Sunday night: Dear Diary - sex story

Sunday night: Dear Diary

This story is based on people that I may have known, but the story is
totally fiction and the diary does not exist. If this type of story upsets
you or offends you than please ignore it, and if you are under the legal age
where ever you live than also ignore this story. Comments and suggestions
are welcome but any flames will be ignored.
Sunday night: Dear Diary,
We just returned from New York City and a nice dinner as Juan took us to his
relatives Spanish restaurant that dad enjoyed, but more Juan got a chance to
talk to his cousins in Spanish. Its off to teach him English or at least
try to teach him some more that those few words he already knows fuck, suck,
faggot and queer, and as usual it will be real hard to do it as he lays
around the bedroom nude with that fat uncut cock his laying on a very hairy
thigh. Diary, I got the nerve up to ask Juan what he was talking about to
his cousins also how big his cock was, and I was shocked when he told me to
measure it ( 8" uncut soft and 10"uncut hard as iron) also that his cousins
where still upset that he was gay and the family name would not be continued
by Juan. They also suggested that he get a cousin knocked up by staring in
an adult video they would make, but he told them that he would only do a gay
adult video. Juan was just laying there stroking while I tried to teach him
new words to get along with the soccer team better, and I tried to explain
to him that the Coach saw us nude through the window while I was sucking his
big fat cock. Well son he calls me how bout being lover than since the boss
knows we suck. I got up laid the book aside and stripped to lay next to my
Spanish Stud. Yeah I be his lover as I have tasted and enjoyed his cum
already, but I need to let him know that my virgin ass should stay that way
till I decide the time is right. We fell asleep naked on top of the covers
forgetting that dad was downstairs.
Monday: Diary,
This morning dad saw the two of us sleeping naked and in each others arms
when he came to check on us to let us know that breakfast was ready. Yeah he
asked the Q- Bomb to me as I was having a bowl of cereal," Are you gay
Matt?" and "Is Juan Gay and has he done anything to you?". How do you
answer something like that at breakfast but to say NO to both because dad
can't stand people like Juan and myself.... Gays. Dad told me that was good
and that Juan best get his butt moving because he has practice at 10 A.M.
the coach said he would accept no excuses for being late. As I went up to
tell Juan that practice was an hour away Juan came holding his soiled jock
saying that he needed a new one, so I called to dad asking him if he could
run the two of us over so that Juan would not be late after taking us to his
Sporting Goods Supply Outlet to get a new jock as his old one worn out.
Waiting for dad to answer I whispered to Juan that dad saw us naked and in
each others arm this morning and he wanted to know if we where gay, and I
told him no because dad hates them just as bad as the coach does.
Dad called that he could take us before heading off to the football offices,
but to do it we had to leave in 10 mins. and no later.
Till later diary.

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