Pretty Kitty's Webcam - sex story

Pretty Kitty's Webcam

"Dustin! You gotta check this out!" Geof yelled to me.
Figuring that it was something about a car or on
ESPN.com, I casually walked over to see what he was
looking at.

"This chick will do anything!" he told me as I walked
near his computer.

Geof and I worked at the same company together and had
become close friends since I started there 6 months
ago. He was single and lived alone, but I've been
married for 2 years. My wife is beautiful. She's about
5'5" with short brown hair and weighs a buck 10 despite
her rather large tits. Every one that meets her can't
keep their eyes off her.

"I paid the subscription to this girl's website...
she's got a webcam with audio and you can chat with her
online. She does it in her office at work and will do
ANYTHING you tell her to! It's incredible!"

"Oh my gosh Geof. You're looking at porn? You little
sick bastard!"

"Whatever man. Don't tell me you don't look at porn
too. Plus, this isn't just porn! This is real live
action here. I already told her to shove her webcam
completely inside her pussy so I could see her from the
inside and she did it! I also told her to take her top
and bra off to show me her tits... did that too! Then,
I told her to leave them on her desk and walk out of
her office to go get a cup of coffee so that everyone
at work could see those gorgeous tits and check it
out... there's her top... there's her bra... and here
she comes with a cup of coffee!"

"Holy crap! She's going to get fired if she keeps that

"I doubt it. Some other guy saw a 'Salesperson of the
year' trophy on her desk. He told her to set it on her
chair, lift up her skirt, and sit all the way down on
it so it went fully in her ass... she did that too!"

"Hey, what are you guys looking at?" Dave from down the
hall had come by. Geof explained to him what we were

"That's some pretty hot shit!" Dave commented. "How
much is it?"

"Well funny you asked. It's typically $29.99 for one
membership, but unlike most porn sites, she offers a
group discount of $55.00 for three memberships. You
guys interested? I'll put it on my card since you guys
have wives and all and then you can just pay me."

We both agreed. We were soon on the site every day. We
all had our own screen names and were telling this
chick to do all sorts of stuff. My name was 'MasterD'.
She soon began to recognize us since we were her most
frequent customers. She called herself 'PrettyKitty'.

'MasterD: Hey kitty... I've never seen your face... why
don't you point the cam up a little and show me what
you look like'

'PrettyKitty: Sorry, D. My two rules are I won't show
my face and I won't fuck another man. I'm a married
woman. If someone is watching that knows me, he could
tell my husband.'

'GLove: You mean your husband doesn't know you do
this?' (GLove was Geof.)

'Pretty Kitty: No, he'd flip out! He'd be so mad if he
knew his wife's body was on display!'

'MasterD: What if your husband is watching? Would you
be mad?'

'PrettyKitty: Mad? No, I guess I wouldn't have the
right to be. But I would feel hurt. I'd feel like I
wasn't good enough for him since he was looking at

'MasterD: Do you feel like he's not good enough for you
since you're making porn?'

'PrettyKitty: Yeah, kind of. I mean, I love him, but
his dick is too small for me to get off. I need more.'

'MasterD: Small dick, huh? Interesting. Here's what I
want you to do, Kitty... deny your husband any sex
until I tell you that you can have him again.'

"PrettyKitty: Oh he's not going to like that! I'll do
that for you, MasterD.'

"MasterD: Good! I also want you to turn off the lamp
that is sitting behind you, unscrew the hot bulb and
touch it to your pussy

'PrettyKitty: That's gunna hurt like hell! But I'll do
it for you, MasterD.'

Kitty took off her shirt so that she could touch the
hot bulb, unscrewed it, focused the webcam on her naked
pussy under her skirt, and touched the hot bulb to it.
Since she had a microphone, we could hear her scream.
We could hear that she started to cry.

'MasterD: Are you crying Kitty?'

'PrettyKitty: Yes. It really hurt, D!'

'GLove: Aww, I'm sorry Kitty. I'll let you have some
relief. I want you to pick up the phone, call one of
your clients, and bring yourself to orgasm while on the
phone. Can you do that for me?'

'PrettyKitty: Sure, GLove. Sounds like fun!'

"Hi, Mr. Davidson, how are you today? ... I'm doing
fine thank you. I'm calling to make sure that you are
happy with your order... Ohhh... Ohhhh that's good
news... Congratulations! We're happy that your...
uhng... business is growing so much... Wow! Mmmmmaybe I
can come... come... come... see your new office...
Oh... Oh... Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! ... No,
I'm fine thank you. Just a surprise here in the office.
Thank you for your business Mr. Davidson. Have a good

'PrettyKitty: Did that please you, GLove?'

'GLove: Yes, very much so! I wish you would show me
your face though. I'd love to see how flustered you

'PrettyKitty: You know the rules!'

'DangerDave: You know what would be so hot? If you
seduced your boss and had him fuck you on camera!'

'PrettyKitty: Come on guys! I'm not breaking my rules!'

Geof, Dave and I tried everyday to get her to show us
her face and to fuck another guy. We wanted to see it
so bad! Dave and I felt a little guilty that we were
having so much fun with a woman other than our wives,
but we couldn't stop. This girl was incredible!

When I got home that night, I was so horny from
PrettyKitty that I wanted to fuck my wife, Amanda,
right away. As soon as I walked in the door, I walked
up behind her in the kitchen and stuck my hand down the
top of her shirt, feeling her tits.

"Dustin! Stop, I'm trying to make dinner."

"We can eat later! I want to screw you now!"

"Dustin! Don't talk to me like that!"

"Oh come on Mandy! Let me in that pretty pussy of
yours!" I unzipped the back of her skirt and let it
fall to the floor.

"Dustin! STOP! I've had a hard day at work and I'm
tired! Plus, I don't like the way you're talking to me.
No sex for you tonight!"

"God damn it Amanda!"

"Just for that, no dinner either!" She dumped all of
what was in her skillet in the trash can.

"I'm leaving. I'm going to go get a burger."

"Good! I don't want to see you right now anyway!" she
replied as I stormed out the door.

The next day at work, I signed back on to PrettyKitty.
Geof and Dave weren't on the site yet. It was just me
and some random other paying customers.

'MasterD: Hi there Kitty.'

'PrettyKitty: Hi back, D! I'm glad you're here!'

'MasterD: Oh yeah? Why is that?'

'PrettyKitty: I have a special treat for you today.'

'MasterD: You're getting me excited! What is it?'

'PrettyKitty: I'm going to show you my face.'

'MasterD: No way! That's awesome Kitty!'

'PrettyKitty: I'm not done yet though. I'm also going
to fuck my boss, my sales manager, and a competing
sales agent all at the same time. I've already seduced
all three of them. They're going to meet me here at
7:30. Tell GLove and DangerDave that they won't want to
miss this!'

'MasterD: Unbelievable! What about your rules?'

'PrettyKitty: I had a fight with my husband last night.
Now I hope he finds out. He's such a bastard. All he
wants me for is sex! I almost gave in to him last night
just so he could see the welt that is on my pussy from
the light bulb!'

'MasterD: I'll be sure to let GLove and Dave know.'

'PrettyKitty: See you around 7:30!'

I ran over to Geof and Dave's offices and told them the
news. They went wild. Neither of us could think of
anything all day long except Kitty getting her pussy
filled by real dick. I called Mandy and left a message
on her cell phone that I would be home late due to a

Seven o'clock came around and we all gathered in my
office. No one was left at work but the three of us. We
gathered around as I logged on to Kitty's website.

'PrettyKitty: Hi MasterD. Where's GLove and

'MasterD: Standing right behind me. We're all here

'PrettyKitty: Hi-ya boys. Are you ready to watch me get

'MasterD: We're all waiting for the show!'

There were more users logged on than I'd ever seen
before. This was going to be a big show! We heard the
door to Kitty's office open and a few guys walk in.

'PrettyKitty: My fuckers are here. Here's how I want to
do this... Since my husband is a bastard, I'm going to
show you my face first. If anyone watching knows who I
am, feel free to tell my husband. And since my husband
can't satisfy me with his small dick, I'm going to fuck
on camera for you all. The men fucking me will be my
boss, my sales manager, and a fellow salesman that I'm
competing with for 'Salesperson of the year'.'

'PrettyKitty: So let's get started! You all are looking
and my beautiful shaved pussy right now. You can thank
MasterD for the nice little welt on it! You can also
thank him for the fact that this pussy hasn't had a
cock in it in over 3 weeks...'

We all watched in anticipation.

'PrettyKitty: Now here are my gorgeous tits...' She
moved the camera slowly up her body showing us her

'PrettyKitty: And now, my adorable face!'

With that, Kitty zoomed out on the camera to show us
her entire naked body. Face, tits, pussy... we could
see it all. It was that moment my heart sunk. There on
the screen, naked in front of over 100 people was my
wife Amanda! I was devastated.

My mind went racing. I had told my wife not to have sex
with me! I had told my wife to burn her pussy! I had
told my wife to do a lot of really sick stuff! Then I
realized what was about to happen. My wife was about to
fuck three men on camera in front of people all over
the world.

I didn't know what to do. What could I do? If I told
her to stop and that I was her husband, everyone would
know that I'm the small dicked husband. I was helpless.

Kitty moved the webcam to the corner of her desk. Then,
one of the men in the room sat on the opposite corner,
naked with a huge cock sticking out. Amanda moved
towards him, bent over with her hands on the desk, and
licked his cock. She started with the tip, and then
licked all the way down until she was at the base, at
which point she wrapped her mouth around the organ in
front of her.

Meanwhile, a second man walked up behind her, sat down
on the floor and began eating her pussy. Amanda moaned
around the cock in her mouth. The man stuck his tongue
inside her pussy. I felt sick to my stomach.

Finally, the third man walked up behind her and stood
over her and the man eating her pussy. He spit on his
cock and stroked it a few times. Then he slowly
inserted his cock into my wife's ass. A deep moan
escaped her mouth. Rocking back and forth, he sawed in
and out of my wife's ass.

This continued for a few minutes until Amanda suggested
changing positions. They cleared off her desk except
for the web cam. The man that was sitting on the desk
laid on his back. Kitty sat down on his dick with her
ass and then laid down on her back on top of him. Then
the man that was fucking her ass laid on top of her and
started fucking her pussy. The third man walked to the
edge of the desk and held his cock above my wife's
face. She grabbed his cock and began returning the
favor of the oral sex he had just given her.

Amanda kept moaning louder and louder. I looked behind
me and saw my two friends with their cocks out jacking
themselves off. Who knows how many other guys were
doing the same from watching my wife fuck three guys at

Finally, the man in her ass tightened up and let his
load go. That sent Amanda over the edge into her own
orgasm. When her pussy tightened around the dick inside
it, the man shoved deep into her filling her cunt with
his sperm. Lastly, the man getting the blow job
exploded in her mouth. He must have had a huge load
because even while his cock was in her mouth, cum
started leaking out the side.

All three guys cleaned up and left the room. Kitty
returned to her desk, propped her feet up on her desk
so that no cum could leak out of her pussy and began to

'PrettyKitty: How was that boys?'

Other users started saying she was amazing.

'MasterD: That was amazing Kitty! You're not going to
clean out the cum in your pussy? You could get

'PrettyKitty: I'm hoping I do. I want my husband to
know that if he's not going to treat me right, I'm
going to fuck around.'

'MasterD: So then you're still not going to fuck your

'PrettyKitty: Not until I find out I'm pregnant. And if
this doesn't make me pregnant, I'll keep fucking until
I am.'

'MasterD: Wow.'

I signed off. The guys went to the bathroom to finish
jacking off, but I just left. When I got home, Amanda
was already there.

"How was your day, honey?" I asked.

"Long. My boss and sales manager kept me at the office
until late. I just got home."

"Oh. I was thinking we could order Chinese and light
some candles, take a bath together, and then make

"Not tonight Dustin. I'm tired."

A week and a half later Amanda missed her period. She
took a pregnancy test and found out she was pregnant.

She told me what she had done and I confessed to her
that I was MasterD. She was shocked. We talked about
getting a divorce, but decided that we both had screwed
up so we would work through it. She insisted on keeping
her website up, but agreed not to fuck anyone else or
show her face. Since it was bringing in a lot of extra
money, I agreed to it.

'GLove: Kitty, I want you to write on your pregnant
belly 'This is a bastard child', take off your shirt
and bra and make one lap around the outside of your
office building.'

'PrettyKitty: Ok. Oh, welcome MasterD... I see you just
signed on. I haven't seen you here in a while.'

'MasterD: Glad to be back Kitty.'

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