'd be bawling like a baby and wanting to have her hold him. She was so close now he could smell her warm breath and clean fresh skin... Ohhhh, she was reaching out with a hand now... Jesus, if she touched him, he'd melt right into the floor, he knew he would!

"Go-golly, Mrs. Dodge," he finally managed to falter. "M-Maybe you want me to go, huh? I can... I can finish the lawn next week."

Tell him, Miriam's weakening conscience screamed desperately. Tell him before you touch his tender young body... but her demanding, unsatisfied loins were overwhelmed with her uncontrollable perverted hunger for the young boy. Her exposed breasts heaved high and swollen only inches in front of Mark Trenton's confused youthful face and her voice turned soft and husky as her surrendering body was no longer able to resist the sweet torment of her mounting desires.

"No, don't go, Mark dearest." She lay cool, trembling fingertips on his smooth, unlined forehead. "I want you to stay here. With me, with your new mommy! Mark... come, come to mother!"

A strangled cry escaped from between her moist lips, and wildly she threw both of her arms around him in a sudden surge of uncontrollable desire. She pulled the innocently unresisting youth close against the billowy softness of her breasts, crushing him hungrily to her nakedness. Miriam tried to tell herself that what she was allowing herself to do was wrong and wicked... but her inflamed senses were too fevered with lust for the hard young penis she could feel pulsing down against the naked flesh of her thighs. Every tingling nerve in her voluptuous body was reacting with overwhelming sensations, her vows and promises feeble barriers that were swept aside by the demand for ultimate fulfillment. She couldn't help undulating her trembling hips seductively against his tightly pressed abdomen while she planted several warm, loving kisses on his cheeks and face.

"You sweet darling," she sighed with her unquenchable passion. "You dear, lovely boy. Kiss your make-believe mommy..." She gazed delightedly as she brushed her full throbbing breasts across his warm parting lips, and felt him tremble from the aroused excitement which rippled heavily over his young body. Delicious sensations raced out of control through her belly as she lewdly watched Mark Trenton kiss her white eagerly offered mounds of flesh with his innocent young desire.

She drew his lips closer to the distended nipple of the one breast he was kissing, moaning softly as she guided the hardened little bud into his open mouth. "Suck my titty, dear Mark. Suck and feel it with your tongue like you were a hungry little baby..."

"Ohhhh, Mrs. Dodge," she heard in a muffled groan.

Miriam gently cupped one of her hands behind his head. "It's all right, Mark. I like you kissing my titty, really I do. Ohhhhh, yes, yes... Mmmmmm, like that. Oh Mark dear, you're so good to your mommy..."

Young Mark Trenton couldn't stop his mind from wildly spinning. Jesus! He was actually sucking his teacher's big tits! Her nipple in his mouth was the craziest taste he'd ever had! The other kids would never believe him! Shit, he loved it! He loved it!

Miriam's uncontained passions had reached that aroused, sensation-filled point where nothing could have stopped her from continuing her lewd seduction of the young fourteen year old boy. She gently smoothed her hand down over his naked back, feeling all of his golden flesh with slowly circling fingertips... God, his tender skin was just like a baby's, like new and untouched satin! Oh God, oh God, it was too much to bear... Her other hand slowly eased around to the front of his pants and softly caressed the swollen outline of his straining young penis, she felt the boy tremble and gasp while he sucked harder at her breast. A searing flame of desire raced hotly through her belly and loins while she teasingly traced up and down his young cock, delicately squeezing it between her thumb and forefinger.

Mark sucked in his breath when he felt her gently ease down the zipper of his pants and slip her hand tantalizingly inside his open fly. He could feel her velvety fingers as they taunted with a soft grazing motion beneath one leg-band of his thin cotton undershorts and around the smooth flesh of his inner thigh. Then he moaned with quivering delight as her hand lovingly began to stroke the naked flesh of his rock-hard young cock. Ohhhhh, he couldn't have stopped her if he'd wanted to! Rising tingles of sexual excitement spiraled up from between his youthful loins and swirled maddeningly through his lean and hairless belly. She had his prick right in her hand, and was playing with it! And... and, oh, Jesus, now she was feeling his balls too!

"Mmmmmmm," he groaned around her soft, delicious breast which throbbed between his firmly sucking lips. He couldn't control his moans and sighs as she continued to tenderly fondle the pulsating shaft of his young penis and the fleshy sac of his tautly sperm-swollen testicles. "Ohhhhh Mrs. Dodge, Mrs. Dodge...!"

"Don't be afraid, Mark lover," she whispered. "Mommy wants to undress you now and let you be as naked as she is..."

Miriam gently eased her breast free of his eager young mouth and slowly dropped to her knees on the wet tile of the bathroom floor. She trailed her long blonde hair teasingly down over his heavy-breathing chest, kissing his seed-like nipples until he groaned and quivered as he stood above her. She played her moistly sliding tongue down further to lave his belly and wash his tender navel, while her softly curling hand traced along the waistband of his pants and unbuttoned the top of his open fly. She smoothly drew his pants down, slipping his white cotton shorts with them, and then she tenderly lifted each of his slender young legs to remove his clothing along with his scuffed brown loafers. Her passion-hungry eyes greedily absorbed the sight of his arching rigid penis as it throbbed nakedly between his strong young thighs, and she felt heavy sensations of salacious delight flutter through her own fully exposed belly and loins.

"You're beautiful, darling," she exclaimed. Her body was lewdly tingling with rising excitement and her brain was sensually afire with obscene passion as she wrapped her moistly stroking hand once more around his swollen young penis. Oh, God, it was just the perfect size, perhaps five inches and fat for its length, its bulbous head a richly glistening crimson at the tip where the tiny moist slit creased it. And ohh... his lovely young testicles were so tight and round with their sensitive textured scrotum of a fine velvet skin.

Mark looked down in wild-eyes amazement, having given up trying to believe what was happening to him... only that it was! He watched mesmerized as she taunted his hardened prick with her fingers, pulling the foreskin down so that its head stood out like a beacon, her glistening lips less than an inch from its tip.

"Ohhh..." he whimpered and squirmed above her. "Ohhh, shit!" he gulped, truly shocked by what she was doing to him.

"Darling Mark, you feel so good to your mommy," Miriam breathed hotly against his youthful, soft chest. "Let's go into my bedroom where we can have more fun!"

OOOhhh, he knew he shouldn't... but he was going to! Oh Jesus, she was so beautiful and her tits were like honey in his mouth... and damn, the way she was stroking his prick was too much to take! He gaped down at her trying to swallow the parchedness that had dried his voice from his throat, and when he couldn't answer her, he simply nodded his head with enthusiasm. She laughed in warm, seductive delight, standing up to take his hand and draw him out of the bathroom and across to her bedroom. Jesus! He knew he'd never be the same after this, but he didn't care. He didn't care about anything except the fun she was promising him!

"Crawl onto the bed now, dearest," Miriam crooned with wanton anticipation. He eagerly obeyed, lying on his back with his hard, virile penis standing high and proud while she nakedly stretched out beside him in lewd display. Then she began to smooth her hands tantalizingly down over his developing muscles and into all of the secret hollows and crevices of his tender, youthful body. Her lushly glistening lips fastened wetly onto his, her tiny moist tongue darting between his teeth to explore his warm, wet mouth while she pressed her fleshy hair-covered pubic mound tightly up against his hips with a tiny provocative circling motion.

"Tell me, Mark, did you like watching me play with my pussy in the shower?" Miriam whispered in a throaty, sensuous voice. "Tell me the truth now... did you?"

He rolled his head from side to side on the pillow, fretfully looking up at her. "Y-yes, yes, I did!" He gasped excitedly. Crap! He was going right out of his mind! "I liked it! I liked it a lot, Mrs. Dodge!"

Miriam's blue eyes were smokily glazed from the lewd desires running wild throughout her flesh, and the awareness that Roger Trenton's son was nearly frantic with his own sexual lust only fanned the flames of her maddened passions more. She couldn't remember when she'd coerced a more helpless and defenseless young boy, and the thought alone was enough to drive her wild, even though she knew that later... afterwards... she would hate and revile herself for what she was doing to the immature boy. Slowly she raised her knees beside him, her thrusting breasts swaying sensuously with her movements as she pulled his naked body slowly over to a kneeling position between her thighs. She spread the

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