Shannon gets Bestiality - sex story

Shannon gets Bestiality

Shannon stood on the front porch balancing one of the two shopping bags she was carrying and juggled her keys out to open the front door to the front door of her modest ranch home. With a bit of confustion she thubmed the keys trying to find the house key. After several times through the ring she realized the key to the door was not there and she stood there awkwardly puzzled for a bit before remembering she had taken the house, and mail key, off that morning and left it on her kitchen counter along with the mail she had retrieved from the locked community mailbox just down the street.
“Fuck,” she thought to herself, trying the door anyway and finding it definitely secure. Whomever had left after her must have locked the bolt and she probably locked the knob.
“Damn,” she fumed and struggled back to the car, setting her bags down in the back frustrated, fishing out her phone to call up a family member was her first thought. This would have been a great option had anyone answered. She left voice and text messages.
“Shit,” she swore, frustrated, standing there in her casual blouse, skirt and heels in the driveway, looking every bit the suburban working mom. She stared up at the house from the driveway then decided to walk around the back of the house and test to see if maybe she could find a way in. Knowing it was not going to work she tested the roll up garage door first, bending over and grabbing the handle, giving it a tug angrilly.
Shannon was a big girl. Not fat, just thick. Standing 5'10” and even taller in heels her big head of curly red hair made her look even taller. Shannon was built like an amazon at 41 years old and sporting a hefty 42E rack, 40 inch hips, and a 38 inch waist. Still hot even with having birthed and rasied two teens. She presented quite a picture to anyone who might have seen her bent over in her short skirt and tight blouse, yanking her door showing off her cleavage and long legs. A classic suburban soccer mom MILF Shannon got the attention of just about any cock she passed, even the gay ones liked her for her classic redhead look. Shannon smiled at her frustration, standing up with her hands on her wide mommie hips for a moment then set off to test the garage door on the side yard of the suburban ranch style home.
Leaving the driveway Shannon walked around the side of the garage to the gate leading to the back door. Pulling the rope that popped the gate's latch Shannon was immediately greeted by the family dog. Harley was a big old bundle of happy. A black lab full of energy and love and play. He wagged and ran around Shannon, smiling up and excited to see one of his pack home.
Shannon took a moment to greet the dog then stepped through the gate, shutting it behind her and walking along the cement path to the garage's side door. Testing it she found it also locked so she continued on as Harley followed, wagging excitedly as Shannon continued to test the integrity of the house.
Having tested all the doors and windows available and finding none would allow her entry Shannon stood on the back porch in typical pose, hands on hips, thinking of what to do next. She checked her phone then looking down at Harley said, “Well, we're fucked aren't we boy?”
Shannon smiled and pet the big old stud's head as he just looked up at her, panting and smiling in his dog way. Shannon didn't realize it, or even think of it, but Harely had an awesome view. Shannon was not one to wear underwear. In fact, she didn't own any panties at all. Bras, yes, she had to, she had watermelons for tits, but no panties. It was her, “thing,” her way of being maybe a little naughty in the great wide world of suburban blandness. Harley, however, did not know to appreciate the view up her skirt but if he had then he would have enjoyed the seeing her bare white mommie ass and perhaps the occasional glimpse of her trimmed bush and pink tight pussy. Shannon was a fan of her bush. While it was in vouge to shave or wax according to her soccer mom friends, Shannon had a nice full red bush so she just kept is nice and neat and trimmed. During swisuit season she knocked it back a bit more to keep it hidden under her suit bottoms.
Shannon straightened again after patting Harley's head for a bit and stood there staring at the house trying to think of what to do next when her eyes dropped to the bottom of the french door leading from the back porch into her kitchen. She blinked for a second then smiled seeing the pet door at the bottom of the door installed to let Harley run back and forth from the house and the yard. Shannon smiled then looked down at Harley.
“Well! Why didn't you say something?” Harley just stared up at her, smiling his dog smile and of course not replying.
Shannon approached the door and looked at it, testing it with her hand and realizing it would be a very, very tight fit. Especially for her, she was not sure she could even get her tits through the opening. But, looking between the door and Harley she sized it up and decided she could at least give it a try and with that got down onto all fours and poked her head in, looking around her kitchen and smiling up at the counter seeing her keys sitting there with the mail.
Encouraged Shannon worked an arm in, then, twisting got her shoulders through and her other arm. With her head and shoulders through the door she wiggled a bit giggling at what must be quite the view that anyone might have were they to look over the suburban fence into the back yard. Harley padded around, oblivious to the view but enticed by his owner down on all fours wiggling around.
Jay was sitting at his desk in his room working on a paper for class at his computer. Jay was in in his last year of high school having just turned 18 and was home because seniors towards the end of their last year got a few short days and some flexible schedules since a lot of them had after school jobs. This was a short day for Jay and he took advantage of the opportunity to get a paper for history done. Jay did have an after school job stocking shelves at a retailer but not today.
Jay's small workstation sat up against the wall by his bedroom window, occasionally he would glance out at the view from his second story over the row of backyards of the suburban neighborhood. Today Jay did a double take when he looked out the window and saw Mrs Jacobs on all fours crawling into the pet door on her while their dog Harley padded around excitededly.
On the second take Jay stared trying to comprehend what he was seeing and when he did he started smiling at the sight. Mrs Jacobs was a favorite, “go to,” for him, and his friends. All of them thought of her as one of the top MILFS in the neighborhood. Mrs Jacobs' son Mike was one of Jay's good friends, and did not seem to mind the attention his mother got. In fact Mike had recently hosted a party in the yard Jay was staring down at around the small pool celebrating the end of their senior year. Mike had invited twenty of so of his friends over and while some of the bikini clad teens certainly were worth looking at, Mrs Jacobs was definitely a stand out with her massive rack and fire red hair. Jay admitedly had fantasies of the stacked MILF and the scene he was looking at now fuled it.
Jay grined at the sight of his friend's mother crawling on all fours and laughed as she wiggled. As he watched it suddenly occurred to him to angle his high definition web cam at the show and so he perched his go pro camera on the sil of his window and fired up some software that let him zoom in a bit. Looking at his monitor he got a pretty good picture of Mrs Jacobs as she got her head and shoulders through the doggy door.
Shannon, meanwhile, and oblivious to her audience over the fence, was encouraged with her progress and twisted in the hole. This let her get a tit through the space. With the first melon over the threshold she worked her other hanging jugg over the lip of the door bringing her top half into the house.
“Ouch,” she thought with some trepidation now. She was squeezed in the tight space but was committed now so she inched forwards working her torso into the house until she got to her broad hips.
“Oh shit,” she muttered twisting now, struggling and cicking her heels trying to wiggle around to get her mommie hips through the tight opening.
“Fuck,” she shouted into the empty house with a little bit of uncomfort and a whole lot of frustration finally relenting and deciding to work herself back.
Jay was enjoying the spectackle. His friend's mom wiggling and kicking and struggling to get through the backyard doggy door while he recorded it. Chuckling he absently groped his crotch at the sight of the MILF on all fours struggling.
Shannon wiggled backwards, inching her self out of the door still unaware of her audience. Shannon twisted and turned and angled and squirmed, her skirt fluttered up flashing her audience as she tried to get free of her confinement. Her blouse had ridden up, untucking from her skirt and bunching around her juggs. While getting her tits into the space was not much of a task getting them back out proved to be impossible without help. Shannon realized she was stuck and started to panic. Wiggling back and forth did no good and eventually she quit trying, breathing hard and thinking hard of some way to get herself out when she felt the cold nose of Harley on her bare thigh.
Shannon froze, tensing at the sensation, then wiggling trying to disde the dog as his hot breath caressed her bare milk white thighs. The stud obviously enticed by her position, and her scent, was not detered and soon his head was up her skirt and after a few snifs of her cunt his tounge came out and he rapidly licked her beaver.
“Oh shit,” was not just Shannon's thought but also that of Jay as he sat watching the dog go up her skirt. Jay blinked at the sight, smiling as he watched the dog go to work while Shannon struggled. The more she moved the more eager the dog got. Jay realized at this point that Shannon was stuck and while he knew he should run over to help he was fixated on the show. Shannon was wiggling and trying to fend the dog off but the big black lab was going to town. Jay could not break away from watching and was rewarded in his vouyerism when Harley broke away and reared up, grabbing the hips of his master's bitch as she knelt on all fours, stuck half in and half out of the pet door, in position for him to breed.
“Oh shit,” went through their heads again when each realized what the horny dog was doing. The big black lab had mounted Shannon, grabbing a hold of her by her waist and gripping her while the woman struggled in the hole. His front paws gripped her by her wide mommie hips and he stepped forward, thrusting his significant doggie dick as it swelled between his legs, seeking the pussy of the bitch stuck in the pet door.
Jay leaned in gawking at the scene. The dog humping away, his thick meaty dog cock bobbing around as the stud humped. The animal holding his friend's mother in place as he randomly worked to get his cock into her while she struggled in the hole. Jay could hear her yelling at the dog but he just could not move as he watched the animal try to mate.
Jay was not unfamiliar with what he was watching. The internet being what it was he had come across a few videos of sluts being used by animals and had found them enjoyable. He had never thought he would actually see it, be it apparently unwilling, he found himself rooting for the beast as the dog happilly humped away until he randomly found his mark and went balls deep into his bitch's cunt.
Shannon's eyes bugged as the dog entered her. Jay couldn't see this but she froze when the animal's meat slid into her easilly. Shannon had unwillingly become somewhat aroused by the animal's thrusting and so her lubed kitty was esilly penetrted and as soon as Harley found his mark he went to town on it. Shannon knelt there, not struggling now as she took the dog's cock, the animal gripping her around the waist and hammering her suburban mommie pussy as she knelt, stuck, half in and half out of the house.
“Oohhhhh fuck!” she moaned at the sensation, the pounding she was getting blinding her to her situation as the animal took her. Shannon just braced herself taking it as the beast worked his cock in and out of her hole, her beaver making wet sucking noises as the stud went at her. Soon his swollen knot was at her enterance and the animal heled nothing back, slamming the swollen knot into his bitch, tieing with her as she squeeled underneath him.
“Oohhhhhhhhhh shiiitttttttt!” she groaned into the empty house, bouncing on all fours with the big black stud slaming in and out of her when the knot popped past her labia and sealed her off. Her 42Es had spilled out of her undersize bra and were rocking back and forth as the animal pounded away, his paws holding her by her wide hips as he used her cunt.
Jay gawked at the site, actively stroking his boner now as he watched the dog mate with his friend's mom. Cheering the stud on in his head as he watched the beast fuck her. He came before the dog did but was rewareded with the sounds of Shannon's moans when Harley blasted his load into his owner's cunt.
Shannon knelt there, breathing hard, unbeleiving, her face and chest hot from her own orgasim as the dog's meat throbbed inside of her hole. “Oh fuck,” she thought a little disgusted at herself but hot from the huge orgasim she just had. She just knelt there, hurting a little, then gasping as the dog attempted to dismount, tugging his swollen knot out of her as she squeeled not understanding what was happening to her. When the massive swollen knot popped out of her the dog's load felt like it flooded out of her drenching her thighs as he left her in the door, padding off somewhere to recharge his balls.
Jay was out of his seat and running down the stairs after seeing the animal dismount leaving Shannon in place. He had grabbed his GoPro camera and cell phone and he rushed over, hopping the hedge between his house and theirs and hurtling around the side of the house scrambling at the gate to get it open. He ran around and was once again greeted with the scene from his window. Mrs Jacobs was still down on all fours, still apparently stuck, but now her skirt was hiked up around her mommie waist and her bare ass and freshly used cunt were on display.
Jay didn't hesitate, he fired up his GoPro, set it down on a chaise lounge and snapped a few pics of his friend's mom on display before greeting the panting stressed out woman.
“Mrs Jacobs? You OK?” Jay asked, predominantly wanting to make sure she was not hurt.
“Oh!” came the reply, “Who is that?” asked Shannon, her voice muffled.
“Jay from next door.”
“Oh, thank God!”
“You, uh, stuck?”
“You think?” Shannon replied with a laugh.
“How can I help?” Jay asked staring at her bare butt smiling realizing she had no idea of the view. The scene making Jay's cock twitched as he got a few more pics with his smart phone.
“I'm not sure.” came the reply and Jay moved in getting a closer look.
“You, uh, seem to have had a bit of fun.” Jay observed as he moved in.
“What?” came the startled reply as Shannon tensed beginning to realize that Jay must have seen what happened and that is what brought him over.
“Yeah, was quite the show.” he added smiling as he moved around the woman, grinning as he unzipped and fished his semi-hard cock out eyeing her, “Maybe I could get in on the fun?” He added moving between her heels, kicking them apart and kneeling down eyeying her dripping pussy as she knelt there unable to resist.
“Jay! No! That's! No! That's wrong! I can't! Oh!” she gasped when she felt the boy's cock head along her cum dripping pussy lips, the boy jerking himself hard with one hand as the other moved to her hip.
“Yeah Mrs Jacobs, with what I have on you I think you are going to give it up for me all the time.” Jay smiled watching his cock head split open her wet cunt, seeing her firey red beaver up close did it for him and he let go of his now raging hard on and slid balls deep into his friend's mother.
“OoohhHHhhhhhhh” she moaned as she felt the kid fill her up with his hardon, his hands holding her hips down as he began to rape her cunt.
“Ah yeah, better than the best!” Jay groaned and started to go to work, humping his hips as his gopro sat on the chair next to him recording the scene.
“Ohh, Oh jay! Oh fuck jay! Stop!” Shannon resisted weakly, her pussy honestly enjoying the fresh dick as the boy held her in place and pumped hard and fast. Not like Harley, which was fantastic, but still, knowing her neighbor's kid was inside her, using her, got her hot and she climaxed again on the boy's throbbing rod as he filled her.
Jay didn't last long and soon blasted his nut into his friend's mom, smiling down as he knelt between her bare thighs balls deep in her as he felt her grip his dick with her kegal muscles.
“Oh, that's nice Mrs Jacobs, thanks! Now lets see what we can do about getting you out of there.” Jay said pulling out, wiping his cock on her bare thigh then using her skirt to get the goo off his meat before putting it back in his pants.
“You've to be hurting by now,” he mused, she did not reply.
Jay got his pants back on and, leaving the GoPro running moved up to the door.
“How did you get in there?” he asked a bit fascinated.
“Well I did, now do you think you can get me out or do we have to chop down the door?” Shannon replied a little angrilly.
“Well, back up a bit, and let me see.”
Jay bent over on his elbows and looked under Shannon to see what was going on, watching as he backed up.
“Um, well, maybe if I can get a hand in there I can get your boob out,” Jay mused and reached into the hole groping one of Shannon's melons. Smiling at the sensation as he hefted it over the threshold by mashing it up. Shannon was able to get herself out from there sat back, breathing hard, her hair and makeup wrecked, Jay still hefting a tit.
Shannon smacked his hand away, not with a whole lot of anger but more frustration, but she did nothing to cover herself up.
“Give a girl a break!” she growled with a smirk.
“Locked out?” Jay smiled and then let go and as Shannon straightened her blouse, fixing her bra. When she nodded he turned to the door and crawled in.
Shannon took the opportunity to admire the teen and gave his butt a smack as he wiggled into the door while Harley sat watching with his cock still recharging.
“Ow!” Jay barked and laughed as he got into the house and unlocked the door, opening it. He stepped forward and helped Shannon up, smiling as she tried to get some composure back.
“I suppose I should go?” Jay asked a little meekly now feeling guilty for having not had her consent.
“Oh no you don't. You took advantage. What you did was wrong and it is only fair that I get some payback! You owe me! Now get in there and get your clothes off!” Shannon was steamed, but not too steamed. She had thought things throught a little and realized she and Jay were going to need to figure something out.
Jay just blinked but stepped back into the kitchen and took of his clothes while his friends mom stood with her arms crossed watching.
“Nice,” she said admiring the view. “Now get it hard for me” she added watching as the kid started to touch himself uncomfortably. Shannon grabbed her cell phone from the floor and started filming the kid as he performed.
“Not nice is it? How do you like it with the shoe on the other foot?” she asked as Jay nervously masturbated in front of her.
“Well, Jay, we are just going to have to figure this out.” she said watching him through the camera. “I mean, you clearly have the goods on me, I clearly have the goods on you, so what do you propose we do? Call it a draw?”
Jay just stood there, cock in hand, feeling it twitch in his palm as he stroked it while Shannon grilled him.
Shannon smirked at the kid's lack of reply.
“Here is what I think. I think we are both adults. What you did was wrong, and you owe me for that. When I want payback I will let you know, you can keep your video but know I have mine too. Thanks for helping me out now I think you ought to go home.”
Shannon stepped to the side and indicated the door. Jay started to get his clothes but she stopped him.
“No, those stay here, you can just figure out how to get home without them.” She said smiling from behind the camera. Jay stepped out into the yard and looked around. He collected his camera and phone and headed towards the fence separating his ard from hers. He scrambled over and fell with a thud into his own yard. Getting to his feet he slinked away into the house and up to his room, looking out the window Shannon was still there. In the time it had taken for him to get back to his room she had striped naked and was down on all fours in her yard. Her massive udders hanging under, dragging in the grass as Harley was back at her pussy, lapping away at her cum filled cooch. Jay just gawked and smiled as his cock twitched back to life.

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