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Sharing Young Wife with Older Men

My wife Lynn and I got married in the late seventies when we were both eighteen. And though my wife had been raised in a very conservative family being a preacher's daughter. Once out on her own, she really let loose, and especially after I'd taken some nude pictures of her one night and that was the first time she'd really considered herself sexy. And she wanted others to see too. It was around that time when VCR's first came out, but there wasn't anywhere in our little town. So I was going to a larger city about 45-miles away to an adult bookstore to buy movies.
On one of my trips, I met an older guy who was from the town I was from. We were talking about how bad it was having to go so far to buy a movie as well as how expensive they were. We talked about maybe trading some movies, then got an even better idea and decided to try and copy some of them. The next week Pete came over with his VCR and a bag of movies. We were amazed at what good quality the copies were. So we decided to start getting together once a week to copy movies. Pete said he had a friend who he said was very discreet and had a huge collection of porn movies that was interested in getting in on making copies.

we'd been doing this for several weeks and he had always been gone before my wife got home from work. But one night we'd recorded a movie that was unusually long, so Lynn got home while we were still watching and copying the second movie. Pete freaked out and asked if we should cut the movie off? But I assured him it was fine because Lynn liked to watch them too. So he calmed down a little. But I think his blood pressure really jumped back up again when he saw my sexy eighteen-year-old wife. She was dressed pretty conservatively since she'd just gotten off of work. But you could still tell she had a great body. Once she left the room after I introduced them all he could talk about was how lucky I was and what a hot wife I had.

Lynn was wearing a thin wrap-around dress that showed just a little cleavage and the thin silky material clung to her firm young ass like a second skin. After a few minutes, she offered us something to drink and soon came back into the room with a couple of glasses of tea. I noticed right away that she'd taken her bra off and loosened the belt letting the dress to open up a little. I wasn't at all surprised when she leaned over real far to sit his tea down, giving him a great view down the top of her dress and see her nice 34D tits. She gave him an eyeful but made it look accidental. Over the next few weeks, all he could talk about was my hot wife. But I guess him being in his sixties and Lynn being nineteen it was quite a turn-on.

Lynn could hardly wait to hear what all he'd said after she left the room, and he said a lot. Over the next couple of weeks, he was really singing her praises, having no idea we were planning on letting him see much more. Lynn had put in for a vacation day for the day he always came over. That morning she laid out the outfit she was going to wear and painted her nails & fixed her hair. She left before he would get there planning on waiting until he got there to come back and say she got off early due to some problem at work. But she was going to get a surprise and I assumed we'd have to wait until another week for our plan for her to let him see a lot more. Because when I opened the door I see Pete's friend is finally with him.

We were sitting things up when Lynn got home and I could tell she wasn't expecting a second sixty-year-old guy. But she introduced herself and was very polite to him. I assumed our plan would have to wait until another week. But as she goes up the steps she calls out and asked if she had a package come? That was what she was supposed to say to get our plan started. So I went along and said it had and told her it was in the bedroom. I paused then suggested she bring it down and let us see it. She asked if I was sure " as planned ". And I said we were all adults and they won't tell anyone. She says ok if you're sure.

I'm telling them I want them to picture Lynn in that outfit she's going to bring down. About twenty minutes later I hear the clicks of her high heels on the steps. My back was to her but I knew when she was coming in the room by the expression on our two elderly guests. Then she passes me and I pretend to be surprised by what she's wearing and tell her I'd thought she'd just be bringing it down not wearing

it. She apologizes for misunderstanding me. But I tell her it's ok. And remind them they can't tell anyone about this. After pulling their chins off the floor they promise. Then start telling Lynn how good she looked.

As planned she was wearing a black garter belt and sheer stockings. A black bra and panties and a totally see-through housecoat that was opened in the front & spiked heels. She asked what I thought about the outfit and I tell her I love it and tell her how good she looks in it. But I say that the bra & panties looked like some she already had so why did she buy those. She explains that they were the ones she already had and says she got ready not to wear them but wasn't sure if I'd be ok with it. I tell her it's up to her but if she was going to show that much she might as well show them everything because it's kind of cruel to just tease a guy by showing just a little.

Lynn had the bra, panties, and housecoat off before I'd hardly got halfway through what I'd said. These guys got their first look at what my hot 19-yo wife looked like naked. All that was left was her garter belt, stockings, and heels. Their eyes moved over her hot 5-8, 110lb, 34D-24-35 body with long red hair to her waist and a matching red bush. And the heels really showed off her long sexy legs & fantastic ass. She turned a few times letting them see every inch of her firm young body.

After a couple of minutes, she went closer so they could get a better look. Pete commented on how much he liked girls in garter belts & stockings. So Lynn used that to take things further by commenting on how she loved silk stockings as she ran her hand over her thigh as she talked about how good the stockings felt. Then she took Pete's hand and placed it on her inner thigh moving it around. He agrees with how good it felt. Then she really surprised him, and me. She moved his hand up to her bushy cunt and says but that feels good too. He looked at me and I think my smile told him I was ok with this.

He rubbed her pussy with one hand and put the other on her firm round ass. Then she reached over and took his friend's hand and put it on one of her firm young 34D tits. Soon they were running their hands all over her body and sucking on her tits. But things were just getting started as she leaned over and rubbed their hard cocks through their pants. Then she started to unbuckle their belts. They quickly undressed. Lynn went to her knees and started sucking them off. Stroking one as she swallowed the other. She licked up & down the shafts and around the head. Then goes down and sucks on their balls.

After a while, she pushes them back on the couch and gets on top of Pete guiding his cock inside her wet pussy. As he fucks her his buddy is sucking on her tits. After a while, she switches and has Pete's friend fuck her while she sucks on Pete's cock. Then she looks at me and says she wants all three of us at once. I'd already pulled my cock out and had been stroking it as I watched my hot young wife servicing the two older guys. She asked Pete if he wanted to keep fucking her pussy or did he want to fuck her in the ass. He jumped at that proposition. So I was fucking her pussy as Pete fucked her in the ass and she was sucking off his friend.

After a while, she says she doesn't want us to cum inside her, that she wants us to shoot off on her tits, which is her all-time favorite thing. We all oblige and as she laid back we all jerked off and coated her big tits in hot cum. She starts licking off what she could reach and is wiping off the rest and sucking it off her fingers. I tell the guys I'll show them where they can clean up knowing both will be going home to their wives. But I noticed Pete's buddy didn't follow us. But we pass him on our way back to Lynn. But I found out after they had gone that he was sucking Lynn's tits and licking off cum. And asked her to please not tell Pete or me.

They got dressed and got the movies and VCR and left. Pete kept coming every week to copy movies and his buddy came a couple of times. Pete was usually gone before Lynn got home. But a few times when he was still there she'd model her newest sexy outfit and let him play with her tits. And sucked his cock a couple of times. But when his wife quit her job he stopped coming over. It was a turn-on then, but now that I'm older I can really put into perspective how those guys felt fucking a hot nineteen-year-old.

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