Slutwife tales (slut,wife,xxx)

Slutwife tales

I'm 24 and Ron's 32. We've been married three
years, and our sex life is fabulous. Ron really likes
me to show off my body, especially my chest, to other

A couple of weeks ago, we went to my best friend
Marie's house. She and her husband Alan were throwing
a party Saturday night, and we decided to make it a
weekend trip. Ron and I arrived after dinner on Friday
night, and the two of us relaxed around the kitchen
table, playing cards and drinking beer.

When playing cards got boring, Marie put some music
on and we began to dance while our husbands looked on.
During the second or third song, Ron motioned for me to
unbutton some of the buttons on my blouse. I unbuttoned
the top three buttons, giving the guys a nice view,
since I wasn't wearing a bra. Then a slow song came on
and Ron danced with me and Alan with Marie. While Ron
and I were dancing, he unbuttoned another two buttons,
so now my blouse was unbuttoned to below my tits.

We all took turns dancing with one another and
drinking more beer. Once in awhile I'd really get into
a song and shimmy to the beat. It was during one of
those songs that my blouse separated, exposing my chest
completely. That got whistles from everyone, including
Marie. We were all laughing, and Ron pulled me down on
his lap and kissed me. He unbuttoned my blouse all the
way and slipped it off my shoulders. There I sat at
the kitchen table, topless, with my husband caressing
my breasts while my closest friend and her husband
looked on. Ron made a point to pinch my nipples so
they hardened, showing me off to Marie and Alan.
Actually, I do have a nice set of tits. They're very
firm and they stand up straight and don't sag even
though they're big. I wasn't ashamed of them, but I
did feel a little uncomfortable having Marie there.
But she was laughing and having a good time, so that
put me at ease.

Another slow song came on, and Alan got up and
grabbed me off Ron's lap. He pulled me close so my
bare chest was against him as we danced. This really
excited me, and my nipples hardened even more. I could
feel the wetness saturating my panties, and couldn't
wait to get Ron into bed that night. When the song was
over, Alan bent down and kissed one of my tits, thank-
ing me for the dance.

Marie wanted to call it a night, and went up to
bed, but Alan said there was a horror flick he wanted
to see, so we went with him to the den. Ron and I
said we'd join him as soon as we put our pajamas on.
The guest room was right off the den, and when we got
inside Ron said I'd really excited him. He asked me
to keep trying to turn Alan on. "But first," he said,
"I've got something for you."

I was leaning over the bed, and Ron jerked my jeans
and panties down in one motion and slipped his rock-
hard prick into me, pounding into my pussy doggie-style.
I rested my elbows on the bed and enjoyed the humping,
trying to stifle my moans so Alan wouldn't hear. Ron
came quickly and stayed inside me, while he reached
around and massaged my clit so I would come too. After
my climax, I freshened up, and slipped into my silky
rose-colored robe. I felt so sexy after having had sex
with my husband only a few feet away from Alan, that I
decided to wear nothing underneath my pajamas. Then I
went into the den and snuggled between Alan and Ron on
the couch.

They were wearing baggy pajama bottoms and I could
see through the sheer material that they were both hard.
I let my robe come open a little more, just to tease
them. The movie hostess on TV was showing a lot of
cleavage, so Ron turned to me and opened the top of my
robe to reveal my tits to about the nipples. He said
to Alan, "My wife's got her beat, don't you think?"
Alan said, "Yes, but why is she so modest?" and reached
over and pulled the robe open even more, exposing my
entire chest. Ron reached over and pushed my breasts
together, saying how nice they felt and inviting Alan
to have a squeeze.

As soon as Alan got his hands on my tits, Ron got
up and said he was going to get some more beer. When
Ron was out of sight, Alan leaned over and put his
tongue in my ear and licked it, while pinching my nip-
ples with his fingers. I reached inside his pajama
bottoms and felt his hard cock harden even more as I
started to squeeze and stroke it.

Then I leaned over and took him into my mouth. He
threw his head back against the sofa and pushed his
dick deeper into my throat, moaning that I gave the
best head he'd ever had. I continued deep-throating
him and squeezing his balls, while he played with my
tits. I bobbed up and down his throbbing prick until
he flooded my mouth with his sperm.

We had just rearranged ourselves on the couch when
Ron came down with the beers. He sat down next to me
and I snuggled up to him. He kissed me full on the
mouth, darting his tongue around where Alan had come
only minutes before. The thought of that excited me,
so I pretended I was tired and rested my head on Ron's
lap. I took him into my mouth and started licking him.
before long his pole was standing tall. Alan pretended
not to notice when Ron's whole body went stiff and he
shot his come into my mouth. Ron and I were both still
hot, so we decided to go to bed and left Alan watching

I guess Ron must have had quite a bit to drink,
because he passed out minutes after we got into bed but
I couldn't rest. My steaming love box was throbbing so
bad hurt. I peeked into the den to see if Alan was
still watching TV. I saw him stroking his recharged
cock on the couch and decided to relieve my aching
pussy. He patted the spot next to him on the sofa,
and I sat down. Alan smiled when I told him Ron had
passed out. He pulled my robe off, so I was completely
naked, and pushed me onto the couch, kissing my mouth,
my neck, my chest. My nipples strained eagerly,
waiting for his tongue, which did not disappoint them.

He had one tit in his mouth, and the other in his
right hand. He found my pussy with his left hand, and
slowly started moving his fingers in and out of me.

I opened my legs a little to give him easier access.
He got on top of me on the sofa, dropped his pajama
bottoms and spread my legs far apart as he pushed his
cock into me. It felt so good, we just lay there for a
minute and enjoyed the feeling of each other.

Then he started moving up and down, his cock going
in and out of me as I met his thrusts. He held his
thumb to my clit as he pounded away. I came quickly,
but he worked my clit and continued to pump his meat
into me until we climaxed together.

He stayed on top of me with his cock inside me till
he started to get hard again. "So soon?" I asked him.
"You really turn me on", he said and he started charg-
ing into me furiously. His dick was like a piston and
he got my engine going pretty good too! It wasn't long
before we both climaxed again. Alan went up to bed and
I thought, "I hope poor Marie doesn't want any of this
when he gets in bed, 'cause there just won't be any

Unfortunately, I never got together with Alan again
that weekend. There was too much to do for the party.
But Ron and I love to talk about it when we make
love... it gets us both so hot. We're planning another
trip to see them and who knows what will happen then?

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