Surfer Girl - sex story

Surfer Girl

Tuesday had rolled around again, but I had no plans.

The last week had been a disaster.

Isabella had went into labor. She was experiencing extreme discomfort. Out of concern, Mounika and Davika had taken Isabella to the hospital. They had taken Blanca with them. Alejandra had stayed behind with Priya.

Luckily, the baby was healthy and delivery ended up going rather smoothly.

But, of course Isabella needed ID at the hospital which she couldn't provide. This triggered people to start asking questions. Within a day they had started to connect dots. ICE agents had showed up at the hospital. Isabella and Blanca now faced possibly being deported. Davika was linked to the mess at the warehouse which had apparently showed up on the authorities' radar. She was taken into custody for her involvement with the whole warehouse operation.

Mounika had quickly returned to the house to clean up and to let Alejandra know. With cash in hand she had sent Alejandra to a motel so she wouldn't be found at their house should anyone come looking for more evidence.

I was staying clear of all of them for right now. I couldn't risk it even though I knew Alejandra must have felt so lonely and scared.

Meanwhile, drama was also ensuing at Naomi and Stephanie's too. The professor that Stephanie had been involved with was using that relationship to maintain control. Stephanie was too embarrassed to report it, as she was afraid what it may mean for her grades. This infuriated Naomi and they were fighting about why Stephanie wouldn't out Dr. Aarons' controlling behavior.

Again, this was a situation that I just wanted to avoid.

So, I decided my day would be just be low key.

I dropped the kids at school and then dropped Katie off at her class. I returned home and made myself a late breakfast. I worked around the workshop for a while, but my mind was all over the place. I went up to see if Reagan was okay with watching the baby as I needed to go out and clear my head. She was on a call, the baby was playing on the floor of the office. She went on mute and gave me a quick kiss. "Love, you know Tuesdays are your day for whatever. I've got her and can pick up the kids and Katie too."

I went down and got in the beach Jeep. I went for a drive, letting the breeze clear out all the craziness. I continued to drive up until I found a beach that was a little less busy. I parked and went for a nice walk, stopping every once in a while to attempt to skip pebbles in the waves. I still couldn't figure out how to do it after years of trying.

I continued to walk on the surf until my legs started to feel tired. I turned around and headed back. I took my time, just enjoying the salty air. I watched surfers trying to catch waves, but most were just spending more time falling into the cold Pacific water than anything else.

I paused at the steps and kicked the sand out of my sandals. I made my way back to the Jeep. It had been over an hour since I had parked here.

As I thought about where maybe to grab lunch from, I noticed the old Honda parked next to me. There was stuff all over the dash and towels over the rear windows. It was obvious it was someone's makeshift home.

I noticed movement in my passenger mirror. A 20-something girl was approaching the Honda. Her hair was blonde and tied in a multitude of dirty-looking braids. Her skin was well sun-kissed as if maybe she might surf herself. A pair of olive-colored cargo pants hung low on her hips. A grungy white cami top showed off a flat tummy. A blue and pink plaid flannel shirt was draped on her shoulders.

She glanced my way, but then got into the driver's seat of her car. I avoided eye contact and scrolled my phone. I knew it was a bit rude but I was curious about how she managed to live in the small car that was apparently full of belongings.

I watched out of the corner of her eye as she opened her glovebox and pulled out a bottle of water, a well-worn toothbrush, and a mangled tube of toothpaste. She began to diligently brush. She popped open her driver's door and rinsed and spit. She looked up apologetically when she realized I was still there. I continued to avoid eye contact, but her face l flushed a bit with embarrassment as she quickly shut the door.

After a minute or two I noticed more activity in my peripheral vision. I looked over and saw her disappear as she crawled over into the back seat. She did this quite smoothly, evidencing the fact she did it on a regular basis.

I saw the car move a bit on its worn suspension and saw the towel in the rear window moving. I made an assumption that she probably was changing back there.

A couple minutes later the movement started again. Suddenly my assumption proved true, as the towel fell off it's hanging place. From the elevated seating position of the Jeep, I was given a full view. She was apparently pulling on a fresh pair of panties and had accidentally kicked the towel causing it to come loose. Her legs were up, the panties caught below her knees, and I could see a brunette landing strip of hair guiding straight to a deep pink set of puffy labia. "Not a natural blonde" I immediately thought to myself.

Her eyes filled with panic and embarrassment as she saw my eyes locked on her. She yanked and tugged at her fresh underwear to get them in position. I ripped my eyes away from the sight so as not to embarrass her any more. My curiosity had quickly escalated to something more. I felt a bit guilty about making her uncomfortable.

I scrolled through my phone as I desperately looked for something that sounded good for lunch. It was fruitless though, as my mind was once again clouded with thoughts.

I heard her door open and she stepped out. She approached the Jeep and said quietly. "I am sorry about that. It wasn't intentional, I am into girls, not guys so I wasn't trying to turn you on or anything. In three years of living in there that is the first time it's happened."

"It is okay! No need to explain, I could tell it was accidental." I assured her. Although I will admit to hear that she was an apparent lesbian did disappoint me a little bit.

I then realized she probably hadn't had a decent meal in a while. "How would you like to join me for lunch?"

"Really? I mean don't feel sorry for me." She paused. "But really?"

"Sure! Do you like Thai?" I asked.

Her eyes lit up. "Oh you mean real food, not just fast food? Yes, I like Thai!"

"Hop in!" I told her.

She hesitated, probably wondering if she should go off with some random guy who she had just accidentally showed her vagina too. Then she took ahold of the grab handle and pulled herself up into the Jeep. She awkwardly introduced herself as Sophie.

We headed south towards a Thai restaurant I knew of that was tucked into an office park next to Highway 101.

Sophie didn't really talk much on the way there, as it wasn't easy to have conversation in the open-topped Jeep for the uninitiated. She held her arm out he door, letting the breeze run through her fingers.

When we arrived at the restaurant, we went inside. Being mid-week, it wasn't overly busy like weekends usually were. We were seated in a half-booth with her sitting in the booth portion and me in the chair facing.

She excitedly looked over the menu and after much indecision made her choice. We ordered and then we settled into conversation.

Sophie told me she had grown up in a wealthy family in nearby Rancho Santa Fe, but wealth had not brought happiness. Her mother had no time for her, being heavily involved in Republican politics instead. Her political beliefs directly clashed with Sophie's sexual identity. Her father was worse, outright verbally abusing Sophie for her life choices. When Sophie began to argue back then the verbal abuse turned to physical.

At 16, she had taken money from her childhood savings account and ran away from home. She had spent the next couple of years moving from friend's couch to friend's couch.

She began to feel she was overstaying her welcome and had used some of her money to buy the Honda. She had now lived in it for about three years. She meagerly spent on the bare necessities, she spent her days surfing until she recently had broken her board. "The ocean frees me, I don't have to think about where 20 years might bring me!"

She often spent nights avoiding "move along" warnings for parking near the beach. She used the public restrooms at the beaches and grocery stores. She used dry shower spray to keep clean. "I know it's probably weird to someone who hasn't lived my life." she admitted. Indeed it was different from my rather blessed lifestyle.

Our food arrived and she hungrily dove in. Conversation soon continued while she enjoyed her meal.

"I noticed you are wearing a ring. So does your wife know you treat random girls to delicious lunches?"

I smiled and quietly explained my family situation and our arrangement. She looked on with surprise. "I am not going to judge! I think it is awesome you both found something that works for you. I am sure people like my parents would call you sinner liberals or whatever, but I don't think like them."

Our conversation steered more to just about her favorite beaches, her desire to get a new board, etc.

"Do you surf?" she asked.

I laughed. "No, my wife does occasionally. But I can barely swim in the pool, no way I would do well out in the waves."

Eventually we finished up our food and I paid the bill. We got in the Jeep and headed back north towards her car.

When I arrived, the spot where I had parked before was taken. I just pulled up behind her car. She thanked me for lunch and she turned and leaned over the console to hug me.

I looked over at her worn out car. "Don't feel pressured, but would you like to get a real shower and have a real bed to sleep in for once? I can get you a hotel room for the night. I know it is not much"

She looked at me with what I could tell were mixed emotions. "I don't want to be a charity case. It is sweet, but you already bought me lunch. I am used to the car, it is ok."

"Okay, I didn't mean to offend in any way."

"Oh, I know you didn't. You have been so sweet. Maybe you can come hang out sometime and we can talk some more."

She hopped down out of her seat to go head to her car.

Then she turned back to me. "Were you serious? You would do that for me?"

"Definitely." I answered.

She climbed back up in the seat and put on her seat belt. She turned and smiled at me. "Fine! I guess a good night of sleep would be welcome."

We drove north for couple of minutes towards Carlsbad. I knew there was a decent Hilton-owned hotel there with a view of the ocean that wasn't overly expensive.

I parked in an open space up front and went in to inquire about room availability. There was an ocean view king room available. It was a bit pricier than I had expected. Luckily, Sophie had hung back away from the desk so she didn't hear the cost. I knew she would protest me spending that much on her. I went ahead and booked it on my card while also buying Sophie a new tooth brush and toothpaste from the market area.

I returned to Sophie and headed up to her room on the third floor. The room was nice, decorated in earthy browns and tans. The view of the of the Pacific was excellent.

"You are going to stick around right?" she asked.

"Sure, as long as you don't mind having me here." I answered.

"I am going to use the shower!" she announced. I handed her the items I had gotten her at the front desk. "Awww, you are so sweet. Thank you!"

She disappeared into the bathroom. I heard the shower come on and I heard her brushing her teeth. Soon I heard her singing from the shower. She spent a long time in there, enjoying something she hadn't experienced in a long while.

Finally, the water shut off. A few minutes later she opened the door of the steamy bathroom. She was wrapped in only a towel. She had taken the braids from her hair for the shower, but was busy re-braiding it.

"Do you know if they have laundry service here? My clothes could use a real wash too." she asked shyly.

I called the front desk, and they told me to just leave the clothes in a bag outside the door with the laundry slip. They would be up to pick them up and have them back to Sophie by the evening.

"If they lose them, I am totally stealing this towel" she said with a laugh.

"Thank you again for this! You so didn't have to do it. I can't ever repay you."

She paused from her braiding and offered me another hug. I accepted and she pulled me tight against her. She smelled like the shampoo and body wash. Her hair was still damp. Her soft breasts were mashed against me. I thought about the view she had accidentally given earlier. That was a mistake as I felt blood rushing to my penis. She felt me hardening and gently released me.

"I am sorry!", I said as I retreated to the edge of the bed.

"Don't be. I understand!" she insisted.

She finished up braiding and then approached me. She could see I was still hard.

"I can take care of that!" she said quietly.

"I thought you were a lesbian?" I asked genuinely confused.

"I am. But you have been good to me today ... behind belief. How about you just let me jerk you off? Fair warning, I have no experience with men though so I may be terrible at it."

Her offer, only made my hardening situation worse

She motioned for me to stand up. She pulled off my t-shirt and then quickly moved to unfasten my belt. She dropped to her knees and tugged my shorts and boxer briefs down.

My cock was at full length. It twitched as the blood pumped. It was fully engorged. She stared at it wide-eyed. She grasped it between both hands and tugged on it. She quickly realized that lubrication was necessary. She spit on her hands and closed them fist-over-fist around my shaft. She began to strenuously tug on my dick. She did not say a word at first as she stroked it. My moans were all she needed to know she was doing a good job.

Precum oozed from the tip and added to the lubrication. "Nice! Was that your orgasm?" she asked natively.

"No that was just precum, the main event hasn't arrived yet!"

"Oh, sorry!" she said embarrassed. "I told you I have no experience."

"It is okay. You are doing wonderful. It won't be long now."

She tugged with purpose on my cock. As she did her towel came loose and fell down. Her breasts were revealed, about a C cup. They were very soft and pendulous. As she fervently stroked me, they swayed from side to side. Her nipples were stiff points pointing down and to the sides. The towel was laying in her lap blocking my view of her pussy, but I still had the visual of it etched in my mind from this morning. She didn't stop to pick up the towel. "Sorry!" was all she said. She tugged hard on me, while biting her bottom lip in determination.

"Oh God Sophie, here it comes baby... ohhhhh." I tried to warn her.

She smiled a big smile as she heard that but she was not prepared for what happened next. Cum blasted out of my dick, hitting her cheek. Another tug, and more cum. This shot hit her in the chest. "Woah!" she said as a third less powerful eruption oozed out all over her hands.

She sat there for a moment breathless. She slowly let go of my dick and observed the mess on her chest.

"Well, I guess I will need to shower again." She slowly got to her feet. The towel fell to her feet. "I am wet or sticky everywhere!"

She looked at her cum covered hand. She brought it to her mouth and seductively licked it.

I grabbed Sophie by the hips and swung her around to the bed. I laid her on the bed fell to my knees. She spread her legs wide. She knew what I wanted and let me have it. I buried my tounge inside her. I found another spot she was wet as her pussy was dripping. She moaned as my tongue worked in and out. When I gently licked her clit, she grabbed a pillow and shoved it over her own face to stifle the loud sound's of pleasure. I felt her body quivering in my hands as I pleasured her.

I felt her clawing at my arms, trying to pull me up. I slowly got up and lay on top of her. My dick was pressed right against her when she whispered "It is okay! Just take me!"

I lined my head up and pushed slowly inside. Inch by inch I slid deeper.

"Ohhhh, you are so thick! Mmmmmm!" she moaned.

I slowly thrust in and out of her.

"I want to ride! Let me bounce on that big dick!" she announced.

I pulled out and lay back on the bed.

She clambered on top. She leaned forward and kissed me. Her lips were soft. She kissed gently. "Can this be our little secret?"

"It can!"

"I am just a pure lesbian to everyone else! But, you did something to me. I am not sure if it is because you are so sweet, or if it is this..." she reached between her legs and grasped my cock. She raised up and slid me back inside.

She began to ride. Her hands on my chest as she slowly gyrated her hips. "Oh God, this feels amazing." Her pussy was warm and slick as it slid on me.

She sat back and began to pickup speed. Soon she was slapping hard against me.

I was mesmerized by her pendulous breasts that swayed in all directions as she bounced on me.

She reached down and began to rub her clit.

She made a large moan as her body quivered and a strong orgasm ran through her. I felt her contract tight around me.

She looked down saw the look on my face. She could tell I was about to cum. "Oh. Oh no, you need to pull out!"

But, I grasped her hips and came hard. Cum sprayed deep into her. She moaned and I grunted in pleasure as I pumped into her.

I felt her vagina continue to pulse on me as she collapsed on my chest.

"What just happened?" she asked in a scared soft voice. "It felt so good, but I am peak ovulation right now. I am not on birth control. I am guessing you know what that means?"

"Shhhh, it is okay." I kissed her. "I got snipped, so I didn't get you pregnant."

"Really? You sure?"

"Yes, very!" I told her.

She kissed me passionately. When she finally came up for air she gasped. "Thank goodness, I want to feel it again."

We relaxed in the king-sized bed and just talked and laughed. After about two hours, we had another round of passionate screwing.

Afterwards I playfully tucked her in bed. I scheduled an Uber to pick her up at check out time to take her back to her car.

Sophie kissed me. "I hope to see you again soon. You make me feel cared for and loved. I needed that." She scribbled her phone number on the pad of paper that was next to the bedside phone.

I took it, kissed her once more before heading home. The day and had taken an expected and pleasant turn.

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