Schoolgirl, Black Coach and the Water Boy (interracial, d/s, oral,teen,xxx)

Schoolgirl, Black Coach and the Water Boy

Melissa strutted through the gym as the basketball team worked on their drills. Coach Washington watched as the teen girl parade past his team. Damon his best player ran into another player as he was distracted by the hot white chick as she shook her tight butt in front of the team. Coach thought to himself now there is another white bitch that needs to learn to not tease young black men. She was just the type get a young black guy all worked up and then run to her rich daddy when the guy tries to put a black cock in her. Then the black k** has to explain to cops that he was not trying to **** the stupid slut. It pissed him off when a bitched teased but did not please.
The whole team now stopped as Melissa finished her little show as she walked across the length of the gym in her short plaid skirt and knee socks. Coach Washington watched and he felt his own cock start to stir as she looked over her shoulder and giggled as she left. Suddenly there was a loud crash and Coach turned to see what was happening now. He saw it was Rob Peterson the team water boy had managed to trip over a loose ball and fall flat face on the floor. All the guys on the team howled with laughter. Rob was the butt of all kind of jokes. He was clumsy, shy and he had a little dick. Even for a white boy he was small. If his dad was not such a rich old son of a bitch the team would have nothing to do with him. You see not only was Rob’s daddy rich but he was a real liberal with a guilty conscience so he supplied scholarships for disadvantaged black k**s to play sports at the exclusive private school. He also paid a generous salary for Coach Washington so that the school always made the state playoffs.
“Alright gentlemen that is enough. I want you to do 20 laps around the gym and then hit the showers.
Melissa had enjoyed her little stroll across the gym. She loved when guys stopped to gawk at her and that was why she loved to wear sexy clothes. The skirt she had on today was one of her school uniform ones but she has altered it to be short, really short! At least she had learned something in that sewing class. She knew she was a tease but it was so much fun! She went into the girl’s locker room and waited for the team to finish practice. Melissa had one other thing she wanted to do. She wanted to sneak into the guy’s locker room and see them in the shower. She liked to see their big dicks as they washed up.
Rob tried to gather up all the balls and towels and other equipment as the guys ran their laps. He wished he could be athletic but he never would. That is why he liked being a trainer for the team. Really he was just a water boy but his daddy arranged for him to be part of the team, sort of anyway. The guys were finishing their laps and headed to the showers. He would have to hurry if he wanted to be there. He felt a twinge of guilt as he realized that he liked seeing their big cocks.
Melissa heard the team head for the showers and that was her signal to sneak in for her peek. Her heart was racing as she entered the boy’s locker room. She moved quietly toward the showers. Then she saw several of them nude with their long cocks hanging down. Their bodies were so muscular and she could see their hard abs. She licked her lips at the sight and started to rub her pussy.
Coach Washington was walking towards the showers to check up on the team when he saw Melissa watching and move her hand toward her pussy. He thought to himself that enough was enough! That little slut needs to learn a lesson and he was the man for the job. He walked up and was standing right behind her before she knew he was there.
“You’re coming with me little girl!” Coach said
Melissa’s eyes got big as the big black coach grabbed her by the arm and led her to his office. She knew she was in deep shit!
Rob saw the coach leading Melissa to his office and he wanted to see what he was going to do. He quietly followed and tried to watch what was going on by opening the office door just a crack.
“Please Coach Washington, don’t call my parents! I’ll do anything you want but don’t call my daddy!” Melissa pleaded
“Alright you little slut! You wanted to see a black cock! Get on your fucking knees! It is time you start pleasing and stop teasing! Get on your knees!” the big black man told her
Melissa was terrified but she did as instructed and slipped to her knees. The coach dropped his pants and his huge black coach stuck straight out toward her pretty white face. She looked up at the mountain of a man in front of her. His cock looked as big as her forearm. She could see the veins pulsing as the cock jerked all on its own.
“Open your mouth slut! Time for you to suck a black cock!” the coach ordered
Rob watched as Melissa opened her mouth and put her lips around the head of the big black cock. Rob felt his little white dick get hard. He pulled his shorts down and started jacking off as he heard Melissa slurping on the black cock. He just could not believe how big the coach was or how sexy Melissa looked sucking him!
“Take it deep bitch! If you want to mess with black cock you have to take it fucking deep!” the coach said as he grabbed her head and shoved his cock deeper in her mouth.
Melissa gagged but then felt her throat open and the cock went deeper. She felt the big black balls slap against her chin as the coach moaned. Melissa was still afraid but now she was excited as well. Her pussy was hot and wet. She lowered and hand and started rubbing her clit.
Schoolgirl, Black Coach & the Water Boy 2
Rob was astonished as the huge black cock went down Melissa’s teen throat. He stroked is cock harder but then a moan escaped his lips. He tried to duck back but the coach reached through the door and grabbed the small boy. The coach held him and looked down to see the small dick in the boy’s hand. The coach laughed as Melissa just stared at the black man holding Rob by his shirt.
“So you want to see the little slut get her punishment! I guess you can watch but you have to get her pussy ready for me to fuck her. Get down there and eat her pussy. Do a good job because I’m going to bust her wide open!”
Rob lay on his back as Melissa squatted over his face. Rob started licking the excited young pussy and her juices just soaked his face. Rob looked up and Melissa was once again sucking the black cock. Rob was so turned on his little dick was jerking and his balls ached.
Melissa could not believe how turned on she was. Rob’s tongue felt great on her hot pussy. She was really getting good at taking the monster cock all the way down her throat but then she thought “oh my god, he is going to fuck me with this big cock!”
“Get up on the desk bitch! Time for you to get a black dick in the white pussy!” he said
Melissa sat on the edge of the desk and the coach pushed her knees apart. His cock looked so big. How would it ever fit? The coach put the tip of the black dick against white pussy lips and pushed. Melissa felt the head enter. She had never felt something so big!
Schoolgirl, Black Coach & the Water Boy 3
Rob watched as the black cock head disappeared. He could see Melissa’s eyes rolled back as the black man started stretching her teen pussy. The black man lifted her legs up and pushed harder making the girl moan as his cock embedded half way in to her.
The coach grinned as he felt the tight pussy open. He pulled back and could see her cream on the shiny black dick. He pushed harder and two thirds of the cock entered the white slut. Yeah she is getting what she needs now. He could hear her moan and whimper. He looked over and saw little Rob stroking his small dick. What a pity that boy has no real dick.
Schoolgirl, Black Coach & the Water Boy 4
“Get over here and watch this slut take this cock. In fact get my phone and take some pictures you little shit.” The coach order and Rob obeyed
Melissa could not believe how much cock was in her and she knew there was more to come. She looked up and saw Rob taking pictures of her getting fucked. “Oh god, what is he doing that for?” Then she felt the coach push real hard and the whole cock up to his balls was in her. She moaned even louder as the black man started pounding her pussy hard.
“Now this pussy is open for black cock! Take it you little slut! From now on this what you want! You’re a black cock whore! You’re going service the whole team after each game! You hear bitch!”
The little slut’s pussy was so fucking tight the coach could feel his balls aching to unload. Melissa was having an orgasm and that little white boy was shooting cum on the floor. It’s time to give this bitch a real load of cum.
“I’m going to fill this little white pussy up with sperm now! You ready slut to take a load of black man cum?” the coach said
Melissa froze with fear! She was not on the pill! If he came inside her she might get pregnant with a black baby. What would her daddy say?
“Please pull out! I don’t want a black baby! Please, Please, Please!” Melissa begged
The coach just groaned has his balls emptied into the little slut’s cunt. He smiled as looked down into her terrified eyes as he pushed deep into her cunt and felt his cock to continue spray into her.
Rob watched wide-eyed as the black man bred the young girl. His cock stirred again as he watched the man empty his sperm into her. Her look of fear just made it more exciting to him.
“That’s a good slut! Now maybe this little white shit here will clean you out before my sperm can do its job. Get over here little dick and clean her out!” the coach yelled
Schoolgirl, Black Coach & the Water Boy 5
Rob moved between Melissa’s thighs and lowered his mouth to her freshly fucked pussy. He started to lick with reluctance but soon began to like the taste of her juices mixed with the black coach’s sperm. His little cock was hard again and he started jacking off as the coach laughed.
Melissa felt another orgasm build as the boy licked and sucked the juices from her. She had never felt anything like this before. Then it happened! She started her hips jerking and then she actually started squirting as her orgasm hit her harder and harder. She looked down and Rob’s face was dripping with her juices and the coach’s cum.
Rob’s cock released yet another load of cum on the floor as the coach took more pictures.
“Alright you two get the fuck out of here but Melissa you are to be here right after the game on Saturday. The team and I will be gang banging you.” The coach said and laughed
Melissa smiled a sexy smile saying that she was looking forward to it. "I'll be there!"
“Coach, can I be there too?” Rob asked in a trembling voice
“Sure boy! You can clean her up between fucks! The team should not have fuck a messy pussy!”

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