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Sex workout

Trying to lose weight, I decided to join a gym. Which one to join was going to be a tough one. Took recommendations from friends. Checked online and read the reviews. Finally decided, Pete’s Gym got the best reviews. And it was not as expensive as the others. Met Jerry the manager and he gave me a tour and showed me around. I was impressed by the place. Also the classes that were offered. I decided to join that day.

Upon entering the gym for my first workout, Jerry introduced me to Sara. She was one of the trainers. He highly recommended her to me. I reached out to shake Sara’s hand. She had an impressive grip. “ Nice meeting you Sara” I said. She returned the greeting. It would be hard to focus on the workouts with Sara. She was a very beautiful girl. She was about 5 ft and not an ounce of fat on her. Every part of her body was toned. And also the platinum blonde hair which was naturally curly. She showed me the first exercise I should try and gave me a list of others.

Finishing up my first day at the gym. I knew that I was going to be sore in the morning. Sara told me that I did good for my first day. I thanked her and told he I would see her tomorrow. She said,” I am off tomorrow, Christine will be training you tomorrow “. I told her “ Ok, well have a great day off and I look forward to meeting Christine.”

I was right about being sore. But I was ready for the second day at the gym. I don’t think Christine would be as hot as Sara but I was hopeful she would be good looking. I met Christine when I exited the lockers after I changed. She was almost as good looking as Sara, she had red hair and was just a little bit taller than Sara. She reached out to shake my hand. “ Nice to meet you “ she said. I returned the greeting. She also had an impressive hand shake. I could picture a threesome with Sara and Christine. Wonder how that would be. But mind back on the workout.

Got back to my apartment and could feel the pain already. Decided to take a quick shower and head out. Still thinking about the two girls and what it would be like to have sex with them both at once. I headed to the sports bar near my place. I knew the host there Jenny, she was from the same place that I grew up. She told me she had moved here to escape the cold weather. I had also done the same. I had also dated her cousin. It was nice meeting someone from back home. So I continued to go back to that place. She was also very pretty. I considered asking her out.

Jenny was about my age and she was a little overweight but still a good looker. I heard a voice that sounded familiar. “ Hi Sean” it was Sara, I turned to greet her. She looked different since she was not dressed in her workout clothes. “ I didn’t know you came here” , she told me that she grew up with Jenny. I was shocked since I also grew up with Jenny and didn’t remember Sara. She told me that she was Sams sister. I finally remembered her. She was a chunky little girl that my sister used to play with. Wow and I was impressed by her transformation from when she was little. Still wanted to have sex with her though. Guess it was just part of being a horny guy.

The workouts have been great, lost about ten pounds and gaining some muscle in spots I was hoping for. Sara had been pushing me really hard in the workouts. I really appreciated what she was going. I also was hoping to see her naked one day. Christine was also tough on me as well. I finished and decided to take a shower at the gym instead of my apartment. I was going to be going out with a couple of friends. Since I was the last workout of the day the shower was empty. I was just finishing up and didn’t hear someone come in. It was Sara and she was naked. And as i wondered she had an amazing body. She continued to walk toward me. I was getting a big erection. She didn’t say anything just walked over and took my hard cock in her hands and put it in her mouth. She took my cock all the way down her throat. I almost immediately shot my load. She swallowed the whole load. I was in heaven. I didn’t see Christine come in also. She was also naked, but she was wearing a strap on cock. I was shocked. Sara still had a hold of my cock and she forced me to bend over. Then Christine shoved the cock in my ass. Although it hurt at first, I was getting turned on. Both of the girls took turns fucking my ass. I must have shot about three loads of cum. Both swallowed each load. I wanted so bad to fuck them but they just took turns on my ass.

In the morning there was another part of my body that hurt. My ass. But I was really turned on by having two girls taking advantage of me. It felt weird going to the gym today. I entered and didn’t see either Sara or Christine. I checked the board to see who was working today but they were both not listed. I checked with Jerry and he told me that they were both off today. I decided to just workout on my own. Nearing the end of my workout, I saw Jenny on one of the treadmills. I went over to say hi. She said she was going to be done in a few minutes if I wanted to get something to eat. I told her ok, but I wanted to take a quick shower first. She said that she was going to also and would meet me out front when she was done.

The last time I was in the shower at the gym I experienced the best sexual experience of my life. I was visualizing it and my cock was rock hard. I just had to get out a load. I was so into it that I didn’t see Jenny enter. She took off her towel and she had an amazing body as well. She like the others didn’t say a word just came in and she took my cock in her mouth until my load shot down her throat. She started to stroke my cock after and it didn’t take long before I was hard again. She asked me to fuck her. I bent her over and shoved my rock hard cock deep in her pussy. We were going at it and her moans were drowning out the noise. Sara and Christine came in behind me while I was fucking Jenny. Sara was wearing the strap on this time and she shoved it up my ass while I was still fucking Jenny. I was unable to hold my load anymore and I shot deep into Jenny’s pussy.

The three girls continue to fuck me in the ass. I am unable to fuck Sara or Christine, only allowing me to fuck Jenny. Each time they come up behind me as I am fucking Jenny. And each time causing me to cum inside Jenny’s pussy. She seems to enjoy it though. It seems that they have planned this all along.

Catching up with Jenny at the Sports bar, she told me that “ I believed that you were one of the boys that used to tease me when I was younger and fatter”. But I never did anything to her. I offered to tell her who it was if she would come to my apartment. She agreed and we went upstairs. I showed her a photo that I had from back then. It showed her crying and Jimmy McCarthy laughing at her. She couldn’t believe that she had accused me and that she was sorry.

At the gym the next day, Jenny was with Sara and Christine. They all came up to apologize to me for what they did. I told them I actually enjoyed it. We decided to go back to my place and do it some more. I just wanted one thing. To be able to fuck Sara and Christine. They told me that they were both lesbians and they were not interested in having me fuck them. But they still want to fuck my ass with the strap on cock. I happily agreed. They always fuck me in the ass just as I am fucking Jenny really good. And each time I cum inside Jenny’s pussy.

Jenny and I continue our relationship with and without the other two. Each time Jenny lets me cum in her pussy. After a couple of months of us fucking she told me that she was pregnant. I was so happy. We decided to get married. And we invited Sara and Christine. Man that was a great honeymoon night.

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