Rosa's First Affair (MMF, wife-sharing)

Rosa's First Affair

Rosa and I had been married for seven years before
the idea of her having sex elsewhere than our
marriage bed ever really came up. Both in our early-
30s, we had an active, varied, satisfying sex life,
unlike so many couples that have been married for
years. While I am a tall, slim, fairly average-
looking gringo, she is a stunning Latina from South
America, petite with big brown eyes, rich auburn
hair, beautiful firm breasts, lush hips and the
cutest little tush you could ever want to caress.

Whether at the mall or the beach she turns heads no
matter how she is dressed, and I am always filled
with pride to be seen with her. Though not a virgin
when we married, she was relatively inexperienced,
and my very thick, though average-length, dick was
the largest that he had ever known.

She works as a departmental supervisor in a national
discount chain store, often with odd hours and random
days off. One day a new employee started at her
store, and when she came home she had to tell me how
cute he was. Five or six years her junior, Bernie was
slim with dark hair and blue eyes, very respectful
and soft-spoken. She seemed to hit it off with him
immediately. Later that night, while we were in bed,
the topic of conversation somehow turned to her new
friend. After a moment we realized that talking about
Bernie was getting her very turned on. Instead of
being jealous I found myself getting excited thinking
about her talking to him as well. We discussed this a
little, began fondling each other, and discovered
that the more we talked ("Would you like him to kiss
the back of your neck?" "Oh, yes, and down my
shoulders . . . ") the more excited we became. We
ended with over an hour of hot, wet sex, inspired by
a fellow that she barely knew and whom had I never

We moved to another city the next year. Although she
and Bernie had become friends in the intervening
time, he was too conservative and respectful to make
a move on her and she was too shy to bring up the
topic of having an "affair". We had many hot nights
inspired by him, however, and poor Bernie will never
know what he missed.

It took a while for her to get accustomed to her new
store, but she eventually settled in and found her
place. Her schedule is arranged so that she closes
the store at least one night every week, and then has
the next day off. The closing schedule overlaps with
that of the graveyard shift crew, who tidy up the
store and unload the trucks carrying new merchandise
every night. Most of this shift are Mexicans, who
prefer the shift premium instead of a normal
schedule. Although she always turns heads wherever
she goes, these nights one fellow in particular would
stare at her, undressing her with his eyes every time
that she passed. Jose was short and dark-skinned,
very thin and not particularly attractive. She found
his constant attention annoying, but he was always
very polite and quiet around her so she couldn't
really take offense.

Our verbal love play had developed in the meantime,
and she had quite a stable of fantasy lovers.
Sometimes she imagined that I was one of them, and at
other times I imagined that she had just come to our
bed after being with one or more of them. She was
getting frustrated, however, that they were only
fantasies. None of the guys that she was interested
in would make a play for her. They all knew that she
was married, and evidently believed the common myth
that Latin women are forever loyal to their men.

Jose, however continued his visual caresses, and made
excuses to work near her whenever he could. She began
to enjoy his attention, and although he was by no
means the best-looking guy in the store his constant
stares told her that she was the woman of his
fantasies. He began to enter our fantasies as well,
and as I described how he would undress her for real,
seeing what he had only dreamed of before and
caressing her body with his hands as well as his eyes
she would cum in a powerful orgasm. Still, he did not
approach her. Her position as department supervisor
kept him at a distance, and he was frightened enough
of losing his job that he didn't dare try to make his
fantasies real.

Finally, one night she worked with him for several
hours continuously. She came home completely worked
up and practically raped me as soon as she walked in
the door. We talked and fantasized and made love for
a very long time, and finally I drifted off to sleep.

An hour or so later I felt her getting back into bed.
Sleepily assuming that she had just gotten up to go
the bathroom I rolled over to snuggle closer. Quietly
she whispered, " I called him."

"What!?!" I was suddenly wide-awake.

"I couldn't sleep thinking about it, so I got up,
called the store, and asked to speak to Jose. He
doesn't know who it was who called, only that a
woman's voice told him that she noticed him in the
store and wants to meet him tomorrow," she said. I
was amazed. She must have been extremely turned on to
have been that bold.

"Where are you meeting?" I asked.

"In the parking lot at the mall. I didn't tell him
who it was calling, but he agreed to wait by his car
at 2:00. What am I going to do?"

My answer of, " Go fuck his brains out" received the
smack that it deserved, and we spent the next hour
discussing, planning, and making love. She felt that
she would be more comfortable bringing him home
rather than going to a hotel, so she decided to page
me when it was safe to come home. Although I normally
work until 6:00 this still seemed like a reasonable

I got up quietly in the morning to let her sleep, as
I normally do on her days off, but as soon as I
remembered what was about to happen I was almost
overpowered by the urge to go back in the bedroom and
wake her to make love again. I continued hard, horny
and totally unable to concentrate all morning.

A nice thing about my job is that it is less than 10
minutes from home, and I can have lunch with Rosa if
she isn't at work. When I got home she was completely
dressed up in tight pants and a tightly cut shirt
that showed off her curves, and immaculately made up,
smelling of perfume and wine. She was so nervous that
she had drunk a glass of wine to calm down, even
though her appointment was still over an hour away.
We had a little bit of lunch, even though we were
both too nervous to be at all hungry.

She was on the verge of backing out, completely
embarrassed to be with this guy that she knew almost
nothing of but who turned her on so. Everything about
the situation went against her lifelong training.
Here she was a married woman in her early thirties
with a stable marriage and an important position,
about to go out with a Mexican guy of lower social
and financial status, at least ten years her junior.
Most difficult for her to deal with, I think, was
that she was initiating their contact. Even though
she knew that nothing would ever have happened had
she kept quiet she still felt that making the advance
made it somehow more improper than if he had started
it. I convinced her that she should finish what she
had begun, and that she would feel bad if she left
him hanging in the wind.

We went our separate ways, I to a totally wasted
afternoon at work, unable to concentrate on anything,
she to the mall and her meeting. She saw him
immediately, nervously waiting by his car, and parked
next to him. She almost laughed at the look of
disbelief on his face when he realized that his
fantasy woman was the mystery caller.

They spoke for a few minutes and decided to go for a
walk in a nearby park. They attempted to make idle
chitchat as they walked, but both were very nervous.
Finally, Jose could stand the suspense no longer.
"Why did you call me?" he asked.

"Why do you think?" she responded, and embraced him.
She felt herself melting into his arms, as she kissed
her first new lover in almost a dozen years. She felt
herself flush as she felt his hard dick pressing into
her body through their clothes and his hands
caressing her back and hips. She was still nervous
about being seen, and suggested that they go to the
house. Jose got into her car for the short drive, and
they kissed again once they were inside. Slowly she
led him to the spare bedroom, where they embraced
again and began to remove each other's clothes.

She was excited when she encountered his thick chest
hair, and thrilled to his touch on her bare skin.
Suddenly shy, she couldn't look at his hard dick that
she felt pressing up against her stomach. Instead she
kissed him again, drinking in the sensations of a new
lover with thicker lips than I, lots of chest hair
rubbing against her sensitive nipples, the scent of
his cologne, and even the reduced difference in
height between them, which all emphasized for her
that she was with someone other than her husband. She
threw back the blankets of the bed and allowed him to
lay her back onto it. He climbed in next to her and
they continued kissing and caressing. Finally he
moved on top and she spread her legs to welcome him
into her.

The moment she had anticipated for so long finally
happened, as she felt the tip of his dick pressing
against the wet lips of her most intimate parts.
Slowly, uncertainly, he entered her, and she felt the
unknown sensation of a long, slim dick stroking her
love channel. He began to move in and out; still not
penetrating her completely, and the feel of his cock
began to drive her wild. Suddenly he slipped out
completely, and had trouble entering again! Finally
he was able to enter her again, and they began the
dance anew. He was having trouble getting a rhythm
up, and suddenly slipped out again. He apologized
profusely, and admitted to her that he was completely
inexperienced, only 20 years old and still a virgin.

They caressed for a moment, until his embarrassment
began to fade, and then she had him lie back. She
straddled his body, and reached down to insert his
rock-hard member back into her. Slowly she sank down
on him, finding that he was longer than she
originally thought. She stopped for a moment when she
arrived at the deepest point that I had ever reached,
savoring the feeling of this new toy, and then
continued downward. Finally their pubic hairs met,
just as he touched her cervix. The sensation sent a
shock through her, and he reacted as well to the
touch. Now she began the ascent, slowly drawing him
out of her, and then back down. Jose was in heaven,
and his hands were roving her body, caressing her
curves. She was beyond being embarrassed now, with
his eyes feasting on her luscious breasts and roaming
down to where his dick was disappearing into her
silky pubic hair. Faster and faster she moved, until
she began to contract around his dick in a tremendous

As she came down from her high she noticed that he
looked a little worried. "Are you finished?" he

She laughed and said, "Don't worry. Women can have a
lot of orgasms in a row." She proceeded to
demonstrate that fact, as she rode him for what
seemed like hours. He caught up with her rhythm after
a bit, and began to help drive his long cock into
her. Every time that he touched her cervix it send
another shiver through her body, emphasizing for her
the difference between her new lover and her husband
of 10 years. The wantonness of the situation, having
seduced a lover 14 years her junior added to the
power of her orgasms. Finally, she noticed him
softening and an additional wetness. "Did you
finish?" she asked.

"Yes, a few seconds ago," he replied, embarrassed.
She was surprised, as he had made no sound. She lay
down on his hairy chest for a bit, with his softening
cock still inside her, until he slipped out. Then she
lay by his side for a time while they talked. "Why
did you call me, Rosa? Doesn't your husband satisfy
you?" he asked after awhile.

"Yes, he satisfies me very well," she replied.

"Then why did you call me?

"Because I wanted you," she replied and kissed him.
She could feel his cock stiffening again, and pulled
him on top of her. Spreading her legs wide she
invited him into her again. He was more confident
this time, but still more hesitant than she wanted.
Finally, when he slipped out again she rolled him
over and mounted him again, thrusting his hard,
narrow dick into her petite body as far as it would
go. She felt the pleasant shock as it touched her
cervix, and the feeling spurred her on. Her hands on
his hairy chest and his hands on her narrow waist and
firm breasts brought her off again and again. She
rode him longer this time, until she was sweating and
her legs were exhausted. Finally she felt him
softening again and knew that he was done.

She was resting at his side for a few minutes when he
announced that he had to leave. He was terrified that
I would arrive from work early and find him in the
house. No amount of cajoling would make him stay, and
it became obvious that she wasn't going to be able to
explain to him that I knew what had happened, and in
fact approved of her actions. Reluctantly she left
the bed and dressed to drop him off at his car again.

I got my page shortly before I would have normally
left work. I rushed home with a million thoughts
rushing through my head, and a painfully hard dick
confusing matters even more. I arrived at the house
and let myself in, to find her sitting in the dining
room. The cat that ate the canary couldn't approach
the satisfied look on her face, as her posture
absolutely dared me to try to get mad at her. I
kissed her passionately, and almost immediately
noticed the scent of his cologne still on body.

We sat and drank a glass of pop while she tortured me
by recounting in excruciating detail the events
leading up to when they arrived at the house. When
she described how they kissed, right there in the
dining room, she stood up and kissed me as well. Then
she took me by the hand and led me into the bedroom,
just as she had taken him there only a couple of
hours earlier. She led me to the rumpled bed, and the
smell of sex was heavy in the air. As we undressed
each other, as he had undressed her and she him, I
could smell his sperm. Finally, she lay back and
opened her legs to me inviting me into that special
place where he had been so recently. I didn't
hesitate like he did, and instead drove my thick cock
into her, filling her the way that her body was
asking me to. I came in the cum that he had left
behind, and her orgasm was as intense as I have ever

We lay in bed as she described the rest of the
afternoon, and soon I was entering her again. This
time she rolled me over and rode me for a time, and I
was treated to the same beautiful sight that Jose had
recently enjoyed. Finally, her legs were too tired
and I had to finish the job for her. Holding her
tightly to me, remembering how her legs got so tired,
feeling the combined juices draining out of her and
soaking me, I pushed up into her again and again
until we both came in the strongest orgasm that we
had had together in years.


She met with Jose off and on for about a year after
that, and his sexual education progressed until he
became a fairly accomplished lover. I met him once at
a party. Watching him during a slow dance with Rosa
was one of the most exciting things that I had ever
seen in my life. He was extremely uncomfortable
around me, so I was never able to raise the subject
of their meetings. He has since moved out of town and
out of our lives, never having been able to accept
that I knew about and enjoyed their relationship. We
are looking for a new lover for her now, hopefully
one who could handle being around me as well as her.
Wish us luck!

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